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Saturday, January 09, 2016

Powellville VFC Annual A-Y-C-E Bull and Oyster Roast


Ohio State's Urban Meyer on one of his players: "He doesn't know the meaning of the word fear. In fact, I just saw his grades and he doesn't know the meaning of a lot of words."
Why do Tennessee fans wear orange?
So they can dress that way for the game on Saturday, go hunting on Sunday, and pick up trash on Monday.
What does the average Alabama player get on his SATs?
How many Michigan freshmen football players does it take to change a light bulb?
None. That's a sophomore course.
How did the Auburn football player die from drinking milk?
The cow fell on him.
Two Texas A&M football players were walking in the woods.
One of them said, "Look, a dead bird."
The other looked up in the sky and said, "Where?"
What do you say to a Michigan State University football player dressed in a three-piece suit? "
"Will the defendant please rise."
If three Florida State football players are in the same car, who is driving?
The police officer.
How can you tell if a Clemson football player has a girl friend? There's tobacco juice on both sides of the pickup truck.
What do you get when you put 32 Arkansas cheerleaders in one room?
A full set of teeth.
University of Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh is only going to dress half of his players for the game this week; the other half will have to dress themselves.
How is the Kansas football team like an opossum?
They play dead at home and get killed on the road.
Why did the Nebraska linebacker steal a police car?
He saw "911" on the side and thought it was a Porsche.
How do you get a former Illinois football player off your porch?
Pay him for the pizza.

Marine Corps boot camp, job titles to be gender neutral by April

The Marine Corps has been ordered to come up with a plan to make its enlisted entry-level training coed, and to make its job titles more gender-neutral following the recent move to open all military combat roles to women.

In a Jan. 1 memo to Marine Commandant Gen. Robert Neller, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus requested a "detailed plan" on how the service will fully integrate its boot camp and Officer Candidate School. The plan is due Jan. 15 and will be implemented by April 1, the memo states.

"The Department of the Navy's implementation plan must include gender integration of Marine Corps enlisted recruit training and officer candidate school," Mabus wrote. "In this submission, identify where, if anywhere, this training is already integrated, where it is separate, and specific steps that you will take to fully integrate these trainings."

In a second memo from Mabus to Neller on the same day, the SecNav directed the Marine Corps to conduct a full review of its military occupational specialty titles in an effort to ensure that they are gender neutral.


VIDEO: Thousands Die in Yemen's 'Forgotten War'

More than 6,000 people have been killed in Yemen since last March, in a struggle for power between Houthi rebels and forces loyal to the president.

It has been described as a forgotten war, and the rebels, backed by Iran, have been targeted by a military force led by neighbouring Saudi Arabia.

Yemen is already the poorest country in the Arab world; its basic infrastructure is shattered and its economy is grinding to a halt.

At least 80% of the population is dependent on food aid.

Safa AlAhmad has travelled to Yemen, and reports on her journey into the besieged city of Taiz.


Never Forget

One Dead After 'Horror Film' Blizzard in Russia Causes 16 Hour Traffic Jam

Freezing conditions which led to dozens suffering from exposure leaves motorists wondering where Russia's snowploughs have gone

Survivors of a freezing 16 hour traffic jam that left at least one man dead have complained to Vladimir Putin after they were left to fend for themselves for nearly a day.

More than 80 people had to be evacuated from a 25-mile traffic jam that formed after an unexpected blizzard closed the highway between Orenburg and Orsk, near Russia’s border with Kazakhstan, on the night of January 2.


A jackpot-rigging scandal is forgotten as Powerball fever sweeps the United States

The jackpot-fixing scandal that rocked the lottery organization behind Powerball has done little to hold back interest in the game.

In fact, with the jackpot soaring to record-breaking levels — it rose to $900 million Saturday morning, the biggest lottery prize in U.S. history — Powerball hysteria is sweeping the United States.

Stores across the country have sold more tickets and are seeing much longer lines than usual before Saturday’s drawing, according to various local reports throughout the week.

“Sales,” a California State Lottery spokesman said, “are going crazy right now.”

“They’ve gone through the roof,” Ohio Lottery spokeswoman said.


Clinton 'Surprised' by Staffer Using Private Email, New Docs Show

The State Department released 3,007 pages of Hillary Clinton's email this morning at around 1:30 a.m. ET, bringing the total public production so far to 82 percent of the documents, a court-mandated goal the department failed to reach at the end of last month.

In one document dated Feb. 27, 2011, Clinton sends an email to her top adviser, Jake Sullivan, in which she expressed surprise that a State Department staffer was using a personal email account to discuss official business.


Prince George's County Officer who held gun to man's head sentenced to 5 years in prison

A white Maryland police officer caught on tape holding a gun to a black man’s head was sentenced to five years in prison Friday.

No one was hurt in the May 2014 encounter, but Prince George’s County Police Officer Jenchesky Santiago held a gun to William Cunningham’s head while screaming at him, all because the officer said Cunningham had parked illegally, Fox5DC reports. It turns out Cunningham had not parked illegally at all.

“Video this!” Cunningham says in the video. “He put a gun to my head.”

Santiago holds the gun to his head as Cunningham stares at him. Cunningham then turns his back on Santiago.


Making a Murderer: White House says no to petition for pardon

The White House says it cannot intervene on behalf of Stephen Avery and Brendan Dassey

In the past few weeks, thousands of viewers have been enthralled by the Netflix series Making a Murderer, which examines the trial of two men, Steven Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey.

In 2005 the pair were charged with the abduction, rape and murder of a photographer named Teresa Halbach – but the programme-makers claimed to have discovered serious flaws in the way the police investigation and subsequent trial were handled.


How Many Animals Can You See?

Click 'READ MORE' below to see the answer.

U.S. Marshals Raid Hoverboard Booth at CES

The maker of the Onewheel electric skateboard called in federal marshals to shut down the booth of a company making a similar product.

On Thursday afternoon, two U.S. federal marshals showed up at the Consumer Electronics Show to conduct a raid. As a crowd gathered, the marshals packed up a one-wheeled skateboard on display at a Chinese company's booth, as well as a sign and fliers promoting the product, and carried them away. It quickly became clear this wasn't the usual CES publicity stunt. Staffers for the company, Changzhou First International Trade Co., were stunned.

Until that moment, Changzhou First International Trade was having a successful day. It wasn’t the only discount electronic skateboard dealer around, but passersby seemed taken by the design of its product, the Trotter. Instead of a board with a wheel on either end, like the popular hoverboards seen around the show, the Trotter looks like a seesaw with one big wheel in the middle. One man with a microphone and a camera stopped to take some footage; another quizzed employees about how fast the thing could go. The booth’s staff had trouble answering even basic questions in English, but they did their best.


Lost Dog 1-9-16: UPDATE


Neighbors mixed Beagle dug out under the fence this morning about 8:00 AM on Wyman Drive near old mall and Wi-Hi.
Female, collar and chip. Shy to strangers!!


Cockeysville Senior Bites Would-Be Home Invader

Baltimore County police say an 80-year-old man fought off an attacker by biting him at his home in Cockeysville

At approximately 7 a.m. on Dec. 14, the attacker came to the front door of the man's home in the 12700 block of Falls Road. He told the resident there was something wrong with his well and it needed to be checked. The man disagreed, then the attacker reached into the home, grabbed the senior's hand and pulled him to the ground. The attacker than got onto his back and tried to put his arm around the man's neck, then the victim bit his hand. A woman, 60, who also lived there came outside and punched the attacker in the head. He fled. The man suffered only minor injuries and didn't need to be taken to a hospital.


Labor Force Participation Improves Slightly; 94,103,000 Americans Not in Labor Force

( - The number of Americans not in the labor force last month totaled 94,103,000 -- a slight improvement from the 94,446,000 not in the labor force in November--and the labor force participation rate increased a tenth of a point, with62.6 percent of the civilian noninstitutional population either holding a job or actively seeking one.

For all of 2015, the highest labor participation rate was 62.9 percent in January: the lowest was 62.4 percent in September, and that 62.4 percent was the lowest in 38 years.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the economy added 292,000 jobs in December, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 5.0 percent -- for the third month in a row.

In December, according to the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics, the nation’s civilian noninstitutional population, consisting of all people 16 or older who were not in the military or an institution, reached 251,936,000. Of those, 157,833,000 participated in the labor force by either holding a job or actively seeking one.


Berlin to offer Restaurant Week January 11 through 17

Berlin will be offering its first Restaurant Week January 11 through January 17. Dining establishments will be offering special breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.
During the last several years, many new restaurants have opened offering diverse dining options. “It’s time to showcase Berlin as a dining destination with a variety of choices to please every pallet.”, said Ivy Wells, Director of Economic and Community Development for the Town of Berlin.
The idea was brought up by Cam Bunting of Bunting Real Estate at a Berlin Main Street merchant meeting.
Menus can be found on the Town of Berlin Facebook page, each of the restaurants websites and on Some are also giving discounts on wine and local craft beer that week as well.


President "irrational and erratic and perhaps not exactly what we might want to deem sane," says psychologist

President Obama, whom many have speculated suffers from various mental issues including narcissism, may have just banned himself from buying firearms under his latest executive order.

Back in 2014 for example, psychology expert Dr. Gina Loudon indicated that Obama’s decision to trade five “high-risk” Taliban leaders for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was an irrational decision that you’d expect from someone with mental issues.

“I am very, very concerned about the mental stability of this President at this point,” she said on Fox. “Some of his behavior seems irrational to me.”

“It seems beyond that of just a typical narcissistic, arrogant, sort of, ‘I’m a leader of a big country and I feel tyrannical at the moment’ kind of attitude.”

“It really seems to me like this president is demonstrating behavior that is not only anti-American, but irrational and erratic and perhaps not exactly what we might want to deem sane,” Dr. Loudon added.


‘Water sports’ definition declared too fluid

Jet ski and water slide users can see the distinction between the two activities, but where Ocean City laws are concerned, the line is still a bit blurry.

The city’s Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday spent time examining a proposed amendment that would clearly define what “water related recreational activities” are: amusements that involve water or actual watercraft.

The difference, attorney Pete Cosby told the commission, is that the “water related” label can be too broadly interpreted and venture into territory where the city has no jurisdiction.

He, with the support of Zoning Administrator Blaine Smith, proposed an amendment to the zoning code that would define water-based activities as those that operate on tidal waters – including Wave Runners, Jet Skis, sailboats, paddleboards and sailboats.



An extensive list of Obama's crimes showing why Congress must impeach him now

Here’s a list of at least 75 times President Obama violated the Constitution and/or broke federal law during his presidency, which also doubles as a list of at least 75 reasons why Congress must impeach the president now:

1) Illegally armed Mexican drug cartels and ISIS militants

In Operation Fast and Furious, the Obama administration facilitated the sale of thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels and stopped tracking those weapons once they crossed the border so the administration could later blame the Second Amendment.


Powellville VFC A-U-C-E Breakfast Tomorrow!


Informant promised a cut of all cash seizures, DOJ investigation finds.

An investigative summary released by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Thursday reveals that Drug Enforcement Agnecy (DEA) paid a Security Screener with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to alert them to travelers carrying large sums of cash.

The report, released by the DOJ’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG), summarizes whether the DEA acted accordingly in registering a TSA employee as a paid Confidential Source (CS).

“The Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) initiated this investigation upon the receipt of information from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) that a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) airport Security Screener had been registered as a paid Confidential Source (CS) for the DEA,” the summary states.

“This investigation was initiated to determine whether it was appropriate for the DEA to register a TSA employee as a CS and pay the employee for providing information to the DEA that the employee obtained during the course of his official duties.”


Missing Dog In Delmar

Mr. Albero ,

We are hoping that you will add this to your blog and maybe whoever has our little girl will see it.

Our little dog has gone missing from Elizabeth Street in Delmar MD. She is very small only 4 1/2 pounds. She is wearing a light purple collar with a green rabies tag. Her name is Raven. She is very friendly. She has been gone since 1/6/16. Please if you see her contact me.

443-359-5454 or 443-359-4099 or 410-422-7483

What's For Dinner: Shortcut Alfredo Lasagna

In the mood for lasagna? Try this creative skillet version featuring cooked chicken, frozen cheese ravioli, fresh broccoli, cream of mushroom soup, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. It’s an easy and delicious way to enjoy all the wonderful flavors of lasagna without all of the work.

What You'll Need

1 can (10 1/2 ounces) Campbell’s® Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup or (10 1/2 ounces) Campbell’s® Condensed 98% Fat Free Cream of Mushroom Soup 
1 cup milk 
1 package (about 24 ounces) square-shaped frozen cheese ravioli (about 48 pieces) 
3 cups coarsely chopped fresh broccoli florets 
3 cups shredded cooked chicken 
1 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese (about 6 ounces) 
1/4 cup shredded Parmesan cheese 

How to Make It

  • 1
    Heat the oven to 350°F.  Stir the soup and milk in a small bowl. 
  • 2
    Spread about 1/4 cup soup mixture in the bottom of an 8x8x2-inch baking dish.  Layer 16 ravioli, 1 1/2 cups broccoli, 1 1/2 cups chicken, 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese and 3/4 cup soup mixture in the baking dish.  Repeat the layers.  Top with the remaining ravioli.  Spoon the remaining soup mixture over the ravioli.  Cover the baking dish.
  • 3
    Bake for 30 minutes.  Uncover the baking dish.  Sprinkle with the remaining mozzarella cheese and Parmesan cheese.
  • 4
    Bake, uncovered, for 15 minutes or until the cheese is lightly browned.  Let stand for 15 minutes before serving.


Martial law-style move would "scare" gun rights groups into submission

A CNN op-ed piece by a leading gun control advocate has called on President Obama to declare a “national state of emergency” so that he can gut the Second Amendment.

Elliot Fineman, of the National Gun Victims Action Council, wants the president to follow through on his recent gun control efforts by “monitoring ammunition sales and banning those on the terror watch list from buying guns.”

This could be achieved without congressional approval by Obama enacting a “National State of Emergency (that) scares the gun lobby and pro-gun lawmakers,” writes Fineman.


But One Life

Operationi We Care Delivers Lunch To Local Law Enforcement

Thanks to Cakes By David for making cakes for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day! They made cakes with department emblems for Operation We Care to deliver along with subs from Sub Runners, chips, soda, and water! Thank your LEOs today!

Trump Warns Britain: Ban Me and You’ll Lose $1B in Investments

( – Britain will lose out on more than $1 billion in planned investment in Scottish golf resorts if it bans Donald Trump from entering the country, the Republican presidential candidate’s company said on Wednesday.

It also warned that the millions of Americans who support Trump would be alienated by such a move.

The Trump Organization issued the caution after a parliamentary committee on Tuesday set a January 18 date for a House of Commons debate on the issue. A petition on the Commons website calling for Trump to be barred has drawn more than 570,700 signatures – well over the 100,000 threshold requiring a debate on a matter.

The petition, which accused Trump of “hate speech,” was triggered by his call last month for Muslims to be temporarily banned from entering the U.S., following the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Calif. by a couple inspired by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

(Ironically, the second-most popular petition out of more than 2,400 on the Commons website calls on the government to “stop all immigration and close the U.K. borders until ISIS is defeated.” That petition, which has more than 455,000 signatures, has yet to have a date set for a parliamentary debate.)


MARINE’S OPEN LETTER To Teary Eyed Obama: You Never Cried For Chatanooga? You Are Free To RESIGN!

Remember the open letter to Michelle Obama that so many Americans felt drive straight to the heart? Same valiant Marine, but this time…our Warrior writes to Obama, and the sham of tears dropped to push his political agenda that leaves us defenseless.

Mr. Obama, you are surrounded by those who only say things you wish to hear. Your tears were nothing more than a creation to justify political agenda. Your advisors should remind you of the things our people cry about. On Sept. 25, 2014 Colleen Hufford, a 54-year-old grandmother and worker at Vaughan Foods in Moore, Okla., was murdered With a kitchen knife, by an Islamic terrorist. She was beheaded for not converting to Islam and we never witnessed a tear from your eyes. On July 16, 2015 five Americans were killed by an Islamic terrorist Mohammad Abdulazeez and again followed by no tears. This country mourned and I had to go on Fox to ask this country to lower their flags.


OC Clean Beach Efforts Pitched

OCEAN CITY — Ocean City officials this week got a look at a pair of initiatives aimed at keeping the beaches in the resort clean, including a progressive “Adopt Your Beach” proposal initiated by the Ocean City Surf Club.

On Tuesday, the Coastal Resources Legislative Committee, or the “Green Team,” debated the merits of the two concurrent initiatives, including the Adopt Your Beach program and the Environmentally Friendly Beach Program. The former is being explored by the Ocean City Surf Club, a grassroots organization that advocates for clean beaches and increased awareness and education, among other things.

The club’s Adopt Your Beach program would solicit volunteers, from schools, businesses, church groups, condo associations and other organizations to take ownership, or perhaps more appropriately stewardship, of “their beach.” Under the program, a group or organization would literally adopt a section of beach in Ocean City, maybe a single block or a group of two or three blocks.


Climate Change Comes In Dead Last On List Of Things That Will Finish Off Mankind

The UK Express has an article about how a super-volcano, specifically the one which comprises Yellowstone, could kill millions. Also, wondering if it is about to blow, which people have been wondering about for a long time. (via Climate Depot)

Instances of volcanic eruptions are their highest for 300 years and scientists fear a major one that could kill millions and devastate the planet is a real possibility.

Experts at the European Science Foundation said volcanoes – especially super-volcanoes like the one at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, which has a caldera measuring 34 by 45 miles (55 by 72 km) – pose more threat to Earth and the survival of humans than asteroids, earthquakes, nuclear war and global warming.

There are few real contingency plans in place to deal with the ticking time bomb, which they conclude is likely to go off within the next 80 years. (snip)


Pelosi: GOP’s New Year’s Resolution Should Be to ‘Quit Their Anti-Women Health Obsession’

( – At a Capitol Hill press conference Thursday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) accused the GOP of obsessing about taking away “life-saving preventative care” from millions of women with their vote Wednesday to defund Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

“Republicans should, a New Year’s resolution would be to quit their anti-women health obsession for the New Year,” Pelosi said.

The House voted 240-181Wednesday to defund Planned Parenthood and repeal key provisions of Obamacare, sending the bill to the president’s desk.


Guns: Bad Journalism and Bad Politics

Are you opposed to “common sense” gun laws? These are what liberals like Hillary Clinton are always proclaiming their support for. In their telling, expanding background checks, closing the “gun show loophole,” and restricting Internet sales will, in the words of liberal columnist E.J. Dionne, “(limit) the carnage on our streets, in our schools and houses of worship, and at our movie theaters.” That’s not an argument — it’s moral grandstanding, and not a word of it holds up under scrutiny.

As someone who doesn’t love guns, and who believes that the Second Amendment does not forbid all regulation of gun ownership, I am open to the idea of gun control. The facts, though, are stubborn things. We’ve always had plentiful guns in this country, but we haven’t always had the frequency of random, mass shootings in public places that have so disturbed us over the past couple of decades.

As many critics, including the fact checker at the Washington Post, have observed, President Obama’s suggestion that “A violent felon can buy the exact same weapon over the Internet with no background check, no questions asked” is rubbish. “A gun dealer must comply with federal laws that require gun sellers to have licenses and perform background checks … without regard for whether the sale is arranged on the Internet or in person,” quoth The Washington Post.

None of the reforms proposed by President Obama would have prevented the awful mass shootings in Newtown or Roseburg or Aurora or San Bernardino. As the AP showed, the killers in those cases legally purchased their weapons and passed background checks; or used straw purchasers (already illegal); or used weapons owned by family members. The Charleston killer should not have passed the background check (he had a drug arrest on his record), but government bungling allowed the purchase to proceed.


The One-Man Rule

"Kings or parliaments could not give the rights essential to happiness, as you confess those invaded by the Stamp Act to be," John Dickinson wrote in 1766.

"We claim them from a higher source — from the King of Kings, and Lord of all the Earth," he said in a public letter he signed simply "A North American."

"They are not annexed to us by parchments and seals," Dickinson said. "They are created in us by the decrees of Providence, which establish the laws of our nature. They are born with us; exist with us; and cannot be taken from us by any human power, without taking our lives. In short, they are founded on the immutable maxims of reason and justice."

Dickinson led the intellectual fight against a British Parliament that was seeking to usurp the authority of colonial assemblies and directly impose taxes on the people of the American colonies — who would have no say in the matter.

Two hundred and fifty years later, President Barack Obama stood in the White House and professed a desire to protect the rights of Americans.

In a speech this week explaining his plan to take unilateral action on gun control, Obama cited "our right to worship freely and safely" and "our inalienable right to life and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" — accurately noting that these rights had been violated by murderers using guns.


Burglary Suspect Caught in the Act

Rehoboth, DE – The Delaware State Police have arrested a Lewes man in connection with a burglary which occurred in the early morning hours today.

The preliminary investigation revealed this incident occurred early today at approximately 2:36 a.m. Saturday January 9, 2016, as Troopers responded to a 9-1-1 call of a burglary in progress in the 19,000 block of Princess Street, Rehoboth. Upon arrival, Troopers observed the suspect, David Fooks, 33 of Lewes, being held down by the 50 year old male victim of the residence. A 10 year old child heard a noise and walked out of his bedroom and observed the suspect in the bathroom knocking over items as well as breaking items in the residence. The 10 year old child screamed for his dad saying someone is in the house. At this time the male victim advised a 42 year old female to get into a room with the children and lock the door. The suspect rushed at the male victim and started to assault him. The suspect threw the male victim to the ground causing the victim to hit the back of his head causing a minor laceration. The victim continued to fight and was able to hold the suspect down until Troopers arrived. The victim sustained minor injury however did not seek medical treatment.

David T. Fooks was transported to the Beebe Hospital for a facial injury. He was treated and released. Fooks was extremely intoxicated and has no known relationship with the victims.

David T. Fooks was taken into custody and transported to Troop 7 where he was processed for the charges of Burglary 1st degree, Assault 3rd degree, Two Counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child and Criminal Mischief. David T. Fooks was arraigned at Justice of the Peace Court 3 and committed to Sussex Correctional Institution in default of $6,750.00 secured bail.

Fundraising Goal Set After Local Family Displaced By House Fire

BERLIN– Surreal.

That’s the only word Tiffanie Nichols can use to describe the devastating fire that destroyed her family’s home just minutes after they were able to escape safely. She and her husband and their three children were in the middle of a quiet Sunday afternoon at home when the fire began.

“The fire started in a back bathroom and spread quickly,” she said. “It seemed like in milliseconds it was a huge fire.”

Though her husband and oldest son tried to put it out, they had to abandon their efforts as the blaze grew out of control. While the fire was eventually extinguished through the efforts of five local fire companies, the Greenbriar Drive home the Nichols spent the past 10 years in was deemed a complete loss.

To help Nichols and her family get back on their feet, longtime friend Jeb Vetock started fundraising with a Go Fund Me page. As of Thursday, more than $5,500 had been raised by 81 people.

“When you see something like this happen you just want to help,” Vetock said. “Sometimes you just need cash to get things going.”


The Cosby-Clinton Media Double Standard

The indictment of Bill Cosby for sexual assault could play an important role in the 2016 campaign. On Comedy Central, leftist "fake news" anchor Larry Wilmore said even if Cosby isn't convicted, a trial is a good thing. "For too long, the women who have accused him of this crime were not being listened to, because they were being silenced by a powerful man and a complicit culture. And, now, finally, regardless of what happens next, they're being heard."

A powerful man, a complicit culture: sounds like Bill Clinton — except the real "news" media will never turn on him.

None of Bill Cosby's accusers were ever slimed by pundits. They've been treated with respect and with care because the alleged crime called for it.

But look how they treated Paula Jones. The body language from the start implied she was trailer trash and deserved it. Kathleen Willey? She was allegedly groped by Clinton, so she was more trash begging to presidentially pawed. Juanita Broaddrick? She accused the president of rape, and the media walked away, never wanting a real answer.


Mathias to focus on relationships during leg. session

State Sen. Jim Mathias (D-38) is heading into his second term in the General Assembly, and he’s coming armed with a number of prefiled bills, including a cost estimate and payment plan for a third bay crossing, allowing for a sales tax exception for utilities on homeowner-association-owned property and new carbon monoxide notification requirements.

Mathias is on a number of committees and subcommittees, including the executive nomination committee, finance committee, joint committees on ending homelessness and administrative, executive and legislative review, as well as the chair of joint committee on the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Critical Area and the select committee on the Eastern Shore. He is also a member of the Veteran’s caucus.

“I’m there to work on relationships. There’s only one of me, but you need 24 in the Senate and 71 in the House — that’s what it takes. You can have the best legislation and lobbyists but you need the right relationships — that’s the No. 1 order of business,” he said. “Both branches have to collaborate — that’s the beginning, middle and end of what we do.” 


Larry Kudlow: Trump Has Hillary 'In a Box' in Attacks on Women's Issues

Donald Trump has Hillary Clinton "in a box" in challenging her commitment to women — "and she knows it," conservative talk-show host Larry Kudlow told Newsmax TV on Thursday.

"Hillary's got big a problem," he told "The Steve Malzberg Show" in an interview. "You're going to hear more of this, not less of this."

Kudlow is an economist and senior contributor to CNBC and is host of the WABC syndicated radio program, "The Larry Kudlow Show."

He told Malzberg that Clinton cannot rely on former President Bill Clinton to sell her to voters.

"She's got to sell herself and have some decent policies, but she doesn’t really have them yet," Kudlow said. "I look for Donald Trump to stay on the attack."


Fewer Countries Are Relying On Death Penalty, But They're Executing More

When Saudi Arabia executed 47 people last week, it marked an ominous start to surpassing the number of people it put to death last year. Human rights groups believe at least 150 people were executed in the kingdom in 2015. Most were beheaded, killed by firing squad or stoned to death.

Although executions are now taking place in fewer and fewer countries, those that do execute prisoners tend to do it in a big way. Richard Clark, the founder of Capital Punishment U.K., which charts executions around the world, says there was a spike in the number of executions in a few countries last year, leading to a worldwide 70 percent rise over the number in 2014.

"Iran significantly increased the number of executions over 2014, roughly from about 480 to 750," he says. "Drug offenders account for the bulk of it."

Other human rights organizations say the number could be as high as 1,000 people. It's hard to know for sure, because Iran is one of the countries that doesn't divulge much information about the death penalty.

Another is China, which might be the leader in executions, says Maya Foa, withReprieve, a human rights organization based in London.




The National Security Agency (NSA) is staring down another spying scandal … this one involving members of the U.S. Congress who were discussing Barack Obama‘s widely pilloried nuclear deal with Iran.

Remember that debacle? We do …

The agency was also spying on Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu – an ardent opponent of the deal – as well as various Jewish groups that were working against it.

Limited government activists were aghast at the latest revelations …

“There is absolutely no excuse for the Obama administration to spy on Congress to gather information on an active piece of legislation, in this case the Iran nuclear deal,” said Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government. “Congress has many roles in foreign policy, including the Treaty Power and consideration of other agreements with foreign governments. There has to be a bright line between those congressional deliberations and the executive branch on these agreements, which members are under no obligation to support. The executive branch can spy on any foreign government it wishes, but the moment it nets deliberations with members of Congress on active legislation, those conversations should have been immediately destroyed, not passed along.”


Is Obama's Hope For Better Fuel Economy Sputtering Out?

There were high-fives this week from Detroit to Washington, D.C. as car makers celebrated record auto sales.

Americans bought 17.5 million cars and trucks in 2015. That's a huge turnaround from 2009, and the Obama administration cheered the rebound as vindication of the president's decision to rescue General Motors and Chrysler from bankruptcy.

"Because of the policy decisions that were made by this administration to place a bet on those workers, America has won, and our economy has been better for it," White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters Wednesday.

There's another element of the president's auto agenda, though, that's not looking so good: the drive for better fuel economy. In 2011, Obama struck a deal with automakers to sharply increase their vehicles' efficiency. The move was designed to save money for consumers. It was also a key ingredient in the president's recipe for reducing heat-trapping carbon pollution linked to climate change.


O’Malley Risks Exclusion In Upcoming Democratic Debate

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is at risk of being excluded from the next Democratic presidential debate based on criteria released Friday by NBC News.

In order to qualify for the January 17 debate in Charleston, South Carolina, a candidate must reach an average of 5 percent either in recent national polls or in polls in the early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina, NBC said.

O’Malley has been polling at about 5 percent in Iowa, but is falling short of that in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and in national surveys. He has trailed Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders by wide margins in the campaign for the party’s nomination.


Reports of sexual assaults spike at military academies

WASHINGTON (AP) — Reports of sexual assaults at the three military academies surged by more than 50 percent in the 2014-15 school year, and complaints of sexual harassment also spiked, according to Pentagon officials.

A senior defense official said that the sharp increases were due largely to students’ growing confidence in the reporting system and expanded awareness programs that over the past several years have included training, videos and information sessions for both students and leaders. The programs have been aimed at making victims more aware of the reporting process and more comfortable seeking help.

But the dramatic increases raise nagging questions about whether criminal assaults and harassment are on the rise or if the numbers actually reflect a growing willingness of victims to come forward.

“I think it’s appropriate for people to feel frustrated about hearing this in the news. Bottom line is that if this were an easy problem, we would have solved it years ago,” said Nate Galbreath, the senior executive adviser for the Pentagon’s sexual assault prevention office. “Unfortunately, this is a very hard problem to solve.”

The Punch Donald Trump Needs To Throw At Bill Clinton


There’s an utterly ridiculous debate taking place in presidential politics this week regarding sexism. You know … because apparently an $18.8 trillion national debt, rampant joblessness, porous borders and radical jihad are too depressing to think about.

Ready? Here goes …

Presumed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton bashed GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump for being sexist. Trump responded by pointing out Clinton’s husband, former president Bill Clinton, pretty much invented that particular “-ism.”

Hillary rushed to protect her husband and … well, advantage Trump.

But if Trump really wants to have some fun at Bill Clinton’s expense, he ought to delve into his economic legacy. Wait … what? Didn’t Clinton preside over the last period of real prosperity in the United States?

Yes … but …

On the way out of office, Clinton’s administration authorized a massive ramp-up in “affordable housing” lending which led – eventually – to the “Great Recession” of 2007-09. Even better for Trump? This $2.4 trillion expansion in ill-conceived home loan mandates (which helped usher in the collapse of America’s sub-prime lending market) was based on the demonstrably untrue belief that minorities were being denied equal access to home loans.

Yeah … political correctness spawned the “Great Recession” people. Look it up.


Trump’s New Advertisement

By Thornton Crowe

Featuring the former President Clinton without verbiage except for Hillary Clinton’s speech about advocating feminism has been causing quite a stir in news outlets since Trump posted it on Instagram has struck a chord. While some will say that it will not help him; how can it not?

It pointedly accentuates the fact that the Clintons have been the biggest offenders to women since their entrance in the Washington scene (and long before.) Voters must remember this as they wad through the cesspools of propaganda during the election season – which seems to start earlier and earlier with each election, much to our chagrin. The spot is actually tastefully done, leaving viewers to connect the dots and the total disconnect between word and deed that permeates the Clintons history.

Please remember, on December 19, 1998, the House of Representatives impeached Clinton for his fraudulence (perjury and obstruction of justice.) The case he was being question involved his activities towards women: sexual harassment and assault. The findings were deeply based in Clinton’s continual abuses towards women over a long time period. While the Senate acquitted him, he still ended up forfeiting his law license in lieu of disbarment. Unfortunately, most of his victims never found justice and were notoriously terrorized by the former First Lady to ‘keep their mouths shut.’

It is good to see Trump represented this hypocrisy with eloquence rather than his usual manner. Perhaps, it will resonate with voters rather than turn them off.

The President of the United States is someone we should aspire to – not someone who brings shame to our nation. Voters seem to look more at the ‘statements’ made by electing certain demographics rather than what the candidate actually stands for and plans for revitalizing the country. This type of frivolous pursuit must cease. Our country needs a strong leader with a moral compass. Bullying sexual assault victims, lying to congressional hearing officials and mishandling of our affairs are not demonstrative of said compass. If anything, it just perpetuates driving women down rather than promoting them, leaves us vulnerable to enemies and shows disrespect to the other representatives we the people elect.

Interesting side script is, during her term as First Lady, Ms. Clinton’s female workers in her direct service were paid much less than their male counterparts. This is known fact. Therefore, this fact alone completely debases her claims that she champions women’s rights and equality.

Voters need to inform themselves – not rely on a tainted, agenda-driven mass media machine to do their thinking for them.

How say you?


The Blacksmiths

In the days before the automobile, the main mode of transportation was the horse. Just as we have to perform periodic maintenance on our cars today, the people had to take care of their horses back then. The occasional task of applying new shoes had to be done. I don’t know if the blacksmiths of the day had any knowledge of veterinary medicine, but they probably could make suggestions to the owner because of his extensive experience with horses.

The earliest listing I have for blacksmiths in Salisbury shows we had six people making a living at it in 1878. Most of the names are familiar locally – names like Gordy, Gray, Mitchell, Sirman, Thoroughgood and Venables. I wonder if the Wm. H. Thoroughgood listed was the father of Lacy Thoroughgood, a longtime Main St. merchant in Salisbury.

By 1891 we only had three listed and they are not any of the ones listed previously. They were C. E. Duffy, J. Duffy and G. E. Marvel. You would think that a blacksmith was a profession that someone would continue for many years, but the name changes tell a different story.

In 1899, the names of Adkins, Lorimer, Morris, Price, Sirman, Twilley & Pollitt and Peter Venables (an Afro-American who had his shop on Lake St.) are listed.

A blacksmith was also a wheelwright. He serviced the many forms of wheeled transportation that people had. This was before the days of the automobile. There was quite a transition when the car became popular and affordable. There were new things to learn and most of the blacksmiths didn’t learn the necessary repairs to cars.

We had a high of eight blacksmiths in 1908, seven in 1916 and none by 1921. One of the early blacksmiths was Charles T. Bradley. He was not listed in 1921, but he showed up again in 1940. Like today, perhaps the cost of inclusion in the directory prevented someone from being listed.

The listing for Twilley & Pollitt in 1899 was the earliest reference to Pollitt I can find. That is also the last blacksmith in Salisbury. I imagine it was his son who kept the business going well into the 1950’s. I remember the shop on Davis Street just off Church Streetbeing there in the 1950’s. By this time it was owned by a Nick Kieffer and advertised that the business had been there for forty years. He was listed in the 1961 phone book at 217 Davis Street. The building is gone now and only a memory exists.

These days they are called farriers and most of them travel from farm to farm with their tools of the trade. There isn’t enough business to set up a company and it would be impossible for someone to ride a horse into town.

Soon after the arrival of the automobile, businesses called service stations started popping up and blacksmiths started disappearing. Sign of the times – End of an era.

Governor Larry Hogan Wages Friendly Bet with Governor Scott Walker Over Redskins-Packers Playoff Game

ANNAPOLIS, MD - Governor Larry Hogan today wagered a friendly bet with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker over the Washington Redskins' playoff game against the Green Bay Packers this Sunday, January 10, 2016. Governor Hogan bet one bushel of Maryland blue crabs, complimentary Old Bay seasoning, and a case of Flying Dog beer to Governor Walker's Wisconsin cheese and sausage, Andes Candies, and Leinenkugel beer.

"I was already looking forward to watching the Redskins beat the Packers this Sunday," said Governor Hogan. "But now I have something extra to look forward to when that shipment from Wisconsin gets here. Of course, nothing beats steamed Maryland blue crabs."

The Washington Redskins play the Green Bay Packers tomorrow, January 10 at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland.

‘Rainy day’ at Snow Hill courthouse

There is such a thing as too much power when it comes to sewer pumps, as county officials learned in 2014, when an overhead sewer pipe burst after two five-horsepower pumps activated simultaneously and sent more … material … through the pipes than they could handle.

The result was not good and this week the county commissioners approved the replacement of all the sewage pumps at the courthouse and Government Center to avoid that sort of thing in the future.

“This event caused extensive damage in a staff break room, as the line was routed overhead and the equipment did not have alarm notification components to alert emergency responders,” Public Works Director John Tustin wrote in his equipment replacement request.


Defog your windows TWICE as fast using SCIENCE- 4 easy steps

MDA: Bird flu could arrive in Maryland by spring

EASTON, Md. (AP) — Maryland Department of Agriculture Secretary Joe Bartenfelder has warned that "bird flu" could arrive in Maryland this spring.

Bartenfelder announced Thursday that high path avian affluenza, also known as bird flu, could be devastating to the poultry industry.

The Department says bird flu is a viral disease that is spread through the feces of wild migratory birds. It is not a human health issue.


Miscellaneous Posts: 2015 Baltimore City Homicides/Murders

This is a list of the 2015 Baltimore City homicide victims and additional information regarding age, incident location, notes, and event proximity to police surveillance cameras . Scroll down for the map and charts.



New Jeans Don't Need Washing for Months

They even have a no-stink guarantee.​

Call it the denimhead's dilemma: You live in your favorite pair of jeans, but eventually, they start smelling like it. Well, one company says they've solved the problem by inventing jeans that never stink or stain, no matter how often you wear them.

ODO Denim has a patent pending on its fabric, which is infused with silver thread that reduces the contact between stain-causing materials and the surface of the fabric. This makes it easier for liquids, including sweat, to just roll right off your jeans without getting absorbed.

Don't believe it? The company posted a video showing honey, water, coffee, and red wine simply spilling off the jeans. And they also did a similar test with a T-shirt and Powerade:



Lone Star Rodeo’s Wild Ride Tour Gallops into the WY&CC

Salisbury, MD – Celebrate an American tradition this winter as the Lone Star Rodeo Company brings its Wild Ride Tour, presented by Cheerwine to the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center for two nights of competition on Friday, Jan. 22 and Saturday, Jan. 23. The Saturday show is brought to you by Bryan & Brittingham.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Just prior to the competition, boys and girls are invited to the arena floor to take part in the Best Dressed Cowboy/Cowgirl Contest and Children’s Gold Rush. Rodeo events get underway at 7:30 p.m. including Bareback Bronc Riding, Saddle Bronc Riding, Brahma Bull Riding and Cowgirls’ Barrel Racing.

Tickets for the Lone Star Rodeo are on sale now. General admission (upper-level, non-reserved seating) is $17 for adults and $13 for children. A VIP Western Experience ticket is available for $25, offering lower-level, reserved seating close to the action. VIP's also benefit from an early 6 p.m. admission with exclusive access to a pre-show down on the dirt with rodeo competitors, rodeo clown and animals. A military discount is offered on all ticket prices. Additional taxes and/or fees may apply to all ticket purchases. For tickets and additional information, please visit

See, Catching Criminals Is Easy

Do You Agree?

IRS future vision plan creates ‘pay-to-play’ climate for taxpayers

The Internal Revenue Service’s plan to address a mounting workload with shrinking resources could have chilling effects on its relationship with its most important customer: the American taxpayer.

In its 2015 annual report to Congress, the National Taxpayer Advocate warned that the IRS needs to weigh the consequences of implementing a number of proposed service changes in its “future state vision.”

“Every day, the IRS faces the daunting task of juggling an increasing and diverse workload involving both revenue collection and benefits payments, with the relentless demands of doing everything in as cost-efficient a manner possible,” wrote National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson in the report. “But for the IRS to do its job well, it must start from the perspective of what government is about — namely, it is of the people, by the people, and for the people. The government is funded by taxes paid by the people. Therefore, the future state vision of the IRS needs to be designed around the needs of the people.”

But the report, which the independent watchdog released Jan. 6, warned the future vision unfairly discourages, and could penalize, compliant taxpayers.