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Friday, September 30, 2016

Refugees admitted without papers despite ‘significant’ number tied to terror

Refugees can be admitted to the U.S. without any corroborating documents or physical evidence, the chief of the immigration service told Congress on Wednesday — though he insisted that’s not the typical situation.

Leon Rodriguez, director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, said a “significant” number of refugees have been implicated in terrorist plots over the past eight years but that the rejection of some 7 percent of Syrian applications proves his officers can spot danger signs.

“We’ve turned a lot of people down,” he said.

Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, countered that it was striking that the department knew how many people it denied but couldn’t determine how many refugees have been connected to terrorism. He read off the details of several cases, including a refugee from Iraq, living in Texas, arrested this year for plotting against the U.S.

“We keep seeing instances over and over again of refugees coming to America with an intention to engage in terrorism,” Mr. Cruz said.



Anonymous said...

No Duh Mr. Ted Cruz, they want to come here to engage in terrorism and we, as Stupid Americans, just let them come on in. This nonsense has got to stop. Vote TRUMP!!!

lmclain said...

We estimate around 5-10 terrorists may have comeinto the country, but it could be as many as 500. Who knows?
Which is a very comforting thought for the parent sof the kids at the mall who lost a leg and their eyesight in the latest muslim terror bombing.
Our "leaders" don't give a crap about the people they are sworn to protect --- i'st muslims and foreigners who are their priority.
Some serfs gotta die. No Masters, of course THEY surround themselves with armies of killers and high fences.
You and I? We just have to take our chances.
That is the way it is now.
And you can't stop cheering the people who are so willing to risk your children's lives.
What the hell is the matter with you dumb aces?
I GUARANTEE none of you would EVER pick up a hitch hiker. Why? Because you don't know anything about them and they COULD kill you.
But you're all about letting strangers from a violent and murderous country waltz right in and move next door?
Again, what is the matter with you? I mean, other than an abysmally low IQ and an inability to reason or have any desire to see your kids grow up safely. AND a blind trust in whatever you are told to think.
Keep cheering!

Anonymous said...

This is bullsh#t!!