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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Stolen Vehicle Recovered in Somerset County with Heroin Arrest

On 5/27/17 around 2:45 p.m. troopers from the Princess Anne barrack were investigating a stolen vehicle complaint, in Marion, Somerset County Maryland.

The stolen vehicle was described as a red 1997 Chevrolet Monte Carlo with Maryland Registration. A broadcast was given for the above vehicle to all law enforcement in the area upon receiving the complaint.

Within moments troopers from the Princess Anne Barrack observed the vehicle on Rt. 413 in the area of Westover. A traffic stop was then performed on the vehicle. During the course of the traffic stop a hypodermic needle containing suspected heroin was located on the drivers seat.

The driver and sole occupant, identified as Dennis Wade Robb Jr, 48 years old from Marion, Maryland was arrested for possession of controlled dangerous substance, and unlawful taking of a motor vehicle.

Robb Jr was seen by the Somerset County Commissioner and held at the local detention center on $25,000 bond.

Dog Found In Delmar: UPDATE


We just found this cold, wet dog sleeping on our doorstep in Delmar, DE.

Would you please help us try and locate her owner.

She is wearing a “Service Dog” tag. She is black and has some white on her chest and feet. Pink Collar.

Thank you.

My number is 302-846-3071

Found dogs Crestwood/Kaywood area. Call 302-462-1979. UPDATE

Confirmed fatalities in Manchester Arena 'explosion' 5-23-17

A number of people have died during a "serious incident" at the Manchester [ENGLAND] Arena following reports of a "huge bang".
A police statement said: "Emergency services are currently responding to reports of an explosion at Manchester Arena.
"There are a number of fatalities and others injured."
Witnesses reported hearing a "huge bang" at the venue during an Ariana Grande gig. A spokesman for the US singer has confirmed she is okay.
Videos from inside the venue show fans running, while footage from outside captures emergency services arriving at the scene. 
Catherine Macfarlane, who was at the gig, told the Reuters news agency: "We were making our way out and when we were right by the door there was a massive explosion and everybody was screaming.

SFD withholding personal property of Company No. 1 members

The Salisbury Fire Department saga continues...

When the volunteers of Company No. 1 were locked out of their station back in February, Chief Richard A. Hoppes and his fellow administers removed all property belonging to these volunteers from their gear racks; personal property including rescue gloves, tools and even members' leather fire helmets.

SFD and Mayor Jake Day eventually agreed to allow Company No. 1 members to retrieve their personal property, however the only way they could do so was to go to Station 16 and sign for it once all items were inventoried.

Several members have been to get their stuff, however, Bryan Lewis and Angie Jenkins have refused to release to Company No. 1 members' leather helmets. These helmets were purchased by Company No. 1 Corporation for members as awards for years of service. They are valued between $550 - $650 a piece!!

Mr. Lewis and Ms. Jenkins have been specifically instructed by Chief Hoppes not to release these helmets to Company No. 1 members. Each member is forced to sign an inventory list which does not include said helmets in order to obtain their personal belongings. The only way these members are able to get their leather helmets is to agree to have a sit down meeting with Chief Hoppes. Several Company No. 1 members have agreed to meet with him and are now patiently waiting to sit down with him. Those that have already sat down have been ridiculed for their decision to leave SFD.

Company No 1. has reached out several times to Mayor Day to get this situation rectified but to no avail. He has continually stated he would take care of it and make sure all items were returned to the members but the chief is still withholding the leather helmets. It is truly crazy what these men and women are going through to obtain their personal/private property from SFD. When is enough enough? These volunteers are ready to move on and serve the community but have yet again hit another road block when it comes to retrieving their personal property from Hoppes and the SFD administration.

This scheme needs to be stopped!!

The REAL Ariana Grande

Last night after the horrible tragedy occurred after her concert, Ariana tweeted to her followers:

But leave it to Twitter to remind us of past words with this:

Do you really think this is a good role model for girls 6 to 20 years old? Here under another post related to the Manchester Terrorist attack [in England], a commenter stated:

Rather ironic that it was her concert where a suicide bomber committed a terrorist attack last night.

Life is not without its sense of irony.

For those who don't remember this, Ariana was the artist who went into a bakery and was caught on video licking doughnuts and saying she hated Americans and America. Here's the Today show coverage of the incident. Thanks to the commenters who posted the link.

A Viewer Writes: Wicomico Sheriff's Department Above The Law?

One of Mike Lewis' finest riding around without a third break light. I see him every single morning on the way to work. I called the sheriffs office last week to let them know. Still not fixed. If it were me I would've been pulled over and slapped with a repair order. I forgot, they are above the law.

Exit with Dignity

By Thornton Crowe

Losing a job is never easy and sometimes, it can be a very embarrassing experience when made public.

Many of you know, former FBI Director James Comey now has a personal memo circulating DC about a private meeting he had with President Trump where he alleges some impropriety was afoot. While it looks dubious that this memo comes forth now that he's been fired, he is grasping at desperate straws as if to tell the world he was wrongfully terminated from his position, regardless of his ridiculous behavior during the election and negligent handling of the Clinton investigations during his tenure.

Whatever happened to leaving with grace; dignity intact?

This very situation seems to be unfolding in our own micro-government and it's a trend that really needs to stop!

Last Friday, we learned of Bob Culver's firing of former County Finance Director, Leslie Lewis. We learned the scant details through a post here -- how he asked for her resignation and when she was refused, she was promptly terminated and an announcement was made to the public about her removal. Since the posting, someone (or persons) has attempted to post derogatory comments smearing other employees and threatening a lawsuit against the county.

Really? Is this at all necessary or a sign of maturity?

Like a petulant ex-spouse, ex-employees in today's working climate seem to be fraught with turmoil and conflict. These types of behaviors are not isolated to Comey or Lewis, it seems many forget they work at the pleasure of their bosses or business owners. When they fail to perform to standards or liking, they become aggressive if they are let go.

I hate to break it to the disgruntled, but being bitter about termination or forced resignation does nothing to the former boss or employees. Instead it makes one look petty, thus losing any remaining stature left after such an event. Doesn't this say a lot about what we call the snowflakes?

All too often in today's society, we're told we have rights to things we don't and yet, we believe the hype. We believe those social justice warriors who say that not only can we be prima ballerinas but it's also an inalienable right. The fact is, when you work a job, it's good to remember you live in a right to work state and your position is not a guarantee but a gift -- government positions are no exception!

Leslie Lewis
Former Finance Director of Wicomico
Learning to leave with dignity is always better because talking ill of your ex-boss is a good way to ensure you won't find a new boss. Nobody wants to hire those who have sued or publicly vilified former bosses, because they're seen as future liabilities.

Like a messy divorce, lawsuits have a way of ginning up more courtroom angst and are often treated by others treat like the plague. Sure, at first, your friends and family are sympathetic and will often encourage some off-the-cuff action because they feel it's their duty to support the wounded; however, long about the third day of complaining, sob stories, crying, yelling and negativity, most will run not walk to the nearest exit when they see you in the food market or on the street. Why? Because, they get sick of hearing about your plight and dealing with you just brings them down.

While being fired is always a bitter pill to swallow, it's a part of life. Things just didn't work out and you, in essence, were asked to sever ties. Nobody likes it but it is what it is and no amount of complaining or legal action is going to restore happiness.

In truth, there's really no vindication unless you've been physically assaulted by your former supervisor, so why bother? Granted, there are attorneys whom specialize in wrongful termination but that's because, in most cases, it means billable hours. However, in reality for the former employee, it always ends up as a big loss - even if they win their case.  Not only do they lose their savings (and settlement money) in legal fees, they lose their dignity and possibly future employment prospects.

With everything else in the world, do we really need more drama?

Now I won't pretend to know one iota about the bad blood between Culver and Lewis. However I can say, I really don't care either. I'm probably not alone. Whatever really happened was between them and frankly, none of our business. The whole escapade on comments just looks like a huge soap opera minus the sappy background music.

My father always says, "When the fruit is gone, it's time to move on." Hopefully, Ms. Lewis and Mr. Comey will heed those words without further incident. Something tells me, neither is that terribly bright. Guess time will tell!

NEWS FLASH: Mayor, It's Really Not All Happening

By Thornton Crowe

Community Service or just another political event? This was nothing more than an in-person infomercial sponsored by you, the taxpayer!

Another beaut was slid across my desk this morning which features Jake Day's quip about the Camden Community Garden. While I'm all in favor of the community putting forth such initiatives as this, why are taxpayers 'sponsoring' this endeavor without taxpayer consent? Furthermore, judging from the above picture, this just looked like another opportunity for a disingenuous posturing for the mayor rather than anything meaningful for the community. He certainly wasn't dressed to work, was he?

Day seems to feel the tax revenue is his own personal 'slush fund' to do with whatever he wants, yet he seldom puts this money into wooing new businesses to the Salisbury area so people have jobs. More jobs means more people employed which inevitably means more people able to contribute of their free will to causes like like a community garden. Forced altruism is hardly the way to achieve these kinds of goals with everyone being complicit.

What's with Democrats these days that they feel forcing taxpayers to pay for things instead of using the money for the good of the whole community? Are they really that ridiculously stupid?

click to enlarge
Statistically speaking, it is not usually the poor who vote people into office en masse. Middle Class America is the biggest voting populous as our liberal pop star, Hillary, learned last November. Remember all those irredeemable deplorables who voted against this type of slight of hand - political porn masquerading as communal empathy? Yet, political ideologues like Day continue to forge down that path to failure with a vengeance as if there's no common sense or forethought.

PowerPoints promoting low income housing and fairy tales of amphitheaters (along with community gardens) - all being fincanced by Joe Blows who are lucky enough to find work in Salisbury, are hardly the way to win votes and influence people. Instead, it makes our city leader [sic] look insanely out of touch with his constituents' angst and everyday issues.

If Jake and his jackals at City Hall really wanted to help people in the community, maybe helping those folks get jobs would go much further in their lives than merely pitching money towards a community project. People need JOBS, Jake, not warm fuzzies. You can't deposit fuzzies in your bank account or get gas with them!

After all, shouldn't these community projects be done by the citizens of their own volition? We don't need a politician pandering for votes for us to do the right thing like volunteer time and resources. In fact, his interference only diminishes the efforts of others. Talk about showboating and stealing others' thunder!

Just another day in the land of unicorns and fairy tales generated by the Jake-Spin-Cycle.

Boy Mayor Jake Day Falls For Free Newspaper Do Not Deliver List

It never ceases to amaze me the inside crap that goes on between the City of Salisbury and the Liberal Newspapers shoved down every citizens throat.

ANY person with ANY business experience would DEMAND that not one of these papers be delivered WITHOUT the REQUEST of each property owner. The fact that the City clearly states they cannot be held responsible for papers still getting delivered is nothing short of lipstick on a pig!

If you ever want to be a MAN, Day, admit this is LITTERING and demand that every paper be delivered upon request only.  Anything short of that is collusion. 

By all means, go ahead and bombard them with requests/demands to STOP these papers from being delivered.. At least let this child of a Mayor know just how many people are sick of having their properties littered upon. Then again, with 80% of the properties being rental, most won't give a crap anyway. It's all for show.

Welcome to the Newspaper Do Not Deliver Registry. This is a courtesy service the City of Salisbury is offering to its citizens with the voluntary cooperation of the Wicomico Weekly as well as the Salisbury Independent. Please note that the City of Salisbury is not responsible for newspapers being delivered to your property after signing up for this registry.

Due to the above bold disclaimer, it would seem that boy wonder's administration will not guarantee nor foot responsibility for 'mis-steps and accidental deliveries'; therefore, one has to ponder whether this could be some way to boost fines for the city. Think about it. As stated, 80% of the rentals - occupied or not - are people who wouldn't be on the hook for fines issued by the city for the various violations pertaining to home exteriors. If these wet papers lay about for days on end, then any number of city inspectors could cruise the neighborhoods, giving out citations like confetti, hence, driving up city revenue. Could it be this is the reason why Jake and his brothers in arms aka the local print media are less reluctant to answer to the many complaints about these eye sore, waste of tree initiatives? 

Just something to think about! 

Please fill out one of the forms below. You may unsubscribe from one of the newspapers, or both of them.

Unsubscribe from Wicomico Weekly Only

Unsubscribe from Salisbury Independent Only

Unsubscribe from Both Newspapers

Food For Thought, drop off ALL of those unwanted papers in front of the GOB in Downtown Salisbury. Keep doing it until they stop and IF they fine you for littering, (since these papers have no PERMIT) let us know and we'll blast the crap out of them. 

Dress code, series of events lead to honor roll student's suspension

HARRISBURG, N.C. -- A senior at Hickory Ridge High School worries her college future is in jeopardy, and it's all stemming from a shirt she wore.

On Wednesday, Summer wore a green shirt that rests just off the tops of her shoulders and exposes her collarbone.

She says, while she was eating lunch, the principal approached her in the cafeteria, asking if she had a jacket.

In the suspension notice from Hickory Ridge High School, the principal and Summer apparently had an interaction where the principal told Summer to cover up with a jacket. The report states Summer responded with, "I think my shirt is fine". The principal then told Summer that her lower back was also completely exposed, so she was still not in compliance with dress code. Summer repeats again, "My shirt is fine."

Summer did not have a jacket, but a friend offered to loan her one.


GOP going after Mathias in 2018

Maryland Republicans need to pick up five seats in the State Senate in the 2018 election to disrupt a nearly century-old veto proof Democratic majority in the legislature, and the effort, dubbed the “Drive for Five,” leaves Sen. Jim Mathias in familiar territory: in the center of the bull’s-eye.

Mathias is one of six senators being targeted by the GOP in its quest to pick up the five seats.

“Worcester County has generally been a conservative-leaning area. It is currently represented by a Republican congressman and state delegate, and overall, District 38 voted for Gov. Hogan in 2014 70-30 percent,” Patrick O’Keefe, political director of the Maryland GOP, said.

“We believe Sen. Mathias’ votes on taxes and fee increases, and anti-small business votes such as his vote for the paid sick leave bill are not in line or representative of the views of his constituents.”


Ocean City Police Investigating Fatal Pedestrian Collision 5-21-17

UPDATE (May 21, 2017; 11 a.m.): The Ocean City Police Department is currently investigating a fatal pedestrian collision that occurred overnight on Sunday, May 21, 2017, at approximately 2:24 a.m. near the intersection of 45th Street and Coastal Highway.

The pedestrian, James R. Ednie, 23, of Kelton, PA, was crossing Coastal Highway from west to east near the intersection of 45th Street and Coastal Highway. The vehicle that struck the pedestrian was traveling northbound on Coastal Highway at the time of the collision. The pedestrian was not using a crosswalk. Lifesaving efforts were initiated by good samaritans at the scene and continued by police and Ocean City EMS. The pedestrian- was transported to Atlantic General Hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

The driver of the vehicle, identified as Stanley J. Faison, 50, of Waldorf, MD, was arrested and has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and multiple other traffic related charges.

Faison is currently being held at the Ocean City Public Safety Building pending an initial appearance before a Maryland District Court Commissioner.


OCEAN CITY, MD – (May 21, 2017): The Ocean City Police Department is currently investigating a fatal pedestrian collision that occurred overnight on Sunday, May 21, 2017, at approximately 2:24 a.m. at 45th Street and Coastal Highway.

Northbound Coastal Highway is being diverted at 44th Street as crash reconstructionists continue to investigate the scene.

The name of the pedestrian is not being released at this time pending notification of next of kin. Additional details will be released as they become available.

Ocean City restaurant recommendations

WASHINGTON — When WTOP staffers are not reporting on the latest news, traffic and weather, chances are, you can find them at the beach — likely with a crabcake sandwich in hand.

Over the years, many employees inside the Glass-Enclosed Nerve Center have become experts at navigating the best crab shacks, burger joints and dive bars at the beach. Here are their recommendations on where to grab a great bite of food when you need a break from the surf.


What is your OC restaurant recommendation?  


Students Marched Out Of Graduation As Vice President Mike Pence Took The Stage

Trump Budget: You WORK For Your Food Stamps

We didn’t think it possible after so many years of Obama, but it’s happening now. President Trump’s 2018 budget will save $190 billion over the next ten years all by requiring those that are able-bodied adults to actually work to receive their food stamps.

America has a leader who is willing to take the lashings from the left and start America back on her path to self-reliance. No more handouts, no more enabling our own people to become lazy, unprepared, and thinking they cannot do hard things.
President Trump wrote in his letter to Congress, “We must reform our welfare system so that it does not discourage able-bodied adults from working, which takes away scarce resources from those in real need. Work must be the center of our social policy.”

Mick Mulvaney the White House budget director made this statement at a press conference: “If you’re on food stamps and you’re able-bodied, then we need you to go to work.”

As of recent times the amount of American on food stamps jetted to an all time high, 50 million Americans now receive food stamps or use Electronic Benefits Transfer cards, otherwise known as EBT cards at grocery and convenience stores to buy both food and drinks. This 50 million on food stamps equals a total of 15 percent of the country’s population, a far cry from the 17 million Americans who received food stamps in 2000.


Pregnant high school student not allowed to walk at graduation

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - A high school senior who attends a private Christian school in Maryland will not get a chance to attend her graduation ceremony because she is pregnant.

The Heritage Academy in Hagerstown said Maddi Runkles violated the school's code of conduct by having premarital sex. However, Runkles and her parents are struggling to understand how their conservative Christian high school can teach and promote being pro-life, but then turn their backs on one of their own.

"It's like a small school and it is such a big deal and I am the only one that is not going to be there that night to walk to the stage,” Runkles said.


A Viewer Writes: City of Fruitland

I wanted to reach out and voice my concern with what I feel is an absurd water bill payment policy by City of Fruitland.

My grandmother has been in hospital for last month. I wasn't aware of a water bill till I saw a delinquent notice delivered in Wednesday mail. Im glad I saw notice, this could have gotten ugly fast. This is what I discovered when I paid my grandmother's water bill.

Here is the link for City of Fruitland water bill policy.

First, if payment is not made by Friday May 26th at 430. Your subject to disconnect. That contradicts itself when you read further, it states that if not paid by that time you are charged water bill + $25 administration fee + $25 reconnect fee even if they haven't actually disconnected.

Second, if they still don't receive payment after 72 hours from disconnect date, the property will be condemned and will need to vacate premises.

Third, for every day the property sits condemned you are fined $500. That is 200x the amount of water bill each day. According to policy this is necessary due to undue demand on city's already stressed resources. How is this stressing resources? Once you pay that ridiculous amount. You also have to have city inspector inspect property before property will be removed from condemned list.

I feel this is abuse of power and not even sure it is even legal.

Littering complaint leads police to possible terrorist weapons stash

The facts about a troubling incident in Minnesota last week are finally coming to the surface. According to new reports, two brothers were arrested on May 11 for harboring a veritable arsenal of guns, bomb-making devices, lots of ammunition and even a hand-grenade in their SUV. Their names are Abdullah N. Alrifahe, 27, and Majid Alrifahe, 26, and the way they were caught was through a simple complaint about littering.

Walking through a refuse-filled area of Minneapolis, near the intersection of North 44th Avenue and Humboldt Avenue North on the evening of May 11, a concerned citizen decided to do something about the trash problem when he saw two men parked in an SUV throw food wrappers out of their vehicle and onto the ground. He approached the vehicle and asked the men to clean up their trash, but they began arguing with him, so he took down the vehicle’s license plate number and called 911 when the men got out of the car, warning that they were armed.

Police arrived and searched the SUV, and what they found was shocking.

“My guardian angels steered me in that direction, and it just mushroomed from there,” the man said, adding that the violent behavior from the men was alarming. “It caused me to be on alert. What’s really going on here?”


Mayor: ‘Something Needs To Change’ After ‘Unacceptable’ Week

OCEAN CITY — When the smoke cleared and the dust settled after one of the more troublesome Cruisin’ Ocean City events in recent memory, resort officials this week were left pondering the future of the annual event.

The annual spring Cruisin’ Ocean City event draws thousands of registered classic car enthusiasts and their fans and an exponentially higher number of hangers-on who piggyback on the sanctioned event. The intent of the event created 27 years ago was to bolster the shoulder season and bring visitors into the resort and three decades later, it has clearly achieved the desired results.

To be sure, Cruisin’ Ocean City puts heads in beds and backsides in restaurant seats to a large degree and creates one of the busiest weekends of the year, but there is a quality of life cost associated with the obvious economic benefit. While most of the 3,000-plus registered attendees participate in the officially sanctioned events such as the Boardwalk parade and the car shows at the Inlet and other locations, a far greater number of hangers-on race up and down resort streets, peel out and leave rubber on the roadways and smoke and fumes lingering in the ocean air, and line the sidewalks with beach chairs and watch the displays with coolers and open containers of alcohol.


Badge of Idiom

Nothing like telling people just how stupid you are - forever.

Walkoff Notification: Poplar Hill Pre-Release 5-23-17

TOWSON, MD – The Department of Public Safety is seeking information on the whereabouts of offender David Schultz, who walked off from the Poplar Hill Pre-Release facility in Quantico, Maryland around 9:40 a.m on Monday, May 22.

Facility officials received information that Schultz, who is serving time for robbery, was in the possession of contraband. When they arrived at his bunk to question him, he was gone.

Schultz, who is originally from Prince George’s County, is thirty years old. He is 5’9,” weighs about 150 pounds, and has hazel eyes and brown hair. He also has tattoos near his left eye and on the right side of his neck.

Poplar Hill is a minimum security pre-release facility for offenders who are preparing to reenter their communities.
If you have any information on Schultz, please call 911.

Who Misses These Days?

The New Yorker: Obama Willing To Serve As ‘Temporary President’ While Trump Undergoes Psych Evaluation?

The Borowitz Report is a New Yorker top special columnist (Satire):

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Amid concerns about Donald Trump’s fitness to be President, former President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that he was willing to serve as “temp President” while Trump undergoes psychiatric evaluation.

“It would just be a temp thing,” Obama told reporters. “As soon as psychiatrists determine that Donald Trump is mentally stable and fit to serve as the most powerful officeholder in the world, I’d step aside.”

Obama said that he was a “logical choice” to serve as temp President because of his eight years in the White House. “For starters, I know how the light switches work,” he said.


Rep. Cummings Has Medical Procedure Done At Johns Hopkins

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — U.S. Representative Elijah E. Cummings had a procedure done Wednesday to correct narrowing of the aortic valve.

A statement sent out by Cummings states the “minimally invasive medical procedure” was done at Johns Hopkins Hospital to treat aortic stenosis.

The Trans Arterial Aortic Valve Replacement procedure corrected narrowing of the aortic valve.

“It’s a serious problem. The valve opening is supposed to be the size of a quarter, and, over time, it can become as small as the size of a pencil,” says Dr. Dipin Gupta of Medstar Union Memorial Hospital.

A shrinking valve means expanded danger.


No food stamps for able bodied unless they work - Trump

If you don't work you don't EAT: Trump will force able-bodied to get a job if they want food stamps - and plans to slash Medicaid and other benefits in radical budget to boost military and build the wall

Donald Trump's budget mastermind is taking aim at the workshy and telling them: 'Get a job.'

Mick Mulvaney unveiled an ambitious federal budget Tuesday that slashes programs that benefit the poor to get government spending back on track and reduce the federal deficit.

But it is likely to be his blunt message which cuts through.

'If you're on food stamps and you're able-bodied, we need you to go to work,'

Trump's plan, 'A New Foundation for American Greatness,' aims to balances the federal budget over 10 years through massive cuts to Medicaid and welfare programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Cuts will also create room for Trump's proposed spending on the border, infrastructure and a paid family leave program. Medicare and Social Security are also kept intact. Mulvaney told reporters during a Monday briefing. 'We need everyone pulling in the same direction.'


How Some People Tip

Local Agencies Still Waiting For State’s Legal Opinion On Topless Freedom Debate

OCEAN CITY — With the arrival of another summer season, local law enforcement is still waiting for an opinion from the Maryland Attorney General on the legality of women going topless in the same areas where men are allowed to go shirtless under the Equal Protection Act.

Last August, at the request of Maryland resident Chelsea Covington, Worcester County State’s Attorney Beau Oglesby reached out to the Maryland Attorney General’s Office for an opinion on the issue. Covington, an advocate for female bare-chestedness in public through the TopFreedom initiative, often goes topless in public places in Maryland including Ocean City and Assateague, for example.

Eight months later, the Maryland Attorney General’s Office is still reviewing Oglesby’s request, the relevant case law and likely an extensive brief presented by Covington.

“We have been working closely with Worcester County State’s Attorney Beau Oglesby and we continue to anxiously wait for an opinion from the Maryland Attorney General’s Office on how to handle this matter,” said OCPD Public Information Office Lindsay Richard this week. “As we wait for an opinion from the Maryland Attorney General, we have been closely examining the legal alternatives. We have discussed at great length how to honor the rights of all of the millions of visitors who come to Ocean City.”


How Many is Enough?

By Thornton Crowe

Ironically (or not), much of the MSM isn't covering the death of Federal Prosecutor Beranton J. Whisenant, Jr who was found dead yesterday in Florida. He was investigating Florida Voter Fraud. Until this moment, most of you probably have never even heard of this man before.

Now that you have and understand what he was investigating are you all that surprised he ended up dead?

As many of you who stay informed, Seth Rich - a former DNC staffer also fell to this fate 11 months ago in DC after taking a job with the Clinton campaign. It was discovered he was the ultimate leaker for the DNC Leaks revealing all their dirty secrets and crimes.

When will people like you wake up and start demanding an inquest into these deaths and their links to those who wish to destroy America like Hillary Clinton and others in her band of criminals?

Are you really having that much trouble connecting the dots, or should I say, corpses?

UPDATE: Whisenant was also investigating VISA and passport fraud cases in addition to voter fraud. 

Mark Zuckerberg Tells Harvard Graduates To Embrace Globalism, 'A Sense Of Purpose'

A Viewer Writes: Handicapped Parking Fail

Taken today at Ocean Pines Food Lion. State Police did cruise by, but our idiot was gone by then.

Police Step Up Patrols For Memorial Day Weekend

Maryland Natural Resources Police will be stepping up patrols as we head into the holiday weekend and the unofficial start of summer.

This is also National Safe Boating Week across the country.

Seventeen people died on waterways in Maryland last year.

There were 163 boating accidents in 2016 and more than 100 people were injured on boats last year.


Ben Carson Tells Brutal Truth About American Welfare System, Liberals Will Never Forgive Him

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson stated this week that one can attribute poverty to “a large extent is also a state of mind.”

“You take somebody that has the right mindset, you take everything from them and put them on the street and I guarantee in a little while they’ll be right back up there,” he said in a SiriusXM radio interview released Wednesday. “And you take somebody with the wrong mindset, you can give them everything in the world, they’ll work their way right back down to the bottom.”

Secretary Ben Carson also said that a “defeatist attitude” could prohibit people from escaping poverty.

“You know, that’s real poverty,” he exclaimed. “If you don’t have that defeatist attitude, there’s hope for you.”

He believes that the majority of people don’t have that defeatist attitude, but they often just don’t visualize the way and that’s where the government can come in, and be very helpful. The government can provide a ladder of opportunity, it can help give the image that we demonstrate to them what can actually be achieved.


What's Happening? 5-25-17

Let everyone know what is happening in the area.  The good, the bad and the ugly!

SU Announces Purchase of Tri-State Engineering Building for 3-D Arts Programs

Seventy years ago Tri-State Engineering of Maryland, Inc. began earning a reputation for metalworking. Its sheet metal, machine and welding/fabrication shops created everything from dump truck and snow plow parts to equipment for making candy.

The former industrial site, now closed, is expected to reopen in late 2019, but this time as a home for artists. Salisbury University has purchased the property at 217 Milford Street with its 12,000-square-foot shop, nearly 3,000-square-foot office building and 1.18 acres of land bordering campus from the Guzey Family Limited Partnership. It will become the new home for SU’s blossoming three-dimensional arts programs, including glass blowing, sculpture and ceramics. The facilities will be more than double the amount of space currently available at Fulton Hall.

The $525,000 purchase was made with non-State dollars. “This addition to campus makes sense on several levels,” said Marvin Pyles, interim vice president of administration and finance. “The fabrication shop was built for the kind of work that sculptors working in metal, wood, glass and ceramics do. The sellers have left metal and fabrication equipment that these arts programs will be able to use.


Katy Perry Response to Manchester Bombing: ‘No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist.’

The Manchester bombing shocked the world and sent a country into mourning as the attendants of an Ariana Grande concert saw their evening transform from one of fun and levity to one of immense pain and terror.

The current body count totals 22 dead and 59 injured. Many of those hurt and killed were young people seeing their favorite artist live. Others were parents taking their children to see their first concert.

These animals took advantage of these festivities and set off a bomb full of nails to cause as much destruction and death as humanly possible.


Wasserman Schultz Threatened Police Chief For Gathering Evidence On Her IT Staffer’s Alleged Crimes

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatened the chief of the U.S. Capitol Police with “consequences” for holding equipment that she says belongs to her in order to build a criminal case against a Pakistani staffer suspected of massive cybersecurity breaches involving funneling sensitive congressional data offsite.

The Florida lawmaker used her position on the committee that sets the police force’s budget to press its chief to relinquish the piece of evidence Thursday, in what could be considered using her authority to attempt to interfere with a criminal investigation.

The Capitol Police and outside agencies are pursuing Imran Awan, who has run technology for the Florida lawmaker since 2005 and was banned from the House network in February on suspicion of data breaches and theft.

“My understanding is the the Capitol Police is not able to confiscate Members’ equipment when the Member is not under investigation,” Wasserman Schultz said in the annual police budget hearing of the House Committee On Appropriations’ Legislative Branch Subcommittee.


Florida man kills roommates for disrespecting his Muslim faith

A Florida man accused of murdering his roommates claims to have shared their neo-Nazi ideology with the two men until he converted to Islam and shot them because they disrespected his faith.

According to investigators, Devon Arthurs, 18, killed Jeremy Himmelman, 22, and Andrew Oneschuk, 18, because he was angry about anti-Muslim sentiment in the world and he “wanted to bring attention to his cause.”

The murders occurred at the Hamptons at Tampa Palms apartment complex followed by a hostage situation that took place at the nearby Green Planet Smoke Shop.

Upon entering the smoke shop about 5:30 pm, Arthurs brandished a semiautomatic pistol.


Katie M. Cook, 27, of Willards, Md. A No Show In Court Today 5-24-17

After this woman struck my home in Powellville and ran from the scene, she was a no show in court today and now has a $5,000.00 bench warrant out for her.

Cable News Ratings Shock: Fox Slips to 3rd Place in Primetime for First Time in 17 Years

Fox News slipped to third place in the primetime demo for the first time in 17 years last week as competitors CNN and MSNBC enjoyed a surge in viewership thanks to a chaotic news week for President Donald Trump’s administration.

For the week of May 15-19, Fox News averaged just 497,000 viewers in the advertiser-coveted key demo of adults 25-54 during primetime hours, compared to CNN’s 589,00 and MSNBC’s 611,000, according to the Hollywood Reporter, which cited data from ratings tracker Nielsen.

However, the longtime cable news king remained second in total viewership, with an average of 2.41 million viewers over the course of the week, compared with CNN’s 1.65 million and MSNBC’s leading 2.44 million. Fox News also remained in the lead in primetime and total day viewership for the month of May.


NYT Thinks Humanity Will Be Wiped Out By Apocalyptic Global Warming Flood

Many progressives are beholden to the notion of man-made global warming and are firmly convinced that human activity is rapidly heating the planet in such a manner as to cause irreparable harm and bring about catastrophic consequences.

This belief was fully evidenced in a breathlessly hyperbolic three-part series published by The New York Times focused the melting around the edges of the massive sheets of ice that make up Antarctica.

A team of journalists from The Times joined researchers in Antarctica to get a firsthand look at the frozen continent, and while they certainly brought back incredible photos, videos and illustrations, they also returned with an urgency regarding their fear that “Antarctica’s ice sheet may have entered the early stages of an unstoppable disintegration.”


Some Comments Worthy Of A Post 5-24-17

Anonymous said...
Keep waging your war on feminism Joe. I don't agree with this story either but you have a knack for only posting the negative articles about feminism and foreigners.
May 24, 2017 at 9:26 AM
Blogger JoeAlbero said...
9:26, So you think I should embrace feminism and foreigners more? Let's see, I was raised by a woman who raised 5 kids on her own, hmmmm. I grew up in New York City where we had every possible culture imaginable and the funny thing was, we ALL got along.

I'm a LOT like Trump. ANYTHING that has to do with RADICAL I am against. This is MY country and I am here LEGALLY. I am against illegals, period. I don't care what the situation is, if you are not here legally you are breaking our laws.

So, IF YOU want to make me out to be a jerk, I'll own it, no problem at all.

So How Real Are The People In Chevy’s “Real People” Ads?

If you watch TV at all, you’ve probably seen one of the many “focus group” ads from Chevy, where supposedly real people are consistently flabbergasted at the car company’s achievements. But just how authentic are the things we see in these commercials? 

The Chevy ads usually follow some version of the following: Mild-mannered focus group guy asks a generic question about car performance, cost, or awards; the folks off the street answer, and then are blown away (maybe a little too much so) by the fact that the answer to all the good questions is alwaysChevy.

White House Budget Cuts Entitlements $1.7 Trillion, Slashes EPA 30%

The White House will release its “taxpayer-first budget” on Tuesday, which includes $1.7 trillion in cuts for entitlement spending and a 30 percent reduction in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) budget.

The Trump budget proposal will balance over the next ten years by cutting both mandatory and discretionary funding for agencies such as the EPA and State Department. The budget proposal assumes that the economy will grow at three percent compared to the 1.6 percent growth that America experienced in 2016. White House staffers explained that the proposal is a “post-policy” budget, meaning that the budget assumes that Trump signed the health care overhaul known as the American Health Care Act (AHCA) and tax reform into law.

The budget proposal will make substantial cuts into four entitlement programs, SNAP (food stamps), CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), and SSDI (Disability Insurance). The Trump budget assumes that the AHCA becomes law, which would roll back Medicaid expansion. White House staffers told Axios that the budget would cut entitlement costs through an “emphasis on work requirements for able-bodied people.”


2 arrested, tied to series of truck tailgate thefts

WASHINGTON — More than a dozen tailgates have disappeared from Ford Super Duty pickup trucks in the Frederick area since February and Monday officials announced two arrests in the case.

Brandon L. Blucher, 22, of Glenwood, Maryland, and Riley A. Eppley of Monrovia, Maryland, are accused of stealing and then selling the tailgates to a buyer in Cambridge, Maryland.

Eppley and Blucher each faces multiple charges including conspiracy to commit theft of $10,000 to $100,000 and 12 counts of theft over $1,000.

Tailgates were also reported stolen in Howard and Dorchester counties. Thirteen were reported stolen from newer Super Duty pickups in Frederick County.


WCSO CID - Press Release - Rogue and Vagabond Investigation - May 23, 2017

Incident: Rogue and Vagabond Investigation
Date of Incident: Month of May 2017
Location: Nanticoke Road and Pemberton Drive Neighborhood areas

1. Major Leslie Purnell Jr., 32 years old, Salisbury, MD
Charges: CDS: Possession not marijuana CDS: Admin equipment Poss/Dist Eight (8) Counts of Rogue and Vagabond Seven (7) Counts of Theft related charges Unauthorized removal of property


 2. Brent Michael Kirby, 24 years old, Salisbury, MD
Charges: Three (3) Counts of Rogue and Vagabond Three (3) Counts of Theft related charges Unauthorized removal of property Motor Veh/Unlawful taking Two (2) counts of Rifle/Shotgun possession by disqualified person CDS: Possession not Marijuana CDS: Possession with intent to Distribute Narcotic.

3. Kendrick Dequan Corbin, 29 years old, Salisbury, MD
Charges: Eight (8) Counts of Rogue and Vagabond Nine (9) Counts of Theft related charges Unauthorized removal of property Motor Veh/Unlawful taking .


4. Tyrique Nathaniel Beckett, 18 years old, Salisbury, MD
Charges: Fraud-False Identification to avoid Prosecution Obstructing and Hindering Circuit Court Writ for unrelated charges.


5. Lymayia Tratayshia Williams, 18 years old, Salisbury, MD
Charges: District Court Arrest Warrant out of Baltimore County.


6. Hermione Strand, 37 years old, Salisbury, MD
Charges: Wicomico County Circuit Court Indictment.

During the Month May, Deputies of the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office took approximately 20 reports for thefts from unlocked motor vehicles in the Nanticoke Road and Pemberton Road area neighborhoods. 

During the investigation, detectives were able to identify one of the suspects, Major Purnell Jr, who attempted to fraudulently utter stolen checks at several banks in Salisbury, MD. Subsequently two other suspects were identified as Brent Kirby and Kendrick Corbin, all of Salisbury, MD. 

On May 20th, 2017 detectives from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division (CID) executed a Search and Seizure Warrant at an apartment in the Mitchell Landing Apartment Complex. Major Purnell was located inside the apartment. The Search Warrant resulted in Detectives recovering numerous stolen items reported from the vehicle break-ins. Purnell was arrested and taken to the Wicomico County Detention Center to be seen by the commissioner. 

On May 22nd, 2017 the Sheriff’s Office received a call that Kirby was seen walking through the Patriot Drive area. At the same time, Deputies received a call from a victim that had a tablet stolen from their vehicle on Patriot Drive. Detectives from CID were able to track the suspect to an apartment in the Mitchell Landing Apartment Complex. Upon responding to the apartment, the stolen tablet was located outside the apartment next to the door. Upon entry into the apartment, Detectives located Kirby hiding under a bed. Also in the apartment was a Tyrique Beckett and Lymayia Tratayshia Williams. Beckett provided a false name and was later determined to have a warrant for his arrest. Williams had a District Court Arrest Warrant out of Baltimore County for unrelated charges. Beckett and the Williams were arrested and released to the Detention Center. A search of the residence located numerous other stolen items, to include identification cards, gift cards, loose change, and paperwork belonging to victims that had reported thefts from their vehicles. Kirby was arrested and released to the Detention Center. 

On May 22nd, 2017 Detectives located Kendrick Corbin at an address on Fairground Drive, in Salisbury, MD. Corbin was also wanted through the Maryland State Police in Somerset County on unrelated charges. Corbin was arrested and released to the Detention Center.

Also arrested during the investigation was a Hermione Strand of Salisbury, MD. Strand had an outstanding arrest warrant on unrelated charges. 

If anyone has had anything stolen from their vehicles and has not yet reported it or has information relating to the crimes, please contact the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office at 410- 548-4891 or Crime Solvers at 410-548-1776. 

All subjects were released to the Wicomico County Detention Center to be seen by the Commissioner.