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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


BALTIMORE -- Earlier today at each of the Maryland Food Bank's three facilities, representatives from the Maryland State Police and the Maryland Department of Transportation joined food bank executives in welcoming a caravan of squad cars, trucks, buses and other official vehicles stuffed to the brim with 33,405 pounds of donated food. The loaded vehicles convened at the food bank locations in Baltimore, Salisbury, and Hagerstown to deliver and weigh donations gathered from across the state during Hunger Action Month.

"This outpouring of support is absolutely overwhelming," said Deborah Flateman, Maryland Food Bank president & CEO. "We are truly grateful to each and every person who donated a dollar or a can of food, as well as to all of our partners who, quite literally, did the heavy lifting. The passion to end hunger in Maryland is palpable."

Throughout September, food donations from generous Marylanders were received at all Maryland State Police barracks as well as select State Highway Administration buildings, Motor Vehicle Administration offices and inspection stations, BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport, the Port of Baltimore, and even in designated toll lanes at the Baltimore Harbor and Fort McHenry tunnels, as well as other Maryland roadways.

New this year, an online option to donate through the food bank's virtual food drive platform added to the success, allowing supporters to designate specific food items to be purchased with their cash donations. Those still interested in donating can do so online at

Today's weigh-ins wrapped up yet another successful Hunger Action Month, which for the first time included a challenge to Maryland's elected officials to "be a voice" on social media and help bring awareness to the issue of hunger. Elected officials ranging from Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley to Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, as well as state senators and gubernatorial candidates, uploaded selfies with personal messages about ending hunger in Maryland. To see who took part in the challenge, search #BeAVoiceMFB on Twitter and Facebook.

Transgenderism Is A Mental Illness, Not A Civil Rights Issue

If someone came to a doctor and asked him to cut off a perfectly healthy arm because it just felt “wrong” for the arm to be there, should the doctor do it? This isn’t an idle question because this does happen with a mental illness called Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID). People who have it feel as if they’re not supposed to have a certain body part, like an arm or leg. As a general rule, doctors won’t remove a healthy body part; so some of these poor deluded people crush, mangle, burn, or otherwise deliberately destroy their own arms or legs in order to get a surgeon to slice them off.

This raises a question: Are surgeons who refuse to remove healthy limbs from people with BIID doing them a service because they’re mentally ill or are they denying them their civil rights? MOST of us would say that a surgeon who refuses to cut off a healthy leg is doing the right thing.

Of course, not everyone would agree. In fact, there are some people who will tell you that mental illness is a “super power.”

Members of the mad pride movement do not always agree on their aims and intentions. For some, the objective is to continue the destigmatization of mental illness. A vocal, controversial wing rejects the need to treat mental afflictions with psychotropic drugs and seeks alternatives to the shifting, often inconsistent care offered by the medical establishment. Many members of the movement say they are publicly discussing their own struggles to help those with similar conditions and to inform the general public.


Middle School Team Pulls Off "Ugly Kardashian" Trick Play

One middle school recently pulled off one of the most creative--and creatively named--trick plays we've seen.

 Was it a great idea or just unfair?

GRAPHIC Disturbing video exposes cattle abuse

She Woke Up to Sound of Her ‘Stalker’ Kicking in Her Door. He Was Left in ‘Disbelief’ at What Was Waiting for Him on the Other Side.

In a blog post, the victim explained that she was forced to move, get a restraining order, and obtain a concealed carry permit after Jackson started “stalking” her. Further, she’s apparently had to go to extreme lengths to keep Jackson out of her home, including sleeping with a chair in front of the door.

The woman seemingly penned the blog post, titled “I shot my stalker tonight,” following the terrifying incident and told her story:
I’m writing this staring at the mess the police left for me, in a bit of a fog. After 6 months of stalking and threats against my life my stalker finally snapped and decided to kick my door in and make good on his promise.


Walking Is the Super food of Exercise

Walking may never become as trendy as CrossFit, as sexy as mud runs or as ego-boosting as Ironman races but for fitness experts who stress daily movement over workouts and an active lifestyle over weekends of warrior games, walking is a super star.

For author and scientist Katy Bowman, walking is a biological imperative like eating. In her book, “Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement," she suggests there are movement nutrients, just like dietary nutrients, that the body needs.

“Walking is a superfood. It’s the defining movement of a human,” said Bowman, a biomechanist based in Ventura, California. “It’s a lot easier to get movement than it is to get exercise.”

Researchers say emerging evidence suggests that combined physical activity and inactivity may be more important for chronic disease risk than physical activity alone.

“Actively sedentary is a new category of people who are fit for one hour but sitting around the rest of the day," Bowman said. “You can’t offset 10 hours of stillness with one hour of exercise.”


By Doni Glover,

(BALTIMORE - September 30, 2014) - To say the least, I found last week’s news on WBAL TV 11 about statements by Larry Hogan very interesting. Hogan, the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Maryland, asserts a financial connection between Governor Martin O'Malley's Democratic Governors Association (DGA) fundraising and the Health Care Exchange contracts. Now, the Republicans believe that the money donated to the DGA is being funneled into Anthony Brown's campaign.

So, I asked the Hogan camp for more details.

This is the overview they shared:

• Governor O’Malley led the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) as chairman from 2010 to 2012 and immediately thereafter assumed the role of finance director, leading the organization’s fundraising efforts.

• UnitedHealth Group, the parent company of Optum/QSSI, donates $375,000 to the DGA in 2011 and $275,000 to the DGA in 2012. CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) donates $25,000 to the DGA in 2012. The Blue Cross Blue Shield Administration, an association of 37 independent locally operated BCBS companies, donates $525,000 dollars to the DGA from 2011 to 2014.


Allah Made Me Do It

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before.

A Muslim convert who recently became very religious beheads a woman while reportedly shouting Islamic phrases. The authorities rush to convince everyone in sight that it has nothing to do with Islam.

I’m not talking about Alton Nolen in Oklahoma at the end of September, but Nicholas Salvador in the UK at the beginning of September. Salvador, a Nigerian Muslim convert, beheaded an 82-year-old European woman with a foot-long blade. Nolen killed a 54-year-old American woman with a 10-inch blade.

The bios of both men are fairly similar to the beheaders of British soldier Lee Rigby. The perpetrators were Nigerian converts to Islam. Alton Nolen was a black convert to Islam. They had a history of criminal behavior followed by a conversion to Islam and the inevitable bloody ending.


Who’s A Seaman? Supreme Court May Chart The Waters

EWELL, Md. (AP) — William Smith Dize’s life revolved around water.

The boat captain worked the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, and when he wasn’t operating a boat, he was working on them and around the dock.

But when Dize got sick and sued his employer in 2008, claiming a boat maintenance project led to a deadly respiratory illness, he quickly found himself navigating stormy waters.

His bosses said his work did not qualify him to be a “seaman,” a designation needed to sue his employer under a federal law.



FRANKFORD, Del. (AP) -- American schools are scrambling to provide services to the large number of children and teenagers who crossed the border alone in recent months.

Unaccompanied minors who made up the summer spike at the border have moved to communities of all sizes, in nearly every state, Federal data indicates, to live with a relative and await immigration decisions. The Supreme Court has ruled that schools have an obligation to educate all students regardless of their immigration status, so schools have become a safe haven for many of the tens of thousands of these young people mostly from central America living in limbo.

Delaware's rural Sussex County has long attracted immigrants, partly because of work in chicken factories, and soybean and corn fields. The district's population is more than one-quarter Hispanic, and for years has offered an early learning program for non-English speakers.

Still, officials were caught off guard by about 70 new students mostly from Guatemala - part of the wave crossing the border - enrolling last year, mostly at Sussex Central High School. The Indian River School District over the summer break quickly put together special classes for those needing extra English help.


Hollywood’s attack on men: Will the industry change its gender stereotyping following UN summit?

LOS ANGELES – “I’ve seen my father’s role as a parent being valued less by society,” actress Emma Watson, an Ivy League graduate and a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador, said in a now-celebrated speech at the United Nations last week. “We don’t often talk about men being imprisoned by gender stereotypes but I can see that they are.”

And perhaps nowhere is male gender stereotyping more prevalent than in the entertainment and advertising industries, which have made billions in the past few decades portraying adult males as lazy, clueless, emasculated idiots. Think everything from “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” “Super Bad” and “The Hangover” to ABC’s “Modern Family,” “Man Up” and television’s beloved Homer Simpson.

Watson works with the HeForShe initiative, which encourages men to stand up for women’s equality—but the actress also brought an important point into the spotlight: Men are plagued by gender stereotypes too. Will her highly praised speech spur a change in Hollywood? Or will the industry continue to tear males down by portraying them as lovable idiots who ought to be banned from the domestic sphere?


Andy Harris Comments About First Diagnosed Case Of Ebola In The US

The first case of ebola has been diagnosed in the US. While this is concerning, it is important to remember a few things. Ebola currently spreads from direct contact with bodily fluids from a patient already sick with the virus, it does not spread through the air. Hospitals in the US have isolation units and the capacity to treat those with ebola. The CDC and health care providers are the best in the world and should be able to prevent significant spreading. Some drug treatments for ebola look promising, but the FDA must work with industry to remove red tape and quickly get safe treatments to patients.

No, America isn’t Communist. It’s only 70% Communist.

“The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workers of the world, unite!”

Most people remember Karl Marx’s most potent points and phrases, and the mountain of corpses his disciples left behind, especially in the 20th century.

However, most forget or don’t even know the specific policies that Marx advocated.

Within his 1848 Communist Manifesto, Marx outlined a list of ten short-term demands. These, he thought, would be the precursor to the ideal stateless, classless communist society.

Ironically in today’s world, Marx’s demands look pretty much mainstream.

That is because nearly every single item on the list has been implemented to varying degrees in the United States.


CASA VOTING: Organizations Team Together To Push For Immigrant Voting And Rights

Caption This Photo 9-30-14

Local Pot Laws Change This Week

WASHINGTON -- Under a bill passed by the Maryland General Assembly in April, penalties for possessing marijuana will loosen statewide later this week.

Starting Wednesday, Oct. 1, possessing a small amount of marijuana will no longer be a crime.

According to the measure, which is labeled SB 364, having less than 10 grams of marijuana will be a civil offense, similar to a traffic ticket.

It will not lead to a criminal record or carry jail time.


Ron Paul Explains Why The "Scottish Referendum Gives Reasons To Be Hopeful"

Even though it ultimately failed at the ballot box, the recent campaign for Scottish independence should cheer supporters of the numerous secession movements springing up around the globe.

In the weeks leading up to the referendum, it appeared that the people of Scotland were poised to vote to secede from the United Kingdom. Defeating the referendum required British political elites to co-opt secession forces by promising greater self-rule for Scotland, as well as launching a massive campaign to convince the Scots that secession would plunge them into economic depression.

The people of Scotland were even warned that secession would damage the international market for one of Scotland’s main exports, whiskey. Considering the lengths to which opponents went to discredit secession, it is amazing that almost 45 percent of the Scottish people still voted in favor of it.


Investigation: Balt. Police Brutality Settlements Cost Taxpayers $11.5M

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The allegations revealed in a Baltimore Sun investigation. They involve people who suffered broken bones, head trauma and even death—allegedly after altercations with city police.

Mike Hellgren, in partnership with the Sun, takes you inside these troubling cases.

For years, Baltimore City police have grappled with excessive force complaints. Now an exhaustive Baltimore Sun investigation revealed more than 100 people have won settlements and judgments that, along with legal fees, cost city taxpayers $11.5 million over the past four years.

Victims include a pregnant accountant, a woman selling church raffle tickets, a deacon, an 87-year-old grandmother and another grandmother, Barbara Floyd. The city paid her $30,000. She said she was trying to get her grandson into her house when officers claimed she was interfering with his arrest.


6 foods that help fight the flu

Getting your flu shot isn't the only way you can help prevent the flu. What you eat can also help lower your odds of coming down with a nasty bug, says Rachel Berman, R.D., health content manager for Check out her favorite flu-preventing foods:

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are full of zinc, which helps white blood cells fight off illness. Try these Sweet and Spicy Pepita Clusters to get your fix.

Sweet and Spicy Pepita Clusters -


This fish is an excellent source of selenium, which helps protect cells from free-radical damage and boosts your immunity. Try this healthy Mediterranean Tuna Sandwich to ward off the flu in a delicious way.


Pediatricians Urge IUDs Or Implants For Teen Girls

Teen girls who have sex should use IUDs or hormonal implants - long-acting birth control methods that are effective, safe and easy to use, the nation's most influential pediatricians' group recommends.

In an updated policy, the American Academy of Pediatrics says condoms also should be used every time teens have sex, to provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases that other forms of birth control don't provide, and to boost chances of preventing pregnancy.

Condoms alone are the most common birth control choice among teens, but with typical use they're among the least effective methods at preventing pregnancy. Both long-acting methods are nearly 100 percent effective, with lower failure rates than birth control pills, patches and injections, the academy says.


“Women for Hogan” kickoff to spotlight breast cancer and domestic violence awareness on Wed., Oct. 1

ANNAPOLIS, MD – This Wednesday, October 1, the Hogan for Governor campaign will put a spotlight on Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month, both of which are celebrated in October, by kicking off its “Women for Hogan” campaign on Lawyer’s Mall. The event will feature appearances by Larry Hogan; Hogan’s daughter Jaymi, the star of his most recent TV campaign ad; and advocates for women’s issues.

“I am looking forward to joining women of all ages on Lawyer’s Mall this Wednesday—women who are working tirelessly to put an end to two devastating diseases, breast cancer and domestic violence,” Hogan said.

Nationwide, more than 230,000 cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed this year; 4,700 of them will be in Maryland. And according to the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence, 50 people lost their lives to domestic violence in Maryland last year.

The event will kick off on Wednesday, Oct. 1, at 4 p.m. on Lawyer’s Mall in Annapolis, just behind the State House. The event is open to the public and to the media. The campaign asks attendees to wear pink and/or purple to show their support for these two important causes.

SFD Calls For Service 9-29-14

  • Monday September, 29 2014 @ 16:18Nature: Emergency UnknownCity:Salisbury
  • Monday September, 29 2014 @ 15:55 Nature: Odor InvestigationAddress: 700 E Lincoln Ave
  • Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Monday September, 29 2014 @ 15:00Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Monday September, 29 2014 @ 14:22Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Monday September, 29 2014 @ 12:21Nature: Emergency UnknownCity:Salisbury

Senate Sponsor Exposes The Real Reason For The Fed

Robert Latham Owen was a part-Cherokee Democratic Senator from Oklahoma between 1907 and 1925 who (ironically) championed efforts to strengthen public control of government.

He is, however, best-known as a co-sponsor of a bill that would change the world forever - The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (which enabled the Federal Reserve System).

Writing later in his life, he reflected (as so many political leaders do once they leave office) on the real reason for the Federal Reserve Act...


Paralysis Link Suspected as Enterovirus Spreads

Simon Humphrey spent nine days in a Colorado hospital room fighting for his life.

Humphrey, 13, is one of hundreds of children across the country stricken by Enterovirus 68.

He later had problems moving his limbs.

"I couldn't move my legs," he told ABC News. "The muscles in my arms could barely lift the weight of my hands."

Humphrey is showing signs of improvement after the temporary paralysis. But his struggle reflects an emerging concern; young patients with respiratory infections later having trouble moving their arms and legs.

Investigators with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are searching for links between Enterovirus D-68 and paralysis. Nine patients at Children’s Hospital Colorado – all age 18 or younger – have experienced some level of paralysis. Four of the patients tested positive for Enterovirus D-68 but, so far, doctors have not confirmed a link between the respiratory infections and paralysis. Experts say it could take a week before conclusive test results emerge.

Six of the eight children tested were found to be positive for a rhinovirus or enterovirus, and four of those cases were found to be the Enterovirus 68. The other two cases were still pending.


The College Majors With The Biggest Lifetime Earnings

Students who study chemical engineering as undergraduates will, on average, make the most money of any college major over their lifetimes, earning more than $2 million, according to a new study from The Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution.

The report — called "Major Decisions: What Graduates Earn Over Their Lifetimes" — tracks data from the Census Bureau to determine which college majors yield the largest financial rewards over a graduate's lifetime. Unsurprisingly, engineering degrees topped the list, while education and arts majors were found closer to the bottom.

However, as The Washington Post notes, "these rankings exclude people with graduate degrees, which leaves out doctors, lawyers, and professors," which explains the potentially low ranking of majors that traditionally go on to law school or medical school.


"This Is What We Do" Warns 2nd Oklahoman ISIS-Supporter Arrested For Threatening To Behead Co-Worker

It appears the appeal of ISIS-supporting beheadings in Oklahoma is growing. In what can only be described as an uncomfortable coincidence for the state, a 2nd Oklahoma man was arrested Friday for threatening to behead a co-worker. As The Oklahoman reports [3], Jacob Mugambi Muriithi, 30, who was recently fired from his job at a nursing home, threatened a female christian co-worker that he "represented ISIS and that ISIS kills Christians." When she asked him why, he replied, "This is just what we do," according to the affidavit.


DOJ To Ban Religious, Racial Profiling In National Security Probes

The Justice Department is set to announce broad restrictions on racial and religious profiling in federal investigations, including those involving matters of national security.

The expected ban comes amid heightened concerns of Islamic militant groups executing a terror attack on U.S. soil and was reportedly opposed by national security officials.

A Justice Department official told Fox News on Monday that outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder will announce the policy change in the coming weeks and that it will also put an end to profiling based on ethnicity and sexual orientation.


Fictitious case to snare judge was elaborate

On paper, David P. Khoury's case appeared like any of the hundreds that make their way through Philadelphia's Criminal Justice Center each day.

Arrested for illegally carrying an unloaded Glock .40-caliber pistol during a May 2012 traffic stop in Holmesburg, Khoury was booked on felony charges and released on a $50,000 bond to begin his slow march through the cogs of the courts.

But that's where the similarities end.

On paper, Khoury's case appeared routine. Yet, as federal court documents now reveal, on paper was the only place Khoury existed.

Last week, authorities identified David P. Khoury as the alias used by an undercover federal agent working as part of an elaborate sting operation to take down a corrupt Philadelphia judge.


Democrat FitzGerald Falls Apart in Ohio Gov's Race

The Ohio gubernatorial campaign of Democrat Ed FitzGerald has "all but imploded" and party members now worry that his troubles will jeopardize the chances of other statewide Democratic candidates, The New York Times reported.

FitzGerald's downfall came about when it was revealed that he had been driving for years without a valid license. There were also reports that police had found him in the early hours of the morning parked in a car with an unidentified woman. His initial pick of State Sen. Eric Kearney as a running mate proved unfortunate when Kearney stepped down over allegations that he owed thousands of dollars in back taxes, according to the Times.

Among those concerned about the drag at the top of the ticket is Nina Turner, the Democrats' candidate for secretary of state. "Voting from the bottom to the top: That is the way we need to roll this year," she said. Connie Pillich, an Air Force veteran, who is running for state treasurer, urged Democratic activists to canvass for every vote, the Times reported.


Al Sharpton Empowered

Eric Holder’s legacy: Enabling Sharpton’s “I have a scheme” civil-rights agenda

As Eric Holder prepares to leave as attorney general, there is a fierce debate over his six-year tenure. Many conservative senators who voted to confirm him in 2009 now regret it. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, now zings Holder’s “lack of respect for Congress, the American taxpayer, and the laws on the books.” Even some of his supporters agree he’s been confrontational and polarizing. Juan Williams of Fox News rails against anti-Holder “scandalmongers” but then admits “the Justice Department has devolved into the heart of Washington darkness, the absolute pit of modern political polarization in my lifetime.”

One reason for that polarization is that, thanks to direct support from Holder and President Obama himself, the Reverend Al Sharpton has now become the nation’s leading African-American civil-rights leader. Last month, Politico proclaimedSharpton “the national black leader Obama leans on most.”


JUST IN: TMZ: Michael Phelps Arrested For DUI In Baltimore City

BALTIMORE (TMZ/WJZ/CBS NEWS)—The Baltimore bullet has been arrested for drunk driving, according to TMZ.

The celebrity gossip website reports Michael Phelps was arrested for driving under the influence in Baltimore City early Tuesday morning.

If TMZ is correct, this would be Phelps’ second DUI arrest.

In 2004, the Olympic gold medalist swimmer was stopped near Salisbury University after running a stop sign. He was charged with DUI, DWI, violation of a license restriction and failure to obey a stop sign. After striking a deal, Phelps was sentenced to 18 months probation after pleading guilty to drunken driving.

“I recognize the seriousness of this mistake,” Phelps said in 2004 before a judge and courtroom of more than 100 spectators. “I’ve learned from this mistake and will continue learning from this mistake for the rest of my life.”


EDITORS NOTE: This story is updating as new information is released. 

Allen West: 'Islamist Sympathizer' Obama Blind to Radical Ideology of Jihadists

On Breitbart News Sunday, former Rep. Col. Allen West (R-FL) said last week's Oklahoma beheading was a "jihadist attack" and not an act of "workplace violence," and he warned that President Barack Obama's refusal to fully appreciate the dangers of radical Islam will make Americans less safe at home and abroad.

Speaking to host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125, West said Obama refuses to acknowledge the "radical Islamist" threat, instead asserting that "ISIS is not Islamic" and insisting that "Islam teaches peace." West said it was insidious that administration officials have met with radical Islamists, and he stated that "the enemy is here."

"President Barack Obama is an Islamist sympathizer and enabler," West said. "He will not recognize the ideology. ... You will never be able to defeat Islamo-facism and jihadism if you don't recognize the ideology."


Governor’s Task Force Arrest Three for Heroin Possession near Rehoboth

Rehoboth Beach, DE – Detectives with the Sussex County Governor’s Task Force (GTF) arrested three men Monday evening after they were found to be in possession of more than 500 bags of heroin.

State Police Detectives received information that Darin L. Copeland, 19 of Wilmington (Photo-Black sweatshirt, mustache) would be in possession of a large quantity of heroin and would be delivering it to an unspecified location in Sussex County. At approximately 8:30 p.m. Monday September 29, 2014, troopers observed the BMW Copeland was described to be driving, enter the McDonalds located at 18878 Coastal Highway, Rehoboth. Copeland, along with his two passengers who were later identified as Shaquan A. Guilford, 18, of Wilmington (Photo-clean shaven) and Marc J. Mackay, 40 of Hockessin (no photo available), were contacted by detectives in the parking lot and taken into custody without incident. Located in the trunk of the car were 585 bags of heroin totaling 8,775 grams and over $450.00 in suspected drug proceeds.

All three subjects were transported back to Troop 4 in Georgetown where they were all charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver Heroin, Possession of Heroin, Conspiracy 2nd, and two counts of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. They were all incarcerated at Sussex Correctional Institution in lieu of $38,000.00 secured bond after arraignment at JP3.

Walmart Faults Tracy Morgan for Not Wearing Seat Belt During Car Accident

After being blamed for the actions of a fatigued driver on the road, Walmart also tells a judge that it won't "admit or deny" allegations without confidentiality

On Monday, Walmart delivered its answer in a New Jersey federal court to 30 Rock actorTracy Morgan's lawsuit arising from a six-car accident on the New Jersey Turnpike. Among nine affirmative defenses, Walmart says that injuries "were caused, in whole or in part, by plaintiffs' failure to properly wear an appropriate available seatbelt restraint device."

Morgan was among several people injured who are now suing Walmart for negligence.

In particular, their lawsuit filed in July questions whether Walmart driver Kevin Roper was fatigued at the time of the crash. According to the suit, Roper had commuted 700 miles from his home in Jonesboro, Ga., to a Walmart facility in Smyrna, Del., before beginning his shift.


Do you want a firearm with that? Louisiana restaurant encourages customers to bring in their guns by offering them a 10% discount

A restaurant is going against the trend of stores banning customers from bringing in their guns - by offering a 10% discount to those who do.

Bergeron's Boudin and Cajun Meats in Port Allen, Louisiana, is cutting the price for anyone who comes in with their firearm.

Owner Kevin Cox said the initial idea was to entice police officers who were on duty to come in but he extended the policy when other customers asked for the deal.


Around Salisbury News

We're told the 7-11 on Rt. 50 caught fire this morning and there was a water main break on Truitt Street.

Student shot at N.C. high school

ALBEMARLE, N.C. — One student was shot Tuesday at a high school in this city about 35 miles east of Charlotte, N.C., police said.

Another student, whose name has not been released, was taken into custody immediately after the 7:40 a.m. ET shooting at Albemarle High School here, and the handgun used has been recovered, Police Chief William Halliburton said.


Couple Leaves $100 Tip To Waiter for Horrible Service

'I'm so sick of your s***!' Tempers explode on The View as Whoopi and Rosie O'Donnell come to blows during a commercial break - in front of the studio audience

A nasty showdown erupted on the set of The View last Thursday when the show's moderator Whoopi Goldberg and co-host Rosie O'Donnell got into a heated spat in front of the studio audience.

Rosie was upset because Whoopi cut her off on a 'Hot Topic' subject that O'Donnell indicated she was passionate about backstage before the show. The segment ran out of time and Whoopi had to cut to a commercial, a show insider tells MailOnline exclusively.

The 'Hot Topic' was on spanking and the segment was running long, so producers told Whoopi it was time to go to commercial break in her ear. Rosie refuses to wear an ISD monitor in her ear so the control room is unable to speak to her.


SECOND Oklahoma man arrested for threatening to behead colleague just one day after Muslim convert 'did it to a co-worker' 20 miles away

A fired Oklahoma City nursing home worker was arrested for threatening to cut off a co-worker's head - the day after a Muslim convert allegedly beheaded his colleague just 20 miles away.

Jacob Mugambi Muriithi, a Kenyan native who claims he 'represents ISIS,' made the threats at Bellevue Nursing Home, in Oklahoma City hours after Alton Alexander Nolen was named as the suspect in the brutal murder at Vaughan Foods.

The 30-year-old Muslim allegedly told the victim he was going to cut her head off with a blade and then post the footage on Facebook while they were working together last Thursday.


Secret Service 'was unaware for FOUR DAYS that man fired rifle at White House in 2011, leaving the Obamas furious'

The Secret Service was unaware for four days that a man had fired a high-powered rifle at the White House in 2011 in a 'fumbled' response that left the Obamas furious, says a new report.

Officers allegedly performed a string of security lapses after Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez shot at least seven bullets at the executive mansion in Washington from his car.

At the time, President Barack Obama, his wife Michelle and their older daughter Malia were not at home, but their younger daughter Sasha and Mrs Obama's mother, Marian Robinson, were inside.

It comes as the Secret Service is facing more questions over its ability to protect the first family after a knife-wielding man jumped the White House fence and made it to the front doors last Friday.


ISIS fighters now 'at the gates of Baghdad': Islamic militants fighting 'just one mile from Iraqi capital' despite days Western airstrikes

Fierce fighting has been reported on the outskirts of Baghdad where ISIS militants are attempting to seize control of the Iraqi capital - despite ongoing Western airstrikes against the terror group.

The fighting is taking place just one mile to the west of the city, with government forces desperately trying to hold off the militants, who allegedly killed up to 1,000 soldiers during clashes yesterday.

ISIS have held a number of towns and villages close to the Iraqi capital since earlier in the year, when government troops melted away following a lightning advance in the west of the country - enabling the terrorist group to seize further swaths of territory for their so-called caliphate.


Ocean City Reviewing Hectic Car Rally Weekend; General Behavior Viewed As Disappointing

OCEAN CITY — Tensions ran high over the weekend with thousands of vehicles in the area for an organized car rally overwhelming local roads and stressing law enforcement agencies while also providing an off-season economic boost.

Although it’s not sanctioned by the Town of Ocean City, the 17th Annual H20 International (H20i) event, which is actually held in Whaleyville, markets Ocean City as the destination and most of the participants stay in the resort area while here for the event.

Some videos on You Tube and event-associated Facebook pages document some ruckus scenes, including burnouts and races on Coastal Highway. Others show mobs of people and vehicles in private and city-owned parking lots. In one case, a fight broke out between two men and shoving matches are seen through a sea of people at night in a parking lot. In another video taken at the convention center parking lot, an OCPD vehicle is shown feet away from a car executing a burnout and the police vehicle being unable to move as a result of all the onlookers.


Bureaucrat SMACKED DOWN After Warning Homeschooling Parents They ‘Must Follow’ Common Core

The Home School Legal Defense Association says it has successfully intervened in the case of two New Jersey parents who decided to homeschool their child instead of utilizing the Westfield, N.J. public school system.

According to the homeschooling advocacy group, the trouble began earlier this school year when the assistant superintendent of the Westfield Public Schools sent a letter to the parents warning them that they have no choice but to abide by New Jersey’s Common Core standards.

The letter ordered the parents to present a “letter of intent” to school district officials and an outline of their proposed curriculum. Then, the letter reportedly said, the parents had to hope the superintendent would accept their curriculum and allow them to continue homeschooling their own child.


Holder Resigned Over Failure to Prosecute Wanta Murder Plot!

A report has surfaced today that Eric Holder was made to resign over his failure to prosecute Senator Sheldon Songstad and Governor Don Sundquist over their $30 billion attempted bribe and murder plot to hire hit men to kill Lee Wanta caught on tape and broken first on Before It’s News in this story.

“Senator Songstad and Governor Sundquist Caught Red Handed Plotting Murder!”

I was told today that an anonymous source provided this shocking information about Eric Holder to personnel at VeteransToday. Obviously Eric Holder is working with the same people involved with Senator Songstad and Governor Sunquist and has now been rewarded for his non prosecution for their crimes as well as protecting the criminal bankers that have looted America with a $77 Million Job With JP Morgan Chase.


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Kirby Travers Intends To Sue Wicomico County IF Elected Wicomico County Council

Is this true? If so, would you retire, or would the central committee get to appoint someone?

Travers for Wicomico County Council District 2 The charter language is open to interpretation. My hopes are to be successful in the election and then proceed with a court filing for interpretation. In no way am I proceeding with the intent to have the Central Committee fill the seat.

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NRP Uses State Police Helicopter to Catch Illegal Clammers

Two Queen Anne’s County men were charged with illegal clamming Monday after a Maryland Natural Resources Police officer spotted them while on surveillance patrol aboard a State Police helicopter.

Observers aboard Trooper 6 spotted the watermen before 8 a.m. as they harvested clams on and near oyster beds in Eastern Bay.

Edward Ellsworth Grimes Jr. 63, of Stevensville*, and Bryan Richard Grimes, 39, of Chester, were each charged with dredging for soft clams within 150 feet of a natural oyster bar and dredging for clams on a natural oyster bar.

The men are scheduled to appear in Queen Anne’s District Court on Nov. 5. If found guilty on all charges, they could face fines exceeding $1,000 each.

Democrat Rep. Donates Cash To Hamas-Linked Group ( James Moran )

A Democratic congressman has donated funds to a political group that was implicated in a criminal fund-raising operation for the jihad group, Hamas.

Thank you Congressman James Moran for his generous personal donation to @CAIRNational at #CAIRturns20,” said a tweet from Linda Sarsour, the host at a Sept. 27 fund-raiser for the jihad-linked Council on American Islamic Relations.


Feds Open New Data Center In Western Maryland

FREDERICK, Md. (AP) -- The Social Security Administration is opening a new national data center near Frederick.

Acting Social Security Commissioner Carolyn Colvin is among the officials attending Monday's ribbon-cutting ceremony in the unincorporated community of Urbana.

The center maintains demographic, wage, and benefit information on almost every American. It was funded by $500 million through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.


Parents outraged: School system considering teaching kindergartners masturbation

Las Vegas area parents were angry and offended earlier this week when the Clark County School Board proposed changes to elementary school sex-ed curriculum that would expose five- to eight-year-olds to different sexual preferences such as homosexuality.

The changes are being proposed in an effort to give everyone “respect regardless of who they are attracted to,” the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Lessons would also teach kindergartners that “touching and rubbing one’s genitals to feel good is called masturbation.”

“You want to teach my 5-year-old how to masturbate?” asked parent Julie Butler at a meeting held Monday to get community reaction to the proposals.

Curriculum changes would also teach older elementary school-age students such concepts as anal and oral sex.


Main Street Master Plan - Utility Inspection

Utility Inspection work associated with the Main Street Master Plan project is scheduled to be performed on East Main Street, between Division Street and South Salisbury Boulevard (Route 13). Work is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 and will be completed by Friday, October 3, 2014, barring any unforeseen problems. The work will be performed between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm.

East Main Street will remain open during the work. However, all on-street parking on East Main Street between Baptist Street and Route 13 will be closed on Thursday, October 2, 2014. You may experience minor delays due to traffic pattern modifications. We regret any inconvenience this may cause. Your patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Walsh with A. Morton Thomas and Associates at (301) 881-2545.

Breaking News on Maryland's Unemployment!

Maryland's unemployment rate is now higher than the national average. 

According to the last week's report from the Bureau of Labor & Statistics, Maryland's unemployment rate increased to 6.4%.  The national average is 6.1%.

Our neighboring states' rates are:
PA - 5.8%
VA - 5.6%
DE - 6.5%

We all remain very concerned about the economy here in Maryland.  You might have read the article about the recent write-down of the expected tax revenues into the State.  The political "spin" on this information is interesting!

Peter Franchot - "We need to recognize that hope is not an economic strategy." 

Anthony Brown - "After years of hard work recovering from the Bush recession..." 
Yes, you read that right - he's blaming it on President Bush!!  After 8 years of O'Malley and 6 years of Obama, our economy is going in the wrong direction.  They need a new whipping boy - no one believes it's Bush's fault.

Larry Hogan - "Today's report is utterly devastating and confirms what we have been saying, that Martin O'Malley and Anthony Brown have taxed and spent our economy into the ground. Overtaxed Marylanders are earning less, small-business profits are disappearing and people have less to spend on goods and services," Hogan said in statement.

And the question still remains.  Why wouldn't the Baltimore Sun or the Washington Post print an article about how Maryland's unemployment has risen from 6.1% to 6.4% and now exceeds the national average?  

Could there be politics at work right before an election?

Mike McDermott Reception TONIGHT

Speaker Series provided by the Worcester County Tea Party

Speaker: District 38 Candidates Meet & Greet

Topic: Candidate's Free Forum Followed by Q&A from Audience

Date: Thursday, October 9, 2014

Time: Meeting begins at 7PM, doors open at 6:30PM

Location: Ocean Pines Community Center, Assateague Room
235 Ocean Parkway, Ocean Pines, MD 21811

Admission: FREE

For more information email, go to the web or call 443-614-7214

Annual Bazaar

St. John’s United Methodist Church
312 E. Main St. – Fruitland, MD
Friday – October 31, 2014
Starting at 9:00am 
Oyster Sandwiches, Chicken Salad, Vegetable Soup
Sweet Potato Pies and Biscuits
Jams, Jellies and Bake Shop
Homemade and Wooden Crafts
Avon and White Elephant Items 
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Heroes Haven hosts veteran at Nationwide race

DOVER — Heroes Haven is dedicated to helping wounded veterans re-acclimate to normal life. The organization typically takes interested men and women hunting or fishing and hosts an annual banquet for them.

This weekend, however, it’s doing something new.

With the aid of Ken Adams, president of Melvin L. Joseph Construction Co., the group was able to sponsor a former soldier and treat him to a special tour of Dover International Speedway and a prime seat for Saturday’s Nationwide race.

Charles Harris, of Cumberland, Md., said he had gotten to know Heroes Havens president Raymond Edwards in previous hunting trips, and when Mr. Edwards invited him to the race, he was interested.

“Growing up, I watched it with my dad, and then I kind of fell out of it when I joined the Army, and now I’m getting back into it,” Mr. Harris said.


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Eric Holder Scandal Montage