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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WCEA Leadership Retains Control

Dear WCEA Members:

In lieu of the preliminary hearing on May 15, 2014, MSEA and the “Interim Managers” sought a settlement to which the elected WCEA leadership has agreed. This settlement does not preclude the final court case, but instead maintains the rights and responsibilities of the elected leadership until said court case occurs. The settlement for the preliminary hearing is available for you to view on our website, at .


Kelly Stephenson, WCEA President

Making Members Of Congress Fly Coach Doesn’t Exactly Level The Flying Field

A proposal from a group of House members — two Republicans, two Democrats — aims to cut the federal budget by forcing elected officials to fly coach. This would save money, although it's not clear how much. It would not, however, make members of Congress suffer through flights the way everyone else does.

The measure from Reps. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.), John Barrow (D-Ga.), Walter Jones (R-N.C.), and Raul Ruiz (D-Ca.) is captured entirely in its evocative title: the "If Our Military Has to Fly Coach Then so Should Congress Act of 2014." Instead of always flying members of the military first class, which would also have solved that problem, the representatives decided to bar members of Congress from using any seats besides those in coach. Or, more accurately, the cheapest fare possible. No extra leg room, apparently — although exceptions may be made for medical conditions. (Point of personal editorial privilege: as a tall person, being tall should count in this case.)

How much this would save the government isn't clear. Gosar's press release mentions the size of the national debt twice but doesn't include how much the measure is expected to save. (A request made to his office for that information wasn't answered by the time this article was published.)


Ohio dad can't have more kids until he pays off child support, court says

ELYRIA, Ohio – An Ohio appeals court has upheld a judge's order that a deadbeat father can't have more kids until he pays his back child support.

The decision this week by the 9th District Court of Appeals didn't provide an opinion about whether the judge's order was appropriate. Instead the appeals court said it didn't have enough information to decide the merits of the case without a copy of the pre-sentence report detailing Asim Taylor's background.


Kangaroo Courts on Campus

There seems to be a full-court press on to get colleges to “do something” about rape on campus.

But there seems to be remarkably little attention paid to two crucial facts: (1) rape is a crime and (2) colleges are not qualified to be law-enforcement institutions.

Why are rapists not reported to the police and prosecuted in a court of law?

Apparently this is because of some college women who say that they were raped and are dissatisfied with a legal system that does not automatically take their word for it against the word of someone who has been accused and denies the charge.

There seem to be a dangerously large number of people who think that the law exists to give them whatever they want — even when that means denying other people the same rights that they claim for themselves.


20 Bad Pick Up Lines You Should Never Use


Article on Common Core by David Craig

When someone hears bureaucratic terms like “compliance, mandates and penalties,” they might think of the EPA, the IRS, or these days, the Department of Health and Human Services. But another federal government department is fast adopting the language of strict and onerous regulation. Annoyed that Indiana wants to extricate themselves from the Common Core education standards, the U.S. Department of Education is erecting procedural obstacles to make this as difficult possible.

At stake for Hoosiers is $200 million in federal education funds. The Obama Administration is using “No Child Left Behind” waivers to warn Indiana officials of the penalties they face for non-compliance with Common Core. In a political scheme that could only be hatched in Washington, one federal program enacted under George W. Bush and widely derided for undermining local school authority, is pitted against another federal program even more derided for the same reasons.

Horror stories about Common Core are increasing by the day. Police are ejecting or arresting parents from public venues for voicing opposition to Common Core. Social media depicts test questions that make young pupils burst into tears, because they are impossible to answer and make them feel like failures. Meanwhile, elected officials like me are concerned about yet another federal government mandate that dangles $4 billion in federal Race to the Top education grants for local schools under the condition of adherence to Common Core.


Clues Missed In Case Of Teacher Deemed 'One Of The Most Prolific Pedophiles,' Authorities Say

He was one of the most beloved teachers in the small world of international schools that serve the children of diplomats, well-off American expatriates and local elites. He was often the first to arrive in the morning, and the last to leave each day. He led students on class trips to exotic places, treating them to cookies and milk at bedtime.

That was the public persona of William Vahey, carefully crafted over four decades until a maid cleaning his home in Nicaragua stole a 16-gigabyte memory drive. There, in photograph after photograph, was evidence that the model teacher had molested scores of adolescent boys, possibly more, in a career spanning 10 schools on four continents.

The discovery of a man the FBI regards as one of the most prolific pedophiles in memory has set off a crisis in the close-knit community of international schools, where horrified parents are being told their children may have been victims of a favorite teacher, and administrators are scurrying to close teacher-vetting loopholes revealed by Vahey's abuses.

Somerset County Sheriff's Office 5-14-14

Kenneth Leon Collins Jr. of Princess Anne, arrested 5-5-14 on a warrant for failing to pay. Collins was released on personal recognizance.

Stan Marcell Schoolfield of Princess Anne, arrested 5-6-14 on a warrant for failing to appear in court. Schoolfield was held on a $500.00 bond. Maurice McKinley Turner of Princess Anne, arrested 5-6-14 for two warrants for failing to appear in court. Turner held on a $1,000 bond.

Ricky Allan Dowden Jr. of Marion Station, arrested 5-8-14 on a warrant for failing to appear in court. Dowden was held on a $500.00 bond.

Shane Louis Booth of Cumberland, arrested 5-9-14 on warrants for failing to appear in court. Booth was held on a $2,180.00 bond.

Alphonso Lamont Taylor of Pocomoke, arrested 5-10-14 on a warrant for failing to appear in court. Taylor was held on a $100,000 bond.

Darryl Dejuan Corbin of Salisbury, arrested 5-11-14 for driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while impaired by alcohol, driving under the influence of alcohol per-se, driving on a suspended driver’s license, and failure to stop at a steady red signal. Corbin was later released on signatures pending court actions. The arrest was the result of a traffic stop conducted by deputies in the area of UMES Blvd, and Ocean Highway.

That Familiar Ice Cream Truck Jingle Has Some Pretty Racist Lyrics

It’s a familiar childhood tune.

It’s the signal there are King Cones, Drumsticks and Rainbow Pops nearby.

And its lyrics are very racist.

The song, which was released in March 1916 by the Columbia Graphophone Company — later Columbia Records — is titled, ”N—– Love A Watermelon Ha! Ha! Ha!” It was written by actor Harry C. Browne and played on the depiction of African Americans as “mindless beasts of burden greedily devouring slices of watermelon,” according to NPR‘s Theodore Johnson.


Rep. Andrew Harris - Recipient of 2014 IFDA TJ Award

U.S. Representative Andrew Harris has been named as a recipient of the 2014 Thomas Jefferson Award by the International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA).

Photo Caption: Rep. Andy Harris was presented an IFDA Thomas Jefferson Award by (l) Mark S. Allen, president and CEO of IFDA and (r) Paul Saval, President & CEO of Saval Foodservice

Researchers Think They've Found Christopher Columbus' Famous Ship

More than 500 years after it sank, the wreckage of Christopher Columbus' famous ship, the Santa Maria, might be sitting on at the bottom of the ocean near Haiti, The Independent reports.

Archaeological researchers were able to determine the location of the wreckage with the help of discoveries made by other archaeologists in 2003, including the approximate location of Columbus' fort. Then a team led by underwater archaeological investigator Barry Clifford used Columbus' diary, which described where the ship sank in relation to his fort, to figure out where the ship's wreckage was likely to be.


State, City Politicians Head To Vegas For Business Convention

Once again this year, Maryland politicians and business people will travel to Las Vegas for the Global Retail Real Estate Convention – a three-day deal-making event beginning May 18.

It's considered a "who's who" event, where the worlds of government and business mix among the glitz and glamour of casinos and parties.

In all, 669 Marylanders will be in attendance, including 10 from Baltimore's government. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, City Council President Bernard C. "Jack" Young, Council Vice President Edward Reisinger and Councilman Carl Stokes are all slated to make the trip.

Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Press Release 5-14-14

On May 12th 2014 at 1348 hours a Worcester County Sheriff's Office Deputy was dispatched to Riggin Ridge Road, West Ocean City, Worcester County, Maryland.

An anonymous caller reported two suspicious people, a white male and a white female that were walking around the Riggin Ridge Road looking in the windows and acting suspicious.

As the Deputy arrived on scene and walked towards the residence a white male came from behind the residence and the Deputy immediately detained him. While speaking with the subject a white female exited the front door of the residence, ran down the front steps and attempted to run behind the residence, she was also detained. An entrance door to the residence had been forced open.

The two were identified as Joseph A Slabaugh, 35, of Brooklyn Maryland and Brandenburg Leigh Sandifer 33, also from Brooklyn Maryland.

Both were charged with 1st Degree, 3rd Degree, and 4th Degree burglary. Ms Sandifer was also charged with false statement to a law enforcement officer. Both subjects were seen by the district court Commissioner and a $15,000.00 bond was placed on them. They were held at the Worcester County Jail.

VIDEO: Cat Saves Boy In California

A Letter To The Editor: Adobe Flash Player Problems

To All,

I have had crash issues with Adobe Flash Player for a year or more as it crashes either while loading pages, or just when I click on a video to view.

To cure this, I erased the whole program, then downloaded the latest version, Mistake.

Now, I get the same, or when a video plays, and now most times self plays, which I am totally against, I still can’t view the video because a popup is over the screen asking permission to allow or deny Mb space. Neither button works, and I can’t see the video.

Is anyone else getting this trouble? The adobe site takes no complaints, and is only concerned in its FAQ’s about your download quality, not use.

Am I alone, or are more of you having this problem? Has anyone found a solution?

State Police Homicide Detectives Arrest Rehoboth Man for the Death of His Child

Rehoboth, DE - The Delaware State Police Homicide Unit has arrested a 21 year old Rehoboth man in the death of one of his young twin sons.

The investigation into this incident began on Saturday May 10, 2014 after Sidney G. Davis III, 21 of Rehoboth, called 9-1-1 around 11:30 a.m. to report his 3 month old son was not breathing and unresponsive. Paramedics and EMS responded to a room at the Sea Esta Motel #4, located at 20902 Coastal Highway in Rehoboth, and transported Zhaden Davis to Beebe Medical Center where they were able to establish a heartbeat. Further examination revealed Zhaden had suffered a traumatic brain bleed which likely caused him to become unconscious and he was then flown to A.I. DuPont Hospital where he was listed in critical condition and placed in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

On Sunday May 11th, Zhaden Davis was pronounced dead and an autopsy was performed by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner who ruled the cause and manner of death to be homicide due to head trauma.

On Tuesday May 13th, Sidney Davis was brought into Troop 4 in Georgetown by family members where he was interviewed by homicide detectives. It was determined through the interview that Zhaden and his twin brother were in the care of their father from Friday night into Saturday morning while the mother of the children was away. At one point on Friday night, Zhaden had become upset and was crying when Sidney began shaking the child in an attempt to quiet the infant. This happened once again on Saturday morning just after the mother of the twins briefly visited with them in the room before leaving for work. Soon after the second incident was when Sidney Davis contacted the Sussex County Emergency Operations Center (9-1-1) to report the medical emergency.

Sidney Davis was arraigned at JP2 on the charge of Murder by Neglect or Abuse 1st and committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on $100,000.00 cash bond.

The other male twin was uninjured during these incidents and is in the care of his mother.

Released: 051414 1005

Sixteen Fun Facts About the Preakness

Known as the middle jewel of the Triple Crown, the Preakness Stakes is held two weeks after the Kentucky Derby, but that hasn’t always been the case. Continue reading to learn when exactly the Preakness has been run in the past in addition to other interesting and off-the-wall facts about the shortest race in the Triple Crown series.

1. Pimlico opened its doors in 1870. The Maryland Jockey Club purchased the land that the track rests on for $23,500 and built the track for $25,000.

2. The first Preakness in 1873 drew a field of seven, a purse of $2,050, and had 12,000 fans in attendance. Saturday, we’re expected to see a larger field, a purse of $1.5 million, and more 120,000 fans cheering on the three-year-olds. Talk about solid investment growth.

3. For many of its early years, the place to see and be seen was the infield. Yep, that’s right. What is now home to the “cheap seats,” was once a prime area at the track. Originally, a small rise in the infield allowed for the ultimate sightlines around the track. The “Old Hilltop,” as it’s affectionately known, eventually was leveled to allow for simulcasting cameras to track the action. The spirit lives on with the Preakness week “Sunrise at the Old Hilltop” event. 


Sheriff Mason Thanks The Community

Dear Worcester County Community,

Friday we honored and celebrated the life of K-9 Deputy Sheriff Ike, Badge MSP K-9 #3050 who has entered K-9 Heaven. Our hearts are broken and I ask you God to take good care of Ike and spread the word what a faithful and loyal protector he was to CPL Larmore, CPL Larmore’s family, the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, all Law Enforcement, and to our Worcester County citizens.

Not every dog that enters K-9 Training makes the grade to become a K-9. It’s extremely difficult training, but Ike you made it. Not everyone can be a K-9 Handler, it takes a special person that can care and love a K-9 (24) hours a day, (7) days a week, CPL Larmore was the right handler for IKE.

A K-9 and its handler bond together and become best friends. CPL Larmore and Ike shared so much together their trust and love for each other.

CPL Larmore and Ike faced many assignments, some very dangerous, tracking suspects, entering a building never knowing what the outcome could be, drug searches, traffic stops and other rewarding assignments such as finding lost children or adults.

Ike you have answered your last call. Our K-9’s will continue to carry on their duties protecting us, however they will miss you Ike.

Ike never took a sick leave day.

Ike never received a pay check.

Ike never complained about the long hours he worked.

Ike never requested a day off.

Ike never asked for anything.

Ike loved his job doing what he was trained to do, protecting CPL Larmore.

Ike we could only provide you with food, and medical expenses, but Ike I want you to know how much we loved and cared about you, you were one of us, protector of the peace.

Ike God is waiting for you; also a gentle giant Deputy First Class Brian Heller lost in the line of duty in (2000) will be there for you. Ike your new assignment is taking care of Brian.

Chris, Emily and family, the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office shares your sorrow and we want to thank you for providing Ike with a loving home and most of all your love for him.

God bless Ike, the Larmores, the men and women of the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, our K-9’s, Law Enforcement.

I would like to especially thank the Worcester County Community for their overwhelming out pouring of support for our office and the men, women, and K-9s that dedicate their lives to serve to make our community a great place to live.

Ike (Semper Fi)


Reggie Mason

Worcester County Sheriff

E-cigarette Sale Ban For Minors Nears Law In State

DOVER — Delaware’s Senate nearly unanimously passed legislation Tuesday that would ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors.

According to the National Youth Tobacco Survey, the percentage of high school students reporting e-cigarette use jumped from 4.7 percent in 2011 to 10 percent in 2012.

Eighteen lawmakers from both sides of the aisle joined bill sponsor Rep. Deborah Hudson, R-Fairthorne, in touting the legislation.


Tonight's Quarterfinal Game

SALISBURY, Md. – The No. 2 Salisbury University men's lacrosse team is set to host No. 4 Denison University in an NCAA Division III tournament quarterfinal contest on Wednesday at Sea Gull Stadium. The opening faceoff for the game is set for 7 p.m.

Fed Govt Failed To Inspect Higher Risk Oil Wells

The government has failed to inspect thousands of oil and gas wells it considers potentially high risks for water contamination and other environmental damage, congressional investigators say.

The report, obtained by The Associated Press before its public release, highlights substantial gaps in oversight by the agency that manages oil and gas development on federal and Indian lands.

Investigators said weak control by the Interior Department's Bureau of Land Management resulted from policies based on outdated science and from incomplete monitoring data.

The findings from the Government Accountability Office come amid an energy boom in the country and the increasing use of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. That process involves pumping huge volumes of water, sand and chemicals underground to split open rocks to allow oil and gas to flow. It has produced major economic benefits, but also raised fears that the chemicals could spread to water supplies.


“Do as I say, not as I do”

The O’Malley-Brown message to Private Pension Retirees

by Delegate Mike McDermott

I’m sure that I am not the only one who finds irony in the O’Malley-Brown administration heralding a new “Task Force” to help protect private sector retirement money. This should send chills down every private sector spine. It reminds of when President Ronald Reagan said, "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'"

Perhaps the first such “Task Force” we should have is one that would study how the State of Maryland plans to repay the $1.3 billion they are taking from the Teacher’s Pensions over the next five years. It would also be nice for this group to study how Maryland plans to cover a $37.5 billion dollar unfunded pension/benefit liability in the years to come.

Quite frankly, it’s terrifying to think that Lt. Governor Brown is involved in this at any level following his dismal management of Maryland’s version of Obamacare. One might expect that the prudent choice would be someone from the private sector to head up this brain trust, but that’s just not the way things shake out in Annapolis. So they dust the cobwebs off former Lt. Governor Kathleen Kennedy-Townsend and trot her out for a spin. These decisions do not engender “optimism”.

Well, here are some simple things this administration, and those that follow, can do to “help” the private sector when it comes to them saving for retirement:

· ⇨ Reduce the tax burden on our corporations and businesses. Good things happen when companies retain greater earnings: they expand; and they invest in their people. A prosperous, growing company can be an employee’s best answer to a secure retirement.

· ⇨ Let Marylanders keep more of their own money. Cut income taxes across the board by 10% and allow them to invest in their own futures. Families with increased discretionary income can better prepare for the future needs of their children as well as their latter years.

· ⇨ Provide direct incentives to companies who create matching fund retirement accounts of up to a 5% match of the employee’s contribution.

· ⇨ Exempt all contributions to an individual’s retirement account from ever being subject to Maryland taxes, including the capital gains associated with the investment account.

· ⇨ Eliminate all inheritance taxes and estate taxes.

All in all, we just need Maryland to become a more business friendly state. A robust economy is an elixir for many ills and future retirement needs. We would also do ourselves a favor by exempting retirement income from the State income tax. This would allow our seniors to age in place and would make Maryland a friendlier climate for many retirees looking for a favorable place to park their money.

All of these things have been recommended by the Republican’s in the General Assembly. Many bills have been introduced that would accomplish much of what I have proposed, yet little meaningful action is taken by the Democratic leadership to address these challenges.

If we are going to do something to help private sector retirees we must lead by example; and the model we are displaying is a choice between piracy and passing the buck. Beware private pensioners!…I see the dome of the capitol on the horizon and she has hoisted the Jolly Roger!!!

Man Who Rammed Truck Into WMAR IDed, Charged With Attempted 2nd Degree Murder

A man claiming to be God slammed a stolen landscaping truck into a Baltimore-area television station Tuesday morning, then spent hours watching live TV news footage of the scene before local authorities arrested him.

He has been identified as 28-year-old Vladimir Mehul Baptist, of Parkville. Among the slew of charges he faces include three counts of attempted second-degree murder. Baptiste is being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center on $750,000 bail.

Derek Valcourt has more on the story.

Baltimore County law enforcement officials said the 28-year-old man was taken into custody at about 4 p.m. after spending nearly five hours barricaded inside the WMAR-TV station in Towson, watching journalists deliver live reports from just outside the building.

SPD Awards Ceremony And Police Week


US Marine Held In Mexican Jail; 36,000 Criminal Illegals In US Set Free

During the Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America there were a couple of times when we traveled very close to the US border with Mexico. As a matter of fact, some of our riders spotted a person illegally entering as we departed Douglas, AZ heading to the New Mexico border – and US Border Patrol was simply observing.

I say this as a backdrop for the recent travails of a US Marine, now being held in a Mexican jail. According to Fox News, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, a 25-year-old combat veteran, was jailed in late March after he missed a freeway exit near San Ysidro, Calif., and drove into Tijuana, where Mexican authorities discovered he had three guns in his car. Although the guns were legally owned in the United States, and Tahmooressi said he had no intention of traveling to Mexico, he’s been jailed for more than a month.

Proceedings against Tahmooressi are scheduled for May 28, though U.S. lawmakers are urging them to be expedited and for all charges to be dropped. The active US Marine reservist, who served two combat tours in Afghanistan, including a 2010 stint in the violent Marjah district, was moving from Florida to San Diego with a Marine friend to be close to his treatment center for his post-traumatic stress disorder at the time of his arrest.

The Hill's Budowsky: Hillary Will Win Presidency Easily

Hillary Clinton will run for president on the Democratic ticket and win as many as 45 states in 2016, says Brent Budowsky, a noted columnist for The Hill.

"If she does run, and the odds are at least 75 or 80 percent that she does, she'll win a big victory, 45, 42, 43, 46, 38 [states]" Budowsky told "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV.

Budowsky says Democrats will have a big problem during the 2014 midterm elections, but as far as Clinton is concerned, 2016 is hers for the taking.

"Republicans have a big problem in 2016. Republicans face a demographic disaster and they face a candidate who's stronger than the crowd that they've got right now," he said Monday.


First Lady Is 'Sanitizing' Islamic Terrorism for Political Correctness

First lady Michelle Obama is portraying the kidnapping of hundreds of schoolgirls in Nigeria as a plot to deny young females an education instead of calling it the work of Islamic extremists, says Steve Emerson, founder of the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

"This is the typical type of politically correct, muted language to sanitize our vernacular from any identification of these guys as Islamic terrorists," Emerson told "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV.


Michael Savage: Pope Should Redistribute Vatican's Income First

Conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage says if Pope Francis wants income redistribution he should start with his own Church.

On his Friday show, Savage said he would bid $1 million for Michelangelo's famous painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican.

"The reason I'm offering that money to the pope and the Vatican is so they can redistribute the wealth that begins in the Vatican itself," Savage said.

Savage said he was making a point that there is vast wealth within the Catholic Church, including priceless works of art and major shares in global companies. Gold ingots could be sold for redistribution purposes, Savage said.


Student handcuffed over ‘deadly’ lacrosse equipment

School now sued for 'police-state mindset'

A federal judge has cleared the path for two victims of a school’s “zero tolerance” program to sue officials over alleged violations of their constitutional rights.

The ruling comes from U.S. District Court Judge George L. Russell III, who turned back a request from the Board of Education in Talbot County, Maryland, to dismiss the case.

“This is a rare victory of reason and fairness over the kind of hysterical, irrational exercise of authority that teaches children to fear those in power – what I would call a draconian zero-tolerance policy run amok,” said John W. Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute, which is working on behalf of students Graham Dennis and Casey Edsall.

The arguments are based on the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment and Maryland’s declaration of rights.


New SU Tennis Courts, Parking Lots Under Construction

SALISBURY, MD---By late summer tennis aficionados will have new courts to play on and TETC, Fulton Hall and Holloway Hall will have 180 new parking spaces.

The outdoor tennis courts, currently off College Avenue, are being relocated near other campus recreational and athletics facilities off Bateman Street. They are expected to open in early July. The 12 new courts also will have dedicated visitors’ parking. The new ones will be available to the public, when not being used by SU students or the University.

The new parking area (Lot H), now also under construction, is expected to open in mid-August, prior to the start of fall semester. With minor exceptions, the small parking area (Lot G) behind TETC, will remain available throughout the summer. Upgrades to this lot include a new exit onto College Avenue.

Also new will be sidewalk and pedestrian walkway enhancements immediately behind Fulton Hall, connecting Holloway Hall to the TETC.

For more information, please email Jeffrey Downes, director of facilities planning and capital projects.

Benghazi Commission: The End Of Hillary Clinton’s Political Career

There are very ‘good’ reasons why the House Democrats are making threats of boycotting the recently approved commission on the Benghazi attack. All of them know that President Obama and the Secretary of State at the time, Hillary Clinton, did not properly discharge their duties during the attack.

“Unforeseen consequences” and “unpredictable twists and turns” had nothing to do with her failure to secure the compound or to send adequate security to protect it. Rather, she got every sort of warning from her own ambassador, the State Department, the CIA and the Defense Department. She just failed to act on them.”

Four Americans may have died needlessly including John Christopher Stevens, an American diplomat and lawyer who served as the U.S. Ambassador to Libya from June 2012 to September 12, 2012. His death was not only a humiliating defeat for the USA, it was a violent spectacle which most Americans do not understand how it could have happened.


St. Louis Store Owner Pleads Guilty to $1.9 million in Food Stamp Fraud

Taxpayers lost more than $600,000 after a St. Louis shop owner illegally sold cologne, cigarettes, and calling cards to people using food stamps in 2011. He also provided a cash back option to customers using food stamps, which is also against the law.

Ebraheem Maki Naif, the owner of Gravois Discount Smokes, pled guilty to one felony count of food stamp fraud last week. He faces up to 10 years in prison and/or fines of up to $250,000. He will be sentenced in August.

From 2008-2012, Naif redeemed $1.9 million in food stamp benefits from the federal government. In 2011, that number was $690,198, but he only reported $80,800 worth of sales through food stamps that year to the city of St. Louis. That resulted in an overpayment of $609,398 in 2011 because of his scheme.

Naif also agreed to forfeit a vehicle and $30,765 taken from him by authorities during the investigation.


VIDEO: Cops Raid Family Party, Pepper Spray Children, Taser Grandma

Baytown Police, who were responding to a noise complaint, turned an evening of joy into a nightmare for those involved.

For something as trivial as a noise complaint, police felt it necessary to dispatch 5-10 officers and enter through the back door in a SWAT style raid.

Once inside, the situation quickly turned violent. Pepper spray, tasers, and pistol whipping was now the scene inside this house, which moments early consisted of laughing and celebrating.


Public Notice of Closed Session





2 Men Charged With Stealing US Postal Carts In Md.

BALTIMORE (AP) -- Prosecutors say a federal grand jury has indicted two Maryland men on charges of stealing $2.2 million worth of aluminum carts from the U.S. Postal Service.

The indictment announced Tuesday charges 52-year-old Aaron Keith Howard of Brooklyn, Maryland, and 57-year-old Roland Michael Muir of Glen Burnie with conspiracy and theft. Prosecutors say both suspects are in custody.

The indictment alleges the suspects stole the carts in Capitol Heights, painted over post office markings and sold more than 383,000 pounds of scrap aluminum to Maryland recyclers. They received $223,717 in cash.


Worcester County Bureau Of Investigation Press Release 5-14-14

Reminder - Applications Due Monday May 19th

The Delaware State Police & American Legion is accepting applications for the 43rd Trooper Youth Week starting Monday, June 23, 2014 through Friday, June 27, 2014. This is a week-long live-in academy sponsored by the Delaware State Police and American Legion of Delaware designed to give high school students who are sincerely interested in law enforcement an opportunity to experience the rigors of training that police officers receive at the Delaware State Police Academy.

The students selected from a competitive pool, are required to participate in physical training as well as a variety of classroom instruction ranging from crime scene and accident investigation. The program sponsored by the American Legion of Delaware, is facilitated by Uniform Troopers assigned to the Delaware State Police Training Academy.

High School Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores are encouraged to complete an application. This can be done by contacting a School Resource Officer at their respective school or Corporal/1 Christopher Martin of the Delaware State Police at the Training Academy via email at or telephone 302-672-5459.

All completed applications must be submitted to Corporal/1 Christopher Martin via the DSP Academy located at 1441 N. DuPont Hwy Dover, De 19901 no later than 3:00 p.m. Monday, May 19, 2014.

Clay Aiken called as winner of the Democratic congressional primary

American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken has won what had been a hotly contested Democratic primary for a North Carolina congressional seat after his opponent suddenly died on Monday.

The final, unofficial vote count that was posted Tuesday and it ruled that Aiken was the winner.

The county-by-county tally of the 2nd Congressional District race posted by the state Tuesday confirmed Aiken got more than 40 per cent of the vote needed to win the three-candidate race.

Aiken will face Republican incumbent Renee Ellmers in November in the GOP-leaning district where Mitt Romney won nearly six in 10 votes in 2012.


AT&T Expands 4G LTE to Salisbury

Big news to announce in Salisbury this morning…. 

AT&T launched our 4G LTE network in Salisbury. This means that businesses, residents and visitors will get to experience the most out of their smartphones – speeds that are 10x faster than 3G and 4x faster than previously available (HSPA+ aka 4G). Our website and the news release below goes into more details about 4G LTE and its benefits, but basically, it is the future of our wireless network and the new standard. Data travels more efficiently and call quality improves as well. Customers will experience a noticeable difference.

We Are One Nation | Dr. Ben Carson

Gay Marriage Foes Argue Against Tide to Revive Virginia’s Ban

A bid to revive Virginia’s gay- marriage ban follows a series of defeats this year for opponents of same-sex unions, after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in June triggered challenges to restrictions nationwide.

Lawyers for two county clerks are set today to ask the U.S. Court of Appeals in Richmond to reinstate the law in the face of 11 consecutive rulings in favor of same-sex marriage in state and federal courts. Their own attorney general, Democrat Mark Herring, refused to defend the law before it was ruled unconstitutional by a lower court judge in February.

The case is the third to reach a federal appeals court since the Supreme Court struck down a U.S. statute defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman. One or more of those cases may return the issue to the Supreme Court, which stopped short of declaring a right to gay marriage.

Today’s hearing comes just four days after an Arkansas judge declared that state’s bar to same-sex marriage invalid, basing his decision in part on a 1967 high-court ruling that voided a Virginia law banning interracial-marriage.


This Is Why They Should Knock First: Multiple Cops Shot, One Killed in No Knock Raid

A lot of people — innocent people — and their pets have wound up dead during no knock raids in recent years in this country.

A no knock raid is when officers can serve a warrant on a house without notifying the residents first. At all. Period. Without ringing the doorbell, calling first, a knock, nothing. Police typically do it in the middle of the night or in the wee hours of the morning, too, when people are more likely to be asleep. The majority of these raids aren’t even for violent crimes or imminent threats to life and limb, but drug crimes.

So a lot of people tend to die. It’s a pretty stupid way to enforce laws.

We live in a country where the citizenry are armed. If it’s the middle of the night and you hear someone busting through your front door, and if you exercise your 2nd Amendment rights by owning a firearm, your first reaction is going to be to draw that firearm to protect yourself and your family.

If you do that when a burglar or worse is breaking into your house to possibly cause harm to you and your family and property, then you’ve done the wise thing. That’s called self-defense.


US Drones May Aid Search for Abducted Nigerian Girls

The United States has deployed a team comprised of intelligence, military, law enforcement, and diplomatic specialists to Abuja, the Nigerian capital, to help find more than 250 schoolgirls abducted by Islamist extremists, The Washington Post reported.

The United States is already conducting reconnaissance flights over Nigeria and weighing whether to add drones, already stationed in nearby countries, into the hunt for the hostages, according to the Post. Washington will likely also use satellite and electronic intercepts in combing the area, which is the size of New England.

Drones based in Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Niger are currently searching for al-Qaida terrorists, as well as Lord's Resistance Army chief Joseph Kony. Some of those drones may be diverted to the Nigerian investigation.

The girls are being held for ransom by Boko Haram, which claims to have converted some of them to Islam. Nigerian authorities have been criticized for waiting three weeks before making the girls' fate much of an issue.


White family stalked, pummeled by black mob

'Daddy we thought you were going to die'

A family of eight, “just enjoying their Mother’s Day weekend in Savannah,” were savagely attacked by an unknown number of blacks in the Georgia city, that left several family members injured, including a 6-year-old girl who was “punched in the stomach.”

A report from WTOC-TV said the attack on eight members of a family visiting from Atlanta happened in downtown Savannah on Saturday night.

Family members said they had finished eating dinner in a Savannah restaurant and were walking along River Street.

According to a crime report from the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department posted on Facebook, an officer described responding to the family of Rob Gray, his brother-in-law and others.

“All of a sudden,” the police report said, “a black male and a black female forcefully walked through his [Mr. Thomas'] family bumping into him and the small children in his family.”


Fact check: Maryland Candidates For Governor At Their First Debate

The Democratic candidates for governor in Maryland met at the University of Maryland, College Park this past week for their first debate ahead of the party primary June 24.

Here, we’re taking a deeper dive into some of their claims. Follow the links to jump to each particular one:

Marijuana Is More Addictive These Days — Here's Why

One of the common misconceptions people have about marijuana is that it isn't addictive. Dr. Samuel Ball of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASAColumbia) explains how marijuana has evolved over the years and debunks the myth that weed isn't an addictive substance.


Karl Rove: Hillary May Have Brain Damage

Republican operative Karl Rove said during a conference last week that Hillary Clinton may have brain damage, the New York Post's Page Six reports.
According to Page Six, Rove was at a conference near Los Angeles on Thursday when he said, "Thirty days in the hospital? And when she reappears, she’s wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury? We need to know what’s up with that."

Rove repeated the claim multiple times, according to Page Six. A representative for Clinton told the Post, "Please assure Dr. Rove she’s 100 percent."


Wicomico Public Information Officer said this

Suspect's mug shot withheld

The Daily Times has asked for but is not being given the mug shot for rape suspect Jocori Marece Scarborough. Wicomico County Public Information Officer Tamara Lee-Brooks wrote in an email that a legal analysis was done and "based on the analysis it is believed that release of the photo would endanger the life or physical safety of the individual charged."

The newspaper subsequently sent formal Public Information Act requests to Lee-Brooks and Wicomico Bureau of Investigation Sgt. David Owens on Tuesday evening. Lee-Brooks' response was "Lol! Have a great evening!"

This is ridiculous if accurate. Does she not know that she works for the "public"? Even a Daily Times reporter deserves more respect than this!

Heat Information for Wicomico Students in Schools without Air Conditioning

In anticipation of hot weather in the weeks ahead, Wicomico County Public Schools would like to remind Wicomico school families of the excused absence option for students attending schools that are not fully air conditioned.

When the forecasted high temperature for the day exceeds 85 degrees, parents and guardians may choose not to have their child attend that day if the child attends Bennett Middle, East Salisbury Elementary or West Salisbury Elementary, or areas of Pittsville Elementary and Middle that do not have air conditioning.

Upon the student’s return to school, parents and guardians must provide a note naming the heat as the reason for the absence, in order for the absence to be excused. Students will be allowed to make up work that they miss during these excused absence days.

Every effort will be made to provide for the comfort of students who attend schools on hot days. Students may have water bottles in the classroom and are urged to wear attire that will keep them cooler while still meeting the dress code. In classrooms and hallways, fans keep the air moving and lights are oven shut off to create a more comfortable learning environment.

For further information, please contact the school.

Wicomico County Donation Supports Wildlife

Wicomico County offers a prime example of a recycling program designed to support the environment. Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt announces that the Department of Public Works – Roads Division’s recent donation of nearly 40 used street sign poles to the Maryland Waterfowlers Association (MDWFA) and Maryland Wood Duck Initiative (MWDI) will be used to install wood duck nesting boxes.

Wood Duck boxes simulate a natural nesting structure – a tree knot hole – found in the wild.

Aaron Ward, Wicomico County representative for the MDFWA commented, “Wood Ducks nest in a wooded or semi-wooded environment where they can nest, as well as loaf, safely from predators.”

The wooden box, mounted on the metal pole, is protected by a cone shaped guard to prevent predators from climbing up the pole and accessing the box and harming the hen or the eggs. This latest donation brings the total of donated sign posts to approximately 100 posts to support local waterfowl populations since 2008.

Hunter Biden joins the team of Burisma Holdings

Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’s largest private gas producer, has expand edits Board of Directors by bringing onMr. R Hunter Biden as a new director.

R. Hunter Biden will be in charge of the Holdings’ legal unit and will provide support for the Company among international organizations. On his new appointment, he commented: “Burisma’s track record of innovations and industry leadership in the field of natural gas means that it can be a strong driver of a strong economy in Ukraine. As a new member of the Board, I believe that my assistance in consulting the Company on matters of transparency, corporate governance and responsibility, international expansion and other priorities will contribute to the economy and benefit the people of Ukraine.”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Burisma Holdings, Mr. Alan Apter, noted: “The company’s strategy is aimed at the strongest concentration of professional staff and the introduction of best corporate practices, and we’re delighted that Mr. Biden is joining us to help us achieve these goals.”


Out Of Maryland, A Cry For Nigeria: 'Bring Back Our Girls!'

It has been four weeks since more than 250 Nigerian schoolgirls were abducted from their boarding school. In that month, search efforts for the girls have been largely fruitless, even as media outlets continue to spread their story. It's caught the attention of communities around the world, including many Nigerian-Americans living in the U.S.

On Mother's Day, members of one of the country's largest Nigerian-American communities gathered in Bowie, Md., to lift their voices and protest signs. Janet Aiyegbusi, a hair salon owner and mother of two, organized the rally outside the Redeemed Christian Church of God. In the church parking lot, Temi Bodunrin sold red T-shirts emblazoned with the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls.

Bodunrin says the rally was a way for the group to express its sympathy. "We have to for our kids, for the girls. I'm the mother of three girls, so I can imagine — well, I cannot fathom, start to fathom what the mothers are going through."


Coming Soon To Your TV: Campaign Ads Targeted At You

NPR's Mara Liasson interviewed top Democratic ad-man Jim Margolis recently as part of her research for a story about political advertising aimed at women.

Much of the interview didn't make the final radio piece, but the picture he painted of the not-too-distant political future was fascinating — and a little unsettling.

Here are some excerpts from that interview:

Mara Liasson: If I'm a female voter living in North Carolina and the [Sen.] Kay Hagan campaign wants to reach me—how does it work?

Jim Margolis: When you log on in the morning to check the weather, there's a good chance someone is going to be talking to you right there. And depending on where you have been and what kind of websites you have been on before, there's probably a good probability that we're going to know that you are a woman. And we're going to know some of the kinds of things that interest or maybe reproductive rights. And even the kind of website you are on is going to tell us a lot about who you are and the kind of things you care about because we are increasingly turning to the same kind of sites that others with similar views go to. So there you may have a pop up ad or you may have what's called pre-roll, where a little advertisement that's actually video that's running as you check that website.


Telsa to create 6,500 jobs

Tesla is on its way to creating 6,500 new American jobs.That company wants to open a new so-called gigafactory to produce batteries for its cars and solar systems. So far, Telsa has raised about half of the $5 billion dollars needed to open the factory, and when that one's done they'll start working on the next. They're looking at locations in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas as a possible site for their new plant, which will produce 500,000 lithium-ion battery packs a year. The electric car manufacturer wants to increase their market share by introducing an affordable electric car for the masses, which means that they'll need a whole lot of batteries to power their vehicles. Tesla's current Model S sedan sells for about $70,000, but a large part of that price comes from the cost of the car's battery. By producing more batteries and lowering the cost through economies of scale, Tesla hopes to put electric vehicles within reach of average workers. Once again, we see good science is good business, and it's also a great way to create green, middle-class jobs.

Cooling Down Your Brain

If you find yourself yawning a lot lately, lack of sleep or oxygen may not be the cause. According to new research published in the journal Physiology & Behavior, yawns are actually a way to cool down our brains. In order to test their theory, researchers compared the yawning frequency of people outdoors during summer and winder months in Vienna, Austria. Then, they compared those results with an identical study from Arizona. They discovered that people yawn more often during warmer months, and found that yawns were even less contagious in cooler temperatures. In addition, the study found that yawning isn't effective at cooling down our brain when ambient temperatures are as hot – or hotter – than our bodies. So, next time you can't stop yawning, you may want to try cooling off instead of napping.

Restaurant Knocks $5 Off Brunch Bill For “Well Behaved Kids”

While parents who let their kids run wild in public are often the object of (much-deserved) scorn and derision, moms and dads whose youngsters behave themselves rarely get the high-five they deserve for reducing the world’s general level of brattiness. But yesterday, a restaurant in Canada decided that a family with a non-rowdy kid deserved a break on their bill.

Last night, a parent in Calgary posted the above receipt from an area Japanese restaurant to Reddit.


Banks Inside Walmart Stores Lead Nation In Raking In Fees From Customers

A number of different banks operate branches inside more than 1,000 Walmart stores in the U.S., and many of these banks market themselves to consumers who may not be targeted by larger institutions because of low income or lack of savings and credit. A new analysis of the institutions most frequently found at Walmart found that these banks are also the most reliant on charging fees to their customers.

The Wall Street Journal looked at the U.S. banks where fees make up the highest percentage of revenue. Five of the top 10 also happen to be the five banks with the most branches located inside of Walmart stores.

The average bank in the U.S. only gets about .7% of its revenue from fees charged to customers. But the five banks with the highest number of in-Walmart branches get anywhere from 11.3% to 20% (median 12.7%) of their revenue from these fees.

And while the bank with the highest percentage of revenue from fees (Sunbank, at 20.9%) only has 12 branches, all 12 of them are in Walmart stores.


Vermont Hikes Minimum Wage to $10.50

Vermont is the latest state to approve a minimum wage hike.

The state's lawmakers passed a bill Saturday that raises the minimum wage in phases from $8.73 to $10.50 by 2018.

Gov. Peter Shumlin is expected to sign the bill, his office confirmed.

"We're raising the minimum wage higher in each of the next four years, joining a growing number of states nationwide that are moving on their own in the face of congressional inaction," Gov. Shumlin said in a prepared statement.


GOP will start Benghazi probe without Dems after Nancy Pelosi rejects committee rules

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has rejected the terms of a GOP-created select committee on Benghazi, but Republicans are moving ahead without them.

A top aide to House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, told theWashington Examiner that the Benghazi Select Committee met today for the first time and plans to move ahead with its investigation, despite the missing Democrats.

"We made a fair offer," Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said. "We hope they appoint Democrats. At this point, it's time to get to work."

Pelosi, D-Calif., rejected the panel's terms in letter to Boehner that was in response to GOP proposal about the select panel would operate.