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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

House, Senate Bills Aim to Remove Barriers to Marijuana Research

-Bipartisan, Bicameral Medical Marijuana Research Legislation Introduced in House and Senate-

This week, Congressmen Andy Harris, M.D. (R-MD-01), Earl Blumenauer (D-OR-03), H. Morgan Griffith (R-VA-09), and Sam Farr (D-CA-20) will be introducing the Medical Marijuana Research Act of 2016. This bill heeds the calls of the medical research community to address the burdensome processes that currently impede legitimate medical research on marijuana. This bill is a bipartisan and bicameral solution that removes barriers inhibiting medical marijuana research. Senators Brian Schatz (D-HI), Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Chris Coons (D-DE), and Thom Tillis (R-NC) are introducing a similar bill in the Senate.

“As a physician who has conducted NIH sponsored research, I can’t stress enough how critical this legislation is to the scientific community. Our drug policy was never intended to act as an impediment to conducting legitimate medical research. We need empirical scientific evidence to clearly determine whether marijuana has medicinal benefits and, if so, how it would be used most effectively. This legislation is crucial to that effort, because it removes the unnecessary administrative barriers that deter qualified researchers from rigorously studying medical marijuana,” said Dr. Harris.

“Despite the fact that over 200 million Americans now have legal access to some form of medical marijuana, federal policy is blocking science. It’s outrageous,” said Congressman Blumenauer. “We owe it to patients and their families to allow for the research physicians need to understand marijuana’s benefits and risks and determine proper use and dosage. The federal government should get out of the way to allow for this long overdue research.”

“There are countless reports of marijuana’s medicinal benefits, but patients, doctors, pharmacists, and policymakers must have more to rely on than anecdotal evidence,” said Congressman Griffith. “Removing the barriers that prevent further research on marijuana’s medicinal benefits and possible side effects is the right thing to do, plain and simple.”

“This bill is about helping people. As more states pass their own medical marijuana laws, it’s time for Congress to reexamine federal policy. This bill does just that by supporting research so policy decisions about the role of medical marijuana are based on science and facts instead of rhetoric,” said Congressman Farr.

As Paul Nehlen Gains Traction, Paul Ryan Does Local Interviews

As House Speaker Paul Ryan’s primary race has begun to heat up, Ryan has announced two local media appearances in his home state of Wisconsin over the course of the next two days.

Ryan is being challenged by Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen, whose campaign centers upon the idea that Ryan “betrayed” Wisconsin voters by pushing open borders immigration policies and the fast tracking of President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement.

In a Saturday media alert, Ryan’s office announced that “House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) will appear on two Wisconsin radio stations in the coming days—WBEL’s The Daly Show on Sunday, June 26 at 9:00 a.m. ET/8:00 a.m. CT and WGTD’s The Morning Show with Greg Berg on Monday, June 27 at 9:10 a.m. ET/8:10 a.m. CT.”

The announcement and the interviews follow Nehlen’s launch of a new billboard campaignthat takes aim at Ryan’s two-decade long history of pushing for open borders immigration policies.


News Release Statewide Fireworks Safety

Statewide – With the arrival of summer, State Fire Marshal Brian S. Geraci is suggesting that Marylanders attend public fireworks displays. “I would highly suggest the safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend one of the many public fireworks displays throughout the state.” stated Geraci. To help Marylanders enjoy a safer summer season, the State Fire Marshal offers several ways to enjoy fireworks while avoiding injury:
  • Consider attending one of the numerous public fireworks displays scheduled throughout Maryland every year. Leave fireworks to the professionals. Check the Maryland State Fire Marshal website at: for listed public fireworks displays throughout the state.

For those individuals who insist on the use of consumer fireworks:
  • Purchase the fireworks in the location where you intend to discharge them. Check with the local municipality to determine what fireworks are considered legal for use in that area.
  • Read and follow label warnings and instructions.
  • Do not allow small children to use fireworks.
  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages while using fireworks.
  • Have a bucket of water and/or hose available
  • Fully extinguish remains of fireworks in water before disposal.

“Fireworks have been a long tradition of the 4th of July holiday celebrations. Please make safety your number one priority so everyone can enjoy the holiday season.” adds the State Fire Marshal. “By acting responsibly, we can help eliminate fireworks injuries in Maryland.”

The Office of the State Fire Marshal is an agency of 
the Department of State Police dedicated to helping protect
citizens from fire and explosion through a comprehensive 
program of education, inspection, investigation and fire 
protection engineering. For more information on fire 
safety call 1-800-525-3124, log onto our website at: Maryland State Fire Marshal and/or our Facebook Page.

Trump Will Win

WCSO Press Release 6-28-16

Seawright, Ulyses
Incident: Assault
Date of Incident: 27 June 2016
Location: 200 block of Station Street, Mardela Springs, MD
Suspect: Ulyses Seawright Jr., 37, Mardela Springs, MD
Narrative: On 27 June 2016 at 9:33 PM a deputy arrested Ulyses Seawright following a complaint made of an assault. According to the complainant in this case, Seawright punched the victim in the head knocking the victim to the ground.
Upon arrest the deputy transported Seawright to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner released Seawright on $10,000.00 unsecured bond.
Charges: Assault 2nd Degree

Town of Ocean City Announces New Transit Manager

OCEAN CITY, MD –: After a lengthy search and several qualified candidates, the Town of Ocean City is pleased to welcome Mark Rickards to the position of Transit Manager. Rickards brings over 30 years of experience in the field of transportation, including his most recent experience as Director of Public Transportation for the City of Greenville, SC.

As Transit Manager, Rickards will oversee the transportation division and a fleet of nearly 70 busses, eight Boardwalk trams with 24 tram carts and 250 employees. He will direct and oversee the operations and planning of the division, as well as function as the town’s lead representative to the Maryland Transit Authority and Federal Transit Administration. In addition, he will direct recruitment efforts to secure adequate staffing levels for seasonal and year-round operations.

“Although the journey to hire a new Transit Manager took longer than initially expected, it was certainly well worth the wait,” said Hal Adkins, Director of Public Works. “Not only does Mark have vast experience in the world of transit, but he also has profound knowledge, and roots, to the Eastern Shore and will surely be “a good fit” for our organization. We are excited to have his familiarity with public transit systems, as well as his knowledge and partnerships with Federal, State and regional governments to improve transportation resources in Ocean City.”

Rickards’ professional experience includes various positions of transportation leadership, as well as understanding in tourist driven destinations. Before joining the City of Greenville, SC, in 2012, Rickards’ was the Executive Director of the Williamsburg Area Transit Authority and Transportation Engineer for the Richmond, VA, Department of Rail and Public Transportation.

With bachelor’s degrees in political science and history from High Point University and a master’s in regional planning, with specialization in transportation planning and modeling, from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Rickards’s professional career is now taking him back to his roots. “I grew up in Frankford, DE and graduated from Indian River High School there. I have always desired to come home to Delmarva,” Rickards’ commented. “I am eager to get started and to bring my experience in transportation to the Eastern Shore. Ocean City has an outstanding transportation system and I am excited to work closely with the Mayor and City Council, the staff and the transportation committee to make our services even better for our residents and guests.

CNN’s Clinton Cash ‘Fact-Check’ Ends in Embarrassment for Cristina Alesci and Laurie Frankel

CNN Money’s “fact-checkers” Cristina Alesci and Laurie Frankel ended up with egg on their faces on Wednesday after they rated as “false” a well-established and proven Clinton Cash fact involving Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. approving the transfer of 20 percent of U.S. uranium to the Russian government, as nine investors in the deal funneled $145 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Under the guise of “fact-checking” Donald Trump’s Wednesday speech, Alesci and Frankel purported to verify whether “Clinton’s State Department approved the transfer of 20% of America’s uranium holdings to Russia while nine investors in the deal funneled $145 million to the Clinton Foundation.”

Alesci (pictured, right) and Frankel (left) rate the claim as “false” and allege “there’s no hard evidence of a quid pro quo.” The CNN Money “reporters” also conceded that “CNN several times has asked the Clinton Foundation to confirm whether the nine investors who benefited from the deal also contributed to the foundation, but the foundation has yet to respond.”


Berlin Brewery Hosting Family Event For Fireworks Display On July 3

BERLIN — Burley Oak Brewing Co. will be hosting an all-ages family friendly event during the Town of Berlin’s fireworks display on Sunday, July 3, from 6-11 p.m.

Donating $5,000 to the display, Burley Oak will be the town’s largest sponsor and wanted to hold an event in conjunction to add to the fun, festive atmosphere.

“Burley is opening the parking lot so that people have somewhere to sit, drink a few beers or nonalcoholic beverages and see the fireworks easily,” Burley Oak General Manager Nicky Chavis said. “We wanted to help make the display happen, because everyone in the community was so let down last year when we were told they weren’t going to be happening. We didn’t want that to happen again.”

Chavis said there was a new sense of excitement around that part of Berlin because the town is developing a new multiple use outdoor park, Berlin Falls, across from the brewery.

Town of Berlin Economic Development Director Ivy Wells said she and Chavis worked together on the event.


Judge Jeanine NAILS what Brexit means for ordinary Americans who want to ‘take our country back’

Judge Jeanine Pirro doesn’t mince words, and her Saturday night razor-sharp analysis of the U.K.’s Brexit decision was no different.

Right out of the gate on Fox News’ “Justice,” Judge Pirro gave viewers who might not understand the political and cultural ramifications of Britain’s vote to exit the E.U. all they need to know about what it means for America and Americans.

In short – a rejection of globalism and an embracing of nations seeking first and foremost what is best for them, and the rise of politicians, like Donald Trump, who speak for us and our interests.

“What happened in England is going to happen again. Next stop, the United States. Next president, Donald J. Trump. What happened in the U.K. this week is just the beginning. The world is changing and all you elite establishment, ruling class, condescending, Washington big wigs who think you know better than ordinary Americans are out. Start packing. Your days are numbered.”


Recovery Underway In West Virginia Town ‘Built To Carry On’

RAINELLE, W.Va. (AP) — When the torrential rains stopped in the tiny West Virginia town of Rainelle, the volunteers started showing up.

By Monday, a small food line at a shopping plaza had ballooned from a couple of hundred hot dogs and hamburgers to a feast for flood victims — everything from bananas to cupcakes to nachos — and more hot dogs. Behind the food line, a large room was filled halfway to the ceiling with bags of donated clothing.

As volunteers sorted the items, the extent of last Thursday’s deluge came into clearer focus: Thousands of homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed and at least 23 people were killed when up to 9 inches of rain fell in a short span, causing perhaps the worst flooding the state has seen in three decades. More than 400 people were living in shelters across the state.

“We haven’t stopped feeding people,” volunteer Kelsi Shawver said inside the Park Center shopping plaza. “I don’t even know that I’d call it volunteering. I’m just here to help.”

Some of the worst destruction was in Rainelle, a town of about 1,500 people surrounded by hills, the Meadow River and several tributaries. Founded by the Rainelle brothers, Thomas and John, and once home to the largest hardwood lumber mill in the world, the town’s motto is “A town built to carry on … building great things since 1906,” according to its website .


Paul Ryan Doubles Down on Cutting Veteran Pensions

House Budget Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has doubled down on his move to cut pensions for military veterans in a USA Today op-ed published Sunday.

In the op-ed, Ryan opens up by highlighting the CBO estimate that the deal he cut with Senate Budget Committee chairwoman Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) would result in at least $20 billion in deficit reduction. “The Bipartisan Budget Act that Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., and I drafted will soon become law,” Ryan wrote. “We think it’s a small step toward fiscal discipline in Washington. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates the bill will reduce the deficit over the next ten years by over $20 billion. And unlike current law, it will provide much-needed relief to our already strained defense budget.”

As Breitbart News has reported, Ryan’s and Murray’s budget deal does not reduce the deficit. In fact, the deal raises the deficit by at least $15.5 billion because of a series of gimmicks that Ryan and Murray employed in the accounting of the deal — namely, double counting of savings like the tactic which was employed in Obamacare, and the failure to include an estimate of the interest on the borrowed money for the first couple of years of increased spending. These are only a few among a series of other misleading statementsRyan has made about the deal.


Canada Geese Lose GPS In Salisbury Storm

Experts Explore Ethics Of More Trials In Freddie Gray Case

Is it ethical for Baltimore's top prosecutor, who staked her reputation on charging six police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, to keep trying for a conviction? Legal experts said Friday that State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby is obligated to consider this question.

Mosby seemed devastated after the trial judge found no evidence a crime was committed when the young black man's neck was broken in the back of a police van.

The acquittal of van driver Caesar Goodson on all counts Thursday was more than just a courtroom setback, given the stakes Mosby raised last year when she announced the charges shortly after riots shook the city.

Stressing the ethical demands of her office and repeatedly invoking the civil unrest, Mosby vowed then to represent the aggrieved citizens of Baltimore who "experienced injustice at the hands of police officers."


Governor Hogan Tells WBOC He Probably Would Not Appoint Edward Rollins For Judgeship In Maryland

Better late than never and give credit where credit is due.

While it only took WBOC five days to finally dig their heels into the sand on what could be the biggest story of the year in Maryland, while WBOC, (even in this interview) never told their viewers the details behind what Rollins actually did, they somehow got an exclusive interview with the Governor.

While Salisbury News is clearly a conservative/republican minded Website, Governor Hogan met with the Liberal based WBOC with an exclusive interview. WBOC asked, would you appoint Rollins to a judgeship. Hogan replied, "probably not". 

This is a massive victory for Salisbury News, who represents WE THE PEOPLE by exposing corruption and crooked elected officials. "WBOC, Delmarva's Soft News Leader".

BLM Summer Of Chaos

FBI failed to notify some Americans they were on ISIS kill lists

WASHINGTON (SBG) — Though FBI officials say they intended to notify all of the more than 15,000 Americans who appear on secret ISIS kill lists, many of these people had no idea they were a target of the terror group until they were contacted by Circa News.

The bureau also pledged to work with local police departments to ensure the safety of those targeted in California, Florida, New York and Texas.

An Austin, Texas woman who appeared on a list among her friends in the Jewish community said, "I'm very upset that I was not notified by the FBI or local law enforcement."


Team Keller Golf Classic

Maryland county asks court to dismiss flawed lawsuit against Ten Commandments monument

BALTIMORE – On Friday, Alliance Defending Freedom and Jones Day attorneys representing the Allegany County commissioners filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit that seeks to uproot a Ten Commandments monument on the county courthouse grounds that is nearly identical to one the U.S. Supreme Court upheld in 2005.

Jeffrey Davis, who resides in a neighboring county but owns property in Allegany County, filed the lawsuit to have the monument, located on the courthouse lawn, removed because “he is offended” by it, his complaint from March says.

“A Ten Commandments monument isn’t unconstitutional simply because someone says he is offended by it,” said ADF Senior Counsel Brett Harvey. “The Supreme Court clarified this issue when it upheld a virtually identical monument in Texas. The emotional response of an offended passerby doesn’t automatically amount to a violation of the Establishment Clause.”

In 1957, the Fraternal Order of Eagles donated the monument, which stands not far from a monument to George Washington. In its 2005 decision in Van Orden v. Perry, the high court upheld the constitutionality of a nearly identical monument, also donated by FOE, on the grounds of the Texas Capitol complex. The court ruled that the monument did not violate the Establishment Clause.


Windows 10 Auto Update Renders Woman’s PC Unusable

A Californian woman has successfully sued Microsoft after Windows 10 auto-installed on her computer without permission and rendered the machine unusable.

“I had never heard of Windows 10,” said Teri Goldstein, whose computer was left unusable after the upgrade failed. “Nobody ever asked me if I wanted to update.”

Goldstein won $10,000 in court from Microsoft after attempts by customer support to fix the issue failed, and the debacle has most likely given those opposed to the aggressive upgrade campaign a satisfied grin.

Since its debut to the public last year, everyone with a Windows 7 or 8 operating system will have noticed that Microsoft really wants you to upgrade to Windows 10. Though it’s a free update, Microsoft haven’t reached the number of users that they want to boast on the new system and have progressively made their upgrade notifications more aggressive.

Numerous times a day users will receive pop up notifications on their computers prompting them to upgrade to Windows 10. There are usually two options: Upgrade Now or Upgrade Later. Most users previously didn’t realize that you could click the little red X in the corner to say no altogether, causing many people to sign up unwillingly, though this solution has also been reportedly patched. Clicking the X button now schedules the upgrade for you, leaving people with little option to disregard the update and confusing users who are now double-guessing every button.

“They tell you it’s optional, that you have to opt in, but they just do it anyway,” claimed reluctant Windows 10 user and HR assistant Jane Dunkin to the Seattle Times.


SPD Press Release 6-28-16 (Assault/City Park)

The Supreme Court Rules on Abortion

Washington (CNN) - In a dramatic ruling, the Supreme Court on Monday threw out a Texas abortion access law in a victory to supporters of abortion rights who argued it would have shuttered all but a handful of clinics in the state.

The 5-3 ruling is the most significant decision from the Supreme Court on abortion in two decades and could serve to deter other states from passing so-called "clinic shutdown" laws.

Justice Stephen Breyer wrote the majority opinion, which was joined in full by Justice Anthony Kennedy, considered the swing vote on the abortion issue.

"There was no significant health-related problem that the new law helped to cure," Breyer wrote. "We agree with the District Court that the surgical-center requirement, like the admitting-privileges requirement, provides few, if any, health benefits for women, poses a substantial obstacle to women seeking abortions, and constitutes an "undue burden" on their constitutional right to do so."

Source: CNN

Paulson Cites Hillary’s Globalist Platform as Reason for Endorsement

Hank Paulson, George W. Bush’s treasury secretary, who presided over both the meltdown of the U.S. economy and the subsequent bailout of his close friends and associates, has endorsed Hillary Clinton — citing his belief that she’d be more likely to enact globalist policies on trade and immigration as part of the reason for his endorsement.

Paulson also posits that Clinton would be more likely to cut Americans’ medicare and social security, which Paulson cites as a top priority following the financial collapse he helped to create.

Paulson is also the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, which has given Hillary Clinton hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches. According to Politico, Goldman Sachs rewarded Clinton with a total of $675,000 for three paid speeches.

“When Hillary Clinton spoke to Goldman Sachs executives and technology titans at a summit in Arizona in October of 2013, she spoke glowingly of the work the bank was doing raising capital and helping create jobs, according to people who saw her remarks,” Politico writes. “She spent no time criticizing Goldman or Wall Street more broadly for its role in the 2008 financial crisis.”

“It was pretty glowing about us,” one attendee told Politico, “She sounded more like a Goldman Sachs managing director.”


Stranded Vehicles

There are multiple vehicles stranded at the Willow Creek subdivision right at the intersection of Nanticoke Road and all throughout the subdivision.

A Glaring Fact Emerges About 26 of the Democrats Who Participated in the Sit-In Against Gun Control

Dutch Ruppersberger of Maryland
Congressional Democrats held an unprecedented sit-in on the House floor last week in a push for a vote on two pieces of gun control legislation.

Yet an analysis conducted by the blog Heat Street found that at least 26 of the Democratic lawmakers who participated in the nearly 25-hour sit-in are actually gun owners themselves!

Based on a 2013 story in USA Today, 119 Republicans at the time were gun owners, while 46 Democrats were in that category. Heat Street was able to narrow that down to the following list.

Among the gun-toting Congressmen and Congresswomen who participated in the sit-in were:


Photos: Flooding In Wicomico County

Milford Street At Rt. 13

Asians Now the Fastest-growing Racial Group in America

For decades, Latinos were far and away the fastest-growing minority group in America. Driven by both migration and higher birth rates, the are now on the verge of becoming one-fifth of the U.S. population.

But according to new Census data, Asians now represent the fastest-growing racial or ethnic group in the U.S. The nation’s Asian population totaled 21 million as of July 1, 2015, up 683,000, or 3.4%, since July 1, 2014. The Latino population grew 2.2% during the same period. (In fact, Asians’ growth rate surpassed that of Latinos in 2013.)

Asian population growth in the U.S. is due largely to net migration, the bureau said. Data from the Migration Policy Institute show that the number of immigrants hailing from Asia, which includes the Middle East, outnumbered those coming from Mexico 12.8 million to 11.7 million in 2014. Chinese immigrants (including Taiwanese and Hong Kong natives) constituted the largest Asian immigrant population, followed by Indians and Filipinos. Southeast Asia was the largest Asian region of origin.

More here

Poplar St in Fruitland

Photos Of Flooding In West Virginia

WCSO Press Release 6-28-16

Bivens, Monique
Incident: Violation of a Peace Order/Dangerous Weapon
Date of Incident: 24 June 2016
Location: Pemberton Drive, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Monique Denise Bivens, 26, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 24 June 2016 at 1:38 PM a deputy arrested Monique Bivens following a complaint that she confronted another individual in the parking lot of a laundry mat on Pemberton Drive. According to the complainant, she had a Peace Order against Bivens that barred Bivens from making contact with the complainant. It was also further alleged by the complainant that Bivens was waving a knife in the air while challenging the complainant to a fight.
Upon arrest, the deputy transported Bivens to the Central Booking Unit where she was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Bivens in the Detention Center in lieu of $5,000.00 bond.
Charges: Violation of a Peace Order Dangerous Weapon.

Smith II, Frederick
Incident: Assault
Date of Incident: 24 June 2016
Location: 500 block of Railroad Avenue, Mardela Springs, MD
Suspect: Frederick E. Smith II, 35, Mardela Springs, MD
Narrative: On 24 June 2016 at 6:18 PM a deputy responded to a reported altercation at a residence in the 500 block of Railroad Avenue in Mardela Springs. Upon arrival, the deputy met with a female victim who stated that she was embroiled in an argument with a male subject she resides with that turned physical. It was alleged that this male subject, Frederick Smith, assaulted her during the argument. During the investigation, the deputy observed signs of injury that corroborated the victim’s account.
The deputy placed Smith under arrest and transported him to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner released Smith on $30,000.00 unsecured bond.
Charges: Assault 2nd Degree.

Mexican Cartels Have Infiltrated U.S. Military, Federal Agencies

Veteran journalist extraordinaire Sharyl Attkisson made the shocking assertion that Mexican cartels have infiltrated the U.S. military and U.S. law enforcement agencies–- and she is correct. Her assertion is backed up by years of Breitbart Texas reports showing that some U.S. soldiers have worked for cartel efforts to smuggle humans and drugs, and that far too many in U.S. federal law enforcement agencies have fallen into working for Mexican cartels.

Attkisson’s assertion was made on Breitbart News Daily to host Stephen K. Bannon. She stated on the June 24, 2016 show:

"On the other hand, I think about the military guys, and they may think, is this a victimless crime? It’s really not illegal to come to this country. The two Mexicans they had been transporting last week had each been removed from the US three times before. And maybe they think, why shouldn’t I make some money on the side doing something the government doesn’t really mind. They don’t mind if the illegal immigrants come here.

"I think they know about it. And it’s people inside Border Patrol and inside the military who have long been involved in smuggling drugs, as well as smuggling humans. They’re well aware of it. They don’t talk about it much but it’s well known inside. I’ll be doing a story in the Fall about corruption inside the Border Patrol which is just out of control. There’s so many agents. The cartels place people inside Border Patrol now, smugglers place people inside Border Patrol get them hired there. It’s a big issue..."

As Breitbart Texas previously reported, FBI Director James Comey discussed a public corruption task force created particularly for border officials. “The color of of corruption is green,” Comey said at the time.

More here

Flooding In Wicomico County

Bob Culver Wicomico County Executive

As you are aware there has been a tremendous amount of rainfall starting early this morning. We are recording over 4 inches at the Roads Barn on Owens Branch RD. The County is experiencing flooding problems in many areas and have placed signs in some of the areas where flooding is occurring. Civic Avenue is flooded and closed. Booth Street is experiencing flooding problems as well as Athol RD where part of the road has washed out. PLEASE STAY SAFE and take heed to the warning signs. If you encounter any other road problems please call to report it. 410-548-4875







Wicomico School System Feeds Children in Summer Food Service Program at Eight Locations

The Food Service Department of Wicomico County Public Schools is once again participating in the Summer Food Service Program, with funding support from the Maryland State Department of Education through the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The Summer Food Service Program of Wicomico Schools has expanded this summer to include lunch service at eight Salisbury locations, and breakfast and lunch service at four of those locations. With children not in school, the Summer Food Service Program operates in the community – at a shelter, at playgrounds, at an apartment complex, at churches, and at two community gardens.

Meals will be provided from on all weekdays except July 4. Summer food service began June 23 at some locations and June 27 at others, so all are now operating. All summer food sites will operate until Aug. 5 except Cathedral of Restoration, which will have its last service day on July 29.

Meals are available to all children without charge. Acceptance and participation requirements for the program and all activities are the same for all regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, gender identity, disability or any other factor. There will be no discrimination in the course of the meal service.

When schools are not in session, many children do not have access to the good nutrition that school cafeterias provide during the normal school year. The Summer Food Service Program is designed specifically to fill the nutrition gap for children of low-income families when schools are not in session.

Meals are being served at the sites and times as follows:

Secretive Alphabet division aims to fix public transit in US by shifting control to Google

Sidewalk Labs, a secretive subsidiary of Alphabet, wants to radically overhaul public parking and transportation in American cities, emails and documents obtained by the Guardian reveal.

Its high-tech services, which it calls “new superpowers to extend access and mobility”, could make it easier to drive and park in cities and create hybrid public/private transit options that rely heavily on ride-share services such as Uber. But they might also gut traditional bus services and require cities to invest heavily in Google’s own technologies, experts fear.

Sidewalk is initially offering its cloud software, called Flow, to Columbus, Ohio, the winner of a recent $50m Smart City Challenge organized by the US Department of Transportation.

Using public records laws, the Guardian obtained dozens of emails and documents submitted to Challenge cities by Sidewalk Labs, detailing many technologies and proposals that have not previously been made public.

Some will be controversial, including spending transport subsidies for low-income residents on ride-sharing services such as Uber, requiring cities to upgrade to Sidewalk’s mobile payments system, and modernizing public parking to boost city revenues.

Sidewalk Labs was spun out from Google last June with a mission to “improve city life for everyone”. Since then, it was part of a consortium that deployed several hundred free Wi-Fi kiosks in New York and is rumoured to be designing a city from the ground up for self-driving cars. Now, it’s offering Columbus a three-year demonstration project consisting of 100 Wi-Fi kiosks and free access to Flow.


Al Qaeda Urges Lone Wolf Terrorists to Target White Americans, Cites a Specific Reason

Al Qaeda is reportedly advising potential lone wolf terrorists to avoid attacking U.S. targets “where minorities are generally found” because the federal government will attempt to deflect responsibility away from the terror group and label attacks “hate crimes.”

In the latest edition of its online magazine, Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula instead advises terrorists to target white Americans.

“Most of the individuals present at pulse nightclub were Latino. We recommend – And Allah knows best – that it is better to avoid targeting places and crowds where minorities are generally found in America,” the guide states. “Knowingly that the federal government will be the one taking full responsibility. Therefore we advise targeting areas where the Anglo-Saxon community is generally concentrated.”


EPA Faces Lawsuit Over Grants to Scientists on Clean Air Panel

The federal Environmental Protection Agency faces a lawsuit contending that scientists on an important clean air rules-review panel are biased because of research grants from the agency.

The Energy & Environment Legal Institute alleges that these scientists are dependent upon the EPA for funding, and therefore tend to favor stricter regulations.

"This clearly violates the law and makes a mockery of the notion of 'independent' scientific review," institute lawyer Steve Milloy told Fox News. "Not only does the EPA pay researchers to produce controversial research that advances its regulatory agenda, but the agency pays the very same researchers to review their own controversial work."

More here

Perdue rolls out animal care initiative

Perdue Foods announced a “renewed focus on animal care and a continuation of its focus on premium, trusted brands that meet evolving consumer expectations. The initiative will include more activity for birds and a pilot program that will test the use of windows in chicken houses.

Chairman Jim Perdue outlined a four-part plan that he says will accelerate its progress in animal care, strengthen relationships with farmers, build trust with multiple stakeholder groups and create an animal care culture for continued improvement.

The company first confirmed its plans in a New York Times story. The New York metro area is a key market for Perdue, which pioneered the use of branding and commercials in New York and other East Coast markets.

Entitled 2016 and Beyond: Next Generation of Perdue Commitments to Animal Care, the plan was developed with input from stakeholders such as farmers, academics, and leaders of animal advocate organizations who were invited by Perdue to help shape the animal care plan that sets new industry standards, a release stated.


After Brexit, Ron Paul Asks "Can We Exit A Few Things Too?"

Last week’s UK vote to leave the EU may have come as a shock to many, but the sentiment that led British voters to reject rule from Brussels is nothing unique. In fact it is growing sentiment worldwide. Frustration with politics as usual, with political parties that really do not differ in philosophy, with an economy that serves the one percent at the expense of the rest of society is a growing phenomenon throughout Europe and in the United States as well. The Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump phenomena are but one example of a frustrated public sensing something is very wrong with society and looking for a way out.

What is happening in the UK, in Europe, and in the US, is nothing less than a breakdown of the entire system. The EU was meant to be a customs union where post-World War II Western Europe could rebuild itself through free trade and a reduction in bureaucracy. Through corruption and political ambition it became an unelected bully government in Brussels, where the well-connected were well compensated and insulated from the votes of mere citizens.

Whatever happens in the near future – and it is certainly not assured that the vote to “Brexit” will actually end in the UK’s departure from the EU – a line has been crossed that supporters of more personal liberty should celebrate. Rule from London is preferable to liberty-minded Britons than rule from Brussels. Just as Texans should prefer rule from Austin to rule from Washington. That doesn’t make either option perfect, just more likely to produce more freedom.


The untold horrifying tales of Hillary’s time in the White House

Hillary Clinton was a White House monster when she was First Lady.

That’s the assertion in a new book called “Crisis of Character” by Gary Byrne, which hits stores on Tuesday.

One of Hillary the Monster’s favorite targets was Vince Foster, according to Byrne, a member of the Secret Service who was stationed in the White House during the Clinton administration.

Foster was the lawyer who relocated to Washington from Arkansas after his childhood pal, Bill Clinton, was elected president.

“Word circulated that (Hillary Clinton) berated (Foster) mercilessly … I knew what it was like to be yelled at by superiors, but Mrs. Clinton never hesitated to launch a tirade,” wrote Byrne.

Byrne doesn’t know the half of it — which I’m now going to tell you.


Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton is raising "blood money"

NEW YORK - Campaign finance reports show presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump took in just over $5.5 million last month, about a fifth as much as Hillary Clinton's $26 million.

The Trump campaign started this month with $1.3 million in the bank, less than many candidates for Congress. As donors withheld dollars, Hillary Clinton questioned his sense in a speech on Tuesday.

Trump hit back in an interview with CBS News' Norah O'Donnell.

"She will do horribly on the economy. You look at what she did as Secretary of State. What China did to this country it was pillage. They pillaged this country," Trump said.


Hillary Clinton 'loves' the idea of appointing Obama to Supreme Court

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton said she “loves” the idea of appointing Barack Obama to the Supreme Court if she’s elected president.

At a campaign event in Iowa Tuesday, Mrs. Clinton told the crowd the next president may have to appoint up to three Supreme Court justices. When one attendee mentioned Mr. Obama as a contender, she seemed excited by the recommendation.

“Wow, what a great idea. No one has ever suggested that to me, I love that, wow,” Mrs. Clinton said. “He may have a few other things to do, but I tell you, that’s a great idea.


Obama's Plan to Cede Internet Control Faces Opposition in Congress

President Barack Obama's attempt to globalize control over the Internet faces pressure from Republican congressional leaders.

"I think there needs to be, at least in the short term, a ripcord to pull so that we can fall back to the way things were in case we see some of these worst-case scenarios play out," Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas, told the Washington Examiner.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, known as ICANN, has handled oversight of the Internet since the group began operating in 1998 under a U.S. government contract. The administration's plan would transfer control of ICANN to a group of international stakeholders, according to the Voice of America.

The plan, supported by Internet companies like Google and Facebook and service providers like Verizon, must be approved by the U.S. Department of Commerce before it can go ahead.

ICANN would remain a private, not-for-profit organization under the plan, and would still be involved in governing the Internet. But oversight of its operations would be conducted by an advisory group made up of international government representatives, businesses and researchers who could vote to approve any significant changes.


County Executive Bob Culver is pleased to support Governor Hogan’s recent appointments to the Wicomico County Board of Education

Maria Waller, a long- time resident of Wicomico County and owner of Quality Staffing Services, has been appointed. Ms. Waller is an advocate for education and will serve the board well as a local business person and her great interest in education.

Gene Malone is a life-long resident and a product of the Wicomico County Public System. Mr. Malone is the regional manager of M & T Bank. He brings a business background and his familiarity of Wicomico County and interest in education. He shared that his entire family were educated in the Wicomico public system including his parents and is very proud of the education they received.

“I feel very confident in these appointments and that they will do what is best for the children in Wicomico County Public School,” Bob Culver said.

Only thing transparent about Hillary is her dishonesty

Buried by last week’s Brexit furor was fresh news of Hillary Clinton’s efforts to cover up her abuses of power at the State Department. Two distinct Associated Press scoops show her concealing evidence.

One is just a single email that she chose not to hand over in her supposedly complete dump of her work correspondence. It’s far from the first one recovered from other sources, but it’s telling because she opted to delete just the one email in a long exchange with top aide Huma Abedin.

And because it’s a clear acknowledgment that Clinton’s reliance on her homebrew server posed risks.


Cowboy and horses surprise NJ, back up Outerbridge Crossing

Did you spot Doc?

Monday morning, New Jersey 101.5 started getting … odd calls. A cowboy, complete was a couple of horses, was traveling across the Outerbridge Crossing.

The cowboy told Josue Espinoza — who called into the Dennis and Judi show — he’d come from Montana, on his way to Brooklyn for a cowboy convention.

“He did not ride his horse from Montana,” Judi said. “He didn’t.”

But Espinoza wasn’t the only one to see him in the Perth Amboy and South Amboy over the last day or so — and he provided photographic evidence.

“Brooklyn has a lot of funky things these days. It wouldn’t surprise me,” Dennis said on the air Monday.


Editor's Note: Doc Mishler was in Berlin at the beginning of June. We posted a story about him. You can read the store HERE

Here's even more of the emails Hillary Clinton deleted because they were 'private' but which a judge says are government related...

An additional 165 pages of emails from Hillary Clinton's time at the State Department surfaced Monday, including nearly three dozen that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee failed to hand over last year that were sent through her private server.

The latest emails were released under court order by the State Department to the conservative legal advocacy group Judicial Watch. The batch includes 34 new emails Clinton exchanged through her private account with her deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin. The aide, who also had a private email account on Clinton's home server, later gave her copies to the government.

The emails were not among the 55,000 pages of work-related messages that Clinton turned over to the agency in response to public records lawsuits seeking copies of her official correspondence. They include a March 2009 message where the then-secretary of state discusses how her official records would be kept.

'I have just realized I have no idea how my papers are treated at State,' Clinton wrote to Abedin and a second aide. 'Who manages both my personal and official files? ... I think we need to get on this asap to be sure we know and design the system we want.'


Police Officer: Left-Wing Extremists Started Sacramento Riot

A California law enforcement officer speaking exclusively to Breitbart News on condition of anonymity said that the group of 30 permitted demonstrators from the extremist Traditionalist Workers Party were physically attacked Sunday in Sacramento by a group of about 400 protesters organized by a group called By Any Means Necessary (BAMN).

While media reports focused on the fact that 10 people were injured after a “clash” between white supremacists and leftist radicals outside the state Capitol, the words and actions of the violent (BAMN) showed that it was a preplanned attack.

Reuters reported: “At least 10 people were injured at a rally outside the California state capitol in Sacramento on Sunday as members of a white supremacist group clashed with counter-protesters, authorities said.”

Then Reuters quoted one of the left-wing leaders:

“We have a right to self defense. That is why we have to shut them down,” Yvette Felarca, a counter-protester wearing a white bandage on her head, told reporters after the clash.

The attack was not “self defense,” as Felarca claimed and the media repeated. In the United States, free speech — even, and especially, offensive speech — is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

BAMN is not a fringe group-- it has union connections and a penchant for “direct actions.” In an article from 2012 entitled “BAMN Pushes Teachers Unions Toward Radicalism,” the leftist site In These Times talked about the group:

"A student-teacher alliance that operates as a joint caucus within the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and National Education Association (NEA), BAMN uses litigation and direct action to combat racial inequality throughout the public education system. Its work ranges from organizing against school closings to fighting for greater black and Hispanic representation at public universities..."


Homesick ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Reportedly Returning to Texas

Ahmed Mohamed, the teen known as “Clock Boy,” may be back in Texas within days. After nine months of living in his new homeland, Qatar, he reportedly feels homesick.

Late Friday, the Dallas Morning News reported Mohamed plans to return to Texas early in the week for an extended visit. The teen’s uncle, Aldean Mohamed, said: “He miss[es] Texas, and he miss[es] Irving.”

Breitbart Texas reported on Ahmed Mohamed’s earlier yearnings to return to the Lone Star State in December. The uncle also indicated his nephew will catch up with family in the Dallas suburb of Irving and has events lined up with some tech companies. The Dallas newspaper did not disclose any information with whom the teen will meet.

Ahmed Mohamed was the 14-year-old Irving Independent School District high school freshman detained last September for bringing to class a makeshift clock-in-a-box which school officials and police initially believed was a “hoax bomb.” No charges were filed once the situation sorted itself out, but the teen served three days of suspension before his family decided to withdraw him from the school district.

A subsequent media firestorm ensued in which mainstream news outlets insisted “Islamophobia” was behind Mohamed’s detainment. Breitbart Texas maintained it was the result of rigid public school zero tolerance policies and a month later, the Associated Press agreed.

Last October, Mohamed accepted a fully-funded education scholarship from the Qatar Foundation, an organization with reputed ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, over an invitation to the one of the world’s most prestigious private research universities, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


Civil rights leader Walter Fauntroy arrested at Dulles International Airport

Walter E. Fauntroy, Washington’s legendary former congressional delegate, was arrested Monday morning at Dulles International Airport and jailed at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center, after returning home from a four-year sojourn in the Persian Gulf, according to authorities.

Fauntroy, who helped plan the 1963 March on Washington with his friend the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., was arrested on an outstanding warrant by Border Patrol officials while he was clearing customs, said Aleksandra Kowalski, a Loudoun County sheriff’s public information officer. Fauntroy was booked at 12:30 p.m. on Monday and posted no bond. He’d just gotten off a long-haul, nonstop flight on Emirates airlines from Dubai to Dulles, said his attorney, Johnny Barnes.

In January 2012, Fauntroy left the United States after a bench warrant was issued for him to appear in Prince George’s County, Md., on a charge that he wrote a bad check for $55,000 to help pay for a 2009 ball he organized for President Obama’s first inauguration.


Idaho 'rape': Obama prosecutor 'silencing Americans with threats of arrest'

Reaction to threatening comments from President Obama’s U.S. attorney in Idaho following the release of two Muslim boys accused of sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl have been swift and severe.
 U.S. Attorney for Idaho Wendy J. Olson
was appointed by President Obama in 2010.

Wendy J. Olson, the U.S. attorney for Idaho, indicated in a statement Friday that Idahoans who spread “false or inflammatory information” about the alleged Muslim perpetrators may be subject to prosecution. The boys accused are ages 14, 10 and 7, and their families have been evicted from the Fawnbrook Apartments in Twin Falls, where the assault allegedly took place.

The two older boys are immigrants from Sudan and the youngest is from Iraq. They are believed to be refugees but the government has yet to say exactly how they entered the country, only that they have come “within the last two years.”

The Olson statement that is drawing fire from First Amendment advocates is as follows:

“The spread of false information or inflammatory or threatening statements about the perpetrators or the crime itself reduces public safety and may violate federal law.”

Jay Leno Involved In Terrifying Rollover Crash

Jay Leno finds out what true power is when he rides in the 2,500 HP powered Hemi Under Glass with legendary stunt driver, Bob Riggle. Buckle up for a premiere episode of Jay Leno’s Garage

Md. juvenile lifers could be considered for minimum-security, work-release programs in policy shift

Maryland inmates who are serving parole-eligible life sentences for crimes they committed as juveniles may now be considered for minimum-security and pre-release facilities under a new state policy — which means they could be allowed to participate in work-release programs in the community.

Public Safety Secretary Stephen T. Moyer this month reversed rules that for two decades barred any Maryland lifer from being placed in a facility that is below medium-security.

The change comes in response to recent Supreme Court decisions on juvenile life sentences, according to a spokesman for the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services. The court has found that mandatory life-without-parole sentences for juveniles violate the Eighth Amendment prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment.


US medical schools expand training to curb painkiller abuse

WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) — At first, the woman tried to hide her painkiller problem. She told the doctor that she still had pain from her past pregnancy, and that she just wanted a refill on her pain medication.

After a few questions, though, she admitted that a friend had sold her some OxyContin, and that she’d stolen pills from another friend.

The interaction was all staged, with the patient played by an actor and the doctor played by a medical student last month. The exercise was part of a daylong boot camp at the University of Massachusetts Medical School designed to help physicians in training identify and fight opioid abuse.

“There’s a lot at stake here. We have a public health epidemic, and it’s not getting better, and the health care profession is part of the problem,” said Michele Pugnaire, the medical school’s senior associate dean for educational affairs.


Volkswagen agrees to $14.7 billion settlement in emissions scandal

Volkswagen will settle its emissions scandal case for $14.7 billion, the largest payout by an automaker to consumers in U.S. history, in an agreement set to be formally announced Tuesday morning, according to two people familiar with the matter.

More than $10 billion of the settlement will go to fix or buy back 475,000 Volkswagens with two-liter diesel engines that were programmed to turn off emissions measurement data outside of laboratory settings, the people said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the deal had not yet been announced. Those engines spewed 40 times the legal limit of harmful nitrogen oxides.

Another $2.7 billion will go into an Environmental Protection Agency trust fund for environmental remediation, and the German automaker will spend $2 billion more on American clean energy technology.

Nearly 40 state attorneys general are also set to announce resolutions with Volkswagen that could bump the total settlement valuation to more than $15 billion.


Objects Thrown At Police At Vigil For Lor Scoota; 3 Arrested

WBAL-TV 11 reports that rocks and bottles were thrown at police officers during a vigil Monday night for a popular local rapper who was fatally shot in Baltimore over the weekend.

"This was an evening filled with all types of anxieties," Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said.

Davis emphasized that it was only a few people who acted out among hundreds who gathered to remember Tyriese "Lor Scoota" Watson.

"At this vigil, it was a largely peaceful gathering of people who cared for this young man that this city really loved," Davis said. "A couple people decided to act in their own self-interest and agitate the crowd. Rocks and bottles were thrown at police officers."

At that point, extra police were called to the scene.


Moscow's New Spy Site

The Russian government is building an electronic intelligence-gathering facility in Nicaragua as part of Moscow’s efforts to increase military and intelligence activities in the Western Hemisphere.

The signals intelligence site is part of a recent deal between Moscow and Managua involving the sale of 50 T-72 Russian tanks, said defense officials familiar with reports of the arrangement.

The tank deal and spy base has raised concerns among some officials in the Pentagon and nations in the region about a military buildup under leftist Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega.

Disclosure of the Russia-Nicaraguan spy base comes as three U.S. officials were expelled from Nicaragua last week. The three Department of Homeland Security officials were picked up by Nicaraguan authorities, driven to the airport, and sent to the United States without any belongings.

House Democrats mistakenly release transcript confirming big payout to Clinton friend Sidney Blumenthal

The Democrats on the House Benghazi committee released their final conclusionsfrom the inquiry into attacks on Americans in that Libyan city in 2012, and in the report they say, once again, that the investigation is a politically motivated sham aimed at damaging the reputation of Hillary Clinton.

But the report, which the Democrats published as a preemptive strike before the Republican majority releases findings likely to charge ineptitude and deception by the former secretary of State, also revealed, apparently unintentionally, details about the eye-popping amount of money a close Clinton friend and advisor made in a contract with a pro-Clinton nonprofit.

Democrats released but redacted a transcript of Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal answering the committee’s questions to make the point that Republicans do not want the public to know what went on during the his interrogation, during which GOP members arguably used their subpoena power to conduct political opposition research unrelated to Benghazi.


[WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT] The Clinton's Degrading Comments About Minorities and the Disabled

Bill and Hillary Clinton profess to have always been supporters of racial equality, but anecdotes published in a new book by his ex-lover claim otherwise.

Hillary was heard calling mentally challenged children 'f*****g ree-tards' and caught on record blurting out the terms 'stupid k**e and 'f***ing Jew b*****d', while Bill called the Reverend Jesse Jackson a 'G**damned n****r'.

Bill was also sued several times by blacks and Hispanics for violations of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Source: The Daily Mail

Woman found alive after falling overboard on Sassafras River

CHESTERTOWN, Md. (AP) — A missing woman has been found alive after falling off a boat into the water along Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Maryland Natural Resources Police spokeswoman Candy Thomson says 32-year-old Lauren Conner was found Monday morning, about 11 hours after she fell overboard at the mouth of the Sassafras River on Sunday night.

Thomson says Conner had made it to Spesutie Island at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.


Dems Admit What Their Big Sit-In Was Really About

Trooper Involved Shooting with Suspect Fatally Wounded, Frederica

Frederica - The Delaware State Police Homicide Unit is currently investigating a trooper involved shooting that occurred late Monday evening north of Frederica, which has left a 25 year old Greensboro man dead.

The following information outlines the preliminary investigation into a trooper involved shooting that occurred last night north of Frederica, Delaware.

The initial investigation has determined the incident occurred on Monday, June 27, 2016 at approximately 11:51 p.m., as deputies from the Caroline County Sheriff’s office entered into Delaware in pursuit of a red 1994 Ford pickup truck, operated by a 25 year old male from Greensboro, Maryland. The pursuit was initiated by the deputies after it was revealed the pickup truck was stolen in Maryland and the suspect operating the vehicle was wanted for several burglaries in Maryland and Delaware. The suspect continued throughout western Kent County driving in a reckless manner running vehicles off the roadway. At this point Troopers became involved in the pursuit in the area of Felton. As the pursuit continued eastbound on SR 12 the suspect was seen displaying a handgun in his left hand. The pursuit continued into the town of Frederica where the suspect drove eastbound in the westbound lane and then turned northbound onto north Frederica Road. The suspect then drove northbound in the southbound lane of SR 1 into oncoming traffic. The suspect vehicle came to a stop on the southbound shoulder of SR 1 south of Barrett’s Chapel Road. Troopers and deputies initiated a felony traffic stop on the suspect vehicle as they observed him holding a handgun.

A trooper directed verbal commands toward the suspect to drop the weapon. The suspect ignored numerous verbal commands and then began waving the gun in the direction of the troopers and deputies. The trooper then discharged his divisionally issued patrol rifle striking the suspect who was still seated in the driver’s seat of the pickup truck.

Celebrate July Fourth in Ocean City, Free Fireworks and Concerts in Two Locations

OCEAN CITY, MD – : If you’re looking for fireworks with a view, then look no further than the Fourth of July celebration in Ocean City. With your family and friends, beach chairs and blankets, watch the fireworks sparkle over the beautiful water in one of two great locations offering concerts and fireworks displays for free.

At Northside Park, 125th Street and the bay, the traditional show kicks off with The Janitors at 8 p.m. The spectacular fireworks display may be viewed from anywhere in the park at 9:30 p.m. with the National Anthem leading the show. “Northside Park is a spectacular place for families’ to watch the colorful displays light up the evening sky and lagoon,” said Mayor Rick Meehan. “We encourage spectators to get there early to claim their spot to watch the fireworks.”

On the south end of town, guests can head to Ocean City’s famous Boardwalk with its bright lights, assortment of food, family fun and more fantastic fireworks. The Reagan Years will start off the evening’s modern show with a performance on the Caroline Street Stage at 8 p.m. and fireworks filling the sky beginning at 9:30 p.m. “The July 4th Celebration in Ocean City is a unique opportunity to watch fireworks sparkle over the ocean,” Meehan continued. “Our stage on Caroline Street allows visitors to bring beach chairs or blankets and claim a spot on the sand where they can enjoy the live performance and capture a special and patriotic fireworks display set to a modern mix of music.”

Normal parking operations for the Inlet Parking Lot will also be changed for the holiday, Monday, July 4, with a $50 flat-fee charge for all day parking. The fee, which is good for one-entry, will allow visitors to come as early as 5:30 a.m. and stay as late as midnight, without being charged an hourly parking rate. In addition, a late entry fee will be permitted based on availability at 3 p.m. for a fee of $30, also allowing one-entry only. Once the lot fills, visitors will be encouraged to use neighboring parking lots, including Worcester Street, Somerset Street, Dorchester Street, North Division Street, 4th Street and the West Ocean City Park & Ride. The normal “ticketed” parking operations will return at 12 a.m. on July 5.

Parking is extremely limited at both locations. It is recommended that visitors take the bus. Bus service is $3 ride all day. The West Ocean City Park & Ride on Route 50 is just west of the Route 50 Bridge and offers free parking and $3 ride-all-day shuttle service to downtown. Also, area boaters should note that on the evening of July 4th, the span of the Route 50 Bridge will remain closed to marine traffic at the usually scheduled 10:25 p.m. and 10:55 p.m. opening times. The Route 50 Bridge will reopen for boaters at 11:25 p.m. on the evening of July 4th.

“The Fourth of July holiday is a great opportunity for residents and visitors to stay and play in Ocean City,” Meehan finished. “With a beautiful setting and two great fireworks events, we hope our guests will come early and stay late to celebrate America’s birthday at the beach.” For more information about July 4th activities, call the Ocean City Recreation and Parks Department at 410-250-0125, the Ocean City Department of Tourism at 1-800-626-2326, or visit