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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Trump Projected To Win In These States

Fox News is projecting Trump to win In Maryland, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

CNN is reporting Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have won in Maryland. 

Fox news has just said Donald Trump has won Rhode Island

Donald Trump wins Delaware!!


Fired Mizzou professor Melissa Click: 'This is all about racial politics'

Infamous former University of Missouri professor Melissa Click suggested in a newspaper profile published Sunday that she was fired because of her race.

“This is all about racial politics,” Click said in the Chronicle of Higher Education article. “I’m a white lady. I’m an easy target.”

Click was fired from her position as an assistant professor of communications in February, and her appeal of the decision was denied in March. She achieved national attention after video footage of her assaulting a student journalist went viral. Later, video emerged of her yelling profanities at a police officer.

Her confrontation with a student journalist attempting to cover campus protests in November was caught on the journalist’s camera.


Oyster Recovery Project plants 1 million baby oysters

Workers at Horn Point in Cambridge on the Choptank River loaded up oyster shells to be taken to the Tred Avon River earlier this month.

They weren't live oysters, but oyster shells recycled from restaurants and seeded with baby oysters called spat. Oyster shells with spat on them were taken to an oyster bar in hopes of these spat growing up to be adult oysters.

Officials with the Oyster Recovery Project say these shells with spat have a 20 percent better survival rate than oyster spat does naturally in the bay. Part of what the Oyster Recovery Project does is to help plant oysters in the Bay.


Judge brings harsh justice on Black Lives Matter Lady Caught in SICK Racism Hoax

Kayle Mckelvey is the leader of the black student union at Kean University and an agitator for the Black Lives Matter movement. She pleaded guilty to sending out numerous fake tweets last fall threatening black students. She then blamed it on racist whites. She did this to get more people to attend a racist rally she held. Since there wasn’t enough hatred between blacks and whites there, she decided to give it a push and make some materialize. She left the rally, went to the library and sent the racially threatening tweets and then returned to the rally. She made a big deal about how they were all being threatened by racists. According to Yahoo News, because of one of her tweets, which read “@kupolice I will kill all the blacks tonight, tomorrow and any other day if they go to Kean University,” multiple security forces were mobilized, including the Department of Homeland Security, in an effort to protect the student body. Except none of it was true.

From the Conservative Tribune:

Kayle Mckelvey, 25, was a leader of a black student union at Kean University where she attempted to start racial divide and outcry for absolutely no reason. She’s now being brought to account for it, and she’s getting some pretty brutal justice.

Mckelvey pleaded guilty to creating false public alarm via a series of anonymous, fake tweets last fall threatening her fellow black students. She needed more bodies to attend her racially based rally, and when realizing that there wasn’t any racial tension, she decided to create some.

She ran to the library, tweeted a series of threats, then ran back to the rally and told everyone that they were under threat.


Sears Makes SHOCKING Announcement – OBAMA’S AMERICA Strikes Again!

Just what America needs… more lost jobs… more businesses closing… and it is all thanks to Obama. He’ll keep on crowing that we are doing better when everyone can see we are doing worse. We have been in a soft depression ever since he came into office and it has been steadily worsening with each passing day. It doesn’t matter how they manipulate job numbers or the stock market; when you have 1 in 5 families where no one works, that is called a depression. That means at least 20% are out of work and in reality it is closer to 30%. Sears just announced they will close 10 more Sears stores and 68 more Kmarts across the country. This is on top of hundreds of stores they have closed already. Sears hasn’t turned a profit since 2012.

From the Conservative Tribune:

It was the latest sign of America’s economic decline under President Barack Obama: Retail giant Sears announced that it was shuttering 78 stores across the country.

According to CNN, that number includes 10 Sears stores and 68 Kmart stores, which are owned by the Sears brand. Hundreds of stores have been closed in the past few years, but that still wasn’t enough to stop Sears from incurring a $580 million loss last quarter.

The retail giant has not turned a profit since 2012.


WOW! Forget About The Obamas Acting Like Royalty – CHECK Out The Clinton’s Demands!

We spend a lot of time ragging on the Obama family about their outrageous spending of taxpayer dollars on personal matters, but if Hillary becomes President, we may be swimming in material, and here’s why.

From Mad World News:

One of the most consistent criticisms of Barack Obama and family is the wasteful spending on lavish travel and vacations. During his presidency, stories have flooded social media about the tax dollars spent to give the Obamas royal accommodations. Now, Democrat presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is once again proving she’d be much of the same, as her travel demands have been exposed.

Although Hillary claims to be the champion for the average American, facts are proving that she doesn’t have a clue what that even means. From pricey haircuts to not driving for herself in decades, many have said that Hillary is severely disconnected from most American citizens and what our lives are actually like. It seems that it’s no different when it comes to travel, as she has quite the list of ridiculous demands — ones the average American couldn’t even imagine.

According to Fox News Insider, making close to $2 million for her private speaking gigs wasn’t enough for Hillary. In a newly released memo, specific demands made by the criminal politician were uncovered. CNN Money outlined the contents of the rider that was attached to Hillary’s speaking engagement agreements, and considering what she was making just for talking, the other things she insisted on will blow your mind.
Private jet, Gulfstream 450 or larger preferred
First class and business class tickets for her staff
Two members of her staff required up to 3 days on site to prepare
All local transportation and meals included
Presidential suite with up to three separate rooms attached
Flat fee of $1,000 for an onsite stenographer to record everything Hillary said; however, Hillary would not be required to provide the host with a copy


Maple Syrup: Sweet Anti-Aging Superfood?

Maple syrup may be a lot more than just a delicious topping for pancakes and waffles — it may also protect against Alzheimer's disease. Researchers from the University of Toronto discovered that an extract found in pure maple syrup prevents the mis-folding and clumping of two types of proteins prominent in Alzheimer's and other neuro-degenerative diseases.

"In preliminary laboratory-based Alzheimer's disease studies, phenolic-enriched extracts of maple syrup from Canada showed neuro-protective effects, similar to resveratrol, a compound found in red wine," said Dr. Navindra Seeram.

Some experts contend that pure maple syrup made directly from the sap of the maple tree is a singular product with unique health benefits.

"We already know that maple has more than 100 bio-active compounds, some of which have anti-inflammatory properties," says Serge Beaulieu, president of the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers. "Brain health is the latest topic of exploration."

There's more here

Exit Poll: 61 Percent of Pa. Republicans Feel Betrayed by Party

Sixty-one percent of Republican primary voters in Pennsylvania said Tuesday that they felt betrayed by their party, while 46 percent said that Sen. Ted Cruz has run the most unfair campaign in the state.

Here are the results of CNN exit polls:

Do you feel betrayed by the Republican Party?
  • Yes: 61 percent.
  • No: 35 percent.
Which candidate has run the most unfair campaign?
  • Ted Cruz: 46 percent.
  • Donald Trump: 33 percent.
  • John Kasich: 11 percent.

Just For You EBT Blogger

Alan Keyes: GOP Is 'Fraudulent,' Disconnected From Grassroots

The Republican party has disconnected itself from its grassroots movement and is becoming "fraudulent," three-time presidential candidate Alan Keyes said.

Keyes appeared on Newsmax TV's "The Steve Malzberg Show" Monday and said the American people are fed up — hence the level of interest in Donald Trump.

"I think the reports and all of other things that are going on are really meant to encourage people who take seriously the view that what is happening in the Republican Party involves some serious effort to reflect the feelings of grassroots people and I think that that's actually … kind of fraudulent, because the party is actually in no way connected any longer with its grassroots and hasn't been for some years, as you can see from the record of people in Congress," said Keyes, a Republican who unsuccessfully ran for president in 1996, 2000, and 2008.

"But also I think from the disaffection. What Donald Trump is exploiting is the fact that a lot of people have grown angry and frustrated with a party that takes their votes and refuses to follow its own platform when it comes to legislation.

More here

The Liberal War on Black Men

In 1991, President George H.W. Bush nominated Clarence Thomas, then a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, and former chairman of the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, to replace Thurgood Marshall on the U.S. Supreme Court.

The rest, as they say, is history.

The Senate Judiciary Committee, under the chairmanship of now-Vice President Joe Biden, allowed Thomas’s nomination hearings to become a circus in which Thomas was dragged through a personal hell, resulting in him saying, after his confirmation: “Mere confirmation, even to the Supreme Court, seemed pitifully small compensation for what had been done to me.”

Unsubstantiated and graphic claims of sexual harassment against Thomas, brought by Anita Hill, a black attorney who worked for him at the Department of Education and at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, were given full and open airing at the hearings.

Rather than the nomination and appointment of a black man, who rose from humble and poor roots, to the U.S. Supreme Court, becoming a moment of pride for the nation and for black Americans, it was transformed, at these hearings, into an opportunity for character assassination and shame.

This sickening and shameful display should be a mistake of history we choose to forget. Yet, because Thomas is a conservative, liberals will never give up their ongoing campaign to destroy him.


Dan Said It Would Be Like This No Later Than 4:00 PM Today

I don't know about you but once again Dan got it completely wrong. While many brought their rain coats to work today expecting heavy rain and thunder storms several hours ago, we're still waiting. In fact, we were told we could expect hail in this storm as well. 


Illegals dying on border also given autopsies, unlike Scalia

Unlike the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, officials are performing an autopsy on Prince.

It’s revealing how officials and the media are demanding to know what killed Prince, yet they never bothered to ask how exactly Scalia died, even though the justice’s demise left American politics with an uncertain future.

“An autopsy is scheduled to be performed Friday on the body of seven-time Grammy winner Prince, but the results of the autopsy will not be made public for days or even weeks,” Fox News reported.



Boris Johnson has launched an astonishing attack on Barack Obama’s ‘ridiculous and weird’ arguments for Britain to stay in the EU.

In an outspoken assault last night, the London Mayor mocked the US President’s controversial claim that Anglo-US trade would be hit by Brexit.

And he stepped up his war of words with Obama over Winston Churchill, claiming that the wartime leader and the US both stood for democracy – and that the EU didn’t. Brexit cheerleader Johnson spoke out as infighting broke out among senior figures in the ‘Leave’ campaign after Obama’s devastating intervention.

Some privately admitted they fear they are heading for defeat in the referendum on June 23.

Prominent pro-‘Leave’ Tory MP Peter Bone said: ‘Our message is being drowned out by

the Government.’ And one ‘Leave’ official said: ‘We had no idea Boris was going to attack Obama so provocatively. It was a misjudgment. He must stop going off-piste.’

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“We’re like fighters” going into unfriendly territory, Trump said of himself and his supporters.

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump said on Sunday that he’s only interested in winning the GOP nomination on the first ballot by reaching 1,237 delegates before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, in July.

“I only care about the first [ballot]. We’re not going for the second, the third, fourth and fifth,” Trump told thousands of his supporters in Hagerstown, Maryland at the Rider Jet Center. “I think we get that 1,237.”

Trump later added that if the nomination went to a second ballot, he hopes all of his supporters will be in Cleveland.

“The only thing they can hope is we don’t get it on first ballot,” Trump said of his rivals.

I’ll tell you what, if a guy that’s losing by all those millions of votes wins, we’re going to have some people that are going to be very, very angry and I hope, but only in positive way, I hope that all of you and everybody that’s listening can go in July to Cleveland because we’re going to have something that’s going to be so beautiful, but you have to play the game. It’s a rigged system.

“We’re like fighters” going into unfriendly territory, Trump said of himself and his supporters.

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Somerset Dwelling Fire Haines Point Rd.


Date: April 26, 2016
Time:  7:13 a.m. 
Location / Address:  23367 Haines Point Road, Chance, Somerset Co.  
Type of Incident:  Fire                                             
Description of Structure / Property:  Three story wood frame single family dwelling 
Owner / Occupants:  Mark Pleasanton  
Injuries or Deaths:  None  
Estimated $ Loss: Structure:  $180,000.00    Contents:  $40,000.00 
Smoke Alarm Status:  Unknown
Fire Alarm / Sprinkler Status:  n/a  
Arrests(s):  None  
Primary Responding Fire Department:  Deal Island
# of Alarms:  1    # Of Firefighters:  25 
Time to Control:  3 hours
Discovered By:  Passerby 
Area of Origin:  Under Investigation
Preliminary Cause:  Under Investigation 
Additional Information: Anyone with information is asked to call the Salisbury Office of the Maryland State Fire Marshal at (410) 713-3780. 


“Target's policy is exactly how sexual predators get access to their victims," petition states

A petition calling for a boycott on Target over the store’s new bathroom policy promoting “gender inclusivity” has reached over half a million signatures.

Featured at the American Family Association website, the petition contends Target’s new policy “means a man can simply say he ‘feels like a woman today’ and enter the women’s restroom…even if young girls or women are already in there.”

Furthermore, the petition asserts, “Target’s policy is exactly how sexual predators get access to their victims.”


Liberal Analyst: Hillary Clinton Camp FEARS Unpredictable Donald Trump

The answer to treating drug and alcohol addiction may be far simpler than you think

If drug addiction is a disease like cancer or Alzheimer's, how do you explain the seemingly amoral behavior — the lying, cheating, and hiding — that has come to be linked with so many addicts?

The answer is far simpler than you might think, at least according to neuroscience journalist and author Maia Szalavitz, whose new book, "Unbroken Brain," throws water on most of the modern assumptions that plague our understanding of drug and alcohol addiction.

Addiction, she writes, is not a disease like cancer. But it's not a moral failing, either.

Instead she proposes that it's a learning disorder, much like ADHD, and needs to be treated as such. This treatment regimen would vary based on the individual but could include things likecognitive behavioral therapy, a form of psychotherapy in which the therapist and patient work together to swap unhealthy learned patterns with more constructive ways of thinking, and potentially medication.




306 PM EDT 




Americans got millions of plastic surgeries last year — here's what they changed

Cosmetic surgery is on the rise.

Since 2000, the number of cosmetic procedures performed on Americans has risen 115%, according to the latest data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Breast augmentation was the most popular form of cosmetic surgery in 2015, not counting "minimally invasive" procedures like Botox.

Plastic surgeons performed a total of 279,143 breast augmentation surgeries in 2015. (They also removed 24,661 breast implants and performed more than 40,000 breast reductions.)

"Following breast augmentation, most women report satisfaction with the aesthetic result and improvements in body image," a team of researchers observed in the journal Plastic Surgical Nursing. "The impact of the procedure on other areas of functioning, such as self-esteem and quality of life, is less clear."

All told, in a single year in the US, there were 1.7 million cosmetic surgeries and 14.2 million "minimally invasive" cosmetic surgeries. Butt implants and butt lifts have had the largest spike in popularity since 2014 (up 36%), though both are still relatively uncommon, with less than 5,000 procedures each.


This camera is going to change the world

At the end of the first season of the HBO tech comedy "Silicon Valley," the characters turn up at a conference where one CEO after another stands up on a stage and insists that their company is "making the world a better place." But the reasons these imaginary entrepreneurs give are intensely niche and jargon-filled, bordering on nonsensical.

That's a pretty good send-up of the real-life tech industry: Everyone insists they're changing the world. But true innovations — the smartphone, the global internet, self-driving cars — are uncommon signals in all that noise.

Rajiv Laroia is the rare technologist who can offer a compelling argument that his product carries that revolutionary potential. As the chief technology officer at a camera startup called Light, he's created a camera promising never-before-seen quality and functionality with a footprint small enough to fit (maybe a bit uncomfortably) in your pocket.

Light announced its first camera, the L16, back in October. Described rather obtusely in a press release as the "first multi-aperture computational camera," the small company nonetheless received so many pre-orders for a $1,699 camera still in its prototype stage that they had to shut down the pre-order program.


Donald Trump will sit down with Megyn Kelly for an hour-long TV special

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly will interview Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump for an hour-long special set to air next month.

In a statement on Monday, Fox News confirmed that Trump would appear for a sit-down interview with the popular Fox News anchor, the first since Trump began accusing Kelly in August of maintaining a supposed bias against him.

"Mr. Trump and I sat down together for a meeting earlier this month at my request," Kelly said in the statement.

She added: "He was gracious with his time and I asked him to consider an interview. I am happy to announce he has agreed, and I look forward to a fascinating exchange — our first sit-down interview together in nearly a year.”


How Your Family Can Celebrate National Pet Month In May

Now in its 27th year, National Pet Month is a celebration of the mutual benefits shared between people and their pets.

For rescue-animal advocate Cheryl Smith, who founded a non-profit that assists pets in need, the May observance is a time to recognize many of the things that really matter in life.

“How we treat the most vulnerable animals in our society says plenty about who we are as individuals,” says Smith, a public defender who has cared for rescue animals since childhood and believes they can help humanity as much as humans help them.

“As a public defender who spends long hours entrenched in legal issues, loving and caring for my rescue dogs is personally rejuvenating. I think caring for pets helps us stay in touch with our humanity.”

Smith, who was inspired by her pack of rescue dogs to write the children’s books “Oliver’s Heroes: The Spider Adventure” ( and “Oliver’s Heroes: Two Paws Up,” says there are several ways people can make a difference during National Pet Month, such as:

• Consider adopting from an animal rescue shelter. Pets bring out our inner nurturers, and expressing TLC to an animal in need fosters warmth toward ourselves and others. More importantly, doing something good is good in itself.
• Discern which pet is appropriate for your family. Think carefully before getting a pet. Learn about its special requirements. There’s plenty of information out there to help you decide which dog or cat breed is appropriate for your home life, so a minimal amount of time researching will go a long way.
• Make sure your pet enjoys a nutritious and well-balanced diet. Perhaps you already have a pet. It’s important to know that not all pet-food products are of the same quality. Many attentive owners go to the extent of cooking meals themselves for their pets.
• Ask your vet which health issues your pet is prone to. Various breeds are prone to specific ailments. Male cats, for example, may experience urinary issues depending on their food. Be your pet’s advocate since they cannot speak for themselves.
• Prevent unwanted litters. Each year, about 2.7 million animals are euthanized after entering animal shelters – 1.2 million dogs and 1.4 million cats. You can prevent an enormous amount of suffering simply by spaying or neutering your pet.

“I can’t imagine not having my little stress relievers around when I come home,” Smith says. “The better you take care of them, the more you’ll feel good about yourself.”

The 'Hollywoodland' sign. The last four letters were removed in 1949.

This is one part of History we should be reliving on a daily basis!

Theodore Roosevelt's ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907. 

'In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language.. And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.'

Theodore Roosevelt 1907

A chaotic morning for mayoral candidate Catherine Pugh’s campaign

How the Postal Service can innovate its way out of financial ruin

The U.S. Postal Service didn’t celebrate its rare $307 million first-quarter profit in February, after Postmaster General Megan Brennan warned of strong “headwinds” that were projected to undo the agency’s optimism for the rest of the fiscal year.

On April 10, the Postal Regulatory Commission mandated that USPS reduce its postal rates for the first time in more than 100 years, a move that could cost the organization more than $2 billion in annual revenue.

The PRC allowed for the temporary increase in January 2014, in order for USPS to recoup losses sustained during the 2008 national recession. Following the change, the standard postal rate for letters is now 47 cents per ounce, down from 49 cents.

“Given our precarious financial condition and ongoing business needs, the price reduction required by the PRC exacerbates our losses,” said Brennan said in a statement ahead of the postal rate change.


White House Makes SICK Announcement – Regarding Transgender Bathroom Rights In School

Just when you thought you couldn’t be any more disgusted with the Obama administration

From Young Conservatives:

A top appointee from the Obama administration recently told a group of LGBT activists the White House is “aggressively engaged” in pushing schools to allow transgender students the right to use the restroom of their choice.

Yes, the president is working to ensure little Johnny — who wears a tutu and pretends to be a girl — can go pee with your little Suzy.

I don’t know how much more of the insanity I can stand.

From Daily Caller:

DOE Assistant Secretary for the Office of Civil Rights Catherine Lhamon delivered the good news at an LGBT summit hosted by the White House in Michigan last Thursday, where she gave the keynote address.


John Kasich Rally In Rockville

I almost feel bad for him. 65k people live in Rockville. Probably 100k work there and this is all he gets. Oh yeah it's a work day that is why. Good news.....if you go they have chairs!

Waiter's response to man trying to eat without hands goes viral

A "regular" at a Cinco De Mayo Mexican Grill was enjoying a leisurely Sunday meal when something out of the ordinary caught his eye.

Reginald Widener was sitting at the bar when he turned around to see a young waiter sitting across from a customer inside a booth nearby.

While closely examining the situation, Widener realized that the man didn't have hands, and 22-year-old server Alex Ruiz was helping him eat.

"He had a smile on his face the entire time," Widener told CBS News. "He didn't complain about it; it looked like he really cared."


Hillary Calls for Gang Violence

Cleveland settles suit over police shooting of boy with pellet gun

The city has reached a $6 million settlement in a lawsuit over the death of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old black boy shot by a white police officer while playing with a pellet gun outside a recreation center.

An order filed in U.S. District Court in Cleveland on Monday says the city will pay out $3 million this year and $3 million the next.

The wrongful death suit filed by his family and estate against the city and officers and dispatchers who were involved alleged police acted recklessly when they confronted the boy on Nov. 22, 2014.



Top Twenty-Five Stories Proving Target’s Pro-Transgender Bathroom Policy Is Dangerous to Women and Children

As the boycott of Target stores over its pro-transgender bathroom policy grows, the question of just who such a policy puts in danger is a natural one to ask. As these policies proliferate across the country, the number of stories of predators threatening women and children in public restrooms is also growing by the day.

The Target department store chain drew the ire of millions of Americans after it announced it was opening its bathrooms to transgender shoppers and employees and allowing them to choose whatever bathroom they feel like using at any given time.

Days later a #BoycottTarget petition effort launched that drew over 200,000 signatures in a day and over 300,000 by the weekend.

The current imbroglio should not be a surprise, as for years Target has been a big purveyor and supporter of gay-friendly policies and causes. So, this current bathroom policy issue is not the first time the chain waded into left-wing issues.


What Pro Abortion Radicals Did At This University Will Make You Sick

Liberals like to tell us how much they love freedom of expression. Stomping on the American flag, they say, is just a political statement. Dunking a crucifix in urine? Art. Those who don't stand up for free controversial expression are just fascists or worse, they say. If you don't like it, just ignore it. That's what "they" would do, right?

Wrong. Time and again, liberals show that they only support the sort of free expression they agree with, the kind of controversial speech that supports the causes they believe in. This past week, they proved their hypocrisy once again. At SMU, campus liberals sent the world a message: we only support free speech that advances our liberal agenda. Here's what happened:

The Mustangs for Life, the Students for Life group at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, set up close to 3,000 crosses in a main area of campus as part of the common display that memorializes the number of babies that will be aborted that day this week. Sometimes it causes more controversy; other times it doesn’t. This situation is the former.

The pro-life students spent hours setting up the display and accompanied it with signs explaining what it was all about: “There are 2,904 abortions per day in the USA” and “Memorial of Innocents: 1 Cross = 1 Life Lost to Abortion Today”.

Mustangs for Life jumped through all the hoops at the school to make sure they were allowed to do this and granted proper permission.

The display was set up on Sunday evening about 7:30pm and done by 9pm. Only a couple hours later, in the middle of the night, all of the crosses had been vandalized and torn down. All of them.

One of the members got a call from someone who said that she saw all the crosses were kicked down. The members ran over to the display where indeed the display was vandalized.

What happened? Liberals just hate being reminded that their "choice" to have an abortion is a decision to terminate a human life. So instead of respecting the free expression rights of pro life students, or engaging pro life students in debate and trying to persuade them, liberals committed an entirely infantile act of vandalism.

Should we even be surprised?

Source: AAN

Police: Peeper dressed like a woman arrested at Potomac Mills

A Fredericksburg man was arrested Monday at Potomac Mills Mall after, police say, he dressed in women's clothes and attempted to film a woman through a bathroom stall – the third such incident since May.

The victim in the latest case, a 35-year-old Alabama woman, told police she was using the restroom around 3:10 p.m. when she saw a bag “protruding from underneath a neighboring stall,” said Prince William police spokesman Nathaniel Probus.

The victim told police that when she tried to confront the suspect, a man dressed in women’s clothing exited the stall and went into another stall next to another woman, Probus said.

The victim alerted the woman in the stall and contacted Potomac Mills security officers, who detained the man until police arrived.


83 Year Old Man Brutally Attacked

It's video that's difficult to watch. But police hope it will help catch a brazen O.C.

An 83-year-old man is pummeled in a parking lot as he strolls down the sidewalk. Just what type of person would beat an elderly man? This very clear video could be the key to cracking the case.

Statement from Governor Larry Hogan on Roadway Fatality Increase

ANNAPOLIS, MD - Governor Larry Hogan today released the following statement in response to the increase in roadway fatalities in Maryland, from 443 in 2014 to 520 in 2015:

“Anytime a life is lost on our highways it is a tragedy, and last year, Maryland experienced far too many of them. From Montgomery County Police Officer Noah Leotta to Maryland Transportation Authority Maintenance Technician Michael Pearce, every death on our roads could have been prevented and each one is devastatingly heartbreaking for the families and loved ones left behind.

“The safety and security of Marylanders will always be my number-one priority, and our administration remains committed to making our highways as safe as possible. Since taking office, we have introduced several proven measures that will make a difference on our roads, including stricter ignition interlock laws and increased funding for the Maryland State Police. Most importantly, we have invested $1.97 billion in key highway and bridge projects across the state, which are critical to improving safety on our roads, and we will vigorously fight any proposal or outside pressure that could put these much-needed safety improvements at risk. Safety must always be at the core of our investments in transportation.

“Ultimately, every citizen of this state has a shared responsibility. We all need to slow down; always drive sober; pay attention at all times; keep an eye out for workers in construction zones; look out for motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians; use crosswalks; and make sure every person is wearing a seat belt or properly fastened in a child safety seat. If we all commit to safety on our roads, together we can make a difference and save lives.”

A Message From Delegate Carl Anderton

Moments ago Governor Hogan signed the bill that will allow voters to choose how the Wicomico County Board of Education is selected. The issue will now be decided by referendum in November.

"Cooler heads prevailed." Trump won't protest delegate loss in Colorado

Colorado delegates at rules meeting say Trump campaign is "moving forward."

Two Colorado Republican insiders said Friday that Donald Trump no longerplans to challenge the sweep of national delegates that rival Ted Cruz won in Colorado this month — a reversal that comes as his supporters continue to criticize the caucus system that selected these all-important representatives.

The Trump campaign did not respond to repeated requests for comment, but Guy Short, a Colorado power broker involved in talks at the national level, said Paul Manafort, a Trump strategist, told him at a closed-door meeting in Florida that Trump was stepping back from his vow this week to protest the Colorado results.

"After the briefing I went up to speak with Manafort and asked him directly if Trump would challenge the Colorado delegation. He said no. He said 'cooler heads prevailed.' He said they 'are moving forward,' " Short told The Denver Post.


A Viewer Writes: What happened to Delmarva On Line?

Seems like they are out of business with no notice to customers (again). It happened about a year ago for 2-3 days. This time, it looks like it is for good.

Publishers Notes: I am receiving numerous messages from their customers wondering why this Draper business refuses to answer any calls. Some customers have stated they paid a year in advance and they have no access.

Hillary Clinton's How to Convince Black People to Vote for You in 3 Easy Steps

One Year After DC Legalized Marijuana, Crime Rates Are Down

Legalization of marijuana in Washington, D.C., is hitting it’s one year anniversary this weekend and while problems persist, crime rates on the drug are way down.

Possession arrests decreased 98 percent in 2015 from the previous year and overall arrests on any marijuana related charge are down 85 percent. With wide majority support the District legalized the possession of up to two ounces of marijuana for personal consumption February 26, 2015, but have since hit roadblocks in the form of the federal government, reports The Washington Post.

District voters passed the ballot measure in favor of legalization with 70 percent support, however, Congress and District Mayor Muriel Bowser quickly countered to stop further liberalization of the law. Bowser pushed a bill immediately following the passage of the ballot banning any additional use of marijuana outside the home.


List of pop musicians who died of drug overdose

1960s deaths[edit]

NameAgeDateLocationName of drug
Dinah Washington39December 14, 1963Detroit, Michigan, USASecobarbital and amobarbital
Rudy Lewis
The Drifters
27May 20, 1964New York City, New York, USAHeroin
Frankie Lymon
The Teenagers
25February 27, 1968New York City, New York, USAHeroin

1970s deaths[edit]

NameAgeDateLocationName of drug
Alan Wilson
Canned Heat
27September 3, 1970Topanga Canyon, California, USABarbiturate
Jimi Hendrix
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
27September 18, 1970London, EnglandBarbiturate
Janis Joplin27October 4, 1970Los Angeles, California, USAHeroin
Jim Morrison
The Doors
27July 3, 1971Paris, FranceSuspected heroin
Brian Cole
The Association
29August 2, 1972Los Angeles, California, USAHeroin
Rory Storm3428 September 1972Liverpool, EnglandAlcohol and sleeping pills
Billy Murcia
New York Dolls
21November 6, 1972London, EnglandMethaqualone [1]
Danny Whitten
Crazy Horse
29November 18, 1972Los Angeles, California, USAValium and alcohol
Gram Parsons
The Byrds
26September 19, 1973Joshua Tree, California, USAMorphine and alcohol
Zeke Zettner
The Stooges
25November 10, 1973Heroin
Nick Drake26November 25, 1974Tanworth-in-Arden, Warwickshire, EnglandAmitriptyline
Tim Buckley28June 29, 1975Santa Monica, California, USAHeroin, morphine, and alcohol
Gary Thain
Uriah Heep
27December 8, 1975Norwood Green, EnglandHeroin
Tommy Bolin
Deep Purple
25December 4, 1976Miami, Florida, USAHeroin, cocaine and alcohol
Elvis Presley42August 16, 1977Memphis, Tennessee, USAAssorted
Gregory Herbert
Blood, Sweat & Tears
28January 31, 1978Amsterdam, NetherlandsHeroin
Keith Moon
The Who
32September 7, 1978London, EnglandHeminevrin
Sid Vicious
Sex Pistols
21February 2, 1979New York City, New York, USAHeroin
Lowell George
Little Feat
34June 29, 1979Arlington, Virginia, USAHeroin
Jimmy McCulloch
26September 27, 1979London, EnglandHeroin
Judee Sill35November 23, 1979Los Angeles, California, USACocaine

Report: Children of Refugees Get More Benefits Than Poor US Kids

Children of refugees get more in taxpayer-funded help than children of U.S. citizens, according to a report in the Washington Examiner.

The report looked at results from 2009 to 2013, and profiled 941,000 children ages 10 and under with refugee parents in the United States, according to the Migration Policy Institute.

Thirty percent of refugee children live in households that get food stamps and 27 percent of American children live in households that receive food stamps, the report said.

Eight percent of refugee households received cash welfare, compared with 6 percent of U.S. citizen households. Five percent of refugee children were in Social Security's Supplemental Security Income program, while that number was 4 percent for U.S. children.

The report said that refugee children, generally, have better access to health coverage and benefits than other immigrant children.

More here

Release of Classified Pages on Foreign 9/11 Support Imminent

WASHINGTON — Nearly 15 years after terrorists hijacked four passenger jets and crashed them into the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon outside Washington, D.C., and a farm field in Pennsylvania, 28 pages detailing foreign support for the attackers could soon be made public.

Only a select group of U.S. officials have read the highly classified document, which has been locked in a secure area of the U.S. Capitol building since a joint congressional committee crafted it in 2002.

Bills in both the Senate and House of Representatives and people who helped write it are calling for its release.

Despite its classified status, those familiar with the chapter have made enough allusions to its connections with Saudi Arabia for people to wonder about what exact link the document may suggest.


Vast Majority of Americans Oppose Lawsuits Against Gun Makers, Dealers

Nearly three-quarters of Americans support the rights of gun makers and retailers when it comes to victims of crimes and their desire to file a lawsuit.

According to the results of a poll released Monday by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), 72 percent of those surveyed do not think victims of crimes involving firearms should be able to sue gun manufacturers or stores because of what happened to them.

The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) of 2005 protects gun makers and dealers from lawsuits stemming from crimes in which their products are used.

"We commissioned this poll to help determine where Americans stand. They have told us," NSSF senior vice president and general counsel Lawrence G. Keane said. "Now, it's time for politicians to demonstrate that they have some respect for the good sense of the people and to stop vilifying the hard-working people of an entire industry and exploiting real tragedy that is the result of criminal conduct."


Bouncing Bulldog Loves the Treadmill

BIG Obamacare Premium Increases Coming

Health insurance companies are proposing huge increases in the premiums of healthcare plans obtained through the Affordable Care Act, The Hill reports.

"The industry is clearly setting the stage for bigger premium increases in 2017," Larry Levitt, an expert on the health law at the Kaiser Family Foundation, told The Hill.

The development comes just days after the nation's biggest health insurer, UnitedHealthcare, announced it was pulling out of many of the states it now services through the Affordable Care Act.

The Hill says many insurance companies have been taking losses partially because premiums were set too low when the program kicked off in 2014.


For Those Of You Who Couldn't Put Their Finger On it

If Kasich Doesn’t Quit, Donald Trump Will Reach 1,237 on the First Ballot. Here is Proof.

John Kasich is a RINO operative that could not care less if a true conservative is elected in November or not. By lingering around like the party guest who won’t seem to go home, Kasich hopes to remain politically relevant until the convention but his tactics not only are likely to keep him from the presidency, but are greatly aiding Donald Trump. Each minute he wastes by staying in the election is helping to ensure a Trump nomination. Redstate explains exactly why:

John Kasich is out on the campaign trail telling everyone who will listen that no one is going to reach 1,237 delegates on the first ballot, and we are all headed to a contested convention no matter what. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is out there telling everyone who will listen that John Kasich is the only thing keeping him from reaching 1,237.

Both are selling lies to Republican voters. In Kasich’s case, that’s probably because his campaign is run by John Weaver, who is just fine with Democrats winning.

The reason Kasich is likely to throw the race to Trump has mostly to do with the way two states allocate their delegates – Indiana and California.

Let’s look at the math. Donald Trump is right now at 845 delegates. If you include just the pledged delegates from Tuesday, Trump is likely to walk away with at least 100 of those. That puts him at right around 950, even if you assume he will get zero of the non-pledged delegates in Pennsylvania. More on that later.

If the polling in Indiana is even slightly accurate, the presence of John Kasich in the race means that Trump will likely win close to 50 delegates in Indiana (as opposed to the 6-9 delegates he would likely get if John Kasich were not in the race), as I broke down yesterday. That puts Trump at almost exactly 1,000 heading down the home stretch of the campaign.

From that point on, there’s a lot of uncertainty n the calendar, but even painting a rosy scenario for the non-Trump forces, it looks like Trump will get 1,237 if Kasich does not drop out. Let’s assume that Cruz will sweep Nebraska, which is the most likely result. Extrapolating from the vote in western Virginia, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania, it must be assumed that Trump will get at least an additional 15 delegates from WV. That puts him at 1,015.


Endangered RINO Fights For His Political Life

John McCain's long career in the Senate may be over. Per the Washington Examiner:

The last thing the vulnerable Senate majority needs right now is adding another seat to the list that could flip the chamber to Democratic control in November.

But a new poll suggests one of the party's most solid re-election prospects and most veteran members could be in trouble.

John McCain, an Arizona Republican who has served in the senate for five terms, is facing a tough challenge from Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick, a new poll suggests.

McCain is "locked in a dead heat" with Kirkpatrick, according to a Rocky Mountain Poll released last week by the Behavioral Research Center.

The survey found McCain and Kirkpatrick captured 42 percent of the vote statewide, while 16 percent said they were undecided.

"Sen. McCain appears to have opened the door for Kirkpatrick to make gains with voters," BRC officials said in a statement.

The BRC poll is the second voter measurement in a month that shows a tight race between McCain and Kirkpatrick, who represents Arizona's 1st Congressional District in the U.S. House.

It's a headache for Senate Republicans, who are already battling to maintain control of six GOP seats in very competitive races.

Whether McCain wins or not, one thing is clear: Republican voters are sick of the politics of genteel compromise and deference to liberalism that McCain and his ilk embody. The downside of that, at least in the short term, is the alienation of moderate voters and the loss of key Senate seats. But if the GOP can emerge from this election with a new set of priorities that more accurately reflects the economic and social interests of the base, the party may emerge in a much better place.

Source: AAN

National Drug Take Back Day

The Maryland State Police in partnership with the Drug Enforcement Administration are asking citizens to dispose of unwanted prescription drugs during the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, April 30, 2016 from 10:00 am to 2:00 p.m. at state police barracks.

State police barracks throughout Maryland will be participating in the National Drug Take Back Day. Each barrack will act as a collection station giving citizens an opportunity to dispose of all unwanted and unused prescription drugs. The National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day aims to provide a safe, convenient, and responsible means of disposing of prescription drugs, while also educating the general public about the potential for abuse of medications.

Locally during the last initiative in September 2015, troopers collected over 2,400 pounds of prescription drugs. Nationally, 700,000 pounds (350 tons) of prescription medications were collected from members of the public. When added to the collections from the previous Take-Back events, more than 5.5 million pounds (2,761 tons) of prescription medications have been removed from circulation.

WHAT: National Drug Take Back Initiative

WHEN: Saturday, April 30, 2016 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

WHERE: Any Maryland State Police Barrack

How To Help Your Son Or Daughter Realize Their Filmmaking Dreams

If your teen or 20-something thinks it would be amazing to work someday on the kind of films they love – don’t let anything or anyone stop them, says filmmaker Doug Vermeeren.

Often, budding filmmakers are discouraged by advice such as, “You have be realistic and get a real job.”

“But what’s ‘realistic’ about denying a deep passion that may give others the same joy that you’ve received from movies?” asks Vermeeren, whose documentaries have been translated into 23 languages worldwide. He is of the director of the new Calgary Smartphone Film Festival.

“What if Spielberg or Scorsese – or anyone who has ever done anything great – took the ‘realistic’ advice and accepted a safe career? We wouldn’t have great things.”

Your son or daughter can do what they love for a career, says Vermeeren, whose latest film project is “Creepy Zombies” ( He offers pointers for parents who want to help their child realize their dream as a filmmaker.

• Help them polish their people skills. It’s all about relationships. How do you get people to work for you before you have money? How do you convince people to do you favors, such as loaning you a vintage car or allowing filming to take place on private property, essentially for free? Again, your kid will need to sell people on their vision, and show them they’re worth rooting for. Make your passion infectious!
• Make sure they monetize! Films are expensive, but so are medical and law schools. Does that mean aspiring lawyers and doctors shouldn’t make the investment? If they believe in their vision, there are various ways for your son or daughter to raise money for the project, including through Vimeo and YouTube.
• Have them seek education wherever they can find it. Film classes are great, but don’t stop there. They should read books about their favorite directors, and enter every film festival they can. Festivals often offer cash prizes. More importantly, judges will critique the project. Their criticisms may be difficult to endure, but they can also greatly improve a young filmmaker’s efforts.

“There are many obstacles in the way of a film’s completion, so confidence is a must,” Vermeeren says. “The first film is the hardest because figuring out the initial logistics is complicated. The filmmaker needs to get people – actors and anyone with the necessary resources – to commit before there is enough money – and there’s never enough money. People, however, are drawn to passion and determination. They need to put their full heart into it and, eventually, they’ll succeed.”