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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Rep. Harris Announces Nearly $6 Million for Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. Andy Harris, M.D. (MD-01) announced the award of $5,980,000 in funds for the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. The funds were awarded by the U.S. Department of Interior through the Migratory Bird Conservation Fund, which is supported by revenue generated from the “Duck Stamp” program. The stamps are required for waterfowl hunters as an annual license, but are also voluntarily purchased by others who choose to help preserve wildlife habitats.

Rep. Harris made the following statement:

“The Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge is an integral part of Maryland’s First District and provides essential habitat for waterfowl on the Eastern Shore. These funds will help preserve ecologically important wetlands and support our local waterfowl hunting economy and community.”

The Department of Interior described the project: “The Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge project will conserve over 2,500 acres of priority habitat for migrating and wintering American black ducks, mallards, Canada geese and greater snow geese, as well as habitat for black rail, salt-marsh sparrow and other wetland-associated migratory birds. The project will add over 2,600 acres to the refuge’s public program, expanding public opportunities for white-tailed deer, sika deer, turkey, and waterfowl hunting.”

Feds Nab More Than Sixteen Tons of Cocaine Worth One Billion Dollars In Philadelphia Ship

The United States Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agencies completed an interagency drug bust on Monday and confiscated more than 33,000 pounds of cocaine worth an estimated street value of at least $1 billion. The drugs were hidden in a cargo ship that was docked in Philadelphia.

According to a CBS local affiliate, "two people were arrested and federally charged. According to the criminal complaint, Ivan Durasevic, the ship’s second mate, and Fonofaavae Tiasaga were arrested in the bust."

The ship, which authorities say likely has even more narcotics on it, traveled from the Bahamas, Panama, Peru, and Colombia towards America. It was supposed to continue on its way to the Netherlands but ICE and Border Patrol, in cooperation with the Philadelphia Police and United States Coast Guard, stopped the massive drug haul before it could depart.


Key Democrats challenge Cuccinelli appointment as legal immigration chief

Top House Democrats on Tuesday challenged the appointment of Ken Cuccinelli to be acting director at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, saying President Trump appeared to be doing an end-run around the law.

The Democrats — chairs of three committees with oversight powers — said Mr. Trump knew Mr. Cuccinelli would never be confirmed for the job, with even some Senate Republicans opposed.

Faced with that hurdle, the administration first ushered out USCIS Director Francis Cissna, then created a new post of “principal deputy director” and named Mr. Cuccinelli to that job, giving him seniority over the current deputy director, Mark Koumans.

That put Mr. Cuccinelli in line to supersede Mr. Koumans and become acting director, the administration says.

The Democrat chairs demanded a briefing on the chain of events, and also demanded to see the documents Homeland Security worked up discussing or justifying the moves.

“It appears that Mr. Cuccinelli was appointed in a manner that circumvents the Federal Vacancies Reform Act,” wrote the lawmakers, Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler, Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings and Homeland Security Chairman Bennie G. Thompson.


Troopers Arrest Seaford Man for Burglary-Seaford

Seaford- The Delaware State Police have arrested a Seaford man after he burglarized his neighbors residence.
On June 18, 2019 at approximately 1:20 p.m., Troopers were dispatched to the 10500 block of Concord Road, Seaford, for a report of a burglary that had occurred the day prior on June 17, 2019.  Upon arrival Troopers met with the homeowner who advised that someone had entered their residence and stole cash.  Further investigation revealed that 52-year-old Carl J. Ahern had entered the residence through a window and once inside removed an undisclosed amount of cash prior to fleeing the scene.
Troopers were able to locate Ahern at his residence and take him into custody without incident.  Ahern was transported back to Troop 5 where he was charged with the following:
  • Burglary Second Degree
  • Theft (Felony)
Ahern was arraigned before the Justice of the Peace Court and released on his own recognizance.

Hit-And-Run Collision Sends Five To Hospital

OCEAN CITY — A Northeast, Md. man allegedly collided with two other vehicles resulting in five victims being sent to the hospital before fleeing the scene in his damaged vehicle and then on foot.

Around 11:45 p.m. on Monday, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers were dispatched to the area of 50th Street and Coastal Highway for a reported hit-and-run collision involving three vehicles. Ocean City Communications advised the responding officers a black Chevy Silverado struck and damaged a minivan and another sedan and failed to stop and continued driving northbound on Coastal Highway.

A witness reportedly followed the truck, later determined to be driven by John Hutzel, 35, of Northeast, Md., until it made a left turn onto 59th Street. Ocean City Communications told responding officers Hutzel had abandoned the vehicle, fled on foot and was last seen in the area of 62nd Street.


Danny Glover chided by lawmaker for reparations hearing interruption

Actor Danny Glover was chastised by a lawmaker Wednesday for speaking out of turn during a congressional hearing on reparations.

"Mr. Glover, with great respect, the panel and the way we operate is that we go from member to member and they can ask questions, and if the next person wants to ask you, they can ask you," Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., told the 72-year-old actor.

Glover, of "Lethal Weapon" fame, had just provided testimony to the House Judiciary Committee's Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Subcommittee that was unsolicited by a member of the panel, which had been convened to discuss a bill that would create a commission to study how to make amends to black Americans for slavery.


Kiddie pools, doughnut floaties, noodles: Migrants use inflatables to cross the Rio Grande

EAGLE PASS, Texas — Central American migrants are trying out new flotation devices typically seen at summertime pool parties in an effort to get across the fast-flowing Rio Grande that runs between Mexico and Texas.

In a quarter-mile section of the border between Eagle Pass, Texas, and Mexico's northern border city of Piedras Negras, Coahuila, local residents have filmed many migrant families attempting to use kiddie pools and cartoon-themed floaties to get across the river instead of wading or swimming.

Migrants, including possibly smugglers aiding people in the final step of their journey, inflate the floating devices on the river banks of Mexico. Those crossing have used several types of blue rectangular pools, as well as sprinkled doughnut tubes and glitter floats that go around the waist.


Deputies: Convicted rapist attacks victim again days after being released from jail

A warrant was issued Monday for a Washington state man who allegedly attacked a 32-year-old woman in her wheelchair two days after he was released from jail for raping her last year.

Francisco Carranza-Ramirez, 35, pleaded guilty in February to third-degree rape and was set to be sentenced to 12 months in jail, with the time he had spent in King County Jail since Sept. 27, 2018 to count toward the sentence, court documents said. However, a recommendation from Carranza-Ramirez's attorney helped grant a conditional release for him.

As Carranza-Ramirez had little financial help and no housing in the U.S., his defense said he would move to Mexico with financial aid from his family.

He was released on Thursday ,and if he had not provided proof he was living in Mexico by June 25, a warrant would be issued for his arrest, documents said. A sexual assault protection order was also issued against him.


New York Jewish community condemns AOC for Holocaust comparison

The Jewish Community Relations Council of New York strongly condemned Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., for comparing U.S. immigration policies to Holocaust concentration camps in a letter they sent to her Tuesday.

The New York Democrat accused U.S. immigration officials of running "concentration camps" on the U.S. southern border in an Instagram video Monday night. Ocasio-Cortez made a call to action to "the people that are concerned enough with humanity that 'Never Again' means something," referencing the phrase used about the Nazi genocide.

"We are deeply disturbed by the language used in your recent Instagram live video which seeks to equate the detention centers on America's southern border with Nazi-era Concentration Camps," the council wrote.


Trump sets record $7M one-day fundraising goal to top Biden, Beto, Bernie

The Trump-Pence campaign has set a $7 million fundraising goal for Tuesday, the day President Trump is traveling to Orlando, Fla., to officially announce his reelection bid.

In a fundraising memo to supporters, he wrote, “I want to do something so HUGE to launch 2020, even Democrats and the Fake News won’t be able to ignore. We need to raise $7,000,000 by 11:59 PM TONIGHT.”

Officials said the record amount sought on 'Day One' of the Trump reelection bid is also meant to overshadow the huge amounts three Democrats collected on the first day of their campaign.


Terry McAuliffe Hired as CNN Commentator

Democrat Terry McAuliffe is the latest national politician to join CNN as a contributor, the former Virginia governor announced on Tuesday.

“Super excited to be joining @CNN as a commentator. Start tomorrow night – talking politics and the economy. Will be MUST WATCH TV. Game on!” McAuliffe wrote on social media. His Twitter biography states he will provide analysis on political and economic issues for the partisan network.

In a CNN op-ed published Tuesday, McAuliffe warned 2020 Democrat White House hopefuls against focusing too closely on matters dominating Washington such as impeachment or alleged Russian interference, arguing that voters are hungry to hear solutions to everyday issues like soaring health care costs and education.


The Real Collusion: Russian Oligarch Who Ran Propaganda Against Trump Was Donor to Clinton Foundation

Russian sources have revealed a possible case of collusion between the Clinton Foundation and Oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, who invested in Trump-critical online media during the 2016 campaign.

Leading Russian political Telegram channel Nezygar reports that Russian-based Oligarch Viktor Vekselberg used US media companies to try and sabotage the Trump campaign beginning in 2016. Vekselberg is one of the wealthiest men in Russia, worth over $10 billion, and has donated to the Clinton Foundation since Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State.

Nezygar reports that Vekselberg bought a share in Odyssey Media, a fast-growing U.S. blog platform, in April 2016. At that time, Odyssey had over 30 million visitors a month, especially among students and millennials, many opposed to candidate Trump. “Odyssey is a bit like a college paper on steroids. The startup has a stable of over 10,000 writers, aged 18-28, who produce around one piece a week. Odyssey then relies on the social networks of the individual writers to push out the content to the masses,” Business Insider wrote in 2016.


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Chaffetz: Secretary of State Pompeo should be 'personally involved' in Clinton email server review

Former Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz said Tuesday that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo should be "personally involved" with the review of whether State Department personnel mishandled information contained on Hillary Clinton's private email server.

The State Department revealed Monday that it identified "multiple security incidents" involving current or former employees' handling of Clinton's emails, and that 23 "violations" and seven "infractions" have been issued as part of the department's ongoing investigation.

The information came in a letter to Sen. Chuck Grassley, who is responsible for overseeing the security review.

"To this point, the Department has assessed culpability to 15 individuals, some of whom were culpable in multiple security incidents," Mary Elizabeth Taylor, the State Department's assistant secretary in the Bureau of Legislative Affairs, wrote to Grassley. "DS has issued 23 violations and 7 infractions incidents. ... This number will likely change as the review progresses."


DOE Investigating Anti-Israel Events at UNC, Duke

The Education Department has informed Congress that it is launching an investigation into how $235,000 in federal grants were used to fund a series of anti-Israel events that featured speakers and events tied to Palestinian terror groups organized by Duke University and the University of North Carolina.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos informed Rep. George Holding (R., Ga.), a member of the Ways and Means Committee, that she has directed her agency to investigate how these funds were used and whether they violated grant conditions, according to a letter sent to Holding, who had initially requested an investigation into the anti-Israel conference in April.

"I am troubled by the concerns outlined in your letter," DeVos wrote to Holding, according to a copy of that letter obtained by the Free Beacon. "In order for the Department to learn more about this matter, I have directed the Office of Post-secondary Education to examine the use of funds under this program to determine if the Consortium violated the terms and conditions of its grant, Department regulates, or the HEA. It is critical that recipients of grants use funds in accordance with statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as for purposes of the program for which they are funded."

The joint UNC-Duke conference spawned concern in the pro-Israel community due to what observers described as extreme anti-Israel bias.


If You Really Want To Cure Cancer, Get Rid Of These Lying Bums

Poll: Most Americans Worry 'Medicare for All' May Raise Taxes

Most Americans think that ‘Medicare for All’ will drive up income taxes, according to a survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation, ahead of the Democrat presidential debates next week.

While health care is a leading topic on the minds of Democrats and left-leaning independents before the debates kick off next Wednesday, 78% of U.S. citizens surveyed across party lines believe that a single payer system, known as Medicare for All, would drive taxes higher, according to the poll.

What’s more, most Americans don’t appear to understand how a proposed national health plan would work with the majority of polled citizens saying that deductibles, co-pays and self-pay or employer-backed private health plans would continue to exist. “That is clearly an incorrect view given the current proposals in Congress,” Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Steven Halper wrote in a note to clients.


ACLU issues advice to illegal immigrants

The American Civil Liberties Union on Tuesday told illegal immigrants to use their rights to remain silent and to demand their free phone call if they are snared in the new deportation effort President Trump teased this week.

In California, one major immigrant-rights group called on local authorities to resist the deportation efforts.

“Our community will not coward and allow him to terrorize and raid our neighborhoods,” said Angelica Salas, executive director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights.

The stern warnings came after Mr. Trump suggested “millions” of people may be targeted for deportation.

The ACLU said it was a good time to remind migrants of their own ability to fight deportations. The civil rights group recommended people refuse to open their door to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel, and to demand to see a signed judicial warrant before they are allowed to enter.

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Judicial Watch Releases Testimony of Clinton Email Administrator

Judicial Watch has released the deposition transcript of Justin Cooper, a former aide to President Bill Clinton and Clinton Foundation employee, who registered the domain name of the unsecure server that Hillary Clinton used while serving as Secretary of State. Cooper admits that he spoke with Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s former chief of staff, one week prior to his deposition and let her know that the deposition had been scheduled. Cooper also said that he worked with Huma Abedin, Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, to create the private email system, but can’t recall if Clinton had any input in its creation or if he wiped the original server.

Cooper was recently deposed as part of the discovery granted to Judicial Watch by U.S. District Court Judge Royce C. Lamberth in response to its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit involving former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s unsecured, non-government email system (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:14-cv-01242)).

Judge Lamberth late last year criticized the DOJ, saying he was “dumbfounded” by the Inspector General report revealing that Mills had been given immunity and was allowed to accompany former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to her FBI interview.

I did print out and read that 500-page report when I got it, and I was actually dumbfounded when found out that Cheryl Mills had been given immunity because … I had myself found that Cheryl Mills had committed perjury and lied under oath in a published opinion I had issued in a Judicial Watch case where I found her unworthy of belief, and I was quite shocked to find out she had been given immunity by the Justice Department in the Hillary Clinton email case.

(In an April 28, 2008, ruling relating to Mills’ conduct as a White House official in responding to concerns about lost White House email records, Judge Lamberth called Mills’ participation in the matter “loathsome.” He further stated Mills was responsible for “the most critical error made in this entire fiasco … Mills’ actions were totally inadequate to address the problem.”)

When Cooper was asked who approached him about creating the account, Cooper answered: “It would have been a discussion with Huma Abedin.” Cooper also testified that Abedin was his primary contact regarding the choice of the domain name that was registered “I believe” in “January ’09.”

Cooper’s testimony is at odds with a 2016 Judicial Watch deposition of Abedin in which she testified that she became aware of the server through “reading in some news articles about a year, a year-and-a-half ago, when it was – it was being publicly discussed.”

Cooper said “I don’t recall” when asked if Clinton herself had any input in the creation of the domain name.

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Deported Criminal Aliens Cross Into U.S. with Large Migrant Groups, Say Feds

Border Patrol officials in El Paso say that previously deported criminal aliens and gang members are attempting to sneak back into the U.S. by hiding in the large groups of Central American migrants. All migrants go through a biometric background investigation as part of the processing of the groups at the border.

During a five-day period ending on June 13, Border Patrol agents in the El Paso Sector apprehended five previously deported criminal aliens and gang members who attempted to cross illegally into the U.S. by hiding with groups of migrants, according to information provided by Border Patrol officials.

On June 13, El Paso Station agents apprehended a group of 17 migrants near the downtown area, officials stated. During a biometric background investigation, the agents learned that one of the migrants, 33-year-old Celso Alexander Portillo-River, a Salvadoran national, has an extensive criminal history in the U.S. His records included a four-year prison sentence for second degree robbery in California. Immigration officers removed the criminal alien from the U.S. in 2016, the report states. He now faces new federal charges for illegal re-entry after removal.

One day earlier, agents assigned to the Deming Station working near Hachita, New Mexico, disrupted a human smuggling attempt. The agents reportedly arrested five migrants. During the intake process, agents identified Jose Eduarto Rodriguez-Aguire, a 27-year-old male from Mexico. The man identified himself as a long-time member of the Latin Kings gang.


Supreme Court: Virginia House Lacks Authority to Defend Gerrymandering

Virginia Democrats’ hopes of taking over control of the state House in November received a boost Monday, thanks to a U.S. Supreme Court decision on redistricting.

Last year, a federal district court ruled that 11 districts in the House map drawn in 2011 amounted to an unconstitutional racial gerrymander, packing African-Americans into a limited number of districts and making neighboring districts whiter and more Republican.

The court itself drew up a new map, which includes several districts considered more favorable to Democrats than the old map. In elections held using the old map in 2017, Democrats gained 15 seats, falling one seat short of achieving a tie and two seats short of winning the majority. In 2016, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton carried 51 of the 100 House districts under the old map; under the new map, she would have carried 56.


Supreme Court Vacates Lower Ruling Against Bakery in Same-Sex Wedding Case

When the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday asked Oregon courts to reconsider the question of whether a Gresham cake shop acted illegally by refusing to sell a wedding cake to a lesbian couple, the nation settled in for an even longer wait to resolve the core constitutional issue underlying the case.

The high court yet again held off determining whether a business owner's First Amendment right to freedom of religion supersedes the rights to service of LGBTQ Americans who are protected in more than 20 states by anti-discrimination laws.

The question has been bubbling up across the country as wedding photographers, invitation printers and private wedding venue owners have refused to do business with same-sex couples.

"I think it's just been left hanging," said Carl Tobias, a University of Richmond constitutional law professor. "Sooner or later, they're going to have to face the issue."


This Juneteenth, Read 'The Real History of Slavery'

Today, it seems obvious that, as President Lincoln wrote, “if slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong.” Yet through the vast majority of recorded history, in the New World and the Old and in each major religious tradition, slavery was normal, a regular part of the social fabric. Slavery’s abolition is recent and aberrant, perhaps the finest achievement of the West.

American abolition came in 1865 when on June 19, soon dubbed Juneteenth, Union General Gordon Granger freed the last enslaved Africans in Texas.

America’s Juneteenth hardly ended slavery, however. China, Brazil, Sierra Leone, Iraq, Afghanistan, Morocco, all 26 nation-states governing most of humanity, abolished slavery after - in many cases long after - over 300,000 Union soldiers died in large part to end U.S. slavery.

A nation with substantial economic ties with the U.S., Saudi Arabia, only got around to ending slavery in 1962. Yet I would never define Saudi Arabia by its history of slavery, and I bristle when people define America that way. Virtually all peoples have histories of enslaving and brutalizing others, so obsessing over America’s sins while ignoring everyone else’s is anti-American in the purest sense. Alas, such views proliferate in the media, academia, and politics.

For that reason, I commemorate Juneteenth by re-reading Thomas Sowell’s classic essay, “The Real History of Slavery,” written in part to debunk popular misconceptions spread by the likes of Alex Haley’s Roots. A part of his collection of mainly original essays in Black Rednecks and White Liberals, Sowell's essay teaches politically incorrect lessons no longer taught in higher education or pop culture.

First, slavery impoverished rather than built societies, by stigmatizing work and thrift while exalting as role models a slave-owning leisure class. In some respects, slave owners were like Hollywood stars, widely envied, and notorious for their conspicuous consumption and reckless disregard of others. Within places as distinct as China, Brazil, the Middle East, and America, locales with high concentrations of slaves were the poorest and most backward.

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Plan To Evict Illegal Immigrants Under Fire

Local housing officials and landlords are warning that a White House proposal to evict illegal immigrants from federally subsidized housing would spark an assortment of problems, The New York Times is reporting.

The proposal would prohibit households with at least one unauthorized immigrant from living in federally subsidized housing, according to the Times. The proposal is being pushed by Stephen Miller, President Donald Trump’s top immigration adviser, according to the Times.

But landlords and public housing administrators maintained it would displace some of their most reliable tenants. They also said it would create additional financial strains on the cash-strapped system, according to the Times.

They estimated as many as 108,000 people receiving benefits would have to be evicted.


Ban on 'harmful gender stereotypes' — like women who can't park cars, men who can't change diapers — takes effect for UK advertisers

Advertisements that depict "harmful gender stereotypes" — such as women who can't park cars and men who can't change diapers — are now officially banned in the UK.

The new rule from the Committee of Advertising Practice — the regulator tasked with writing UK advertising codes — states that ads "must not include gender stereotypes that are likely to cause harm or serious or widespread offense." The rule applies to broadcast and non-broadcast media, including online and social media, according to the Advertising Standards Authority, CAP's sister organization.

The ASA conducted a review of gender stereotyping and "found evidence suggesting that harmful stereotypes can restrict the choices, aspirations, and opportunities of children, young people, and adults"; its findings were announced last year — and advertisers were given until this year to come into compliance.


Trump kicks off 2020 reelection campaign at raucous Florida rally

President Trump formally announced his campaign for a second term Tuesday at a raucous MAGA rally in Florida, airing his grievances and attacking his enemies in a fiery speech that sparked his supporters to repeatedly erupt in chants and cheers.

“Together we stared down a corrupt and broken political establishment and restored government by and for the people,” Trump told the crowd of 20,000 at the Amway Center in Orlando.

He repeatedly ripped into Democrats, notably former President President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, prompting the audience to loudly chant “Lock her up!”

Trump also brought up his long-repeated claims that Clinton was guilty of a crime over her missing e-mails from the private server she used as secretary of state — and claimed that if he had done something far less egregious, he’d be in big trouble.


Eastern Shore Republicans Gathered At Caribbean Joe's Last Night To Watch President Trumps Speech

The house was packed with incredible Patriots from the Eastern Shore, including Delegates and Senators. It was a great time had by all. Mark Odachowski donated 60 Trump 2020 Flags to the first 60 people. It was so packed, people were sitting outside watching Trumps speech through the windows. Fortunately our sound system goes throughout the complex and everyone could clearly hear what our President had to say. TRUMP 2020


Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released a list of criminal illegal aliens who were released from jail due to sanctuary city policies, many of whom went on to commit other crimes.

Washington and Oregon, two states under Democratic Party control, have enacted some of the strongest sanctuary laws in the country that protect illegal immigrants from federal apprehension. Washington Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee signed legislation in May that prohibits local jails and state prisons from honoring ICE detainers, and bars them notifying ICE when a suspected illegal immigrant is about to be released from their custody.

The newly minted law puts Washington on par with Oregon and California in terms of the level of restriction placed against federal immigration authorities. Federal law enforcement officials argue that their job becomes much more difficult with these laws, and communities are put in more danger.


Transgender Illegal Aliens Get Special Treatment, Hormone Therapy

Immigration centers are dangerously overcrowded yet the federal agency slammed with an onslaught of migrants provides a separate unit for transgender illegal immigrants as well as costly hormone therapy and a number of other perks. Thanks to an Obama policy continued by the Trump administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) gives transgender illegal aliens special treatment, including their own detention center in New Mexico that offers hair and makeup classes, a recreation area, gym, television rooms, a lab and pharmacy. There are also meeting areas for trans detainees to consult with free legal services provided by advocacy groups.

American taxpayers furnish the hormone therapy, which “is not cheap,” according to an ICE director quoted in a recent news report about the New Mexico transgender facility, which opened in 2017.

The reality is that ICE has long offered transgender illegal immigrants special services under an Obama-era policy that the Trump administration can easily reverse but has chosen not to. ICE officials and front-line personnel are outraged that the Trump administration continues the policies, which some in the agency refer to as dangerous, expensive and foolish. Rank and file are at their wits end, according to ICE officials interviewed by Judicial Watch this week.

More here

Ocean Pines Police Press Release 6-19-19

The Ocean Pines Police have conducted the following investigations:

While investigating a domestic disturbance complaint both participants where arrested for domestic assault. Police charged:
  • Deborah C. Crosley, W/F, 36 years of age, of Norristown, PA., with one (1) count of second degree assault
  • John Gerald Robbins Jr., W/M, 38 years of age, of Royersford, PA., with one (1) count of second degree assault
Both individuals were taken before a District Court Commissioner and were released on $5,000 bond pending trial.

As the result of a domestic complaint Police charged:
  • Gary M. Messenger, W/M, 41 years of age, of Ocean Pines, with one (1) count of second degree assault
Mr. Messenger was taken before a District Court Commissioner and was released on his personal recognizance pending trial.

As the result of a traffic stop, Police arrested two adults and a juvenile for possession of suspected marijuana in excess of 10 grams and drug paraphernalia. Police seized an estimated 33.4 grams of marijuana plus measuring scales. Police charged:
  • Dorian Michael Julius Fenwick, B/M, 18 years of age, of Hughesville, MD, with: one (1) count possession of marijuana in excess of 10 grams and two (2) counts of possession of suspected CDS paraphernalia
  • Alexander Brown 3rd, B/M, 18 years of age, of Fort Washington, MD, with: one (1) count possession of marijuana in excess of 10 grams and two (2) counts of possession of suspected CDS paraphernalia
Both individuals were taken before a District Court Commissioner and were released on their personal recognizance, pending trial.
  • A 17 year old juvenile was referred to the Juvenile Justice Administration for disposition.

While investigating a domestic dispute, Police arrested a female for disorderly conduct and other related charges. Police also charged a second woman at the scene with disorderly conduct:
  • -Constance Mae Roberts, W/F, 36 years of age, of Fruitland, MD, with one (1) count of disorderly conduct, one (1) count of failure to obey a lawful order and one (1) count of resisting arrest
  • -Kelsey Lynne Driessen, W/F, 24 years of age, of Ocean Pines, with: one (1) count of disorderly conduct
Both women were taken before a District Court Commissioner and were released on their personal recognizance pending trial.

The following arrest(s) were made for DUI/DWI:
  • -William Patrick Zgieb, W/M, 38 years of age, of Silver Spring, MD, arrested May 25
  • -Wesley Paul Davis, W/M, 55 years of age, of Laurel, DE, arrested May 25

For more information contact: Chief David C. Massey - Ocean Pines Police Department (410) 641-7747 ext. 3024

Study: More Pregnant Women Using Pot, Despite Risks

As laws around marijuana relax nationwide and the drug becomes more popular, American women are increasingly using pot during pregnancy, a new study finds.

The study was based on data from more than 467,000 women collected between 2002 and 2017. The researchers found that the percentage of women who said they'd used cannabis at least once during a pregnancy doubled during that time -- from 3.4% to 7%.

And the percentage of women who reported "daily or near daily" cannabis use during pregnancy more than tripled -- from 0.9% of respondents in 2002 to 3.4% by 2017, according to a team led by Dr. Beth Han of the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.


Bless Her Heart: Oh, So That's Who Ilhan Omar Blames For The Death Of The Iran Nuclear Deal?

She’s the worst. She is the absolute worst. And it’s not just conservatives who are starting to see her as a bull in a china closet. Local media is starting to get tired of her antics as well. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) just can’t seem to walk and chew gum at the same time. Okay—that’s not fair. Maybe walk without being hit in the face with several rakes. She already peddled anti-Semitic tropes, and it wasn’t her first time, suggesting that supporters of Israel exhibited dual loyalty and got into trouble with her ‘all about the Benjamins’ tweet concerning AIPAC’s donations and activities, a not so subtle Jewish money and politics reference. Prior to her election to Congress thanks to the brainless voter base of Minneapolis, she said that Israel had hypnotized the world to its evil.

Oh, she’s a peach. She also decided to side with the Somali militias that were shooting and killing our troops during our intervention in her home country in the 1990s, going on some trash moral equivalency lecture about the battle. This tweet was dredged up from 2017. Her Black Hawk Down tweet is now infamous, where she claimed that Americans killed thousands of Somalis. Yeah, that’s because they were shooting at them. You cannot get any denser than this. Omar, who fled Somalia, has to be a top candidate for the most ungrateful refugee this nation has ever taken. And she knows better. She was educated here. She’s lived here for nearly two decades. None of the trash she has spewed is excused by some cultural barrier, which some Democrats tried to throw up as a reason for her anti-Semitic remarks on the Hill.


Dems trying to add ‘radical’ riders shielding illegal immigrants in border bill

House Democrats are trying to overhaul a major border bill by attaching riders that would nullify significant parts of immigration law and protect illegal immigrants who sponsor child migrants, multiple Republican sources told Fox News.

“The actual texts of the proposals they’ve sent have contained provisions that would functionally nullify federal immigration law,” one source familiar with the negotiations told Fox News, calling the riders “very extreme and very radical.”



High school track star Selina Soule is speaking out after losing a spot in the girls track championship to two biological males.

Soule missed her opportunity to compete in the New England regionals after finishing behind two transgender women in the race. Now Soule is speaking out, and she is using the legal system to try to regain her Title IX rights.

Soule and Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) attorney Christiana Holcomb joined Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Monday night to discuss Soule’s next steps. Holcomb said that the ADF is filing a Title IX complaint on behalf of Soule and other athletes suffering from similar circumstances.


Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer rips into AOC's concentration camp comments

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer strongly criticized Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's comparison of immigration detention facilities to Holocaust concentration camps during his show Tuesday.

"The United States is running concentration camps on our southern border, and that is exactly what they are. They are concentration camps," the New York Democrat said Monday.

"I want to talk to the people that are concerned enough with humanity that 'Never Again' means something," she continued. "The fact that concentration camps are now an institutionalized practice in the home of the free is extraordinarily disturbing and we need to do something about it."


Salisbury MSP Press Release 6-19-19 (MVC/DUI Arrest)

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