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Saturday, June 01, 2019

DOJ Preparing Anti-Trust Probe Of Google Examining ‘Search And Other Businesses,’ Reports Say

The U.S. Justice Department is preparing an anti-trust investigation of Google and is expected to examine the tech giant's "search and other businesses."

The Federal Trade Commission, which investigated Google several years ago, is deferring the investigation to the DOJ this time, The Wall Street Journal reported.

"With turf now settled, the department is preparing to closely examine Google’s business practices related to its search and other businesses, the people said," according to The Journal. "It couldn’t immediately be learned whether Google has been contacted by the department. Third-party critics of the search giant, however, already have been in talks with Justice Department officials, some of the people familiar with the matter said."


Gunman accused of shooting ex admits he lied about aiming at bear, authorities say

He was trying to shoot a bear he saw in the Great Dismal Swamp Refuge, he told police. But his boyfriend got in the way and took the bullet.

When pressed by investigators, however, his story started to fall apart.

There was no bear.

Maurice Devonte Lee, 26, of Suffolk was arrested Tuesday on one count of assault with intent to commit murder. A preliminary hearing and detention hearing are set for Friday in U.S. District Court in Norfolk.

If convicted, Lee faces the possibility of 20 years in federal prison.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Yusi declined to comment on the case, as did Lee's attorney, Assistant U.S. Public Defender Keith Kimball.


US Universities And Retirees Are Funding The Technology Behind China’s Surveillance State

Princeton University and the US’s largest public pension plan are among a number of stateside organizations funding technology behind the Chinese government’s unprecedented surveillance of some 11 million people of Muslim ethnic minorities.

Since 2017, Chinese authorities have detained more than a million Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities in political reeducation camps in the country’s northwest region of Xinjiang, identifying them, in part, with facial recognition software created by two companies: SenseTime, based in Hong Kong, and Beijing’s Megvii. A BuzzFeed News investigation has found that US universities, private foundations, and retirement funds entrusted their money to investors that, in turn, plowed hundreds of millions of dollars into these two startups over the last three years. Using that capital, SenseTime and Megvii have grown into billion-dollar industry leaders, partnering with government agencies and other private companies to develop tools for the Communist Party’s social control of its citizens.

Also among the diverse group of institutions helping to finance China’s surveillance state: the Alaska Retirement Management Board, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Rockefeller Foundation all of which are “limited partners” in private equity funds that invested in SenseTime or Megvii. And even as congressional leaders, such as Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, have championed a bill to condemn human rights abuses in Xinjiang, their own states’ public employee pension funds are invested in companies building out the Chinese government’s system for tracking Uighurs.

“The story here is why private equity firms and venture capitalists are aiding the government of China, which has a history of surveilling and curtailing behavior deemed inappropriate to the goals of the Communist Party,” said one US-based technology investor, who declined to be named for fear of ruining business relationships. Being a limited partner is “not an excuse” for ignorance, he added, noting that any organization deploying millions of dollars should bear some of that responsibility.


Attorney General Barr Discloses US Attorney Huber NEVER EVEN STARTED His Investigation — US Attorney John Durham Took Over His Work

Today on CBS Attorney General William Barr disclosed that the Huber investigation is over.

Huber was assigned to look at FISA applications and the electronic surveillance during the 2016 election and actions by Hillary Clinton.

Huber did not even start his investigation.

He didn’t do a damn thing!

AG Barr said this morning on CBS News that Huber did nothing and his work was taken over by the team he set up under US Attorney John Durham:

JAN CRAWFORD: Um, what’s the status of Huber’s investigation in Utah? I think the former Attorney General Sessions had asked him to look at this.
WILLIAM BARR: Right, so Huber had originally been asked to take a look at the FISA applications and the electronic surveillance but then he stood back and put that on hold while the Office of Inspector General was conducting its review, which would’ve been normal for the department. And he was essentially on standby in case Mr. Horowitz referred a matter to him to be handled criminally. So he has not been active on this front in recent months and so Durham is taking over that role. The other issues he’s been working on relate to Hillary Clinton. Those are winding down and hopefully we’ll be in a position to bring those to fruition.

Nearly 9-in-10 Illegal Aliens Recently Released into U.S. Not Showing Up to Court Hearings

Nearly 9-in-10 illegal aliens who have been recently released into the interior of the United States while they await their asylum hearings are not showing up to their court dates, according to a federal pilot program.

For almost half a year, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has ramped up its catch and release of border crossers and illegal aliens, specifically those arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border with children.

Since December 21, 2018, DHS has released at least 190,500 border crossers and illegal aliens into the interior of the United States. Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan told Congress this month that those foreign nationals are eventually given work permits that allow them to take U.S. jobs while awaiting their asylum hearings.


Professor Accused Of "Hostile Learning Environment" For Assigning Male Authors

A 22-year old female University of Utah student reported her business professor to campus administrators for, among other things, assigning too many historical texts written by influential male economists of the past.
“I understand the importance of studying the work of those before us and the importance of context,” wrote the student in a complaint to the university’s bias reporting system, where she labeled the professor’s transgressions “derogatory,” “degrading,” and “intimidating,” thereby causing a “hostile learning environment.”
The report also accused the professor of frequent sexist language, but the bulk of the complaint centered on his assigned readings for the business course.
“I believe it to no longer be necessary when teaching the foundations of our country’s economic system and those who helped build [its] ideals to be presented in conjunction with their sexist beliefs that have already planted their roots within our global and local communities,” the student stated in her complaint, filed in December 2018 and recently obtained by The College Fix through a public records act request.
The complaint was among 27 bias reports lodged at the public university in the Fall 2018 semester, according to the results of the request. The documents provided by the University of Utah redact all personal identifying information.


Actress Selma Blair Wears Head Wrap, Defends Herself After Cries Of ‘Cultural Appropriation’

On Tuesday, actress Selma Blair posted a photo to Instagram of herself with writer/director Rachel Fleit, who suffers from alopecia. The image features the two women wearing head wraps..

Fatforestgoddess wrote: "You are so wonderful and I know you mean no harm, but this is serious cultural appropriation. I’d be happy to have a private conversation about how this is hurtful to Sikhs if you're open to it."

A number of commenters dragged Fatforestgoddess:

"I’ve been scrolling and scrolling for someone to say this. Still looking for an offended Sikh."

"So nobody else on the planet can wear a head wrap except Sikhs? Wow."

"Are you Sikh? Because assuming you know what is and isn’t hurtful to Sikhs is offensive as well."

Joseph.a91 wrote: "This cultural accessory is very significant and precious to Sikh people. They even get bullied for it. Some are victims of racism and you’re wearing this as a fashion statement because you’re having a bad hair day? This is very, very alarming and ignorant. Don’t get me wrong. You have a great heart, my mother is struggling with a neuro-degenerative disease and I feel for you. But this picture is beyond pathetic and it is disappointing."


'Great white heroes' should kneel with Colin Kaepernick, former Pro Bowler says

A former Super Bowl champion said Thursday top white NFL quarterbacks should pick up where Colin Kaepernick was forced to leave off and begin kneeling for the national anthem to bring awareness to perceived racial and social injustice.

Martellus Bennett, who won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots in 2016 and made the Pro Bowl with the Chicago Bears in 2014, appeared at an Athletes + Activism forum hosted by The Atlantic columnist Jemele Hill.

He said if Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees joined the movement, it could cause some change, according to Yahoo Sports.


Obama Lies About Guns In The U.S. To A Crowd In Brazil

Former President Barack Obama told multiple lies on Thursday to a crowd in Brazil while discussing gun laws in the United States — something that he repeatedly did during his presidency.

In a clip flagged by Grabien's Tom Elliott, Obama stated: "Some of you may be aware our gun laws in the United States don't make much sense. Anybody can buy any weapon, any time. Without much, if any, regulation, they can buy it over the Internet, they can buy machine guns."


Rockoholics Rocking Caribbean Joe's

Former Dover Councilman arrested after pickup truck strikes Pride Parade official

A former Dover City Council member was arrested after his vehicle struck an official of the Pride Festival Parade with his vehicle.

Dover Police arrested 90-year-old Reuben Salters on charges 3rd Degree Vehicular Assault following the incident on Saturday morning.

Police reported the area of West Street and Forest Street had been blocked off by a series of barrel barricades and cones for The Pride Festival Parade.

Salters, driving a red Ford Ranger disregarded the barrels had been used to close the street, police stated.


Flag Status Alert: United States Flag and Maryland Flag Are at Half-Staff

 Flag Status Alert: United States Flag and Maryland Flag Are at Half-Staff

President Donald Trump has ordered the United States Flag be flown at half-staff effective immediately until sunset, Tuesday, June 4, 2019. This is done as a mark of solemn respect for the victims of the terrible act of violence perpetrated on May 31, 2019 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. As a matter of protocol, the Maryland flag is lowered to half-staff. No flag may fly higher than the United States flag.

GOP Obamacare alternative sails through Louisiana legislature

Louisiana’s legislature gave final approval Thursday to a GOP-crafted alternative to Obamacare, leaving Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards in a pickle as he faces re-election this fall.

The new bill, pushed by Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry, went through the House on a 90-9 vote Thursday evening, after previously passing the state Senate unanimously.

“We are one step closer to Louisiana becoming the country’s leaders in protecting patients with pre-existing conditions,” Mr. Landry said.

His legislation, the Health Care Coverage for Louisiana Families Protection Act, calls for the state’s insurance commission to open the health market to anyone not covered by an employer’s plan. Companies would then bid to offer insurance.

More here

Black Suspect Beats Up, Throws Man Onto Train Tracks ‘Because He Was White’

You won’t see this hate crime reported by the mainstream media.

Pittsburgh police say a suspect named Willie Hayes is behind bars after he threatened to kill a man, then threw him onto train tracks ‘because he was white.’

According to surveillance footage, William Hayes punched the victim, Charles Basarab, three times in the head before he threw him onto train tracks Saturday night in the Wood Street station in downtown Pittsburgh.

A SWAT team showed up to Hayes’ home early Thursday morning after identifying him from surveillance footage and arrested him.

The Rockoholics Live

What's More Expensive: Tariffs or Illegals?

How much does illegal immigration cost American taxpayers every year? Some estimates put that total conservatively at $116 billion annually for housing, education, healthcare, etc. And with the humanitarian crisis on our border exploding, as a growing number of Central and South American migrant caravans cross through Mexico on their way to the U.S. southern border, the costs are increasing exponentially.

President Donald Trump upped the pressure on the Mexican government to stop the flow of migrants by announcing a 5% tariff on all goods from Mexico.

The president explained: “For decades, the United States has suffered the severe and dangerous consequences of illegal immigration. Sadly, Mexico has allowed this situation to go on for many years… Mexico must step up and help solve this problem… my highest duty is the defense of the country and its citizens. A nation without borders is not a nation at all. I will not stand by and allow our sovereignty to be eroded, our laws to be trampled, or our borders to be disrespected anymore.”

Trump further noted the toll of illegal immigration on Americans, stating: “Thousands of innocent lives are taken every year as a result of this lawless chaos. It must end NOW! … Mexico’s passive cooperation in allowing this mass incursion constitutes an emergency and extraordinary threat to the national security and economy of the United States.”


Governor Hogan says he will not run for President in 2020, launches new organization

ANNAPOLIS (WBFF) Governor Hogan has announced that he will not run for President in 2020.

Instead he says that he is launching a national 501 (C) (4) advocacy group to continue to be a leader in the national conversation about where our nation needs to be headed to ensure a more prosperous, stronger, safer and united America in the years ahead.

Hogan says, "I truly appreciate all of the encouragement I received from people around the nation urging me to consider making a run for President in 2020. However, I will not be a candidate. Instead, I am dedicated to serving my second-term as Maryland Governor and in my new role leading the America’s governors as the incoming Chairman of the National Governors Association. That work is important, and I believe both of those roles will give me the opportunity to make an impact on the direction of my party and our nation.”


Rudy Giuliani Shreds Corrupt Biden Family - Accuses Joe Biden and Son of Bribery

Maxine Waters Let Obama's Cat Out of the Bag in 2013

When assembling a cabal, prudence dictates that one choose the participants with an eye toward circumspection. After all, a loudmouth is not the best repository for your darkest secrets.

President Barack Obama may be about to learn that lesson the hard way.

In 2010, following the roughshod passage of Obamacare, the American people during the midterm elections unambiguously expressed their disgust with high-handed government edicts. A furious populace handed a solid House majority to Republican leadership, who promptly squandered the opportunity, never missing a chance to stand down, pledging unconvincingly to "fight on the next one."

Epithets swirled like leaves in a dust devil. Spinelessness was given a new and deeper meaning, and dissatisfaction with the "establishment" went from an undercurrent to a raging flood.


2.1M Visited Assateague Last Year

ASSATEAGUE — A report released last week by the National Park Service revealed over 2.1 million visitors to Assateague Island National Seashore last year contributed nearly $106 million in cumulative economic benefit to the local area.

According to the NPS report issued late last week on the eve Memorial Day weekend, 2,136,889 visitors came to Assateague Island National Seashore in 2018 and spent a combined $94,476,000 in communities near the barrier island. The spending supported 1,192 jobs in the local area and had a cumulative benefit to the local economy of $105,594,000.

“Assateague Island National Seashore welcomes visitors from across the country and around the world,” said AINS Superintendent Debbie Darden. “We are delighted to share the story of this place and the experience it provides. We also feature the park as a way to introduce our visitors to this part of the country and all that it offers.”

Darden said the economic successes at Assateague Island National Seashore mimic similar results for other national parks around the country.


Baltimore Women Sentenced in Theft from Hospice Patient

Baltimore Women Sentenced in Theft from Hospice Patient

Baltimore, MD - Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh announced today that Raven Addison, 25, and Ronetta Addison, 42, both of Baltimore, were sentenced for their roles in a theft from a hospice patient. Raven Addison, a certified nursing assistant, was charged with misdemeanor theft after she stole two checks from a vulnerable adult for whom she was providing in-home hospice care, and forged and cashed one of the checks for $500. Ronetta Addison, Raven Addison’s mother, was charged with felony theft and felony identity fraud after she used the victim’s bank account to pay bills totaling $1,924.60.

Raven Addison pleaded guilty to one count of misdemeanor theft and Ronetta Addison pleaded guilty to one count of felony theft. Baltimore County District Court Judge Marsha Russell sentenced Raven Addison to probation before judgment, one year of supervised probation, and 40 hours of community service. Baltimore County Circuit Court Judge Vicki Ballou-Watts sentenced Ronetta Addison to one year of incarceration, all suspended, one year of probation, and 24 hours of community service.

In making today’s announcement, Attorney General Frosh thanked Medicaid Fraud Control Unit Assistant Attorney General Tracee Orlove Fruman, Investigator Michael Glenn, and Investigator Julia Tansmore for their work on the case.

USCIS Releases 2018 Statistical Annual Report

Report Highlights Agency Programs, Workload, and Accomplishments

WASHINGTON— U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) today released the Fiscal Year 2018 Statistical Annual Report, which provides statistical information on the most popular and widely-used benefits and programs administered by the agency. The report also provides insight into the nature and scope of USCIS’ work, which involves adjudicating millions of applications and petitions for immigration benefits annually.

“The 2018 USCIS Statistical Annual Report represents a key piece in our continued commitment to provide improved awareness of the nature and scope of work accomplished by the dedicated men and women of USCIS,” said USCIS Director L. Francis Cissna. “Following a long absence, we are again publishing an annual report, emphasizing our promise of full transparency and accountability to the American people.”

8 residents of Los Angeles' San Fernando valley arrested in check-kiting scheme that allegedly defrauded banks out of nearly $1.5 million

LOS ANGELES – Federal authorities this morning arrested eight people named in a federal grand jury indictment that alleges check-kiting schemes that used hundreds of altered Armenian passports to fraudulently open bank accounts and steal nearly $1.5 million from Bank of America and Wells Fargo. A ninth defendant in this case is currently being sought by authorities.

The investigation led by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) found that the defendants obtained genuine Armenian passports issued to other people, altered the passports to include the photos of the defendants, and used the fraudulent documents to obtain other identity documents and to open bank accounts at the victim banks.

The 36-count indictment unsealed today alleges that the defendants used the bank accounts, which were opened in the names that appeared on the altered passports, to write bad checks to other fraudulently obtained bank accounts. The defendants allegedly exploited bank rules that allowed them to transfer money from one account to another, and then to immediately withdraw funds at ATMs in Las Vegas casinos and other locations before the checks bounced.

The indictment alleges that the defendants used 331 fraudulently altered Armenian passports to steal, or attempt to steal, $1,556,336 from Bank of America. They actually obtained approximately $1.12 million.

Three of the defendants were also charged with perpetrating a similar fraud scheme against Wells Fargo that resulted in a loss of approximately $370,000.

The defendants arrested this morning are:
  • Ara Malkhasyan, 48, of Winnetka;
  • Smbat Khechumyan, 38, of North Hollywood;
  • Sveta Khechumyan, 45, of Winnetka, who is Smbat’s sister and the wife of Malkhasyan;
  • Harutyun Petrosyants, 30, of Van Nuys;
  • Artur Harutyunyan, 34, of Encino;
  • Khachatur Chobanyan, 38 of Van Nuys;
  • Jivan Hakhnazaryan, 49, of Van Nuys; and
  • Arman Grigoryan, 37, of North Hollywood.

The ninth defendant in this case – Artak Okhoyan, 29, of Burbank – has agreed through his attorney to surrender to federal authorities tomorrow.


Maryland Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings’ wife is breaking the law by not revealing financial disclosures about her nonprofit, an uninvolved legal expert told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Maya Rockeymoore Cummings runs a nonprofit called the Center for Global Policy Solutions that is closely intertwined with a for-profit consulting firm, Global Policy Solutions LLC. The nonprofit has received millions of dollars from groups with interests before the congressman’s committee, potentially buying them favorable treatment, according to a complaint filed with the IRS by the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC).

At least three different groups have requested the forms, and to each, Rockeymoore Cummings has refused, even when told that the law requires it. She refused on the phone to NLPC, and did not answer formal requests to view the forms from the Washington Examiner and TheDCNF.


LAPD Officer Contracts Typhoid Fever, Another Employee Showing Salmonella-Typhi Symptoms at Downtown L.A. Station

A Los Angeles police station was being disinfected Wednesday after officials learned one officer was sickened with typhoid fever and a second employee was exhibiting salmonella typhi-like symptoms.

The employees both work in LAPD's Central Division, which patrols most of downtown L.A. and Chinatown as well as parts of Echo Park and Elysian Park, Officer Mike Lopez with the agency's media relations department said.

The person with typhoid fever is being treated for the life-threatening disease, caused by the bacterium salmonella typhi, the department said in a news release.

The illness is not common, with only about 350 people in the U.S. diagnosed with typhoid fever each year. Usually people contract it after traveling abroad to places like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Maryland Food Trucks Will Have To Stay 300-Feet Away From Brick-And-Mortar Restaurants

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Maryland food truck owners will have to find a spot to park that is at least 300-feet away from restaurants.

Maryland Court of Special Appeals Judge Douglas R.M. Nazarian overturned a lower court ruling Thursday that stated the rule was too vague.

In 2016, two Baltimore area food truck owners — Joey Vanoni, who owns Pizza di Joey, and Nikki McGowans — contested the ban saying it violated their constitutional rights.


Saving Chesapeake Bay's Tangier Island

TANGIER, Va. — Tangier Island, a small fishing community in the Chesapeake Bay, has been losing land due to erosion since it was first settled in the late 1700s.

According to the Army Corps Of Engineers, 66 percent of the island has been lost since 1850. Sea level rise caused by climate change has been accelerating the rate of land loss and may force the inhabitants to leave.

“We’ve also projected out into the future to see, given the current trends, what do we think will happen as we move forward in the future," said Susan Conner, Army Corps Of Engineers Norfolk District Planning and Policy Branch Chief. "Within 50 years we find that the town of Tangier may be uninhabitable.”

James “Ooker” Eskridge is the Mayor of Tangier and a waterman.



A Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer of Martin Luther King, Jr. recently made a dive into recently-released FBI surveillance summaries, revealing what could be a “painful historical reckoning” for the legendary civil rights leader.

David Garrow, who won a Pulitzer for his 1987 King biography “Bearing the Cross,” detailed his shocking revelations in a article for the British magazine “Standpoint,” released Thursday.

While FBI surveillance tapes on King, initiated by former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, are being held in a U.S. National Archives vault until 2027, Garrow used “hundreds of never-before-seen FBI reports and surveillance summaries concerning King” that “have silently slipped into public view on the Archives’ lightly-annotated and difficult-to-explore web site” to uncover the latest revelations about the slain civil rights icon.


Mueller Tried to Entrap Trump

Robert Mueller knew there was no collusion the first time he read the Steele dossier, which reads as if it was written by a high school sophomore who spent most of his time huffing inhalants behind the gym. “Hey Dude, let’s get some more gas at the Lukoil…”

At the latest, the indictment of 12 Russians on 02/16/2018 should have been the end of his “collusion” investigation. Why did Mueller keep going? To entrap the president into obstructing justice, of course.

Mueller had a plan. He would use his witchhunt to anger the president enough that he would try to stop the investigation and if he didn’t, compile as much information that could be painted as obstruction for his report, which could then be used as a template for impeachment, where the threshold is lower because the House decides what are “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Attorney General William Barr put a stop to that.


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Nancy Pelosi’s Fake Kennedy Award: Profiles in Predictability

U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi received the 2019 Profile in Courage award at John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston on Sunday, May 19. She was praised “for putting the national interest above her party’s interest.” Whatever she did or did not do in her party’s interest, the California Democrat certainly has never wavered in pursuing her own interest.

Since first winning a special election to Congress in 1987, Pelosi has routinely racked up more than three-quarters of the votes cast in her reelection bids. Most recently, she tallied more than 86 percent of the vote in her successful 2018 campaign.

Having gained the highest position of power any woman has ever achieved in the United States, the Speaker is assuredly doing nothing to diminish her own position. Since 2002, Pelosi has spent nearly two decades as Democrat Minority Leader and Speaker of the House. That secure lock on real power is matched by few politicians in American history and by no one else in the 21st Century.


AAPD Press Release 6-1-19

Southern District
Davidsonville/Police Involved Shooting

On May 31, 2019 at approximately 9:44 pm we responded to a report of a possible crash involving a pedestrian on Route 50 eastbound right before MD-424. The Anne Arundel County Fire Department arrived first on scene and were immediately confronted/threatened by an armed man. Fire Personnel called for police to rush their response. An officer arrived moments later and confronted the armed suspect before he injured any of the on-scene fire personnel. The suspect failed to comply with the officers orders to drop the weapon (a knife) and get on the ground. The officer fired one round striking the suspect. The suspect was transported to an area hospital. There were no injuries to fire or police personnel.

The officer involved is a 20 year veteran of the department assigned to the Bureau of Patrol. Detectives are still on scene and Route 50 east is still closed. There is no further information at this time. Anyone with any information is asked to call the Homicide Unit at 410-222-4731 or the TipLine at 410-222-4700.

Editor's Note:  This is an update to a post from last night.  The original post can be found HERE.  Route 50 has since been reopened.

MSP Princess Anne Sobriety Checkpoint

On Friday May 31st 2019, a Sobriety Checkpoint was conducted by Troopers from the Maryland State Police Princess Anne Barrack. Working with Princess Anne Troopers were members of the State Highway Administration, The Department of Natural Resource Police, Somerset County Sheriff Office, and the Crisfield Police Department. The checkpoint was conducted on Route 413 (Crisfield Highway) in the area of Kingston Lane, Westover, Somerset County, Maryland. For the duration of one hour a total of 36 vehicles passed through the checkpoint. No drivers were found to be impaired by alcohol and/or drugs, however a probable cause search of one vehicle was conducted which yielded negative results. In addition to the sobriety checkpoint, county wide DUI Saturation Enforcement was put into place which yielded, 19 Stops, 28 Citations, 18 Warnings, and 2 Repair Orders. Furthermore, 2 probable cause vehicle searches were conducted, each resulting in civil citations for Marijuana less then 10 grams. During the saturation, a vehicle operator provided false identity to Troopers and was subsequently arrested.

Caught on Camera: Neighbors Fighting. I wonder what started it?

Good people with GUNS save lives