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Friday, September 09, 2016


Treasure seekers are encouraged to hunt for bargains at Ocean Pines’ semi-annual Indoor/Outdoor Flea Market on Saturday, Sept. 10 from 8 am – noon at the Ocean Pines Community Center.

Gently used clothing, children’s items, household items, collectibles and more will be for sale.

Flea market vendor spaces are still available. An indoor space is $15 for Ocean Pines residents and $20 for non-residents and includes an 8-ft. table and a chair.

Outdoor spaces, which will be located in the parking lot in front of the Ocean Pines Administration Building, are $10 for all vendors. Outdoor vendors will need to provide their own tables and chairs.

Admission is free and open to the public. Free parking is also available at the Ocean Pines Community Center, located at 235 Ocean Parkway.

Shoppers may also stop by the Ocean Pines Farmers Market for fresh produce, baked goods, meats and gourmet pantry and artisan-crafted items. The market is held every Saturday from 8 am-1 pm in White Horse Park, located next to the community center.

For more information about this event or to inquire about participating as a vendor, contact the Ocean Pines Recreation and Parks Department at 410-641-7052.

Mark Levin: I'll Vote for Him

Conservative radio host Mark Levin, who's been fiercely critical of Donald Trump, now says he'll be voting for the Republican presidential candidate.

"I am gonna vote for Donald Trump. I'm gonna wind up voting for Donald Trump on Election Day," Levin said Tuesday on his syndicated talk show. "I take no responsibility for the dumb things he says or the dumb things his surrogates say."

It's a dramatic change for Levin, who has been one of Trump's more vocal conservative critics.

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Clinton Turned Away High-Level Chinese Defector to Assist Beijing Leaders

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton turned away a high-ranking Chinese defector who sought political asylum after the communist police chief sought refuge in a U.S. consulate in southwestern China four years ago.

Critics say Clinton’s handling of the defection of Wang Lijun, a close aide to a regional Communist Party leader, was a blunder and lost opportunity for U.S. intelligence to gain secrets about the leaders of America’s emerging Asian adversary.

Instead of sheltering Wang and granting him political asylum, Clinton agreed to turn him over to Chinese authorities in Beijing, and claimed he was not qualified for American sanctuary because of his past role as a police chief accused of corruption.

However, the defector’s case highlights Clinton’s policy of seeking to preserve U.S. ties with China’s communist leadership instead of pursuing much-needed intelligence gathering on China at a time when Beijing is emerging as an increasingly threatening power.


Billboard Campaign Launched to Find Md. Man Accused In $50M Scheme

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A nationwide manhunt is underway for a Lutherville man accused of operating a multi-million-dollar telemarketing scheme.

The FBI has now launched a billboard campaign desperate to put the alleged ring-leader behind bars.

Fifty-two-year-old Brian Keith Wallen, of Lutherville is the man federal investigators are on the hunt for.

“When you see a scam like this it’s shocking they were able to succeed for so long,” said U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein.

Wallen is one of two men named in an unsealed indictment.

The judge alleges Wallen was the CEO of several disguised companies that shipped unwanted items to businesses and jacked up the prices, specifically for light bulbs and cleaning supplies.


Rep. Jason Chaffetz: Clinton Documents Are Federal Records, Not Emails

The messages sent through Hillary Clinton's computers weren't just emails, they're federal records, and the House committee investigating her email practices will "get to the truth," its chairman, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, said Wednesday.

"There are a lot of documents and things out there the public has a right to have," the Utah Republican told Fox News' "Fox & Friends" program. "There are federal records. They're not her emails, and we are going to get to the truth."

On Tuesday, Chaffetz released a letter he wrote asking a federal prosecutor to determine if Clinton or her staff played a role in a Colorado technology firm's deletion of thousands of her emails in 2015.

Clinton and her aide and attorney, Cheryl Mills, told FBI investigators in questioning during July they did not have a role in the deletions. The Colorado firm's deletions were separate from another series of deletions occurring before she turned 33,000 messages over to the State Department.

Chaffetz, who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, wrote a separate letter warning the Denver firm, which had hosted Clinton's server, that one of the engineers who deleted her files could face federal criminal charges.

"More than two years after she left office, suddenly, when the subpoenas were in place, a preservation order is in place, you have this high level meeting with David Kendall, with Cheryl Mills, the top lieutenants there for Hillary Clinton," Chaffetz told Fox News on Wednesday.

"This is roughly March 25 of 2015. A couple days later, we don't know exactly what time, but within days, certainly less than a week later, there is a work order at Platte River Networks. Then these documents are destroyed using Bleachbit, nonetheless, a tool to erase everything and these were federal records under subpoena."


Report: Baltimore Co. Police Dismiss High Number Of Rape Reports

Baltimore County Police may be drastically under-investigating rapes, a BuzzFeed News investigative report finds.

Katie J.M. Baker, who co-wrote the report out Thursday, spoke the same morning to Bryan Nehman. She and colleague Alex Campbell looked at the data, interviewed victims and suspects, and reached out to police and legal experts. Between 2009 and 2014, 34 percent of alleged rapes in Baltimore County were declared "unfounded," according to FBI data. The national average is more than 7 percent.

"We found that detectives who are trained to handle sex crimes often never even met or spoke with alleged victims who made these reports before instructing officers to shut these cases down and that's mostly because they believed the women were not fighting back hard enough or as one police report put it, that the woman did not 'resist to the best of her ability,'" Baker said.


Classification Rules Haunting Clinton Under Review

U.S. intelligence officials are considering a fundamental overhaul of the process used to classify information, possibly doing away with the low-level designation of “confidential” that contributed to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s troubles.

Without mentioning Clinton or the inquiries into her use of a private e-mail system, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Wednesday that intelligence agencies are "guilty" of over-classifying material.

"At some point there will need to be, I believe, a fairly fundamental change in the classification system," Clapper said at the annual Intelligence and National Security Summit in Washington. "The rules we have today really are not compatible with the technology and the way we conduct our business."


ACLU suing Kansas City Public Schools for handcuffing boy

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A second-grader who refused a teacher’s request to move to a different chair suffered emotional and physical pain when a school resource officer placed the 7-year-old in handcuffs, a lawsuit filed Thursday against Kansas City Public Schools alleges.

The lawsuit, filed by the American Civil Liberties Union in U.S. District Court in Kansas City, names the school district, school resource officer Brandon Craddock and George Melcher Elementary School principal Anne Wallace. It seeks damages and attorney fees and requests that the district provide better training for its resource officers on schoolchildren’s constitutional rights.

District spokeswoman Natalie Allen said it does not comment on pending litigation, adding that officials hadn’t seen the lawsuit.

According to the suit, the boy, who was less than 4 feet tall and weighed less than 50 pounds, was told on April 30, 2014, to change seats and sit near another student who had bullied him in the past. The boy remained at his desk and started “crying and hollering,” even after Craddock came into the room and asked the boy to come with him.


China Deploys Construction Vessels at Disputed Reef

If reports about the presence of Chinese dredging ships near Scarborough Shoal are true, Beijing may be planning to start island-building on the disputed reef to turn it into another military outpost. The U.S. Pacific Command should order a military air and surface reconnaissance operation to check on the ships and to learn their intentions. This will give a message to China that the U.S. will actively oppose regional military hegemonism.

Photos of Chinese ships deployed near a key disputed reef in the South China Sea surfaced over the weekend as U.S. and Chinese leaders met at the Group of 20 nations summit and discussed maritime disputes.

The Philippines Defense Ministry published photos of 11 Chinese ships near Scarborough Shoal that include vessels that some reports indicated appear designed for dredging operations – a key indicator Beijing is ignoring U.S. and international calls for a halt to island-building on disputed reefs and islands.

A Pentagon official confirmed that the Chinese have stepped up the number of ships and maritime patrol craft in the vicinity of Scarborough – a large reef claimed by China and Philippines and close to Subic Bay where U.S. warships will be deployed in the future in support of an upgraded Washington-Manila defense pact. But the official said it could not confirm Philippines reports they included dredging ships.


Minimal Storm Damage Reported In Ocean City; Engineer Says, ‘Overall, The Beach Looks Very Good’

OCEAN CITY — Ocean City officials were preparing for the worst and hoping for the best last weekend as Tropical Storm Hermine made its way up the coast, but despite some of the ominous predictions, there was little impact on the resort apart from some minor beach erosion and typical flooding in some of the downtown areas.

Hermine reached hurricane status as it ripped across Florida last week and began its unusual trek up the east coast, raising serious concerns about its potential impact on Labor Day weekend in Ocean City. The powerful storm did churn well off the mid-Atlantic coast, producing huge waves and tidal surges, but there was little in the way of rain and the winds never did reach predicted speeds at least in Ocean City.

City Engineer Doug Miller said this week Ocean City mobilized its emergency response teams in advance of the storm, but it passed without a major impact on the resort.

“The impacts of the tropical storm were minimal,” he said. “We were well prepared even though it didn’t materialize for us the way it could have. We were prepared for the worst and hoped for the best, and thankfully we got the better part of that.”


Eagle Forum Office Spray-Painted with ‘Slurs’ and ‘Nasty Stuff from the Left’

On Wednesday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM, Ed Martin, the president of the Eagle Forum, revealed that his organization’s offices were vandalized on the day after founder Phyllis Schlafly’s death.

Martin told the story in response to Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow’s observation that “we’ve now gotten to this nasty point in society where we must be so nasty to one another, we cannot simply disagree and debate civilly – that we must be jerks.”

“I’m not sure I have the answer about how we got there, but I do think you’ve pointed to something that Phyllis Schlafly taught me, and maybe taught the country, and could teach again,” Martin said.

“Even in the last day or so, there’s been vicious things said,” he continued. “I’ll tell you, maybe it’s a bit of news I don’t think anybody even knew or reported: The building where we work out of, a beautiful two-story brick building, was spray-painted the day of her death. The morning, we got to work the next day, with slurs, and comments, and all nasty stuff from the Left.”

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State Letter Reveals Plan for U.S. Legal Commitment to Un-ratified Nuclear Treaty

The Obama administration will seek a formal political agreement at the United Nations that would legally bind the United States to a nuclear test ban treaty rejected by the Senate 17 years ago.

The plan was outlined in a letter from the State Department to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Sen. Bob Corker (R., Tenn.), who is challenging the administration’s effort to lock in American adherence to the signed but unratified Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, or CTBT.

The treaty bans nuclear testing and was signed by then-President Bill Clinton in 1996. The Senate voted against ratifying the treaty in 1999. The Obama administration, as part of its anti-nuclear arms control agenda, has sought ways to codify the test ban treaty despite the constitutional requirement for Senate ratification.

Julia Frifield, assistant secretary of state for legislative affairs, stated in an Aug. 10 letter to Corker that the administration would not seek a legally binding U.N. Security Council resolution on testing.

But Frifield said the administration is working on a U.N. resolution that would affirm the current U.S. moratorium on nuclear tests, and which would mention a legal commitment not to test made in a joint statement by the five declared nuclear powers.

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Marylanders face hefty rate increases for Obamacare

The cost of health insurance plans offered under the Affordable Care Act will jump 20 percent or more next year under rates to be announced Friday by Maryland regulators.

The CEO of Maryland's largest insurer defended the hefty rate increases and said the federal law that expanded health insurance to most Americans needs to be changed if it is to remain sustainable.

"We regret that such rate increases are needed," said Chet Burrell of CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. "It is the last thing on earth we want. But no company can sustain the kinds of losses we have seen."

The company projects that its total losses since the law went into effect will amount to $620 million by the end of the year, Burrell said. People enrolling in plans are sicker and costlier than the insurer predicted, he said.


Wells Fargo fined $185 million for improper account openings; about 5,300 fired

NEW YORK (AP) — California and federal regulators fined Wells Fargo a combined $185 million on Thursday, alleging the bank's employees illegally opened millions of unauthorized accounts for their customers in order to meet aggressive sales goals.

The San Francisco-based bank will pay $100 million to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a federal agency created five years ago; $35 million to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and $50 million to the City and County of Los Angeles. It will also pay restitution to affected customers.

It is the largest fine the CFPB has levied against a financial institution and the largest fine in the history of the Los Angeles City Attorney's office.

The CFPB said Wells Fargo sales staff opened more than 2 million bank and credit card accounts that may have not been authorized by customers. Money in customers' accounts were transferred to these new accounts without authorization. Debit cards were issued and activated, as well as PINs created, without telling customers.


Delaware: Man Deported 5 Times Gets Prison For Illegal Re-Entry

DOVER, Del. (AP) — A man arrested in Delaware on immigration and drug charges this year after having been deported five times to the Dominican Republic has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for illegal re-entry.

A federal judge on Friday also sentenced Richard Diaz-Garcia to one year for heroin possession, but that sentence will run concurrently with the 15-month term for violating immigration laws.

Diaz-Garcia, who has two previous convictions for illegal re-entry, faced up to 11 years behind bars.

His February arrest drew renewed attention to a bill introduced in the legislature last year that would have made Delaware a “sanctuary state.”


BIAS ALERT: Media dismisses military brass backing Trump

Donald Trump likely hoped that a letter backing him and signed by 88 former generals and admirals would prompt journalists to report on his support within military leadership -- what he got, instead, were media guns using Pentagon brass for target practice.

Trump, who on Wednesday delivered a major policy speech on the state of the U.S. military, was touted in the letter as a commander in chief capable of dealing with “enemies of this country [who] have been emboldened” by weakness in Washington.

“ … We support Donald Trump and his commitment to rebuild our military, to secure our borders, to defeat our Islamic supremacist adversaries and restore law and order domestically,” read the letter. “We urge our fellow Americans to do the same.”

The Washington Post immediately combed through the lengthy roster of signatories and noted that one, retired Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin, was reprimanded for disclosing classified information in a 2008 memoir, “Never Surrender: A Soldier’s Journey to the Crossroads of Faith and Freedom.”

Boykin also happens to be the co-founder and former commander of the elite Delta Force, and carried out missions in Iran, North Korea, Somalia and Colombia during his storied career.

He angered Muslims around the world in 2003 when, giving a speech about his hunt for a Somali warlord, said, “I knew that my God was a real God, and his was an idol.”


Needed: family-friendly school calendars

Post-Labor Day start is great but what about all 
those school holidays?

As a working single parent, it's difficult enough to get my children to and from school every day with my work schedule. That task is made nearly impossible by arbitrary days off, sometimes in the middle of the week, and extended holiday and spring breaks, which is why I support Gov. Larry Hogan for finally bringing some predictability to my children's school schedule ("Labor Day madness," Aug. 30).

When schools have administrative days off or require parent-teacher conferences to be done during the school day, I am often forced to miss work, which hurts my ability to provide for my children, or on the flip side, I struggle to find child care at the last minute.

I hope that school boards will work with parents for a change when they create their new calendars to ensure they make sense for students and families as well as teachers and school administrators.

Briana Capuano, Lusby


‘We All Have Big Hearts,' But We Have to Know Who These Refugees Are

At a campaign event in Virginia Beach, Va., on Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump criticized his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for her plan to increase the number of Syrian refugees admitted to the U.S. by 550 percent, saying that, while “we all have big hearts,” "we can’t just allow these people into country” without thoroughly vetting each one of them first.

“You see the damage that one person can do,” said Trump, citing the deadly terror attacks in Orlando and San Bernardino. “We have to be careful and vigilant and strong…”

“Look, we all have big hearts. We just can’t allow these people into our country until we find out what’s going on,” he argued.

Trump added that he wants to build safe havens for refugees in Syria and other countries where people are fleeing violence and terror.

“I want to build safe havens,” he said. “We’ll lead the charge.”


Trucks Take Center Stage In Berlin, Ocean Pines

BERLIN – The Town of Berlin will host its 3rd Annual Touch-a-Truck event Sept. 10 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
The event, which was originally scheduled for May 7, will take place at the Stephen Decatur Park in Berlin.

The town will have police and fire companies present, along with dump trucks, back hoes, utility vehicles, restored military transport vehicles and more.

Perdue Farms will also have tractors on display for the public.

In addition to these displays, kids and adults of all ages will be able to partake in K-9, electric, water supply, and pole setting demonstrations.

The town will give attendees the opportunity to ask questions and interact with local police officers, firemen, and public works employees and the vehicles and equipment they use on a daily basis.


Reality Check: Minorities Actually LIKE Voter I.D. Laws

As the November presidential election gets closer, the debate over election fraud and voter I.D. laws is bound to rear its partisan head.

Get ready for the liberal mantra that voter I.D. laws oppress minorities, and that requiring a person to prove that they are who they say they are and that they have a legal right to vote in this country makes it harder for persons of color to get to a ballot box.

The only problem? Most minorities don't actually feel that way.

Check it out:

3rd Annual Cornament

Troopers Investigating Robbery of Pedestrian west of Georgetown

Georgetown – The Delaware State Police are investigating a robbery of a pedestrian as she walked along Seashore Highway (SR404) early Thursday morning.

The initial investigation has determined that the incident occurred Thursday September 8, 2016 at approximately 12:00 a.m., as a 21-year old female pedestrian was walking westbound on the shoulder of SR404 after leaving her place of employment in Georgetown. The female observed a newer model sports car pass her and then make a U-turn before pulling up behind her and parking along the shoulder. Four male subjects exited the vehicle and confronted the female victim, threatening to harm her with a gun, although no weapon was ever displayed. One of the suspects then pushed her and removed her purse before the four re-entered the car and drove south on Gravelly Branch Road. The victim was uninjured in the incident.

The suspects where all described as white males (No further physical or clothing description available) and were in a newer model sports car with a rear spoiler (no further description).

If anyone has any information in reference to this incident they are asked to contact Troop 4 Major Crimes at 302-856-5850. Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet at, or by sending an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword “DSP.”

Quote of the Day

“You’re needed to get your religious friends to realize the future of
our country depends on people like you participating in political
action. Help some candidate get elected. Make sure you vote against the wrong one. And if you’re not enthusiastic about the other guy--some people object to voting what they say is the lesser of two evils—I just remind them: Somebody is going to be elected to those offices and Jesus is not on the ballot.”

--- American constitutional lawyer and conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly (August 15, 1924 – September 5, 2016)

Kindergartner Stops Outside School to Pray, Say Pledge of Allegiance

SANTA FE, Texas – Five-year-old Texas kindergartner Royce Nelson has his priorities in order: God, country, school.

Heather Nelson told ABC 7 she rushed her son to kindergarten last week, but when he reached the front door of Roy J. Wollam Elementary School he stopped in his tracks as other kids rushed inside.

Nelson called out: “Royce, go, go!” But he simply stood there silently, head bowed.

That’s when the school resource officer monitoring students’ arrival stepped over to explain the situation to Nelson.

“The officer said ‘mom he’s doing good, he stopped for the Pledge of Allegiance (and then she puts her hand over her heart to show me) and now he’s praying,” Nelson posted to Facebook Thursday, along with a picture of her son standing outside of the front entrance.

“Since they do not have prayer in schools he says a little prayer silently and that’s exactly what he was doing,” she wrote. “I was so proud that he stopped when the Pledge of Allegiance came and stood his ground and did not move as the other kids were going in and then took time out and prayed and did not even care or think twice about it.

“I said a prayer,” Royce told the news site. “Thank you God, thank you for giving me a wonderful day.”

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Time to End Early Voting and the Lame Duck Congress

“Vote: The instrument and symbol of a free man’s power to make a fool of himself and a wreck of his country.” —American author Ambrose Bierce

There are two dynamics in the modern American political landscape that have combined to act as a steady eroding current on the foundational rock of Liberty. One is the lame duck session of Congress that occurs every two years, and the other is the relatively new push for early voting. One skews the results, and one ignores the results.

With the lame duck session, politicians who are retiring or have been voted out of office have one last chance to stick it to the voters, knowing they won’t face another election where they will have to answer to their constituents. Really, really bad legislation has a habit of getting passed during the lame duck session.

In the lame duck of 2010, following the political earthquake that was the Tea Party revolution, which saw Democrats demolished at the polls in a historic fashion after passing the so-called “stimulus” bill, ObamaCare, and other items on the leftist wish list, outgoing Democrats (with the aid of a few dependably undependable Republicans) took one final shot at their countrymen. Democrats extended unemployment benefits up to nearly two years, repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (the prohibition against open homosexuals in the military established under Bill Clinton, the repeal of which changed the focus of our military from being the world’s finest fighting force to a social experiment in the normalization of sexual deviancy and mental illness), and passed the New START treaty, which in practice forced the U.S. to reduce the size of our nuclear arsenal while allowing Russia to keep, and even expand, its own.

In 2012, with Republicans demoralized after the defeat of Mitt Romney in the presidential election, the lame duck session yielded “the largest tax increase in history,” a $620 billion hike passed by the Democrat-controlled Senate at 2:00 a.m. on New Year’s Day, and signed by Obama while he was vacationing (yet again) in Hawaii.

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Walls Around The World That Actually Work

President Obama, Secretary Clinton, and Jeb Bush (remember him?) have declared with one voice: America doesn’t need border walls. Meanwhile, around the rest of the Western world, walls are springing up in order to defend the sovereignty of nation states.

Walls aren’t a new phenomenon, as even CNN admits. But the rate at which they’re springing up is certainly unprecedented. At least 65 countries now have border walls or barriers, making this one of the few times in recent history where America has been “behind” on an issue.

I say America. I mean the U.S. political establishment, because we know according to new CNN polling (yeah, I know!) that at least 41 per cent of people are in favour of Mr. Trump’s long-touted wall being built. This ignores the “shy builders“: people who won’t tell pollsters they back the wall, but secretly do.

Now Britain is building a wall. Okay, it’s only a 4-metre high wall, but it’s a concrete wall nonetheless and its aim is clear: stop migrants attempting to enter the country illegally. The reason is simple: walls work. It just depends on what your aim is.

If you intend to have porous, or no borders, then don’t build a wall. If your intent is to secure your country and enforce the law of the land: you have to erect barriers.

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Handmade Boat With 6 Cameras Shows Unique Perspective of Md. Watersways
BALTIMORE (WJZ)– From your couch, to a kayak, you can now explore nearly all of the Chesapeake’s waterways online, all thanks to a Maryland non-profit, bringing conservation into the 21st century.

A pontoon has traversed and photographed thousands of miles of Chesapeake Shoreline, documenting the view from the water in an unprecedented way.

More than 400 years after Captain John Smith chartered these waters , a Maryland non-profit Chesapeake Conservancy is mapping Maryland with a 21st-century lens.

“[John Smith] used the technology of his time, with a compass and a pen to map the Chesapeake Bay,” said Joel Dunn of the Maryland non-profit Chesapeake Conservancy.”This pontoon boat brings the rivers of the Chesapeake to everybody’s computers across the world.”


Obama administration 'stunt' would force states to fund Planned Parenthood

The Obama administration is proposing a new rule that would require states to continue to fund Planned Parenthood, countering gains by the pro-life movement to defund the abortion provider at the local level in the wake of the undercover video investigation alleging the clinic traffics in fetal body parts from abortions.

The Department of Health and Human Services rule would prevent states from redirecting Title X funds, which are earmarked for family planning services, to other Federally Qualified Health Centers for reasons “unrelated to their ability to provide Title X services effectively.”

Rep. Diane Black, a Tennessee Republican who wrote the House-approved “Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2015,” said the rule is just the latest “stunt” by the Obama administration to “protect its friends in the big abortion industry.”

“We must use the full force of Congress and the grassroots strength of the national pro-life movement to defeat this absurd rule and prevent the Obama administration from acting unilaterally to carry out political favors and prop up a scandal-ridden abortion provider,” Ms. Black said Tuesday in a statement.


Bill Clinton Rages Against Donald Trump's Promise to 'Make America Great Again'

Former President Bill Clinton ridiculed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for his slogan “Make America Great Again” suggesting that it was a false promise to American voters and racially motivated.

“That message, I’ll give you America great again — If you’re a white southerner, you know exactly what it means,” Clinton said.

The former president indicated that Trump’s campaign slogan signaled that he would make white people more culturally dominate over other races in the country.

“What it means is I’ll give you the economy you had 50 years ago and I’ll move you back up the social totem pole and other people down,” Clinton said.


Identity Politics = Totalitarianism

The truth is we have more in common with people of different ethnicities and religions than we can possibly know in a totalitarian system drenched in the divisive propaganda of identity politics.

Identity politics are the core of every totalitarian state. Identity politics were the beating heart of Nazism, and the core strategy of the USSR's liquidation of kulaks and other groups identified as enemies of the state.

Identity politics eliminate the potential for class consciousness that crosses ethnic and religious boundaries. As noted yesterday in Our Impoverished, Pathological Society, "race is not a significant determinant of social polarization in today's America. It is class that really matters."

Identity politics divide and fragment the debt-serf class into ethnic and religious silos that are propagandized into viewing each other as enemies rather than colleagues. The core of identity politics is if you fail to vote the party line, you are a traitor to your race/religion.

The appeal to ethnic/religious identity as the sole definition of political selfhood is the perfect tool for manipulating the masses--and this is why the only possible output of identity politics is totalitarianism.

In the U.S. both political parties deploy identity politics, but the Democrats in particular depend on the "if you don't vote the Democratic ticket, you're a traitor to your race" line of propaganda.


"Clinton Foundation Is Charity Fraud Of Epic Proportions", Analyst Charges In Stunning Takedown

In early May, we introduced readers to Charles Ortel, a Wall Street analyst who uncovered financial discrepancies at General Electric before its stock crashed in 2008, and whom the Sunday Times of London described as "one of the finest analysts of financial statements on the planet" in a 2009 story detailing the troubles at AIG. Having moved on beyond simple corporate fraud, Ortel spent the past year and a half digging into something more relevant to the current US situation:"charities", and specifically the Clinton Foundation’s public records, federal and state-level tax filings, and donor disclosures.

Four months ago, Ortel began releasing his preliminary findings in the first of a series of up to 40 planned reports on his website. His allegation was simple: “this is a charity fraud.”

To learn more about the Clinton Foundation, Ortel decided to "take it apart and see how it worked" and he has been doing that ever since February 2015.


Hillary Clinton at Commander-in-Chief Forum: 'We Did Not Lose a Single American' in Libya

Hillary Clinton declared during NBC News’s Commander-in-Chief forum that no lives were lost in Libya when she made the move to take out dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Even so, the former secretary of state did not mention the fact that 11 months later four Americans — including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens — were killed in a terrorist attack in Benghazi that arose from the instability that the overthrow created.

Really? @HillaryClinton said we "didn't lose a single American in Libya". She does know  is in Libya right?
“With respect to Libya, again, there’s no difference between my opponent and myself,” Clinton stated, attempting to dismiss her hawkish-foreign policy record. “He’s on record extensively supporting intervention in Libya when Qaddafi was threatening to massacre his population. I put together a coalition that included NATO, included the Arab League, and we were able to save lives.”

“We did not lose a single American in that action,” she declared.

Schlafly Co-Author: She Worked to the End for Conservative Values

Phyllis Schlafly looked at her support of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as her "final political legacy to turn around America," says Brett Decker, co-authored a new book with the barnstorming conservative activist who died on Monday at the age of 92.

"Gen. Douglas MacArthur famously said, 'Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.' That was not how Phyllis Schlafly looked at it," Decker writes in an opinion piece published in USA Today.

"The iconic conservative activist knew she didn't have much time left, but was fighting until her last breath when she passed away."

Schlafly, Decker and Ed Martin are the authors of "The Conservative Case for Trump," published this week by Regnery.

"Schlafly's last crusade was one over which some conservatives were divided: winning the GOP nomination for Donald Trump and getting him elected president," Decker writes.

"The reputed 'Darling of the Silent Majority' looked at her support for Trump as her final political legacy to turn around America, especially on the issues of immigration, trade deals and judicial nominations.

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Prosecutors to drop charges against ex-Gov. McDonnell, wife

WASHINGTON — The U.S. attorney’s office in Virginia said in court filings that it plans to drop the federal corruption charges against former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen.

In motions filed on Thursday, U.S. Attorney Dana Boente asks that Bob and Maureen McDonnell’s cases be sent back to the District Court level so that their indictments could be dismissed.

“After carefully considering the Supreme Court’s recent decision and the principles of federal prosecution, we have made the decision not to pursue the case further,” Boente’s office said in a statement.


Steep Ticket Prices for Chelsea Clinton Campaign Event

College Progressives at Penn State University were not happy with the steep entry price to a “Conversation with Chelsea” event featuring former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton, the least successful member of the Clinton political dynasty.

The event, which took place Wednesday in State College, Pa., charged $500 just to get in the door, and $1,000 for a photo with Chelsea. For $2,700, attendees would be granted access to a special reception with the guest of honor.

College Progressives at Penn State really wanted to be a part of the so-called “conversation,” but quite rightly noted that $500 was a hefty price that would exclude many college students from attending.

“Although we certainly support Chelsea’s right to campaign on her mother’s behalf, we do not agree with Mrs. Clinton choosing to make this ‘conversation’ available exclusively to individuals who can afford or are willing to pay at least $500,” said Ethan Paul, vice president of College Progressives of Penn State.


Bill Clinton Compares Himself To Robin Hood

The newly released financial files on Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s growing fortune omit a company with no apparent employees or assets that the former president has legally used to provide consulting and other services, but which demonstrates the complexity of the family’s finances.

Because the company, WJC, LLC, has no financial assets, Hillary Clinton’s campaign was not obligated to report its existence in her recent financial disclosure report, officials with Bill Clinton’s private office and the Clinton campaign said. They were responding to questions by The Associated Press, which reviewed corporate documents.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to provide private details of the former president’s finances on the record, said the entity was a “pass-through” company designed to channel payments to the former president.

Under federal disclosure rules for spouses’ earned income, Hillary Clinton was only obligated to identify the source of her spouse’s income and confirm that he received more than $1,000. As a result, the precise amounts of Bill Clinton’s earned income from consulting have not been disclosed, and it’s not known how much was routed through WJC, LLC.


Hillary at Commander-in-Chief Forum: Gun Control Part of Fight Against Terrorism

She said this after forum host Matt Lauer brought up “terror attacks on our soil.”

During MSNBC’s September 7 Commander-in-Chief Forum, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton suggested more gun control is part of the fight against terror attacks in the United States.

She did this after forum host Matt Lauer brought up “terror attacks on our soil.”

Lauer asked, “Would your message as the next President of the United States — or potential next president — be … that we are simply living in the reality that those attacks will happen? And can you guarantee people that, after four years of a Clinton presidency, they’ll be safer on the streets of San Bernardino or Boston than they are today?”


Police Bust Amish Rager, Sending Dozens To Jail

Seventy-three Amish partiers face charges after police busted an outdoor celebration in Millersburg, Ohio, over Labor Day Weekend.

Many of those in attendance were reportedly celebrating Rumspringa, the Amish rite of passage to adulthood, which takes place during the teenage years before baptism.

Undercover cops noticed underage drinking, which took place on a privately owned field. Cardboard signs posted by the property owner warned attendees against underage drinking, but didn’t seem to have an effect. The owner also had a security team, but he didn’t use it to check IDs because no one asked him to, he said.

The partiers paid a $25 cover fee to join the festivities, which were expected to attract 1,000 people. An exact number hasn’t been verified.


Obama Hired Behavioral Experts to Expand Use of Govt. Programs

The Obama administration quietly hired 20 social and behavioral research experts to help expand the use of government programs at dozens of agencies by, among other things, simplifying federal forms, according to records obtained by Judicial Watch.

The controversial group of experts is collectively known as the Social and Behavioral Sciences Team (SBST) and it functions under the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).

In 2015 Obama signed an executive order directing federal agencies to use behavioral science to sell their programs to the public, the records obtained by Judicial Watch reveal. By then the government had contracted “20 leading social and behavioral research experts” that at that point had already been involved in “more than 75 agency collaborations,” the records state. A memo sent from SBST chair Maya Shankar, a neuroscientist, to OSTP Director John Holdren offers agencies guidance and information about available government support for using behavioral insights to improve federal forms. Sent electronically, the memo is titled “Behavioral Science Insights and Federal Forms.”

The records, obtained from the OSTP under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), also include a delivery by Holdren in which he insists that the social and behavioral sciences “are real science, with immensely valuable practical applications—the views of a few members of Congress to the contrary notwithstanding—and that these sciences abundantly warrant continuing support in the Federal science and technology budget.”

Holdren, a Stanford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate, is a peculiar character who worked as an environmental professor at Harvard and the University of California Berkeley before becoming Obama’s science advisor. In the late 70s he co-authored a book with doomsayer Paul Ehrlich advocating for mandatory sterilization of the American people and forced abortions in order to depopulate the country. As head of the OSTP Holdren technically oversees the SBST.



Billionaire activist also behind MSNBC dumping Pat Buchanan

Does billionaire activist George Soros have the economic clout to push out conservative hosts and commentators that oppose with his leftist agenda?

Among the 2,500 documents hacked from Soros’ Open Society Foundation are documents in which Soros’ Open Society Foundation boasts of funding a minority activist campaign against advertisers that succeeded in ousting Glenn Beck from Fox News and Pat Buchanan from MSNBC.

In a memorandum dated March 27, 2012, Bill Vandenberg, the head of Soros’ Democracy Fund, discusses a two-year grant to support the Color of Change, an online organizing group described within the document as the largest online political activist group representing African-American issues.


The WaPo Wants Everyone To Stop Discussing Hillary's Email Scandals, Now

Earlier this week we reported that in the latest gasp of outrage by the mainstream media, and the Clinton campaign, numerous pundits unloaded on several traditional media outlets for daring to cover Hillary's infamous multiple coughing fits. The primary target of the anger was NBC which "faced harsh criticism" for posting a 91-word report, which had no opinion or commentary aside from reporting the facts of what happened to Hillary.

Ironically, and exposing the media's own hypocrisy and bias, some commentators such as the WaPo's Chris Cillizza asked if we can "just stop talking about Hillary's health now", a few years after he had no problems talking about John McCain's health.


County Approves Plans For Two Solar Farm Projects

SNOW HILL – County officials approved concept plans for utility scale solar projects in Berlin and Snow Hill this week.

The Worcester County Commissioners voted 6-0 to approve initial plans for large scale solar projects on Libertytown Road in Berlin and Public Landing Road in Snow Hill. The approval came after some neighbors of each shared concerns but said they supported the projects.

“I’d rather see a solar farm than a housing project,” said Libertytown Road resident Barbara Holloway.

The solar projects, which received a favorable recommendation from the county’s planning commission last month, have both been proposed by Longview Solar. The commissioners got a glimpse of the proposals earlier this year when the company asked for a tax abatement that was subsequently denied. Nevertheless the projects, already having authorization from Maryland’s Public Service Commission (PSC), have continued through the local approval process.

Longview Solar plans to erect a 20-megawatt facility on Libertytown Road and a 15-megawatt facility on Public Landing Road. Both projects would be built on less-than-ideal farmland.


Georgetown Slave Descendants Want A Billion Dollars

The descendants of slaves sold by Georgetown University are calling on the school to create a billion-dollar “Reconciliation Fund,” one week after the school apologized for its role in the slave trade and promised several (much cheaper) efforts to make up for it.

In 1838, Georgetown sold off 272 slaves in order to pay its debts, selling them for $115,000 (over $3 million in today’s money). In recent years, the school has faced demands from activists who want it to atone for its actions almost 180 years ago.


This is what “Make America Great Again” means

Leader Of Ferguson Protests Found Dead In Burning Car

The leader of the Ferguson protests was found dead with a gunshot wound inside a burning car early Tuesday.

Authorities found the remains of Darren Seals, 29, after they extinguished the fire in the car, reports CBS News.

“We were asleep and we heard this big, big boom … The next thing we knew, it was on fire. Like, flaming,” a woman who lived across the street told KMOV.

Officers responded to a call around 2 a.m Tuesday about a vehicle fire in Riverview, according to a statement from the police. After authorities put out the fire, they found Seals’ body with a gunshot wound.


Despite 'Mall Brawls,' NAACP Calls Mall's Curfew Discriminatory

Starting September 16, the Towson Town Center in Maryland will require a curfew for anyone 17 years old and younger, a measure the NAACP and other organizations call discriminatory.

“I think that they need to take a look at how to handle this in a different kind of way, other than just to say they are going to stand at the door and bar people. It’s illegal to do that,” saidTessa Hill-Aston, president of the NAACP Baltimore branch.

The mall’s general manager said the age policy was not spurred by any particular incident, and is meant to improve shoppers’ consumer experience.

Off duty police and public safety officers will check IDs at every mall entrance after 5:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Towson Town Center’s curfew requirements are neither unique nor new — nor have other examples been deemed discriminatory.


Chicago Kills Twice As Many Black People As Police

With more than 500 homicides to date, Chicago is already living its bloodiest year in two decades — and it’s only the tail end of summer.

While the numbers are shocking, the violence visited upon predominately black neighborhoods reveals something less talked about: Chicagoans kill more black people than all of law enforcement does in the entire country. Just reference The Washington Post’s Pulitzer Prize winning project on police shootings.

WaPo records officer-involved shooting deaths using an online tracker called “Fatal Force.” The database notes that of 667 people killed by police in 2016, 162 were black, or 24 percent.

By comparison, 375 of Chicago’s homicide victims this year are black, a whopping 75 percent. That means African-Americans are more than twice as likely to be gunned down walking the streets of Chicago than while interacting with police nationwide.


New Abedin Emails Reveal Top Clinton Foundation Executive Doug Band Sought Diplomatic Passport from Clinton State Department

Abedin responded to Band request: ‘Ok will figure it out’

Emails also reveal Bill Clinton/Doug Band Sought State Department Favors for Foundation Supporters Andrew Liveris, Chris Ruddy, and Lynn de Rothschild

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released 510 pages of new State Department documents, including a 2009 request by Clinton Foundation executive Doug Band for diplomatic passports for himself and an associate. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s aide Abedin responded to Band’s request positively, saying, “Ok will figure it out.” The emails show Hillary Clinton forwarding classified information to Abedin’s unsecured, account. The emails also show Bill Clinton sought a meeting with Mrs. Clinton for a major Clinton donor with State Department officials and Hillary Clinton herself pushed for a joint event with the Clinton Global Initiative. Band also pushed for and obtained special help from Abedin for seven-figure Clinton Foundation donor Chris Ruddy, of

Although an exchange sent from Sidney Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton concerning the “disastrous nature of the Obama trip” and the U.S. being “totally out of the loop in Berlin – no ambassador” with the expectation that “Germans and Russians will now cut their own separate deals on energy, regional security, etc….” had previously published by the State Department, it was unknown until now that Clinton forwarded this exchange containing classified information that was redacted for security reasons to Abedin’s unsecure account

The new documents included 37 Hillary Clinton email exchanges not previously turned over to the State Department, bringing the known total to date of such emails uncovered by Judicial Watch to 228 of new Clinton emails (not part of the 55,000 pages of emails that Clinton turned over to the State Department). These records further appear to contradict statements by Clinton that, “as far as she knew,” all of her government emails were turned over to the State Department.


Hillary's Health Concerns Serious, Say Most Doctors Polled by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)

TUCSON, Ariz. /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Concerns about Hillary Clinton's health are "serious—could be disqualifying for the position of President of the U.S.," say nearly 71% of 250 physicians responding to an informal internet survey by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). About 20% said concerns were "likely overblown, but should be addressed as by full release of medical records." Only 2.7% responded that they were "just a political attack; I have confidence in the letter from her physician and see no cause for concern."

While more than 81% were aware of her history of a concussion, only 59% were aware of the cerebral sinus thrombosis, and 52% of the history of deep venous thrombosis.

More than 78% said the health concerns had received "not enough emphasis" in the media, and only 2.7% that there had been "too much emphasis."

Nearly two-thirds said that a physician who had a concern about a candidate's fitness to serve for health reasons should "make the concerns known to the public." Only 11% said a physician should "keep silent unless he had personally examined the patient," and 10% that the candidate's health was "off limits for public discussion."


Mainstream media dismiss Clinton's coughing fits

The mainstream press has mostly shied away from questioning the status of Hillary Clinton's health, even as it has scrutinized the credentials of Donald Trump's doctor and the legitimacy of the health information he has made public.

Despite a series of documented intense coughing fits during campaign events and media interviews throughout the campaign, mainstream reporters have generally not asked about it, and many journalists say the subject is inappropriate.

After NBC News reported Monday on a long coughing fit Clinton suffered during a rally in Cleveland, New York Times television critic James Poniewozik dismissed it as a non-story, even though Clinton suffered a concussion years ago and is known to take medication for an underactive thyroid.


Trump & the Hillarycons

In 1964, Phyllis Schlafly of Alton, Illinois, mother of six, wrote and published a slim volume entitled “A Choice Not an Echo.”

Backing the candidacy of Sen. Barry Goldwater, the book was a polemic against the stranglehold the eastern liberal establishment had held on the Republican nomination for decades.

“A Choice” sold 3 million copies.

Schlafly went on to lead the campaign to derail the Equal Rights Amendment, which, with 35 states having ratified, was just three states short of being added to our Constitution.

Pro-ERA forces never added another state. Phyllis, who, at 20 was testing weapons at a munitions plant in World War II, shot it dead.

At 92, the founder of Eagle Forum has a new book out, published by Regnery. “The Conservative Case for Trump,” co-authored by Ed Martin of Eagle Forum and Brett Decker, argues that the Donald is an authentic conservative around whom every conservative should rally.

Yet, in making their cogent case, Schlafly and her co-authors raise questions that today bedevil the movement.

What does conservatism mean in 2016? Upon what ideas and issues, principles and policies, do conservatives still agree?

“In my father’s house there are many mansions,” the Bible tells us. So it is in the house divided that is the American Right.

Each of the chapters in “The Conservative Case for Trump” is devoted to Donald Trump’s stand on a major issue of the campaign. And on most of the issues selected, almost all conservatives agree.


A vote for Hillary Clinton: War with Russia, China, others

If you believe United States presidential wars with Russia and China (not declared by Congress) are necessary to fulfill a divine mission to bring freedom, justice, dignity, and civilization to the Russian and Chinese peoples, then you should vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

If you believe like former Democratic Secretary of State Dean Acheson that “[i]n the final analysis, the United States is the locomotive of mankind and the rest of the world the caboose,” an arrogance that begot the gruesome Vietnam War, then you should vote for Hillary Clinton.

Her bellicose, jingoistic foreign policy views bugled in a speech before the American Legion on August 31, 2016 confirms that her presidency would bow to Mars (the God of War), not to Minerva (the Goddess of Wisdom).

Mrs. Clinton sermonized that America is an “exceptional” and “indispensable” nation; that “[p]eople all over the world look to us and follow our lead;” and, that when we fail in our providential role to lead, “we leave a vacuum that either causes chaos or other countries or networks rush in to fill the void.” In other words, the United States must conquer the world to avoid chaos wherever we are not; or, even worse, the exercise of power outside our control.


Fox News: Clinton Emails Had 'Multiple Classified Markings'

15 Times Hillary Clinton Said She Took Classified Information Seriously

Wicomico Council Likely Headed Toward Impact Fee Repeal

SALISBURY – Actions are underway to repeal development impact fees after Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver, armed with support from elected officials and a real estate membership organization, sent a proposal to the County Council.

The County Council will most likely introduce the repeal for a vote at its next meeting, according to Council President At-Large John Cannon.

“I’ve always been in favor of eliminating impact fees,” Cannon says. “It is a burden to new home buyers.”

The County Council opened the proposal for discussion at the Sept. 6 meeting and heard arguments for and against the repeal.

Culver has championed the repeal since his election, but the County Council has agreed to postpone discussions on the matter through 2016. Members are now starting to consider alternatives before the moratorium ends Dec. 31.


Vet to Hillary: 'You Clearly Corrupted Our National Security,' If I Handled Classified Intel Improperly, I'd Be Imprisoned

During NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum on Wednesday, Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was asked by an Air Force and Navy veteran who served in Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield, “how can you expect those such as myself, who were and are entrusted with America’s most sensitive information to have any confidence in your leadership as president, when you clearly corrupted our national security?”

Clinton was asked by the veteran, who is a Republican, “As a naval flight officer, I held a top secret sensitive compartmentalized information clearance, and that provided me access to materials and information highly sensitive to our war-fighting capabilities. Had I communicated this information not following prescribed protocols, I would have been prosecuted and imprisoned. Secretary Clinton, how can you expect those such as myself, who were and are entrusted with America’s most sensitive information to have any confidence in your leadership as president, when you clearly corrupted our national security?”


Obama Admin Wants to Cut Army’s Force Size by 25,000 by 2018

The Obama administration is seeking to cut the U.S. Army’s total force size by 25,000 soldiers by 2018, bringing America’s force strength down to 450,000 from its current size of 475,000, according to a new congressional report that shines a spotlight on a growing debate over how large the force should be.

Both chambers of Congress and the White House hold disparate views about how large the U.S. Army should be, according to a new congressional research report that highlights the differences between the governing bodies.

While the Obama administration’s Defense Department is seeking to cut the force by 25,000 over current levels, the House is proposing to grow the Army by 5,000. The Senate is proposing to cut levels by 15,000.


House Committee Votes to Subpoena VA Over Art Spending, Cost Overruns

Chairman: VA failed to account for at least $1.7 million in art spending over last six years

The House Committee on Veterans Affairs voted to subpoena the Department of Veterans Affairs over its spending on lavish art pieces and an over-budget hospital construction project.

The committee voted Wednesday morning to issue a subpoena to VA Secretary Robert McDonald seeking documents related to the agency’s spending on artwork since fiscal 2010 and the $1.7 billion construction project for a Colorado VA hospital.

Rep. Jeff Miller (R., Fla.), who chairs the committee, said he sought art contracts related to the VA’s Palo Alto Health Care System more than a year ago, but that the VA made no attempt to respond to his request until he scheduled the Wednesday meeting. He described the agency’s response as “wholly incomplete.”


Rather be in jail than live with wife says bank robbery suspect

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) — A 70-year-old man accused of robbing a bank in Kansas told investigators he would rather be in jail than live with his wife.

Court documents say Lawrence John Ripple gave a note to a bank teller in Kansas City on Friday, demanding cash and warning he had a gun.

Ripple took the money and went to sit in the lobby where he told a guard he was the “guy he was looking for.”

Officers arrived quickly.

An FBI agent wrote in the affidavit that Ripple had earlier been arguing with his wife.

He told investigators he wrote the note in front of his wife, telling her he would “rather be in jail than at home.”

Ripple was charged with bank robbery Tuesday.


Ethicists scoff at Clinton Foundation transition plan

They question both Chelsea Clinton's continued involvement and the group's slow wind down.

The Clinton Foundation’s vague timetable to limit its involvement with overseas programs, and its insistence that Chelsea Clinton remain on its board, raise red flags for ethics watchdogs even as the charity vows to avoid conflicts of interest in a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Foundation President Donna Shalala suggested Tuesday that reorganizing the $2 billion enterprise could not happen overnight. The charity pledged last week not to accept foreign or corporate donations if Clinton is elected.


Wicomico County’s Good Beer Festival Returns Oct. 8 & 9

Tickets on sale now

Salisbury, MD –
With more than 80 craft beers, live music on two stages, new Beer Games and a Sports Zone, beer lovers won't want to miss this year's Good Beer Festival.

The festival, hosted by Wicomico County Recreation, Parks & Tourism, is returning to Pemberton Historical Park for the seventh year on Saturday-Sunday, Oct. 8-9, and tickets are now on sale. The festival runs from 12:30-6:30 p.m. each day.

The Local Beer Garden, featuring select Eastern Shore breweries, will be back this year, along with the Home Brew Competition. Learn more about making beer in both Pro Brewer Beer Talks and home brew demos.

Attendees may choose to play new carnival-inspired Beer Games to try to win prizes, and there will also be cornhole, wall hooky and oversized games to partake in. The Sports Zone will feature the Washington Redskins v. Baltimore Ravens football game on the Sunday of the festival. The first 100 fans through the gate on Sunday sporting a Redskins or Ravens jersey will receive a free Good Beer Festival souvenir.

Tickets for the festival are on sale now. Tasting tickets include a 3 oz. glass and as many samples as one can responsibly consume.

Early bird tickets are available for $25. Regular tickets are $35. Two-day tickets, which will only be sold through Sept. 30, are $40. Non-tasting tickets are also available; early bird non-tasting tickets are $5, regular non-tasting tickets are $10. Early bird and two-day ticket sales end online, in person and by phone on Friday, Sept. 30 at 6 p.m. Additional fees may apply to ticket prices.

Tickets can be purchased online at or at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center Box Office, located at 500 Glen Ave. in Salisbury (Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–6 p.m.). The Box Office can also be reached at 410-548-4911.

Proceeds from the Good Beer Festival benefit the Friends of Recreation & Parks Tomorrow Fund. This fund provides scholarships to youth participating in County child care programs and youth sports programs.

The world's first self-driving truck in an underground mine

Chicago's 500 homicides: How we got here

"There are 500 more people that were in the city that are no longer here because of useless violence ... People don't have regard for life anymore."

Chicago's 500th homicide of the year happened over Labor Day weekend,according to the Chicago Tribune.

That number carries a lot of weight for the city -- not just in quantity, but in meaning: 2016 is now the deadliest year in two decades.