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Friday, March 16, 2018

As High Court Weighs Online Sales Taxes, States Get Ready to Pounce

States are writing new laws for collecting taxes on internet sales, banking on a favorable ruling from the Supreme Court. 

To Prevent Suicides and School Shootings, More States Embrace Anonymous Tip Lines

Tip lines are one of the few policy responses to mass shootings that Republicans and Democrats can agree on, but some schools may not have the capacity to respond to a high volume of tips. 

A New Documentary About Adults On Adderall — And Not Just For ADHD

Stimulant drugs like Adderall and Ritalin are commonly prescribed to kids with what's known as ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. But recently, adults became the biggest users of these drugs.

That's partially because more adults are being diagnosed with ADHD for the first time. But the new Netflix documentary Take Your Pills focuses on the use of these drugs to boost cognitive performance in college classrooms and the workplace.

"What the film really looks at is really: What do these pills promise, and what do people desire?" says director Alison Klayman. "And these drugs are associated with keeping better focus — it's better attention, it's better productivity — in this moment when people are all really feeling squeezed, feeling pressure to perform."

Klayman, a former All Things Considered intern and now a filmmaker, spoke with us from NPR's studios in New York City.


Harper Lee Estate Sues Over 'To Kill A Mockingbird' Broadway Script By Aaron Sorkin

In the latest battle involving the works of Harper Lee, the author's estate is suing producer Scott Rudin over the script of an upcoming Broadway play of To Kill A Mockingbird.

In a lawsuit filed in federal court in Alabama, Lee's estate complains that the new production by Rudin and writer Aaron Sorkin deviates too much from the novel.

Lee died in February 2016. Her estate maintains that the contract signed between Lee and Rudin's production company, Rudinplay, in 2015 requires that the play "not derogate or depart in any manner from the spirit of the Novel nor alter its characters," and that the estate has the final authority to determine whether such departures have occurred.


Obama DOJ ordered 500k Fugitive deleted from Background Database

The Obama administration ordered the removal of over 500,000 fugitives with outstanding arrest warrants from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) in late 2016, according to testimony from Acting FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich.

Bowdich confirmed a November report from the Washington Post which set the figure at "tens of thousands," after Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) asked him if more than 500,000 names were dropped from the database.

The FBI purged the names from the database after the Justice Department changed its legal interpretation of “fugitive from justice” to say it pertains only to wanted people who have crossed state lines.

What that means is that those fugitives who were previously prohibited under federal law from purchasing firearms can now buy them, unless barred for other reasons. -WaPo

“That was a decision that was made under the previous administration,” Bowdich testified.

“It was the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel that reviewed the law and believed that it needed to be interpreted so that if someone was a fugitive in a state, there had to be indications that they had crossed state lines,” said Bowdich. “Otherwise they were not known to be a fugitive under the law in the way it was interpreted.”


House Passes School Safety Bill

The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed a bill that would authorize grants to train students, law enforcement and teachers to identify the signs of school violence before it occurs.

The 407 to 10 vote was held exactly one month after a gunman opened fire on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, killing 17 people on Valentine's Day.

The "Students, Teachers, and Officers Preventing (STOP) School Violence Act of 2018" would authorize $50 million annually in grants to strengthen school security, pay for "school threat assessment" teams to train students and staff to report threats and other measures over 10 years.

The bill passed by the House does not include provisions to arm teachers, which is something that President Donald Trump has called for


Convicted murderer is denied clemency one day before his execution

A convicted murderer, known as the 'stocking strangler' for choking elderly women with their own stockings before he killed them, was denied clemency, one day before he's set to executed for the murders of three elderly women in Georgia.

Carlton Gary is scheduled to die by lethal injection at 7pm on Thursday at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson.

The 67-year-old inmate was convicted on three counts each of malice murder, rape and burglary for the 1977 deaths of 89-year-old Florence Scheible, 69-year-old Martha Thurmond and 74-year-old Kathleen Woodruff.

Attorneys for Gary had submitted a clemency request saying the convicted murderer is innocent and evidence proves he did not commit the crimes, but a Georgia Patrol board announced Wednesday that the request was denied.

'Following a meeting to consider clemency for condemned inmate Carlton Michael Gary, and after thoroughly considering all of the facts and circumstances of the case, the State Board of Pardons and Paroles has denied clemency in the case,' a statementread.



Glen Avenue road closure announced for Potomac Youth Conference

SALISBURY, Md. – The Wicomico Youth & Civic Center is scheduled to host the Potomac Youth Conference on Friday, March 16, through Saturday, March 17.

To provide safe passage for attendees, a portion of Glen Avenue in front of the WY&CC will close on Friday, March 16, at 3 p.m. through Sunday, March 18, at 7 a.m. The closed portion runs from Civic Avenue to St. Albans Drive.

Democrat Running for Governor Takes Aim At Smith & Wesson, Wants Manufacturing Ban in Massachusetts

BOSTON — Massachusetts already has a ban on the ownership of assault weapons, but one Democrat for governor thinks the state could do more to disassociate itself from the types of firearms that have been used to execute multiple mass shootings around the country.

Jay Gonzalez, one of three Democrats running for governor, called Wednesday for the state to outlaw the manufacturing of assault rifles for commercial sale, targeting the Springfield-based Smith & Wesson, a major western Massachusetts employer.

Smith & Wesson, a subsidiary of American Outdoor Brands, manufactured the AR-15-style rifle used in the Parkland, Florida high school shooting.

Gonzalez offered his proposal hours before he joined students from Boston, Worcester, Springfield, and Holyoke to rally outside the headquarters of Smith & Wesson to demand a meeting with the gun manufacturer’s chief executive to discuss how the manufacturer can help reduce gun violence.

“Weapons that cannot be legally purchased in Massachusetts should not be manufactured in our state,” Gonzalez said. “We’ve got to finally say enough is enough. The gun used in Parkland was manufactured by Smith & Wesson. If we had a law in place banning that from happening, that gun never would have ended up in the hands of that young man.”


America's Guns: Secret Pipeline to Syria

California Appoints Illegal Alien to State Office

California has its first illegal alien in state office, after Senate President pro Tem Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) appointed Lizbeth Mateo to the California Student Opportunity and Access Program Project Grant Advisory Committee.

Mateo, an attorney, was born in Mexico and came to the U.S. illegally at the age of 14 with her parents, who are also illegal aliens, according to the Sacramento Bee.


SECRET EMPIRES: Biden, Kerry’s Sons Struck Billion-Dollar Deal with Chinese Govt Days After VP Visit

The private equity firm of former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden inked a billion-dollar deal with a subsidiary of the Chinese government’s Bank of China just 10 days after the father and son flew to China in 2013.

The Biden bombshell is one of many revealed in a new investigative book Secret Empires:How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends by Government Accountability Institute President and Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer. Schweizer’s last book, Clinton Cash, sparked an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

According to an exclusive New York Post excerpt from the book, the Biden billion-dollar China deal occurred as follows. Hunter Biden was the principal of Rosemont Seneca Bohai.

In December of 2013, Vice President Biden and his son Hunter flew aboard Air Force Two to China. Ten days after the trip, a subsidiary of the Bank of China named Bohai Capital signed an exclusive deal with Hunter Biden’s firm to form a $1 billion joint-investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST. The deal was later increased to $1.5 billion.


Wells Fargo faces sanctions over ‘forced’ auto insurance sales

US regulators are preparing to sanction Wells Fargo for receiving commissions on auto insurance policies it helped force on more than half a million drivers, people with direct knowledge of the probes told Reuters.

In July, Wells Fargo blamed a third-party vendor for wrongly layering insurance policies on its auto borrowers. Wells Fargo did not explain that it received payouts when those policies were written.

“We had a vendor that was providing insurance,” chief executive officer Tim Sloan told investors in September. “We should have caught that and we should have dealt with it.”


Rand Paul: It's Time For A New American Foreign Policy

Americans have also been increasingly clear that they are tired of constant war

What kind of job can you have where you are consistently wrong, yet get to still go on TV talking endlessly and making more wild predictions that will no doubt lead to the same failed result?

If you guessed “TV Weatherman” you’re close…but the job I’m referring to is “Neocon Foreign Policy Expert”.

Being a neocon means never having to say you’re sorry, even trillions of dollars and decades into doomed wars.

FDA to cut the amount in nicotine in cigarettes

The FDA has proposed a new rule to limit the amount of nicotine in cigarettes sold in the US as a first prong of its attack on the addictive nature of the products.

Nicotine is the active part of tobacco which most scientists think is to blame for both the stimulating and addictive effects of cigarette smoking.

Despite widespread efforts by US regulators and the World Health Organization to stem the sale of cigarettes and their devastating public health consequences, smoking kills 480,000 Americans every year.

The FDA first announced its intent to regulate nicotine levels in 2009, but the formal notice, published on Thursday, marks the first real action the agency has been able to take after spending years hamstrung by Big Tobacco's legal challenges.


FBI Dropped Fugitives From NICS Database

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department under Barack Obama directed the FBI to drop more than 500,000 names of fugitives with outstanding arrest warrants from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, acting FBI deputy director David Bowdich testified Wednesday.

Fugitives from justice are barred from buying a firearm under federal law. But what is a fugitive from justice? That definition has been under debate by the FBI and the ATF.

According to The Washington Post, the FBI considered any person with an outstanding arrest warrant to be a fugitive. On the other hand, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives defined a fugitive as someone who has an outstanding arrest warrant and has crossed state lines.

That disagreement was settled at the end of Obama’s second term, when the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel sided with the ATF’s interpretation. Under President Donald Trump, the DOJ defined a fugitive as a person who went to another state to dodge criminal prosecution or evade giving testimony in criminal court, and implemented the Office of Legal Counsel’s decision. The decision meant that around half a million fugitives were removed from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.


Pakistani Covert Support for Taliban Revealed

Gen. Joseph L. Votel, commander of the Central Command, disclosed in congressional testimony this week that despite a new U.S. policy of pressuring Pakistan, the Islamabad government is still supporting the Taliban terrorist group in the border region with Afghanistan.

Asked during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing Tuesday if Pakistan is continuing to back terrorist activity in Afghanistan, Gen. Votel said the U.S. pressure campaign has produced some “positive indicators” of a shift.

However, on the question of continued Pakistani support, Gen. Votel noted: “I cannot tell you that we have seen decisive changes in the areas in which we’re working, but I remain very well-engaged with my partner to ensure that we are moving forward on this.”

Asked about a recent surge of Taliban attacks in Afghanistan and whether they were linked to support from Pakistan, Gen. Votel said: “Having sanctuary in Pakistan or having support from other actors in the region certainly is an aspect of the Taliban’s success here.”

An intelligence source close to the Afghan border region said Pakistan’s ISI intelligence service is continuing its covert support for the Taliban in the border region. The source said ISI is providing both protection and material support to the Taliban in areas between Quetta and the Afghan border.


CAIR Slapped With Investigative Subpoenas Over Coordinating With San Diego Schools

Pressure is mounting against the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) for its controversial partnership with the San Diego Unified School District in developing an anti-Islamophobia bullying initiative that was enacted last April.

Investigative subpoenas were issued Wednesday afternoon to CAIR’s chapter in California that seek all communications and documents concerning its involvement in creating the allegedly unconstitutional initiative.

CAIR-California will need to produce the documents within 10 days, or it risks facing legal penalties for being held in contempt of court, according to the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund (FCDF), a religious liberty group that issued the subpoenas.


Jessup Georgia Walmart Pepsi Display

Jesup Walmart

Thank you everyone! 

I had the store manager contact me and express his gratitude for all those who showed support and even some who didn’t.

They have taken the display down...not because of negative PR...if not changing gears due to coming up seasons and events!

Again, I want to thank you and please keep this picture circulating! It is good to know that Pepsi and Walmart acknowledge HIM! — at Walmart Jesup, Georgia

Think we could get our local Pepsi employees to do this in our local Walmart stores?

Man Who Claimed He Was Accomplice In Natalee Holloway Case Killed

CBS Local — In the series “The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway,” John Christopher Ludwick made headlines when he claimed he helped Joran van der Sloot dispose of the missing teen’s body. Ludwick, 32, of Port Charlotte, Florida, was stabbed to death on March 13 as he tried to kidnap a woman from her vehicle, North Port police said.

Ludwick was roommates with the woman at one point and wanted a romantic relationship with her, but she didn’t want one with him, North Port police spokesperson Joshua Taylor said.

“He essentially ambushed her getting out of her car, going into her home,” Taylor said.

The woman was able to wrestle a knife from Ludwick, then stabbed him in the abdomen, police said.

“He then fled the area on foot,” police said in a statement. “He was found nearby suffering from the stab wounds. After being transported by air, he was pronounced dead at a local hospital.”

The woman won’t be criminally charged, Taylor said.


Chicago GOP to File Lawsuit Against Chicago Public Schools: Student Walkout ‘Political Indoctrination, Pure and Simple’

The Chicago Republican Party plans to file a lawsuit against the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) over its decision to organize students to participate in Wednesday’s student walkouts that promoted gun control.

“It’s appalling that 10 to 14-year-old kids would be coerced, by their teachers, to participate in a political demonstration,” said Chris Cleveland, chairman of the Chicago GOP, in a statement. “A 10-year-old kid isn’t going to have an informed opinion on these political matters, and shouldn’t be expected to have the fortitude to hold a different opinion from everyone else in his or her classroom. This is political indoctrination, pure and simple.”

“It’s a violation of CPS policy, of state law, and of the First Amendment for a government-run school to organize a political demonstration and pressure students to participate in it,” he added.


The Crisis of Fatherless Shooters

In the wake of the Parkland massacre, the age-old question, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” has a newfound relevance.

As another mass school shooting stuns Americans, it is time to talk about not just how to protect students from shooters, but also about what must happen so that fewer students become shooters in the first place.

It is crucial to talk about how more American children can grow up with the emotional, psychological, and spiritual security that comes from relationships where one is deeply cared for, connected, and known.

For what lies inside so many school shooters is a deep void of identity and relationship that they tragically seek to fill through nihilistic violence.


Lawmaker demands removal of parole board members who freed cop killer

Gov. Andrew Cuomo must remove the state Board of Parole members who voted to free cop-killer Herman Bell, state Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan demanded Thursday.

“Herman Bell is a callous and depraved cop-killer who took the lives of two police officers just because they wore the uniform. He has forfeited his ability to live outside of the four walls of a prison cell,” Flanagan said in a statement.

“The members of the Parole Board who made this decision should be removed immediately.”



Doors open at 2:00 PM.

Saturday Night, The Georgia Flood starts playing at 8:00 PM. 
Sunday Night, Hotel Motel will start playing at 8:00 PM

No Cover Charge for the bands.
Rt. 50 & Rt. 611
West Ocean City

U.S. Military Helicopter Crashes Near Syrian Border In Iraq, Fatalities Reported

A U.S. Military helicopter has crashed in western Iraq near the border with Syria, U.S. Central Command said in a late Thursday statement.

March 15, 2018

Release Number 20180315-28


U.S. military aircraft crashes in western Iraq

TAMPA, Fla. – A U.S. military aircraft has crashed in western Iraq with U.S. service members aboard.

Rescue teams are responding to the scene of the downed aircraft at this time.

Further details will be released when available.

An investigation will be initiated to determine the cause of the incident.

ABC news reports that at least some aboard were killed, according to a U.S. official.


Update: Search For Missing Aircraft Off Ocean City

(OCEAN CITY, MD) – State and military underwater recovery teams have concluded their operations off Ocean City in response to the fatal plane crash there earlier this month.

The multiple underwater recovery operations conducted resulted in the recovery of one. The deceased is identified as the pilot Marcson Ngwa, 28, of Windsor Mill, MD. Ngwa was the only body recovered from the plane crash.

Based on information received state police investigators believe there may have been a second passenger on board. The alleged passenger is identified as Benica Mesha Richards-Robinson, 28, of Gwynn Oak, MD. Richards-Robinson has been reported as a missing person through the Maryland State Police Golden Ring Barrack.

Amazon Faces Growing Resistance to Search for 2nd HQ

Amazon's search for a second headquarters has almost two dozen cities competing with each other to offer the greatest tax incentive, drawing the ire of conservatives and liberals.

"Amazon is one of the largest, most successful corporations in the world — it doesn't need help from struggling taxpayers to build its second headquarters," Generation Opportunity Policy Director David Barnes said in a statement. "Unfair corporate welfare deals like the ones being lobbed at Amazon fuel cronyism, are conducted in darkness, and force small businesses to subsidize their competition."

Richard Florida, a prominent figure in urban studies, launched a petition along with several dozen urban scholars and economists urging the politicians and officials of the finalist cities to "forge and sign a mutual non-aggression pact that rejects such egregious tax giveaways and direct monetary incentives for the Amazon headquarters."

"I didn't expect to ever write a protest letter," said Florida, a member of the group that backed Toronto's bid, to The Guardian. "But one weekend I was so mad, I started emailing my friends across the ideological spectrum, and every one of them said they'd sign on in a minute."

Florida described the billions in tax incentives proposed by New Jersey, Maryland and other states as "obscene."


School District Giving 2-Day Suspension for Students Who Walked Out

New Jersey’s Sayreville School District is issuing two-day suspensions for students who participated in the student walkout for gun control. reports: “Sayreville Superintendent of Schools Richard Labbe said the moment that the district heard about the walkout, he advised parents and staff in his weekly ‘Talk Sup’ memo that because of safety reasons, a walkout would not be condoned, supported or encouraged.”

Labbe added:

Serious Accident In Berlin

Berlin Fire and EMS clearing the scene of a serious motor vehicle accident with entrapment at Old Ocean City Blvd., vicinity of the car dealership. Multple patients transported to PRMC. One elderly female with life threatening injuries, flown by MSP Trooper 4 to shock trauma. Use caution in the area.

De Blasio Bans Armed Guards From NYC Schools As Liberals Nationwide Push Its Expansion

In the wake of the Parkland shooting, a group of mothers from the area made a push to improve safety at schools. Somewhat surprisingly, they decided to avoid gun control and partisan politics, as Alyssa Alhadeff opted to advocate for a more comprehensive (andpolitically neutral) goal:

She’s launched a nonprofit called Make Schools Safe ( to lobby for measures to increase campus security such as metal detectors, armed guards, bulletproof doors and windows, and reduced access points. Although Alhadeff respects the fight for gun control, she feels she can most readily make a difference with these initiatives.

The mom, who has two sons, ages 10 and 13, is currently in New York City promoting the nonprofit with the help of six girls between the ages of 14 and 18 — dubbed the Dream Team. All knew Alyssa, and most were there that tragic day.

It was a bit of a shock to see liberals choosing to use their advocacy to promote a sensible position with a strong likelihood of reaching a bipartisan solution, instead of the typical gun-grabbing that emerges from similar tragedies.


Breaking News: South Africa's former president Jacob Zuma has been charged with corruption related to an arms deal in the '90s. It's a severe legal blow.

In a severe legal blow to Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s former president, national prosecutors announced on Friday that they would reinstate corruption charges against him in a case related to a multibillion-dollar arms deal in the late 1990s.

Shaun Abrahams, South Africa’s chief prosecutor, said there were “reasonable prospects of a successful prosecution” of Mr. Zuma.

Grassley Hits Broward Sheriff Not Testifying

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley took a direct shot at Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel during his opening remarks at a hearing on the Parkland shooting Wednesday.

After reading off the list of witnesses, Grassley noted that “the committee also invited Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel to testify.”


It's Just Starting: Moody's Warns A Deluge Of Retail Bankruptcies Is Coming

2017 was a perfect storm for "brick and mortar" retailers who officially lost the war with Amazon, and no less than 30 retail chains filed for bankruptcy in a year in which the CEO of Urban Outfitters said the "retail bubble has now burst"...

... bringing the total number of Chapter 11 cases since mid-2015 to 50, accounting for over $20 billion in liabilities.

Pakistan Is Building a Wall to Keep Out Terrorists: ‘Simplest Solution in the History of the World’

Pakistan is building a border wall with Afghanistan, after decades of unsuccessfully controlling the flow of terrorists and criminals who quietly slip back and forth across the porous 1,500-mile border between the two countries, evading capture.

The wall is not concrete, but consists of a comprehensive border system that includes two layers of 12-feet-tall barbed-wire fencing, surveillance cameras, solar lights, an intrusion detection system, and hundreds of manned forts and thousands of observation posts. It is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019.

The fence is being constructed at a critical time between U.S. and Pakistan relations.

Pakistan has come under increasing pressure from the U.S. to stop militants in Afghanistan from seeking safe haven in Pakistan. Last year, the U.S. sent an additional 4,000 forces to Afghanistan and in January, the Trump administration announced the cutting of security assistance to Pakistan.


Governor Hogan Posted This On Facebook Thursday

This afternoon, sadly these 29 members of the Senate voted against making our schools safer. Our plan called for $125 million from casino revenues for immediate school safety improvements and $50 million per year for things like mental health counselors and school safety officers. We need to take concrete steps to protect our students. We will continue to push this common sense measure in the House. Call your delegates and tell them to include this increased funding from casino revenues to keep our children safe.

Inside the shady private equity firm run by Kerry and Biden’s kids

“My frustration,” writes Peter Schweizer in his new book, “Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends,” “is not that the solid reporting on Trump has been too tough, but that the reporting on the Obama administration has been way too soft or in some cases nonexistent.” The author of the 2016 sensation “Clinton Cash” says Trump and his children didn’t invent the blurring of government and business, and details a number of ethical violations on both sides of the political aisle. One example: the little-noticed private equity firm run by the sons of Democrats Joe Biden and John Kerry, as detailed in this exclusive first excerpt.

Joe Biden and John Kerry have been pillars of the Washington establishment for more than 30 years. Biden is one of the most popular politicians in our nation’s capital.

His demeanor, sense of humor, and even his friendly gaffes have allowed him to form close relationships with both Democrats and Republicans. His public image is built around his “Lunch Bucket Joe” persona. As he reminds the American people on regular occasions, he has little wealth to show for his career, despite having reached the vice presidency.


Firm that built Miami's 'insta-bridge' is being sued for a walkway collapse at Fort Lauderdale airport in 2016 while their partner was fined $28k when a 90-ton section of a rail bridge fell and injured four in 2012

The two largest construction firms involved in building a newly-installed pedestrian bridge that collapsed, killing up to 10, have a history of serious safety breaches.

Munilla Construction Management, a South Florida firm and Figg Bridge Group, a Tallahassee firm, partnered to build the Florida International University bridge in Miami.

Both companies have been accused of shoddy work in the past, after incidents in which they were each accused of being responsible for other bridges that have collapsed.

A 90-ton portion of the South Norfolk Jordan Bridge assembled by Figg collapsed during construction in 2012. It dropped 40 feet to the ground onto railroad tracks below, according to the Virginian-Pilot. Four people were injured, and authorities called it pure luck no one was killed.


Opioid Tycoons Gave Congress Bloody Money

OxyContin’s manufacturer and its billionaire owners gave millions of dollars to political candidates — who often held powerful positions — and organizations, but the opioid profiteers’ tentacles of influence reach much farther, a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation has found.

The Sackler family and Purdue Pharma, which is widely blamed for playing an essential role in starting the opioid epidemic, have given more than $1.3 million to U.S. candidates and another $1 million to political organizations since OxyContin’s creation, according to Center for Responsive Politics data, but that’s just the surface of how deep the pharmaceutical titans’ influence runs.


Baltimore mayor's new spokesman resigns hours after starting job

A former Baltimore police officer hired as the mayor's spokesman resigned from the position Wednesday, hours after he was formally introduced to reporters at City Hall.

Darryl Strange stepped down after the Baltimore Sun newspaper inquired about three lawsuits during his five-year tenure on the city's police force.

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh said in a statement that she had accepted Strange's resignation and claimed he was still being vetted when she announced his hiring Wednesday morning.

"As for anyone who applies to work at City Hall and particularly in a senior role, there is an extensive vetting process that takes time to complete," Pugh said in the statement, according to the Sun. "This process was still underway for Mr. Strange, who having worked as a senior communications officer in government, began in the communications department here at City Hall this past Monday."


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Missouri turkey farm quarantined after bird flu detected

A turkey farm in Missouri has been placed under quarantine after government officials detected bird flu on its premises.

The US Department of Agriculture has said the first commercial case of bird flu in the country this year has been confirmed at the unnamed turkey farm in southwestern Missouri.

USDA spokeswoman Lyndsay Cole said Thursday that the H7N1 avian influenza, a low-pathogenic form, was detected through pre-slaughter testing on a farm in Jasper County that houses 20,000 turkeys.


Great Fundraiser

I Represent...


So True

Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives Brings Together All Ethnic Commissions for First-Ever Ethnic Commissions’ Joint Legislative Night

Over 235 Marylanders Join for an Evening of Diversity and Community

The Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives yesterday evening hosted their first-ever Ethnic Commissions’ Joint Legislative Night. This event highlighted the collaboration between the Governor's Commissions on African Affairs, Asian Pacific American Affairs, Hispanic Affairs, Middle Eastern American Affairs, South Asian American Affairs, and the Maryland Commission on Indian Affairs – bringing together citizens from each respective community. Over 235 Marylanders attended for an evening of diversity and community, tasting cuisine from around the world, and engaging in conversation to develop future collaborations between communities.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have citizens from all corners of the world, and to learn about and share in their culture and heritage,” said Steve McAdams, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives. “Our office remains committed to working with our commissions to ensure that all Maryland citizens have the resources they need to thrive in our great State.”

The 2018 Ethnic Commissions’ Joint Legislative Night featured: Maryland Secretary of State John Wobensmith; Lisa Sanford, Maryland Business Enterprise Compliance Manager for the Governor's Office of Small, Minority & Women Business Affairs; and Governor Hogan’s Chief Legislative Officer Chris Shank. Speakers discussed how their respective agencies are working to improve Maryland communities through initiatives and legislative priorities.

The Governor's Commissions on African Affairs, Asian Pacific American Affairs, Hispanic Affairs, Middle Eastern American Affairs, South Asian American Affairs, and the Maryland Commission on Indian Affairs work together with the Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives to connect Marylanders from their respective communities to state resources and to advise Governor Larry Hogan on the needs of their communities. The commissions also work to celebrate the culture, heritage, and history of their respective communities, and identify areas in which their communities can serve Maryland.