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Monday, December 26, 2016

Senator Jim Mathias' Mother Passed Away Yesterday

Our condolences.

Town of Pittsville President Denver Moore Passed Away Yesterday

BUYER Beware of local Ocean City, MD Builder

Monogram built my house in 2005 and although Collin came back several times to fix water leaks under warranty, I'm now finding that leaks were never fixed and the entire front of my two-story stone area has been rotting away from behind, floor joists and all. Collin initially seemed interested in getting pricing to assess the scope of work to make it right but is now saying he won't fix it, and that the "Monogram" that built my house was a different Monogram Ugh!

Porch tile floor has plain old untreated plywood underlayment, deteriorating from moisture.
Now I've got tiles popping up! UGH!
Choose your builder wisely, there are so many things you can't see on a walk-through! Some builders build just to get through the 12 month warranty,
Monogram is obviously one of them!!

A Time for Celebrating... Or Is It?

By Thornton Crowe

Yesterday, sitting at Salisbury University's graduation, I suspected Dr. Janet Dudley Eshbach would use the moment to preach her liberal values and that's exactly what she did in a moment meant to celebrate the graduates! While clandestinely intermingling her 'civility' remarks with accomplishment and a reminder to give money to their alma mater, she transformed the ceremony meant to celebrate into a momentary liberal jaunt many students have heard throughout their time at SU.

Graduation is a time-honored tradition designed to celebrate the academic achievements of graduating students and their families, yet, educators like Eshbach, always find a way to inject their political views, either through their own speeches or commencement speaker picks. (i.e. Michelle Obama and Matt Damon) With events like last spring when she quietly covered up two black students' tasteless race-baiting lynching picture in the old Blackwell Library, it is clear her civility remarks were aimed as a slam towards Trump supporters, thus, obliquely promoting violence against them. Because, after all, Trumpers are the ones responsible for all the unrest today in the Liberal mind.

Note: Wicomico County is RED!
Right now, 305 Trump State Electors are harassed daily with emails, letters and telephone calls from liberals threatening them personal harm as well as their families should they do their constitutional duty and vote for Donald Trump tomorrow as per their districts' votes. Last week, a group of B-list actors made their sham plea for the electors to vote for anyone but Trump as if playing the president on a television somehow makes one a US Constitution scholar or US Historian.

The Hamilton electors, headed by Nancy Pelosi's daughter (elector for California) Christine, has ranted on about this fake Russian hacking business after unnamed, unverified CIA source(s) stated this unverified, unproven allegation to the Washington Post. Coincidentally (and suspiciously,) this came after Stein's nefarious recount came up empty, with the exception of exposing Democrat cheating in Detroit and garnering more votes for Trump in Wisconsin than originally reported on Election Night.

Other acts of "civility" from the Left include a man being pulled from his car and beaten senselessly before his car was stolen as the perpetrators screamed, "He voted for Trump!" to onlookers. Additionally, over seven police officers have been murdered over the last month.

Let us not forget the night after the Election, there were paid agitators, rioting in such major cities like Seattle, Portland, and New York. Mostly comprised of "snowflake" college students, distraught about not getting their way, older "tolerant" Liberal activists also participated.

Dr. Janet Dudley Eshbach
President of Salisbury University
Yet, Dr. Dudley Eshbach had the audacity to exploit her position at a graduation to speak of civility. In a way, her speech condoned this liberal post-election insanity, while not being forthright and giving it her stamp of approval. In essence, she quietly advocated for this kind of 'protest', because as we all know, when the Left  preaches civility, they're referring to the mainstream media hype about Trump rather than the actions of the Left. Hence, Liberal hypocrisy abounds even in a 'safe' space like a graduation meant to celebrate a milestone in someone's life.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, Dr. Dudley Eshbach!

WCSO Adds Two Motorcycles To The Patrol Force

The Wicomico County Sheriff's Office is proud to announce the addition of two 2017 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Police Motorcycles to the patrol force. These much needed motorcycles will be utilized to augment resources during the many parades, wounded warrior events, 5k races, funeral services, and the many other community events which demand the resources of our Sheriff's Office.

Those deputies operating these bikes recently received specialized training in their operation and will be expected to enforce motor-vehicles laws and make criminal apprehensions while providing the citizens of Wicomico County with a highly visible presence.
The costs associated with the acquisition of these bikes were covered with monies seized from local drug dealers coming into or through Wicomico County.

If you see these motors out on the roadway, please give them a thumbs up!


Muslim students demand prayer rooms in every 'major building'

Students at the University of Maryland have released a list of 64 demands in their effort make the campus more amenable to "Marginalized, American Indian, Black, Latinx, LGBTQIA+, Muslim, Pro-Palestine, and Undocumented" students.

Muslim students, for instance, want “one room in each major building designated for prayer” and “shuttle services to [the local mosque] for Muslim students to have access to a place of worship.”

A Viewer Writes: One of Maryland Natural Resources Police's finest...

Agents to go undercover to make public drunkenness arrests at bars, restaurants

The Delaware Office of Highway Safety and the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement (DATE) are partnering over the holidays and into the New Year in making arrests related to public drunkenness.

Agents plan to conduct undercover operations during the holiday season and into the Super Bowl period to prevent bars and restaurants from serving alcohol to visibly intoxicated patrons.

While the situation has improved over the years, too many visibly intoxicated people are known to get into their vehicles and drive to another destination.

During this operation, if agents view an intoxicated patron being served alcohol, the server, and the establishment may be charged.

The establishment may face administrative penalties as well. The crackdown will run mid-December through mid- February. A special emphasis will be placed on “Happy Hour” enforcement.


Press Release: State of the County Report: 2016

Customer Leaves St. Augustine Restaurant Owner a Nastygram About His Christmas Music

A restaurant owner in Florida was recently shocked to find a nastygram left on a table by a disgruntled customer who didn't like his choice of Christmas music.

The Scrooge-like diner complained last week that the music was "offensive" and suggested that the owner of Michael's Tasting Room in St. Augustine "consider" playing less religiously themed "holiday music."


State Police Make 450 DUI Arrests Since Thanksgiving – DUI Patrols Continue Through Holiday Season

December 22, 2016

(PIKESVILLE, MD) – Since the Thanksgiving holiday, Maryland state troopers have made 450 DUI arrests and they will continue the focused enforcement through the holiday season by deploying in areas known to have high numbers of DUI arrests or crashes.

As the New Year approaches, barrack commanders from each of the 23 Maryland State Police barracks in the state, will be deploying special patrols focused on identifying and arresting impaired and aggressive drivers. Traffic enforcement efforts will also include speeding, distracted driving and other violations that often contribute to highway tragedies.

Troopers will work in collaboration with allied law enforcement partners statewide during saturation patrols, areas known to have high numbers of impaired driving arrests or crashes. Troopers will also be staffing sobriety checkpoints.

The State Police Impaired Driving Reduction Effort Team (SPIDRE) made 33 arrests out of the total 450 DUI arrests since the Thanksgiving weekend. This team of elite troopers will also be out in force working with law enforcement partners, dedicating their efforts solely to removing drunk drivers from Maryland highways.

Motorists are urged to check travel conditions and delays before traveling. SHA provides up-to-date traffic and road conditions at, or Traffic conditions are also available at, or by safely dialing 511 on your cell phone.

Troopers remind travelers not to drive distracted, to make traffic safety their first priority whenever they are behind the wheel, and to plan for a sober ride home this holiday season. Santa will not deliver any presents to those who decide to drink and drive.

Anthony Bourdain Pledges to Boycott Trump's DC Restaurant

In an extensive post-electioninterview with Eater, TV personality and renowned chef Anthony Bourdain vowed to boycott Donald Trump’s Washington D.C. hotel restaurant, and said he does not see evidence that America is a less racist country than it was in the 1960s.

“I will never eat in his restaurant,” the Parts Unknown host said when asked about chef Alessandro Borgognone bringing a new sushi restaurant, Nakazama, to the new Trump International Hotel in the nation’s capital. “I have utter contempt for him, utter and complete contempt.”

Bourdain said the chef doing business with Trump is “not helpful.”

“I’m not asking you to start putting up barricades now, but when they come and ask you, ‘Are you with us?’ You do have an option,” he said before comparing chefs working with Trump to Germans becoming Nazi soldiers. “You can say ‘No thanks, guys. I don’t look good in a brown shirt. Makes me look a little, I don’t know, not great. It’s not slimming.’”


Only In Da Bury

Can't believe this is in Salisbury . The man had to pull over cause a tire feel off the top of the car. I think this is a hoarder. Bless his heart!!



Heroin overdoses on Maryland's Eastern Shore more than double

Maryland's Eastern Shore is not immune to the heroin epidemic facing the state, with overdose numbers more than doubling in the past year.

The numbers paint a clear picture of the growing problem. In 2015, there were a total of 141 overdoses. As of mid-December 2016, that number had more than doubled to 370 overdoses.

The increase in overall heroin overdoses also translates to more lives lost. In 2015, there were 17 heroin overdose deaths in those counties, but in 2016, that grim statistic had risen to 41 as of mid-December.


Obama: I Told the Russians to ‘Stop It’ and ‘Cut It Out’ After Hacks

President Barack Obama defended his response to Russia after Wikileaks published emails from top Democrats which disrupted the elections.

“I told Russia to stop it, and indicated there will be consequences when they do it,” he said to reporters during a press conference on Friday.

Obama said that he personally challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin behind the scenes, but he let law enforcement handle the investigations and the release of information.

“In early September when I saw President Putin in China I felt that the most effective way to ensure that that didn’t happen was to talk to him directly and tell him to cut it out, and there were going to be some serious consequences if he didn’t,” he said.

“Our goal continues to be to send a clear message to Russia or others not to do this do to us because we can do stuff to you,” he said.


Governor grant funds plate reader at Rt. 50

With help from Gov. Larry Hogan, the Ocean City Police Department will be able to place a permanent license plate reader at the foot of West Ocean City’s entrance.

In the first round of recipients of the 2016 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grants from the governor’s office, Ocean City received $50,000 to cover some of the cost for a new plate reader at the Route 50 bridge.

“The remainder of the cost will be covered by other funds including a grant from Homeland Security,” Ocean City Police Public Affairs Specialist Lindsay Richard said. “No city tax dollars will be going towards this project.”

The reader scans thousands of vehicles’ plates in a short time and enters the information in national and state databases. Each plate is cross-referenced against wanted persons, missing persons, gang members and national sex offender lists.


Satanic pentagram vandalized after it was placed next to a Nativity scene

A 300-pound metal sculpture of a satanic pentagram, erected as an atheist protest to a public park's Nativity scene, was severely damaged on Tuesday when it was pulled to the ground by vandals.

Atheist Preston Smith's 10-foot tall sculpture lay broken in Sanborn Square at noon. Tire tracks led from the twisted metal to the street.

It appeared vandals had attached a chain from a vehicle to the sculpture and yanked it down, dragging it several feet. As local television reporters prepared live broadcasts, two passersby stopped and pushed the sculpture back onto its base before walking away.

The sculpture sits about 20 feet from a traditional Nativity scene of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus, and is backed by a banner from an atheist group reading "Keep Saturn in Saturnalias," a reference to the belief that the early Christian church substituted Christmas for a Roman pagan holiday.


INNOCENT! After 21 Years In Prison For ‘Raping’ 13 Yr-Old Girl, Cop is RELEASED After Victim Admits She LIED…

In a life changing turn of events for former Fort Worth, TX police officer, Brian Franklin, he has been exonerated of the rape of a 13 year-old girl, of which he was convicted in 1995 and has served 21 years of a life sentence. The verdict came at the end of a new trial that ended Friday. The new trial was based on the fact that the alleged victim, now in her 30’s, revealed that she had lied and he never raped her.

It was her stepfather who had actually been sexually assaulting her for years, including during the trial, but she was too afraid to testify to that because he was constantly present in the court room. So, based on her lie, and the fact that the jury gave more weight to the testimony of the girl than to the physical evidence, of which there was none, a man was wrongly imprisoned for 21 years. Clearly, it cannot simply be assumed that the alleged victim is telling the truth, it must be proven. 21 years in jail for a crime you didn’t commit is a long, long time.


Leftist Dutch Party Wants to Legalize 'Euthanasia' for Elderly People

It doesn't get much sicker than this (warning: article in Dutch). The left-wing party D66 wants to make euthanasia for people 75 years old and up even if they aren't sick. An "I'm fed up with life" should be enough, the party says, to get a doctor to help these people commit suicide.

D66 will present this new proposal in early 2017. According to the party, there will be clear and strict rules. A so-called expert will have to talk to the suicidal elderly folks several times during a period of two months; another expert will have to rule that the decision was made voluntarily; and, finally, a "commission" will have to review the "application." If everybody agrees, the elderly person can ask his doctor to kill him. All this with the approval of the Dutch government.

The soon-to-be-proposed legislation of D66 is in line with the ideas of the governing coalition, formed by Labour (PvdA) and the VVD (who call themselves classical liberals, but who have increased taxes from the very first day they came to power in 2012). The VVD wants to legalize euthanasia for everybody -- meaning people of all ages, even if they aren't suffering from a sickness that's sure to kill them anyway. At this moment, euthanasia is already legal in the Netherlands for those with incurable, deadly diseases.


Should Older Drivers Face Special Restrictions?

By 2030, more than 60 million older adults could be driving on the nation’s roadways. But don’t expect many more states to put added restrictions on their ability to get behind the wheel.

Legislatures have become increasingly reluctant to restrict driver’s licenses for seniors or impose extra requirements — such as vision or road tests — for getting them renewed based solely on their advancing age.

That’s partly because older people are generally considered safe drivers, more programs exist to improve their driving skills, and recent studies have shown that many of the restrictions aren’t as effective as once thought in preventing traffic fatalities. It’s also because a politically powerful group of advocates for seniors and motorists, such as AARP and AAA, argue that age shouldn’t be used as the sole measure of an older person’s fitness to handle a car.

“We believe that driving is about the ability and health of the driver, not their age,” said AARP spokeswoman Kristin S. Palmer. “We can’t stereotype older drivers.”


Comedian on Ivanka Trump Incident: "I'm Happy She Was Harassed"

A comedian and writer for the Late Late Show tweeted that he was “happy” Ivanka trump was harassed by a passenger on a JetBlue flight, before deleting the tweet after complaining he had been harassed.

Brooklyn attorney Dan Goldstein verbally abused Ivanka Trump and her children according to eyewitnesses, yelling at her, “Your father is ruining the country!” Goldstein allegedly screamed, “Why is she on our flight? She should be flying private.”

Goldstein’s gay husband Matthew Lasner later claimed that the pair were kicked off the flight for “expressing displeasure” about flying with a member of the Trump family. This was after Lasner had tweeted that Goldstein was “chasing them down to harass them”.


Meet the HATEFUL Gay Couple Who HUNTED DOWN and Harassed Ivanka and Her Children at JFK Airport

Hateful Hillary-supporting gay couple Matt Lasner and his husband Dan Goldstein hunted down and harassed Ivanka Trump and her children at JFK Airport.

After the two mean gays spotted Ivanka and her family, at least one of them took off after her to stalk and harass her and her children.

That is how DISGUSTING liberals are.


Trump suggests he may go ahead with Muslim ban after Berlin attack

PALM BEACH, Fla. — President-elect Donald Trump declared Wednesday that the deadly truck attack on a Christmas market in Germany was “an attack on humanity and it’s got to be stopped.” He also suggested he might go forward with his campaign pledge to temporarily ban Muslim immigrants from coming to the United States.

“You know my plans. All along, I’ve been proven to be right, 100 percent correct,” Trump said when asked if the attack in Berlin had caused him to re-evaluate the proposal. “What’s happening is disgraceful.”

Trump proposed the Muslim ban during the Republican primary campaign, prompting criticism from both parties. He shifted his rhetoric during the general election to focus on temporarily halting immigration from an unspecified list of countries with ties to terrorism, though he did not disavow the Muslim ban. A transition spokesman said later Wednesday that Trump’s plans “might upset those with their heads stuck in the politically correct sand.”

“President-elect Trump has been clear that we will suspend admission of those from countries with high terrorism rates and apply a strict vetting procedure for those seeking entry in order to protect American lives,” said spokesman Jason Miller.


Caption This Photo 12-23-16

Arizona Amends Education Standards, Adds Cursive Requirement

PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona will require public schools to teach cursive handwriting as one of a number of new education standards approved by the state Board of Education.

The move amends the state’s current standards, which are based on federal guidelines known as the Common Core. Common Core has become a politicized topic and state Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas campaigned on a promise to replace it.

“We now have new standards that have been worked on by Arizona teachers, parents and been vetted by anti-Common Core experts,” said Douglas.


Liberal CNN Commentator close to tears as a TSA agent lifts up her dress and ‘feels her genitals’

Gee, it’s almost like conservatives said that the TSA was a severe invasion of privacy, and liberals said “it’s for your own good” and mocked us.

But I guess now that it’s happening to THEM it’s unacceptable. It would almost be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Angela Rye, CNN commentator, was going through airport security when she was told she had to undergo additional screening. The scanners had alerted to three areas between her legs, near her genitals.

Rye protested, and an officer was called to escort her from the airport. Instead, Rye had the officer record the pat-down, which was done in public.

According to The Daily Mail, the TSA lifted “her dress was lifted up and her genitals were hit.” After the ordeal was over, Rye stepped into her shoes and burst into tears.

Watch the video below:


Hogan Says Relationship With Trump Will Be "Excellent"

In mid-June, Larry Hogan was asked by a reporter if he would vote for Donald Trump. The governor of Maryland's response: "No, I don't plan to," per The Washington Post.

As the presidential campaign went on, Hogan's stance didn't change. On Election Day, the Republican leader of Maryland wrote in his father, Larry Hogan Sr.

Now, Hogan, who spoke with two other Republican governors about how to work with President-elect Donald Trump, is optimistic and says the relationship between him and the incoming administration will be "excellent."

"I'm very close to the Vice President-elect (Mike Pence), the chief of staff (Reince Priebus) and many of the people he appointed to the cabinet," Hogan said. "I think we will have an excellent relationship."


MTV Suggests New Year’s Resolutions for ‘White Guys’

Just in time for the holiday season, MTV News has issued a series of New Year’s resolutions exclusively for white males — because, the network says, white guys could “do a little better in 2017.”

A video posted to MTV News’ Twitter account Monday afternoon features a group of millennials lecturing so-called “white guys” as to how they can improve themselves in the New Year.

Suggestions include recognizing that America was never “great” for minorities, and to stop bragging about being “woke.”


Trump Wins Electoral College Vote. Hillary Supporters Lose It!

Philly's Soda Tax Declared Valid By State Judge

Philadelphia's tax on sweetened drinks is legal, a state judge ruled Monday, delivering a significant triumph to Mayor Jim Kenney's controversial law that has for months been under siege in court.

"It is a victory for Philadelphians, who have waited far too long for investment in their education system in their neighborhoods," Kenney said of the tax, the cornerstone of his first year in office.

"I urge the soda industry to accept the judge's ruling and do the right thing for the children of Philadelphia, many of whom struggle in the chilling grip of pervasive poverty."

Common Pleas Judge Gary Glazer dismissed all of the arguments presented by attorneys for the American Beverage Association who sought to dismantle the soda tax by claiming it would unfairly hit lower-income consumers the hardest and duplicate the state sales tax.



Millennials looking to fix overpiercing, remove tattoos

Dr. Harris Sterman is all for young people expressing their individuality. But just how many piercings can you put into one ear, anyway?

"Some people get really carried away," says Sterman, chief of plastic surgery at Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck. The multiple holes are one thing. But then there's the many large and heavy objects hung from all those holes — and we're not just talking regular old diamond stud earrings or tiny crucifixes anymore — before the poor ear is literally stretched to its outermost limits.

Call it a strange sign of the times. Some doctors, like Sterman, say they are noticing more and more millennials coming in because their ears have become deformed from overpiercing and need reconstructive surgery.

And it's not just ear piercing. Many are seeking to reverse the impulsive, perhaps keg-fueled decisions of their not-quite-lost youths. That tongue piercing, that bone through the nose, that conspicuously placed tattoo you got in college may not go over so big now in a job interview, or in the board room. It's time to conform to the real world.


How to get tickets to the Presidential Inauguration

If you would like to see Donald Trump get sworn into office in Washington D.C. next month, the tickets are free, but as you'd expect they are in high demand.

To get your ticket contact the office of your local Senator or Representative.

If you can't get a ticket but would still like to catch a glimpse of the next Commander-in-Chief, you can position yourself along Pennsylvania Avenue for the Inaugural Parade


SPD Considers Propane Vehicles


Pocomoke City, MD - Deeply troubled about the conspiracy of racial discrimination and retaliation being waged by officials in Pocomoke City and Worcester County against Kelvin Sewell, Pocomoke's first Black police chief, Lieutenant Lynell Green and Detective Frank Savage, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Maryland is working closely with Pocomoke community members who continue to strongly support Mr. Sewell for bringing real community policing and a sharp drop in crime during his four years in office.

"We saw justice when Kelvin Sewell came. We no longer see justice. We see racial discrimination, we see unfairness, and it's time for a change," said Rev. James Jones, pastor of New Macedonia Baptist Church in Pocomoke City. "We the people of Pocomoke, especially the Citizens for a Better Pocomoke, will continue to stand for what we feel is right, which is to promote what Kelvin Sewell has done. We will fight until he is re-instated. We want it. We demand it."

As part of this effort, the ACLU has filed Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) request with the Office of the Maryland State Prosecutor to see what other recent examples exist of "misconduct in office" charges pursued against Maryland law enforcement officers by the State Prosecutor. On Friday, the State Prosecutor agreed to provide the requested information promptly.

"Chief Kelvin Sewell and other Black officers from Pocomoke City are whistleblowers who have been targeted with a conspiracy of racial discrimination and retaliation by officials in Pocomoke and Worcester County," said Susan Goering, Executive Director of the ACLU of Maryland. "We believe that our State government should be defending these whistleblowers, who have exposed a culture of racial harassment in Worcester County, not prosecuting them over a minor fender bender with no injuries. There are many recent allegations of official misconduct by Maryland police involving real victims with real and substantial injuries that deserve the State Prosecutor's attention."

Maryland Electors To Back Clinton

In Annapolis and in state capitols across the country, the Electoral College meets today.

In Annapolis, 10 electors will cast ballots for Maryland. Governor Larry Hogan will certify the electors and the election results in a 1 p.m. ceremony in the Governor's Reception Room at the State House.

Maryland's electors are legally bound by the results of the popular vote in the state, meaning Maryland's 10 electors will all vote for Hillary Clinton.

Maryland State Board of Elections spokeswoman Donna Duncan says the actual voting will take about 30 minutes, preceded by ceremonial speeches and followed by the signing of official documents.


Memories of 1977 - Where were you ?

Report: Obama Is Setting Up Shadow Government to Undermine Trump Starting on Inauguration Day

Author Ed Klein told Pete Hegseth on Fox and Friends Weekend this morning that Barack Obama is setting up a shadow government in Washington DC to undermine President Trump after Inauguration Day.

Ed Klein: For the past 100 years every president who is outgoing has packed up his stuff gone home and not criticized his successor. This is not what the Obamas are planning to do. They rented an eight-bedroom mansion in the section of Washington near Joe Lockhart, Bill Clinton’s last press secretary. In that house there’s enough room for Valerie Jarrett and Michelle and the kids. A place for ten cars to park. They are setting up what they are calling a shadow government.

Pete Hegseth: The Obamas claim it is because the children want to stay in D.C..

Ed Klein: That’s not the real reason they are staying there. They are staying there because despite what the president said in his press conference, he’s in a sense of outrage over this incoming Trump Administration, which he thinks is going to wipe out his legacy. So he’s setting up this kind of almost insurgency, picking people in foreign affairs, labor, abortion, union matters and setting them up to start appearing on television, making speeches and doing op-ed pieces for next four years, you’re going to see not only a Trump Administration but you’re going to see a shadow government opposing the Trump…