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Friday, September 27, 2013

Obama To Each American Family: Lend Me Another $8,800 Without Conditions, Or You Support Bomb-Toting Terrorists

It's not the ceiling. It's not the limit. It's not the negotiations. It's the debt!

I think President Obama is starting to lose it. I'm not talking about his big-spending liberal policies. Those haven't really changed since he took office. But the way he's starting to portray his critics wreaks of a man who has actually lost all confidence in his own policies and can't think of anything to do but lash out at those who keep pointing it out.

Yesterday his administration went into a hissy fit over the fact that Republicans want conditions for raising the debt ceiling. In addition to new spending cuts, they want a year's delay of the ObamaCare individual mandate and approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. In their snit, they declared they would not negotiate with people who have "bombs strapped to their chests."



On Wednesday, Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, said he would "push" for more gun control if he is elected governor in a debate with Republican Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

McAuliffe invoked the Washington Navy Yard, Aurora, and Newtown tragedies and asked, "How many people have to be killed until we wake up to have sensible gun ownership?"


Coming Soon To America?

VA Debate: McAuliffe Dodges And Shuts Out Media

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is amusingly attempting to hide his campaign agenda by dodging and weaving his way around the media by not answering direct questions asked of him at debates and closing off his press shop to various outlets.

Research: Maryland Is Best State For Women To Live

WASHINGTON - Women may want to get in line to live in the "Old Line State" after research says Maryland is the best state in the country for women to call home.

The Center for American Progress released research Wednesday detailing the best states for women to live and Maryland ranked No. 1. The state's economic and leadership opportunities as well as the health of its female residents led to Maryland's high ranking, according to the data.

Louisiana ranked as the worst state for women to live.


How Alcohol Conquered Russia

A history of the country’s struggle with alcoholism, and why the government has done so little about it.

Picture the Russian alcoholic: nose rosy, face unshaven, a bottle of vodka firmly grasped in his hands. By his side he has a half-empty jar of pickles and a loaf of rye bread to help the devilish substance go down. The man is singing happily from alcohol-induced jubilation. His world may not be perfect, but the inebriation makes it seem that way.

Today, according to the World Health Organization, one in five men in the Russia Federation die due to alcohol-related causes, compared with 6.2 percent of all men globally. In 2000, in her article “First Steps: AA and Alcoholism in Russia,”Patricia Critchlow estimated that some 20 million Russians are alcoholics in a nation of just 144 million.


City To Host Offshore Powerboat Racing Next Weekend

OCEAN CITY — The grand spectacle of offshore powerboat racing returns to Ocean City next weekend and this time around, world championships will be on the line for the competitors in various classes.

Offshore powerboat racing has been a staple for the shoulder season in the resort off and on for the last decade or so with the Offshore Powerboat Racing Association (OPA) making stops in the resort during its summer-long racing series.

Because of the timing of the summer season in Ocean City and the need to close off a vast area of open ocean to accommodate the racing, the OPA typically puts its Ocean City stop at or near the front of the schedule.

Senators Push Bill To End NSA’s Mass Phone Record Collection

WASHINGTON (AP) — Spying by the National Security Agency has cost the United States economically and angered allies, a bipartisan group of senators said Wednesday in unveiling legislation that would end the collection of millions of Americans’ phone records and data on Internet usage.

Three Democrats – Oregon’s Ron Wyden, Mark Udall of Colorado and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut – and Republican Rand Paul of Kentucky outlined their legislation to end longstanding NSA surveillance practices and open up some of the actions of the secret federal court that reviews government surveillance requests.


I Love This Truck

I bought a new Ford F250 Tri-Flex Fuel Truck
Go figure it runs on either hydrogen, gasoline, or E85.
I returned to the dealer yesterday
Because I couldn't get the radio to work.
The service technician explained that the radio was voice activated.
'Nelson,' the technician said to the radio.
The radio replied, 'Ricky or Willie?'
'Willie!' he continued and 'On The Road Again 'Came from the speakers.
Then he said, 'Ray Charles!', and in an instant' Georgia On My Mind'replaced Willie Nelson.
I drove away happy, and for the next few days,
Every time I'd say, 'Beethoven,'
I'd get beautiful classical music, and if I said,
'Beatles,' I'd get one of their awesome songs.
Yesterday, some guy ran a red light
And nearly creamed my new truck ,
But I swerved in time to avoid him.
I yelled, 'DUMB ASS!'
Immediately the radio responded with, Ladies and gentlemen,
The President of The United States
Damn I love this truck....

Gold Alert Issued For Missing Elderly Magnolia Man

Gold Alert Subject:
William F. Early-82 of Magnolia, DE (photo attached)
White male, 5’11” tall, 180 lbs
Last seen wearing white shirt possibly with “BASS” logo on the front and blue jeans
Operating a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado, tan in color, Delaware Registration #C7348

Location Last Seen:
South State Street and Woodlytown Road, Magnolia, DE

Date Last Seen:
Friday, September 27, 2013 at 3:15 p.m.

Magnolia-The Delaware State Police are investigating and issuing a Gold Alert for a missing elderly male, last seen in the 2600 block of Woodlytown Road, Magnolia, earlier this afternoon.

William F. Early’s medical condition is such that there is a real concern for his safety and welfare. He may also be in the area of Bowers Beach, Slaughter Beach, or Milford, and is operating a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado, tan in color, Delaware Registration #C7348.

If anyone has any information in reference to this incident, or knows the whereabouts of Early are asked to contact 911 or Troop 3 at 302-697-4454 or by utilizing the Delaware State Police Mobile Crime Tip Application available to download at: Information can also be provided to the Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333. Information may also be provided via the internet

Send an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

New Commemorative Pistol

Ruger is coming out with a new pistol in honor of the United States Senate
And House of Representatives.
It will be named the "Congressman."
It doesn't work and you can't fire it.

Walmart Shooter Targeted White Victims

A North Carolina grand jury found that a man who shot four people at a Walmart in June targeted his victims because they were white.

According to, a grand jury indicted Lakim Faust, 23, on Monday on 14 charges, including "four counts of attempted first-degree murder."


Council Approves Rivers Edge PILOT Accord Request

SALISBURY – The Rivers Edge Apartments and Studio for the Arts project was granted an additional boost this week, as the City Council approved an agreement that will knock off $9,000 in taxes each year.

Late last month, River Edge Apartments LLC requested a payment in the lieu of taxes (PILOT) concept on the upcoming Rivers Edge Apartments and Studio for the Arts project located at 660-680 Fitzwater Street based upon an opportunity presented to the developers from Weinberg Foundation.

River Edge Apartments LLC submitted, Weinberg offered to provide $189,480 of funding in exchange for three units being further restricted to those persons who are permanently disabled and non-elderly with incomes of no more than 30 percent of the area median income for Wicomico County. Accepting the terms of the Weinberg proposal will provide for a significant reduction in future rental income over the next 40 years.


Bill Ayers, a co-founder of the Weather Underground terrorist organization that was responsible for several bombings, including the U.S. Capitol in the 1970’s, is scheduled to lecture on “Democracy and Education: Teaching for Liberation,” at Elgin Community College (ECC) in Illinois on Thursday September 26. According to the ECC communication director, Ayers will receive a taxpayer funded stipend for his time.

Ohio State Gets Armored Fighting Vehicle: “Specifically Designed For Asymmetric Warfare”

If we’re not living in a militarized police state, then please explain what Ohio State University could possibly need with one of these.

The Ohio State University Department of Public Safety has acquired an armored military vehicle that looks like it belongs in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Gary Lewis, a senior director of media relations at OSU, told The Daily Caller via email that the “unique, special-purpose vehicle is a replacement” for the “police fleet.” He called the armored jalopy “an all-hazard, all-purpose, public safety-response vehicle” with “obviously enhanced capabilities.”

He noted that the vehicle was “acquired at no cost from Military Surplus.” He also bragged that it has “extremely low miles and is in nearly new condition” but elaborated no further concerning the acquisition.

“We are in the process of making it usable for our needs in an urban campus environment,” Lewis explained. “Specifically we are removing the top turret and repainting.”


Lower Shore Health Connection

Wicomico County Health Department

A public hotline has been established to help residents of Wicomico County apply for affordable health insurance options offered through the state health insurance exchange, Maryland Health Connection. That number is 855-445-5540. The local hotline is a convenient way for Lower Shore residents to get personal help with applying for health insurance options and financial assistance to make health care coverage plans affordable.


Annapolis, Md. – Delegate Ron George opposes Gov. Martin O’Malley’s increase in the state’s bond limit.

“I agree with Comptroller Franchot that we cannot afford more bond lending.” George remarked. “O’Malley is shifting today’s debt onto our children. He cannot fund the budget with existing revenue so he has backfilled the budget with bond bills.”

Del. George also noted that it was the O’Malley/Brown administration who extended our debt service from 5 years to 15 years thus creating ever increasing future structural deficits.

The 5 Cognitive Distortions Successful People Use To Get Things Done

Michael Dearing, an associate professor at Stanford, gave an interesting (albeit speculative) presentation on the five automatic thought processes (cognitive distortions) of people who get things done.
The five distortions are:
1. Personal exceptionalism
2. Dichotomous thinking
3. Correct overgeneralization
4. Blank canvas thinking
5. Schumpeterianism

Personal Exceptionalism
… a macro sense that you are in the top of your cohort, your work is snowflake-special, or that you are destined to have experiences well outside the bounds of “normal;” not to be confused with arrogance or high self-esteem


Fox News: Huge US Weapons Cache Stolen In Libya Now In al-Qaida Hands

U.S. officials said on Wednesday that a huge cache of American weapons stolen in Libya over the summer was far larger than once thought. The weapons are now with al-Qaida and other terrorist groups linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, according to news reports
"The theft of these weapons and the open borders are feeding al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood and threatens Libya's neighbors as well," one official told Fox News. "It's already bad — and now it's really bad."

The highly sensitive military equipment was stolen in overnight raids on a military training post used by U.S. Special Forces outside Tripoli. The 12-member team was pulled from Libya in August because of the thefts.

"It's not just equipment ... it's the capability," the official told Fox on Wednesday. "You are giving these very dangerous groups the capability that only a few nations are capable of.


BALTIMORE -- Today, Governor Martin O'Malley will will offer remarks at the Maryland Food Bank’s Be a Voice: Hunger Action Symposium, an annual conference convening thought leaders, government officials, and concerned citizens to explore new ways to combat food insecurity in Maryland. Governor O'Malley will also receive two awards from the Maryland Food Bank in recognition of the Administration's commitment to ending childhood hunger. The Governor will receive the Public Supporter of the Year Award, which recognizes elected and appointed officials who have worked over the last year to address hunger, and the Ann Miller Anti-Hunger Leadership Award, a new award named for the Maryland Food Bank's Founder and given on a selective basis to individuals who show exemplary leadership in the fight against hunger.

Is It Pre-Nazi, Pre-Soviet?

After President Richard Nixon left office in 1974, a bipartisan congressional investigation discovered many of his constitutional excesses. Foremost among them was the use of FBI and CIA agents to spy on Americans in violation of federal law and the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. Nixon argued that the government needed to monitor “subversives” in order to shore up the “national security.” As for breaking the law and violating the Constitution, Nixon defended himself by proclaiming in a now infamous post-presidency interview with David Frost that: “When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.”

That Henry VIII-like statement was too much for Congress to bear in the Carter years, so it enacted the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which prohibited domestic spying unless the feds first obtained search warrants for surveillance from a federal judge sitting on a newly created FISA court. The FISA court, populated by sitting federal judges assigned there by the chief justice, was charged with issuing secret general warrants based upon secret evidence or no evidence and all in violation of the Constitution, which requires the presentation of evidence that constitutes probable cause of crime as the sole linchpin for the issuance of a search warrant.


It was Labor Day weekend when more than 300 teenagers threw a rowdy party in the vacant upstate New York home of former New England Patriots lineman Brian Holloway, causing major damage due to graffiti, broken windows and urine-soaked carpets. Then, in the eternal wisdom of youth, some party-goers decided to share pictures and tales of their exploits on Twitter and Facebook, which later worked out in Holloway’s favor.

Holloway was in Florida over Labor Day when his son told him he was receiving tweets about a party at their home in Stephentown, New York. Holloway told CNN:

"I thought it was a joke."

But unfortunately for Holloway, he soon realized that the party had actually happened when he set his eyes on the home. He said that the the estimated damage to the home was close to $20,000
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How Dianne Feinstein’s Husband Sells Post Office Real Estate To His Friends On The Cheap

We’ve all heard about how the Russian oligarchs amassed their tremendous fortunes in the wake of the collapse of the former Soviet Union by purchasing valuable assets for pennies on the dollar using shady insider deals. The oligarchs in the USA have learned their lessons in crony capitalism well, and unsurprisingly, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this case. Dianne Feinstein is one of the most shameless, authoritarian, undemocratic Senators we have, so it is no surprise that the Princess of Darkness’ husband would be involved in schemes to rip-off public assets to benefit friends and his commercial real estate firm C.B. Richard Ellis.

The following excerpts are from an article published in the East Bay Express and consists of passages from the introductory chapter of a new e-book, Going Postal, by investigative journalist Peter Byrne. There is some epic fraud going on here:

On July 27, two hundred people sang and chanted on the steps of the historic main post office in downtown Berkeley to protest its upcoming closure and sale. City Councilman Jesse Arreguin took the microphone to angrily decry the closure. In fact, the Berkeley City Council had voted unanimously to oppose the sale. Why the day of rage?


IRS Watchdog: $67 Million Missing From Obamacare Slush Fund

The IRS is unable to account for $67 million spent from a slush fund established for Obamacare implementation, according to a TIGTA report released today.
WASHINGTON, D.C. – The IRS is unable to account for $67 million spent from a slush fund established for Obamacare implementation, according to a Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) report released today. 

The “Health Insurance Reform Implementation Fund” (HIRIF) was tucked into Obamacare in order to give the IRS money to enforce the tax provisions of the healthcare law. The fund, totaling some $1 billion of taxpayer money, was used to roll out enforcement mechanisms for the approximately 50 tax provisions of Obamacare.



The 70-year-old man attacked Saturday in a 7-Eleven parking lot has died, police say, and now authorities will press for murder charges against the man held in connection with the reportedly unprovoked and motiveless beating.

“It is just one of those cases that makes us all shake our heads and try to understand why and how someone would do this to one of the most vulnerable in our community,” Syracuse (N.Y.) Sgt. Tom Connellan tells WSYR-TV.

James Gifford was attacked at 6:08 a.m. Saturday shortly after exiting the convenience store with a can of soup, soft drink, newspaper, and doughnuts, reports


Its Time To Stock Up For The Winter

Donohoe Removed From Lawsuit Against Fire Company

BERLIN—An amended complaint filed against the Berlin Fire Company by a former paramedic and volunteer firefighter on Sept. 16, removed one plaintiff from a list individuals he had charged with either committing or failing to halt workplace harassment and intimidation.

The documents also added additional details about the allegations to an ongoing $8 million lawsuit.

In August Zachery Tyndall, named the fire company, its president, David Fitzgerald, current employee and Tyndall’s former emergency medical service supervisor Norris Phillip Donohoe Sr., volunteer fireman and Assistant Chief Derek Simpson and volunteer fireman and former Chief Bryon Trimble, in a federal lawsuit for their alleged roles in a campaign of sexual orientation-based harassment and intimidation.


Brew River Country Night Tonight 10pm!


Obamacare proponents are reportedly expected to spend $1 billion on a six-month campaign to get Americans to sign up for coverage under "Obamacare" when the healthcare exchanges open on October 1.

The Obama administration intends to use social media promotions to target "young adults in urban areas that are home to many of the nation's estimated 47 million uninsured people."


“Choose Your Ride”

Delaware State Police News Room
“Through the continued partnership of the Delaware State Police and The Delaware Office of Highway Safety, we continue to combat and raise awareness of the deadly consequences of drunk driving,” said Sergeant Paul G. Shavack, Director of Public Information for the Delaware State Police. “We hope that this hybrid police cruiser-cab sends a simple but powerful message and serves as a great visual reminder to “Choose Your Ride” before getting behind the wheel intoxicated.”

Read More

Schools Are Not Parents

Children in Virginia Beach are suspended from school for playing with an airsoft gun at home.

The disquieting news that a pair of seventh-grade children, Khalid Caraballo and Aidan Clark, were suspended from school in Virginia Beach for the high crime of playing with an airsoft gun on their parents’ private property has been misinterpreted in almost all quarters as just another in the long line of the fringe skirmishes that make up America’s ongoing struggle over firearms. Yet insofar as guns are the issue at all in this case, they are but a secondary consideration; the detail, perhaps, but not the story.

In truth, the implications here are much wider and much more troubling, touching as they do on foundational questions about property rights, the remit of the public school system, and the nature of American civil society. Contrary to the now infamous beliefs of the likes of Hillary Clinton and Melissa Harris-Perry, children in America do not “belong” to the community — and nor would Americans be any better off if they did. In free societies, schools are not designed to serve as a mandatory means by which the Bismarckian state may seek to shape the young, but instead to act merely as a service to which parents can choose to send their kids for basic education if they so wish. This is to say that schools may well act in loco parentis, but they may not act as ipsi parentes.


Barack Obama, Insurance Salesman

President Obama wants you to buy health insurance. Like, a lot.

The president has undertaken a months-long effort to convince people, particularly the Millennials who populate his political base, to give their business to America’s largest insurance companies. This sounds odd for a guy who used a populist pitchforking of “big insurance” to goose his health law over the finish line in 2010.

But it’s not as odd as you might think. Obama built his law in private in conjunction with the same companies he was skewering in public. The same goes for the drug companies that were the preferred targets of Democrats for most of the pre-ObamaCare era. Why?


PEN HOUSE: Sunday Sept 29, 2013 From 2pm-4pm

“Secret” 3G Intel Chip Gives Snoops Backdoor PC Access

Intel Core vPro processors contain a “secret” 3G chip that allows remote disabling and backdoor access to any computer even when it is turned off.

Although the technology has actually been around for a while, the attendant privacy concerns are only just being aired. The “secret” 3G chip that Intel added to its processors in 2011 caused little consternation until the NSA spying issue exploded earlier this year as a result of Edward Snowden’s revelations.

In a promotional video for the technology, Intel brags that the chips actually offer enhanced security because they don’t require computers to be “powered on” and allow problems to be fixed remotely. The promo also highlights the ability for an administrator to shut down PCs remotely “even if the PC is not connected to the network,” as well as the ability to bypass hard drive encryption.


Pakistan Quake Island Off Gwadar 'Emits Flammable Gas'

Barely half an hour after they were jolted by a major earthquake on Tuesday, people of the Pakistani coastal town of Gwadar had another shock when they saw a new island emerge in the sea, just over a kilometre from the shore.

A local journalist, Bahram Baloch, received the news via a text message from a friend.

"It said a hill has appeared outside my house," Mr Baloch said.

"I stepped out, and was flabbergasted. I could see this grey, dome-shaped body in the distance, like a giant whale swimming near the surface. Hundreds of people had gathered to watch it in disbelief."


‘Zumba For CJ’ Event To Raise Money For CJ Abbott Scholarship Fund

SALISBURY, Md. - The Fit Physique Gym invites the community to take part in “Zumba for CJ” on Saturday, Oct. 5, from 10 a.m. to noon at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center. Proceeds from the event will go towards the CJ Abbott Scholarship Fund, which will be awarded to a senior member of the Mardela High School soccer team.

Charles Jacob "CJ" Abbott, 19, died heroically on Sept. 3, 2013. CJ graduated from Mardela High School in 2011 where he was a member of the honor society and the varsity soccer team. He attended the Career and Technology Center at Parkside, where he majored in automotives and graduated with high honors. CJ will be remembered for his kind personality, contagious laughter, and for his true act of heroism.

A $5 minimum donation is requested at the event to for the CJ Abbott Scholarship Fund. For more information, please call the Fit Physique Gym at 410-860-0888.

EPA Admits New Coal Regulations Won't Reduce Global Warming

An Environmental Protection Agency proposal designed to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce global warming will actually have no “notable CO2 emission changes.”

So a rule that will essentially ban new coal-fired power plants will actually have no impact on global warming. Got it.

“The EPA does not anticipate that this proposed rule will result in notable CO2 emission changes, energy impacts, monetized benefits, costs, or economic impacts by 2022,” the EPA writes under the comments section of its proposal.


Absentee Ballots Downloaded Online Raise Security Issues, As Does Election Day Voter Registration

A new Maryland law allowing voting by mail with a ballot downloaded online has some voter advocacy groups alarmed that adequate security measures will not be in place for the 2014 elections.

Election Day voter registration and the future of online voting were also among the hot button issues debated at a forum this week, hosted by the Maryland League of Women Voters in Annapolis.

The bill, Election Law – Improving Access to Voting, extends the right to all Maryland absentee voters to download and mark their ballots online. Ballots would then be mailed in to local election boards rather than tallied online. Previously only overseas voters and military personnel were allowed by law to obtain and mark ballots on the Internet.


School Official Tells Students Trayvon Martin Case Proved It Is 'Legal To Hunt' Children

An email sent to students by a University of Maryland official that cites the Trayvon Martin shooting as evidence "it is legal to hunt down and kill American children in Florida" is being blasted as the latest evidence of a left-wing bias on campus.

The email, from William Dorland, director of the school's Honors College, starts by welcoming students back to campus, but then quickly veers into politics.

"This year, we learned that it is legal to hunt down and kill American children in Florida," it reads, in a reference to the trial of George Zimmerman, who was cleared of all charges in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The email went out to all students in the Honors College.


Council President/Mayor Denver Moore To Announce His Intent To Run Again Tuesday

A source has informed Salisbury News that Denver Moore will in fact file once again to run for office again in Pittsville, Maryland. 

Our source stated that Town Attorney Paul Wilber suggested he continue on until this whole mess with Denver's Daughter is over, how convenient.

Denver is aggressively recruiting volunteers to go door to door on his behalf. Momma always said, "stupid is as stupid does".

Denver might suggest to his volunteers to stand back from the front doors at least three feet so as the doors don't smack someone in the face and they get slammed shut. 

Fall Gospel Event At The Salvation Army-Richard Hazel Youth Center

SFD Calls For Service 9-26-13

  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 20:02:38 Nature: Smoke Investigation Address: 31008 Old Ocean City Rd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 19:29:27 Nature: Pro Qa Ems City: Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 18:58:31 Nature: Stroke City: Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 18:40:15 Nature: Diabetic Difficulty City: Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 17:32:32 Nature: Pi Accident Address: Mt Hermon Rd and phillip Morris Dr Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 17:32:29 Nature: Pi Accident City: Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 17:30:23 Nature: Structure Fire City: Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 16:29:02 Nature: Sick Subject City: Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 16:07:19 Nature: Subject Fallen City: Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 15:43:10 Nature: Injury City: Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 14:41:18 Nature: Pi Accident City: Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 14:32:49 Nature: Pi Accident Address: E Naylor Mill Rd and s Mall Dr Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 13:30:09 Nature: Sick Subject City: Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 13:23:26 Nature: Maternity Patient City: Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 13:21:08 Nature: Medical Assist Address: 200 N Camden Ave Fruitland, MD 21826
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 12:17:43 Nature: Diabetic Difficulty City: Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 12:11:57 Nature: Sick Subject City: Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 11:04:26 Nature: Difficulty Breathing City: Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 10:25:28 Nature: Syncopal Episode City: Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 09:15:18 Nature: Injury City: Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 09:01:44 Nature: Sick Subject City: Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 08:53:12 Nature: Medical Assist Address: 222 Maple Way Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 06:12:19 Nature: Pi Accident Address: Salisbury Byp and snow Hill Rd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 06:12:13 Nature: Pi Accident City: Salisbury
  • Thursday September, 26 2013 @ 00:43:53 Nature: Pro Qa Ems City: Salisbury

Yard Sale 9-27-13

Foxchase Community Yard Sale
Saturday, September 28    7am

Coulbourn Mill Rd to Old Post Rd
Union Church Rd to Foxchase Drive

Shark Restaurant In West Ocean City

Tonight I met with some friends at the Shark Restaurant in West Ocean City. On Thursday nights they have a lobster dinner special that is to die for. They also serve mashed potatoes with lobster meat in it and I have to say it is by far the best mashed potatoes I've ever eaten.

The views from our table overlooked the Marina and Assateague Island. It's a shame you simply cannot find such fine dining in Salisbury like you can in Ocean City. In this case, it's well worth the trip. Very clean, incredible food and incredible professional service.