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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Warning: We Are Presiding Over An "Ecological Apocalypse"

Springwatch presenter, Chris Packham is warning Great Britain of an “ecological apocalypse.” On this year’s Springwatch, Packham warns that we are presiding over “an ecological apocalypse” and Britain is increasingly becoming “a green and unpleasant land.”

According to The Guardian, Packham, who is a naturalist and broadcaster, is urging people to join him next month on a10-day “bioblitz.”This would involve visiting road verges, farmland, parks, allotments, and community nature reserves across the country to record what wildlife remains. The wildlife to be looked at would range from butterflies to bryophytes, linnets to lichens. Next week, Britain will become the first country in the world to dedicate a national week to helping swifts. The naturalist hopes his bioblitz will showcase their expertise and inspire newcomers to begin to understand and get involved in nature. Packham also wants to focus on farmers. “There are a lot of good farmers out there and we are going to celebrate their work as well,” he said.


Kate Spade’s Death Ignites Concern About Rising Suicide Rate

Fashion designer Kate Spade’s death Tuesday has reminded Americans of the enormous toll of suicide, a growing problem that claims nearly 45,000 lives a year.

Suicide rates in the U.S. have risen nearly 30 percent since 1999, according to a report released Thursday from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Suicides increased in both men and women, in all ethnic groups and in both urban and rural areas. Suicide and “self-harm,” a category that includes attempted suicides, cost the nation $70 billion a year in medical care and lost work time.

Nearly half of people who died by suicide had a known mental health condition, according to the CDC. Family members have given different accounts of Spade’s struggle. In media interviews, her sister, Reta Saffo, has said that she believes the designer suffered from bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression. The designer’s husband said in a statement that she “suffered from depression and anxiety for many years” and “was actively seeking help.”


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Study Shows School Gardens Help to Prevent Nutritional Deficiencies in Children

It’s no secret that kids in America don’t eat as many vegetables as they should. As non-processed fruit and vegetable intake have been linked to a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity, and hypertension in adulthood, the importance of childhood vegetable consumption is becoming increasingly relevant.

According to the CDC’s 2nd Nutritional Report, some of the most common nutrient deficiencies in America could be alleviated with a greater intake of vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and mushrooms.

In fact, 93% of kids aged 1-18 did not meet the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Patterns vegetable intake recommendations from 2007-2010, according to a 2014 study by the CDC titled Vital Signs: Fruit and Vegetable Intake Among Children.

Fortunately, researchers from Arkansas, Iowa, New York, and Washington State have analyzed vegetable intake among low-income elementary school children may have a solution.


IHOP is now...IHOb - Will America survive the chain's beef with pancakes?

Where’s the beef? Apparently, it was hiding in your local pancake shop.

Yep, the International House of Pancakes’ switch from IHOP to IHOb wasn’t just a marketing gimmick. The company is now, drumroll please, the International House of … burgers? (Not burghers, though that might be next.)

The much-debated use of the IHOb did not mean the firm had changed its focus to breakfast. It’s now a burger company that also does pancakes. No matter how you slice it, that’s IHOP/IHOb trying to have its pancake and meat it, too.

And, this isn’t a New Coke disaster. Because Coca-Cola survived that one. The jury is still out to see what kind of pickle IHOb lands in. This looks more like desperate marketers trying to keep an old firm from becoming a has-been by reminding customers it’s a has-bun.

“The company both changed its Twitter handle and propped up signs with the new logo,” wrote USA Today. The new Twitter account is @IHOb with a tagline that’s hard to swallow: “Burgers so burgerin’ good, we changed our name to IHOb. For burgers.” (Hey kids, you too can write marketing phrases that are “so burgerin’ good” that you make enough cheddar to put on your burgers.) IHOb picked Droga5 as its ad agency of record back in November. If you have a beef with anyone, that’s a good candidate to chew out.


Food Stamp enrollment dips to lowest level in 8 Years

Overall enrollment in the nation’s food stamp program has dipped to its lowest level in eight years, according to the latest statistics released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The latest USDA data reveals that enrollment in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)—the federal government program that administers food stamps—dropped to 40,083,954 in March 2018.


AL: Mayor of Alabama’s biggest city appoints first LGBTQ liaison

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin has hired the city's first LGBTQ liaison to serve as both a spokesperson for the city and as a representative of LGBTQ interests.

Josh Coleman, who currently works as vice president of Central Alabama Pride, will start his new role on June 25. His annual salary will be $50,000.

Woodfin made the announcement Sunday at PrideFest held at Sloss Furnaces.

As a way to make the city more inclusive, Woodfin also plans to create the Mayor's Office of Social Justice and Racial Equity. Details on this office haven't been released yet.

A diversity officer will also be hired in the city's economic development department, the mayor told city councilors last week.


PHOTOS: Highlights Of The Trump-Kim Summit In Singapore

The day began with a historic handshake, the first meeting ever between a sitting U.S. president and a North Korean leader. As Kim Jong Un and President Trump strode toward each other and clasped hands Tuesday morning at the Capella resort on Singapore's Sentosa Island, it marked a diplomatic milestone — and the start of what seems certain to be a long negotiation process over North Korea's nuclear program.



Much to President Trump’s delight, Inspector General Michael Horowitz is preparing to release the long-awaited report on the James Comey-era FBI and its handling of the Clinton email probe.

Of course, coming two days after the historic meeting between President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, it’s easy to see why some have accused the DOJ of “slow walking” the report to take some of the heat off Comey ( and possibly bury it during a busy news day).

Donald J. Trump

What is taking so long with the Inspector General’s Report on Crooked Hillary and Slippery James Comey. Numerous delays. Hope Report is not being changed and made weaker! There are so many horrible things to tell, the public has the right to know. Transparency!
6:38 AM - Jun 5, 2018


Coffee Protects Against Serious Liver Ailments

More good news for coffee lovers: Having three or more cups of "joe" each day may help ward off serious liver ailments, new research suggests.

The 26-year study of more than 14,000 Americans couldn't prove cause and effect. However, participants who drank three-plus cups of coffee a day were 21 percent less likely to find themselves hospitalized with liver-related illnesses, the researchers said.

"Coffee drinkers may be at lower risk for liver disease," said a team led by Dr. Mariana Lazo, of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in Baltimore. The findings also support the notion that "low and moderate levels of coffee may not be harmful to the liver," the researchers said.


House To Vote Next Week On Competing Immigration Bills

House Speaker Paul Ryan's office announced late Tuesday a vote on two immigration bills next week to address the legal status of people brought to the U.S. as children.

Specific details of the two bills will be released Wednesday morning. They are aimed at appeasing the ideological wings of the House GOP. One is expected to be a more conservative measure preferred by the House Freedom Caucus, and the other a more moderate one supported by more centrist Republicans.

It is unclear if either measure has the support to pass the House. Neither bill is expected to draw much, if any, Democratic support.

The move by House GOP leaders late Tuesday night heads off a contentious "discharge petition" effort led by GOP moderates and House Democrats to force immigration votes if no deal is reached. Speaker Ryan strongly opposed the discharge petition.

Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Fla., led the moderates' petition drive and wrote that the effort had been "the driving force and impetus" for the House bills on immigration. He noted this would be the first action on immigration from the House in a decade.


Medicare Takes Aim At Boomerang Hospitalizations Of Nursing Home Patients

"Oh my God, we dropped her!" Sandra Snipes said she heard the nursing home aides yell as she fell to the floor.

She landed on her right side where her hip had recently been replaced. She cried out in pain.

A hospital clinician later discovered her hip was dislocated.

That was not the only injury Snipes, then 61, said she suffered in 2011 at Richmond Pines Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center in Hamlet, N.C. Nurses allegedly had been injecting her twice a day with a potent blood thinner despite written instructions to stop.

"She said, 'I just feel so tired,' " her daughter, Laura Clark, said in an interview. "The nurses were saying she's depressed and wasn't doing her exercises. I said no, something is wrong."

Her children also discovered Snipes' surgical wound had become infected and infested with insects. Just 11 days after she arrived at the nursing home to heal from her hip surgery, she was back in the hospital.


Study: 1 in 3 Americans Take Meds With Depressive Side Effects

One third of Americans are taking prescription and over-the-counter drugs, such as birth control pills, antacids and common heart medications, that may raise the risk of depression, researchers warned on Tuesday.

Since the drugs are so common, people may be unaware of their potential depressive effects, said the report in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

"Many may be surprised to learn that their medications, despite having nothing to do with mood or anxiety or any other condition normally associated with depression, can increase their risk of experiencing depressive symptoms, and may lead to a depression diagnosis," said lead author Dima Qato, assistant professor of pharmacy systems, outcomes and policy at the University of Illinois at Chicago.


Rep. Harris Issues Statement on U.S./North Korea Summit in Singapore

WASHINGTON, DC: On June 12, Congressman Andy Harris, M.D. (MD-01) issued the following statement on President Trump’s summit in Singapore with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un:

“I am encouraged by positive reports coming from the Singapore Summit. President Trump has made more progress in the last year and a half than previous presidents made over several decades. President Trump has taken a historic step by meeting with Kim Jong Un, and I am hopeful that lasting and stable peace can be achieved on the Korean Peninsula. While a denuclearization deal is far from complete, I trust President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo to protect American interests during negotiations. I also have full confidence that President Trump will seek Congressional approval of any treaty that stems from these negotiations – something the Obama Administration failed to do for the Iran nuclear deal.”

Beat Depression and Anxiety Without Drugs

In light of the shocking suicides of fashion icon Kate Spade at 55 and Anthony Bourdain at 61, experts encourage us to take anxiety disorders and depression seriously.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults aged 18 and over according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. The ADAA points out that is it not uncommon for those who suffer from these disorders to also suffer from depression. And the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) states that 16 million adults in America suffer from at least one major depressive episode every year.

“Depression can be a dangerous health condition which can lead to severe consequences, including suicide, if not addressed correctly,” Dr. Ellen Kamhi, Ph. D, RN and author of Cycles of Life, Herbs for Women, tells Newsmax Health.

“Therefore it is a health concern that should be evaluated by a licensed professional. However, there are times when self care is appropriate. For example, if the depression is mild, seems to be a passing phase within a short period of time, caused by a specific event such as moving, retiring or some other life change or linked to SAD (seasonal affective disorder), natural therapies can be helpful.”

One of the most powerful anti-depressant therapies is the use of pure essential oils.

OCPD’s Newest K-9 Team Graduates from Training

OCEAN CITY, MD – The Ocean City Police Department’s newest K-9 team recently graduated from a six-week training program at Shallow Creek Kennels training facility in Sharpsville, PA. Pfc. Erika Specht and her K-9 partner “Smoke” are now certified by the North American Police Work Dog Association as a patrol and drug detection police K-9 team. The two join a group of five additional K-9 patrol teams, which are an integral part of the Ocean City Police Department.

Smoke, a 2-year-old Belgian Malinios, came to the OCPD from the Netherlands, where he received his initial training. In Pennsylvania, Smoke and Pfc. Specht received additional training in patrol techniques, article and area searches and drug detection.

“The K-9 Unit is an integral part of the patrol division. The handlers and their K-9’s are some of the most highly trained officers in our department,” commented Chief Ross Buzzuro. “I have no doubt that Pfc. Specht and Smoke with make an excellent addition to the team.”

On patrol, Pfc. Specht and Smoke will respond to calls for service, and are often asked to assist other officers in Ocean City and throughout Worcester County. In addition to their duties and responsibilities on the road, K-9 teams often participate in community events. Smoke has already appeared at several school demonstrations.

WCSO Press Release - June 12, 2018

Incident: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol
Date of Incident: 6-9-18
Location: Mt Hermon Rd and Carey Ave, Salisbury
Suspect: Keenan, Sarah Ellen, 37 of Millsboro, DE
Narrative: On 6-9-18 at 3 AM, a Deputy patrolling the area of Mt Hermon Rd and Carey Ave came across a vehicle stopped in traffic. The Deputy checked on the driver, Sarah Keenan, and found her asleep behind the wheel. The car was in drive, and Keenan’s foot was on the break. The Deputy woke Keenan and began his investigation. The investigation revealed that Keenan was Impaired. Keenan was charged with DWI and was later released.
Charges: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Other traffic charges
Incident: Driving Under the Influence
Date of Incident: 6-10-18
Location: Parsonsburg Rd and Melson Rd
Suspect: Oney, Lamerice D. 30 of Seaford, DE
Narrative: On 6-10-18, a Deputy was dispatched to the intersection of Parsonsburg Rd and Melson Rd for a single vehicle accident. The Deputy found that the vehicle driven by Lamerice Oney went off the roadway and struck a pole and a sign. The Deputy found that Oney had been drinking, and was under the influence. Oney was charged with DUI and was later released.
Charges: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and other traffic charges

Michigan man gets 40 years in prison in deaths of 5 cyclists

KALAMAZOO, Mich. – A man buzzed on painkillers and other drugs when his pickup truck plowed into a pack of Michigan bicyclists, killing five, was sentenced Monday to at least 40 years in prison after he tearfully expressed regret over the rural road tragedy.

"I'll live with this the rest of my life," Charles Pickett Jr. told a judge. "I would give my life for the people I murdered, killed and maimed, and I just want to say I'm sorry."

Nine people out on a recreational ride were members of a group called the "Chain Gang." They were hit on a two-lane road two years ago in southwestern Michigan's Cooper Township.

Pickett, 52, of Battle Creek didn't dispute that he had ingested drugs that day. A trial witness said he had attended a cousin's funeral and swallowed a handful. His lawyers, however, said second-degree murder charges were excessive.


Breaking News: The Fed raised rates and signaled it would raise them two more times this year, a shift driven by its increasingly rosy assessment of the economy

A statement released at the end of the Fed’s two-day meeting took several steps to show officials no longer view the United States economy as primarily needing a boost from monetary policy, and are beginning to worry more about the threat of inflation.

"Downright Chilling": Rosenstein "Threatened" To Subpoena Congressmen In Closed-Door Meeting

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatened to "subpoena" GOP members of the House Intelligence Committee during a tense January meeting involving committee members and senior DOJ/FBI officials, according to emails seen by Fox News documenting the encounter described by aides as a "personal attack."

That said, Rosenstein was responding to a threat to hold him in contempt of Congress - and the "threat" to subpoena GOP records was ostensibly in order for him to be able to defend himself.

Rosenstein allegedly threatened to "turn the tables" on the committee's aggressive document requests, according to Fox.

“The DAG [Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein] criticized the Committee for sending our requests in writing and was further critical of the Committee’s request to have DOJ/FBI do the same when responding,” the committee's then-senior counsel for counterterrorism Kash Patel wrote to the House Office of General Counsel. “Going so far as to say that if the Committee likes being litigators, then ‘we [DOJ] too [are] litigators, and we will subpoena your records and your emails,’ referring to HPSCI [House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence] and Congress overall.”


Governor Larry Hogan Delivers Keynote Address at Maryland Municipal League Summer Conference

Announces High-Speed Internet Expansion in Crisfield, New Leadership to Critical Area Commission

Governor Larry Hogan today delivered the keynote address at the 2018 Maryland Municipal League (MML) summer conference in Ocean City, Md. In his remarks, the governor highlighted the administration’s progress working in partnership with MML to spur economic development and job creation, improve infrastructure, and remain accessible to all Maryland communities, regardless of their location or size. In addition, the governor announced rural broadband expansion in Crisfield, Md. and the restoration of the Circuit Rider Program within the Critical Area Commission.

“Working together with all of you, we have made incredible strides over the past four years,” said Governor Hogan. “Unlike Washington where nobody gets along and where nothing ever seems to get done, here in Maryland we have chosen a different path, and we’re setting an example for the rest of the nation by working together toward common-sense, bipartisan solutions.”

“The best way to effectively govern this state is with a strong partnership between the state government and all of our local leaders working together – that’s what we promised you we would do, and that is exactly what we have done,” continued the governor.

Restoring Maryland’s economy and fostering job growth in every corner of the state is a core component of the Hogan administration's work to support local communities and their residents. Since taking office in 2015, Governor Hogan has streamlined or eliminated more than 850 governmental regulations and has provided $1.2 billion in toll, tax, and fee relief for Marylanders.

In 2017, the Hogan administration enacted the More Jobs for Marylanders Act, incentivizing and encouraging manufacturers to create jobs where they are needed most. During the 2018 session of the Maryland General Assembly, the governor advocated for and signed legislation expanding the program to additional jurisdictions including Caroline, Garrett, Kent, and Wicomico counties. The state is also providing critical investment in important downtown revitalization projects across the state, as well as countless local community improvements to facilities like libraries, parks, and community centers.

Heckler Confronts Biden at Book Signing “What About the Girls You Molested on C-SPAN?”

Former Vice President Joe Biden was confronted by a heckler at a book signing in Wilmington, Delaware over the weekend about his wandering hands caught on C-SPAN many times.
Joe Biden embarked on an American Promise Tour to promote his book Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose. The former Vice President was heckled in his home state of Delaware Sunday evening.

“What about the girls you molested on C-SPAN at the Senate swearing-in?” the heckler shouted.

The crowd of Biden sycophants immediately erupted into boos and shouted down the heckler.

“This is not Trump world,” Biden said.




(Nanticoke, MD) -
Cove Road Beach is no longer under an advisory due to elevated bacteria levels. Water sampled on Thursday June 7, 2018 revealed sample results within acceptable limits.

For questions, residents may call the Department of Environmental Health at (410) 546-4446 or visit

Walter Williams: Diversity and Inclusion Harm

In conversations with most college officials, many CEOs, many politicians and race hustlers, it's not long before the magical words "diversity" and "inclusiveness" drop from their lips. Racial minorities are the intended targets of this sociological largesse, but women are included, as well. This obsession with diversity and inclusion is in the process of leading the nation to decline in a number of areas. We're told how it's doing so in science, in an article by Heather Mac Donald, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, titled "How Identity Politics Is Harming the Sciences."

Mac Donald says that identity politics has already taken over the humanities and social sciences on American campuses. Waiting in the wings for a similar takeover are the STEM fields — science, technology, engineering and math. In the eyes of the diversity and inclusiveness czars, the STEM fields don't have a pleasing mixture of blacks, Hispanics and women. The effort to get this "pleasing mix" is doing great damage to how science is taught and evaluated, threatening innovation and American competitiveness.

Universities and other institutions have started watering down standards and requirements in order to attract more minorities and women.

Some of the arguments for doing so border on insanity.

WCSO CAT Press Releases - June 12, 2018

Incident: Possession with the intent to distribute narcotics
Date of Incident: May 31, 2018
Location: Wango Road/Laws Road, Parsonsburg, Maryland
Meadows-Simms, Ashley M., 30 years old, Salisbury, MD
McKinney, Tyrell M., 30 years old, Marion Station, MD
Narrative: On May 31, 2018 members of the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office Community Action Team (CAT) came into contact with a vehicle in the area of Wango Road and Laws Road Parsonsburg, Maryland. During the course of the contact, deputies identified two occupants of the vehicle as Ashley Meadows-Simms, 30 years old of Salisbury, MD and Tyrell McKinney, 30 years old of Marion Station, MD. Probable cause was developed to search the vehicle. Deputies located numerous syringes, smoking device, and other drug paraphernalia in the front seat area where Meadows-Simms had been seated. In the rear seat where McKinney had been seated, deputies located an amount of marijuana which would indicate the intention to distribute the same. Deputies searched McKinney’s person and located an amount of cocaine which would indicate an intent to distribute the same. Deputies also learned that Meadows-Simms had (2) active warrants for her arrest. Both subjects were arrested and later released to the Wicomico County Detention Center.
McKinney: Possession with the intent to distribute narcotics, possession with the intent to distribute marijuana, possession of CDS: not marijuana, possession of CDS: marijuana more than 10g
Meadows-Simms: Possession of CDS: not marijuana, possession of controlled paraphernalia (syringes)

Incident: Possession with the intent to distribute narcotics
Date of Incident: June 6, 2018
Location: Marian St @ E. College Ave Salisbury, Maryland
Suspect: Timothy Esau Holbrook Jr, 35 years old, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On June 6th, 2018, members of the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office Community Action Team had telephone contact with a subject identified as Timothy Holbrook Jr. Not knowing he was interacting with law enforcement, Holbrook agreed to meet and distribute an amount of heroin to deputies. Deputies conducted surveillance on Holbrook, and conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle he was occupying in the area of Marian Street and E. College Ave Salisbury, Maryland. During the course of the stop, Holbrook began to attempt to conceal an item in the vehicle, and when deputies attempted to remove him from the vehicle, he resisted their attempts to detain him. The resistance resulted in Deputies having to deploy a Taser on Holbrook in order to take him into custody. A search of Holbrook revealed an amount of heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and methadone pills, all in an amount indicative of the intent to distribute. A Deputy Sheriff was also injured during the struggle. This incident also occurred within 1000 feet of James M. Bennett High School. Holbrook was arrested and later released to the Wicomico County Detention Center, and was being held without bond at the time of this release.
Charges: Possession with the intent to distribute narcotics within 1000 feet of a school zone (3 counts), possession with the intent to distribute marijuana within 1000 feet of a school zone, possession with the intent to distribute narcotics (3 counts), possession of CDS with the intent to distribute, possession of CDS (3 counts), resisting arrest, and other related charges

Nancy Pelosi Trashes Trump over North Korea Summit; Called Iran Deal ‘Diplomatic Masterpiece’

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) trashed President Donald Trump’s diplomatic efforts Tuesday at a summit with North Korea’s Kimg Jong-un in Singapore, claiming he had conceded too much to the regime.

The would-be Speaker of the House also complained that Trump had insulted American allies and sidelined the experts at the State Department.

Pelosi’s full statement, as reported by Alex Moe of NBC News, is as follows:


Report: Amazon Destroys Large Amount of New, Returned Goods

German public broadcaster ZDF is reporting that online retailer Amazon destroys a large amount of new and returned goods even though they are in working order.

In a program that aired Tuesday, ZDF quoted current and former Amazon employees saying the products included electronics, appliances and clothing.

ZDF cited one unnamed Amazon worker saying she oversees the destruction of goods worth more than 23,000 euros ($27,000) each day.

More here

DUI press release 06-04-2018 to 06-10-2018

Name Hometown Date Time Age Location of Arrest Accident Yes or No?

Oleksadra, Kepish Selbyville DE 6/5/2018 0:00 25 528 at 70th n

John Mitchell Jr Dagsboro De 6/5/2018 44 Grays corner at Riddle Ln n

Sandra Tibbs Berlin, MD 6/6/2018 65 MD 589 @ Cathell n

Beiana Hartman Ocean City MD 6/7/2018 23 15th @ Philadelphia n

Leslie Ann Day Ocean City MD 6/8/2018 52 Baltimore Ave 1st n

Dallas Strickland Trappe, MD 6/10/2018 19 8th @ Phila y

John Arieta Salsisbury, MD 6/10/2018 22 50 at 346 n

Facebook Dodges Dozens of Follow-Up Questions from Senate

Facebook finally responded to follow-up questions from senators following Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s hearing in front of Congress in April, however, the company opted to avoid answering dozens of questions.

Despite Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) formally requesting in his questions for Facebook to “provide a wholly contained answer to each question,” which “should not cross-reference answers provided in other questions,” Facebook disregarded this request and avoided questions, including simple “yes or no” questions, by deferring Cruz to other generic answers at least 69 times.

Instead of answering each question, as requested, many questions were answered with, “See response to question [X],” while in others, they claimed not to “maintain statistics on these data points.”

Facebook refused to directly answer Cruz’s questions whether Charles Murray’s The Bell Curve, the Bible, criticism of Islam, and anti-immigration opinions constitute as “hate speech” on the platform.


Traffic Alert and Notice!

This weekend we will see the return of the Ocean City Air-Show and the Annual Fireman's convention. Traditionally, West Ocean City will become congested very quickly going into Ocean City on Friday and Saturday. Please plan accordingly. The peak times for traffic congestion will be as crowds exit on Saturday and Sunday afternoon at the conclusion of the air show. In past years, Route 90 and Route 1 in Delaware will be congested and delays can be expected. Additional Deputies will be out this weekend to keep traffic flowing as best we can. Use alternate routes if at all possible during Friday evening and Saturday Afternoon. If you have to travel into Ocean City, just remember to allow some extra time. We are hopeful for a beautiful weekend and folks can get out and enjoy the Air-Show or weekend events you have planned. As always, be careful in your travels.

DSP S.O.A.R. Searching For Wanted Sex Offenders

Dover, DE - The Delaware State Police Sex Offender Apprehension and Registration Unit (S.O.A.R) is currently looking for the following wanted sex offenders after they either failed to register or re-register their current address. If anyone knows the location of these subjects, they are asked to call 302-672-5306. Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the

DOJ refusing to give Grassley access to agent who interviewed Flynn

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley isn't backing down as the Justice Department rebuffs his repeated attempts to speak with the FBI agent whose interview with Michael Flynn was used to indict the ex-national security adviser in the Russia probe.

“This is no ordinary criminal case,” Grassley, R-Iowa, wrote in a June 6 letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. “Congress has a right to know the full story and to know it now.”

Grassley is pressing his request anew after the DOJ once again rejected his bid to speak with FBI Agent Joe Pientka and to obtain the FBI’s records of the interview.

Flynn pleaded guilty in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe to making false statements to the FBI in that interview. He also lost his job at the White House after he was said to have misled Vice President Pence about a discussion with then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.


NBC mulls moving 'Megyn Kelly Today' to a new time slot

NBC is starting to think about reshuffling its morning lineup to limit the damage done by struggling “Megyn Kelly Today.”

Sources tell Page Six that network execs are considering moving Megyn Kelly’s show — which has been having a hard time attracting viewers since it debuted in September — an hour later, and bringing Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb’s popular hour of the “Today” show forward by an hour to replace it.

As Page Six reported in October 2017, Gifford and Kotb’s ratings “took a huge hit” after Kelly replaced Tamron Hall and Al Roker’s “Today’s Take” at 9 a.m.

At the time, Kelly was down 32 percent compared to the time slot’s viewership in the previous year. This dropped Gifford and Kotb by 26 percent, because the viewers who turned off Kelly’s show never returned for Gifford and Kotb’s 10 a.m. hour.


Nunes Slams DOJ For "Obstruction" On FBI Spy Documents Related To Stefan Halper

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has accused the Department of Justice of "obstruction" and using "an array of tactics" to withhold key documents related to the FBI's use of a spy against the Trump campaign.

The spy in question is Stefan Halper, a 73-year-old Cambridge professor, former U.S. government official and longtime spook for the CIA and FBI - whose ex father-in-law was Ray Cline, former Deputy Director of the CIA.

Halper was outed as the FBI informant who infiltrated the Trump campaign to conduct espionage after the Washington Post and the New York Times ran reports that corroborated a March report by the Daily Caller. The Caller detailed Halper's outreach to several low-level aides to the Trump campaign, including Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, and a cup of coffee he had with campaign co-chair Sam Clovis.


WWII Navajo Code Talker Samuel Tom Holiday Dies at Age 94

Samuel Tom Holiday, one of the last surviving Navajo Code Talkers, died in southern Utah Monday surrounded by family members who raised money through a crowdfunding campaign to be by his side.

He was 94.

Holiday was among hundreds of Navajos who used a code based on their native language to transmit messages in World War II. The Japanese never broke it.

In 2013, Holiday co-wrote a book about his experience as a Code Talker called "Under the Eagle."

Fewer than 10 Code Talkers are believed to be alive today. The exact number is unknown because the program remained classified for several years following the war.

More here

The Ultimate Bubble Bath

Farmer's Home Raided, Guns Confiscated After Trying to Comply With CA Gun Control

Farmer Jeffrey Scott Kirschenmann tried to register an AR-15 with the state per California’s latest “assault weapons” ban requirements and ended up having his home raided, firearms confiscated, and faces 12 felony counts.

Kirschermann was trying to comply with the June 30, 2018, deadline to register all “assault weapons” in the state and became snared by the flurry of laws instituted by CA Democrats over the past few years.

KGET reports that Kischermann tried to register a firearm online and that firearm allegedly turned out to be “illegally modified” in light of recent laws. As a result, his home in Northwest Bakersfield was raided and “a dozen guns, 230 rounds of ammunition and two silencers [were] seized.”

Kischermann was arraigned on 12 charges at the state level and released on $150,000 bond.


Activists host vigil for asylum-seeker being held in Frederick jail

Prince Gbohoutou, a 26-year-old who came to the U.S. legally from Central African Republic as a child and married an American citizen, is being detained at the Frederick County Adult Detention Center because of his undocumented status.

At any moment, he could be deported to his home country, where he says his mother was killed by political opponents and he would likely face the same fate.

About 80 people gathered Friday night in a cordoned-off area of the jail’s parking lot to hold a vigil in support of Gbohoutou. Several activist groups and religious organizations from D.C. joined the demonstration. They spent an hour praying, demanding the end of the 287(g) agreement the detention center has with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and chanting messages of support loud enough for Prince and other detainees to hear.

“We’re gonna keep fighting and we’re gonna stay strong,” said Shaniece Hodges Gbohoutou, the asylum-seeker’s wife, who lives in New Carrollton. “We’re gonna get through this.”



2 teens charged in attempted terror act at prom in Virginia Beach

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) -- Two teenage males have been arrested and charged with conspiring to commit a terroristic act at a prom in Virginia Beach.

Police say the attempted attack happened Saturday night during Bayside High School's prom at the Westin Hotel in Town Center.

According to Police Chief Jim Cervera, police had extra security on hand in and around the hotel after learning two people not associated with Bayside High had tried to buy tickets to enter the prom.


The Rain Tax Is Back!

OC ‘Simply Cannot Handle’ Seven Inches Of Rain In Three Hours, City Engineer Explains

OCEAN CITY — It appears the dramatic flooding in the resort’s north end Saturday had more to do with epic rainfall amounts, limited elevation and natural topography than any flaw in the drainage system.

By most estimates, more than seven inches of rain fell over the resort area last Saturday afternoon, causing wheels-deep flooding through much of Ocean City, especially in the north end where Coastal Highway was shut down for an extended period of time. It certainly isn’t unusual for Coastal Highway and many of the resort’s roadways to flood during even modest rainfall events, but last Saturday’s storm went to new heights.

City Engineer Terry McGean this week explained the town’s storm drainage system, which flows from east to west to outfalls along the bay, was inundated during the storm and simply couldn’t keep up.

“Ocean City is a barrier island, so that means we are very close to sea level, surrounded by water and flat,” he said. “Plus, we are almost completely built out with very little pervious surface area left to absorb rainfall in the ground. What that means is that most of the rainfall runs directly into our storm drain system.”


Where Is This Place?

Breaking News: The U.S., Mexico and Canada will host the 2026 World Cup. This was the first time a joint bid was selected to host the soccer tournament.

A combined bid from the United States, Mexico and Canada won the hosting rights for soccer’s 2026 World Cup on Wednesday, bringing the tournament to North America for the first time since the 1994 event on a pledge of record crowds, record revenues and, perhaps crucially, a record $11 billion in profits for FIFA, world soccer’s governing body.

Great Sign

Maryland Recreation & Parks Association to renovate Salisbury Salvation Army ball field

One-day project set for Wednesday, June 13

The Maryland Recreation & Parks Association (MRPA), in partnership with Montgomery County Parks, will host a one-day, top-to-bottom field renovation at the Salvation Army in Salisbury on Wednesday, June 13.

The field will receive a thorough renovation, including a new dirt infield, new sod outfield, irrigation and fences. These improvements will increase playability and safety for ball players.

The project will be led by Montgomery County Parks, and approximately 14 volunteers from MRPA will assist with the renovation. The project gives MRPA members the opportunity to receive hands-on training while supporting one of the MRPA’s three pillars, social equity: ensuring all people have access to the benefits of local parks and recreation.

Volunteers from The Salvation Army will also assist with the renovation.

Materials and/or time for the renovation have been donated from numerous businesses and organizations including Best Fence, BSN Sports, Collins Wharf Sod, Davis, Bowen & Friedel, Inc., Luck Ecosystems, Mid-Atlantic Turf, Inc., MRPA, Montgomery Parks, Newsom, Peninsula Irrigation, Queen Anne’s County Parks, The Salvation Army, SiteOne Landscape Supply and Wicomico County Recreation & Parks.

The renovation will start on Wednesday at 7 a.m. and run all day. The field address is 407 Oak Street, Salisbury, MD 21804. Media is encouraged to cover this effort to enhance the recreational opportunities for area youth.

‘Operation Broken Heart’ Yields 56 Arrests In Maryland

(COLUMBIA, Md.) – Maryland’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force yields 56 arrests in Maryland, 21 of which were arrested by Maryland State Police investigators, while participating in “Operation Broken Heart,” a nationwide, three-month initiative targeting offenders of child sexual exploitation.

The Maryland Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) was one of 61 task forces included in “Operation Broken Heart,” a three-month initiative. Members from the Maryland ICAC worked tirelessly throughout March, April and May, initiating 426 investigations. Investigators executed 149 search warrants with 56 arrests. There were also public outreach sessions, which reached nearly 780 people.

The coordinated effort by law enforcement represents more than 4,500 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies with the purpose of arresting child predators, along with internet safety education and outreach. During the course of the operation, the task forces delivered more than 3,700 presentations on Internet safety to over 390,000 youth and adults nationally.

The Maryland ICAC Task Force is comprised of police agencies statewide. They concentrated on those offenders who possess, manufacture, and distribute child pornography and who engage in online enticement of children for sexual purposes. They also targeted crimes including child prostitution and possible human trafficking.

The Task Force’s primary mission continues to be to protect children from computer-facilitated sexual exploitation. This goal is achieved by cooperation between law enforcement agencies and prosecutors as they combine resources to combat these crimes. Additionally, the Task Force also provides community awareness campaigns helping to prevent the spread of these crimes through education.

Court Rules That Medical Marijuana Card Holders Can't Buy Firearms

If you have a medical marijuana card, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says that you can’t buy a gun.

The court ruled 3-0 on Wednesday that a ban preventing medical marijuana card holders from purchasing firearms is not in violation of the Second Amendment, the Associated Press reports. There are nine western states under the appeals court’s jurisdiction, including Nevada, where the case originated.

A lawsuit was filed in 2011 by Nevada resident S. Rowan Wilson after she tried to purchase a gun for self-defense and was denied based on a federal ban on the sale of guns to users of illegal drugs. Though marijuana has been legalized in some places on a state-by-state basis, it remains illegal under federal law. The court maintained that drug use “raises the risk of irrational or unpredictable behavior with which gun use should not be associated.”


Signal 13 Returns This Friday

COUNTING down the Days for the Return of SIGNAL 13 TRADER LEES LIVE! JUNE 15, 8 pm

Liberal Emotion

Murderer Who Ate His Own Eyeball Is Crazy, but That Won't Stop His Execution

Editor’s note: This story is very graphic and disturbing and may upset some readers.

A death row inmate in Texas, who gouged out both of his eyes in jail, eating one of them, has been told that his severe mental illness is not reason enough to commute his sentence. However, alleged racial bias by the jury may be.

Andre Thomas, who was sentenced to death for the brutal murder of his estranged wife, their son, and her baby daughter in 2004, was ruled to be sane enough to be executed by the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals. Thomas, 35, who was born to a mentally ill mother and has been battling with mental illness issues accompanied by substance and alcohol abuse since his teens, said he butchered his family, carving out the children’s hearts and putting them in pockets because God told him to.

Shortly after his arrest, he plucked out his right eye, taking a Bible verse literally that read: “If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away.”