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Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Apple Employee Stole Secrets for Chinese Firm

A former Apple Inc. engineer was arrested on charges of stealing driverless car secrets for a Chinese startup after he passed through the security checkpoint at San Jose International Airport to board a flight to China.

Xiaolang Zhang was accused by U.S. prosecutors of downloading files containing proprietary information as he prepared to leave the iPhone maker in April and start work for Guangzhou-based Xiaopeng Motors. according to a criminal complaint filed Monday in federal court in San Jose, California.

A hardware engineer for Apple’s autonomous vehicle development team, Zhang was granted access to confidential company databases, according to the complaint. After he took paternity leave he told Apple in April he was moving back to China to work at Xmotors. Apple grew more suspicious after seeing his increased network activity and visits to the office before he resigned, according to the complaint.

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The coming 'labor shortage' in America is great news for workers

They say "labor shortage" like it's a bad thing.

"America's labor shortage is approaching epidemic proportions, and it could be employers who end up paying," CNBC reported this week. That was before yet another monthly jobs report showing solid growth in jobs and wages.

I always find this framing to be backward. A "labor shortage" is good news: It means it's easier for unemployed people to find jobs, more appealing for people who quit the workforce out of frustration to get back in, and likelier that companies will decide they must pay higher wages to attract talent.

In theory, we could reach a point where upward wage pressure led to an inflationary spiral, with companies raising prices so they can afford to pay higher wages, and those higher prices eating up much of the wage increases. But we're far from that point, with corporate profits still high as a share of the economy.

For now, the "labor shortage" is very good news for workers, and we should root for it to continue.

In a "labor shortage," two key human capital problems in the economy start to fix themselves.


WaPo Quotes Satirical Website Clickhole as Authoritative Source

The Post corrected the story after four hours

The Washington Post took four hours to correct a story that referred to a fake op-ed on the satirical site Clickhole as genuine.

The Post article follows the true story of British protesters campaigning to make the Green Day song "American Idiot" the number one single in the U.K.

But it claimed that "despite the song's ubiquity, Armstrong waited 13 years to reveal – in an article he wrote for – that the ‘American Idiot' was President George W. Bush." The reference to what Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong supposedly said about "American Idiot" was in fact a reference to a satirical op-ed attributed to the musician.


‘Please Stop’: Iran Begs Trump to Stop ‘Indecent’ Tweeting About Oil Prices

Iran’s representative to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Hossein Kazempour Ardebili, reportedly pled on Thursday for President Donald Trump to “please stop” tweeting because his doing so has raised oil prices by at least $10.

According to the Associated Press, Iran’s Oil Ministry website quoted Ardebili telling Trump, “With your frequent and indecent tweets oil prices have gone up 10 dollars.”

“Your tweets have driven the prices up by at least $10 per barrel,” Ardebili reportedly said. “Pls stop it, otherwise it will go even higher!”


Nolte: Associated Press Becomes Fake News Factory with Immigration Lies

The far-left Associated Press has published two wildly misleading articles over the last two weeks in order to level false accusations against the Trump administration regarding immigration policy.

Last week, in a widely circulated story, the AP reported, “U.S. Army reservists and recruits who enlisted in the military with a promised path to citizenship are being abruptly discharged” by the Trump administration.

The fake news in this report is the sensationalizing of a longstanding policy in the military that pre-dates Trump. By reporting old news as breaking news, by reporting the continuation of policies practiced by the Obama administration as new Trump policies, the AP obviously hopes to mislead readers into believing Trump is targeting American military personnel simply because they are immigrants.


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July 4 - Q Anon's School of Law

Netflix Host Michelle Wolf Leads Pro-Abortion Salute: ‘God Bless Abortions’

Netflix talk show host Michelle Wolf led a “salute” to abortions on the latest episode of her half-hour show, just as pro-abortion activists express concern that President Donald Trump’s new Supreme Court pick could help overturn Roe v. Wade.

At the end of this week’s edition of The Break with Michelle Wolf, Wolf dressed up in a red, white, and blue leotard and led the audience in pro-abortion chants with the backing of a marching band.

“Look, access to abortion is good and important,” Wolf said. “Some people say abortion is ‘killing a baby.’ It’s not. It’s stopping a baby from happening… Women, if you need an abortion, get one. If you want an abortion, get one.”

“Abortion I salute you. Women if you need an abortion, get one. If you want an abortion, get one.

“Women, don’t forget, you have the power to give life and men will try to control that,” Wolf shouted to the audience. “Don’t let them… God bless abortions and God bless America!”

The episode was released just before Trump is expected to announce his replacement for Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, with many left-wing activists fearing could tip the balance of the court into a pro-life majority and even overturn the landmark Roe vs Wade decision 1973 that decriminalized abortions.


UC Santa Barbara Says 4-Year-Old Children Should Engage in ‘Sexual Play’

The sociology department at UC Santa Barbara published a website that argues that children as young as four should engage in “sexual play.”

A bizarre site published by UC Santa Barbara argues that children from ages four to seven should engage in “sexual play.” “Sexual play,” as defined by the site, refers to acts as innocent as “playing house,” and as sexual as the touching of their peers’ genitals. According to the site, parents should not react negatively if their young child decides to explore the genitals of another child.

Sexual play during this age often mirrors the dominant heterosexual social roles assigned to women and men, including playing “house” and assigning a “mommy” and a “daddy.” This play is motivated by children’s curiosity involving social interaction, societal roles, and the bodies of others. Children see how their parents and other adults act and mimic what they see. Children might display affection to their friends by hugging and kissing, or touching each other’s genitals, which is perfectly normal. Parents should not react in a negative way because children are just exploring. Sexual play between children can cause harm if the acts are non-consensual or hurtful, in which case parents should intervene.

The site emphasizes that parents should embrace their children’s sexual play, including their “consensual sexual activity.” The site argues that reacting negatively to such behavior could teach them to associate sexual activity with feelings of guilt.


Rap Sheet: ***258*** Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters

When not calling Trump supporters “Nazis” as a means to dehumanize us, the establishment media like to whine about the lack of civility in American politics, even as they cover up, ignore, downplay, or straight-up approve of the wave of violence and public harassment we are seeing against supporters of President Trump.

It is open season on Trump supporters, and the media is only fomenting, encouraging, excusing, and hoping for more… The media are now openly calling Trump supporters “Nazis” and are blaming Trump for a mass murder he had nothing to do with. This, of course, is a form of harassment because it incites and justifies mob violence.

Here is the list, so far, and remember that if any one of these things happened to a Democrat, the media would use the story to blot out the sun for weeks. Remember how crazy the media went over a nobody rodeo clown who wore an Obama mask, aGOP staffer who criticized Obama’s daughters? And yet, hundreds of Trump supporters are harassed and brutalized and the media only dutifully report them, if at all. That is because the media are desperate to normalize and justify violence and harassment against Trump and his supporters.


Cynthia Nixon: ‘No Better Description than to Call ICE a Terrorist Organization’

Actress-turned left-wing New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon told her Twitter followers there’s no “better description” for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) than a “terrorist organization.

“I can think of no better description than to call ICE a terrorist organization, and I will wear any criticism from @mike_pence as a badge of honor,” Nixon tweeted Friday, in response to Vice President Mike Pence, who told agency leaders that he and President Donald Trump are behind them “100 percent.”

Parents who have lived here for decades, paying taxes, building small businesses. Parents whose children are legal U.S. citizens. Parents who have no criminal record. ICE's mere existence causes many New Yorkers to live in daily fear that they will lose their family.
I can think of no better description than to call ICE a terrorist organization, and I will wear any criticism from @mike_pence as a badge of honor.
“Every day men and women of ICE also confront criminal illegal immigrants who endanger our communities and prey on our most vulnerable,” said Pence Friday, praising the more than 20,000 Department of Homeland Security employees he said “stand for the rule of law in this nation and stand for the interests of the America people” every day.

Nixon, who is trailing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo by ore than 20 points, made a similar statement about ICE last month during a speech at St. Paul and St. Andrew United Methodist Church in New York.


IHOP has officially changed its name back from IHOb and is slashing the price of pancakes

  • IHOP announced on Monday that it had officially changed its name back to the International House of Pancakes after a brief stint as IHOb, the International House of Burgers.
  • The chain changed its name to IHOb in June to promote its new line of burgers.
  • To celebrate the return of IHOP and the chain's 60th birthday, IHOP is selling short stacks of pancakes for $0.60 cents on July 17.

IHOP is officially back to its original identity as the International House of Pancakes.
On Monday, the chain announced on social media that its time as IHOb, the International House of Burgers, had come to an end.
"We're giving away 60¢ short stacks on July 17 from 7a-7p for IHOP's 60th birthday. That's right, IHOP! We'd never turn our back on pancakes (except for that time we faked it to promote our new burgers)," the chain posted on Facebook.
In June, IHOP changed its name to IHOb to promote its new line of burgers. The pancake chain began revamping its burgers more than a year ago, IHOP President Darren Rebelez told Business Insider, as it has tried to boost sales outside breakfast.

Italian Newspaper Claims ‘Global Elite’ Working to Transform Europe Through Mass Migration

“This exodus will destabilise our societies”

Italian writer Giampaolo Rossi has claimed that elites across Europe are attempting to change the nature of the continent by facilitating the mass migration of millions from Africa to Europe.

Mr Rossi cited a recent interview with Africa expert Stephen Smith who said that “within two generations, at least 100 million young Africans will be ready to come to Europe”, noting that 40 percent of Africans today are under the age of 15.

“This exodus will destabilise our societies,” Rossi writes in a post for his blog on Italian newspaper Il Giornale and notes that integration can take up to one or two generations.

Rossi blames the “globalist elite” claiming that people like Hungarian-born left-wing billionaire George Soros are behind the push for mass migration into Europe, calling the process the “Soros Plan”.


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Conviction and sentencing of Nancy Kelser

Sweden: 64-Year-Old Man Convicted For Posting Cartoon That Made Fun of Islam

A 64-year-old Swedish man was convicted of hate speech after posting a cartoon to a private Facebook group that made fun of Islam.

The man added a comment under the image in which he asserted that Muslims were “pedophiles” and “must be stopped and (have) no access to Europe.”

The satirical image was drawn by cartoonist Jan-Erik Ander. It shows two Muslim men including one holding a pram with a child.

“Grandchild?” asks one of the men, to which the other responds, “No, this is my new wife!”


Kavanaugh nod touches off Supreme Court confirmation battle; Dems warn of 'deaths of countless women'

President Trump's nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy has set the stage for a bruising confirmation battle, as Senate Democrats and liberal groups vowed to resist what could be a dramatic and long-lasting rightward shift on the Supreme Court.

Within seconds of Trump's announcement in the White House Monday night, the far-left political action committee Democracy for America called Kavanaugh, 53, a "reactionary ideologue" whose confirmation would "directly lead to the deaths of countless women with the dismantling of abortion rights."

And in a statement, the Women's March said ominously: "Trump’s announcement today is a death sentence for thousands of women in the United States."

"Stripping a woman’s ability to make decisions about her own body is state violence," the group continued. "We cannot let this stand. We will raise our voices and take to the streets."
In an embarrassing blunder, though, the Women's March statement began: "In response to Donald Trump's nomination of XX to the Supreme Court" -- indicating that the group didn't expect to have to change its pre-written press release much on Monday night.


Public Notice of County Council Special Work Session and Closed Work Session

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the County Council of Wicomico County, Maryland, will hold a special Legislative Session to consider adopting the Annual Budget and Appropriation Bill (Legislative Bill No. 2018-05) and to set the tax levy for Fiscal Year 2019, on Thursday, June 12, 2018, at 10:00 a.m., in the Government Office Building, Room 301, Salisbury, Maryland.

Kunstler: "Constitutional 'Crisis' May Be Too Mild For What Comes Next..."

The golden Colossus of Trump looms over the national scene this summer like one of Jeff Koons’s giant, shiny, balloon-puppy sculptures — a monumental expression of semiotic vacancy. At the apogee of Trumpdom, everything’s coming up covfefe. The stock market is 5000 points ahead since 1/20/17. Little Rocket Man is America’s bitch. We’re showing those gibbering Asian hordes and European café layabouts a thing or two about fair trade. Electric cars are almost here to save the day. And soon, American youth will be time-warping around the solar system in the new US Space Corps!

The golden Colossus of Trump looms over the national scene this summer like one of Jeff Koons’s giant, shiny, balloon-puppy sculptures — a monumental expression of semiotic vacancy. At the apogee of Trumpdom, everything’s coming up covfefe. The stock market is 5000 points ahead since 1/20/17. Little Rocket Man is America’s bitch. We’re showing those gibbering Asian hordes and European café layabouts a thing or two about fair trade. Electric cars are almost here to save the day. And soon, American youth will be time-warping around the solar system in the new US Space Corps!


Serious Accident In West Ocean City Area

Berlin Fire EMS dispatched to the area of Grays Corner Rd. in the area of Glen Riddle Lane for a single vehicle into a telephone poll with heavy entrapment. Single male patient. Extended extrication. Assistance requested for OC to assist. Patient was flown by Delaware Trooper 2 to Christiana Trauma Center with life threatening injuries. Alcohol appears to be a factor. MSP reconstruction team is on the scene.

Georgia Residents Find Cancer Report Lacking

On a recent evening in Waycross, GA, government officials gathered around card tables set up in a semicircle on the polished wood floors of the city auditorium.

There were representatives from the federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), the Georgia Department of Public Health, the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, the local water department, and the city council. Even the mayor, John Knox, stood to the side, ready to greet people.

Across the street, a police officer stood next to his cruiser, baking in the 90-degree-plus heat.


NeverTrump Conservatism Has Passed Its Sell-By Date

NeverTrump conservatism has passed its sell-by date. It is a negative asset of the Republican Party. It needs to pack up and move – but not until the movement has been so decisively rebuked that those who are a part of it learn their lesson.

NeverTrumpism reveals an elitist stink that should be eliminated from the GOP in a much needed fumigation. The NeverTrumps wear an embarrassing tattoo that will forever taint them as the left's collaborators and useful idiots. NeverTrumpism harms the causes of the Republican Party and rots the party from within.

If these words sound unserious, overly harsh, over the top, and even a bit hysterical, it's because they are. The NeverTrumps, however, were serious when they used these exact words (and even nastier) numerous times in open disdain for the millions who voted for and support President Trump.


What is Devin Nunes up to? House Trump-Russia probe expands as Intel chair focuses on informants

Devin Nunes is up to something. The House Intelligence Committee chairman has been writing letters lately, asking that two other House chairman — Bob Goodlatte of the Judiciary Committee and Trey Gowdy of the Oversight Committee — pick up parts of the Trump-Russia investigation that Nunes started. It's as if Nunes, who shook loose some of the key publicly-known facts in the probe, is having a grand going-out-of-business sale. But that's clearly not the case. So what, in fact, is going on?

The short version is that the investigation is expanding to the two additional committees, even as Nunes devotes his own committee's resources to learning whether the FBI used informants against the 2016 Trump campaign and, if so, how many, when, and how much money was spent on the project. Both Judiciary and Oversight have more staff than Intelligence, and thus more capacity to handle multiple witnesses. They also have more direct oversight responsibility for parts of the Justice Department and other arms of the federal government under examination by House investigators.

Last fall Goodlatte and Gowdy announced the formation of a joint Judiciary-Oversight task force to investigate "decisions made by the Department of Justice in 2016." At the time of the announcement, on Oct. 24, 2017, the focus was mostly on various aspects of the Clinton email investigation. But it has since broadened to include the Trump-Russia probe, which involved many of the same key players at the Justice Department. Now, it is the vehicle to continue parts of the original House Intel investigation.


LIMBAUGH: The Democratic Party's Christian Problem

People on the left are outraged when you question their patriotism, their dedication to the nation as founded and their respect for the Constitution as originally written, but they continually vindicate our concerns.

The most recent example is the left's unhinged mania at Judge Amy Coney Barrett's inclusion on President Trump's list of potential Supreme Court appointees. In times of perceived crisis — and this is certainly one of those times for leftists — they show their colors, and you can color them militantly opposed to Barrett, in large part because of her Catholicism. And guess what else. Rumor is that she frequents a Bible study, as well.


WATCH: Power-Tripping Cop Attacks Innocent Man, Showing Us Everything Wrong with Police

A power-tripping police officer unlawfully detained, assaulted, threatened, and accosted an innocent railroad worker who would later report the incident only to watch the department cover it up.

Walnut Ridge, AR — With great power comes great responsibility, or so the quote goes. However, those who wield this great power over the public are often the ones who irresponsibly abuse this authority to inflict harm and oppress those they ostensibly protect. As the video below illustrates, this abuse of authority by power-tripping police officers lays waste to rights, puts innocent people in harm’s way, and is the antithesis to a free society.

The taxpayers of Walnut Ridge, Arkansas will soon be held accountable for the actions of their public servants as a lawsuit has been filed in response to infuriating tyranny caught on video. The incident began as a traffic stop and quickly escalated into an unlawful detention, assault, deprivation of rights and, eventually, conspiracy.

The victim in the video below, Adam Finley had done nothing wrong and had committed no crime when he was targeted by officer Matthew Mercado in December of 2016. Finley was simply on his way to work when Mercado pulled him over because he had out of state plates.

According to officer Mercado, having out of state plates was reasonable suspicion to harass and eventually attack and assault an innocent man.

As NEA reports, at the beginning of the stop, Mercado asked Finley why he was working on the railroad crossing. Finley was in an unmarked white work truck but had all of his work equipment on including an orange work coat and badge. The BNSF employee explained he worked for the railroad. This is when the lawsuit says Mercado took issue with Finley’s attitude and asked him to step out of the vehicle.


The 10 Essential Traits of Alpha Males

A lot of people seem to confuse being an alpha male with being an @sshole. There are alpha males who are @ssholes (Steve Jobs fit that description), but that’s certainly not necessary.

Let me also note that if you have to tell people that you’re an alpha because they won’t just figure it out on their own, then you’re not an alpha. When people are around you for a while, if you’re really an alpha male, it will shine through.

Furthermore, when people try to define what an alpha is, they often tack on all sorts of extraneous qualities that may be good to have, but that aren’t necessarily alpha. Is it good to be funny? Sure. Is Chuck Norris funny? I don’t know, but I do know he’s an alpha male. So, is being funny one of the keys to being an alpha male? No. Is it good to be organized? Yes. Is Conor McGregor organized? Who knows? But, he’s definitely alpha. So, let’s get down to brass tacks: what are the essential traits of alpha males?


Kavanaugh Nomination ‘Will Cement the First American Dictatorship’

Hollywood elites reacted with pure anger and outrage Monday night as President Donald Trump announced Judge Brett Kavanaugh of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit as his nominee to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Marvel director Joss Whedon warned that “considering this nomination will cement the first American dictatorship.”

Actor Ron Perlman presumed that a Justice Kavanaugh would bring America “back to Medieval Values, Shariah Law even, where old, bitter men get to tell women what is best for their bodies, lives, and well being is as done a deal as this is Twitter. Unless we say NO! NO!”


The Terrorist Attack You Didn’t Hear About

They say that no news is good news, and there’s a lot of merit to that sentiment. You haven’t heard about a terrorist plot in a while. That’s generally a good thing. It’s easy to forget or overlook things when times are good, but the lack of terrorist attacks does not represent a shortage of effort on their part.

In fact, a major attack was foiled no less than a week ago. And, it was planned to strike at the very heart of American morale.

The Plot

Demetrius Pitts is a recently converted Islamic jihadi. He’s been living in Cleveland, Ohio for a number of years now, and that is where he centered his terrorist plot.

The FBI had been tracking him, and they were finally able to make a move last week. They caught him, literally red-handed, making homemade explosives. He intended to use them at a July 4th celebration in the city to murder as many innocent people as he could.

Authorities have not been fully forthcoming on all of the details of the plot, but speculation suggests that they are currently looking for accomplices. So far, Pitts is the only publicly stated suspect, and he has been arrested. Just to recap, the FBI foiled this terrorist plot only days before it went into action.


NBC News Spreads Conspiracy Theory About Secret Trump-Kennedy SCOTUS Deal

NBC News is spreading an unfounded conspiracy theory that claims President Trump and newly retired Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy cut a secret deal that ensured Brett Kavanaugh would be chosen as Kennedy’s replacement.

Here is how NBC’s Capitol Hill reporter, Leigh Ann Caldwell, spread this conspiracy Tuesday morning. Her first tweet read:

"On Kavanaugh pick Kennedy and Trump/WH had been in negotiations for months over Kennedy’s replacement. Once Kennedy received assurances that it would be Kavanaugh, his former law clerk, Kennedy felt comfortable retiring, according to a source who was told of the discussions."

Then she tweeted this:

"Furthermore, the five names Trump added to his list of Federalist Approved judges last November was to get Kavanaugh on that list. The other four names were considered cover, per source. In other words: the decision has been baked for a while[.]"

Then she got around to the truth, which is that this is nothing less than a conspiracy, a rumor, something told to her by one person — and, most importantly, that she has not even bothered to try and confirm this prior to spreading it:

"To be clear: This is from one source and dont have any info on whether potus talked to kennedy about a possible replacement."

First off, there is no journalism here. Once again, NBC News is irresponsibly and maliciously passing along something they were told by someone, something no one has bothered to even try to confirm.

Spreading gossip is not journalism. “This is what I heard” is not journalism.

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With Foster Homes Idle and Children Languishing, Catholic Agency Fights Back Against Philadelphia LGBT Policy Barring It

Although at least 250 children in Philadelphia are in need of foster homes, 35 homes willing to take them in are still waiting—and the private religious charity that could bring them together is fighting back against a city that doesn’t want its help.

After a 50-year relationship with Catholic Social Services, the city decided to end the latter’s role in foster care referrals in March and is threatening to terminate its relationship with the leading provider of social services in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. But the private social services agency has taken the city to court over it.

“[The city of Philadelphia made this decision] because of Catholic Social Services’ religious beliefs regarding marriage,” Lori Windham, senior counsel at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, said in a recent conference call for the press. Becket is a nonprofit public interest law firm that defends the freedom of religion.

While Catholic Social Services does not require applicants to be Catholic, applicants do have to be married, although single parents are eligible if the birth parent of the child is OK with it. Its website does not specify sexual-orientation requirements for applicants.


Trump administration to dump Obama-era rule allowing unions to siphon Medicaid money

The Trump administration announced Tuesday it planned to end what it suggested was an illegal Obama-era rule allowing unions to collect dues from state subsidies intended for home health workers -- including family caregivers.

Federal law generally prohibits states from skimming money from Medicaid payments bound for independent in-home personal care workers. But in 2014, the Obama administration created an exception, saying that states could divert some of that Medicaid money to unions, on the theory that these workers effectively were public-sector employees.

Eleven left-leaning states have used that provision to raise more than $200 million a year for unions by taking it from health workers who often didn't even realize it, according to top GOP officials.


Refusal to Use Preferred Gender Pronouns Costs British Doctor His Job

The belief that gender is assigned at birth has cost one British doctor his job as a disability assessor for the Department of Work and Pensions in the United Kingdom.

Dr. David Mackereth, 55, the father of four, was dismissed from the department after only recently being hired because he told the instructor for a training course that he would not recognize a pronoun that didn’t correspond to a patient’s biological sex, the Telegraph reported Sunday.

Mackereth, who worked 26 years for the National Health Service, says sex is established at birth and is both genetic and biological. That’s something that “has been believed by mankind for centuries,” he said.

“I’m not attacking the transgender movement,” Mackereth said, “but I’m defending my right to freedom of speech, and freedom of belief.”


8 Things to Know About Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

President Donald Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court in a prime-time announcement Monday night. If confirmed by the Senate, Kavanaugh would replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy to give the court a likely solid 5-4 conservative majority.

“Throughout legal circles, he is considered a judge’s judge, a true thought leader among his peers,” Trump said in announcing his choice at the East Room of the White House.

President George W. Bush nominated Kavanaugh to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals in 2003, but he wasn’t confirmed until 2006, by a Senate vote of 57-36. The D.C. Circuit is considered a stepping stone to the high court.

“My judicial philosophy is straightforward,” Kavanaugh, 53, said after Trump introduced him at the White House event. “A judge must be independent and must interpret the law and not make the law. A judge must interpret statutes as written. A judge must interpret the Constitution as written, informed by history and tradition and precedent.”


WATCH: Members Of Socialist Ocasio-Cortez's Party Threaten McConnell

Far-left activists that belong to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) harassed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Saturday and threatened him, yelling, "We know where you live, Mitch!"

In the video, the activists yelled repeatedly at McConnell as he tried to make it to his vehicle after having lunch with "Kentucky's outgoing House Majority Floor Leader Jonathan Shell, who was upset in his May primary," The Courier-Journal reported.

The video was shared by the Louisville DSA chapter, who wrote: "A group of Louisville residents, including several @DemSocialists members, had a message for Mitch McConnell as he left a local restaurant today. Powerful people like Mitch deserve no peace while they enable the imprisonment of babies in concentration camps. #AbolishICE"


Freedom From Religion Foundation Tries to Bully School Into Removing Prayer From Graduation

The Freedom From Religion Foundation accused a Tennessee school of violating constitutional law by allowing prayer at its graduation ceremony, but the school won’t budge.

Christopher Line, legal fellow with FFRF, wrote in a letter to Catoosa County Schools district that Ringgold High School should not have permitted public prayer at their May graduation ceremony, claiming that it was unconstitutional and that it alienated non-religious students, according to Chattanooga Times Free Press (CTFP). The school district responded, however, that graduation ceremonies were and would continue to be planned by students, and therefore the involvement of prayer was legal.


How We Can Hold Bureaucrats Accountable

These are the remarks as prepared for delivery by Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, in a June 25 speech at The Heritage Foundation in Washington.

In 1980, I was elected to the U.S. Senate. During my early days in the Senate, I met a man who had a significant impact on my career. His name is Arthur Ernest Fitzgerald, but everybody calls him Ernie.

You’ve probably heard of him—Ernie’s reputation preceded him even way back then. In 1968, Ernie testified before Sen. William Proxmire’s Joint Economic Committee about the Air Force’s C-5 transport aircraft program. That testimony changed his life.

The C-5 aircraft was an important military priority. But it took longer and cost more than planned, and the government did not want anyone to know. Although he knew it might damage his career, Ernie told Congress that this prized program cost the taxpayers $2 billion more than the Pentagon would admit. $2 billion. That was in 1968. In today’s dollars that’s more than $14.5 billion.


Walmart removes anti-Trump items after #BoycottWalmart campaign, but they are still on Amazon and other sites

Walmart said it would remove items like ‘Impeach 45’ shirts ‘pending review of our marketplace policies’

A Twitter campaign urging consumers to boycott Walmart Inc. led to the retailer removing some items from its online marketplace that promoted the impeachment of President Donald Trump, but the very same T-shirts are available on Inc. and other sites.

The hashtag #BoycottWalmart WMT, +1.49% started trending in response to a range of T-shirts uncovered late Monday with the message “Impeach 45”emblazoned on the front. The T-shirts were still available on the site Tuesday at prices ranging from $16.95 to $41.95 for a long-sleeved version.

“These items were sold by third-party sellers on our open marketplace, and were not offered directly by Walmart,” a Walmart spokeswoman said. “We’re removing these types of items pending review of our marketplace policies.”

However, the same T-shirts were still available on Amazon AMZN, +0.23% on Thursday, also from third-party sellers including Kamal Ohava.


Who Is Q?: We Interviewed The Anons Themselves To Get To The Heart of the Mystery

As the “Q Anon” movement races into worldwide relevance, the White House press corps still refuses to address this growing phenomenon. The Q movement — predicated on the revelations of an apparent government insider named “Q” — seeks to expose the globalist criminal conspiracy that operates from within the confines of the U.S. federal government. Q alleges or implies that human trafficking, sexual exploitation of minors, narcotics smuggling, and unspeakable violence are being perpetrated by a small number of globalist elites, including those in the U.S. intelligence agencies who either condone or actively participate in the crimes.

Q supporters largely believe that President Donald Trump is the orchestrator of the great plan to expose these nefarious acts by the Deep State criminal operators, spawning the slogan “Trust The Plan.” For the denizens of 4chan, 8chan, Twitter, and elsewhere, the hashtag #QAnon represents that “The Storm Is Coming.”

Big League Politics interviewed several anonymous leaders of the Q movement, known as “anons.” BLP is protecting the identities of these revolutionary citizens in the article below. This movement — centered around the 17th letter of the alphabet and also the 17th letter of the ancient Greek alphabet — dates back to 345 BC, where “Q” created an underground resistance based in the city of Corinth, home of Apostle Paul and the Book of Corinthians, to study and circumevent the tactics of the Romans. Corinth held its independence as a city-state before finally falling to Rome, but the movement continued.


Dems push to postpone Kavanaugh confirmation until Mueller probe ends

Conservative Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh began making courtesy calls Tuesday with key Republican senators who control his Supreme Court nomination, while frustrated Democrats argued for a postponement of the confirmation hearing until special counsel Robert Mueller completes the Russia investigation that could damage President Trump.

A day after Mr. Trump nominated Judge Kavanaugh to replace retiring Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, the nominee made the traditional first visit to Capitol Hill, where he met with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republican Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley of Iowa. He was escorted by Vice President Mike Pence and former Sen. Jon Kyl, who will be the nominee’s guide for the confirmation process.

“We’re honored to be able to bring him here to the United States Senate and begin the important work the Senate will do discharging its constitutional duties to consider this good man as the president’s nominee,” the vice president told Mr. McConnell.

The confirmation hearing could begin by Aug. 20, as the White House seeks to place Judge Kavanaugh on the high court for the start of its new term in October. Mr. Grassley gave no timeline but promised, “it’s going to be thorough, and going to be done right.”

“Hopefully it’s efficient, we get it done quickly,” he said.


A Viewer Writes: Risky Business


Figured you’d like to see this. Don’t you think that looks like the guide wire for that tower? If it’s the case anyone in the surrounding area of Dun Swamp Rd in Pocomoke is at risk of being hurt or killed WHEN that tower falls. That tower could fall and hit the Pocomoke beltway or Dunn Swamp Road with any strong storm that comes in. 

That tower is an AM tower for 540. Worcester County and the FCC should do something. The FCC has been notified but seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Bay Broadcasting, operated by Michael J. Powell, and Birach Broadcasting who is the licensee of WGOP AM 540 do not seem to care about the condition, and it needs to be shown that this is a severe issue that could hurt or kill someone.

Schumer: 'I Will Oppose Him With Everything I've Got'

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Tuesday blasted President Donald Trump's nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, saying that the choice allows the president to fulfill his campaign promises of undoing "women's reproductive freedom" and to undo the Affordable Care Act.

"I will oppose him with everything I've got," the New York Democrat told "CBS This Morning."

"On those two issues, when he campaigned, President Trump said he will only appoint pro-life judges. He wanted to send Roe v. Wade back to the states, that means repeal."

Schumer also complained that Trump's list of judges was 'pre-ordained' by the Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation and questioned who vetted the people given to Trump to consider.

"The Federalist Society is run by a man named Leonard Leo, whose goal in life has been to repeal Roe v. Wade," said Schumer.

Trump has also said he wanted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, said Schumer, and "the Heritage Foundation, which also vetted this list, is firmly in favor of repealing.

"So, you put those things together, Trump, what he said who he was going to choose, and the vetting of this list, this nominee will repeal Roe and women's reproductive freedom, will repeal ACA, far against what the American people want. When the American people learn this, they're going to oppose the nominee."


[So murdering unborn babies = "women's reproductive freedom". Isn't he the clever wordsmith? --Editor]

Pat Buchanan: The Never-Trumpers Are Never Coming Back

With never-Trump conservatives bailing on the GOP and crying out for the Party of Pelosi to save us, some painful truths need to be restated.

The Republican Party of Bush I and II, of Bob Dole and John McCain, is history. It’s not coming back. Unlike the Bourbons after the Revolution and the Terror, after Napoleon and the Empire, no restoration is in the cards.

It is over. The GOP’s policies of recent decades — the New World Order of George H.W. Bush, the crusades for democracy of Bush II —failed, and are seen as having failed. With Trump’s capture of the party they were repudiated.

There will be no turning back.

What were the historic blunders?

It was not supporting tax cuts, deregulation, conservative judges and justices, or funding a defense second to none. Donald Trump has delivered on these as well as any president since Reagan.

The failures that killed the Bush party, and that represented departures from Reaganite traditionalism and conservatism, are:

Clinton Charity Money Again Going to Clinton Foundation After Hiatus

Hillary and Bill Clinton disbursed nearly half of their charitable giving last year to the Clinton Foundation after taking a one-year hiatus from pushing money to the entity, according to tax forms obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The Clintons use the Clinton Family Foundation, a smaller and separate entity than the Clinton Foundation, as their charitable vehicle. Nearly all of the money written off as charity on prior Clinton tax returns has gone to the foundation. Once money is parked in the Clinton Family Foundation, the funds are then disbursed to a number of organizations.

Bill acts as the foundation's president while Hillary is its secretary and treasurer. Chelsea Clinton is listed as its director.


BUSTED: Democrat Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Is Caught Fudging Her Bio on Campaign Website

Democrat Socialist darling Ocasio-Cortez sent shock waves through the Democrat Party when she defeated the fourth most powerful Democrat in the House of Representatives, Rep. Joe Crowley, in the New York primary in June.

The Democrat Socialists of America support no borders, no profit, no prisons and no cash bail.

But now Ocasio Cortez is coming under fire for fudging her bio page on her campaign website.
Ocasio-Cartez claimed she commuted to school everyday 40 minutes from her home in the Bronx.

“She ended up attending public school 40 minutes north in Yorktown, and much of her life was defined by the 40 minute commute between school and her family in the Bronx.”


Q anon 5/9/18 "Happy Hunting" U1/Rosatom

Journalists from across the country line up to help the Capital Gazette after newsroom massacre

Journalism is a competitive field. Getting the story first and right is gold. Spouses and friends who work for competing news outlets have been known to use sharp elbows with each other.

But after the horrific shooting at the Capital Gazette, in which five staffers were killed on June 28 in the newsroom near Annapolis, Md., journalists from across the country — the New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, the Boston Globe and others — have been lining up to help the community newspaper.

Dozens of journalists emailed the paper and asked what they could do, and others simply showed up and said, “Put me to work.”

“I’ve gotten offers from all over the country,” said Baltimore Sun editorial page editor Andrew A. Green, who is coordinating the volunteer effort. “They are coming and saying, ‘No amount of work is too much, no shift is too heinous, use me however you need to.’ ”


Germany: 'Decapitating' Freedom Of The Press?

In an apparent attempt to sweep under the rug a recent double homicide in Hamburg, Germany, authorities there censored the story. They also raided the apartments of a witness who filmed a video describing the murder, and a blogger who posted the video on YouTube.

The murder, which made headlines worldwide, occurred on the morning of April 12. The assailant, Mourtala Madou, a 33-year-old illegal immigrant from Niger, stabbed his German ex-girlfriend, identified as Sandra P., and their one-year-old daughter, Miriam, at a Hamburg subway station. The child died at the scene; her mother died later, at the hospital. The woman's three-year-old son witnessed the murders.

According to the prosecutor's office, Madou -- who initially fled the scene, but then called the police and was arrested shortly thereafter -- acted "out of anger and revenge," because the day before the incident, the court had denied him joint custody of his daughter.

It later emerged that for months Madou had been threatening to harm Sandra P. and the baby. A senior public prosecutor told reporters that the police investigated the woman's charges, but had concluded that the "threats were not meant seriously" and did not pursue the case.


Convicted of corruption, former Maryland Sen. Nathaniel Oaks asks for 18-month prison sentence

After pleading guilty to federal corruption charges, former state Sen. Nathaniel T. Oaks is asking a judge for an 18-month prison sentence — far less than the eight to 10 years recommended by federal guidelines.

Oaks’ lawyers argued for a lesser sentence in a memorandum filed in court that also included letters of support from five former state legislators, a former Baltimore police commissioner, family members and activists.

Oaks, 71, is scheduled to be sentenced before Judge Richard D. Bennett next Tuesday. Hepleaded guilty in March to two felony fraud charges.

The Democrat admitted taking $15,300 from an FBI informant who posed as an out-of-town developer and enlisted Oaks in a scheme to defraud the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Oaks served as a state senator, representing Baltimore, for just over a year before resigning in March. He previously served in the House of Delegates for nearly three decades.


Trump pardons Oregon ranchers who sparked occupation of wildlife refuge

President Trump on Tuesday granted clemency to Oregon ranchers Dwight Hammond Jr. and his son Steven — whose case spurred armed militants led by Ammon Bundy to occupy the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge for 41 days in 2016.

“The Hammonds are multi-generation cattle ranchers in Oregon imprisoned in connection with a fire that leaked onto a small portion of neighboring public grazing land,” the White House said in a statement.

“The evidence at trial regarding the Hammonds’ responsibility for the fire was conflicting, and the jury acquitted them on most of the charges.“

The statement went on to accuse the Obama administration of overzealous prosecution of the father and son.

“At the Hammonds’ original sentencing, the judge noted that they are respected in the community and that imposing the mandatory minimum, 5-year prison sentence would ‘shock the conscience’ and be ‘grossly disproportionate to the severity’ of their conduct. As a result, the judge imposed significantly lesser sentences,” the statement continued.

“The previous administration, however, filed an overzealous appeal that resulted in the Hammonds being sentenced to five years in prison. This was unjust.”


How to Escape the Democrat Plantation (an easy guide).

Amazon will print toy catalog to fill Toys ‘R’ Us void

Jeff Bezos is going old school.

The Amazon CEO will have the e-commerce giant publish a print toy catalog this fall — which will be mailed to millions of Amazon customers and be available at its Whole Foods chain.

The decision to go ink-on-paper is an attempt to grab former Toys ‘R’ Us shoppers during the holiday season, according to sources familiar with the plan.

Toys ‘R’ Us went bankrupt earlier this year andclosed its last store last week. The arrival of its massive catalog was as familiar an autumn sight as trick-or-treating.

“It’s a hard-copy toy catalog that could arrive with your Amazon package,” said Toy Association President Steve Pasierb.

The top 25 toy vendors will be featured in the catalog, which will have barcodes instead of fixed prices, said sources familiar with the plan, which was first reported by Bloomberg.

Amazon declined to comment. Its catalog will join those from Walmart, Target and Kmart.


California Presses Assault on Free Speech With ‘Fake News’ Panel

As the Supreme Court strikes blows against compelled speech and restrictions on free speech, California is doing its best to resist.

One of the latest legislative proposals from California aims to make government the arbiter of truth.

Senate Bill 1424 would create an advisory group on “fake news” to work with social media companies to weed out what the government deems incorrect information on the internet.

This legislation, if passed, would require California’s attorney general to create the group, consisting of “social media providers, civil liberties advocates, and First Amendment scholars,” to study and mitigate the problem of spreading false information.


Training as a Teacher to Carry a Firearm in School

Feature: FASTER Colorado's active shooter training for teachers

Last week I went through the training many of the teachers who are authorized to carry a gun in Colorado schools go through.

In the wake of the devastating school shootings in Parkland, Fla., and Santa Fe, Tex., many different solutions have been proposed for how to stop or at least curb the violence inflicted by active shooters. Among the most prominent solutions—thanks in large part to President Trump's advocacy—is arming teachers. Most, however, don't understand how arming teachers works in person or that a number of states already allow certain teachers to carry guns.

FASTER, which stands for Faculty / Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response, is a course offered with assistance from nonprofit organizations in Ohio and Colorado that have successfully trained hundreds of teachers. FASTER Colorado was kind enough to let me fly out to Denver and attend the three-day class and fully participate in all of the shooting, medical, and strategy drills it entails.


The Dark Cloud Of Global Debt... The Perfect Storm Looms

While everyone is debating the effects of possible trade sanctions on the global economy, few are paying attention to a far more serious issue. Enormous global debt, combined with low-interest rates, have set the stage for a global recession that has the potential for economic chaos.

The combination of enormous debt and artificially low-interest rates were at the center of the 2008 credit bubble. One would expect central banks to be aware of this and show more concern. However, the overall silence has been astonishing.

An exception to this is the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which has been making loud noises about the toxic level of global debt and the anticipated bubble. It recently reported that the global debt of 2008 was $60 trillion, small when compared to the current debt of $170 trillion. To make matters worse, today’s global debt is 40 percent higher in relation to GDP than it was in 2008, just prior to the Lehman Bros. downfall. To add to the current headache are the rising debt levels of emerging markets and corporate debts. According toMcKinsey & Company, a global consulting firm, two-thirds of U.S. corporate debt are from corporations that pose a high default risk.


Who Killed the Center-Left?

Column: The politicians supportive of illegal immigration

The victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over longtime Democratic congressman Joe Crowley of New York inspired some hysterical punditry. We were told that the 28,000 people that voted in a district of more than 600,000 had decided the fate of the political universe. Ocasio-Cortez, in this telling, heralds the coming of Democratic Socialist, multiracial, female-dominated America. The 28-year-old bartender and community activist is the Democrat of the future—according to no less an authority than the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. And in a polarized media climate, with hyperbolic insinuations of "civil war" and calls for the harassment of political opponents, one is tempted to believe that romanticism and extremism grow ever stronger.

I remain skeptical. For one thing, New York politics is sort of the equivalent of the Las Vegas party scene—what happens there tends to stay there. Crowley was boring and out-of-touch; Ocasio-Cortez is appealing and a tireless campaigner. Her picture of democratic socialism is all rainbows and unicorns, platitudes and aspirations. And the numbers involved in the primary were so small that randomness has to have played some part in her 4,000-vote win. Ocasio-Cortez is neither a threat to America nor to the American right. But she is representative of the transformation of the American left.

The only civil war happening at the moment is within the Democratic Party. The old-guard corporatists are under attack from activists with radical goals and immoderate tempers. You can trace a line from Occupy Wall Street in 2011 through Black Lives Matter in 2013 through Bernie Sanders in 2016 through the Women's March a year later, Tom Steyer and Maxine Waters's impeachment campaigns, the growing prominence of Democratic Socialists of America, and the movement to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement today.


Trump Offers Elizabeth Warren $1 Million To Prove Native-American Heritage

Reverting to his campaigning days, President Trump offered some red meat to his base during an appearance at a campaign rally in Montana on Thursday when he joked about offering Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren $1 million to take a genetics test that would prove (or disprove) her native American heritage.

Trump lobbed insults at "Pocahontas", adding that he wouldn't apologize for using what some believe to be a racially charged nickname.

Claiming that Warren has "based her life" around "being a minority," Trump said that if Warren wins the Democratic nomination in 2020, he would offer her $1 million to take a DNA test to conclusively prove that she does have Native American heritage.