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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Faith In Humanity Restored

I'm A Seahorse

George Zimmerman's Attorneys Apologize For Mischaracterizing Evidence

Attorneys for George Zimmerman apologized Sunday for mischaracterizing evidence they said boosted their theory that Trayvon Martin was the aggressor in his fatal meeting with their client last year.

Lawyer Mark O’Mara said during a hearing last Tuesday that the defense had obtained video footage of three fights, including one in which he said two of Martin’s friends "were beating up a homeless guy."

But Zimmerman's defense team corrected that statement on Sunday, saying O'Mara had unintentionally "misstated the nature" of the footage 



(Credit: Huffington Post screenshot)
An African-American and a Republican, E.W. Jackson hasn’t made many friends among the left.

The New York Times characterized Virginia’s GOP lieutenant governor candidate as “beguiling extremist.”

Today’s Huffington Post, in its front page teaser headline and photo, called Jackson a “VA bigot.”

Now Jackson has stated that he’s in “fundamental agreement” with his running mate, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R).

The conservative minister observed that “this ticket is probably more homogeneous than almost any ticket in the history of Virginia, so there’s no stark disagreement between us,” he said during the interview with Washington D.C.’s WMAL-FM.


Interviews With IRS Agent Suggest Tea Party Targeting Came From Washington

Interviews with an IRS field agent involved in the agency targeting Tea Party groups for additional vetting appear to contradict the White House assertion that rogue agents, not the administration, were behind the effort, according to partial transcripts released Sunday by the House Oversight and Government Affairs Committee.

The agent in the Cincinnati office, in which the targeting took place, told congressional investigators that he or she was told in March 2010 by a supervisor to search for Tea Party groups applying for tax-exempt status and that “Washington, D.C., wanted some cases.”

The agent said that by April the office had held up roughly 40 cases and at least seven were sent to Washington. In addition, the agent said, a second IRS employee asked for information on two other specific applicants in which Washington was interested.

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Grand Island Preschooler Asked to Change the Sign for His Name in School

Hunter Spanjer says his name with a certain special hand gesture, but at just three and a half years old, he may have to change it.

"He's deaf, and his name sign, they say, is a violation of their weapons policy," explained Hunter's father, Brian Spanjer.

Grand Island's "Weapons in Schools" Board Policy 8470 forbids "any instrument...that looks like a weapon," But a three year-old's hands?


Issa Dismisses Carney As A 'Paid Liar'

The chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee blasted White House press secretary Jay Carney on Sunday, calling him a “paid liar” who is not being truthful about the scandal at the Internal Revenue Service.

“Their paid liar, their spokesperson, the picture behind, he’s still making up things about what happened and calling this a local rogue,” Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), said on CNN’s “State of the Union,” gesturing to a graphic of Carney on the set.

Issa’s committee provided CNN a transcript of an IRS employee interviewed under oath who said that it seemed as if the idea to single out conservative groups for additional scrutiny came from Washington. The Obama administration has maintained that local IRS agents in a single agency division have been responsible for the scandal.


Bongino Confirms Bid For Congress Rather Than Maryland Governor

Former Secret Service agent Daniel Bongino confirmed Saturday that he will not seek the Republican nomination for Maryland governor next year but instead run for Congress.

Bongino, his party’s nominee for U.S. Senate last year, told a convention of Young Maryland Republicans that he now has his eye on the 6th District seat that Rep. John Delaney (D-Md.) wrested from former Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett (R-Md.). Bongino said he will formally announce his bid June 18.

“I’m not running for governor, by the way. I’ll announce that here,” he told the gathering in Rockville. “We’re going to take back Roscoe’s seat. We never should have lost that seat.” 


Planned Parenthood Abortionist Who Reused Blood-Stained Gloves Faces Complaint

Planned Parenthood abortion practitioner Timothy Liveright faces an official complaint from the Delaware Attorney General’s Office for injuring and mistreating women to who came to Planned Parenthood for abortions.

The attorney general’s complaint cites him for unprofessional, incompetent and negligent conduct at Planned Parenthood’s Wilmington, Delaware abortion clinic and calls him a “clear and immediate danger to the public.” The new state complaint says he engaged in “unprofessional, disrespectful, and inappropriate” conduct that included “yelling, screaming, and cursing” in front of employees and patients and sexual harassment of female employees.

Last month, Liverlight voluntarily surrendered his license to practice medicine in Delaware.


Amazing Artist Stephen Wiltshire

Mr. Wiltshire sees and draws. It is how he connects. Until age 5, he had never uttered a word. One day, his kindergarten class at a school for autistic children in London went on a field trip.

When they came back, he spoke.

“He said, ‘Paper,’ ” his sister, Annette Wiltshire, said. “The teacher asked him to say it again. He said it. Then they asked him to say something else, and he said, ‘Pen.’ ”

With pen and paper in hand, he drew what he had seen that day. In time, a clever teacher taught him the alphabet by associating each letter with a place he had drawn — “a” for Albert Hall, “b” for Buckingham Palace, and so on.


Delegate To Run For Governor

Maryland Delegate Ron George says he will seek the Republican nomination for governor.

In a statement Friday night, George said he would announce his campaign for governor on Wednesday in Annapolis. George says he will focus on creating a new business environment in Maryland for small businesses to thrive.

The 59-year-old Anne Arundel County Republican has been a member of the House of Delegates since 2007. He was a businessman for 40 years and has owned his own jewelry business.

On Monday, Harford County Executive David Craig is expected to announce his bid for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. Craig has scheduled an announcement for his gubernatorial bid in his front yard in Havre de Grace, followed by a tour around the state.


Maternal Deaths Dropped 70% After Abortion Banned in Chile

A Chilean medical researcher published a landmark study on the connection between the availability of abortion and maternal health. He found legal abortion does not contribute to maternal health and showed this using voluminous data from the extensive medical history of Chile.

The Alan Guttmacher Institute, founded by Planned Parenthood, attempted to debunk the study and some say has harmed its own credibility in the process.

Guttmacher asserts that the Chilean paper was not consistent with most of the literature published in peer-reviewed medical journals. The researcher, Dr. Elard Koch, an epidemiologist on the faculty of the University of Chile, countered that the peer-reviewed studies are themselves flawed since they rely largely on unscientific data such as surveys. In contrast, Koch said his own study relies exclusively on scientific methods and exceptionally high quality country data.


Getting Back To What I Enjoy Most

One of the best parts I enjoy about our property in Delmar is the chance to landscape the property. We also enjoy raising animals. I told you I'm going to get this place looking like Augusta Golf Course in no time. Now, can we just get a little rain, please!

Kindergartener Interrogated Over Cap Gun Until He Pees His Pants, Then Suspended 10 Days

In the latest incident of anti-gun hysteria to erupt in a school setting, a kindergarten boy has been suspended from school for 10 days because he showed a friend his cowboy-style cap gun on the way to school.

The incident happened on Wednesday morning at about 8:30 a.m. on a school bus in Calvert County, Maryland, reports The Washington Post.

The kindergartener had brought the toy gun because his friend had brought a water gun the previous day. He later told his mother than he “really, really” wanted his friend to see it.

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Do You Agree?

Anthony Brown To Announce Running Mate In Campaign For Governor On Monday

At events across our state, I'll be formally announcing my running mate in my campaign for Governor.

Salisbury Okays ‘One More Tool’ To Address Blight

SALISBURY – Officials are making progress in cleaning up Salisbury’s neighborhoods by taking charge of blighted property with irresponsible owners.

The Salisbury City Council approved an ordinance in first reading this week to add a chapter to the City Code to create a procedure under which the city may petition the Circuit Court for appointment of a receiver to rehabilitate, demolish or to sell vacant structures or lots.

“This is a receivership ordinance that has been kicked around in work session and discussed over and over again,” City Attorney Mark Tilghman said. “The purpose of this is to put one more tool really in the hands of the city to get rid of properties that are accumulating with large unpaid liens, properties that are unsafe for human habitation, and these are vacant properties, either a vacant structure or a vacant lot, which has basically become a nuisance. This would permit the Neighborhood Services Director to petition, to be appointed receiver for these properties, to take charge of it and to repair and/or sell the property when the time is appropriate.”


Smithfield Foods-Shuanghui deal: China "just needs the food," expert says

Smithfield Foods, the world's largest pork producer, is being bought by Shuanghui. The price: almost $5 billion. If approved, it will be the largest takeover of an American company by a Chinese buyer.

This is the latest in a string of American companies being purchased by China.

So why this company -- and why now?

They need the food, according to CBS News contributor and analyst Mellody Hobson. "That's the bottom line," she said. "China is the biggest consumer of pork in the world."



Let me tell you about what happened tonight when my family visited Tutti Frutti in Salisbury. We have visited this local yogurt shop at least once a week and tonight was my LAST visit. I got the coconut flavored yogurt, which is one of my favorites and added fresh fruit only to it. We PAID and out we went. When I tasted it, it tasted sour. So, I went back in and pulled the cashier to the side and advised her that the fruit was "bad" and she would NOT ALLOW me to replace my yogurt. I handed her my yogurt with toppings and told her I couldn't eat it because from what I could tell the kiwi had gone bad. (Sometimes it looks fine . . . but can still be bad) I explained to her that I just wanted to replace my yogurt without any toppings. She said I would HAVE TO PAY FOR ANOTHER ONE!! I had all ready paid and gave her back my original cup and now I have NOTHING!! She said, "I will have to call my supervisor Scott". I said ok and waited. She returned and told me that she can't refund my money, nor could I replace my yogurt. But that Scott would have to CALL ME TOMORROW OVER A STINKIN CUP OF YOGURT. Are you kidding me????? This is insane!!!!! No customer service . . . this business is all about the all mighty dollar. Beware before you go! Don't eat the kiwi!!!!!

"That Mom"

O’Malley Touts ‘Better Results’ In Maryland In Speech To National Think Tank

Gov. Martin O’Malley (D), who is weighing a White House bid in 2016, on Thursday held up Maryland as a model of a progressive state that has adopted policies beneficial to the middle class.

Speaking at a Washington think tank, the two-term governor touted accolades his state has received for its education system, its nation-leading median income, its investments in science and research and its number of women-owned businesses.

“These are the better results that have flowed from the better choices we have made together as a people,” O’Malley said during a speech sponsored by the Center For American Progress Action Fund that was attended by several national journalists. 


Third Letter Sent to President Obama, Similar to NY Mayor Ricin Letters: Sources

A letter was mailed to President Obama that is similar to two letters containing poisonous ricin sent to Mayor Bloomberg and his anti-gun group, law enforcement sources tell NBC 4 New York.

The letter is being tested for ricin. It was received Thursday at an off-site facility, and did not reach the White House, sources said.

The text of that mailing was identical to the letters sent to the mayor and his gun group, which threatened: "what's in this letter is nothing compared to what I've got planned for you," police and law enforcement sources said.

One letter was discovered at City Hall's mail sorting facility at 100 Gold St. on Friday, a law enforcement source told NBC 4 New York. It appeared to contain a pink, oily substance when a mail worker came across it and was immediately flagged as suspicious.


Boardwalk Tram Destroyed In Weekend Fire; City ‘Scrambling’ To Find Replacement

OCEAN CITY – Last Sunday’s Boardwalk tram fire has left the city scrambling to seek an alternative prior to the peak season.

Public Works Director Hal Adkins explained the trams are stored downtown on South Philadelphia Avenue at the Wightside facility across the street from the Oceanic Fishing Pier. The trams use gasoline and have to be fueled on a daily basis. Wightside has an underground fuel station to do so.

“It is my understanding the tram had backed up to the fueling station. Once finished fueling … went to turn the ignition, and kept turning it with nothing starting and all of a sudden flames started coming out of the back of it … which is where the motor was,” Adkins said.



An Oregon man has had rifle confiscated and is facing criminal charges after he attempted to stop a wanted felon from breaking into his home by firing a warning shot.

Police in Medford, Ore., say the incident occurred at around 11:30 p.m. on Sunday. Officers responded to an apartment complex in the area after receiving a disturbance call. During their investigation, cops heard a gun shot and a man running away toward the complex’s parking lot.

Authorities say 40-year-old Jonathon Kinsella, a wanted felon, was attempting to flee the scene when he was arrested on outstanding warrants, including for burglary and assault.