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Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Must See: Incontrovertible - New 9/11 Documentary by Tony Rooke

Troopers Investigate Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash- Bear

Bear, DE - The Delaware State Police Collision Reconstruction Unit is currently investigating a two vehicle crash which occurred this morning in Bear and has claimed the life of one person.

The preliminary investigation has determined that the crash occurred this morning, Sunday, November 29, 2015, at approximately 10:15 a.m., as a male, 20 of Brooklyn, NY was operating a 2003 Ford Explorer and was traveling southbound on Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway (SR 1) south of Red Lion Road. A 2006 GMC Yukon, operated by a female, 31 of Smyrna, was traveling on SR 1 southbound in the right lane ahead of the Ford Explorer. As the Ford Explorer passed to the left of the GMC Yukon it lost control and the right side of the vehicle struck the left side of the Yukon. Both vehicles continued to travel in a southwest direction and struck the guardrail. The Ford Explorer traveled through the guardrail and down an embankment where it came to rest on its driver’s side. The GMC Yukon struck the guardrail and rolled over it and continued down an embankment where it came to rest on its roof.

The operator of the Ford Explorer was properly restrained and the three additional occupants in the vehicle were not properly restrained. The victim, a rear seat passenger, was pronounced deceased at the scene. The driver and two other occupants were removed from the scene by Emergency Medical Services and transported to Christiana Hospital Trauma Center with non-life threatening injuries. Speed and aggressive driving on the part of the operator in the Ford Explorer appear to be factors in this collision. All names are being withheld at this time pending notification of next of kin.

The operator of the GMC Yukon was properly restrained and was transported by Emergency Medical Services to the Christiana Hospital Trauma Center where she was treated and released. The operator’s nine month old daughter, properly restrained in a child restraint seat, was removed from the scene by Emergency Medical Services and transported to the Christiana Hospital Trauma Center for observation and was later released.

Drugs and alcohol do not appear to be a factor in the collision.

The southbound lanes of SR 1 were restricted to one lane for approximately three hours while the collision was investigated and cleared.

This crash remains under investigation by the Delaware State Police Collision Reconstruction Unit and charges are pending at this time.

Today's Survey Question 11-23-15

Ahmed Mohamed seeking $15 million in damages

IRVING, Texas -- Attorneys for the family of Ahmed Mohamed, the Irving high school student who made headlines after being arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school, have sent letters to the city of Irving and the Irving School District demanding apologies and $15 million in damages.

Both letters claim that Mohamed's civil rights were violated, and he and his family have suffered physical and mental anguish because of the ordeal.

The letters claim Ahmed was singled out "because of his race, national origin, and religion."

"Ahmed never threatened anyone, never caused harm to anyone, and never intended to," read the letter to the city. "The only one who was hurt that day was Ahmed, and the damages he suffered were not because of oversight or incompetence. The school and city officials involved knew what they needed to do to protect Ahmed's rights. They just decided not to do it."


What Name Would You Give This Sandwich?

In Your Opinion, What Would A Salisbury Pin Say?

Just One Word


Obama doesn’t care. He’ll do what he damn well pleases.
This comes from the administration that is forcing poverty nuns to provide contraception and ignoring court orders to halt illegal immigration policies.

** The US House voted to halt Obama’s Syrian “refugee” program last week with a veto proof majority.

Obama doesn’t care. He’ll do what he damn well pleases.

Arutz Sheva reported, via Free Republic:


I Know I Would. Would You?

Today's Survey Question 11-27-15

Did you, or did you not, 
drink alcohol on Thanksgiving Day?


BALTIMORE - Thirty nine civil rights, faith, labor, humanitarian, social justice, and immigrant and refugee service provider organizations have joined the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Maryland and the Council on American-Islamic Relations - Maryland (CAIR) in sending a letter to Governor Larry Hogan in support of welcoming Syrian refugees and in opposition to the governor's current policy of requesting that the federal government not send Syrian refugees to Maryland.

"It is vital that Governor Larry Hogan understand that there is strong and growing support for welcoming Syrian refugees to Maryland," said Sirine Shebaya, staff attorney directing ACLU of Maryland's immigrant's rights advocacy. "Singling out refugees makes no sense, since they are the most extensively vetted group of immigrants ever to enter the United States. We call on Governor Hogan to reject discriminatory, fear-mongering calls to ban Syrian refugees from our country and instead welcome them to our state."

"We have a moral obligation to recall our shared humanity as the refugee settlement debate rages on," said Zainab Chaudry. "Our country is a country of immigrants who enrich and strengthen it. As the world witnesses a humanitarian crisis of unparalleled proportions in recent years, we cannot allow the politics of xenophobia and bigotry to persuade us to turn our backs on these refugees who need our help the most."

Quote from the letter: "The world is witnessing the largest refugee crisis since World War II. More than 4 million Syrians have fled from their home country to escape conflict and violence, and 6.5 million are internally displaced. Maryland has a long and proud tradition of welcoming with open arms those who flee persecution and death. We urge you to reconsider your statement asking that Syrian refugees not to be directed to our state, and to stand with your constituents in upholding that proud tradition."

List of organizations:

Doctor’s Blunt Talk With Teen Appalls Parent, Raises Questions About Suitable Dialogue

OCEAN CITY — A recent doctor’s visit for a local mother and her teenage daughter took what the mom felt was an inappropriate and explicit turn, raising questions about suitable communication between doctors and their young patients.

Ocean Pines resident Amanda Lanier says she decided to visit a new doctor last week in order to get her 13-year-old daughter the Meningitis vaccination because, based on her insurance, she would’ve had to pay more than $200 out of pocket at her primary care physician’s practice.

So, she went to Atlantic General Primary Care in West Ocean City and met with a female doctor.

“She was nice at first, and tried to calm my daughter down because she is not a fan at all of going to the doctor’s office,” said Lanier, “and she is even less of a fan of shots.”

Yet, Lanier says that when the conversation steered toward teen issues, things quickly went south.

“She said to my daughter, I want to talk to you about things kids are doing at your age,” said Lanier. “She went on to tell her about drugs, and then she started asking her if kids were doing dares in her school.”


DC To Honor Crack Smoking Ex-Mayor With Statue and School

The District of Columbia marked the one year anniversary of former Mayor Marion Barry’s death with the announcement that it will build a statue of Barry outside City Hall.

A commission brought together by Mayor Muriel Bowser culled a list of 30 suggestions on how to commemorate Barry, a longtime D.C. politician who gained wide noteriety after he was caught smoking crack in a hotel room, down to just four.

Those ideas, according to Bowser, reflect the areas where Barry had the largest impact on the city — youth, education, community and government.

So to honor Barry, the city plans to erect a statue in front of City Hall, rename a road in his honor, rename Frank W. Ballou Senior High School in Ward 8 where Barry served as a council member and name the new student center at the University of the District of Columbia after Barry.


Chicago officials urge protesters to be 'peaceful' as video showing police officer shooting of black teen is released

Officials in Chicago urged protesters to be "peaceful" as a dash-cam video showing a white Chicago police officer shooting and killing a black teenager was released Tuesday. A state prosecutor said the release prompted her to move up the announcement of the officer’s murder charge out of concern the footage would spark violence.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said the first-degree murder charge against Jason Van Dyke, who shot 17-year-old Laquan McDonald 16 times on Oct. 20, 2014, represented a "challenge" to the city, but that it also represented a moment of "understanding and learning."

"It is fine to be passionate, but it is essential to remain peaceful," he told reporters at a news conference late Tuesday.


Yes or No?

Father and Son Talk

A young Arab boy asks his father, "What is that weird hat you are wearing?"

The father said, "Why, it's a 'chechia' because in the desert it protects our heads from the intense heat of the sun."

"And what is this type of clothing that you are wearing?" asked the young man.

"It's a 'djbellah' because in the desert it is very hot and it protects the body." said the father.

The son asked, "And what about those ugly shoes on your feet?

His father replied, "These are 'babouches", which keep us from burning our feet from hot sand in the desert."

"So tell me then," added the boy.

"Yes, my son?"

"Why are you living in Dearborn, Michigan, and still wearing all this shit?

French Interior Minister Moves to Shut Down All Mosques and Muslims are FURIOUS

France is not messing around with preventing Islamic terrorism after the Paris attacks. Their latest move is to hit the terrorists at home, in the mosques where Muslims are radicalized.

Leaders in France have announced that they are planning to close down any Mosques which allow extremist clerics to preach following the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris which took the lives of over 130 innocent people.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said he wants the dissolution of ‘mosques where hate is preached.’

Following the Charlie Hebdo attack, France has deported over 20 radical clerics and now there will be a hell of a lot more.


Can police stop people for cursing?

PASADENA, Md. —Is using an obscenity enough to get you stopped by police? An arrest caught on camera in a suburban community brings it to light.

The arrest of Brandon Dennis, recorded by a bystander, did not happen because he's wanted for a crime. What happened that day in September in the Pasadena area of Anne Arundel County all started because of the "F" word that an Anne Arundel County police officer heard as he drove by Dennis' house.

"Me and my friends was in the driveway, and he was on the wrong side of the road, and I am like, he's looking hard, like, 'What's is the problem?' Like, he must thought I said 'F' him. I was talking to my friends, actually, and he thought I was talking to him and I wasn't."

The officer, on his way home at the end of his shift, chose to stop his car. In his charging document, he wrote, "I turned the vehicle around and approached Dennis. I asked him what he said."

The "F" word flew again.


Funeral business thrives as Baltimore's homicide rates soar

BALTIMORE —There have been 309 homicides this year in Baltimore compared to 194 this time last year.

But there is something most of people may not think about: Each number represents a person who has to be properly buried. Some local funeral homes are working hard to keep up with the pace.

It isn't an across-the-board problem. Many of the larger funeral homes are not seeing an increase, but some of the smaller community-based ones say the pace has been exhausting.

Baltimore's homicide rate has skyrocketed in the months since the April riots to levels not seen in decades. John Williams, who owns a funeral home in Park Heights knows that all too well.


Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan rejects pressure to welcome Syrian refugees

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is standing firm in his opposition to resettling Syrian refugees in the state, despite assurances from top U.S. officials and growing criticism from advocates who say his stance does not reflect American values.

Abo Omar, 27, and Yahya Sharaeebi, 47, Syrian refugees who live in Baltimore, joined dozens of demonstrators Monday in Annapolis to urge Hogan (R) to change his position.

Omar, who resettled just four days ago, invited the governor to meet with his family to see a “true picture of the Syrian people as peaceful.”

Hours later, Christian and Jewish faith leaders delivered a petition to the governor’s State House office calling on him to welcome refugees. They said they had gathered signatures from about 100 other faith leaders in the state.


Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to travel to Paris next week

BALTIMORE —Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake will travel to Paris next week to participate in the United Nations convention on climate change, spokesman Howard Libit confirmed.

Rawlings-Blake is the president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors and will lead the delegation in Paris.

According to the Board of Estimates Agenda, the mayor will participate in the Climate Summit for Local Leaders as well as a Day of Action at Le Bourget.


Colbert’s Late Night Ratings Tank As Republicans Abandon the Show

Stephen Colbert’s late night ratings down thanks to Republicans alienating the show.

According to a Hollywood Reporter poll just released, Colbert has successfully alienated self-described Republicans who see what’s being offered on a nightly basis and exploring or staying with other options. And with the country as polarized as it is, the host is thereby saying goodbye to half his potential audience, which can’t be a sound business model.

Per The Hollywood Reporter‘s survey of 1000 late-night viewers aged 18-65, only 17 percent of those identified themselves as Republican watch Colbert, while attracting 47 percent of those who identify as Democrats, a 30-point gap. But more liberals watch late-night TV than stuffy, old conservatives, right? Guess again. In Kimmel’s case, the split is 34 percent Democrats, 33 percent Republicans. In Fallon’s case, it’s 36-31 Democrats.


Turkish F-16 shoots down Russian fighter jet near Syria border

A Turkish F-16 fighter jet shot down a Russian war plane near the border with Syria Tuesday in an incident that raises the possibility of conflict between Moscow and NATO.

A U.S. official confirmed to Fox News that the Russian Sukhoi-24 was downed by an air-to-air missile near the town of Hatay, north of the port city of Latakia. The official said the aircraft's two pilots ejected from the plane and were last seen trying to evade capture.

The official added that the Russian jet was warned three times to depart Turkish airspace.

A statement from Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu's office said the Turkish leader spoke with Turkey's military chief and foreign ministry about the incident. It said Davutoglu would start "initiatives" within NATO and the United Nations.


Can You Relate?

Caption This Photo 11-23-15

State Department Issues Worldwide Travel Alert For US Citizens

WASHINGTON (WJZ) — The U.S. State Department has alerted all citizens of possible risks of travel due to increased terrorist threats.

Current information suggests that ISIL, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and other terrorist groups are planning attacks in multiple regions.
These attacks may employ a wide variety of tactics, using conventional and non-conventional weapons and targeting both official and private interests. This Travel Alert expires on February 24, 2016.

Additionally, there is a continuing threat from unaffiliated persons planning attacks inspired by major terrorist organizations but conducted on an individual basis. Extremists have targeted large sporting events, theatres, open markets, and aviation services. In the past year, there have been multiple attacks in France, Nigeria, Denmark, Turkey, and Mali. ISIL has claimed responsibility for the bombing of a Russian airliner in Egypt.

U.S. citizens should exercise vigilance when in public places or using transportation. Be aware of immediate surroundings and avoid large crowds or crowed places. Exercise particular caution during the holiday season and at holiday festivals or events.


Students Start 'White Student Union'... Here's What Happened IMMEDIATELY

If groups of black, Latino and Asian students all had their own race-exclusive clubs at a prominent American University, it would only stand to reason that white students should be able to form a union of their own, right?

Not only would it be fair, but it would also fall under this oft-overlooked amendment to the United States Constitution — The First Amendment.

Unfortunately, administrators at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign apparently aren’t fans of our founding document, because the moment white students set up a Facebook page for a new “white union” in response to a Black Lives Matter group disrupting their lives on campus, staffers were on the phone with Facebook requesting that the page be taken down.

And Facebook complied.

It started when, according to The Washington Post, a group of students formed the “Illini White Students Union” Facebook page with a mission statement that said the page was “for white students of University of Illinois to be able to form a community and discuss our own issues as well as be able to organize against the terrorism we have been facing from Black Lives Matter activists on campus.”


Mayor Day Gives Tour Of Downtown Salisbury

Mayor Day gave attendees of the Maryland Economic Development Association's Rural Development Conference a tour of Downtown Salisbury. #MEDA #SBY
Posted by City of Salisbury, Maryland on Monday, November 23, 2015

A Viewer Writes: Peaky's Ocean City, MD

Just a quick heads up that Peaky's Rooftop Restaurant (located at 138th st in Ocean City, MD) unexpectedly closed for good on Sunday morning. I would suggest that your readers avoid planning events at their second location in Princess Anne, as they vacated their Ocean City location unexpectedly and without notice. Reservations for events such as Thanksgiving dinner, New Year's Eve, And individual social club meetings and weddings/events were voided and cancelled without notice. Now my family and I have to go through the hassle of finding a new dining option for Thanksgiving in off season Ocean City when we had made reservations far in advance.

Police: 300 weapons recovered at gun exchange in Prince George’s

Dave Carlin, of Uncommon Arms in Kensington, Md., staked out the parking lot entrance of First Baptist Church of Glenarden to try to buy people’s firearms before they turned them in for destruction. (WTOP/Dick Uliano)
UPPER MARLBORO, Md. — On Saturday, Prince George’s County police partnered with First Baptist Church of Glenarden, in Upper Marlboro, and its sister church Zion, in Landover, to remove guns from the community.

“We’re tired of hearing the tragedies of both violence and accidents and kids getting guns and shooting other kids,” says Pastor John Jenkins.

The churches raised more than $30,000 to provide gift cards used to exchange handguns, rifles and shotguns, which are slated for destruction. So many people showed up, the church was forced to restock its supply of gift cards.


New Poll Shows Sheila Dixon Is Front-Runner To Win Baltimore Mayoral Race

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A new poll is out Sunday and it clearly shows former Mayor Sheila Dixon way out in front. The poll was conducted by the Baltimore Sun and the University of Baltimore and is the first snapshot of what Baltimore voters think.

Mary Bubala has more.

It’s a crowded field of 14 Democrats and this is the first time we’ve seen who voters think should be the next mayor of Baltimore.

In the months since Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced she’s leaving office and won’t run for another term, many faces have entered the race to replace her. But one standing out is former Mayor Sheila Dixon.


Obama administration writes to Gov. Hogan on Syrian refugees

WASHINGTON -- Refugees from Syria undergo an "extraordinary thorough and comprehensive" screening process that is "multi-layered and intensive" senior officials in the Obama administration wrote to Gov. Larry Hogan in a letter this week.

"We want to emphasize that no one has a right to be resettled in the United States as a refuge," according to the five-page letter, which was obtained Saturday by The Baltimore Sun. "If the expert screener fails to be satisfied…the applicant will not be resettled in the United States."

The letter, the latest effort by the Obama administration to ease concerns about Syrian refugees following the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris, was signed by Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson. It was dated Friday.


Lawmaker Says Hogan Needs To Explain Refugee Policy

A state lawmaker who came to this country as a child in the 1970's from what was then the Soviet Union says Governor Larry Hogan's policy on allowing Syrian refugees to come into Maryland is unfair, and leaves several questions unanswered.

Montgomery County Delegate Kirill Reznik, who was brought to this country as 4-year-old child by his parents, older brother and one of his grandparents, says the governor has not explained what is wrong with the federal government's current screening process for refugees.

This past Tuesday Hogan said that he would request the federal government "cease any additional settlements of refugees...until the U.S. government can provide appropriate assurances that refugees from Syria pose no threat to public safety."


These are the refugees In Europe

"Those are the "refugees" we receive daily in Europe. They're destroying our islands in greece. They fight every day and terrorize locals and tourists.

They already run the place and police aren't allowed to do anything about. DO NOT listen to liberal media lies.

They will not show you what we see every day here. Almost all of those "refugees" are military-aged men. We're under occupation."

(From a Greek man)

Facebook, Covering Delmarva's Corners

Push to observe Muslim holidays at Frederick County Public Schools stalled by terror attacks

Muslims in Frederick County are not sure it is the right time to request the same religious recognition that the Montgomery County school system is giving its Muslim residents.

Montgomery County decided to close schools on an important Muslim holiday, Eid al-Adha, starting next year. The Frederick County school system is in the final stages of setting the school calendar without recognizing that holiday, or another major day for Muslims, Eid al-Fitr.

Eid al-Adha occurs during the lunar month that includes the hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. Eid al-Fitr is the first day of the month after Ramadan’s month of fasting, and it is of particular importance, said Dr. Syed Haque, president of the Frederick County Muslim Council.


The John Fredericksen Rule of Thinking

Handgun Seizure/ Illegal Possession of Handgun

Date and Time: November 22, 2015 @ 0106 hrs

Location: Rt 113 @ Nocking Landing Rd, Berlin, MD

Vehicle(s): Gray Chrysler, MD registration 8BL3139

Accused: Daquan Tymar Mills ( 08/25/1992 )

Charges: Possession Hangun

On 11/23/2015 at 0106 hrs, TFC Marshall was conducting traffic enforcement on Rt 113 @ Nock Landing Rd. At that time, he observed a vehicle that appeared to be traveling above the posted speed limit of 45 mph. After obtaining a digital reading of 58 mph in the 45 zone he initiated a traffic stop on a gray Chrysler passenger bearing MD registration. Upon making contact with the driver, Marshall observed several criminal indicators at which time a K9 scan was completed with a positive alert. Marshall subsequently performed a search of the vehicle. During the search, he located a chrome plated .380 Davis Industries handgun. The handgun had a loaded magazine containing 5 cartridges. The suspect, Daquan Mills was subsequently placed under arrest. The Maryland Gun Center was contacted who advised the gun was not registered to Mills and Mills is a convicted felon and prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm.

Mills was arrested and charged with several weapons violation, the most significant being, Illegal possession of a handgun by a convicted felon. Mills was taken before a District Commissioner

Breaking News Several Fire Departments Dispatched To the Airport

Stations 6, 1, 2, 7, 16, 3 and 11 have been dispatched to the Salisbury Airport for an Alert 2. Plane advising they are having a complete brake failure.  Airport advised they do not have a plane scheduled to land for at least an hour.  This appears to be a private aircraft. 

Plane was able to land safely. 

Units have been given the all clear to return to their stations. 

Lawyer For Displaced Disney Workers: 1,200 American Workers In N.Y. Are Training Their Foreign Replacements

Sara Blackwell, the Florida attorney representing the former Disney workers that were replaced by foreign workers told Breitbart News Daily that there are 1,200 Americans in New York who will suffer the same fate as the Disney workers.

“Right there in New York, 1,200 Americans are training their replacements” Blackwell said. Adding that it’s also, “happening at AT&T right now.”

Blackwell is the attorney representing the 23 Disney workers who are preparing to suing Disney after they lost their job to foreign workers.

This week, she filed a complaint with the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on behalf of the former workers alleging that they are victims of national origin discrimination.

“I think that it’s an immigration reform issue, but more than that it’s a discrimination issue, it’s an American issue,” Blackwell told Breitbart News Daily host Steve K. Bannon.