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Sunday, July 13, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Germany wins World Cup

Germany defeats Argentina 1-0 in extra time to win the World Cup.

Orbital Sciences' Antares Rocket Is On Its Way To The International Space Station

NASA's Wallops Flight Facility
Orbital Sciences' Antares rocket carrying the Cygnus cargo spacecraft lifted off at 12:52 p.m. EDT and is on its way to the International Space Station. At the time of launch, the International Space Station was traveling at an altitude of 260 miles over northwest Australia. The Cygnus spacecraft is safely on orbit with solar arrays deployed.

The cargo ship will rendezvous with the InternationalSpace Station on Wednesday, July 16. It will be grappled at approximately 6:39 a.m. by Commander Steve Swanson of NASA. He will be assisted in a backup position by Flight Engineer Alexander Gerst of the European Space Agency. Cygnus will be attached to the Earth-facing port of the station's Harmony node and will remain in place for approximately one month. It is scheduled depart the space station on August 15.

Seen here is the Orbital Sciences Corporation Antares rocket launching from Pad-0A with the Cygnus spacecraft onboard, Sunday, July 13, 2014, at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The Cygnus spacecraft is filled with over 3,000 pounds of supplies for the International Space Station, including science experiments, experiment hardware, spare parts, and crew provisions. The Orbital-2 mission is Orbital Sciences' second contracted cargo delivery flight to the space station for NASA.

Photo Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

MSP Press Release 7-13-14

9758 Ocean Gateway Berlin, Maryland 21811
(410) 641-3101 Fax (410) 641-3259

Case #         14-MSP-021722  
Date:           7/13/2014
Time:          2342
Location:    Sea Isle Hotel
Crime:        1st Degree Assault                  
Accused:     Karen Denise Strause / Ocean City, Maryland
Narrative:  On the above date and time, the Maryland State Police responded to the Sea Isle Hotel for Domestic Assault with a knife. The victim refused EMS treatment at the scene. The above suspect was charged with First Degree Assault and related charges, then taken before a district court commissioner.
Disposition: The suspect was ordered held on a $10,000.00 bond and transported to Worcester County Jail.
Investigating Trooper(s):  Tpr. Hoffmeister

Duty Officer: Cpl. Mann
Barrack Commander: Lt. E.W. Starner
Assistant Commander:  F/Sgt. Davala
Criminal Investigation Commander:  D/Sgt Sharp

Antares Launch Today!

NASA's Wallops Flight Facility
Are you watching the Antares launch Today? Share this image with your friends!

Orbital Sciences Corporation's Antares is set to launch today, July 13, at 12:52 p.m. from Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport's Pad 0A at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility.

How to view the launch:

Dog Found 7-13-14

I found this dog on Coulbourne mill rd near the entrance to Coulbourne mill village. He wasn't wearing a collar but is clearly someone's pet. Thank you! 443-783-4501

SFD Calls For Service 7-12-14

  • Saturday July, 12 2014 @ 21:21Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday July, 12 2014 @ 21:12Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday July, 12 2014 @ 20:22Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday July, 12 2014 @ 19:58Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday July, 12 2014 @ 19:46Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury

Hey Fredericksen, The State Did NOT Do A Fraud Audit

The below information was recently sent out to ALL Wicomico County Board of Education Employees.

Here's what Fredericksen DIDN'T tell everyone. There are TWO kinds of audits. One is a general audit, (like the one the state did on the BOE) and then there's a Fraud Audit, in which the state did not perform.

To IMPLY that NOTHING was pointed out as being fraudulent is a complete load of crap. When you say it's for the CHILDREN and you are out at Brew River, Market Street and the like and spending several HUNDRED dollars at a pop, yeah, I'd call that FRAUD. 

It's very important ALL of you understand the following as well. One of the main reasons the state frowns against these Gift Cards is because of the following. It would be FRAUD if these cards were used to buy liquor. Well, as I'm confident you can assume, LIQUOR was more than likely purchased during some of these outings. 

More importantly, let's just say SOME of these cards actually fell into a students hands. There is NOTHING saying that the cards weren't used to purchase LIQUOR and or Cigarettes. Hey Mom, look what I got from the school today. Can Fredericksen PROVE that each card was used for the actual student and that the proper items were in fact purchased? NO. 

Again, this is why the Auditor stated in his original report that these gift cards tend to be abused fraudulently. Enjoy the rest of the show below. 

You Have To Seriously Wonder, Just How Rigged Are The Local Elections?

During the Mayoral Election Jim Ireton made numerous statements I'm very confident the masses did not support. Things like the "Lockout Ordinance" where the Mayor and Police Chief could shut down ANY business or resident if the City got two calls over a two year period. Then there was the plan to sell off the Downtown Parking Lots to provide affordable housing. The list went on and on. I'll never forget, right in front of the entire business community in a Chamber of Commerce Forum, Ireton stated, if you can't police your own business, we'll police it for you and IF we can't police your business WE'LL SHUT YOU DOWN.

Moving on to an even more disturbing and recent proposal, GET THIS. Rick Pollitt is working with the City of Salisbury to get the City to donate land next to the Henry Parker Complex. The County wants to EXPAND the ball tournaments there. Now, if you'll recall, your taxes were just raised to SUBSIDIZE the FACT that they are LOSING money and now YOU the taxpayer are footing the bill to help pay for those LOSSES. 

As if that isn't bad enough, now the County wants to spend $3,000,000.00 worth of improvements to the proposed donated land by the City, should that go through. So above and beyond the LOSSES, now you'll have to pony up an additional $3,000,000.00, assuring taxes will go UP again under the leadership of Rick Pollitt. 

OH WAIT, I'm NOT done yet. Above and beyond really stupid business moves at your expense, the County now wants to spend another $3,500,000.00 to EXPAND the Civic Center. Yes, that's right. They want to build a glassed in area in the front of the Civic Center to create a new Restaurant that will cost a total of $7,000,000.00! The state will pony up the other $3,500,000.00 and the County must match those funds. 

In these hard times it is yet another smack in the face of those very hard working independent restaurants that are severely struggling to stay alive. Mr. Paul's Legacy already closed their doors because it was so difficult to compete. The Fountain's and other businesses have struggled to compete with catering from the Civic Center as well as other local businesses.

Getting back to my first paragraph, it makes me wonder just how these politicians can say the exact opposite of what the VOTERS NEED TO HEAR, yet they somehow get elected time and time again. It's almost as if they know in advance they'll have no problem winning an election and in the end when they allegedly do get elected, the voters should simply accept these ridiculous expenses because we must have supported them because we allegedly voted for them.

Now, it's either these elections are rigged OR we have some extremely stupid residents in Salisbury or Wicomico County. YOU MAKE THE CALL, IF YOU CAN. 

A Not So 'Family Friendly' Incident In Ocean City

Editor Note: This was posted on the facebook page titled
Ocean City, MD - The Official Page by Sorina Warfel

Sorina Warfel    Ocean City, MD - The Official Page
Please take the time to read this for it could save your loved ones life.

My son was vacationing in ocean city Maryland with family during the week of July 1st thru 7th. During this vacation my son went to visit a friend which led to him walking a little after 2am. While my son was walking he was approached by 4 African American males who all took part in beating him. The four males proceeded to beat, kick and punch my child all while he was knocked unconscious. After the massacre was over they took the time to steal his phone,wallet, hat, earrings and shoes off his feet. I am appalled that not one person would step forward to help my son or even take time to call 911. I am also saddened to say that the lack of support we've gotten from officials in ocean city has left us disgusted and fearful for others lives. If we do not start standing up for each other and making others abuse our business this could someday be your child. Please if anyone knows anything please come forward, this can be done anonymous. They didn't just Steal my sons belongings but ripped him of his spirit. This happened on July 5th at 2:00 a.m! 9th street also between Philadelphia & Baltimore. They left him to lay for dead. Somehow he knocked on houses thinking he was home and a lady made him stay till police arrived. No one seen this!!!! I'm not understanding! Hundreds of thousands of tourist there and no one seen this. You should feel ashamed real ashamed!
Sincerely I'm a Broken mother!

Are You A Racist?

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 7-8-14

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "You Have To Seriously Wonder, Just How Rigged Are ...":

well, well, well King Mackes has got his minion Strasburg singing the praises of these tournaments. They may be great for the restaurants and hotels - most nationally owned - not locally owned which should be noted - but at what expense to the taxpayer to make money for that group? Then that group pays a tax that goes back to the Civic Center and Tourism to keep Mackes' empire growing. If Mackes is doing such a bang up job of bringing money to this County, why are we in such dire straits? Is it because he gets rewarded with a huge budget for new vehicles and big jump in wages for certain staff members? He is one of the core problems with our county government. With the passing of Henry Parker one would think that those in charge would find the courage to fire or at least rein in this rogue department head - but no, let's just have the tax payers fund more for the Civic Center, parks, tourism and whatever else he wants. They make it sound so easy and pretty - THINK PEOPLE! You don't build something and that is the end of it. Think about the maintenance costs to maintain all of these "income producing" moves - just more burden on the tax payer. We need to be down-sizing to what we can afford - not growing. LEADERSHIP IN WICOMICO COUNTY IS CLUELESS AND I HOPE POLLITT LOSES AND THAT CULVER CLEANS HOUSE.


(CENTREVILLE, MD) – A Maryland state trooper arrived at a call in Queen Anne’s County today just in time to prevent a woman being attacked by a family dog from sustaining more serious injuries.

The victim is identified as Doris N. Airey, 64, of Centreville, Md. She was transported to the Queen Anne’s Emergency Medical Center for treatment.

Shortly after 8:00 a.m. today, TFC Robert Isabelle, of the Centreville Barrack, was dispatched to a disturbance call near Centreville. When he arrived at the front door, he could see and hear two dogs fighting inside the residence. He observed the victim trying to break up the fight between the dogs. The trooper could see the aggressor dog, a full-grown pit bull mix, had already bitten the victim.

The trooper entered the home and used pepper spray on the dog in an attempt to end the assault, which caused the dog to back away. Moments later, the dog aggressively charged toward the victim with what appeared to be the intention of attacking her again.

In fear for the life of the woman, the trooper discharged one round from his department-issued .40 caliber pistol and fatally wounded the dog when it was about three feet from the woman. The victim sustained no further injury. The trooper was not injured and the second dog involved, which presented no threat, was not injured by the trooper’s actions. The victim’s daughter witnessed the incident, but was not injured.

It is believed both dogs lived at the home with the victim, her daughter, and son-in-law. The pit bull mix belonged to the victim’s son-in-law, who was not there at the time of the incident, but returned a short time later.

The Queen Anne’s County Animal Control Office has been notified about the incident.

Mr. Mason Responds

Dear Mr. Albero,

It was interesting for you to include here on your blog my writing in the Sunday Times on the Hobby Lobby case. I would like to answer some of your assumptions and perhaps we could say misunderstandings.

To quote you: “First of all , I’m confident Mr. Mason stated this came from Salisbury News but the Daily Times more than likely asked him to change it to a ‘local blog’.”

The Times did not ask me to change it to “a local blog.” I thought that using “a local blog” was the appropriate way to proceed. You have put too much importance on you and your blog. It was not about you and your blog. It was about the quote and conservative thought in general on this subject. In retrospect there was probably no need to say anything about your blog at all. There is no reason to think this quote on your blog is original to your blog. It appears to be viral on the web.

To quote you: “It’s a shame Mr. Mason also went to the Daily Times rather than sending the same letter to Salisbury News, as I would have certainly published it.”

I know it is difficult sometimes to understand what is going on by just reading online. I don’t know if you read the actual paper or not. Many of your followers claim they do not and would not. You, Mr. Albero, did not ask the question which the Times did ask, so there would be no reason to send an answer to you. The question the Times asked was: “What does the Hobby Lobby ruling mean?” Seven people each wrote 250 word answers and had their answers published online. Three people, of which I was one, this week, were published in the printed Sunday Times paper. Each week anybody who wants to do so decides individually how they would answer that week’s question. The editor than decides who among the writers gets in the print edition. It is a little contest. Everybody wants their letter to be chosen for the print edition.

There is also the matter of who your most faithful followers seem to be. There is little reason to write for a cloistered community who behave as anonymous internet trolls who frequently have nothing of merit to add to the conversation. They even turn on each other and I have watched them turn on you, Mr. Albero. Sometimes they have begged your forgiveness. I am sure in these peoples’ real lives many of them are decent people who are intelligent, kind, and want to be thought well of, but too frequently that is not the case here when they have hoods over their heads, so to speak.

To quote you: “…there are many articles we publish on a daily basis I personally do not agree with, yet we feel it is important enough to spread the word.”

In addition to attempting some variety I believe that you pander most often not to the better angels of your readers’ natures, as when they are helping to find lost dogs, but to their most debased thoughts for it is there that their emotions most often get the better of them allowing for many hits and comments. For this reason alone it is understandable to me that you would not agree with everything you publish.

To quote you: “Perhaps Mr. Mason and the Daily Times should refer to this article I also published the very same day.”

I saw the pictures with the heading, “Things That Make You Go, Hummmmm?” the day you published them. I didn’t consider a heading and two pictures to be an article at that time and I don’t consider them to be an article now. It is just more opportunity for snarky comments among those with little else to do.

To quote you: “Update: Mr. Mason said, ‘It fairly well explains the ignorance and hard line conservative male opposition.’ Mr. Mason the article was actually published by a woman.”

Once again I don’t consider two boxes with quotes inside them to be an article. I don’t know that either quote was the original work of the woman who submitted them to you for publication on your blog. I am assuming they were viral quotes she found online.

It should be obvious to you, as it is to me, that there are women with conservative minds just as there are women with liberal minds. It is to be expected that among conservative women at least some will talk and behave the same way on preventing childbirth as some conservative men. In the Hobby Lobby case it was all conservative male judges who made the difference, not conservative women.

In closing I believe you know we should not use words in the class of never, always, all, and similar terms when referring to a group of people no matter if they are conservative, liberal or have something else in common. A group of people cannot be depended upon to completely think exactly alike but instead as individuals within some perimeter in the group. For example, some conservatives approve of birth control and some do not believe in God. The same is true for liberals. For example, some don’t approve birth control and some believe in God. For this reason we should not demonize a whole group of people without reservation, as your followers so frequently do.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to answer your concerns and express myself here on your blog.


George T. Mason

SBYNEWS quoted in today's Daily Times

PUBLISHERS NOTES: First of all, I'm confident Mr. Mason stated this came from Salisbury News but the Daily Times more than likely asked him to change it to a "local blog". 

It's a shame Mr. Mason also went to the Daily Times rather than sending the same letter to Salisbury News, as I would have certainly published it. 

You see, there are MANY articles we publish on a daily basis I personally do not agree with, yet we feel it is important enough to spread the word.

Perhaps Mr. Mason AND The Daily Times should refer to THIS ARTICLE I also published the very same day. 

UPDATE: Mr. Mason said, "It fairly well explains the ignorance and hard line conservative male opposition". Mr. Mason, the article was actually published by a WOMAN. 

Joe Albero 

No surprise, and disrespectful to women and birth control

“If a woman’s chosen form of birth control is to keep her clothes on, should her employer be forced to buy her wardrobe?”

This appeared on a local conservative blog this week after the Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby ruling.

It fairly well explains the ignorance and hard line conservative male opposition, evangelical, fundamentalist, or otherwise, that continues against birth control and women.

The continuing derision by some males of women is shameful.

It also points to the continued belief held by too many that the only respectable form of birth control for women, especially the unmarried, is abstinence, despite its huge failure rate since Adam and Eve.

This is a failure rate engineered by God himself.

He continues to this day to enjoy watching humankind being fruitful and multiplying.

And no, there is no evidence the God of Abram is a woman.

My reaction to the Hobby Lobby majority decision made by the five conservative Catholic men nominated by four conservative Protestant male presidents is negative.

But the decision was not unexpected. This decision and the recent decision by the same judges to permit prayer before legislative meetings are both big wins for evangelical Christians, especially for the majority Protestants, who have dominated American politics and public prayer since our country’s beginning and continue to dominate.

Instead of the favored Christian status of martyr, the owners of Hobby Lobby have for the moment obtained the status of conservative Protestant Christian heroes.

We know not for how long.

George T. Mason

"ALL I WANT IZ BANDZ" Gotta Love Da "Bury"

Rep Harris Condemns Use of Carroll Site to House Foreign National Minors

Harris will use the Appropriations process if necessary to stop this

Washington, D.C. -
Congressman Andy Harris, M.D., urged the Department of Health and Human Services to reject consideration of the former Army Reserve Center at 404 Malcom Drive, Westminster, MD, as a facility for temporarily housing children who have come into the United States from other countries without an adult guardian. Because members of Congress are not being given unscripted access to HHS facilities, the potential health risks to the community are unknown. Should HHS attempt to proceed with housing them at this facility, Congressman Harris will use any and all resources at his disposal as a member of the House Appropriations Committee and in particular the subcommittee that oversees the HHS budget to stop this.

Congressman Andy Harris, M.D. released the following statement:

“These unaccompanied minors who have entered our nation illegally must not be brought to Carroll County Maryland. Flying them to Maryland only to turn around and fly them back home is nonsensical. Instead, President Obama should immediately return them to their nation of origin. President Obama created this problem and now he should fix it. Should this Administration attempt to put them in Carroll County, I will use every tool at my disposal though the appropriations process to stop this.”

Mikulski Chairs Key Hearing on Nation's Border Crisis

President Obama has a key ally in Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski as he seeks to address the crisis of immigrant children crossing into the U.S from Central America.

Mikulski is chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, which held a hearing on the President's $3.7 billion dollar request for emergency funding. She says the money is badly needed to provide food, shelter and other humanitarian aid to the children, and to support border agents and immigration judges as the government tries to determine the legal status of the young immigrants.

"I agree with the President and I believe that this situation is an emergency," Mikulski said. "Our first goal must be to protect the safety and health of the children and make sure we have the resources to do it."


The Obamas Are Taking a Long Vacation — and Just Guess How Many Rooms the House They’re Rumored to Be Staying at Has

President Barack Obama and the first family will be spending half the month of August at Martha’s Vineyard, the local newspaper there reported.

The vacation news comes amid the flood of illegal immigrants across the southwestern border, the continued terrorist attacks in Iraq and other major problems facing the country. But it also occurs after Congress is on recess.

“On Saturday, Aug. 9, the President and the First Lady will travel to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts,” a White House official said on background, according to the Martha’s Vineyard Times. “They will remain there until Sunday, Aug. 24, when they will return to Washington, D.C. There are no public events scheduled at this time and further details on travel will be released when they are available.”


Outraged patrons say Minnesota bar's dress code is disguised racism

A popular Minnesota bar is under fire for posting a dress code that some are calling 'overtly racist.'

Bar Louie in Minneapolis has a sign on the door proclaiming they strictly enforce a policy that bans anyone wearing 'excessively' baggy clothing, large chains, long white t-shirts and other outerwear often associated with young black men.

Now the dress code is attracting a lot of negative attention for being no different, according to one patron, from saying 'no black folks allowed.'

'It's ridiculous,' outraged local Michelle Horovitz told KMSP. ''What is "excessively baggy?" Who's going to judge that? Are you going to have Grandma B sitting by the door?'


Furious Texas Mom Goes Off Over Influx of Illegal Immigrants During Unfiltered TV Interview: ‘Really? Why Can’t They Go Back?’

Houston mom Bernadette Lancelin says she’s furious that the White House wants to spend billions of dollars to feed and house thousands of unaccompanied immigrant children who have entered the United States illegally.

“What about the kids here? In our neighborhood? Not just in this neighborhood but in our country,” she told KTRK-TV. “All these kids? Really? Why can’t they go back?”


Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton Attacks Congressman Andy Harris Again

Jim is using his harvested email account from his campaign to attack our Congressman Andy Harris with this editorial from the Baltimore Sun.,0,4748548.story

It concerns his actions against the residents of Washington, D.C.:

"There are several notable elements in this imbroglio. First, anyone who believes that Dr. Harris might change his mind because of a potential economic threat to his district doesn’t know Dr. Harris, a man not given to self-doubt or the concerns of others. This is someone who actively fights against efforts by the EPA to reduce pollution flowing into the Chesapeake Bay and to forestall the effects of climate change and rising sea levels, either of which would be far more ruinous to his waterfront district than a mere summer boycott.

More remarkable is that Dr. Harris, a reliable Club For Growth and tea party acolyte who so often preaches against an overbearing federal government, is so proud to have thwarted the will of District residents. The decriminalization measure has the support of 80 percent of the populace, according to a recent poll." - Jim

Authority: Ireton for Maryland. William C. Duck, Jr., Treasurer

7 Papers, 4 Government Inquiries, 2 News Investigations And 1 Court Ruling Proving Voter Fraud Is Mostly A Myth

Voter ID laws are back in the news this week after a group of college students joined a lawsuit challenging North Carolina's new restrictive rules. And as Catherine Rampell pointed out earlier this week, it's not just ID laws - Republican state legislatures have been busy devising all manner of creative ways to make voting more difficult for traditionally Democratic-leaning groups.

All of these restrictive measures take their justification from a perceived need to prevent "voter fraud." But there is overwhelming scholarly and legal consensus that voter fraud is vanishingly rare, and in fact non-existent at the levels imagined by voter ID proponents. That hasn't stopped many Republican lawmakers from crying "fraud" every time they're faced with an unfavorable election outcome (see also: McDaniel, Chris).

For reference, a round-up of the latest research is below. Let me know in the comments if I missed anything.


Confederate flag: Washington and Lee University removing display

The Confederate flag has been in the school's Lee Chapel since 1930. In announcing the change, the Washington and Lee president also discussed Gen. Robert E. Lee, one of the school's namesakes.

Reproductions of the Confederate flag will no longer adorn Washington and Lee University’s campus in Lexington, Va., the university president announced Tuesday. However, the school will display historic rebel flags in the university’s Lee Chapel Museum.

The move came in response to a request from a group of W&L law-school students known as the Committee, which appealed to the university in the spring to remove the flags, to declare Martin Luther King Day a university holiday, and to take steps to confront the school’s murky history in conjunction with slavery.

The Committee members took particular umbrage at the presence of the flags in the part of the chapel where students take an honor oath.


Top Left Hand Corner, 2nd Image: Perdue Worth Over $2 BILLION

A Letter From A Viewer: Wicomico County Welcome Center


Lately, when I have passed by the Wicomico Welcome Center, I noticed that their clock is not accurate.

On their marquee sign, they periodically display the time/temp along with other information.

Their clock is 1/2 hour off, and this has caused me to change my schedule thinking it was later than it was. Only after I verified the correct time, was I able to resume my originally intended itinerary.

This is not acceptable, as bad information is worse than no information.

You might want to take a couple of photos of this, using a properly set time stamp on a camera/phone.

Betcha they fix it quick after seeing this in the SBYNEWS!

Best regards,


Question Of The Day 7-10-14

Which town charges the most for water and sewer?

Police Department Accused of Using Undercover Cop to ‘Entrap’ Drivers at Crosswalk

A video posted to YouTube Thursday from Somerville, Massachusetts, showing a man repeatedly crossing an intersection while a police car waits nearby to pull over drivers who don’t stop, is prompting speculation and outrage.

Some are calling it entrapment.


Veteran Arrested at Gunpoint for Legal Open Carry

A recently published cell phone video out of Wash. state shows an Air Force veteran being arrested at gunpoint for legally open carrying an AR-15 rifle.

She’s a Young Conservative Mother Who Posted a Picture That Would Make a Liberal’s Head ‘Explode’ — She Tells Us How Some Reacted

Holly Fisher is no stranger to people disagreeing with her political beliefs. But the West Virginia mother has recently been receiving death threats, some that have extended beyond her to her children.

It all started with this photo, which earned her the nickname “Hobby Lobby Holly.”

Fisher told TheBlaze in their town, the Chick-fil-A and the Hobby Lobby are next to each other. On the day of the Supreme Court’s decision to allow small companies with religious objections to decide not to provide certain kinds of birth control as part of their insurance, Fisher was wearing a “pro-life” shirt and she and her husband went to the fast-food chain, whose leadership has taken a stance against gay marriage.



Bestseller disappearing as companion movie hits theaters

The retail giant Costco Wholesale has issued an order to remove all copies of Dinesh D’Souza’s bestselling book, “America: Imagine the World Without Her,” from the shelves of its stores nationwide, WND has confirmed.

The book, in this midterm election year, is a strong rebuttal of the progressive ideology behind President Obama’s policies, which have been supported by Costco co-founder and director Jim Sinegal, a major Democrat donor and a speaker at the 2012 Democratic National Convention that nominated the president. A Washington Post political reporter has noted Obama’s “romance” with the nation’s second-largest retailer.

At, D’Souza’s book, released June 2, is ranked No. 43 overall and is the No. 3 hardcover book in Amazon’s Politics and Government section and No. 1 in the Commentary and Opinion subsection of Politics and Government.


Family Of Cop-Killer: If Officer Had Stayed In His Car, He Wouldn’t Have Been Shot

The family of a man who used a semi-automatic rifle to kill an Indianapolis police officer Saturday night says it isn’t fair that the alleged shooter – Major Davis, Jr. – should “keep being dragged through the mud.” They also blamed the officer for not staying in his police car.

As reported by WISH-TV, Davis was seen brandishing a semi-automatic rifle Saturday night in Indianapolis, which led to a 911 call that dispatched police to look for him:

When IMPD Officer Perry Renn found Davis at 34th Street and Forest Manor Avenue, Davis opened fire on Officer Renn. Davis was critically wounded in the gunfight, but survived. Officer Renn died of wounds sustained in the firefight. Davis now faces a charge of murder.

Davis’ family has now spoken out about the murder – and basically blamed Officer Renn and the Indianapolis Police Department for the shooting:


Captured And In Custody

Captured and in custody. Thanks for your tips and help.

Kenneth Mearle Larkin

Original Post

Rick Perry Rejects Obama’s Offer to Shake His Hand on the Tarmac — Here’s the Texas Governor’s Counteroffer

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) has reportedly rejected President Barack Obama’s offer to briefly shake hands when Air Force One lands in Austin on Wednesday. Instead, the governor came back with a counteroffer.

“I appreciate the offer to greet you at Austin-Bergstrom Airport, but a quick handshake on the tarmac will not allow for a thoughtful discussion regarding the humanitarian and national security crises enveloping the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas,” Perry wrote in a letter to Obama. “I would instead offer to meet with you at any time during your visit to Texas for a substantive meeting to discuss this critical issue.”

Perry is referring to the high number of unaccompanied immigrant children and other illegal immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in 2014. The Republican governor did meet Obama at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in 2013.


Why are police shooting so many family dogs?

Cops take heartbreaking action 'every 98 minutes'


Sheriff, Feds Say Rancher Cliven Bundy Must Be Held Accountable

U.S. Bureau of Land Management officials say they agree with a Nevada sheriff's position that rancher Cliven Bundy must be held accountable for his role in an April standoff between his supporters and the federal agency.

Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie said Bundy crossed the line when he allowed states' rights supporters, including self-proclaimed militia members, onto his property to aim guns at police.

"If you step over that line, there are consequences to those actions," Gillespie told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. "And I believe they stepped over that line. No doubt about it. They need to be held accountable for it."


Worcester County Sheriff's Office Press Release 7-7-14

DATE & TIME: Thursday, July 3, 2014
Case # 14-0115
LOCATION: Berlin, Worcester County, Maryland
CRIME: Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography
ACCUSED: Daniel Brynan Kerstetter (55 yoa)
CHARGES: 5 counts of Promoting and Distributing Child Pornography, 5 counts of Possession of Child Pornography

NARRATIVE: On Thursday, July 3, 2014, members of the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, Maryland State Police and the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office executed a search and seizure warrant at an address on Libertytown Road, Berlin, Maryland.

The search warrant was the result of several months of prior investigation which revealed that someone inside of the residence was sharing and downloading pictures and videos of Child Pornography.

Upon the execution of the search warrant, a lone occupant, Daniel Brynan Kerstetter was identified and found to be responsible.

Daniel Kerstetter was placed under arrest and charged with 5 counts of Promoting and Distributing Child Pornography and 5 counts of Possession of Child Pornography.

Kerstetter was taken before the District Court Commissioner and subsequently remanded to the Worcester County Jail to be held on a $25,000 bond.

INVESTIGATING DETECTIVE: Detective Corporal Alex Kagan

Salisbury News Delivers Investigative Reporting On HOW YOUR TAX DOLLARS ARE SPENT: Part 13

Executive Office 
2/14/14 Wawa 3.38 
2/14/14 Wawa 2.12 
2/14/14 Dunkin’ Donuts 5.18 
2/28/14 Subway 7.72 
2/28/14 Subway 11.41 
2/28/14 Wawa 6.12 
2/28/14 Wawa 3.16 
2/14/14 Arby’s 7.94 
2/14/14 Lombardi’s 26.26 
2/14/14 Market St. Inn 56.00 
2/28/14 Lombardi’s 43.05 
2/28/14 Sobo’s Wine Bistro 37.77 
2/28/14 Shelly’s Bar & Billiards 23.19 

Sheriff’s Office 
2/28/14 Adam’s the Place for Ribs 60.34 
2/28/14 LoneStar 34.51 
2/28/14 Famous Dave’s 9.00 
2/28/14 Famous Dave’s 16.00 

Rec. & Parks 
2/28/14 Longhorn Steak House 15.97 
2/28/14 Lombardi’s 36.47 

Wicomico County Board of Education 
1/13/12 Barbara Parsons Domino’s 25.75 
2/7/12 Barbara Parsons Domino’s 10.91 
2/7/12 Barbara Parsons Domino’s 310.00 
4/25/12 Barbara Parsons Five Guys Salisbury 36.92 
5/16/12 Barbara Parsons Five Guys Salisbury 8.97 
5/16/12 Barbara Parsons Five Guys Salisbury 22.75 
6/14/12 Barbara Parsons Roly Poly Salisbury 19.50 
8/20/12 Barbara Parsons Bob Evans Salisbury 103.93 
9/17/12 Barbara Parsons Dunkin’ Donuts Ocean City 23.97 
9/18/12 Barbara Parsons Dunkin’ Donuts Ocean City 15.98 
9/19/12 Barbara Parsons Dunkin’ Donuts Ocean City 15.98 
3/12/12 Betty Dail DeVage’s Subs & Donuts 34.48 
3/29/12 Betty Dail East Side Deli 143.12 
5/16/12 Betty Dail East Side Deli 143.03 
2/5/13 Betty Dail Mr. Paul’s Legacy 100.00 
2/21/13 Betty Dail Goin’ Nuts Café 15.00 
2/21/13 Betty Dail Imperial Gallery 10.00 
2/21/13 Betty Dail JT’s Grille 15.00 
2/12/13 Betty Dail LaTolteca 10.00 
2/21/13 Betty Dail Lombardi’s 10.00 
4/20/12 Barbara A Jenkins Pizza Hut 103.25 
5/4/12 Barbara A Jenkins Pat’s Pizzeria of Salisbury 27.01 
5/7/12 Barbara A Jenkins Pat’s Pizzeria of Salisbury 46.02 
6/4/12 Barbara A Jenkins Denny’s Salisbury 63.76 
6/4/12 Barbara A Jenkins Golden Corral 348.66 
6/5/12 Barbara A Jenkins Little Caesar’s Salisbury 100.00 
6/28/12 Barbara A Jenkins Uno’s Chicago Bar Fruitland 140.08 6/28/12 Barbara A Jenkins Uno’s Chicago Bar Fruitland 268.10 5/18/11 Amy Mensack Uno’s Chicago Bar Fruitland 399.95 
4/25/12 Dawn Bennett Mojo’s 167.70 
11/19/12 Dawn Bennett Sobo’s Wine Bistro 50.00 
4/11/12 Crystal T Hankerson Zia’s Pastaria 789.00

SPD Press Release 7-5-14

Study: 70 Percent of Firefighters are Overweight

Doctors aren't telling overweight firefighters to lose weight, study says

Mary MacVean contact the reporter
Medical ResearchObesity ResearchU.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Obesity is major threat to firefighter safety, researcher says
Firefighters need ways to keep healthy at work, researcher says