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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Virginia policewoman killed on her first day on job; Army sergeant charged

(Reuters) - An off-duty U.S. Army sergeant stationed at the Pentagon has been charged with fatally shooting a Virginia police officer on her first day on the job as she responded to a domestic disturbance at a home outside Washington, authorities said on Sunday.

Ashley Guindon, 28, an officer with the Prince William County Police and a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, died of her wounds after being shot on Saturday evening, a day after she was sworn in as a member of the force, the department said.

Two other officers, Jesse Hempen, 31, and David McKeown, 33, were also shot during the altercation and remained hospitalized, Chief Steve Hudson said during a news conference.


Puppy Lost In Salisbury


Since you have a very good record with connecting missing and lost pets with their owners, I was wondering if you could post this missing puppy notice. My mother-in-law's pit bull puppy went missing this weekend while the house sitter was there while my mother-in-law was away on vacation. Female puppy with the name
Heaven on the tags along with a contact phone number. The puppy is missing in the Walston Switch Road and Shavox Rd area of Salisbury.

Please contact (410)713-9188 or (443)366-8411 with any leads. Thank you.

Gold Alert Issued for Missing Hartly Woman

Dover, DE - The Delaware State Police are issuing a Gold Alert for Peggy Sue Wright, 31, of Hartly, Delaware.

Troopers are looking for Peggy Sue Wright who has not been seen since approximately 9:00 p.m. on Friday, February 26, 2015, after she left her residence in Hartly, DE.

There is a concern for Wright's safety and welfare as troopers have been unable to make contact with her to check on her welfare and attempts to locate her have been unsuccessful.

Peggy Wright is described as being 5’00” tall, weighs approximately 100 lbs., and has dark brown or black hair. She was last seen wearing flowered sweatpants and a camouflage sweatshirt.

If anyone has any information in reference to the whereabouts of Peggy Sue Wright they are asked to call Troop 3 at 302-697-4454. Information may also be provided by callingDelaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet at, or by sending an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

Comments Worthy Of A Post 2-27-16

Despite Claims From Clinton and Sanders, Free College Isn’t Possible

A Viewer stated: 

Wicomico county is talking now of doing this for residents and at worwic !
February 27, 2016 at 8:25 AM
Blogger JoeAlbero said...
8:25, While you are correct, there's a lot more to this proposal then the local media mentioned.

First of all, if you offered this to each and every graduating student in Wicomico County, (all of them) it would only cost around $500,000.00. I want you to keep that in mind for starters.

Clearly not every student is going to choose to go to WorWic.

That being said, the numbers you have been told are completely inflated. Some media sources stated it would cost around $900,000.00 and they are absolutely clueless.

All that being said, MANY local businesses and organizations have stepped up to the plate to make donations towards the $300,000.00 expense, a far more realistic number. In fact yesterday one business donated $50,000.00 towards this program.

I would think businesses like Pohanka would allow their customers to donate $100.00 per sold vehicle towards this program. Other dealers could start doing the same. You have Perdue and all the other chicken companies I'm sure would love to participate in a program most of these companies firmly believe in.

So in the end it more than likely will NOT cost the taxpayers a single penny. Bob Culver created an incredible idea with this program and should get the credit for doing something so incredible.

That being said, IT WILL BUILD OUR ECONOMY!!! Rather then shipping young adults OUT of the area, they will instead remain for at least 2 to 3 more years.

Mind you, I am not at all pleased with the minimum grade point average but like every program I have ever encountered, I'm not going to agree with a hundred percent of it, nor are you.

So let's give credit where credit is due. All Republicans and Democrats should get on board with it.

If you have ANY questions about the program, feel free to do so in comments and I will answer them all.

A Major Reason Why We Must Remove ALL Liberal Elected Officials In Maryland

The following information is the most incredible bill proposal I've ever seen in my 13 years of running Salisbury News.

One of the main reasons why I continue to go after our local and state Main Stream Media is because YOU NEVER get to hear about these incredible bills in advance. These news organizations are stacked with reporters, (or should I say actors) who only publish what is fed to them.

This is a very dangerous curve in America any more these days because there is NO accountability and I say this is absolutely on purpose. 

The information below is only a small portion of HB1312. Might I add, if you click on that link and attempt to read this 85+ page bill, unless you know more information you'll never understand what it is all about.

It is high time Miller and Busch are removed from leadership. That goes for all of the other LIBERALS too soft on criminals and quite frankly Maryland, (should this pass) will be the greatest state in AMERICA to become a criminal.

If you don't understand portions of what I have provided don't hesitate to let me know in comments and I will attempt to clarify your questions.

I understand this is a long Post, get over it. IF you care about your Maryland, you'll take the time to read it in full and make an immediate change in the next election. 

Page 1- overview of this bill. (Only certain cases and certain inmates are going to be supervised? Decreasing the sentences against those convicted of drug manufacturing and distribution, I thought we were in the middle of a heroine epidemic. Would it be wise to let more dealers out and minimize their sentences? Expanding the earned compliancy credit, so reducing the sentence that a judge imposed and increasing the amount of these credits.  The highlighted sections are some of the key points.)

Justice Reinvestment Act

3 FOR the purpose of requiring the Division of Parole and Probation to conduct a certain risk

4 and needs assessment on certain inmates and include the results in certain case

5 records; establishing requirements for a certain case plan; requiring the Division of

6 Correction to have a certain study conducted at certain intervals on a certain

7 assessment tool for a certain purpose; increasing a certain monthly deduction

8 allowed to an inmate of a State correctional facility whose term of confinement

9 includes a certain sentence for a certain crime of manufacturing, distributing,

10 dispensing, or possessing a controlled dangerous substance; increasing the

11 maximum monthly deductions allowed to an inmate of a State correctional facility

12 for manifesting satisfactory progress in certain work projects or programs;

13 increasing the maximum number of diminution credits that an inmate of a State

14 correctional facility may earn in a month; requiring the Division of Parole and

15 Probation to administer a certain risk and needs assessment on a certain supervised

16 individual; requiring the Division of Parole and Probation to supervise a certain

17 individual based on the results of a certain risk and needs assessment; requiring the

18 Division of Parole and Probation to develop an individualized case plan for each

19 individual with a certain assessment; requiring the Division of Parole and Probation

20 to modify the conditions of probation or suspension of sentence for the purpose of

21 imposing certain graduated sanctions; requiring the Division of Parole and Probation

22 to report to the court on certain graduated sanctions imposed under certain

23 circumstances; expanding eligibility for certain earned compliance credits to a person

24 incarcerated, on probation, or convicted in this State for violation of certain

25 prohibitions relating to manufacturing, distributing, dispensing, or possessing a

26 controlled dangerous substance; requiring the Maryland Parole Commission or the

27 court to adjust the period of a certain supervised individual’s supervision on a certain

28 recommendation for earned compliance credits accrued under a certain program;

29 requiring the Division of Parole and Probation to transfer a certain individual to a

30 certain abatement status under certain circumstances; requiring the Division of

31 Parole and Probation to inform a certain supervised individual of a certain transfer

Page 2 – (a certificate of rehabilitation? Does this mean they have completed their sentence and are completely rehabilitated from a life a crime? Do agents and correctional officers have that power over free will? Is this to absolve the offender of all of their sins?)

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder: ‘All Lives Matter’ a Racial Slur, ‘White Folks Gotta Give Up Something’

Black Lives Matter co-founder Marissa Jenae Johnson said the phrase “all lives matter” is a “new racial slur,” in a recent interview with Fox News national correspondent John Roberts.

“White Americans have created the conditions that require a phrase like ‘Black Likes Matter,'” said the 24-year-old Seattle-based activist. “Do you know how horrific it is to grow up as a child in a world that so hates you? While you’re literally being gunned down in the street, while you’re being rounded up and mass incarcerated and forced into prison slavery.”

“Black Lives Matter is not a strong enough statement for me,” Johnson added.


An Incredible Rescue Almost 10 Years Ago, 2006

Last Friday I received a call from a friend of mine looking for some help. His brother had been on the road and saw an injured Eagle and was desperately looking for DNR to come get this animal as it was crossing a very busy road and hopping around.

DNR was taking its time getting there and they actually felt as if they actually weren't going to arrive, so they called Jennifer and I to see if we could somehow help out. We immediately got in the truck and took off for the location they last saw it and by the time we had arrived DNR was in fact there.

However, they were not willing to go into this field and start looking for it as it was starting to turn dark. I didn't think of bringing my flashlight so I started across this field using the flash from my camera to help me see better. The next thing I knew the DNR Agent started across the field after me some 5 minutes later.

We looked for as long as we could and then I decided it would be best to come back in the morning. The DNR Agent assured me he would be out early the next morning to look himself but when I arrived the next morning I was told by the owners of the property no one had been out that morning besides me. I then called to try and reach this Agent and was informed this was his day off. Go Figure!

I couldn't find a trace after looking for a couple of hours and I decided to leave and I pretty much had forgotten about it. The next thing I knew I received a phone call from my friend again telling me his brother had just seen it again some 2 or 3 miles away from the original location so Jennifer and I took off once again, this time we were very prepared though.

We arrived at the location and he informed us that it had been up by the road but had headed back some 200 yards away and went into the woods. I thought, uh oh, not again. He escorted us back to where he had seen it last and we had to get through a couple of streams to go any further and I was the only one with boots on for just that, so I went in.

Within a few minutes I could hear some rattling and movement and low and behold I saw something moving. I called back to Jennifer to come forward in the direction I had come and the next thing I knew, there he was! He had an obvious injury to one of his wings and for what it's worth Folks, he almost looked as if he was saying, I need help.

Jennifer arrived with a blanket and once she saw him she took off running after him just like a professional. I was so impressed it wasn't funny! She jumped out towards him and threw the blanket on top on him and the next thing I knew he was on his back looking up at her. She reached under the blanket and gently took hold of his legs so he couldn't crush her hands/fingers and got a good grip around his neck and it was amazing just how relaxed he instantly became.

I Can't Believe This Happened Almost 10 Years Ago

I thought I'd share something with all of you that probably never knew this. 

The Salisbury Zoo Will Never Have Another Jennifer Albero!

I received a telephone call this past weekend from the State Police asking if we could come out and rescue a small buck in a field near the Bypass. I had asked if DNR was called and the reply was, they won't answer their phone.

One of the VERY special God Given Talents Jennifer brought to the Salisbury Zoo was the uncanny effect she had working with animals. They treated her like she was their Mother. No one before, nor after Jennifer could incubate birds and infant animals and keep them alive, seriously.

Of course this Post is going to bring the Zoo Staff and the Mayor out of the woodwork and they'll be slamming me every chance they get here but the truth is the truth. You CANNOT deny photos such as this, IN THE WILD where a human being can just walk up to a wild animal and pet them and say hello.

Since DNR wasn't available we did in fact rescue this animal but it too had a sad ending. He had to be euthanized because of health problems and we were assured he would not survive. That doesn't mean we didn't try. We brought him to a trusted Veterinarian who looked him over thoroughly and made the call.

The State Police, City Police & County Sheriffs Department are on the ball Folks and they stuck it out trying to help and save this animal. Jennifer and I are truly grateful.

We Thought We'd Also Ask Your Opinion

We had been told that the Wicomico County Logo had been created many years ago by a student using a crayon. While some Idiots may say the logo is racist, we just feel it is unprofessional and does not depict the beauty of the County itself.

That being said, we went ahead and created our own and wanted to see what YOU think of it. We would also encourage any one of you to create your own ideas and or put those ideas in comments and we'll try to recreate them for a future Post. 

Obama Thanks Black Lives Matter Leaders for Their ‘Outstanding Work’

Flanked by liberal legislators, and Black Lives Matter founders Brittany Packnett and DeRay Mckesson, President Obama told White House meeting of young militant leftists that they “are much better organizers” than he was at their age, and that he is “confident that they are going to take America to new heights.”

During Thursday’s meeting on the U.S. criminal justice system, Obama praised Baltimore mayoral candidate DeRay Mckesson for his “outstanding work mobilizing in Baltimore around these issues.”

Yesterday, the President thanked the leaders of the 'Black Lives Matter' movement, calling it “outstanding work”

— FOX & Friends (@foxandfriends) February 19, 2016

More than 30 Baltimore businesses and buildings, including a senior living facility, were burned to the ground last April by hundreds of thugs enraged over the police-involved death of Freddie Gray.

Obama thanked the room of leftists for “the degree of focus and seriousness and constructiveness” they bring to the issue of police violence.

More here

Anyone Want To Tell Me Why Our Prices Are So High On The Shore

Taken moments ago in ANNAPOLIS.

Two Pedestrians Struck In Worcester County, One Deceased

Snow Hill and Stockton Fire EMS on scene 2 pedestrians struck by a vehicle, one patient deceased and the other patient priority one. Trooper four requested on Greenbackville Rd.

Update: a county roads dump truck from Worcester Co. has struck 2 county roads employees.

Correction: Our original source has informed us that it was a vehicle that struck them working outside their dump truck. 

Just released: A song about Salisbury Maryland

I’m Done Apologizing For Being White, And You Should Be Too

I’ve often been told I have no right to write about race.

I’ve also been told that I pompously “think I have a right” to write about race just because I married a Mexican.

And you know what? Often I find myself second guessing nine-tenths of what I say because, undoubtedly I’ll say something that someone somewhere will scream about how I have no right to say for one simple fact:

I’m white.

Even as I sit here writing this, I’ve stopped and started at least a dozen times, thinking about the right way to put all this to mitigate the inevitable backlash.

But you know what? That’s actually the entire point.

We need to stop apologizing for being white.


Driver Finally Named In Hitting Two Worcester County Road Crew Employees

The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Responded to a fatal motor vehicle crash on Monday 2-22-16 where two Worcester County roads workers were struck by a car. Scott Tatterson of Pocomoke Maryland was killed in the incident.

The Driver of the vehicle that struck the Worcester County workers was identified as Marion Marine Jones Jr, 59 years of age from Stockton, Md.

Originally published at 12:30

New York Lawmaker Vows to Ban Food Stamp Recipients from Buying Steak, Lobster, Candy

Republican State Senator Patty Ritchie of New York introduced a bill that would prohibit food stamp recipients from using their benefits to buy lobster, steak, and candy bars.

“Many of these items aren’t just unhealthy,” Ritchie said in a statement about her proposal, “they’re also expensive.”

New York state’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) already forbids food stamp recipients from making non-food purchases for alcohol and tobacco products.

Ritchie wants to expand the current law to cover what she calls “luxury food items,” like cakes and energy drinks.

Currently, federal law prohibits states from regulating SNAP benefits.


Dear Hillary Clinton: pay attention.

Delaware Cop Breaking The Law

1 in 4 Americans on Verge of Financial Ruin

The rich keep getting richer. The rest of us aren’t so lucky.

According to a survey released Tuesday by of more than 1,000 adults, nearly one in four Americans have credit card debt that exceeds their emergency fund or savings. And that’s partially because many people, in addition to their debt, don’t have a dime in their emergency fund at all: another Bankrate survey released earlier this year found that 29% of Americans have no emergency savings at all.

These numbers mean that many Americans are “teetering on the edge of financial disaster,” says Greg McBride,’s chief financial analyst — thanks to the fact that they might be hard-pressed to pay for an emergency should one arise. “Not only do most of them not have enough savings, they’ve all used up some portion of their available credit — they are running out of options.”


Police push for tougher drunken driving laws in Maryland

WASHINGTON — Maryland law enforcement leaders are urging state lawmakers to expand the use of ignition interlock requirements to help stop drunken driving.

They joined police officers on Wednesday who have been injured by drunk drivers to push a group of bills.

A measure before lawmakers would require all drunken drivers with blood alcohol contents of 0.08 or greater to have the ignition interlock devices. State law now requires them for those with a BAC of 0.15, nearly twice the legal limit for driving.

The bill is being called “Noah’s Law” because of the December death of Officer Noah Leotta. He was killed while working on a driving-under-the-influence assignment by a suspected drunken driver with two previous convictions.

“In the last three years, I’ve had 49 of my cops in Montgomery County alone hit by drunk drivers,” said Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger.

“The saddest thing about DUI collisions is that they’re 100 percent avoidable,” added La Plata Police Chief Carl Schinner.


The System Supplying America's Chickens Pits Farmer Vs. Farmer

After reading Christopher Leonard's The Meat Racket, a broadside against the contract-farming system, I decided to take a closer look at it.

I drove to North Carolina and ended up in the kind of place that supplies practically all of our chickens: a metal-sided, 500-foot-long structure near the town of Fairmont.

In the dim light, I see 30,000 little chicks scuttling around on the floor. "They're 12 days old," explains Craig Watts, who's growing these birds for Perdue Farms.

Perdue owns the chickens. It also supplies the feed that they eat. About a month from now, when the birds have grown to about 4.5 pounds, the company will send a truck to carry them away, and Watts will get paid. But he never knows how big his check will be.

"It's like that test you took in school — you kind of want to know how you did, but you really don't? It's that kind of feeling," he says.

The uncertainty is part of a peculiar payment system that the chicken industry uses. It's often called a tournament. Critics say it's more like a lottery.

The companies set an average price that they will pay for raising the chickens — in this case, 5 cents per pound. But some farmers will get more than that, and others less, depending on a formula that measures their performance. It's mainly based on feed efficiency: how much weight the chickens gained, compared to how much feed the company supplied.


Worcester County Accident Update

In regards to the fatal crash that occurred yesterday we would like to update the following:

The decedent is:

Scott Patrick Tatterson 48 of Pocomoke City

The critically injured person is:

Wade Kenneth Pusey 23 of Seaford, DE

NASA crew readies for next mission to International Space Station

In anticipation of a March 18 launch, crew members from NASA's Expedition 47 mission to the International Space Station take their final qualification exams at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City, Russia.