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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Failed Leadership: VIEW THIS!


Relatives Of Muslim ‘Disneyland Family’ Attended Same 'Army of Darkness' Mosque As San Bernardino Terrorists

The British Muslim family banned from entering the U.S. this week were on their way to meet relatives in California who prayed at the same mosque as terrorists Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, who murdered 14 people in San Bernardino this month.

On Tuesday, Mohammad Tariq Mahmood, his brother and nine of their children were pulled from a queue at Gatwick airport by British Border Agency guards and barred from traveling to the U.S. on the instruction of the country’s Homeland Security agency.

He has claimed that they were stopped from traveling to California to visit family and Disneyland merely “because they were Muslim”.

It has now been revealed that his relative in California, Muhammad Mahmood, prayed at the same mosque as U.S.-born terrorist Syed Farook and his Pakistani born wife Tashfeen – believed to be the Tablighi Jamaat-run Dar Al Uloom Islamiyah mosque.


The Daily Caller Presents: The 23 LEAST INTRIGUING People Of 2015

As another year winds down, it’s time to look back at the politicians, talentless hacks and other assorted wearisome celebrities who bored us most.

Someone please let these 23 people it’s time to go away:

23. Lindsey Graham‘s supporter. Before Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham officially dropped out of the 2016 race this week, his supporter was a curiosity — but very rarely gave interviews. Now, however, this person is just a mundane voter like the rest of us.

22. Pro-war politician of fortune Al Franken , who pimped out his own infant grandson for campaign contributions earlier this year, was once an unfunny comedian with bit parts on “Saturday Night Live.” He has been elected to the U.S. Senate twice by the same people who elected professional wrestler and noted conspiracy theorist Jesse Ventura as governor. How can a guy with this background be such a stick in the mud? Probably, it’s all that cocaine use. Let that be a lesson, kiddos!


Santa doesn't come to their house

On December 24, so the old story goes, Santa Claus and his magical reindeer fly down from the North Pole with a toy-filled sleigh to leave gifts beneath the Christmas trees of good little children.

Except, of course, he doesn't come to every house -- even houses with perfectly charming children who love Christmas.

In an age of sharing red-faced, sobbing Santa photos on social media and an Elf on the Shelf overload, some parents simply put the kibosh on the jolly bearded fellow.

They're not fun-hating, elf-slaying Christmas contrarians, they said. They celebrate. They just don't tell their kids that Santa Claus is watching, that he'll tiptoe into their homes on Christmas Eve or that he'll reward them with gifts.


A Rove-Stupid Merry Christmas: Signs We Are Now Beating the Establishment

On the heels of the disastrous and obscene Omnibus Spending Orgy rubber stamped by the Obama Republicans in Congress last week – there is actually hope that we have turned the corner against the Republican Establishment wing of the Washington Cartel.

It reminds me of the old adage about going bankrupt – first it happens slowly and then suddenly. That seems to describe the fall of the GOP establishment. The reality they face today is totally different from the one in 2014 – let alone 2012, 2010, and 2008. And yet, without some of the efforts in those cycles, we might not be rounding these corners now.

Consider: Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Ben Carson – all enemies of the establishment – are getting almost two thirds of the support from Republican voters.

Meanwhile, the cabal of Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Chris Christie combine for only about a sixth of the voters’ support. And of course, Graham limped off the stage this week with less than 1 percent support. Remember, this is just a year after getting 60 percent-plus of the vote for the Senate. He’s not even making it to the S.C. Primary now.

It’s so bad out there that the establishment will probably now throw in with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) as their champion. To be sure, with his Gang of Eight dalliance and some other situations, it’s easy now to simply lump Rubio in as typical establishment. That’s not totally accurate, however.

Remember, Rubio burst onto the scene by destroying one of the establishment’s all-time favorites – Charlie Crist – who was a sitting governor at the time. This was considered a stunning development, and one wonders if, say, a man named Ted Cruz would have tried the same audacious thing in Texas without Rubio’s success. This demonstrates that politics are a continuum of events, not a series of un-related stories in a 24/7 news cycle universe.

After a frustrating season fighting the establishment in the 2014 primaries – all except for Rep. Dave Brat’s (R-VA) take-down of Eric Cantor – things are likely to be different this time. It appears that Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is indeed in trouble this go round in Arizona – trailing Kelli Ward by 9 points in recent polls. Six years ago, J.D. Hayworth laid the groundwork for this. He forced McCain to spend $20 million plus – on a primary – in a small media state! It was more money than McCain had spent in all primary and general elections for Senate combined! It showed that McCain could be beaten under the right circumstances.

More here

WEES 107.9 radio brings nostalgia to local airwaves

In a radio studio at the Gold Coast Mall on 115th Street, five people, most of them retired, work together for one common goal: flooding the airwaves with nostalgia.

The low-powered, nonprofit station WEES 107.9 has been taking the Ocean City area on a musical trip to the past for about a decade. Three times a week, volunteer disc jockeys play scheduled shows featuring music from the ’50s and ’60s.

“It’s mostly a nostalgia hour with rock and doo-wop, but we do have a children’s hour,” said volunteer Rick Bohs, who DJs a show Saturday mornings.

With a radio station united by fond music memories, there’s bound to be a divergence in those exact memories among DJs. Some shows are defined by an artist, as is the case with “Sinatra and Friends” on Friday evenings. Others feature specific genres such as “Roots of Reggae” or Dino Fradelos’ “Dean of Doo-wop” program.


Nate Silver Explains How Establishment Will Throw Race to Marco Rubio

In a Monday panel discussion, 538’s editor-in-chief Nate Silver, who famously predicted the outcome of the 2012 election, outlined how the GOP establishment could throw the 2016 election to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

During the discussion, entitled, “Marco Rubio: Overrated, Underrated, or Properly Rated,” 538’s senior writers and editors sought to dissect why Rubio has failed to gain significant traction with the GOP electorate despite the establishment media’s repeated efforts to boost his candidacy.

As 538’s political editor Micah Cohen explained, “There are a few weeks when convention wisdom seemed to hold that Rubio was the front-runner. But he never got much of a bump in the polls. He got some endorsements but never more than a trickle.”

“People are wondering why Rubio isn’t doing better,” Cohen said.

Silver told viewers that because Rubio is the establishment’s candidate, it doesn’t matter that he has yet to gain traction with voters. By employing an analogy which Silver described as “a soft version of the ‘Party Decides’ theory,” Silver explained that all Rubio has to do is win one early state election, and the race will essentially be given to him.

More of what Silver said:

Posted Yesterday, He hasn't lost his sense of humor!

Merry Easter y'all!! 
Posted by Steve Harvey on Friday, December 25, 2015

44% of Democrats Welcome Refugees from Agrabah, Home of Disney’s Aladdin

Just last week, Democrats in the media were guffawing over a poll which showed 30% of Republican primary voters would bomb the fictional city from Disney’s Aladdin. This week a Republican polling group asked a similar question of Democrats, and the results were even more embarrassing, with 44% of Democrats saying they’d support taking in refugees from Agrabah.

WPA Research asked Democrats “Would you support or oppose allowing refugees from Agrabah to be re-settled in the United States?”

In response, 44% of respondents said “yes.” Young Democrats, between 18 and 34, were especially eager to help the mythical refugees, with 66% saying they would support taking them in.

The battle of the fake polling questions about Agrabah began last week when a writer for suggested the bombing question as a way to embarrass Republicans. Left-leaning polling firm Public Policy Polling immediately adopted the idea and broadcast the results Friday morning.

The result was dozens of stories in media outlets whose authors were clearly amused by the question designed to embarrass Republicans.


No free parking at inlet for fundraising run

Ocean City is welcoming a new charity run this summer, but with one notable stipulation from the City Council. The council on Monday did approve the Lyme Disease 5K event to be held in May, but rejected its request that its participants get free parking at the inlet lot.

The Lyme Disease 5K, proposed by Angela Burke of the Lyme Disease Association of the Eastern Shore, will be held on May 15 on the Boardwalk from the south tram station to 15th Street. All proceeds of the event will go to the association.

Event organizers asked for the use of the city’s judging stand, metal fencing and free parking at the inlet parking lot for participants for volunteers. While the council had little problem with allowing use of the stand for $125 per day, several council members raised issues on free parking.


Ted Cruz: Democrats Stoking Fears Among Peaceful Muslims

Muslims in America have no need to fear the fight against radical Islam, and the only reason some do is because Democrats are stoking fear, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz tells Newsmax TV.

Cruz, who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination, told "The Hard Line" host Ed Berliner in an interview aired Wednesday that he would tell American Muslims that we need a president whose first obligation is to protect the American people and keep the country safe.

Democrats have "stoked up" fears among Muslims born and raised in the United States the Republicans are against them, Cruz said.

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, President Barack Obama didn't give a national TV address expressing outrage at the terrorist, but rather said the biggest danger was Islamophobia, Cruz said.

"What utter nonsense," he said. "Look, there's nobody targeting innocent, peaceful Muslims in America. There are, however, radical Islamic terrorists both in the Middle East and here in America that are trying to murder innocent Americans, and by the way they're trying to murder Christians, they're trying to murder Jews, they're trying to murder Muslims."

Radical Islamists are willing to murder anyone who doesn't embrace "Islamism," which Cruz said is different from the Muslim faith.


Baltimore repaying police agencies $1.8M for riot control

The city of Baltimore expects to reimburse other local police and fire agencies from across Maryland a total of $1.8 million for responding to the civil unrest that followed the death of Freddie Gray last spring, a city spokesman said Thursday.

The tally includes both requests that have been paid and those still under review, Howard Libit said in an email. He said he expects all the requests to be paid.

The requests are for overtime, equipment costs and other expenses claimed by about 30 public agencies and volunteer fire companies in 16 of Maryland’s 23 counties.

The Anne Arundel County Police Department submitted the biggest request, about $426,000. Department spokesman Lt. Ryan Frashure told The Capital newspaper the request hasn’t been paid yet.


Hamas Terror Cell Nabbed at Soros-Backed College

JERUSALEM – Israel’s Shin Bet security service announced Wednesday it had arrested members of two large Hamas terrorist cells in the West Bank planning mass casualty suicide bombings and other attacks inside Israel.

Most of the suspects in both cells were students at Al Quds University in Abu Dis, which is partnered with Bard College in New York. Abu Dis is a West Bank village near Jerusalem.

The Al-Quds Bard College for Arts and Sciences, located in Abu Dis, is a branch of Al Quds that “represents the first dual-degree program between US and Palestinian institutions of higher education.”

Al-Quds Bard College is also partnered with billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Institute and the U.S. Agency for International Development.

The Al Quds board of trustees has included Rashid Khalidi, who taught there for 16 years before he became the Edward Said Professor of Arab studies at Columbia University.

Khalidi, a harsh critic of Israel, was a close personal friend to Barack Obama when the two taught together at the University of Chicago. Khalidi lectured at UC until 2003 while Obama taught law there from 1993 until his election to the Senate in 2004.


City, Seacrets partner on road reconstruction

A joint plan that could finally fix flooding that Seacrets owner Leighton Moore and Public Works Director Hal Adkins agree is “worse than downtown St. Louis Avenue” will result in the longest closure for the nightclub since it opened in 1988.

During this time of the year, Ocean City’s most famous nightclub is closed a few days out of every week until business picks back up closer to summer.

However, on Jan. 3, when nearly everyone will be gearing up for a return to work after a long new year’s weekend, Seacrets will be doing something it hasn’t ever done before: throwing a closing party.

“We’re going to have a big closing party and a bigger reopening,” Moore said.


GOP Skeptical of Harry Reid's 'Promise' to Paul Ryan

GOP lawmakers are reportedly skeptical of Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid's vow this week to embrace "a thoroughly bipartisan process" on appropriation bills that move through the upper chamber.

The Nevada Democrat even gave a "promise" of cooperation to GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan, The Hill reports – a vow that was met with open laughter by his Republican colleagues.

There's nothing cynical about the GOP mistrust; the House passed six spending bills in 2015, and none of them got anywhere in the Senate, The Hill notes.

"I have some doubts," Michigan GOP Rep. Justin Amash of the House Freedom Caucus tells The Hill. "We're talking about Harry Reid. I think Harry Reid is pretty clever and I would take anything he says with a grain of salt."

"Harry Reid may be playing the game," Amash adds. "Ryan's new to the post. There's going to be some testing of each other. But I'll give Ryan the benefit of the doubt — he's the one who has to assess if Senator Reid is being honest."


Pedestrian strikes down by half from 2014, OCPD says

For the third year in a row, Ocean City has seen zero pedestrian fatalities and city officials are now taking on a new challenge: eliminating pedestrian-related collisions.

According to figures provided by the Ocean City Police Department, they’re halfway there. There were 17 accidents involving pedestrians this year, a 48.5 percent decrease from 2014.

“The fact that we haven’t had a pedestrian fatality since 2012 is unparalleled by other cities,” said Lt. Scott Harner, the commander of the Ocean City Police Department’s traffic safety unit. “I’m happy to report we’re down in minor collisions as well.”


Home Sales drop Sharply in November

Sales of existing homes fell sharply in November, but prices rose and a change in federal closing rules may be to blame for the drop-off.

The rate of existing-home sales fell to its lowest pace in 19 months, according to the National Association of Realtors. Sales fell 10.5% on a seasonally adjusted basis to an annualized rate of 4.76 million, compared to 5.32 million in October.

But the median sale price for single-family homes, townhouses, condominiums and co-ops rose 6.3% to $220,300, compared to the same period a year earlier.


There's a panda amongst them! Can you find it?

Mars Mission Launch Suspended

NASA is suspending the 2016 launch of the InSight Mission to Mars, planned for next March. The decision follows unsuccessful attempts to repair a leak in one of the lander’s key science components. The InSight Lander was supposed to monitor seismic activity once it landed on Mars, it would have been the first mission to the planet since the Curiosity rover in 2012. NASA said a decision on where the mission goes from here will be announced in the coming months.

Woman Gets Accidentally Locked Inside Freezer At Work. But What Happened After A Few Hours Is Priceless

How To Be A Good Regifter, Because Sometimes You Just Have To Pass Along All Those Scented Candles & Picture Frames

It’s inevitable around the holidays: your anticipation when opening a beautifully wrapped gift from a friend or loved one turns into bafflement in a matter of seconds. Instead of appearing ungrateful, you smile and graciously thank the gift-giver while your mind is quickly churning out ways to keep that item from ever reaching some box in the back of your attic.

The most likely option: regifting. In 2013, a poll conducted by Consumer Reports on holiday gripes found that 20% of people who were unsatisfied with their present simply regifted it to others.

A quick survey of Consumerist Twitter followers also found that regifting was a viable option for finding new homes for unwanted items. So far, 61% of readers say they would definitely regift an item, while another 26% surely would, but just haven’t had an opportunity to do so yet. Just 13% of respondents claim they could never find it in their hearts to part with gifts, no matter how unwanted.


Liberal Trendies Want to Bring Unvetted Syrian Refugees to US


The International Planned Parenthood Federation says HIV-positive people’s ‘right’ to have sex should trump their sexual partners’ right to live

In a recent interview with Matt Lauer, actor Charlie Sheen disclosed that he is HIV-positive and has been aware of his HIV status for approximately four years. Since Sheen has a well-known sexual legacy and claims to have had sex with 5,000 women, Matt Lauer and the rest of humanity were understandably concerned that Sheen may have infected some of his many partners with HIV over the years.

Lauer asked Sheen pointedly, “Have you, since the time of your diagnosis, told every one of your sexual partners, before you had a sexual encounter, that you were HIV positive?” Sheen said, “Yes, I have.” Lauer: “No exception?” Sheen: “No exception.”

In this exchange, both Lauer and Sheen seem to assume it would be the right thing to inform a potential sexual partner that you are HIV-positive before engaging in sexual activity with him or her. Even if Sheen is not telling the whole truth, he seems to know he should at least publicly insist that he, without exception, told his sexual partners that he was HIV-positive before engaging in sexual activity with them.


Yard waste will not be accepted at the Berlin Homeowner Convenience Center (HOCC) beginning January 1, 2016 through completion of a project to cap and close the rubblefill located at the site.

December 31, 2015 will be the last day homeowners are permitted to drop off yard waste at the Berlin HOCC. Starting Jan. 1, homeowners should take yard waste to the Central Landfill in Newark for disposal.

“We hope to be able to build up the area and resume accepting yard waste at the Berlin HOCC at some point in the future,” Public Works Director John Tustin said. “However, we won’t know for sure whether this will be a possibility until the project is complete.”

Even WalMart In Berlin Has Ghetto Customers

SolarCity to leave NV after PUC cuts Solar Benefits

SolarCity announced plans Wednesday to cease operations in Nevada after regulators drastically cut benefits for retail solar owners.

The rooftop solar giant, based in San Mateo, Calif., said in a statement that after bringing 2,000 jobs to Nevada since 2013, the state has all but killed the retail solar industry in favor of the utility industry.

"This is a very difficult decision, but Gov. Sandoval and his PUC leave us no choice," Lyndon Rive, SolarCity's chief executive, said in a statement. "The people of Nevada have consistently chosen solar, but yesterday their state government decided to end customer choice, damage the state's economy and jeopardize thousands of jobs.

In an unanimous vote Tuesday, the Nevada Public Utilities Commission increased the fixed charge for residential and small commercial solar owners while lowering compensation for electricity they generate and send to the power grid. The commission in a press release said the move was designed to address "inequities."

Utility companies argue that retail solar owners do not pay their fair share for power lines, substations and other costs related to maintaining the grid.


Bishopville woman develops kidney disease after donation

Doctors at Johns Hopkins keep telling Emilee Snader there is no genetic component to the kidney disease that will, at best, keep her on daily handfuls of pills for the rest of her life, but she doesn’t really believe them.

Emilee, at the beginning of November, was a reasonably healthy woman just beginning the second trimester of her second pregnancy. A sinus infection followed by a flu-like illness followed by strep throat resulted in Rapidly Progressive Glomerulonephritis, a subset of glomerulonephritis and a familiar disease to Snader. Six years ago, her sister Tracy was diagnosed with Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis, which resulted in Snader donating a kidney to her sibling. Snader said the doctors told her there was a one percent chance of this happening within a family.

“There’s just so much they don’t understand about this disease,” she said. The coincidence, she maintains, doesn’t bear scrutiny.



The Cemetery Plot

Most of us don’t give much thought as to where our bodies will spend eternity. The deed to the family plot in Parsons Cemetery has come down to me and there are still seven gravesites unused in Lot B202. My grandfather originally purchased this lot in 1967 and only he, my grandmother, my mother, my father and my nephew are interred there.

My grandfather was the first to be buried in the lot. My mother was handling the placement of the stone and had a large stone placed at his head with the names DISHAROON and CHEVALLIER prominently displayed and a small foot stone placed at his feet. She figured that since only those family members would be buried there, the large stone would identify them and subsequent foot stones would identify the individuals in each different gravesite. When it was in place, my mother took my grandmother out to Parsons Cemetery to see it. When my grandmother saw the stone, she was not pleased with the wording. Her comment was, “He wasn’t a CHEVALLIER”. And she promptly ordered another stone with just DISHAROON on it. This replaced the small foot stone and now my grandfather is the only grave in Parsons Cemetery with two large stones. He also has probably the most elaborate coffin. It is copper lined mahogany and hermetically sealed with a glass top inside the coffin for viewing. Some archaeologist will have a real surprise some day because the undertaker said he would look just the same 1,000 years from now. I always defended my decision to have done it this was by saying that it was his money and he should go through eternity traveling in style. To some this was a terrible waste of money, but if I had to do it all over, I would do the same thing. Good decisions don’t have to be second-guessed.

We haven’t had to do it here, but in some parts of the country, graves hold more than one coffin. I found this out when I went to a burial down south. I noticed that the grave was very deep and inquired why. That is when I was informed that some couples are buried that way to save cemetery space. Just think that which ever one of them dies first, they have to spent eternity looking at the other’s backside.

Cemetery deeds are given to the original purchaser of the lot. In our case there are twelve grave sites. As these are used the deed goes to the next family member, usually in chronological order. It is not considered real property in the estate and is registered with the undertaker, who just keeps filling it up until it is full and then the deed is retired.

Parsons Cemetery is owned by St. Peters Church and managed by Holloway Funeral Home. The history of it is quite fascinating and I have written about it before. The mystery of the horse buried there is just that – a mystery. It took four lots to fit him in, but there is no stone telling whose he was or anything else about him. Maybe somebody out there can fill in some of the blanks for me on this one. I will include the information in my history of Parsons Cemetery.

One plot – twelve gravesites – five used to this day. I hope I’m not number six.

Berlin New Year’s celebration brings back  ‘Dick Clark’

Berlin will ring in the new year on Main Street with a celebration including music, food trucks, trivia contests and giveaways on Thursday, Dec. 31.

Economic and Community Development Director Ivy Wells said the town would “crank it up a notch this year” during the event. Local businesses will donate items for prizes, and Wells promised an improved lights show.

Dave Miller, who will host the event with DJ Big Al Reno, said he hopes to bring a “Dick Clark” atmosphere to the sixth annual bash.

“Dick Clark was kind of an icon on New Year’s Eve,” he said. “Now all the kids know Ryan Seacrest, so maybe we’ll be sort of a Dick Clark meets Ryan Seacrest – the future meets the present.”


Ford Recalls 300k Sedans for Headlights that go out

Here's something you don't want to have happen to you while you drive on darkened road: The headlights suddenly go out.

But that's the reason Ford is recalling 313,000 old Crown Victorias and Mercury Grand Marquis, it says in a filing to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as reported by the Associated Press. Solder joints in the lighting control module can crack. If that happens, the headlights are suddenly on the blink.


Troopers Arrest Two in Organized Retail Crime Thefts

Rehoboth, DE – Troopers have arrested people in connection with an organized retail theft operation.

The incident occurred around 12:35 p.m. Tuesday December 22, 2015, after troopers were dispatched to the Sunglass Hut located at 34986 Midway Outlet Drive for a report of a fraud complaint. The store employees were reporting that two females had entered the store and made a $440.00 purchase using a pre-paid American Express credit card and approximately eight minutes later, attempted to make a $380.00 purchase on the same card but was denied by the credit card company due to suspicious activity. The two females fled the store and were seen leaving in a white Cadillac Escalade.

Troopers in the area of the outlets were able to locate the vehicle matching the description the employees had given parked in the parking lot near the Sunglass Hut outlet with no one inside. Within minutes, a female exited the Dooney & Burke retail store and began walking toward the parked SUV. Upon her arrival at the vehicle, she was taken into custody and provided what later turned out to be a false name. A male suspect was also observed in the Dooney & Bourke store with the female and upon observing a trooper approaching the store, dropped a bag on the ground and attempted to walk away from the area. He was taken into custody and the bag in which he dropped was recovered and contained two small baggies of powered cocaine (0.7 grams).

A search warrant was obtained on the white Cadillac and detectives located multiple American Express pre-paid credit cards still in the manufacturer’s packaging, a laptop computer, a credit card coder/swiping device, and merchandise from various retail outlets, including Victoria’s Secrets, Michael Kors, Timberland, and Rack Room Shoes. All of the items were returned to the stores.

The investigation revealed the suspects would enter the different Tanger Outlet stores and make purchases or attempt to make purchases on items using the pre-paid credit cards that were coded with various victims’ account numbers. Some of the purchases were greater than $800.00 and one attempt was for more than $1,200.00 but was denied.

Lakorya Harrison, 31 of Raleigh, North Carolina, and Joshua R. Knox, 28 of Lawrenceville, Georgia, were transported back to Troop 4 in Georgetown where Harrison was charged with two counts of Identity Theft, Organized Retail Theft, two counts of Forgery 2nd, Criminal Impersonation, Conspiracy 2nd, two counts of Theft under $1500, and two counts of Attempted Theft under $1500. Knox was charged with Identity theft, Possession of a Controlled Substance (Cocaine), Organized Retail Theft, Conspiracy 2nd, Theft under $1500, Attempted Theft under $1500, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Lakorya Harrison was committed to Delores J. Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution on $29,000.00 cash bond and Joshua Know was committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on $20,000.00 cash bond.

The relationship between the two is unknown and there is no surveillance photos available depicting others involved.

If anyone has any information in reference to this incident or information on the identity of others that may be involved, they are asked to contact Detective T. Shockley at 302-752-3812. Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet at, or by sending an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

Brew River Lobster Blowout

Man with a Gun Confronts Troopers During Warrant Attempt

Milford, DE - The Delaware State Police are investigating a man who brandished a handgun while Troopers were attempting to execute a warrant west of Milford.

The preliminary investigation of the incident revealed it occurred at 10:06 p.m. on Sunday, December 20, 2015 as the Dover Police Department requested the Delaware State Police to conduct a warrant attempt for a wanted subject, Richard Wilson, 36 of Milford, located in the 60o block of Milford-Harrington Highway, Milford, Delaware. The Dover Police Department had a pending warrant for Richard Wilson for a Criminal Contempt of a Domestic Violence Protective Order (Violation of Protection From Abuse Order).

Upon arrival to the residence Troopers observed an unknown black male in the residence. The black male was later identified as Lionel Waters, 35 of Milford, who would not provide any information pertaining to his identity or allow Troopers access to the residence. Troopers then began to depart the property and the unknown black male opened the front door and advised he had a weapon. Troopers then engaged Waters and demanded the unknown black male subject to drop the weapon. Troopers observed what appeared to be a firearm in his possession. Troopers made numerous requests for Waters to drop the firearm, the male suspect refused to comply. The male subject then became agitated, aggressive and actively resisted arrest.

A trooper then deployed his divisionally issued Taser and was unable to successfully take the suspect into custody. Fellow troopers did assist in taking the subject into custody as the subject continued to actively resist arrest.

Troopers requested an ambulance to respond in reference to the Taser deployment. Assisting Troopers collected and secured the firearm.

Waters went unconscious at the scene and it was at this point that the troopers realized that he had gone into cardiac arrest and immediately began administering CPR and additional life-saving efforts until paramedics arrived. He was transported to Milford Memorial Hospital and is currently listed in stable but critical condition. The preliminary investigation indicates alcohol may have been a factor in regards to Lionel Waters.

Richard Wilson was later taken into custody as he arrived at the residence several hours later which is located on Milford Harrington Highway, Milford, Delaware. Wilson was turned over to Dover Police Department in reference to his outstanding arrest warrant.

All Troopers were not injured.

The Delaware State Police and the Attorney General’s office are reviewing the incident and charges are pending against Lionel Waters.

The dream of over 60% of the voters

January 20, 2017

1. President Ted Cruz, and Vice President Donald Trump, are sworn into office. 

2. In a rare event on inauguration day, Congress convenes for an emergency meeting to repeal the illegal and unconstitutional Socialist healthcare farce known as Obamacare. The new Director of Health and Social Services, Dr. Ben Carson, announces that an independent group of healthcare management professionals is hired to handle healthcare services for poor and low income people. They are also assigned the duty of eliminating Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Government’s costs for public healthcare are reduced by 90%. Healthcare insurance premiums for working Americans are reduced by 50%. The move saves billions of taxpayer paid dollars. Healthcare service in the U.S improves 100%. 

3. Newly appointed department of Homeland Security Chief, Allen West, announces the immediate deployment of troops to the U.S. /Mexico border to control illegal immigration and the immediate deportation of illegals with criminal records or links to terrorist groups begins. New bio-encrypted Social Security ID’s are required by every American citizen to vote. Birthright is abolished. All immigration from countries that represent a threat to the safety of American citizens is terminated indefinitely. The move saves American taxpayers billions of dollars. Several prisons are closed. 

4. Newly appointed Secretary of Business and Economic Development Ivana Trump eliminates more than HALF of the Government agencies.... operating under the Obama administration saving taxpayers billions of dollars. Stocks rise 100%.

5. Newly appointed Director of Government Finance, Rand Paul, announces the abolition of the IRS and displays a copy of the new Federal Tax Return form: It consists of one page. The instructions consist of two pages. The Federal Reserve is audited. The move saves American Taxpayers billions of dollars...... and increases tax revenue. 

6. Hillary Clinton is in jail, where she belongs. Her cell is directly across from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who are serving time for ‘Hate Crimes”. She bitches at them constantly from behind the bars of her cell.... in what some might call cruel and unusual punishment. 

7. Bernie Sanders is in the nuthouse, where he belongs. His room is directly across from Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chris Matthews and Al Franken. They meet for tea every day at ten and discuss the success and benefits of Communism and Socialism throughout the world. They also wonder when the “Mothership” is going to pick them up and return them to their home planets. 

8. Windows 12 is released. It is designed for humans, doesn’t try to satisfy the needs of every person on the planet, doesn’t require a degree in nuclear physics to operate and looks just like Windows 7 except it is easier to use. 

9. Barack Obama flees the United States under cover of darkness and returns to his homeland of Kenya before his trial for treason begins. He deplanes on a remote jungle airstrip. It was reported that he was last seen wandering through the jungle singing “Akuna Mattawa” with a chimp named Commie. 

10.Oscar Meyer announces the introduction of a new cholesterol and fat free pepperoni that tastes just like regular pepperoni. 

11.Not to be outdone, Kraft Foods announces the introduction of several varieties of cholesterol and fat free cheeses that taste just like regular cheese. 

12.A committee is not established to determine what is causing global cooling. Billions of taxpayer dollars are saved. 

13.Dead people are no longer allowed to vote in Chicago............ a huge blow for the Democrat Party in the State of Illinois. The Democrat Party doesn't survive. 

14.I receive a call from the lottery office. I have won $100,000,000.00. Immediately, I get a call from Bill Clinton, whose money disappeared when Hillary was convicted. I tell him to go pound sand.

15.There's nothing wrong with wishing, is there?

MSP Princess Anne Barrack

On 11/30/15 Troopers from the Maryland State Police Princess Anne Barrack Criminal Enforcement Division began a theft investigation involving Quindocqua United Methodist Church located on LQ Powell Road, Marion, MD. The church was notified by PNC Bank that its account was in the negative. Investigators were informed that James Franklin Powell was the church treasurer and had maintained that position since 2004. PNC Bank supplied the church with several copies of checks that were written to James Powell for several thousand dollars. Powell denied writing the checks and was the only person in possession of the church’s checkbook.

Subpoenas were issued for the church’s PNC Bank records. A review of those records showed over 23 fraudulent transactions were made off of the church’s bank account between April 3, 2015 and November 13, 2015, totaling a loss of $16,972 dollars. Video surveillance was also obtained which showed James Powell cashing several of the church’s checks that were made out to him for several thousand dollars. Further review of the church’s bank account showed that Powell had made numerous payments to his Chase Visa Credit Card and American Express Credit Card. Powell later confessed to stealing the money from the church.

Powell was charged on December 24th, 2015 and charged with embezzlement, theft, theft scheme and other related criminal charges.


‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the ‘sphere

Bloggers were glad to see Christmas draw near.

Their laptops were turned off and all put away
The bloggers were swearing to take off the day.

Their children were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of extra time danced in their heads
With a father or mom not distracted by writing
No posts to compose, and no links to be citing.

But we all know that vows were just meant to be broken
And the vows of a blogger can be a mere token.
There’s always a chance that some sort of temptation
Will rise up to make them of fleeting duration.

For instance, there might be found under the tree
A sleek Mac; well, what better sight could there be?
And who could neglect it and wait the whole day?
It cries to be tried out, one just can’t delay.

Or maybe somewhere there’s a fast-breaking story
Important, and possibly leading to glory.
It can’t be ignored, there’s really no choice,
So add to the din every blogger’s small voice.

And then there are some who may just like to rhyme
(I’m one who at times must confess to this crime),
And it’s been quite a while since Clement Clarke Moore
Wrote his opus (though authorship’s been claimed by Gore)—

So it seems about time it was newly updated
And here’s my attempt—aren’t you glad you all waited?
Forgive if it sounds a bit awkward to read.
In writing, I set a new record for speed.

I had to get under the wire and compose it
Before Christmas Day. Now it’s time that I close it.
But let me exclaim (or, rather, I’ll write)
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!