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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Simple man

Governing With A Rod Of Iron

“The Magic and Machinations of One Party Rule”

By Delegate Michael A. McDermott

No matter what side you come down on the issue of same sex marriage in Maryland, you should be offended by the process through which the O’Malley-Brown Gay Marriage Bill (HB-438) passed through the House of Delegates.

We can start with a governor who changed his mind on the issue. Who first pushed for Civil Unions…who then agreed that “the people” should be allowed to vote by referendum…who then made same sex “marriage” a primary legislative focus for 2012. It’s funny as I recall those Eastern Shore democratic legislators telling us how the governor’s focus was going to be on, “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!”…I just didn’t realize they were talking about wedding planners.

Consider the title of the bill: “Civil Marriage Protection Act”. Titles are intentionally crafted in Annapolis to disguise their intent. After all, when you want to change the definition of marriage, which has been in place since the beginning of time, you start by telling the people you simply wish to “protect” marriage. What kind of caldron produces this stuff?

The committee process in the House was something to behold as well. All of the previous same sex wedding bills have been assigned to the Judiciary Committee, until now. For the first time, in a highly irregular move, the bill was put forward to two committees: Judiciary and Health and Government Operations. The reason was simple: after all their machinations and arm twisting last session, they now lacked the votes to get a favorable vote from the Judiciary members. So, they went committee shopping and found one that would serve their purpose.

Historically, in the rare instances when two committees are utilized for a bill hearing, one of the committees is assigned as “primary” and the other as “secondary”. In this case, Judiciary was the primary committee of record. For voting purposes, the primary committee should vote first before the issue is moved to the secondary committee members. If the vote fails in the primary, it should not move to the secondary. In the case of the O’Malley-Brown Same Sex Marriage Bill, the committee votes were joined together in order to garner the number of votes necessary to claim a “favorable” vote. The fact is, the Judiciary Committee voted “No”, while Health and Government Operations voted “Yes”. The HGO vote was all on partisan lines which is exactly what the Speaker was counting on in the end. They say this has been done before, but no one can remember the last time it was done this way. That speaks volumes.

The combined committees also reviewed amendments offered on the bill with all of them being rejected. Some votes were closer than others. There was an effort to put the issue before the voters as a referendum which had bi-partisan support, but fell short of the votes needed. Following this meeting and voting session, the bill was moved to the House where it was laid over for a day to allow for others to offer amendments.

On Friday morning, a joint meeting of the committees was held to review amendments offered on the bill. I was told there were 200 amendments at the desk waiting for this bill. While many were no doubt duplicitous, the committees would normally review and vet each amendment to determine if it should be adopted into the bill. Our joint meeting lasted about thirty seconds and we were all told that any amendments would be offered and debated on the floor of the House. The rush was on and the fix was in. This action was one of the biggest downfalls of the process, but the next action was even worse.

All bills deserve a free and fair debate. Monumental legislation that seeks to change historic references and definitions should not be rushed. When we came into session on Friday afternoon, the bill was only on Second Reader. This is the time in the process where amendments can be offered to a House Bill by any member from the floor. Normally, these amendments are offered to the respective committee where they can be reviewed, vetted, and debated. There is great reluctance to amend a bill on the floor since that vetting process has not occurred and members are understandably skeptical. I have seen amendments made or questions asked on bills that resulted in a bill being Special Ordered until the matter could be thoroughly addressed and vetted by the assigned committee.

As this bill was debated and amendments offered on Second Reader in the House, there were some clear issues with some of the amendments being offered. Interestingly enough, one of the amendments which had been rejected in committee was offered again on the floor by Delegate Wade Kach (a Baltimore County Republican who did a 180 after a midnight meeting with the governor and decided to vote “Yes” on the bill). Magically now, the amendment was said to be “favorable” by the committee. Of course, this was not true as the same amendment had been rejected. Apparently being part of the deal, the amendment to delay the effective date of the bill to Jan. 1, 2013 was then agreed to by the House.

A second amendment was more troubling. It was a more complicated, technical amendment regarding judicial severability of the bill. It was offered by Delegate Tiffany Alston, a Prince Georges County Democrat who is currently under indictment for election financial fraud. She was originally against the bill and voted against it in committee. Out of the blue, she advised that if her amendment was passed, she would vote in favor of the bill. Her amendment, which she never even spoke of in committee, was said to be “supported by the committee”. It passed and what followed immediately was a significant exodus from the chamber of senior democrats…they knew it was over and they had her vote.

In the fog of war and the battles on the floor of the State House, rumors and scuttlebutt abound. Many are born out of speculation, many based upon practical experience, and many because they are simply true. Two republicans voted with the democrats on this bill. Both had previously said they would not do so. Both, it seems, met privately with the governor in the days before the bill went to the floor. It was said by many that “jobs” were on the table…commission appointments…board appointments…one can only speculate. Weighing out what constitutes thirty pieces of silver in this economy can be tough.

On the Democratic side of the House, Delegate Alston has criminal charges pending to be resolved after session. The case against her was said to be very strong, but was also rumored to have been filed by a governor appointed State’s Attorney following her strong opposition to the Same Sex Marriage bill offered last session. She too had a reported private meeting with the Governor the day before. Another aging Democrat from Baltimore City was rumored to have sold out for a relative who is seeking better state employment opportunities. Only time will tell, but I will leave it to the citizens to do the math.

Come to think of it…maybe this is a jobs bill after all!

On Friday, I again had the opportunity to witness two sunrises and two sunsets in one calendar day…all from my seat on the House floor. Second Readers take place on one day and are followed, generally, on the proceeding day as a Third Reader. However, wishing to plow, ram, shove, this bill through in one day required the magical waiving of the Speaker’s Mace to create another Legislative daybreak…complete with the Pledge of Allegiance and official Prayer of the Day. This was the same tactic utilized to pass the Alcohol Tax last session.

So what normally would have and should have taken a few days to perform with due diligence was forced out of the House within just a few hours. The result on the board for all to see was a vote count showing 71 “Yes” and 67 “No”. It seems now that even this was an illusion.

Following the vote, there was a press release which indicated the count was “72-67”, but that is not what appeared on the voting board. The tally board indicated “71” so something has happened to the count that has not been reflected in actions taken on the floor. Delegate Bahanon (Democrat from St. Mary’s County) would appear to be that extra vote, although he was missing in action on the final count.

It is said you need “71” to pass anything in the House of Delegates, but good leadership is not based on vote total of 71. We are a house divided which cannot stand. It is for this very purpose that consensus must be sought and developed among the people whom we purport to represent. Our leadership has assured us that we will remain divided and, as we move forward, issues will arise which find their Genesis of division in these very votes. It is not “courageous” leadership that squeaks a bill through via machinations, rather it is partisan witchcraft.

I cannot know for certain about jobs promised, or not…I cannot know for certain about other situations which may bring comfort to some for a green vote…but I do know that this issue will only serve to further divide our state at a time when we can ill afford that same division. There will be a referendum of the people (the second one against this governor and the democratic machine) on the definition of “marriage” once the Senate takes their “courageous” vote. Of this we can be sure. There is another vote of which we can be sure as well. It is the one which will occur in November of 2014 when those who put their green vote up on the board will have to answer to those whose place setting they hold in trust.

Keep a watchful eye out for bills that seek to change the referendum process in Maryland to make it tougher on those gathering signatures. Surely this will be tried.

People of Maryland, take back your state!

Now This Cracked Me Up!

Talk about desperate! On Friday night ALL of our advertisers received the following message below. We have provided the ad size they are begging you to purchase, too funny! If they were to charge you for the same size ad on Salisbury News it would be several hundred dollars. They have also used my Son's name, "Nicholas Kiernan" Albero, leaving out the Albero part.

As many of our readers have been seeing lately, the Daily Times has flat out screwed people by charging one man's debit card for more than a thousand dollars for a $13.00 subscription. After we published such information, (more to come, by the way) out of nowhere the following letter has gone out to all of our advertisers. Coincidence?

I'll let the letter speak for itself...

Good afternoon. Our local Wicomico County newspaper would like to provide you with solutions to contacting more potential customers to your business. As the only recognized source of accurate, investigative news with journalists who have successfully mastered high school diplomas and college degrees, we reach a large section of the Eastern Shore population.

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If you are interested in obtaining further information in advertising with our newspaper, please feel free to email me.

Nicholas Kiernan

New Posts to fall below.

Why do we need on Ron Paul?l

Porsche Stuck In Wet Cement: Proof Karma Exists?

On Thursday, the driver of a Porsche 911 decided he'd take a shortcut around some construction cones and drove straight into wet concrete near Marina Green on Marina Blvd. in San Francisco.

"It was coned off," according to Bobswire, a user of the Paceline bike forums. "He was just trying to sneak in from a side street. [The] concrete looked solid." Bobswire reports that the hapless driver remained stuck in his car. "He didn't want to open the door and have concrete get in; the whole undercarriage and brakes will need to [be] cleaned or replaced."

Whether the uncured pavement was concrete, asphaltic concrete, or just plain cement is up for debate. What's unquestionable, however, is that this is the best Lightning McQueen impression we've seen since Cars. Check out more photos below, then write your own punchline in the comments section.

Who’s On First?

COSTELLO: I want to talk about the unemployment rate in America .

ABBOTT: Good Subject. Terrible Times. It's 9%.

COSTELLO: That many people are out of work?

ABBOTT: No, that's 16%.

COSTELLO: You just said 9%.

ABBOTT: 9% Unemployed.

COSTELLO: Right 9% out of work.

ABBOTT: No, that's 16%.

COSTELLO: Okay, so it's 16% unemployed.

ABBOTT: No, that's 9%...

COSTELLO: WAIT A MINUTE. Is it 9% or 16%?

ABBOTT: 9% are unemployed. 16% are out of work.

COSTELLO: IF you are out of work you are unemployed.

ABBOTT: No, you can't count the "Out of Work" as the unemployed. You have to look for work to be unemployed.


ABBOTT: No, you miss my point.

COSTELLO: What point?

ABBOTT: Someone who doesn't look for work, can't be counted with those who look for work. It wouldn't be fair.


ABBOTT: The unemployed.

COSTELLO: But they are ALL out of work.

ABBOTT: No, the unemployed are actively looking for work... Those who are out of work stopped looking. They gave up. And, if you give up, you are no longer in the ranks of the unemployed.

COSTELLO: So if you're off the unemployment roles, that would count as less unemployment?

ABBOTT: Unemployment would go down. Absolutely!

COSTELLO: The unemployment just goes down because you don't look for work?

ABBOTT: Absolutely it goes down. That's how you get to 9%. Otherwise, it would be 16%. You don't want to read about 16% unemployment do ya?

COSTELLO: That would be frightening.

ABBOTT: Absolutely.

COSTELLO: Wait, I got a question for you. That means they're two ways to bring down the unemployment number?

ABBOTT: Two ways is correct.

COSTELLO: Unemployment can go down if someone gets a job?

ABBOTT: Correct.

COSTELLO: And unemployment can also go down if you stop looking for a job?

ABBOTT: Bingo.

COSTELLO: So there are two ways to bring unemployment down, and the easier of the two is to just stop looking for work.

ABBOTT: Now you're thinking like an economist.

COSTELLO: I don't even know what the hell I just said!

And now you know why Obama's unemployment figures are improving!

States March Forward On Anti-Detention Campaigns

The arguments still are raging over whether several provisions in a national defense appropriations act authorize warrantless detentions of American citizens who may be described by Washington as “belligerents,” but states aren’t waiting for any final determination.

The Virginia House already has passed – overwhelmingly – a “bill to prevent any agency, political subdivision, employee, or member of the military of Virginia from assisting an agency of the armed forces of the United States in the conduct of the investigation, prosecution, or detention of a citizen in violation of the United States Constitution, the Constitution of Virginia, or any Virginia law or regulation.”

Just two days after the 96-4 vote Tuesday on HB1160 in Virginia, the Arizona Senate Border Security, Federalism and States Sovereignty Committee approved on a 6-1 vote SB1182, which brings the bill to the verge of a full vote in the Senate.


Stretch Out The Life Of Your Disposable Razors

You know an old razor blade is past its prime when a shave leaves you with a field of untouched stubble. A few quick maintenance steps can keep your razors lasting longer than usual, sparing you money and frustration.


Obama Divides Americans By Race, Ethnicity, Religion

Barack Obama repeatedly has said he wants to have Americans work together, share the burden, “spread the wealth” and have everyone play by the same rules.

But that apparently comes only after Americans are divided up, categorized and separated by race, ethnicity, even religion.

The evidence comes from Obama himself, even though he once said, ” I have asserted a firm conviction – a conviction rooted in my faith in God and my faith in the American people – that working together we can move beyond some of our old racial wounds, and that in fact we have no choice if we are to continue on the path of a more perfect union.”


Swedish Man Survives Two Months In Snowed-Buried Car

Driver stuck since December hibernated 'a bit like a bear', doctors say

— A Swedish man was being treated in hospital Sunday after being dug out alive from his snow-buried car in which he had survived for two months with no food, according to police and local media.

The 45-year-old from southern Sweden was found on Friday, emaciated and too weak to utter more than a few words.


Santorum Says Obama Agenda Not "Based on Bible"

(Reuters) - Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum challenged President Barack Obama's Christian beliefs on Saturday, saying White House policies were motivated by a "different theology."

A devout Roman Catholic who has risen to the top of Republican polls in recent days, Santorum said the Obama administration had failed to prevent gas prices rising and was using "political science" in the debate about climate change.

Obama's agenda is "not about you. It's not about your quality of life. It's not about your jobs. It's about some phony ideal. Some phony theology. Oh, not a theology based on the Bible. A different theology," Santorum told supporters of the conservative Tea Party movement at a Columbus hotel.

2010 US Census Map

If you've not seen this before, take a few minutes and check it out...........very, very interesting.........

Remember awhile back you filled out a census form? Well ---- - - - - -> here are the result of this process. What you will see is a Map of the US - not just the 48 states but all of the 50 states. Territories are not in the census - but they did provide information during this process.

So let us say you are in Virginia, you can go by county and as you zoom in by city to see the increase or decrease and then you can see the changes of the various races within these cities.

Look at places you know and also look at the map at the darker brown location. You can zoom in and out to get the information on the places you know.

Use your cursor can move map around and you can zoom in on specific counties to get current stats. It is very interesting!

Fascinating!!! Just glide your cursor over the map and it displays every county. Can't imagine how long it took to create this map!!


Click The "2010 US Census" Map HERE.

Daredevil Approved to Tightrope Walk Over Niagara Falls

After months of lobbying the Ontario Parks Commission, Nik Wallenda will finally fulfill his childhood dream. He will walk on a tightrope from the United States to Canada over the Niagara Falls.

Though the commission cited worries about cost, natural beauty and of course, safety in their initial dismissal of his application, they finally caved, the Associated Press reports. For more than 100 years, stunts over the landmark have been prohibited.



ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Martin O’Malley released the following statement on the conviction of Cyril Cornelius Williams in the death of TFC Wesley W. Brown:

“I commend the dedication and work of the Maryland State Police, the Prince George’s County Police Department, and the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office in helping to secure the conviction of Cyril Cornelius Williams. The loss of TFC Wesley W. Brown reminds all of us that the men and women of our public safety agencies risk their lives on a daily basis to keep the people of our State safe. Today’s conviction will not end the mourning of TFC Brown’s family or of the men and women of the Maryland State Police. We will continue to keep them in our prayers and be forever grateful for their service and sacrifice.”

Facebook Shuts Down Pro-Life Message

Editor’s note: There is an image in the lower part of this story that may be a concern for some viewers.

Prominent pro-life advocate Bryan Kemper is questioning Facebook after it removed his pro-life message, a move that followed on the heels of the company’s decision to allow the posting of directions on how to perform an abortion at home.

Just last month, the popular social media site issued an apology to Rebecca Gomperts for temporarily censoring her do-it-yourself abortion instructions she had posted as her profile picture.


The Family Empowerment INITIATIVE’S CERTIFIED Family Leader Training

Salisbury, Md, Become a force for change in your community! The Family Empowerment Initiative is hosting a Certified Family Leader Training, April 28th & 29th, 2012. This training is designed to create a team of Certified Family Leaders who make a difference in children’s lives in the community and at home. The Family Leader Training will focus on the Active Parenting curriculum ( Upon certification, trained Family Leaders will be able to hold workshops in the community so they can help families strengthen their relationships.

Sherri Allen, a Certified Family Leader shares, “My goal is to encourage parents not to feel overwhelmed and to share with them easy tools that can change behavior patterns and empower family communication.”

If you feel that you have what it takes to learn the tools to support family leadership and share them with others by volunteering to facilitate two workshops in twenty-four months, contact Lisa deSimon at (410) 546-5400 ext. 13 or at LDESIMON@WICOMICOCOUNTY.ORG.

Applications must be postmarked by April 1, 2012.

85 Things That Might Get You on a DHS Terrorist Watch List

Because the Department of Homeland Security has asked parts of the public to report suspicious activity through the “Communities Against Terrorism” program , if you visit an airport, stay in a hotel, drink coffee at an Internet café, or in some other way interact with one of the Halloween G-men in the American public, a full-fledged FBI investigation is only one phone call away,says LaTi.

LaTi lists 85 things that might get you on a watch list, if a Halloween G-man spots you in the act:


O'Malley's Path To The White House

The Governor is using Maryland as his platform for national office!

The Governor is pushing his same sex marriage bill he knows that by passing it here in Maryland would look great on his political resume. In fact the Washington Post stated "Perhaps no other O'Malley effort is being watched as closely nationally as same-sex marriage." I find it extremely appalling that O'Malley is using and abusing our State to advance his own national political agenda to the detriment of our Maryland families.

For those who are ambivalent, thinking that "this won't affect me", the consequences of passing gay marriage will permeate many aspects of our society. The definition of marriage does not need to be redefined. I support traditional marriage, one man and one woman, and here is why:

Traditional marriage builds families - mom, dad, and children - and gives hope that the next generations will carry that family into the future.

In states where marriage has been redefined, activists have implemented a homosexual agenda in the schools to children as young as kindergarten. I am opposed to promoting gay marriage in our public schools and once it is "legal" in this state the curriculum will follow the law.

The people of Maryland don't need the legislature to tell them what marriage is. Marriage is an institution of the people, not politicians, and the legislature should know better than to try and take the definition of marriage away from them.
This legislation has taken a front seat this session and it is the biggest family issue we are facing but I know it is not the ONLY issue. I know that the taxes and fees, which the Governor is proposing, are an assault on your way of life and I am in Annapolis fighting for you.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!
Delegate Kathy Szeliga

Man With Half A head Explains How He Got Bizarre Injury After Crashing Car While Stoned

    Carlos 'Halfy' Rodriguez lost a large portion of his brain and skull after flying through his car's windscreen and landing on his head

    Speaking out for the first time, many thought that his appearance was fake - until now

    'That is why it is not good drinking and driving, or drugs and driving. It is no good kids,' he warns.

    But despite his anti-drugs stance it appears he still continues to smoke cannabis every day

Jobless Benefits May Shrink to 73 Weeks

(WASHINGTON) — Unemployed workers would no longer be able to claim 99 weeks of benefit checks by this summer under a deal being worked out in Congress.

Under this week's compromise for extending a Social Security tax cut through the rest of 2012, federal unemployment benefits for people who have been out of work more than six months are being scaled back.

If Congress passes the bill and President Barack Obama signs it into law, the current maximum 99 weeks of benefits will gradually fall to 73 weeks by September. For people in all but about a dozen of the highest unemployment states, the benefits will be cut off after 63 weeks.


Gangs In Pinehurst Area

Joe: Last night I went out around 11 pm to walk our dog. As I walked down Russell Ave. toward Druid Hill, I walked through a gang of about 10 young men who clearly were not college students, smelled like marijuana, and were unfriendly. They drifted around the block and headed down Taney toward Loblolly (I sort of followed them.) looking for something or someone. Possibly they were searching for a party to crash; I called SPD at the point where I saw them head back around toward Russell. Someone else had called a few minutes earlier and reported a gang of about 30 (!). So two police cruisers showed up on Taney within a minute of my call, and they had a police dog with them in at least one of the cars. One cruiser tore up Druid Hill toward the gang on Russell, and that was the last I saw of the gang. They had parked their cars, some with DE tags, on our permitted block of Russell. I don't know if they were looking to sell drugs, or just have some "fun" but they were very edgy. So people should keep their eyes open if out in our fair city past the hour of 10 pm and don't be afraid to request a cruiser to come and patrol the streets.

Woman Accused Of Stealing $2 Pumpkin Faces Trial

According to court employees, a woman accused of stealing a $2 pumpkin will face a jury trial Tuesday.

Annette Atencio said she can't believe her 23-year-old sister, Lauren Medina, will actually have to go to trial over a pumpkin.

"I'm in disbelief -- the more I talk about it, the angrier I get," Atencio said

Tickets On Sale For Culinary Fundraiser

Sample Food from the Area’s Best Chefs on March 10

Caribbean jerk chicken, smoked ribs, Ahi tuna, and eggplant marinara are just a few of the dishes that will be featured at this year’s “Tastes for Tomorrow” scholarship gala featuring the best food – and the best chefs - in Salisbury. A limited number of tickets will be sold.

This spectacular food event will be held March 10, 2012 at the Fountains Wedding & Conference Center beginning at 6 p.m. Tickets are $50 per person/$95 per couple. Proceeds benefit the Tastes for Tomorrow scholarship fund which helps talented high school students attend culinary or hospitality school.

The theme for this year’s event is “Escape to the Islands.”Entertainment will be provided by the band Picnic and MP Steel. For tickets, e-mail or stop by one of the Local Owner Restaurant Association locations.*For more information, contact David Wharton at 410-742-1571or visit

The Local Owner Restaurant Association (LORA) is a non-profit organization made up of restaurant owners in Wicomico County, Maryland and Delmar, Delaware. LORA is committed to promoting the goals of local business, supporting local charities and educating the public on the importance of local commerce.

­* LORA members:
Adam’s Ribs
Break Time Sports Grill
Cactus Taverna
Cakes By David
Catering by Chef Stewart
Delmar Pizza
The Fountains Wedding &Conference Center
Hunan Palace
La Tolteca Mexican Restaurant
Mike’s Downtown Deli
Mister Paul’s Legacy Restaurant
Mela Bar & Grill
Namaste Indian Cuisine
Old West Steakhouse
Sub Runners
Zia’s Italian Grille

Banking's SWIFT Ready to Stop Iran Transactions

Belgium-based SWIFT, which provides banks with a system for moving funds around the world, bowed to international pressure on Friday and said it was ready to block Iranian banks from using its network to transfer money further isolating Iran's economy on the global stage.

Expelling Iranian banks from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication would shut down Tehran's main avenue to doing business with the rest of the world - an outcome the West believes is crucial to curbing Iran's nuclear ambitions.

SWIFT, which has never cut off a country before, has been closely following efforts in the United States and the European Union to develop new sanctions targeting Iran that would directly affect EU-based financial institutions.


A Letter To The Editor, PRMC Visit


I always hear how customer service is number one at our hospital.
Well today i learned different.
At 1030 this morning a little 6 month old was sent to PRMC ER by her doctor suspecting a staff (MRSA) infection.
They stated that the child needed to go there to be treated by IV antibiotics.
We did get one treatment of antibiotics before the Pediatric doctor ever showed.

Finally at about 4 PM she was seen by a pediatric doctor. First words out of her mouth were " Sorry for the delay was trying to see if I could find a bed"
From there the symptoms were downplayed and it was ok to try and treat at home.
Even at the insistence of the parents it was stated it's ok just bring her back in twelve hours if she spikes a fever and we will do this all over and admit her.
I guess that is only if they have a bed. They just couldn't justify it.

To have the baby have to repeat the trauma of the IV again seems senseless.
Is this the fantastic customer service we are to expect. Perhaps we need more pediatric beds instead of more operating rooms.
Where oh where is Miss Peggy when you need her.

6 Hours to find out because there was no bed they were sending a baby home.
Even as we left the nurse took her temperature again and it was higher than when we got there.
The ER doctor didn't even come in to look. He just told her to give her something to drop it.

I guess when you sit for three hours with no contact at all waiting for a doctor it gives you time to get angry.
I will be really angry if we just end up there again for the same thing and go through the same process again.

Truly Frustrated

Doctor Claims Wheat May Be A Killer

A local doctor is making the bold claim that the key to shedding pounds, reversing diabetes and stopping migraines is to cut out an ingredient that most people believe is healthy.

Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist from Wauwatosa, said the common ingredients are wheat and whole grains.

"Two slices of whole-wheat bread raise sugar higher than a Snickers bar," Davis said.

Obama, Rural Lawmakers On Collision Course Over Farm Bill

President Obama’s budget puts him on a collision course this year with rural state lawmakers over farm policy.

The five-year farm bill expires in September, making it one of the few bills with a shot of passing Congress before the election.

Farm state lawmakers want to nail down a farm bill on time partly to avoid deeper cuts to farm programs in a lame-duck session where a grand deficit bargain may be negotiated.

Obama’s budget seeks $32 billion in cuts to farm payments over ten years and members of the agriculture committees from both parties are crying foul.

Obama’s budget mirrors Rep. Paul Ryan’s 2012 plan by finding savings from eliminating direct payments that go to farmers no matter how much they produce and reducing crop insurance.

Eliminating direct payments is widely supported in the agriculture community, but rural state Democrats and Republicans this week came out against the $7 billion in cuts to crop insurance.

“I am encouraged the president agrees that direct payments are an indefensible program of the past, but do not agree with further cuts to crop insurance, which is a critical risk management tool,” Senate Agriculture Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) said in a statement this week.

“This budget reinforces the need for Congress to pass a strong, fiscally responsible farm bill immediately this year,” she added.

“This proposal shows a lack of perspective and understanding in how agriculture can realistically contribute,” House Agriculture Chairman Frank Lucas (R-Okla.) said. He called for greater cuts to food stamps and other entitlements as opposed to crop insurance.

More here

[Food stamp programs (now called 'SNAP') account for nearly 80% (yes, EIGHTY PERCENT) of the farm bill funding. --Editor]

Obama's slogan: Looking To Replace Hope And Change

(Reuters) - Winning The Future. Greater Together. We Don't Quit.

They may not be official but those are all phrases that could in one form or another be candidates to become President Barack Obama's re-election slogan.

Advisers say a fresh slogan to replace the winning "Change we can believe in" mantra of 2008, is unlikely to appear before Obama knows who his Republican opponent will be and starts big campaign travel swings, likely in the spring or summer.

His campaign posters now say simply, "Obama 2012."


GOPer Proposes Abstinence For Married Couples

As if the recent birth control issue isn’t radical enough, now it’s been suggested that if married (yes, married) couples want to use contraception, they should practice abstinence. The hysteria created (deflection) has seemingly brought us back to 1950 — unless Republicans are trying to help President Obama win a reelection.

State Rep. Lynne Blankenbeker (R-Concord) has made idiotic statements in the past, but she’s possibly surpassed them all.

Huffpo reports:

– noting that abstinence is available “over the counter” along with condoms — during a legislative committee hearing on a resolution urging the Obama administration to drop the birth control requirement for religious organizations. Blankenbeker was trying to explain her position on why the administration’s requirement to provide insurance coverage for birth control should be overturned.


Dog Found

Found her stuck in my fence this morning, she looks pregnant? Truitt st area. Call 410-251-5673. Very friendly, no collar or tags. If no answer will take her to humane society tomorrow.

Lost Dog: UPDATE


My name is Cameron Jahnigen and this is a picture of my 6 month old Siberian
Husky puppy name Alo (A-loo). Alo ran out yesterday (thursday 2/16) and was last
seen at 4:30 on Old Mill Bridge road (roxana/bayard/fenwick, DE region) being
picked up by a girl in a Red Hatchback. I assume she was trying to help so he
didn't get hit by a car. He had on a black collar but it was missing the tags.

We've tried contacting every shelter and animal hospital in the area. My cousin
mentioned your blog so I thought I'd give it a try. Sincerely,
A desperate girl looking for her pup

E-Mail Nearly Derails Huguely Defense

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- Arguments over an e-mail sent to a defense witness in the George Huguely murder trial delayed a rare Saturday session for almost two hours.

After a canceled day of testimony on Thursday and abbreviated testimony Friday, Saturday was anticipated to deliver testimony supporting the defense's claim that Yeardley Love's death on May 3, 2010, resulted from an accident. Huguely, 24, is charged with first-degree murder and other related counts in the death of Love, a native of Cockeysville, Baltimore County.

Obama's War On Pot

In a shocking about-face, the administration has launched a government-wide crackdown on medical marijuana

Back when he was running for president in 2008, Barack Obama insisted that medical marijuana was an issue best left to state and local governments. "I'm not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue," he vowed, promising an end to the Bush administration's high-profile raids on providers of medical pot, which is legal in 16 states and the District of Columbia.

But over the past year, the Obama administration has quietly unleashed a multi­agency crackdown on medical cannabis that goes far beyond anything undertaken by George W. Bush. The feds are busting growers who operate in full compliance with state laws, vowing to seize the property of anyone who dares to even rent to legal pot dispensaries, and threatening to imprison state employees responsible for regulating medical marijuana. With more than 100 raids on pot dispensaries during his first three years, Obama is now on pace to exceed Bush's record for medical-marijuana busts. "There's no question that Obama's the worst president on medical marijuana," says Rob Kampia, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project. "He's gone from first to worst."

The federal crackdown imperils the medical care of the estimated 730,000 patients nationwide – many of them seriously ill or dying – who rely on state-sanctioned marijuana recommended by their doctors. In addition, drug experts warn, the White House's war on law-abiding providers of medical marijuana will only drum up business for real criminals. "The administration is going after legal dispensaries and state and local authorities in ways that are going to push this stuff back underground again," says Ethan Nadelmann, director of the Drug Policy Alliance. Gov. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, a former Republican senator who has urged the DEA to legalize medical marijuana, pulls no punches in describing the state of affairs produced by Obama's efforts to circumvent state law: "Utter chaos."


Arizona Sheriff Quits Romney Campaign Amid Accusations

(Reuters) - A local sheriff resigned as a co-chair of Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's campaign in Arizona on Saturday after he was accused of threatening a former male lover with deportation to Mexico if he talked about their relationship.

In an embarrassing incident for Romney's struggling campaign, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu denied that he or his lawyer made the deportation threat but stepped down from helping the former Massachusetts governor in the border state.

Babeu acknowledged at a press conference on Saturday that he is gay and that he had a personal relationship with the man making the allegations, whom he identified only as "Jose."

4 States Where Right-Wingers Are Promoting Shocking Measures To Keep Women Barefoot And Pregnant

The birth control skirmish is not the only regressive, anti-woman, anti-science battle being waged in this country.

It's been an exhausting few weeks for reproductive rights supporters. Most recently, we've been treated to a new round of a battle over birth control, as the debate over whether employees at religiously affiliated institutions should be required to receive insurance that covers birth control without a co-payment -- a right employees of all other U.S. companies will have under the Obama administration's new healthcare law -- rages on in Washington.


Amine el-Khalifi: Capitol Bomb Plot Arrest Capped Yearlong Probe

WASHINGTON (AP) - Within the last week, authorities say, Amine El Khalifi's plan was proceeding: An al-Qaida associate handed him an automatic weapon to kill security officers inside the U.S. Capitol. A bomb-laden vest would detonate the building. He would die as a martyr.

But there was a problem: The explosives were inert, the gun inoperable and the supposed al-Qaida member was an undercover officer, according to court documents.

Marijuana Advocates Protest Outside Lakewood Obama Office

A handful of marijuana reform advocates gathered on a sidewalk outside an Obama campaign office in Lakewood Thursday morning to draw attention to what they characterized as the Obama Administration’s aggressive use of federal law to interfere with the rights of medical marijuana businesses and patients in Colorado and elsewhere.

“Under Obama’s watch, staff members have been getting aggressive. We’re here to let patients know about the aggressive tactics of the Obama Administration,” said attorney Brian Vicente, executive director of Sensible Colorado.


Elizabeth Smart Marries At Hawaii Temple

SALT LAKE CITY — Elizabeth Smart has gotten married.

A family spokesman says the Utah woman who was kidnapped at knifepoint at age 14 and held captive for nine months married Matthew Gilmour on Saturday in Oahu.

The 24-year-old Smart is a senior at Brigham Young University. She met Gilmour, of Aberdeen, Scotland, while serving a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints mission in France.


For Women Under 30, Most Births Occur Outside Marriage

LORAIN, Ohio — It used to be called illegitimacy. Now it is the new normal. After steadily rising for five decades, the share of children born to unmarried women has crossed a threshold: more than half of births to American women under 30 occur outside marriage.

Once largely limited to poor women and minorities, motherhood without marriage has settled deeply into middle America. The fastest growth in the last two decades has occurred among white women in their 20s who have some college education but no four-year degree, according to Child Trends, a Washington research group that analyzed government data.


Fernando Guerrero Wins 4th Round TKO

Fernando Guerrero has won yet another fight in Cancun, Mexico last night with a 4th round TKO. Congratulations Fernando!

Man's Vanity Plates Attract DC Tickets for Vehicles Without Tags

There are things Danny White really loves. The Redskins. His red Chevy Avalanche. And a good joke. “Just having fun!” he said with a laugh.

Twenty-five years ago, Danny wanted to have a little fun with his vanity plate, a DC license plate that reads “NO-TAGS.” People, he said, “see my tag. ‘Oh! You from D.C.! I like your tag!’”

Well, almost everyone. “D.C. don’t get the joke,” he said, shaking his head. “They don’t get it.”

Because now the joke is on him: “I’ve got enough tickets here to plaster my whole car.”