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Monday, December 12, 2011

Did You Notice Who Obama Threatened????

From now thru November 2012 this should be required weekly or at least monthly, reading BY ALL WHO VOTE!!!

Did you notice who Obama threatened when he wasn't getting his way on raising the debt ceiling?

He threatened to not pay: Social Security Retirees, Military Retirees, Social Security disability and Federal Retirees.

Now.. Let this sink in really good – REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!

He did not threaten to stop payments to illegal aliens !!!!!!!!!!!

He did not threatened to take frivolous benefits such as Internet access away from violent inmates

He did not offer to fire some of the thousands of unnecessary federal employees that he hired !!!!!!!!!!!

He did not offer to cut down on his or his wife's frivolous gallivanting around !!!!!!!!!!!!!

He did not threaten to not pay the senators and representatives or any of their staff !!!!!!!!!!!!

He did not threaten to take benefits away from welfare recipients

He did not threaten the food stamp programs

He did not threaten to not pay foreign aid

He did not threaten to cut back on anything that involves his base voters

The list could go on and on. He is in full political re-election mode!

Why are we allowing this person to destroy this wonderful country with his selfishness and his lies?

His type of change is killing our country. He needs to be stopped and only our votes can stop him.

Do not forget about his tactics when it's election time. Vote Obama out of the Presidency in 2012.



India-based Jasco Nutri Foods plans $10M investment in Maryland facility with potential for 100 new jobs; Jubilant Life Sciences in Salisbury announces plans for major expansion

ANNAPOLIS, MD (December 12, 2011)
– A week after returning from an historic six-day trade mission to three of India’s largest cities – Hyderabad, Mumbai and New Delhi – Governor Martin O’Malley today, joined by Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker III, Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development Secretary Christian S. Johansson, Secretary of State John McDonough, University of Maryland College Park officials, and other delegation members, announced that two Indian companies plan investments in Maryland and eight Maryland businesses inked deals with Indian partners, with a combined total of nearly $60 million in business deals for the State and several additional deals worth millions still on the horizon.

Governor O’Malley detailed the success of the mission – the first by a sitting Maryland Governor and the largest foreign trade delegation in State history – which also included keynote addresses to three of India’s largest business organizations and agreements with Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Maharastra to explore Sister-State relationships.

“Our six-day mission to India has already produced some significant results, with nearly $60 million in business deals for Maryland companies and millions more to come as additional deals with Indian partners are signed,” said Governor O’Malley. “This mission has opened new doors for Maryland to create jobs, bolster trade and investment, and strengthen existing business and cultural relationships. Together, with our entire delegation, we are sending a strong message to India’s top business organizations and companies that Maryland is the gateway to doing business in the U.S.”

“I was honored to join Governor O’Malley on this economic development mission to India. This mission was a huge success in terms of opportunities identified including six deals signed for Prince George’s County,” said Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker, III. “We are committed to a mutually beneficial, long term relationship with India - its government, its people and its outstanding business community. We will continue to encourage Prince George’s County businesses to enter into profitable relationships with the Indian business community that will create jobs and generate new tax revenues.”

The Governor also met with a number of top Indian companies to promote Maryland as an ideal location for establishing U.S. operations, and signed an agreement in New Delhi with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) – the oldest and largest business organization in India – to create an India-Maryland Center in Maryland to boost trade between the two regions. FICCI officials also announced that the business organization would lead a delegation to Maryland in April 2012 and focus on establishing partnerships in biotechnology, renewable energy and infrastructure. In Mumbai, Secretary Johansson joined the U.S. India Importers Council in the signing of an agreement committing Maryland and India to boost imports and exports. In the first nine months of this year, the Port of Baltimore saw $341 million in trade to and from India compared with $229 million from the same time frame in 2010 – a 49 percent increase.

A delegation from the University of Maryland College Park, led by President Wallace Loh, also met with a number of major Indian universities, including the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad and Delhi University, and signed several partnership agreements, including one with the Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay, which will enable the two institutions to exchange faculty and students and jointly compete for research grants, particularly in the area of global climate change and weather prediction technologies.

“I was pleased and thankful that Governor Martin O'Malley invited the University of Maryland to be part of his delegation to visit India, a land that is so rich in culture, history, and opportunity,” said Dr. Loh. “As a premier research and land-grant institution, the University of Maryland must be focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, while ever increasing our global connections for the benefit of our students, our state, and the nation. This trip served all of these objectives and more.”

In addition, Montgomery College signed a memorandum of understanding with the Wadhwani Foundation and Jindal Educational Initiatives, of Jindal Steel and Power Ltd, to strengthen vocational education and instructor capacity in India and establish the India Vocational Faculty Development Center for Excellence (IVFDCE). The goal of the collaboration is to develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate a technical trade instructor training program and related instructional materials. Montgomery College will share its expertise in curricula, pedagogy, and learning environments. This effort will train the trainers who will, in turn, prepare India's people for careers in the knowledge economy.

The mission yielded tremendous business interest in Maryland. Jasco Nutri Foods, an India-based manufacturer and exporter of organic food products, has entered into an understanding for development consulting services with Chesapeake Investments Group in Bowie to invest $10 million in opening a facility on a 1,500 acre location yet to be determined in Maryland. The plans for the location will be finalized over the next two months, but the new facility could generate up to 100 jobs when operational.

Also, Jubilant Life Sciences, one of India’s top pharmaceutical and life sciences companies with a drug manufacturing facility in Salisbury, also announced plans to invest $20 million to triple its warehouse space on the Eastern Shore and add new jobs. No timeline has been given for the expansion, but the company reports a dramatic increase in sales from $3 million in 2005 to $42 million this year and a jump in employees from 25 six years ago to more than 240 currently.

In addition, eight Maryland companies signed significant deals or joint ventures with companies in India. Several companies are continuing to have discussions with potential Indian partners, including ARINC, the Annapolis-based leading provider of managed IT services and support for the aviation industry, which joined Governor O’Malley for a meeting with India’s Minister of Civil Aviation Vaylavar Ravi to discuss the modernization of India’s airports and a tender issued by the Airports Authority of India (AAI) to upgrade 25 of its airports. The U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service provided delegation members with the Gold Key Service, which connects U.S. companies with business partners abroad. In total, 10 Maryland firms conducted meetings in three cities with qualified agents, distributors and joint venture partners for a total of nearly 90 one-on-one, face-to-face business appointments with interested Indian firms.

“I would like to express my deep sense of pride and appreciation to Governor O’Malley for personally attending this meeting with us and endorsing ARINC for India and the recent AAI tender,” said Jim Martin, ARINC’s Asia Pacific Managing Director. “With his help, we hope to work closely the Ministry of Civil Aviation, AAI and other industry consortiums to help airports in India achieve world-class standards.”

“Premier Rides is fortunate to be located in Maryland, which has an intense focus on building international business and exports,” said Jim Seay, president of Premier Rides. “The global economic situation requires companies to be very dynamic and to be able to react quickly where the opportunities are emerging. The assistance provided by the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development is a key element in Premier’s ability to both find business prospects and close on deals. The Adlabs project is a great example of where Premier’s global reach can go.”

The deals, by region signed, included:


· ANGARAI, a Greenbelt-based management consulting firm, signed an agreement with CI , a technology product development company based in Chennai, to pursue opportunities in mobile and web applications, potentially opening up an office in Maryland.

· Rockville-based Sheladia Associates, an engineering, architecture and development company, will provide design and project management services valued at $3.7 million for upgrading India’s National Highway 215 to a four-lane facility in the State of Orissa.

· Amarex, a Germantown-based clinical research organization, announced a partnership with Gaithersburg’s Shreis Scalene Sciences LLC to gain FDA approval for the medical device Cytotron, which uses a patented technology to treat regenerative and degenerative diseases such as cancer, osteoarthritis and multiple sclerosis. The device was invented and developed by Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar, Chairman of Scalene Cybernetics in Bangalore, a technology and equity partner of Shreis Scalene Sciences.

· DataNet Systems Corp. signed an MOU with Health Management Research Institute and RT-MediBus Technologies to establish a MediHelp Health Helpline call center to assist in the delivery of accessible, affordable, quality, and cost efficient healthcare services initially for the citizens of Prince George’s County with the goal of expanding to the entire state of Maryland.


· TripleStone Real Estate, a real estate development and management company based in National Harbor, signed an agreement valued at $5 million with Shree Naman Group of Mumbai to partner on potential hospitality and medical office projects in the Brandywine area of Prince George’s County.

· Premier Rides, a Baltimore-based theme park ride manufacturer, signed a deal valued at $7 million with Mumbai-based Adlabs Entertainment LTD, which is planning to build a theme park in India. Premier Rides will design and manufacture a custom theme park attraction that will employ the very latest technologies and provide a one-of-a-kind experience.

· Columbia-based DSM Nutritional Products, a leading supplier of nutritional lipids, vitamins, carotenoids and other products to the food, feed, pharmaceutical and personal care industries, renewed its partnership with Bangalore-based British Nutritions for the use of DSM’s life’sDHA™, vitamins and nutraceuticals in the fortification of existing and new brands of British Nutritions in a deal valued at $2 million.

New Delhi:

· CyberPoint International, LLC, a Baltimore-based global provider of cyber security products, solutions, and services, and Appin Security Group in New Delhi, India signed an agreement valued at $10 million to jointly develop new enterprise-level security solutions for mobile devices. The deal is expected to create new jobs in both Baltimore and New Delhi.

· Electro-Media Design Ltd., a Gaithersburg-based company that specializes in consulting and design services in event technology and acoustics for meeting and entertainment facilities, announced a partnership with ITC Hotels in India to provide contemporary design services for conference, event, and entertainment venues for their new properties and existing hotels, supporting ITC’s sustainable and green practices.

National Labor Relations Board Drops Case Against Boeing

A deal between Boeing and a labor union means the National Labor Relations Board will drop a case against the defense contractor. The NLRB was challenging the opening of a nonunion plant in South Carolina. Under the deal, Boeing will build the new version of its 737 in Washington state, and the Machinists union will drop its complaint to the NLRB that resulted in the case.

US Air Bumps Local Marine From Flight, He's Not Important

Hey Joe,

There is a story on a local Marine that is blowing up on Facebook. Jake Klaverweiden recently graduated from Marine Corp boot camp recently and was home on a short leave prior to reporting for his mos training.

He shows up with his family at the Salisbury Airport for a flight on US Air to Charlotte this morning Mind you he was in full uniform with travel papers and orders to report to camp Geiger in Jacksonville NC. Ticket agent tells him they are sorry that he had been bumped.

With no other viable options his parents had to drive him to NC so he would not be AWOL. The worst part of it was the customer services agent response when they were told he was flying on orders. There reply was " what do you think he is more important than anyone else". Jake's father is retired Salisbury PD Sergeant Jay Klaverweiden.

New Posts to fall below.

The Financial Crisis Was Entirely Foreseeable


We’ve known for literally thousands of years [20] that debts need to be periodically written down, or the entire economy will collapse. And see this [21].

We’ve known for 1,900 years [22] that rampant inequality destroys societies.

We’ve known for thousands of years [23] that debasing currencies leads to economic collapse.

We’ve known for hundreds of years [24] that the failure to punish financial fraud destroys economies.

We’ve known for hundreds of years [25] that monopolies and the political influence which accompanies too much power in too few hands is dangerous for free markets.

We’ve known for hundreds of years [26] that trust is vital for a healthy economy.

We’ve known since the 1930s Great Depression that separating depository banking from speculative investment banking is key to economic stability. See this [27], this [28], this [29] and this [30].

We’ve known since 1988 [31] that quantitative easing doesn’t work to rescue an ailing economy.

We’ve known since 1993 [32] that derivatives such as credit default swaps – if not reined in – could take down the economy. And see this [33].

We’ve known since 1998 [34] that crony capitalism destroys even the strongest economies, and that economies that are capitalist in name only need major reforms to create accountability and competitive markets.

We’ve known since 2007 [35] or earlier that lax oversight of hedge funds could blow up the economy.


Gregory Jaczko's Bullying A Concern

Four Nuclear Regulatory commissioners, two Democrats and two Republicans, say they have grave concerns about NRC chairman Gregory Jaczko's leadership. They tell the White House, Jaczko's bullying and high-handed style is causing serious damage to the commission. They say he's caused a chilled work environment at the NRC. They worry Jaczko could impair the NRC's mission to ensure safety of the nation's nuclear reactors. Jaczko counters that his four colleagues have a lack of understanding. Jaczko faces hearings this week in the House and Senate. At issue is whether Jaczko was correct in declaring damage to a Japanese reactor an emergency for the United States.

Shocking Number Of Teens Report Dating Abuse

The date that your teen may bring home for the holidays could be someone you want to check out after all. One in four teens report having been psychologically abused by a dating partner. One in eight report having experienced physical abuse. These aren't just trivial "guesstimates," they're national statistics furnished by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And, I am very much aware (through my professional experience) that only a very small number of these teens confide in their mothers about this. An even smaller amount open up to their fathers. Why? Because they are embarrassed, ashamed, scared of your reaction, and of the repercussions of telling you.

Giving American Flags To Civil Servants Killed On The Job

The Senate has approved a bill to give American flags to families of civil servants killed while on the job. The House passed a similar measure last month. The Civilian Service Recognition Act passed the Senate unanimously. GovExec reports, the measure applies to civilian federal employees killed by a criminal or terrorist or by natural disaster. Since 1992, 3,000 federal workers have been killed in the line of duty, according to Office of Personnel Management estimates.

Today's Top News 12-12-11


Lawmakers seeking to wrap up congressional work for the year likely will leave Washington this month without giving President Barack Obama the opportunity to make a temporary appointment of his nominee to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney sought to deflect criticism that he’s out of touch with ordinary voters because of his wealth, a day after coming under fire during a primary debate. Romney used humor to play down the $10,000 wager he offered to rival Rick Perry during the nationally televised debate.

Germany’s top central banker cooled speculation that the European Central Bank will extend its role as European leaders pressed their case that a new fiscal accord will deliver the region from its two-year-old debt crisis.

Europe’s failure to agree on a comprehensive solution to the sovereign debt crisis threatens to consign AAA rated bonds in the region to history. Top-rated agencies in the 17-nation euro area have at least $1.1 trillion of debt outstanding

The euro is poised to fall to an 18- month low of $1.1875 after failing to follow through a rally late last week, Societe Generale SA said, citing trading patterns.

The Swiss franc fell against the dollar as concern that European leaders have failed to find a solution to the region’s crisis spurred demand for assets with fewer ties to the euro area.

AP Top Stories

Several al-Qaida militants escaped early Monday from a prison in the southern Yemeni port city of Aden, officials said, tunneling their way out in the second such spectacular jailbreak this year.

With the U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq in its final days, President Barack Obama and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will meet at the White House Monday to discuss the next phase of the relationship between their countries.

The Supreme Court agreed Monday to rule on Arizona's controversial law targeting illegal immigrants.

Iranian experts are in the final stages of recovering data from the U.S. surveillance drone captured by the country's armed forces, state TV reported Monday.

While much of America worries about the possibility of a double-dip recession, stories of prosperity are cropping up as U.S. farmers enjoy their best run in decades, thanks to high prices for many crops, livestock and farmland and strong global demand for corn used in making ethanol.

San Francisco makes history by becoming the first city in the nation to scale a $10 minimum wage. The city's hourly wage for its lowest-paid workers will hit $10.24, more than $2 above the California minimum wage and nearly $3 more than the working wage set by the federal government.

A curious library caretaker in the Bavarian city of Passau has discovered a treasure trove of ancient silver coins and medals that went overlooked for more than two centuries. The surprise find is reportedly worth as much as six figures.

Republicans Plan On Extending Payroll Tax Cut

House Republicans have unveiled their version of a plan for extending the payroll tax cut. It includes extending a freeze on federal salaries boosting federal employees' retirement contributions. It would extend the current freeze another year to 2013. Starting in January 2013, federal employees' contributions to their pension plan would increase annually, until it reaches 2.3 percent. For new federal employees, the contribution would be more then 3 percent. The bill would change the salary calculation for pension benefits. Annuities would be based on the final five years worked, rather then three.

Woodland Ferry Out Of Service

Seaford -- The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) announced that the Woodland Ferry was taken out of service on Sunday, December 11, 2011 to inspect the source of a minor oil leak in one of the thruster units. For this work to occur, a crane will be used to slightly lift the ferry out of the water to allow access to the thruster unit.

Once the inspection is complete DelDOT will issue a service update for the ferry.

For further information on this or other DelDOT projects, please visit, or contact DelDOT's Office of Public Relations at 1-800-652-5600 or 302-760-2080.

More Money!

A system can fail many times but it only becomes a failure when its operators blame everyone else for their actions. – A.H.K.

MF Global is a symptom of an economic system on its last legs. Managed by a failed, crooked politician, it typifies our modern society. This is proven by the fact that the entire board of directors has resigned. The way MF's bankruptcy is being handled is compounding the problem. Why not? After all, the same Ponzigonifs and politicians who created the mess are the overseers. This is no different from the banking and housing fiasco, both of which were also to be solved by foxes guarding the henhouse. The freezing of investors' segregated accounts is proving difficult for the commodities markets, causing ripples in the entire industry. The complete disappearance of over one billion dollars places this in the scope of Enron. The related loss of 2,800 jobs is but a blip on what will become another American catastrophe as affiliates begin laying off.

The new bailout of European banks and the ECB by American taxpayers can be typified as the largest money-laundering scheme of this century. It is, in fact, institutionalized, systematic wealth transfer from the American people to the banksters of Europe. Considering that they have been prime stockholders on the Federal Reserve System from day one, we are not surprised. We have seen this before with QE 1 and the QE 2 but those, at least, mostly bailed out American banks. We have, through the IMF and BIS, already transferred tens of billions of dollars to Europe and have now made this bailout fixed political policy of the FRS. Let me clarify. The FRS, Federal Reserve System, is a private banking monopoly granted by Congress in 1913, not one cent of which belongs to the American taxpayers. Just to further clarify, the FRS is almost exactly 100 years old and has never in that time been properly audited by any third party.


Group Files Free Speech Lawsuit To Get Confederate Flag License Plate

The Texas division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans has filed a lawsuit in federal court arguing that the Department of Motor Vehicles infringed on its free speech rights by refusing to issue a specialty license plate featuring a Confederate flag, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The Columbia, Tenn.-based group, with 30,000 members, released a statement last week announcing the suit, which was filed in U.S. District Court in Austin.


Lawmakers Slam Lowe's For Pulling Ads from Muslim-American Reality Show

LOS ANGELES – Lowe's Home Improvement has found itself facing a backlash after the retail giant pulled ads from a reality show about American Muslims.

The retail giant stopped advertising on TLC's "All-American Muslim" after a conservative group known as the Florida Family Association complained, saying the program was "propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda's clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values."


Conception To Birth -- Visualized

IRS Is Stuck With $153.3 Million It Wants To Give Away

The Internal Revenue Service has $153.3 million in tax refunds burning a hole in its pocket, but can't find any takers. The agency says mailing address errors have rendered 99,123 refund checks undeliverable.


Blago's Saga By Becky Akers

Punishing politicians for corruption is like scolding the Black Death for killing folks.

So we can empathize with the fury, despair and "why-me?" shock that must have roiled Illinois’ former Congresscriminal and governor, Rod Blagojevich, at his arrest, trial, and conviction, let alone his sentencing last week on nebulous charges that boil down to … governing. Show me the politician who doesn’t swap favors and peddle influence as tirelessly as normal people breathe.

Despite the preening of Blago’s smug prosecutor, self-righteous judge and the State’s cheerleaders in the media, condemning the poor slob to 14 years’ imprisonment is equivalent to exterminating one rat out of the millions spreading plague in medieval Europe: it’s the teeniest, tiniest start on curing what ails us. Judge James Zagel should round up the rest of the elected or appointed leeches and herd them off to the pokey, too, then follow and lock the door behind himself.

Fascinating questions have shadowed this circus from the start, primarily whom Blago angered. And what does he know about Obummer ("The White House declined comment on Blagojevich's sentence." You bet it did!)? Or the vile Rahm Emmanuel? Blago’s info is obviously explosive since it requires disgrace so profound the corporate media will continue to ridicule him rather than report whatever he sings. On top of that, Leviathan has forcibly silenced Blago ("In prison, Blagojevich will largely be cut off from the outside world"), perhaps permanently: look for him to die there, probably by "suicide."


"The Inmates Don’t Know It’s An Asylum"

There is a line from Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead which we have always enjoyed. It is stated by the main villain of the story - Ellsworth Toohey - in a one-sided conversation in which he is explaining that he was always after political power and never hid his ambitions but nobody wanted to “believe it”. The quote goes like this: “Never bother to examine a folly. Ask yourself only what it accomplishes.”

Lenin had a different take on the same problem faced by all would be power mongers. He knew he had to be reasonably obvious in what he told the people about his plans and goals. But not too obvious. He knew he had to tailor his pitch so that it would have the maximum amount of resonance with the maximum number of unthinking people. He doted on such people. He called them “useful idiots”.

Today, the “movers and shakers” of the financial world abound in such useful idiots. It has been a long road from the 1930s Keynesian mantra that “we owe it to ourselves” to today’s masters of the universe with their incomprehensible computer “algorithms” fuelled by the ability of modern computers to crunch almost unlimited sequences of “1s” and “0s”. The entire road has been paved with one goal in mind. To convince the “people” that the only road to financial “safety” is to give up their thinking processes and “delegate” them to those who claim to know what they are doing.

The problem today is that the results of this delegation are so obvious that the methods of those who produced them are beginning to be questioned. It has been a long time coming. When we reach a market situation where nobody wants to play unless the game is terminally rigged, then the whole idea of “markets” has gone by the boards. Nobody wants to “punt” unless their bets are guaranteed in advance. That’s no way to run a horse race - or a global financial system.


Are Societies Owned?

Libertarians tend to view taxation as unjustified. It is something associated with statism, a kind of coercive institution that expropriates resources from members of society rather than securing the resources voluntarily. Statists, however, criticize the libertarian view, claiming that in a way taxation is voluntary, only apparently not so. Such defenders of statism as Liam Murphy and Thomas Nagel, in their book The Myth of Ownership,[1] have made this case and they have done so along lines worth some attention here.

Assume you wish to sell antiques, so you rent space in a building owned by someone and agree that whenever you make a sale, some of what you fetch goes to the owner. Craig Duncan claims this is analogous to the nature of taxation. The country is like the building. "The building's owner ... charges vendors a percentage of their sales intake − say, 20 percent − as payment for the opportunity to sell from one of the building's stalls.... The owner is not stealing [the vendor's] money when he demands this sum from [the vendor]."[2] According to Duncan, it is by comparison to this kind of situation that taxation ought to be understood, not, as I and other libertarians argue, as extortion by some members of society (the government) of the rest who live and work there or, as Nozick claimed, as something on par with forced labor.[3]

But the analogy is a bad one. No one owns a free society. No one who lives in a free society is provided with the opportunity to strike up a deal with some owner of that society or to choose, from among different owners of societies, in which he or she might live and work.


Less Regulation, More Innovation Key To Job Growth, O’Malley Says

Gov. Martin O’Malley spread his message of job creation through more innovation and less paperwork at a Friday morning symposium with hundreds of members of the state’s business community. Both innovation and efficiency are key to the continued success of Maryland’s economy, O’Malley said. “The challenge we have is to get that job-generating opportunity engine that is Maryland operating again.”



“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”
― Aldous Huxley, Complete Essays 2, 1926-29

“Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.”
― Walter Cronkite

“Confidence is ignorance. If you’re feeling cocky, it’s because there’s something you don’t know.”
― Eoin Colfer, Artemis Fowl

“He who stands for nothing will fall for anything.”
― Alexander Hamilton

“There are no uninteresting things, only uninterested people.”
― G.K. Chesterton

“You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”
― Harlan Ellison

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
― Stephen Hawking

“If ignorance is bliss, why aren’t more people happy?”
― Thomas Jefferson

“There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”
― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Fear always springs
from ignorance.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Next Year’s Revenue Estimates Reduced Slightly

More economic uncertainty – brought on by potential cuts in federal spending, a lack of consumer confidence, and debt issues in Europe – led the Board of Revenue Estimates on Friday to reduce its projected revenues for fiscal year 2013 by $71 million to $14.4 billion in the general fund


What the People Who Know Newt Gingrich Say About Him

Over the weekend, WSJ carried this report from Peggy Noonan:

What is striking is the extraordinary divide in opinion between those who know Gingrich and those who don't. Those who do are mostly not for him, and they were burning up the phone lines this week in Washington...

Former New Hampshire governor and George H.W. Bush chief of staff John Sununu told The Wall Street Journal this week: "Listen to just about anyone who worked alongside Gingrich and you will hear that he's inconsistent, erratic, untrustworthy and unprincipled." In a conference call Thursday, Jim Talent, who served with Mr. Gingrich in the House from 1993 through 1999, said, "He's not reliable as a leader." Sen. Tom Coburn, a member of the House class of 1994, called the former speaker's leadership "lacking," and according to a local press report, he told Oklahoma constituents last year that Mr. Gingrich was "the last person I'd vote for for president of the United States."

Sen. Lindsey Graham told a reporter that Mr. Gingrich could be a historic president if he has "matured as a person and is, for lack of a better word, calmed down." That is as close as most of those who've worked with him get to a compliment...

The biggest fear of those who've known Mr. Gingrich? He has gone through his political life making huge strides, rising in influence and achievement, and then been destabilized by success, or just after it. Maybe he's made dizzy by the thin air at the top, maybe he has an inner urge to be tragic, to always be unrealized and misunderstood. But he goes too far, his rhetoric becomes too slashing, the musings he shares—when he rose to the speakership, in 1995, it was that women shouldn't serve in combat because they're prone to infections—are too strange...

Those who know him fear—or hope—that he will be true to form in one respect: He will continue to lose to his No. 1 longtime foe, Newt Gingrich. He is a human hand grenade who walks around with his hand on the pin, saying, "Watch this!"


O’Malley Spars Over Millionaires’ Tax Flight

Gov. Martin O’Malley challenged a construction executive on Friday to radio debate on increasing taxes on millionaires. Whiting-Turner Executive Dan White said the state should be careful about "unintended consequences" of taxes, but O'Malley said there was no clear evidence millionaires had left because of the tax surcharge on them.


Rand Paul Warns Voters About Gingrich And Romney

Rand says of Romney:

He's moderate, northeastern, don’t-rock-the-boat Republican, and I think everyone in the party clearly understands that.
As for Gingrich, Rand says:

...what worries me is that the voters are being sold a bill of goods in Gingrich.

Gingrich began his career as a Rockefeller Republican from the liberal wing of the party. And though he has often spoken and occasionally acted like he left that wing, it is clear from his flip-flops and multiple “apologies” that his heart is still there...Gingrich is not from the tea party. He is not even a conservative.

He is part of the Washington establishment I was sent to fight. He has been wrong on many of the major issues of the day, and he has taken money from those who helped cause the housing crisis and create millions of foreclosures.

Senator Paul's full letter is here:

Squatters Claim More Than $8 Million Worth Of Tarrant County Properties, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

If squatters pay a $16 filing fee, keep up with property taxes and live in a house for three years or more, the courts may not be able to stop them, because of a loophole in Texas law. One person moved from Memphis to claim a $2.7 million mansion, while another nabbed a house while the owner was in Houston undergoing chemotherapy. The owner’s belongings were tossed in a dumpster in the driveway.


A Letter To The Editor 12-12-11

JOE- I heard something yesterday that I wondered if your other bloggers have noticed recently. I along with a lot of other friends and groups I attend frequent Dayton's Restaurant alot due to good food and fair prices. But recently when they go there on Sundays after church and it has happened more than one time. The immediate area of the booths are all "reserved" and so is the back room. Now my question is this is a new practice they are doing, it used to be first come first served. And we all realize that it is fine to reserve maybe a table or two, but also other patrons should not be told they can't serve them because they may need to reserve more tables they may not have enough. These people don't mind waiting for a table to open up and on both occasions have tried to do so. When they went to the back dining room only one end of it was reserved for the group attending, so they proceeded to sit down to the other end which had no restriction on it and the fellow cleaning the table told them ''it is reserved back here, to which the customers responded are there more of the group coming? not necessarily they were told, well why can't we sit here, I don't think you can we may need these tables also". The question is this is this restaurant trying to make all their service now "reserved"? and what about regular customers who have frequently walked in to eat. I believe that the answer probably lies in the fact it is the holiday season, and like a lot of establishments they are trying to guarantee them the most money they can make, at the expense of regulars. The only thing this will do is the regulars might then turn around and decide to make somewhere else "their regular spot" and then Dayton's could loose business. I hope the owner sees this and realizes maybe they need to be more fair, and make everyone happy with their service, and not feel like they are no longer wanted. I wonder how others feel about this, or have they too seen this happening?

Florida’s Flawed System For Policing The Police, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

One cop in Florida has been the subject of 40 internal affairs cases, including 16 for battery or excessive force. He's been fired five times and arrested three. But he's been allowed to keep his job, thanks to the state's system for protecting the police.


Universities Buy .xxx Domains

(CBS/AP) - In a preemptive strike against a potential disaster, universities across the country are buying .xxx domains that might hurt their reputation.

New .xxx top-level domains go on sale today
Protect your brand, Go Daddy announces .XXX domain prices
Schools grab .xxx sites to protect names from porn

University of Kansas is securing and before the porn industry can buy the site and cash in on the college's name. Those aren't the only URLs that were purchased. Spending a total of $3,000, the university also snatched up, and, among others.


Racial Disparity In Presidential Pardons: What Can Be Done?

ProPublica found that whites are almost four times as likely as minorities to be pardoned. To break the pattern of bias, experts say, would require reconsidering the subjective factors used to judge applicants and an outside review of Justice Department recommendations.


BREAKING NEWS- Train Derailment In Salisbury

A Train just derailed on Mill Street in Salisbury. Photo's to come......

Isabella Street is closed to through traffic. Please find an alternate route.

UPDATE: It will be at least an hour before they can get there to do what they need to do to get the train back on the tracks. We were told there have been a lot of railroad spikes stolen recently from the tracks.

Pa. Man Submits Fake Obit For Mom To Get Time Off

Authorities say a 45-year-old Brookville, Pa., man took booking off work to a new level by submitting a fake obituary for his living mother to a local newspaper.

Scott Bennett sent an obit notice to The Jeffersonian Democrat to get paid bereavement time for his job at a local factory, the Brookville police chief told ABC News.


Superintendent’s Open Door Session Tomorrow

Wednesday, Dec. 14, from 4-6 p.m.
Board of Education Building

Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Fredericksen will hold a Superintendent’s Open Door Session from 4-6 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 14 in the Administrative Conference Room of the Board of Education Building, Mt. Hermon Road and Long Avenue, Salisbury. Open Door Sessions provide the opportunity for people to meet one-on-one with the superintendent. People may express concerns, offer comment, or ask questions on any issue involving Wicomico schools. No appointment is needed. Each visitor will have approximately 15 minutes to meet with the superintendent. Follow-up sessions will be held if there are more visitors than there is time on the scheduled night. Additional Open Door Sessions for this school year are scheduled for Jan. 18, Feb. 22, March 21, April 25 and May 23. 410-677-4495.

Occupy Protests To Try Shut West Coast Ports

(OAKLAND, Calif.) — Anti-Wall Street protesters up and down the West Coast are joining an effort to blockade some of the nation's busiest ports from Anchorage to San Diego.

Demonstrators are scheduled to gather at 5:30 a.m. to march on the Port of Oakland, which Occupy protesters successfully shut down in November. Marchers expect to descend even earlier on the sprawling port complex spanning Los Angeles and Long Beach as the work day begins. In Portland, Ore., the protest will get under way at 6 a.m.


Community Budget Awareness And Input Meeting

Monday, Dec. 12, at 5:30 p.m.
New Dimensions Ministries, Salisbury

All are invited to attend a Community Budget Awareness and Input Meeting at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 12, at New Dimensions Ministries at 1907 Jersey Road, Salisbury. The Wicomico school system has begun preparing a budget for the 2012-2013 school year. Based on current projections, the school system must begin to build a budget plan to account for a $5 million to $7 million shortfall due to a structural deficit. This will require the school system to make extensive budget cuts for the third straight year. Cost-cutting and cost-saving options in every area of the budget will be considered. This budget awareness and input meeting is designed to provide the community an early look at budget estimates for next year, a review of the cost-saving measures already taken, and details on how to provide input on the future of public education in Wicomico County.

Occupy is Not Just About Occupying: The Goal Is Not To Occupy It Is To End Corporate Rule

With encampments being closed across the country it is important to remember the end goal is not to occupy public space, it is to end corporate rule. We seek to replace the rule of money with the rule of people. Occupying is a tactic but the grand strategy of the Occupy Movement is to weaken the pillars that hold the corporate-government in place by educating, organizing and mobilizing people into an independent political force.

The occupations of public space have already done a great deal to lift the veil of lies. People are now more aware than ever that the wealth divide is caused by a rigged economic system of crony capitalism and that we can create a fair economy that works for all Americans. We are also aware that many of our fellow citizens are ready to take action – extreme action of sleeping outside in the cold in a public park. And, we also now know that we have the power to shift the debate and force the economic and political elites to listen to us. In just a few months we have made a difference.

Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Revolution

The man sitting behind the chain barrier between Portland, Oregon's Lownsdale Square and the Southwest Fourth Avenue sidewalk hides one side of his face behind a black cloth and nods to no one in particular. He may or may not be worried about the unequal distribution of wealth in America, but he looks completely at home at the Occupy Portland encampment sprawled between here and Chapman Square across the street.

He turns down my request for an interview - "I guess not," he says, in a slow-motion drawl - but he's polite, reluctant, as if he wishes he could be a better host. He has no door to shut between us at a moment like this, but he starts to nod more intensely. Even in a tent city, there are ways to maintain privacy.


Nativity Scene Is a ‘Superstition,’ Says Atheist Group, But Santa Can Stay

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has taken offense with a nativity scene displayed outside a courthouse in downtown Athens, Texas.

The Keep Athens Beautiful Committee has been putting up the nativity scene since 2002, and County Judge Richard Sanders says it’s not violating any law, according to ABC News affiliate KBMT.

“Because we have all the other decorations, it’s legal,” Sanders said. “Our county attorney has looked into it.”

What Arpaio Didn't Do This Time: Over 400 Sex Crimes Ignored

Arizona’s notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio has another scandal to add to his reputation—but this time it’s what the self-proclaimed “toughest Sheriff in America” didn’t do, particularly for the children of undocumented families that he so often maligns.

Over a three-year period ending in 2007, Arpaio’s office failed to properly investigate over 400 reported sex crimes in Maricopa County, including many instances of child molestation. Many cases were not even worked at all after the initial reports were taken.

In the city El Mirage, for example, there were at least 32 reported child molestation cases that were neglected. A majority of the victims were children of undocumented immigrants, with some as young as two years old. Despite the fact that there were suspects in all but six of the cases, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) did not advance the investigations.

“Inaction speaks as loudly as action. To not pursue the full steps that are necessary is unacceptable,” said Juanita Molina, the Executive Director of Border Action Network, an immigration advocacy group based in Arizona. “It reinforces once again that law enforcement is not taking care of this community.”


No More Counting? Michelle Duggar Should Consider Stopping Having Children, Doc Says

Michelle Duggar, star of the hit TLC show “19 Kids & Counting,” announced Thursday that she had suffered a miscarriage of her 20th child. During a routine check-up this week, a doctor was unable to find a heartbeat and told Duggar and her husband Jim Bob that they had miscarried in the second trimester.
According to Dr. Jennifer Landa, Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogicMD, miscarriage is particularly common at Mrs. Duggar’s age: 45.


Farah: Is Newt Wrong About 'Palestinians'?

Newt Gingrich has been taking heat for the statement he made about the "Palestinians" being an "invented" people.

"We have had an invented Palestinian people who are in fact Arabs," Gingrich said in an interview with The Jewish Channel, a cable-television network.

"Remember, there was no Palestine as a state – (it was) part of the Ottoman Empire. I think we have an invented Palestinian people who are in fact Arabs and historically part of the Arab community and they had the chance to go many places."

Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum both took Gingrich to task for his remarks, with Romney suggesting Gingrich should have talked to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before making such a provocative statement.
Actually, no such conference call should be necessary.

Long ago, I wrote about the indisputable historic reality raised by Gingrich, and Mr. Netanyahu liked it so much, he posted it on his website with approving comments where it remains to this day.

Newt is absolutely right about this. I'm not surprised Romney got weak in the knees over it, but Santorum's reaction is somewhat surprising.

Speaking the truth should never be a problem. Most of our trouble in the Middle East has been created because policies are being guided by myths rather than facts.

I wrote that column about the "Myths of the Middle East" about 11 years ago and updated it earlier this year. Personally, I'm glad at least one prominent U.S. politician has taken these words to heart.


[Joseph Farah is the founder of, an independent news company, and is an Arab-American-- Editor]

Fraternal Order Of Eagles Hosts Crab Feast In December

When I heard these guys were hosting this event in December I thought, your kidding me, right? Well, the crabs were out of this world! Many local dignataries attended and enjoyed steamed crabs just loaded with meat. Best crabs of the year, for me, anyway.

Jobs Through Growth Act: Aspiration Replaces Envy

President Obama gave a speech in Osawatomie, Kansas, the other day, allegedly about fairness for the middle class. His actual argument, however, reveals another message entirely. It boils down to the notion that America isn’t fair because successful people like him get to keep too much of what they earn.

That’s not a message of fairness. It’s a sermon of envy.

It’s also a classic case of misdirection. The middle class has suffered in recent years, but the 315,000 people who gave up on finding a job last month can’t be blamed on unfairness. That heartbreaking event resulted directly from the policies President Obama champions day after day.

The 2009 stimulus package that he and Joe Biden​ said would jump-start our economy … didn’t. And if the stimulus did work, why is the President still talking about Social Security/payroll tax reductions and prolonging unemployment benefits?

Or take the 4 million jobs Nancy Pelosi​ promised would be created by the health care takeover. That didn’t happen either.

What did happen? Ask the small businesses. The Obama administration has cost our economy billions of dollars by imposing one regulation after another, even as small-business owners in a recent Gallup survey named government regulations as their biggest problem.

The Osawatomie narrative says the middle class can’t make it unless the federal government targets the wealthy, suffocates small business, and puts our children deeper into debt. I just don’t agree.

Americans are built for aspiration, not envy. More than any other people in history, we are blessed with opportunities to pursue happiness, to have a dream and chase it down. The problems arise when Washington stops encouraging free and open competition, and starts trying to dictate outcomes.

While President Obama seems more concerned with his own job than anyone else’s, conservatives in the House of Representatives are advancing some bold ideas that can have a real, positive impact on our economy.


[Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is the Chairman of the Republican Study Committee]

The Five Secrets Of Happily Married Parents

Do kids make marriage unbearable? Marital satisfaction surveys seem to suggest so, as do anecdotally rich cover stories of popular magazines.

So, should we not get married? Or not have kids? Or just be miserable? These are the questions addressed by the latest in what is becoming the annual report for Marriage, Inc.: The State of Our Unions: Marriage in America. The most recent update is called "When Baby Makes Three" [PDF].


Israeli Conflict Becomes Major Issue In GOP Debate

DES MOINES, Iowa – Earlier this week, Newt Gingrich told an Isreali TV station the Palestinians are an "invented" people out to destroy Israel, a statement that prompted significant disagreement between the candidates in this weekend's GOP debate on whether it is better to exercise "truth" or "prudence" in the Middle East.

When asked about the comment, Gingrich was completely unapologetic for his controversial remarks.

"Somebody ought to have the courage to tell the truth," Gingrich insisted. "[The Palestinian power groups Fatah and Hamas] are terrorists. They teach terrorism in their schools. They have textbooks that say, 'If there are 13 Jews and 9 Jews are killed, how many Jews are left?' We pay for those textbooks through our aid money. It's fundamentally time for somebody to have the guts to stand up and say, 'Enough lying about the Middle East.'"

He went on to say, "Is what I said factually correct? Yes. Is it historically true? Yes. … The fact is, the Palestinian claim to a right of return is based on a historically false story. Somebody ought to have the courage to go all the way back to the 1921 League of Nations mandate for a Jewish homeland, point out the context in which Israel came into existence, and 'Palestinian' did not become a common term until after 1977. This is a propaganda war in which our side refuses to engage. … You're not going to win in the long run if you're afraid to stand firm and stand for the truth."

Twice, moderator George Stephanopoulos hinted that such bold words would "make life more difficult for the Israelis."

"How would we know the difference?" Gingrich responded. "The Israelis are getting rocketed every day. We're not making life more difficult. The Obama administration's making life more difficult. … I feel quite confident an amazing number of Israelis found it nice to have an American tell the truth about the war they are in the middle of and the casualties they're taking and the people who surround them who say, 'You do not have the right to exist, and we want to destroy you.'"


Mexico Border Crossing With No Agents Proposed

BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK, Texas - The bloody drug war in Mexico shows no sign of relenting. Neither do calls for tighter border security amid rising fears of spillover violence.

This hardly seems a time the U.S. would be willing to allow people to cross the border legally from Mexico without a customs officer in sight. But in this rugged, remote West Texas terrain where wading across the shallow Rio Grande undetected is all too easy, federal authorities are touting a proposal to open an unmanned port of entry as a security upgrade.


WBOC's New Pimp Your Business Show

WBOC is launching a new afternoon "Talk Show" in January. What they aren't saying is that the guests are PAYING to be on there. Want them to talk about you or your event? You have to purchase the interview! This will be marketed as a talk show...entertainment and news. It is really a paid infomercial every afternoon.

The only good I can say about this is that I believe Lisa Bryant will be Hosting the Show. It should be called, PIMP YOUR BUSINESS.

Bolton: Russia May Have Helped Iran Down Spy Drone

It's possible that Russia directly aided Iran in downing the sophisticated U.S. drone that crashed in Iranian territory last week, America's former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton said Sunday in a radio interview.

"You would have to think that that is a possibility," said Bolton, commenting on the likelihood of Russian assistance in the drone's capture.

Bolton was speaking on "Aaron Klein Investigative Radio" on New York's WABC Radio.

Bolton noted speculation that Iran may have recently purchased from Russian sources the advanced jamming and electronic warfare system known as Avtobaza, which he said could have been used to hack into the downed drone's system.

The captured American RQ-170 Sentinel highly classified spy drone is designed to be virtually invisible to radar and reportedly carries advanced communications and surveillance gear.

"I wouldn't be at all surprised if in fact the Russians provided the jamming equipment as the alternative to the S-300," stated Bolton.


Ambush Locally-Owned Businesses With Support Via Cash Mob

Are you looking for a way to support locally-owned businesses that also includes the element of surprise, meeting new people, and alcohol? If so, consider putting together a cash mob for your city. No, not a flash mob: a cash mob. They're groups of people, organized online, who pledge to spend at least $20 at a locally-owned business that gives back to the community.


Ruddy: Newt Gingrich A Genuine Conservative

It's in vogue these days to claim that Newt Gingrich is not a real conservative.

When Newt Gingrich emerged as a front-runner in recent weeks, a withering chorus of criticism came from frequently reliable conservatives and some not-so conservatives, such as former elder Bush administration official John Sununu.

I've known Newt for a long time. In my book, he's always been a conservative.

Sure, I've had disagreements with him. But we agree on most core issues.

And, unlike many other candidates, Newt has a long track record of walking the walk.

In many ways, Gingrich deserves credit for helping to restore American conservatism in the 20th century.

During the Reagan era, he co-founded the Conservative Opportunity Society (CoS) with Jack Kemp, Bob Walker, Vin Weber, Connie Mack, and Duncan Hunter — the Reagan Revolution’s franchise players in the House of Representatives.

By 1984, CoS members were creating the most intense battle of ideas among conservatives since vocal anti-slavery activists created the Republican Party in 1854.

“The Amigos,” as they called themselves, were undeniably conservative — and yet some in GOP ranks criticized them.

The young Turks in the CoS were inspired and borrowed liberally from the conservatism of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. They devoured the economics of Jude Wanniski and Arthur Laffer and, as the first supply-siders, they were focused on high-growth policies.

Gingrich was heavily invested in the 1981 Kemp-Roth tax cuts. Those cuts, which President Reagan signed into law, laid the groundwork for the greatest economic boom in the nation's history.

Later, as speaker of the House, Gingrich persuaded President Bill Clinton to sign the most sweeping welfare reform law, abolishing the program as it had been known.

Through his 1994 "Contract with America," Gingrich confronted the go-along-get-along politics of Washington. He coerced the Clinton administration to restrain spending and slash taxes. By the end of the ’90s, the economy was booming and federal coffers were surging. The nation witnessed actual budget surpluses.

After he left government, the former speaker’s conservative leadership continued. He campaigned to end the crippling moratorium on offshore drilling at his American Solutions think tank. There, he also testified against cap and trade and opposed the Kennedy-Bush illegal immigrant amnesty plan, even running a commercial against the measure.

At his Center for Health Transformation, he developed a solid, clear, concise, and conservative argument against Obamacare.

Today, the former speaker talks of balancing the budget by controlling spending, growing the economy, and implementing money-saving reforms.


Fill In The Blank 12-12-11

My Sunday's are for ____.

Senator Calls For Apple To Pull App That Lets Users Create Their Own Driver's Licenses

Apparently there is an app, imaginatively called "Driver's License," that allows users to create phony driver's licenses for the purposes of entertaining themselves and others (because there is nothing funnier than a bogus form of ID). But at least one U.S. Senator thinks the app can be used by ne'er-do-wells and should be pulled from the Apple app store.


Bridge Cleaning Will Require Northbound and Southbound Lane Restrictions On Route 1

Frederica -- WHEN: Thursday, December 15 and Friday, December 16
Northbound and Southbound intermittent lane restrictions will occur from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., pending weather

WHERE: Twin bridges over Murderkill River on Route 1 between Route 12/Frederica Road and Milford Neck Road in Kent County.

WHAT: DelDOT crews will be cleaning the curbing of the bridges.


(CUMBERLAND, MD) -- Maryland State Police are investigating the death of a state prison inmate who was found in his cell last night in a maximum-security prison in Allegany County.

The 57-year-old male inmate is not being identified until family can be notified by Division of Correction officials. He was an inmate at the North Branch Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Md.

Maryland Division of Correction officials contacted investigators from the Maryland State Police Homicide Unit and asked that they respond to the prison last night due to the circumstances surrounding the suspicious death of an inmate. State Police homicide investigators responded and are continuing the investigation, with assistance from the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services Internal Investigative Unit.

The preliminary investigation indicates that shortly after 6:00 p.m. yesterday, an inmate in Housing Unit 3 approached a correctional officer and said something was wrong with this cell mate. Correctional officers responded to the cell and found the inmate unresponsive. Emergency care was provided and the inmate was transported to the Western Maryland Regional Health Center, where he was pronounced dead.

The body of the deceased inmate has been transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore. Investigators are awaiting autopsy results to positively identify the cause and manner of death.

Ron Paul: Gingrich Taking Freddie Mac Money 'Immoral'

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) on Sunday called Newt Gingrich's acceptance of more than $1 million from a government-controlled mortgage lender "immoral."

Paul, who has called on Gingrich to apologize for the $1.6 million he received in his role with Freddie Mac, said while the former House speaker isn't under any legal obligation to return the funds he should consider the move.

"I wouldn't have taken their money just for the fact that I think it's an immoral thing," Paul said Sunday morning on NBC's "Meet the Press."


Del. Police: Man Sold Drugs From Ice Cream Truck

Delaware State Police say they've charged a Millsboro ice cream truck driver with selling drugs from his truck and his home.

After receiving a tip that 47-year-old Merrill Weatherly was selling drugs, police say a two-week investigation showed that he was selling drugs from his personal ice cream truck.


Troopers Investigate Delmar Fatal Crash

Location: Whitesville Road west of Line Church Road, Delmar, DE

Date and Time of Occurrence: Monday, December 12, 2011 at 7:05 a.m.

Operator and Vehicle:

Gary R. Cannon, Sr., Pittsville, Maryland
2003 Mercury Grand Marquis

Delmar, DE- The Delaware State Police Crash Reconstruction Unit is currently investigating a one vehicle fatal motor vehicle crash that occurred this morning.

The incident happened at approximately 7:05 a.m. this morning as Gary R. Cannon, Sr., 60, was operating a 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis and was traveling eastbound on Whitesville Road just west of Line Church Road in Delmar at an apparent high rate of speed. As Cannon’s vehicle entered a curve in the roadway, it began to rotate in a counterclockwise direction and then slid off of the north edge of the roadway. The Mercury then struck a large tree which severed the vehicle in half. The front half of the vehicle, which contained Gary Cannon, then struck a second tree where it came to rest. Cannon, who was wearing a seatbelt, was pronounced dead at the scene.

This crash remains under investigation at this time. Whitesville Road was closed for approximately 3 hours as the crash was investigated and cleared. It has since been reopened.

Woman Leaves $13M Fortune To Pet Cat

A 4-year-old stray cat that was rescued from the streets of Rome has inherited a $13 million fortune from its owner, the wealthy widow of an Italian property tycoon.

Maria Assunta left the fortune to her beloved kitty Tommaso when she died two weeks ago at the age of 94. The feline’s newfound riches include cash, as well as properties in Rome, Milan and land in Calabria.


Ravens Dominate Colts From Start To Finish In 24-10 Win

Perched behind the lectern after another hard day's work, Ravens running back Ray Rice glanced at the television to his left and saw that the Houston Texans had just scored a touchdown in the final seconds to beat the Cincinnati Bengals. Rice playfully pounded his hand on the rostrum.

He was then told to abstain from looking at the television to his right, which just showed the New England Patriots forcing the Washington Redskins into a game-saving turnover. Rice looked anyway and then replied, "Oh Lord," when he saw the evidence for himself.

Today's Survey Question 12-12-11

Would You Do Your Holiday Shopping At A Pawn Shop?


(NEWARK, DE) – The search for a Cecil County woman missing more than three years ended yesterday when medical examiners positively identified human remains found last weekend just over the Maryland line in Delaware as those of the missing woman.

The remains were identified as Brittany N. Peart, 21, of the unit-block of Manor Road, in Elkton, Md. The identification was made by forensic doctors at the Delaware Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and Forensic Sciences Laboratory. Doctors identified the remains using dental records. An autopsy is continuing in an attempt to determine the cause and manner of her death.

The human remains were found on the evening of December 4, 2011, by two hunters in a wooded area between Frenchtown Road and McDaniel Road in Newark, De. The area is just over the Maryland state line and is between Elkton, Md., and Newark, De.

The hunters contacted Delaware State Police, who secured the scene and recovered the remains on December 5th. Members of the Delaware State Police Homicide Unit and the medical examiner’s office processed the scene for evidence.

A Delaware State Police Homicide Unit sergeant had previously assisted Maryland State Police Cold Case Homicide Unit investigators with the investigation into Peart’s disappearance. He alerted Maryland State Police investigators to the discovery of the remains. Information concerning Peart, including dental records, was made available to Delaware authorities.

Brittany Peart was reported missing to Maryland State Police by her mother in late September 2008. Her mother said she last saw Peart in late July 2008, at the home they shared in Elkton.

Maryland State Police have continued to search for Peart. As recently as July 2011, Maryland State Police and Natural Resources Police coordinated a search for her along the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.

A joint investigation by the Maryland State Police Cold Case Homicide Unit and the Delaware State Police Homicide Unit is continuing. Anyone with information concerning Brittany Peart is urged to contact Maryland State Police at the North East Barrack, at 410-996-7800 or at the Cold Case Unit at 410-953-8211. Callers may remain confidential

Police: Ex-Cop Killed Ex-Wife, Her Boyfriend

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Authorities in Missouri say a former sheriff's deputy is suspected of killing his ex-wife and her new boyfriend before leading officers on a high-speed chase that ended with a shootout at an upscale hotel hosting a Christmas party.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol on Sunday identified the murder victims as 32-year-old Annette Durham, of Salem, and 39-year-old Steven Strotkamp.



The perfect Man and Woman CLICK HERE

Republicans Show Their Holiday Spirit By Demanding Billions In Health Care Cuts

The Christmas season is allegedly about giving without an expectation of recompense. In politics, representatives are not expected to give gifts to their constituents, but they are expected ensure that every citizen has opportunities to prosper without sacrificing something to a few wealthy elites. Republicans are notorious for tying legislation that helps the majority of Americans to some type of harmful legislation, and the current debate over extending the payroll tax cut for 160 million working Americans is their latest dispensation of damage. Republicans opposed the payroll tax cut extension last week, but they expressed interest in supporting the extension on Friday.

When Representative Peter King (R-NY) was asked what changed House Republicans’ aversion to extending the payroll tax cut, he replied, “Christmas spirit.” Naturally, one would think that if Christmas spirit is involved with supporting the extension, Republicans would pass it without expectation of recompense because as President Obama said, passing it is “something House Republicans and Senate Republicans should want to do regardless of any other issues.”

BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court to Take Up Arizona Immigration Law

Supreme Court says it will rule on challenges to Arizona's controversial law targeting illegal immigrants

Fox News

Apple Picking Time...

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A Rare Glimpse Into China's Busy Death Row

(CBS News)

A series of 8-year-old photographs is currently making the rounds on the internet in China.

CBS News correspondent Celia Hatton reports that, despite their age, the death row images are shedding new light on a country that executes far more people than any other country in the world.

The photos shocked many across China: Women in their final 12 hours on death row.