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Sunday, May 18, 2014

East Bound Lanes On The Bay Bridge Closed Down

All Eastbound lanes of the Bay Bridge are closed due to a tractor trailer fire.

Click here to view the Live Traffic Cam

Working now to set-up 2-way ops on the westbound span at the Bay Bridge.

Plane Lands on Roadway Near Georgetown

Georgetown – Troopers have responded to an incident where a plane landed on a roadway near Georgetown.

At approximately 10:00 a.m. troopers responded to Park Avenue after a plane that attempted to land at the Sussex County Airport landed in the roadway. The pilot was the sole occupant of the plane and was not injured. Several utility poles were damaged during the landing, and DelDOT has closed Park Avenue between Wood Branch Road and South Bedford Street.

The Federal Aviation Administration will be investigating this incident.

Park Around Back Where No One Can See Us

Wednesday was Mexican Lunch Day for the Salisbury Fire Department. Snow Hill Rd. & West College Ave.

Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt Wants Taxpayers To Subsidize Tournaments

Last week Gary Mackes came to the County Council asking them to approve Rick Pollitt's $33,000.00 budget proposal for Parks and Recreation in order to reduce the FEES to Ball Players.

Mind you, the proposal is for three years, totaling $99,000.00. Mackes is claiming they are losing players and teams because the County's fees are too high. 

OK, let's get down to nuts and bolts here. Mackes has more than $900,000.00 IN ESCROW. WHY can't he just use their own money already in escrow to reduce the fees?

Instead, Mackes and Pollitt want the TAXPAYERS to subsidize these teams and players. Again, something you are not and will not see elsewhere in the local media. 

So now your County Executive wants to RAISE YOUR TAXES by 4.3 cents and now you know why. It's NOT a quality of life issues for YOU. It's a quality of life YOU are providing for others OUTSIDE the County.

Here's what I would propose. The County forks up hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Salisbury Zoo and has done so for many years through the County Room Tax at Hotels and Motels. 

If the County wants to start acting accountable, change the legislation so that ALL of those funds go to Parks & Rec.. STOP punishing the TAXPAYERS and START thinking like a good business executive. 


Antionette Perry Appointed Elementary Principal, Will Serve as Principal of Fruitland Primary

Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Fredericksen and the Wicomico County Board of Education have announced that Antionette Perry will be the principal of Fruitland Primary School effective July 1.

At the May 13 Board meeting, the Board approved Perry’s appointment as an elementary principal. Perry began her career in Wicomico Schools in 1999 as a secondary instructional assistant, became an elementary teacher, and served as assistant principal at several schools, including Fruitland Primary.

Perry is a graduate of Worcester County Public Schools. She earned her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from Sojourner-Douglass College, and a Master of Education degree in Public School Administration from Wilmington College. Following her time in the classroom, Mrs. Perry has served as assistant principal at Fruitland Primary, Pemberton Elementary, and this year Charles H. Chipman Elementary.

Perry will become principal at Fruitland Primary as Principal Pam Mitchell retires after 37 years of serving students, families, staff members, communities and schools throughout Wicomico County. She was principal at Westside Intermediate prior to leading Fruitland Primary.

“We welcome Mrs. Perry as the new principal of Fruitland Primary School, but we also wish a fond farewell to Mrs. Mitchell, who is leaving after 37 wonderful years of service,” Board President Ron Willey said.

Mayor & Fire Chief Cancel Public Calls For Service

Over the past year, (or so) Salisbury News has been providing the daily calls for service, (just as we do for the Police Department, Sheriffs Department and State Police) for the Salisbury Fire Department. 

That is, up until May 1, 2014. You see, the Mayor and Fire Chief have decided not to make these daily logs available to the public any more, therefore Salisbury News can no longer publish it.

The way I see it is, the call logs were proving to the public that not only are fires very few and far between, (unless they are right behind the Fire House and they burn to the ground) but it also proves there is absolutely NO NEED for a paid fire service as large as Salisbury is. 

So how does Mayor Ireton handle it, DON'T LET THE PUBLIC SEE IT. God Forbid the TRUTH & REAL EVIDENCE get out there while the liberal agenda always calls for lies and deceit instead. Smoke and mirrors it what you get. Your last Mayor refused to allow you to know more than 5,000 animals had died over the years at the Salisbury Zoo. That Mayor claimed the City was 99.9% compliant with the MDE, remember?

Now you know why we haven't been publishing information from the Salisbury Fire Department. It was your election to lose.  

A Couple Things I'd Like To Share Today

I'll start with this. Today we will provide an unusual amount of additional articles throughout the day. Secondly, we will have a 24 hour news cycle tomorrow as well. 

On a separate note I want to talk about some discussions I've been having with some local business owners and employment.

Believe it or not, there are a LOT of great paying jobs available right here in the Salisbury area. While Salisbury News always publishes HELP WANTED ads for FREE, you won't believe what happens.

I can proudly start by telling you that each ad every business Salisbury News promotes for Help Wanted we are always told by these businesses that they ran ads with the Daily Times and rarely even got a phone call, let alone people showing up to fill out an application. While businesses are PAYING the DT's big money to run these ads, they get nothing for their money.

I personally believe that we at Salisbury News want to give back to the Eastern Shore both for people AND businesses. Therefore we run these ads for FREE and we deliver incredible results. 

OK, so recently we've been running ads and here's what happens. The businesses get an incredible volume of phone calls and a very nice turn out for people going in and filing out applications. HOWEVER, it seems many of these people are simply going in to please UNEMPLOYMENT and really don't want to work. 

While some of these people actually get hired, they show up for work and don't want to lift a finger. Many of them QUIT by lunch time on the first day. AGAIN, these are very decent paying jobs.

Big Eastern Shore Developers In Big Trouble

Salisbury News learned over the weekend that two big developers who created a partnership together had their loans called by PNC Bank and the developers are in deep trouble.

According to court records both Mark Clark from Monogram Builders and Tom Ruark owe close to $20,000,000.00 and are being fined around $2,000.00 a day in interest alone. 

Records also show PNC is going full speed ahead to collect what is owed and have even repossessed one of their vehicles. 

Last week we had mentioned the difficult times consumers are having in Light House Sound and the Riddle Farm. Ruark owned the Golf Course in both locations and Clark was one of the biggest builders in Light House Sound. 

Now, that being said, let me say this. Before ANY of you go on the attack and start saying they deserve it, etc.. Yes, Developers can in fact make a TON of money. HOWEVER, they also take a TON of risks and this example is yet another perfect example. Jim Cane used to also be well known for his work in the Ocean City area. Bob Warfield and Hal Glick got into the business and PNC called their loans as well and they too came crumbling down.

ALL incredible business people who took incredible risks and I'm sure many of you know many others who have done the same. So before you kick people when they are down, know there are several Presidents, many Congressmen and others who ALLOWED the Banks to make BS loans to make the economy appear better than it actually was and people like ME have been spending YEARS trying to educate each and every one of you what was coming, including these Developers.  

Many of them asked me why I wasn't investing in Ocean City and my reply to them was simple, know when to hold up and know when to fold up. They didn't listen, unfortunately. 

Also remember that these very same Banks calling the loans of these Developers were wining and dining these Developers and encouraging them to BUILD, BUILD, BUILD. As long as they had multi million dollar inventory and the Banks could keep making loans out to unqualified buyers, THE BANKS WERE LOVING LIFE. 

This is why I can't stand Banks and rarely do business with them. They are your best friend when the cash is flowing and your worst enemy the moment they see any sign of weakness. 

Comcast Users, Prepare to Say Goodbye to Unlimited Internet Data

Paying more for Internet usage over a certain amount — having a “data cap,” in common parlance — will soon be universal for Comcast users, company executives predict.

Speaking on a call with investors Wednesday, Comcast Executive Vice President David Cohen said, “I would predict that in five years Comcast at least would have a usage-based billing model rolled out across its footprint.”

Data caps are already the norm for Comcast users in Huntsville and Mobile, Alabama; Atlanta, Augusta and Savannah, Georgia; central Kentucky; Maine; Jackson, Mississippi; Knoxville and Memphis, Tennesse; and Charleston, South Carolina.

In those locations, the typical user gets 300 gigabytes per month of data, after which they’re billed an additional $10 for every additional 50 gigabytes of data they use.


Town's White Police Official Calls Obama N-word

A police commissioner in a predominantly white New Hampshire town says he won't apologize for calling President Barack Obama the N-word, and he sat with his arms crossed while angry residents at a meeting called for his resignation on Thursday.

Wolfeboro Police Commissioner Robert Copeland, who's 82 and white, has acknowledged in an email to his fellow police commissioners he used the racial slur in describing Obama.

Town resident Jane O'Toole, who moved to Wolfeboro four months ago, said she overheard Copeland say the slur at a restaurant in March and wrote to the town manager about it. Copeland, in an email to her, acknowledged using the slur in referring to the president and said he will not apologize.


Does Mayor Ireton Really Care About Children?

Today I received a phone call asking if I knew about the vehicle driving around Salisbury trying to abduct children. I replied, I had not heard anything about it.

We looked on the City's Website, nothing. SPD, nothing. Facebook, nothing. Twitter, nothing. So where do you think the information came from, WMDT.

Now look, if you want to alarm the community about something as important as this is you'll make immediate contact with ALL Media Sources. Like Salisbury News or not, we have more local traffic then any other news source out there. I'd place WMDT almost dead last.

So why WMDT? Well, for many of you, I'm sure you can guess why Jimmy chooses to work so closely with them and no one else. However, does he really care about the children? Obviously not. At least he can say he got the information out there but really, what good does it do. 

In ALL the years I have been doing this I cannot recall another time, (aside from this one) where someone told me they saw it on WMDT. Everyone knows WMDT has an RSS Feed to Salisbury News and they get most of their news from us. As soon as we publish each and every story WMDT gets an instant message and link to those stories we produce first. 

I think what Jim Ireton and Chief Barbara Duncan are doing is a disservice to the community. I also feel that YOU should be aware of how your Mayor is handling such important matters.

In good faith, here's WMDT's story HERE.

Source: Donald Sterling Refuses To Pay Fine, Threatens To Sue NBA

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has sent a letter to the National Basketball Association telling the league he won't pay his $2.5 million fine and rejecting his lifetime ban, a source close to the situation said Friday.

The letter also threatens the NBA with a lawsuit if Sterling's punishment for making racist remarks, handed down by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver in April, is not rescinded, the source said.

"We reject your demand for payment," the letter says, according to Sports Illustrated.

WCSO Press Release 5/16/2014

Incident: Assault

Date of Incident: 26 April 2014

Location: 400 block of Churchill Avenue, Salisbury, MD

Suspect: 1. Lashawn Terry Butts, 18,Salisbury, MD
               2. Karon Malik Washington, 17,Salisbury, MD (Charged as an adult)
               3. Juvenile Male, 14, Salisbury,MD
Narrative: On 26 April 2014 at 11:15 PM, deputies from the Sheriff’s Office along with officers from other area agencies responded for a large fight in the parking lot of the Elks Club on Churchill Avenue in Salisbury.Upon arrival, the deputies located a 34 year old male victim that had been the subject of an attack by several individuals. Investigation revealed that this victim attempted to break up a fight between juvenile females when he was attacked by the three subjects listed above. The victim reportedly was punched repeatedly and then kicked in his head and body after falling to the ground. The victim required transportation to PRMC via ambulance.

Investigation revealed that the individuals involved in the attack had been on the premises attending a private party in a rented hall.

Investigating deputies identified the assailants as those listed above and all three were taken into custody on 13 and 14 May 2014. Lashawn Butts and Karon Washington were both detained by the District Court Commissioner in the Detention Center while the juvenile was detained by the Department of Juvenile Services in the Lower Eastern Shore Children’s Center.

Charges: Assault1st Degree
                Assault 2nd Degree
                Reckless Endangerment

Butts, Lashawn T
Butts, Lashawn T

Washington, Karon M
Washington, Karon M

FBI Launches Full Investigation Into Bundy Ranch Supporters

Bunkersville, Nev., The FBI has launched a full investigation into “death threats, intimidation, and possible weapons violations,” relating to the standoff between the Bureau of Land Management and Bundy Ranch supporters, according to 8 News Now out of Las Vegas.

The first people to be interviewed by FBI agents were Metro Police and Sheriff Doug Gillispie.

According to News 8 Now, the Metro Police claim to have intervened to “protect the lives of federal employees from the 400 or so Bundy supports and armed militia members.”

Metro officers stated that they feared for their lives that day due to the assemblage of firepower that the protestors had gathered and because many of those assembled “pointed weapons at officers, taunted them and told them they should be ready to die.”


Police Officer Gets Beatdown While People Watch And Record The Incident

White supremacist commits suicide

A white supremacist who appeared in court with a swastika carved into his forehead died after a suicide attempt in prison.

Keith Luke, 28, was found unresponsive by corrections officers in his cell at Souza-Baranowski Center, Massachusetts on Saturday.

Luke was taken to University of Massachusetts Hospital in Worcester and placed on life support but was pronounced dead on Monday shortly after midday.


1st Annual Delmar Football Corn Hole Tournament Fundraiser

1st Annual Delmar Football
Corn Hole Tournament Fundraiser
10am Saturday, June 21st 2014
@ The Mason Dixon Sports Complex
Across the street from the 
Delmar Elementary School
$40 Per Team
First 100 Teams to register 
All proceeds go directly to Delmar Football Team

‘Donald Sterling Is a Racist’

Donald Sterling, Los Angeles Clippers owner, was recorded by his mistress making some crude racist remarks. Since then, Sterling’s racist comments have dominated the news, from talk radio to late-night shows. A few politicians have weighed in, with President Barack Obama congratulating the NBA for its sanctions against Sterling. There’s little defense for Sterling, save his constitutional right to make racist remarks. But in a sea of self-righteous indignation, I think we’re missing the most valuable lesson that we can learn from this affair — a lesson that’s particularly important for black Americans.

Though Sterling might be a racist, there’s an important “so what?” Does he act in ways commonly attributed to racists? Let’s look at his employment policy. This season, Sterling paid his top three players salaries totaling over $46 million. His 20-person roster payroll totaled over $73 million. Here are a couple of questions for you: What race are the players whom racist Sterling paid the highest salaries? What race dominated the 20-man roster? The fact of business is that Sterling’s highest-paid players are black, and 85 percent of Clippers players are black. Down through the years, hundreds of U.S. corporations have faced charges of racism, and many have been subjects of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigations, but none of them had such a favorable employment and wage policy as Sterling. How does one explain this? People with limited thinking ability might conclude that Sterling is a racist in his private life but a nice card-carrying liberal in his public life, manifested by his hiring so many blacks, not to mention paying Doc Rivers, the Clippers’ black head coach, a healthy $7 million a year. The likelier explanation is given no attention at all.


BREAKING NEWS: Tractor Trailer Goes Off The Side Of The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – A tractor-trailer went off the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel Thursday morning, and crews are actively working to rescue the driver.

Petty Officer David Weydert with the U.S. Coast Guard told crews were responding to a report of a tractor-trailer that had gone off the bridge. Small response boats from both Little Creek and Cape Charles were responding to the scene as well as the Cutter Beluga and a helicopter from Elizabeth City.

Battalion Chief Amy Valdez with the Virginia Beach Fire Department confirmed the tractor-trailer did go off the bridge near mile-marker 15 and struck a light pole. The Navy, Coast Guard and Virginia Beach Fire and EMS are all on scene.

Photo Courtesy Of WTKR News Channel 3

Going Viral: ‘Sad Sister’ Gets One of the Most Brutally Honest Responses Ever From Advice Columnist

A stay-at-home mom wrote to the “Ask Amy” advice column on May 8 seeking guidance on how to make one of her sisters “understand that she should perhaps find another set of friends whose lives and interests align more closely with hers.” The response she received from nationally syndicated columnist Amy Dickinson was painfully blunt.

Michael Sam Drafted in NFL Because He Is Gay

A Fox News commentator said Monday that Michael Sam made it into the National Football League only because he is gay.

Sam, who was taken by the St. Louis Rams in the seventh and final round of the draft on Saturday, announced he was gay earlier this year. He is now the first openly gay player in NFL history.

On Monday's "The Five," host Eric Bolling cited Sam's poor results in the NFL Combine, an event that measures potential draftees' skills, saying Sam "had a terrible combine" and is not as good a player as others may think.

"Some people were saying he was pushed down, Bob [Beckel] thinks he was pushed down in the draft because he was being the first openly gay NFL player and the teams didn't want the distraction," Bolling said.

"I would say he was drafted because he was the first openly gay player. I don't think he would have been drafted had he not been. He had a terrible combine. His scores in the combine didn't earn him that draft pick."


SPD Press Release 5-14-14 (Shooter Arrested)

Watch Sonic Drive-Thru Employee Take Orders In Fake Indian Accent, Offend Customers

Cops: Teen Had Loaded Revolver In Her Vagina

Stolen weapon found during search at Tennessee jail

A 19-year-old Tennessee woman had a loaded handgun hidden in her vagina when she was brought into jail yesterday afternoon following a collar for driving with a suspended license, police report.

As Dallas Archer was being booked into the Kingsport jail, a female corrections officer alerted to an “unknown object” in the teenager’s crotch during a search.

The jailer and a female cop then accompanied Archer to a bathroom for further examination, a review that led to the recovery of a “North American Arms 22 LR revolver (loaded) which Ms. Dallas had concealed in her vagina,” according to a Kingsport Police Department report.


A Child Is Born

Whenever someone asks what your best moments in your life ever were, most people, (including myself) say the moment our children were born.

Yesterday morning I got up very early to publish articles for the day so I could slip away to Annapolis General Hospital where my 4th Grandchild was born. 

My Son now has two beautiful Daughters. Life is good!

State Employees Making $100K Jumped 20% To 6,847 Last Year

The number of state employees making over $100,000 jumped dramatically to 6,847 in 2013 due to an across-the-board 2% cost-of-living raise,’s fourth annual analysis of state salaries found. Numerically, this represented a 1,184 increase from 2012, a 20% rise in the number of state and university employees making six figures.

Here is the complete list of those state workers making over $100,000. Similar stories from the three previous years are at the bottom of this story.

Despite this, Maryland state salaries were, on average, slightly lower than the average per capita personal income of Maryland residents, according to a database provided by the Comptroller’s office in response to a Public Information Act request.


SPD Press Release On Today's Shooting 5-13-14

Announcement Regarding Lockdown at Pemberton Elementary, Effect on Afternoon Transportation

Due to an incident in the community that is being handled by Salisbury Police and Maryland State Police, Pemberton Elementary is on a precautionary lockdown. Afternoon transportation plans are affected for Pemberton students and for students of other schools who would be transported to the area.

Pemberton Elementary remains on a precautionary lockdown this afternoon, but has been able to have a modified dismissal. Students have now been dismissed, with any students who live in the Waterside and Pemberton Apartments remaining at Pemberton Elementary. Parents may visit Pemberton to sign out those students.

Any James M. Bennett High or Bennett Middle students who would normally be transported to the affected area have been kept at JMB or BMS for now, as have some students of the Wicomico Early Learning Center. Parents may pick up their students at the Bennett schools or WELC, or await their transportation to Pemberton Elementary for pickup, when the lockdown is lifted and the students can be moved to the elementary school.

Bond Revoked Jocorbi Scarborough Back Behind Bars

BREAKING NEWS: Shooting In Salisbury

Salisbury Paramedics have been dispatched to Parsons Road for a Shooting. SPD is enroute. 

1 person shot in the chest. 

Investigation underway on a reported shooting in area of Pemberton Manor apartments.

Angry Pro-gay Woman Throws Slushie On Woman With Anti-gay Sign


I didn't want to double up with two posts about the whole gay thing today, but for various reasons, I couldn't ignore this one.

The biggest is this: My family and I actually saw the woman with the sign on our way home from church yesterday. This is about a mile-and-a-half from our house and about two miles from our church. When I saw the headline on Google News, I immediately wondered if the woman who got the slushie thrown at her was the same one we had seen. It was.

The signifiance here is simply this, and in many ways it's part of the same cultural phenomenon that nabbed Don Jones: The secular left clearly believes it has the upper hand in the cultural debate, and it has absolutely no intention of tolerating dissent. Not only that, but it views those who challenge its orthodoxy as basically sub-human, to the point where an action like this one is justified in their minds.

Dolphins Fine Safety Don Jones For Michael Sam Comments

As The Washington Post’s Cindy Boren reported: ”Michael Sam, the first openly gay player taken in the NFL draft, celebrated the moment the way other football players have celebrated: by kissing the person he is in a relationship with. The NFL’s historic moment was filmed by ESPN and, as St. Louis Rams Coach Jeff Fisher told him the news over the telephone, Sam broke into tears and sobbed. Then he embraced and kissed his boyfriend as they shared cake.”

But that didn’t go over well with some other NFL players.

CNN reports that Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones expressed his disapproval, tweeting “horrible” and “OMG” after the kiss was aired. He has since deleted those comments.


Mayor James Ireton, Jr. is pleased to announce the formation of the Fire Service Mediation Team for the City of Salisbury. The team is composed of Salisbury Fire Chief Richard Hoppes, Deputy Fire Chief E. Lee Smith, City Council Vice President Laura Mitchell and AFSCME Staff Representative Julia Glanz. The Fire Service Mediation Team will represent the city in upcoming mediation sessions. “Our team will represent us well, with the expressed purpose of hammering out a fair, equitable, and paid for fire service agreement. The city team will not vote to approve an agreement that has an adverse effect on any other fire district or fire house. That being said, I expect the county to lead in making sure that the service we provide for them is paid for,” said Mayor Ireton.

Chief Hoppes joined the department in 1985 as a volunteer at Station 2. In 1988, he joined the career division and has served as Firefighter, Training Officer, Lieutenant, Captain, Deputy Chief and Fire Chief. Chief Hoppes continued the platform of Firefighter safety and increased training that was instituted while serving as Deputy Chief under Chief See. He has promoted higher education and made funding available for members wishing to attend college for career development. Chief Hoppes directed a successful SAFER grant application which provided funding for 12 new Firefighter positions for the department. During his tenure Chief Hoppes has guided the department through one of the most difficult economic periods since the Great Depression.

Deputy Chief Smith is a lifetime resident of Salisbury, and is proud to have served in several capacities within the City of Salisbury Fire Department since beginning in 1986 as a member of Station #1. Smith currently holds the rank of Deputy Fire Chief of Volunteer Services, and work closely with the men and women of the organization, as well as working with other departments in the County. He also serves on committees within the Wicomico County Fire Chief’s Association, as well as currently serving as Secretary of the Wicomico County Fire Fighter’s Association.

City Council Vice President Laura Mitchell was elected in 2011. Over the last three years, Mrs. Mitchell has worked to bring all parties to the table to discuss the issues and help reach equitable solutions. Mrs. Mitchell has an accounting background that gives her an excellent understanding of the economics of the Fire Service District issue and the challenges the lack of agreement presents for the City and its residents.

Julia Glanz works for the American Federation for State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME MD) as a Staff Representative, where she protects the rights of working state employees. She graduated from Salisbury University in 2013 with her Masters in Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution. In 2011 she received her bachelor’s from SU in Business Management and a minor in Political Science. She recently became a resident of the Salisbury Downtown Plaza and looks forward to helping revitalize the City. Glanz is also a volunteer mediator through the Bosserman Center for Conflict Resolution.

Serious Accident In Delmar Involving a Motorcycle

There has been an accident in front of the Delmar Diner on Route 13 involving a auto and a motorcycle. CPR is in progress but it is a very serious accident. The patient is listed as being a priority1 at this time.  The Southbound lanes of Route 13 are now being shut down.

Delmar B74 is transporting the patient to PRMC.  Command has placed the situation under control. No information on the road being open at this time.

Salisbury News Delivers Investigative Reporting On HOW YOUR TAX DOLLARS ARE SPENT: Part 5

Executive's Office for march 2013 

3/22/13 lombardi's $30.56 
3/31/13 Sobo's Wine Bisto $58.76 
3/31/13 Market Street Inn $23.10 
3/31/13 Market Street Inn $ 20.90 
3/31/13 Peaky's $48.66 
3/31/13 Golden Correl $ 28.24 
3/31/13 Lombardi's $32.75 
3/31/13 Mojo's $22.10 
3/31/13 Red Door $ 48.51 
3/31/13 Lombardi's $ 28.49 
3/31/13 Goin Nut's $ 76.50 
3/31/13 McDonald's $ 5.82 
3/31/13 Evolution Craft Brewing $32.14 
3/31/13 Pat's Pizzeria of Salis $ 43.33 
3/31/13 Red Door $17.76 
3/31/13 Adam's The Place For Rib"s $ 12.00 
3/31/13 Lombardi's $ 15.39 
3/31.13 Lombardi's $20.78 
3/31/13 Lombardi's $ 41 24 

Wicomico County Board Of ED 

5/30/12 Famous Daves $ 330.17 
5/31/12 Domino's $ 405.75 
5/31/12 domino's $ 684.40 
6/1/12 Sweet shop $700.00 
7/9/12 Domino's $ 100.86 
7/30/12 Panera Bread $ 46.15 
8/20/12 Domino's $ 114.07 
8/21/12 Subway $ 71.35 
8/24/12 Domino's $ 69.70 
9/24/12 Domino's $ 80.69 
10/10/12 Domino's $ 101.68 
9/7/11 Goin Nut's cafe $29.40 
9/14/11 Pizza Hut $ 49.65 
9/27/11 Pizza Hut $ 63.55 
10/4/11 East Side Deli $ 24.00 
10/12/11 Fager's Island $ 121.33 
10/13/11 Liquid Assets $ 113.00 
10/14/11 Dough Roller $ 38.76 
11/8/12 Evolution Craft Brewing $ 44.60 
11/28/12 Viva Espresso $ 16.70 
5/31/12 Dough Roller south O C Md $718.88 
8/31/12 Brew River $129.80 
6/4/12 Golden Corral $ 348.66 
5/9/12 The Globe $148.20 
6/1/12 Harborside Bar @ Grille Ocean City $ 279.84 

And they say it's for the kid's 

Lot's more coming next week, stay tuned.

Teen Playing The Knockout Game Gets Shot Twice By Victim

June and July are peak months for summer grilling accidents

NFPA urges grillers to be mindful of safety

May 15, 2014 – As Memorial Day Weekend approaches kicking off the unofficial start of summer, backyard chefs everywhere are dusting off their grills, eager to spring into the long-awaited barbeque season. This summer, theNational Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that grillers pay particular attention to safety, especially in June and July, when home fires involving grilling accidents occur most often.

According to a 2013 NFPA report on cooking equipment fires, gas grills were involved in an annual average of 7,200 home fires in 2007-2011, while charcoal or other solid-fueled grills were responsible for an annual average of 1,400 home fires. While gas grills contribute to a higher number of home fires overall than their charcoal counterparts, NFPA reminds everyone that all types of grills pose a risk for fires and burn injuries. More than one-quarter (27 percent) of home structure grill fires started on a courtyard, terrace or patio, while 29 percent started on an exterior balcony or open porch, and six percent began in the kitchen, according to the report.

“Grilling season is a great time of year for friends and families to have cookouts and tailgate, but before starting the season, be sure your grill is working properly and review safety tips,” said Lorraine Carli, vice president of Outreach and Advocacy for NFPA. “Propane gas hose leaks or breaks were the leading factors contributing to gas grill fires. It is good practice to check for damage before using it for the first time each year, and to clean and check the entire grill regularly.”

Last year, Hannah Storm, ESPN SportsCenter anchor, was severely burned in a grill fire at her home. She has since worked with NFPA to record several videos to share her story and raise awareness for grilling safety in hopes that others will avoid similar incidents. Audio PSA (:30) also available.

Video:  Hannah Storm, NFPA team up to offer consumers home fire safety.

When grilling, NFPA suggests the following:
·         Stay alert when grilling. Do not grill if you are sleepy or when you are drinking alcohol.  
·         Don’t leave your cooking/grill area unattended.
·         Keep children and pets at least three feet away from the grill area. Remove flammable materials from around the grill.