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Saturday, August 26, 2017


Every Baltimoreans should know what Old Bay is, if you don’t you have been living under a rock and we will move straight into education.

Old Bay seasoning is a unique blend of herbs and spices that was developed by German immigrant Gustav Brunn in 1939. Over 75 years ago, Baltimoreans first sampled Old Bay’s zesty flavor and from that moment on, seafood wasn’t really seafood without it.

So how did this unique, bold blend get its name? Believe it or not, its original name was “Delicious Brand Shrimp and Crab Seasoning.” That name didn’t stick, but the taste sure did. A more memorable name was inspired by a steamship line (Old Bay Line) that traveled the Chesapeake between Maryland and Virginia. 

A few things you probably didn’t know about Old Bay:

America's "Deep State First" Policy

Lighting a Candle

On Tuesday, Donald Trump, president of all the Americans, said his country would spend more blood and money trying to force the Afghans to do what it wants them to do, whatever that is.

And so… a darkness covered the land. From Sioux City to Savannah, a shadow passed between Earth and sun. Strange and fearful events were reported. A calf was born with two heads outside of Des Moines. Pomegranate trees flowered in Manhattan. An LGBTQQ+ person wondered WTF?

The people were so afraid.

Nowhere was the darkness deeper than in the nation’s capital. There, no light shone. No flicker of awareness… observation… learning… or reflection appeared.


Bay Journal to lose EPA funding

It’s always awkward to become the news rather than simply report it, but here goes:

Today, we learned that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has decided to cut off a multi-year grant awarded to the Bay Journal by the EPA two years ago, effective Feb. 1. If the cut is upheld, it’s a big loss, as EPA funding covers about a third of our budget.

But it’s not the end of the Bay Journal — not even close.

The Bay Journal is currently in the second year of this six-year grant from the EPA, disbursed in annual installments. We were slated to receive $325,000 in February.

Needless to say, we’re baffled by the EPA’s decision. The notice informing us attributed the withdrawal to a “shift in priorities” at the EPA, without elaborating.


"It Is Our Very Existence That Is Unbearable To Jihadists"

The Islamist attacks against Spain, Finland and Germany unmasked the central problem: Pacifism will not protect Europe from either Islamization or terror attacks. Spain and Germany were, in fact, among the most reluctant countries in Europe to take an active role in the anti-ISIS coalition.

The Spanish press did not participate in a discussion of the Mohammed cartoons; no Spanish writer was accused of "Islamophobia" and no Spanish personality was put under police protection for "criticizing Islam". It seemed as if Spain were not even interested in what was at stake in Islamist attacks on Europe's very existence. No Spanish city made headlines for having multicultural ghettos, as in France and Britain. The attack in Barcelona should have ended this illusion. Terrorists do not need an excuse to butcher "infidels".

The sad conclusion seems to be that that jihadists do not need a "reason" to kill Westerners. They attack equally France, which conducts military operations in the Middle East and North Africa, and countries such as Spain and Germany, which are neutral.

In 24 hours, Spain suffered two major terror attacks. A jihadist cell killed 15 people in Barcelona and the seaside resort of Cambrils.In the past year, Germany was the other European country hit hard by armed Islamists. First, a jihadist plowed a large truck through a Christmas market in central Berlin and murdered 12 people. Then a man wielding a knife murdered one person during an attack at a supermarket in Hamburg.

One day after the carnage in Barcelona, another terror attack took place in Turku, Finland. Two women were murdered in the market square of the country's oldest city. Jihad -- in Finland?


Berlin Meeting Room Policy Approved

BERLIN – An official policy now governs use of the meeting rooms in Berlin Town Hall.

Last week the town council approved a new policy outlining usage guidelines for the council chambers and conference room on the second floor of town hall.

“It should have been done years ago,” Mayor Gee Williams said. “This is a public building and when it’s for non-public uses I think we have a responsibility to establish some standards and guidelines that are based on the organizations using the space.”

According to Mary Bohlen, the town’s administrative services director, the policy outlines how the room can be used and what is expected of the group using it.

“This is a policy we’d use going forward for outside organizations wishing to use either the council chambers or the conference room for meetings that are separate from town business,” Bohlen said. “It outlines their responsibilities in using the rooms as well as our responsibilities as their host so to speak.”


Poll: Mitch McConnell Has Lowest Approval Rating of Elected Official with National Profile: 19%

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has a 19 percent approval rating according to a new Harvard-Harris poll — the lowest of any elected U.S. official with a national profile.

McConnell’s score is worse than President Donald Trump’s or House Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-WI), according to The Hill.

“Forty-nine percent of voters polled have a negative view of the Senate leader,” The Hill, which was given the poll results, reported.

On the other hand, President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have high approval ratings — 79 percent of Republicans have a positive view of the president, with 41 percent favorable and 55 percent unfavorable from the broader survey.

Pence polls at 44 percent positive and 42 percent negative, The Hill reported.



The rolling hills of Williamsport, Md., became Ground Zero for Maryland Democrats Thursday evening.

It doesn’t get the attention or the hype – or the crippling heat – of the Crisfield crab feast, but the annual Washington County Democratic picnic is a must-stop for candidates, and just about all of them were there: All the candidates for governor except Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker, all the candidates for Congress in the 6th district, plus Attorney General Brian Frosh, Comptroller Peter Franchot and a number of local officials (including a couple of Republican county commissioners).

“This is like an unofficial kickoff” of the 2018 campaign, observed former Maryland Secretary of State John Willis, who has been going to the Washington County picnic for 40 years.

Peter Perini, chairman of the Washington County Democratic Central Committee, called the event an opportunity “to try to kick the tires a little bit.”


Next Stop, Recession: This Financial Meteor Storm Is Headed Our Way

Many of those about to be vaporized did not grasp the fragility of the "prosperity" they assumed was both solid and permanent.

Business-cycle recessions are not just inevitable, they are necessary to flush bad debt and marginal investments/projects from the system.

The next recession--which I suggested yesterday has just begun--will be more than a business-cycle downturn; it will be a devastating meteor storm that destroys huge chunks of the economy while leaving other sectors virtually untouched.

The dynamic that's about to play out is simple: wages for the bottom 95% have gone nowhere for 17 years, while costs have soared far above official inflation for everyone exposed to real-world costs.

We have filled the widening gap between stagnant household income and rising expenses with debt. This stop-gap works for a while, but eventually the cost of servicing debt consumes the entire budget, leaving little to nothing to save or invest.

Absent savings and incentives for productive investment, productivity falters once productivity falters, wealth is no longer being generated or distributed widely.



Highway Modifications Set to Enhance Pedestrian Safety
Beginning early October, the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) will begin the construction of a median fence and additional pedestrian safety improvements on MD 528 (Coastal Highway) in Ocean City, Md. The $7 million project is expected to be complete by May of 2018.

"Safety has always been the highest priority of our agency,” said MDOT SHA Administrator Greg Slater. “MDOT SHA has partnered with Ocean City Police, City Council and Public Works offices to create initiatives that better serve both locals and tourists. With their full support and collaboration, the median fencing project is another effort we are taking in making Maryland roads safer for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.”

The safety enhancement project will be located on MD 528, running from 26th Street to 62nd Street, for a total distance of 2.17 miles. The work will include the following:
• Lengthening median left turn lane on MD 528 North at 52nd Street.
• Median fence installation between 62nd Street and Convention Center Drive
• Median roadway lighting installation between 62nd Street and Convention Center Drive
• Signing and pavement markings
• Landscaping
• Grinding and paving of existing roadway from 26th Street to 62nd Street

Milford Police Issue Alert After Recent Heroin Overdose Incidents

Milford Police have responded to three Heroin overdose incidents since Thursday, including two during the overnight hours. We wish to alert the public that there may be a potent and potentially lethal batch of Heroin circulating in the area. In the three most recent cases, individuals were revived with the use of Narcan and were able to seek further medical treatment. Milford Police urge people to use caution if you or someone you know comes in contact with Heroin. Investigators continue to look into the markings on bags seized at one of these incidents. Although details are limited at this time, we felt an advisory was warranted.

Gary Cohn: Antifa 'Standing Up For Equal

National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn claimed that militant “anti-fascists” (or “antifa”) are just concerned citizens “standing up for equality and freedom” in a Financial Times interview that ran Friday.

“Citizens standing up for equality and freedom can never be equated with white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and the KKK,” Cohn said of the recent violence at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville. “I believe this administration can and must do better in consistently and unequivocally condemning these groups and do everything we can to heal the deep divisions that exist in our communities.”


Worcester To Pay A Little Bit More For John Deere Tractors

SNOW HILL – In an effort to standardize equipment, county leaders bypassed low bids to purchase two John Deere tractors.

The Worcester County Commissioners voted last week to spend $117,543 to purchase two John Deere tractors from Atlantic Tractor in Salisbury. The decision came at the suggestion of Commissioner Merrill Lockfaw, who served as Worcester County’s roads superintendent for 19 years prior to his retirement.

“I personally feel we should continue with John Deere,” Lockfaw said. “We could maintain a lower inventory of parts and have that guarantee of service when needed.”

John Tustin, the county’s director of public works, presented the commissioners with bids from four vendors interested in providing the two tractors needed by Worcester County. He recommended the county go with the lowest bid, $106,600 for two Massey Ferguson tractors, but said he didn’t object when Lockfaw advocated for John Deere models.


Real Reason Trump Is Angry With McConnell

President Donald Trump is angry with Republican leaders because of a proposal floating around Capitol Hill that undercuts his legislative agenda and provides major concessions to Democrats, two conservative strategists with more than 40 years of Hill experience told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan are planning to pass legislation that would raise the debt ceiling and fully fund Obamacare subsidies through the 2018 election cycle, a source within the administration told TheDCNF. Leadership is also preparing to pass a short-term spending bill — a continuing resolution — that would fund the government through mid-December, include no appropriations for Trump’s border wall, and continue funding to Planned Parenthood, the conservative strategists told TheDCNF.

The administration announced in late August that it wants lawmakers to pass a “clean” debt ceiling increase, meaning a piece of legislation that raises the debt limit with no additional measures attached.

Ryan is counting on Democrats in the House to get the proposal passed — a risky strategy as leadership does not typically get the minority party to raise the debt limit, the conservative strategists told TheDCNF.


Seawall Video Web Cam Live from Galveston, Texas

GO HERE to watch live video.

First Grader Sent to Office, Investigated, for “Pronoun Mishap”

A first grader at a California charter school was sent to the principal’s office this week after she accidentally “mis-gendered” a transgender classmate in what’s being called a “pronoun mishap.”

The incident occurred at Rocklin Academy, a school rocked by controversy after a kindergarten teacher led an in-class discussion on transgenderism that included a “gender reveal” for a little boy who was transitioning to a little girl.

For kindergartners.

Parents were furious because they were not informed in advance and were not given the chance to opt-out their five-year-old's from the classroom transgender activity. However, school leaders informed moms and dads – they were not allowed to opt-out – and the state did not require them to notify parents.

The latest incident occurred during the first week of school when a first grader came across a classmate on the playground. She called the student by his given name – apparently unaware that the boy now identified as a girl.

“This innocent little first grader sees a classmate, calls him by the name she knew him last year and the boy reports it to a teacher,” Capitol Resource Institute’s Karen England told me. “The little girl gets in trouble on the playground and then gets called out of class to the principal’s office.”


Riddick: Lee principal suspends use of Dixie in its fight song

The announcement of the decision comes during a tumultuous time in the community and around the nation. Following the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, Confederate imagery has been under attack, including those statues of or institutions named after Confederate military men.

This week, a group of Midland ISD alumni created a petition calling for a name change at Lee High School.

VanHoozer told television station KOSA the following about the suspension of “Dixie”: “It came up partly because of those discussions because of what’s going on nationally and we also want our kids to be safe when they travel out of town and playing this in other areas so the decision at this time is to halt the playing of it for the time being.”

Lee had changed its fight song decades ago, the result of a settlement of a lawsuit regarding the name of the school. At the time, the school board terminated the use of the battle flag and offered instructions about the playing of “Dixie” as the school’s song.

Notes from “Dixie” stayed in the fight song played at football games and other school-sanctioned events.


A Public Relations Loser For Ocean City

No matter what happens with the appeal effort planned, Ocean City will lose in the court of public opinion regarding the white building on the east side of the Boardwalk near South Division Street.

That’s largely because Ocean City has not made it clear why it wants to take over ownership and operation of the property. It may in fact own it, according to an easement that dates back decades, but the reason for wanting to take over active ownership of it now has not been clearly stated.

Instead, Ocean City is in the role of the bully, giving the Rapoport family until the end of October to boot Dumser’s Dairyland, the property tenant, and demolish the building by year’s end. It’s an odd order and ultimatum from the city, particularly when it came to light there’s no public safety concerns and in fact no immediate intentions for the property.


Damage from Hurricane Harvey 8-26-17

There are also several other videos on this Facebook page of the damage from Hurricane Harvey

S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster issues executive order cutting off state, local money from abortion clinics

Triggering praise, criticism and some confusion, Gov. Henry McMaster issued an executive order Friday cutting off all public funding to health care providers affiliated with abortion clinics in South Carolina.

In the order, he also directed the South Carolina Medicaid agency to seek permission from the federal government to exclude abortion clinics from the state's Medicaid provider network.

"There are a variety of agencies, clinics, and medical entities in South Carolina that receive taxpayer funding to offer important women's health and family planning services without performing abortions," McMaster said in a press release about the order.


Historic B&B near Ocean City with War of 1812 ties on market for $595K

WASHINGTON — Chanceford Hall, a historic mansion in Snow Hill, Maryland, that is now a six-bedroom bed-and-breakfast, is on the market for $595,000.

Snow Hill is about 25 miles inland from Ocean City.

The property, completed in 1793, is what the listing calls one of the earliest examples of a pediment, or temple-front, home in Maryland’s Worcester County. It was built by James Rownd Morris, a clerk of Worcester County Courts, and his wife, Leah Winder Morris, the sister of Levin Winder, the 14th governor of Maryland.

It was later owned by Col. Levin Handy, a Revolutionary War hero in the Battle of the Barges and former aide to George Washington.


NYC Peter Stuyvesant statue latest memorial in statue war

The war on statues continues to expand its scope, and now a New York statue of Peter Stuyvesant is the target of ire, following a call for the removal of a statue of Christopher Columbus.

After Mayor Bill DeBlasio said he would erase all 'symbols of hate' in the city a Jewish activist group is calling for the removal of the Peter Stuyvesant statue in Manhattan and all traces of the Dutch governor and director general of the colony of New Netherland, which would later be named New York by the English.

'Peter Stuyvesant was an extreme racist who targeted Jews and other minorities including Catholics and energetically tried to prohibit them from settling in then New Amsterdam,' said Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, the head of the Shurat HaDin-Israel Law Center told the New York Post.


OCPD photo named funniest in nationwide selfie contest

Ocean City Police’s selfie game is strong enough to take home the funniest selfie award in the Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) #CityHallSefie day competition last week.

The award-winning selfie, or self-portrait taken with a camera phone, features Cpl. Al Custer on a police horse in the City Council chambers on Aug. 15. Custer and the horse, nicknamed “Mr. Fuzzy Britches,” is surrounded by five accomplices: Lt. Art Grady, PFC Shawn Lindsey, PFC Joseph Zurla, Sgt. Frank Wrench, PFC Gary Cooper and Cpl. Joseph Bushnell.

“No, it’s not Photoshopped,” Zurla said laughing. “We got the horse in there through the rear parking lot entrance. Once we got him in there, we just marveled that we actually did it – and we were thankful he didn’t go to the bathroom in there. That was our biggest concern.”


Philly AntiFa 'Cell' Calls For All-Out Revolution, Demands "Gender Abolition", "Expropriate Land From Rich"

An armed Antifa group is launching a new cell in Philadelphia, with support from the “alt-left” alternative media.

The group currently hosts anti-police workshops called “Our Enemies in Blue.” The group draws inspiration from convicted murderers and calls for violence against the police, theft of goods, and armed insurrection.


Longer summer school break in Md. sparks tourism excitement

WASHINGTON — Maryland tourism has been heating up later in the summer season due to the executive order signed by Gov. Larry Hogan last year that requires, with few exceptions, public schools across the state to start classes after Labor Day.

“This current week has been an extremely busy week,” said Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan. “We’re excited, and I think it’s a great opportunity for Marylanders.”

Before Hogan’s order, nearly all school systems in Maryland opened before Labor Day.

“So many Maryland families weren’t able to come that last week of the summer,” Meehan said. “Our Marylanders, to a great degree, were absent.”


We got 99 Problems and Lee Circle Ain’t One

This is a thoughtful analysis by a 150 year old Black newspaper of New Orleans regarding the removal of Lee's statue.

We listened intently as Mayor Mitch Landrieu made the case for removing the statues of Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, P.G.T. Beauregard and Liberty Monument as well as renaming Lee Circle and Jefferson Davis Parkway.

Those symbols—monuments that remind us of the bigotry that permeated our nation and that still exists in some measure today—“do not reflect who we are and who we aspire to be,” Mayor Landrieu said.“To maintain these symbols as we move toward our future blights our progress.”

Of course, that makes sense. And it sure sounds nice. We would like to believe that structures such as Liberty Monument, erected by the Crescent City White League in 1891 to honor the 1874 Battle of Liberty Place, do not speak to who and what New Orleans is in 2015. If we were not before, we are now—all of us—better people, right?

Funny thing is we’ve been here before. In our own 30-year history, The New Orleans Tribune has certainly broached this subject. In 2002, our founding editor and esteemed columnist James Borders wrote the following:

“In New Orleans, we wouldn’t still be tolerating the indignity of having a statue of the defeated Civil War traitor Robert E. Lee towering over a prominent intersection (with its back—some say its behind—turned to the north in true unreconstructed redneck fashion). It is a blatant and intentional symbol of racism and white supremacy—and it needs to go. By the same token, we should have found a new name for Jefferson Davis Boulevard and a new home for the Confederate Museum many years ago.”

Furthermore, Mayor Landrieu was not the first mayor to initiate an effort to rename or remove symbols of the Confederacy from New Orleans’ public spaces. We recall Mayor Sidney Barthelemy tackled this issue during his tenure in the early 90s. He and the City Council faced opposition led by White supremacist David Duke in an effort to have Liberty Monument declared a nuisance and removed. Mayor Bartholomew shrewdly relocated the monument to the river end of Iberville Street between a parking garage and a flood wall, where we are certain thousands of folk that honor that time in history visit it daily. Right.


The obscene effort to shame ‘Trump’s Jews’

Allow me a moment of pride: The hot new criticism of my fellow Jews is that we don’t complain enough.

Really. A host of pundits, concerned about President Trump’s baffling unwillingness to single out neo-Nazis for criticism, are turning to the American Jewish community and pleading: Would it kill you to maybe kvetch a bit?

The idea we haven’t protested is bonkers, but more important, the left’s campaign to get all Jews to publicly denounce Trump has taken a profoundly dangerous and ugly turn. And it needs to stop.

On Tuesday, the Washington Examiner reported that a coalition of left-leaning Jewish organizations have decided to lead by example. The groups had organized a conference call with President Barack Obama each year just before the High Holy Days, but this year, ostensibly because of Trump’s atrocious response to the violence in Charlottesville, their leaders chose to boycott the call.

To be clear, the call was generally a heavily politicized event at which the liberal groups and the liberal president pushed liberal policies under the guise of faith. Indeed, one of the groups is the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, which (the inside joke goes) has long been split between its political wing and its political wing.


The Lincoln Myth

“Lincoln is theology, not historiology. He is a faith, he is a church, he is a religion, and he has his own priests and acolytes, most of whom . . . are passionately opposed to anybody telling the truth about him . . . with rare exceptions, you can’t believe what any major Lincoln scholar tells you about Abraham Lincoln and race.”–Lerone Bennett, Jr., Forced into Glory, p. 114

The author of the above quotation, Lerone Bennett, Jr., was the executive editor of Ebony magazine for several decades, beginning in 1958. He is a distinguished African-American author of numerous books, including a biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. He spent twenty years researching and writing his book, Forced into Glory: Abraham Lincoln’s White Dream, from which he drew the above conclusion about the so-called Lincoln scholars and how they have lied about Lincoln for generations. For obvious reasons, Mr. Bennett is incensed over how so many lies have been told about Lincoln and race.

Few Americans have ever been taught the truth about Lincoln and race, but it is all right there in The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln (CW), and in his actions and behavior throughout his life. For example, he said the following:


House Hacking Suspects Could Read Every Email Dozens Of Congressmen Sent And Received

Congressional IT staffers who are the subject of a criminal investigation into misusing their positions had full access to members’ “correspondence, emails, confidential files,” and there was almost no tracking of what they did, a former House technology worker said.

Imran Awan bullied central IT to bend the rules for him so there wouldn’t be a paper trail about the unusually high permissions he was requesting. And their actions were not logged, so members have no way of knowing what information they may have taken, the central IT employee said.

Awan ran technology for multiple House Democrats, and soon four of his relatives — including brothers Abid and Jamal — appeared on the payroll of dozens of other members, collecting $4 million in taxpayer funds since 2010.

U.S. Capitol Police named him and his relatives as subjects of a criminal probeon Feb. 2, and banned them from the complex’s computer networks. But members of Congress for whom they worked have downplayed their access or publicly ignored the issue.


Seven businesses reprimanded

Following a sweep of local businesses where police cadets tried to buy alcoholic beverages while providing inadequate or underage identification, seven Ocean City restaurants had hearings before the Board of License Commissioners on Aug. 16.

Most of the businesses walked away with letters of reprimand, which serve as the punishment for a first offense, without further action becoming necessary. If a business already has a letter in its file and should another violation be charged, the punishments can become more severe if the business is found to have done something inappropriate. The board can take a variety of actions based on the severity and frequency of offenses.

The most severe punishment was meted out to Flavors of Italy on the Boardwalk, since it was its third offense in the restaurant’s 17-year history. The business was ordered to pay $2,000 by 4 p.m. on Aug. 17, and the license was suspended for seven days, beginning at 6 p.m. Wednesday evening. The restaurant had signs placed on site notifying customers of the suspension, and the fine was paid the next morning, April Payne, county liquor license administrator, confirmed.


Wasserman Schultz’s ‘Islamophobia’ Claim Prompts Angered Marine To Go Public On Awans

A Marine who provided key evidence in the FBI case against Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s former IT employee said he is appalled by her claim that Islamophobia led U.S. Capitol Police to frame the former staffer.

Also Wednesday, two of Imran Awan’s relatives went on the record to say they think he would do anything for money.

Andre Taggart alerted the FBI to damaged hard drives and a cache of electronics tied to Imran Awan, a former IT specialist for dozens of House Democrats. Awan is the central figure in a criminal investigation of suspected procurement fraud and violations of the congressional IT network, including diverting data to an off-site server.

Taggart told The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group Wednesday that “it was amazing” that Wasserman Schultz, a Florida Democrat, describes Imran as a victim of religious discrimination by law enforcement. Taggart rented the Northern Virginia home of Awan, who had frantically moved out after learning authorities were onto him.

“It pisses me off,” said Taggart, a black Marine who says he votes Democrat. He believes Wasserman Schultz is crying wolf and devaluing the meaning of genuine discrimination, while also exposing herself and the nation to risks.


Media fear Trump will inspire violence against reporters

Many in the national media are worried that President Trump's continued broadsides against the press will inspire violence against reporters, even as vocal opponents of the White House on the Left have encouraged assault or directly attacked some journalists.

On Trump's rhetoric, New York Times media columnist Jim Rutenberg asked Wednesday night, "How long before someone is seriously hurt, or worse?"

Jim VandeHei, founder of the news website Axios, told Rutenberg for his column that Trump is directly "putting reporters at real risk of retribution or violence."

Trump has long complained about the media's coverage of him as being "unfair" and "fake" but he turned up his aggression during a campaign-style rally Tuesday in Phoenix. There, he vented about the press being "divisive" following the violence in Charlottesville, Va.

"I really think they don't like our country," Trump said of reporters. "I really believe that." He called them "sick people" for not giving him sufficient credit in his denunciation of white supremacists.


Mike Rowe Absolutely Destroys Guy Who Accuses Him Of Being A White Nationalist

“Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe had some choice words Tuesday night in response to a question he got accusing him of harboring “white nationalist” sympathies.

Rowe posted a question submitted to him on his Facebook page that accused the TV host’s advocacy for the skilled trades of amounting to anti-intellectualism, and therefore racism.

A man named Chuck Adkins asked, “One of the tenants of white nationalism is that college educated people are academic elitests. Comment? No? I’m not surprised. You never take a political stand because you don’t want to alienate anybody. Its bad for business. I get it. But there is a current of anti intellectualism in this country – promoted by Republicans. Those people love you, and they think your initiative is their initiative. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is kickin our ass academically.”

Rowe, a popular jovial TV personality, went off in a long, brutal response.

“Since we’re being candid, allow me to say how much I dislike your post. Everything about it annoys me – your smug and snarky tone, your appalling grammar, your complete lack of evidence to support your claims, and of course, the overarching logical fallacy that informs your entire position,” Rowe wrote. “What really bugs me though, is the fact that you’re not entirely wrong. It’s true; I haven’t shared any political opinions this week, in part anyway, because doing so might very well be ‘bad for business.'”


Home Depot Takes Massive Advantage Of Hurricane Harvey Victims In Texas

I know that everyone is concerned with Hurricane Harvey. I just left the Kemah Home Depot and had to share this with everyone. I could not believe the employee when I heard her say how much they were charging for water, so I had to get a picture. I believe this is illegal, I think during Rita and Ike several places got in trouble with the state. And I usually shop here, I will be reconsidering that though after this. Source

IRS Rehires Hundreds of Employees Fired for Fraud, Theft, Abusing Taxpayer Data

The Inspector General for Tax Administration has discovered that under Commissioner John Koskinen, the Internal Revenue Service re-hired 212 employees it had previously fired for offenses including tax evasion, theft, and abuse of taxpayer data.

The title of the report makes it clear that the IRS “continues to rehire former employees with conduct and performance issues.” The inspection was requested by a U.S. Senator, who is not named in the report, although Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) introduced legislation to block the agency from rehiring such employees shortly after the report was released.

“Whether it is the rehiring of previously terminated employees or continuing to give bonuses to poorly performing executives who can’t be fired – the delinquency at the IRS must end,” Burr declared. “It’s exactly actions like this that erode the public’s trust in their government. The American people are sick and tired of Washington at its worst. We have Americans paying the salaries of IRS workers who have repeatedly cheated the very government they took an oath to serve, and a Commissioner who won’t fire bad actors. The time to put a stop to these atrocious practices is now.”


Jim Brown Speaks On Kaepernick: ‘I’m American — I Don’t Desecrate My Flag and My National Anthem’

Jim Brown was a fullback for the Cleveland Browns from 1957 to 1965 and is considered to be one of the greatest football players of all time. So when the multiple-time NFL MVP was asked his opinion on Colin Kaepernick, he could’ve stuck to talking about his game but instead went straight for the actions he’s most famous for.

Giving an interview with ThePostGame,

“I want to be in his corner, and I do think, ‘God bless him,’ ” Brown said. “I’m going to give you the real deal: I’m an American. I don’t desecrate my flag and my national anthem. I’m not gonna do anything against the flag and national anthem. I’m going to work within those situations. But this is my country, and I’ll work out the problems, but I’ll do it in an intelligent manner.”

Kaepernick, a free agent, sat out the national anthem last year, his final year with the San Francisco 49ers, to draw attention to the treatment of minorities as well as police brutality. While those are issues that Brown has spoken out about for decades, he said Kaepernick should have found another way.



Tired of taking crap from people, Ocean City Police arrested 23-year-old Kyle Smith, of Port Royal, Pennsylvania, for defecating in the street and then throwing his excrement at people passing by.

Labor Day is fast approaching and the Ocean City Police Department’s crime blotter is getting crazier by the day. I thought that the rash of tourists exposing themselves and masturbating in hotel hallways was crazy. But this story absolutely takes the cake.

The night of Thursday, August 10, was, by all accounts, a pretty typical Ocean City evening. A few disorderly conduct citations, but nothing out of the ordinary for Ocean City in the summer time.

My mama always told me that nothing good happens after 1 a.m. and that really seems to be the case in Ocean City.

Around 1:55 a.m. early that Friday morning, Ocean City Police Department officers were on a routine patrol when they noticed Kyle Smith standing on the street corner wearing nothing but his boxers. Recognizing this as out of the ordinary, police trailed Smith and, sure enough, watched as he dropped his drawers on Baltimore Avenue, exposing his genitalia to passersby. At this point, officers took the young man into custody on charges of indecent exposure. While Smith was cuffed and awaiting transport, multiple witnesses approached the officers and thanked them for taking this public menace off the street.


WARNING: Antifa Moving To Major U.S. City- Demanding Seizure Of Property And Violence On Blue Lives

Did you know that Antifa operates like IKEA? They announce which cities they’ll be moving into next, and this time it’s Philadelphia. But they’re not going to be selling Swedish meatballs, they’re trying to start a revolution that includes the use of force and violence against police offices. Oh, and stealing your property.

As reported by our friends at The Daily Caller,

An armed Antifa group is launching a new cell in Philadelphia, with support from the “alt-left” alternative media.

The group currently hosts anti-police workshops called “Our Enemies in Blue.” The group draws inspiration from convicted murderers and calls for violence against the police, theft of goods, and armed insurrection.

Antifa websites like It’s Going Down, Sub.Media and Insurrection News have been promoting the group, which calls itself the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, calling on their readers to donate to a Fundrazr account for the creation of the new cell.


‘We Like Our Browns — We Love Our Flag More’: Cleveland VFW Won’t Broadcast Browns Games After Anthem Protest

A VFW in the Cleveland area is taking a stand for the American flag in reaction to Browns players kneeling during the National Anthem. The protest by a dozen players took place on Monday’s game.

A sign posted outside the VFW Auxiliary Post shared with Fox News 8 read “We like our Browns – we love our flag more. Your games will no longer be shown here. God Bless America.” If the situation changes, however, the post is willing to give the Browns another chance.

“It has to change,” Tim Zvoncheck, commander at the post, said. “Too many of our brothers and sisters have died for that flag, in supporting that anthem, and this country.” He also said they “will not support any person, or any organization, that disrespects that.”

Just as the protesters believe they are standing upfor their cause, so does Zvoncheck believe he and others are doing. “If we don’t have the right to stand up for this, who does?” He clarified they “don’t respect them for their opinions, we disrespect them for how they handle it.”


PRO-LIFE WIN! Governor Signs Executive Order Cutting Taxpayer Funding For Abortions

Abortion is an extremely touchy topic in America, but most people can agree that it should not be taxpayer funded. Why should I be forced to pay for something that offers me no benefit and is fundamentally opposed to my beliefs?

Now there’s one more state that is consistent with my beliefs, where taxpayer funds will no longer go to the taking of innocent human life. I have to say, it almost makes me want to move.

Abortion is an extremely touchy topic in America, but most people can agree that it should not be taxpayer funded. Why should I be forced to pay for something that offers me no benefit and is fundamentally opposed to my beliefs?

Now there’s one more state that is consistent with my beliefs, where taxpayer funds will no longer go to the taking of innocent human life. I have to say, it almost makes me want to move.


Md. comptroller opens vault of alcohol, tobacco to expose lucrative crime

WASHINGTON — Maryland’s comptroller cracked open a vault of contraband in the basement of a government building to shine a light on what’s being done to stop a common crime.

In the basement of the Treasury Building in Annapolis, Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot stood among the illegal cigarettes and alcohol valued at nearly $1 million on Thursday.

“We have all these cases of illegal alcohol and tobacco products confiscated over the year,” he said.

Behind him, sat crates containing 103,000 packs of cigarettes, 89,000 packs of tobacco, and what amounts to vats of moonshine and alcohol. It was all seized from smugglers who tried to sell the often stolen contraband in Maryland, skirting the state’s tax laws and undercutting retailers and other businesses in the state, Franchot said.


A Day Camp Teaches Kids In The U.S. About Female Genital Mutilation

It's a hot and humid day, but the kids are buzzing. As they pile out of a coach bus at a secluded retreat center surrounded by trees and open fields, one girl spins in circles and says, "No FGM, no FGM!"

So it's definitely not your typical camp.

Last Saturday, about 60 girls and boys and some parents and volunteers traveled to the rural town of Sharpsburg, Maryland, for a one-day retreat that teaches kids about the harm caused by female genital mutilation: cutting all or part of a woman's external genitalia, typically when she's under age 15. It's often a rite of passage for girls, though there are also reports of infants being cut.

"We think girls can be initiated [into womanhood] without mutilation," says Djessou Kouyate-Conteh. She's the camp's leader and is the senior project officer at the nonprofit Inter-African Committee USA, the organization that runs the camp.


Gary Cohn Says Antifa Just ‘Standing Up For Equality And Freedom’

National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn claimed that militant “anti-fascists” (or “antifa”) are just concerned citizens “standing up for equality and freedom” in a Financial Times interview that ran Friday.

“Citizens standing up for equality and freedom can never be equated with white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and the KKK,” Cohn said of the recent violence at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville. “I believe this administration can and must do better in consistently and unequivocally condemning these groups and do everything we can to heal the deep divisions that exist in our communities.”


NYT: Libs Aren't Stopping At Confederacy

The New York Times reported Friday that monuments named after historical figures are at risk of being renamed or taken down across the nation, confirming President Trump’s fear that liberal activists won’t stop at taking down Confederate statues.

Following the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, there was an increased call to take down Confederate statues around the country. The white nationalist rally that eventually turned violent was organized in part to save a statue of Robert E. Lee.

“You had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down, of to them, a very, very important statue and the renaming of a park from Robert E. Lee to another name,” Trump said in a press conference that was widely criticized by Republicans and Democrats alike.

“George Washington was a slave owner,” he continued. “So will George Washington now lose his status? Are we going to take down statues to George Washington? How about Thomas Jefferson? Are we going to take down his statue because he was a major slave owner. Are we going to take down his statue?”


Vandals Decapitate Statue Of A Revolutionary War Colonel In Ohio

The statue of a Revolutionary War colonel was decapitated outside of a courthouse in Ohio, according to local news reports.

The head of a statue of Colonel William Crawford, which is located outside of the courthouse in Crawford County, was found completely removed, the Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum reported.

According to the newspaper, the statue sustained $7,500 in damage. The vandal has not been arrested but would face a fifth-degree felony charge.


Soros Floods Local DA Races With $1.7M in Philadelphia

GOP opponent of Soros-backed candidate: 'Role of DA's office is not to conduct a grand social experiment'

Liberal billionaire George Soros gave nearly $1.7 million to a political action committee run by his longtime treasurer to aid a Democrat who is running for the district attorney position in Philadelphia, Pa., the latest in a series of such expenditures.

Soros has generously funded a number of district attorney races throughout the United States in recent years via political action committees that tend to shut down after each election.

Soros cut a $1,450,000 check on April 28 to the Philadelphia Justice & Public Safety PAC, a super political action committee established on May 5 that lists its address at the D.C. office of the Perkins Coie law firm. Whitney Tymas, who has been involved with a number of Soros PACs, is listed as the PAC's operator, records show. The PAC's purpose is to back progressive attorney Larry Krasner, the Democratic nominee for district attorney in Philadelphia.

Soros made a second donation to the Philadelphia Justice & Public Safety PAC on May 23 for $214,000, bringing the total amount that he has pushed into the Philadelphia district attorney race to nearly $1.7 million dollars. This is the first time a super PAC has supported a candidate for district attorney in the city.

Beth Grossman, a prosecutor who is the Republican nominee for district attorney in Philadelphia, said it is disturbing that Soros, an outsider who "knows nothing" about public safety issues in the city, is throwing massive amounts of money behind her "far-left" opponent.

More here

BREAKING: Juvenile Missing From Delmar: UPDATE

Alexis has been located in Dover Delaware and has been returned home safely.

City Judges Say They Won’t Attend Governor’s Meeting On Crime Fight

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — With murders in Baltimore surging, city judges say they want to stay out of politics and will not attend the closed-door gathering with the governor and other key players in the crime fight.

WJZ Investigator Mike Hellgren has a closer look at the judge’s reasons and the governor’s blunt response.

Both the governor and mayor don’t like that the judges aren’t attending, but the meeting is going to
happen anyway at the ‘all hands on deck’ gathering to try to get a handle on violence.

The number of murders in Baltimore is on pace to break a record. Among the victims a 15- year-old, Jeffrey Quick, 97- year-old Wadell Tate, and a father of 12, Derek Ford.


Admitting international students for the wrong reasons brings down a university

[This article originally published on Nov. 4, 2014]

I am writing to express my concerns regarding the effect of the admissions of academically unqualified international students on the learning environment at
Miami University.

I am a faculty member teaching mainly undergraduate courses. Typically, my classes consist of 20 students and I will usually have one to four international students enrolled. There has been increased enrollment in the past few years of international students in my courses. In one course, there are 15 international students out of 22. The vast majority of these students hail from China, but the following issues apply to students of other nationalities as well.

I welcome the diversity in the classroom. It is a pleasure working with international students who are equipped to contribute to class discussions and share their unique viewpoints with the non-international students. It is beneficial for all the students involved to have the experience of working in diverse groups in order to accomplish academic goals. It is a pleasure helping international students succeed on in-class exams, clarifying out of class reading and writing assignments and the like. Student success is the reward of teaching.

What I do not welcome is dead weight.

For the collegiate level, the displayed English literacy of our international students is abhorrent. The majority of these students do not have the conversational skills to follow along with lecture materials or to contribute to large or small group discussions. The majority of these students do not have the English reading and writing skills to read and comprehend in class exams, out of class reading assignments or out of class writing assignments.

I cannot fathom why an institution such as Miami University would accept the quality of student as I am seeing in many of the international students. I know that they go through a rigorous admissions process and I am wondering where this process is failing the university, and more importantly, the student. Are we accepting them merely to commend ourselves on our diversity or for financial gain?

More here

Clinton Health Initiative Spent Only a Fraction Directly on Programs

A Clinton initiative founded in 2002 to save lives infected with HIV/AIDS spent only $23 million of its $140 million of expenditures in 2016 directly on programs, according to financial records on the initiative’s website.

According to its website, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) was set up in 2002 to help save lives by providing treatment to those living with HIV/AIDS. The Clinton Foundation describes CHAI as a “separate, affiliated entity” from the controversial foundation. CHAI summarizes its approach as a “solution-oriented approach”:

CHAI’s solution-oriented approach focuses on both global and national level work by rapidly improving market dynamics for medicines and diagnostics; lowering prices for treatment; accelerating access to lifesaving technologies; and helping governments build the capacity required for high-quality care and treatment programs.


Sheriff Mike Lewis Is A Camera Junkie

I spent the early morning with Sheriff Lewis and this film crew who were in our county filming a documentary on the opioid/heroin epidemic. They spent time with some families in our community who have lost sons and daughters to this terrible scourge. Hopefully their finished product will enhance public awareness about causes, enforcement strategies, and treatment options.



Back in the mid-1950’s, “fast food” was nowhere to be found in Salisbury. Ifsomeone went out to eat, it was always a special occasion. And you dressed accordingly. There were an assortment of luncheonettes and diners for the working trade to patronize at lunchtime if they didn’t go home for lunch or pack it to take to work. At the diners and luncheonettes, the lunch-time fare was usually a hot roast beef or turkey sandwich or the ever popular grilled cheese sandwich.

In 1956, when I was attending St. Francis de Sales School, I made the discovery of a lifetime – the submarine sandwich. I had attained a level of trust with my parents to the point where I could ride my bicycle to school one day a week. Traffic was not as horrific as it is now and the idea of anyone taking your bicycle was unheard of. Of course, it had a City of Salisbury license plate, which was a 2” x 3” piece of metal embossed with a number which was registered by the City and issued only to you. It was attached to the rear of the seat with a metal band and you just knew that it provided all the security you would need. This was before the bad guys discovered bolt cutters.

So, every Thursday at lunch time, I rode my bicycle to that magical place, Sid’s Subs. It was located on S. Division St. near the hospital, not far from St. Francis. And, so, for 30 minutes and less than a dollar, I savored that marvel of culinary art, the cold cut sub. It was washed down with a cold orange drink. I don’t remember having to make many decisions about what kind I wanted or how I wanted it fixed. Sid Niblett made one kind and it was fairly scrumptious to me. The whole jumble of cold cuts, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions and oil was a far cry from the usual orderly sandwiches my Mother used to make. The whole experience was a transition in my life and I have never forsaken my love of a good cold cut sub.

Bullsh!t Willy

Warning, foul language.

UN Racism Committee Issues “Early Warning” Of A Civil Conflict In America

Why do we still have the United Nations? They’ve devolved to passing out a reprimand to the entire nation of America because of a few idiots in Charlottesville.

Yahoo News reports:

A UN committee tasked with combatting racism has issued a formal “early warning” over conditions in the United States, a rare move often used to signal the potential of a looming civil conflict.

Oh, an early warning. Isn’t that what you tell children? Stop fighting or I’ll take away your Xbox?

The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination said it had invoked its “early warning and urgent action procedure” because of the proliferation of racist demonstrations in the US.

With every part of the entire world finally in peace, the United Nations now has time and resources to devote to racism.


'Disjointed' Is Like Any Workplace Sitcom — With More Pot, Sex And Language

Chuck Lorre is, without question, television's sitcom king. He created two of today's top money-making syndicated shows — The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men — and his other hits over the years include Dharma & Greg, Grace Under Fire, Mike & Molly and Mom.

So why did every single broadcast network turn down his latest sitcom?

One word: Cannabis.

Lorre's new show, Disjointed, co-created with David Javerbaum, premieres Friday on Netflix. Kathy Bates stars as the proprietress of a medical marijuana dispensary.

The show's Los Angeles set is a hippy-looking shop filled with psychedelic posters and glass cases displaying actual product. On a recent day of shooting a prop guy was handing out vape pens to the actors. "We'll be vaping," he says. "Vaaaaping."

Waaaay too edgy for Lorre's home network, CBS — even though he's earned the company more than $1 billion with The Big Bang Theory, according to Deadline Hollywood.

"We didn't even get a meeting out of it," Lorre said during an interview at his production offices in Burbank. "We sent the script and got back: No."


Rosie O’Donnell Lashes Out At Trump For Misspelled Tweet – Accidentally Puts Herself On Blast

One thing I never, ever do is correct someone’s grammar unless I’m acting as an editor. I hate grammar Nazis and it’s just rude. However, since Rosie O’Donnell took it upon herself to bash President Trump because he misspelled a couple of words, turn about is fair play here. Rosie is such a freaking genius that while she was berating the President of the United States, she misspelled a word in her criticism. Doh! She misspelled ‘heel’. A word she should be familiar with because she is one. What a maroon (i.e. Looney Tunes slang for moron). And the word is ‘sh*theel’, by the way.

Now given – she may have been trying to be witty here and was probably referring to Trump’s past tweets:
But even so, she comes across as a bitter, petty imbecile here. Why celebrities and the left fixate on Trump’s spelling is beyond me. Then Rosie went on to state that Trump had an IQ of about 25. Not true – I would imagine an accomplished man like the President has a fairly high IQ. But even if it were 25, it would be about 20 points higher than O’Donnell. Just sayin’.


A Viewer Writes: Bait then grab?

Joe- have you ever heard of the SPD doing anything like this before. This morning I was at a shopping center here in Salisbury when I walked outside to wait for my husband I noticed a SPD car parked in front of the door of the store I walked out of. He had 2 men in the car with him but they were in plain clothes looked like ones he would have apprehended or good disguise. He handed the one in the backseat something and motioned for him to do something the guy got out and positioned a cell phone in front of the store leaning against like the door frame and then he went back to the police car. About 30 min later the officer got out of the car picked up the cell phone and put it in front of one of the pillars in front of the store and after seeing me watch him got back into the patrol car. About another 15 min later he picked up the cell phone and rode off. Is this some kind of thing they are trying to do to see if someone sees the cell phone and steals it then arrest them? Seems like kind of a set up is this even legal? I swear it happened., and I was not the only one that saw it.

CNN: Trump Voters Are White Supremacists ‘by Default’

CNN doesn’t just think you’re a white supremacist. They’re telling you right to your face.

In an article by John Blake entitled ‘White supremacists by default’: How ordinary people made Charlottesville possible, the author says:

It’s easy to focus on the angry white men in paramilitary gear who looked like they were mobilizing for a race war in the Virginia college town. But it’s the ordinary people — the voters who elected a reality TV star with a record of making racially insensitive comments, the people who move out of the neighborhood when people of color move in, the family members who ignore a relative’s anti-Semitism — who give these type of men room to operate, they say.

I counted, and this article uses the word “white” FORTY-THREE TIMES. But he’s not trying to race hustle or anything, he’s just telling us the cold hard truth.


Kindergartners Crying over Transgender book Read to them

Parents of kindergartners attending a California charter school are frightened after a teacher read her class a book about transgenderism without notifying them.

“My daughter came home crying and shaking so afraid she could turn into a boy,” one parent of a kindergartner at Rocklin Academy said.

“These parents feel betrayed by the school district that they were not notified,” Karen England of the Capitol Resource Institute said at a school board meeting this week, the local CBS affiliate reports. “The kindergartners came home very confused, about whether or not you can pick your gender, whether or not they really were a boy or a girl.”

According to the news report, the book was given to the teacher by a gender-confused child. Parents asserted the same kindergartner “also changed clothes and was revealed as her true gender” during class.


San Francisco Leftists Plan to Combat Free Speech With Feces

One drawback to holding a free speech rally in San Francisco is that natives are not exactly known for avoiding the unclean:

Hundreds of San Franciscans plan to prepare Crissy Field, the picturesque beach in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge where rightwing protest group Patriot Prayer will gather, with a generous carpeting of excrement.

Mostly it will be dog crap.

“I just had this image of alt-right people stomping around in the poop,” Tuffy Tuffington said of the epiphany he had while walking Bob and Chuck, his two Patterdale terriers…

Tuffington, a 45-year-old artist and designer, created a Facebook event page based on the concept, and the dog owners of San Francisco responded in droves. Many have declared their intention to stockpile their sh**piles for days in advance, then deliver them in bags for the site.


Councilors vote to shroud Confederate statues at meeting overwhelmed by anger

Three Charlottesville residents are facing misdemeanor charges after Monday evening’s raucous City Council meeting that was taken over by those demanding answers for the city’s handling of the Aug. 12 Unite the Right rally.

Donna Gasapo Gray, 43, was charged with disorderly conduct. Two others, Mark Heisey, 30, and Sara Michel Tansey, 29, were charged with obstruction of justice.

The council agreed to continue the meeting following the arrests, but cancelled the planned agenda. The meeting then turned into a town-hall style meeting that ended after 1 a.m. Tuesday morning.


College Republicans president asked Muslim group to condemn Barcelona attack, but got this instead

The president of the College Republicans group at San Diego State University said he received violent threats after sending a letter to the college’s Muslim Student Association asking its members to condemn the recent terror attack in Barcelona, Spains.

In an Aug. 17 letter to the MSA, the same day as the attack in Barcelona, College Republicans President Brandon Jones said his group was “saddened” by the “tragedy” and offered thoughts and prayers to the victims and the families of those who were murdered.

At least 14 people died in the attacks in Barcelona, and more than a hundred others were injured. At least one American, 42-year-old Jared Tucker of Walnut Creek, California, was among those killed in the attack.

“Attacks of this nature are becoming increasingly common in European countries and other parts of the world and each time the Islamic State (ISIS) takes credit for the attacks,” Jones wrote in the letter to the MSA, adding that such attacks “must not only be stopped, but disavowed by Muslim leaders on our campus and in our community.”


Hunting a Killer: Sex, Drugs and the Return of Syphilis

Outbreaks of a deadly, sexually transmitted disease confound health officials, whose obstacles include drug shortages, uneducated doctors and gangs.

For months, health officials in this socially conservative state capital have been staggered by a fast-spreading outbreak of a disease that, for nearly two decades, was considered all but extinguished.

Syphilis, the deadly sexually transmitted infection that can lead to blindness, paralysis and dementia, is returning here and around the country, another consequence of the heroin and methamphetamine epidemics, as users trade sex for drugs.

To locate possible patients and draw their blood for testing, Oklahoma’s syphilis detectives have been knocking on doors in dilapidated apartment complexes and dingy motels, driving down lonely rural roads and interviewing prison inmates. Syphilis has led them to members of 17 gangs; to drug dealers; to prostitutes, pimps and johns; and to their spouses and lovers, all caught in the disease’s undertow.


A Viewer Writes: Door to remain unlocked

I noticed that the door on the home goods side of Walmart has a sticker on the sliding door that says "This door to remain unlocked during business hours".

I found out after some research that this is an OSHA regulation due to fire and so fourth. Even if there is another set of doors open at another location, it is against OSHA regulations to lock this door or block it from access. Entrances and fire exits are planned out to be so far apart by design.

Walmart should not be shutting down the home goods entrance/exit at 10pm.

EVO's Babes & Brews

A night out for the girls...
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