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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Lindsey Graham after meeting with Jim Mattis: 'The war is moving to Africa'

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said Friday that U.S. global counterterrorism operations are set to expand and become more aggressive following a meeting with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis about troop deaths in Niger.

That will include more operations in Africa where four soldiers were killed this month after being ambushed by Islamic State-aligned fighters and a loosening of the military's rules of engagement to allow the killing of those considered part of a terrorist group, even if they do not present an immediate threat to the U.S., Graham said after emerging from his Senate office with Mattis.

Read the full story here.

California is Liberal Lunatic Wasteland Beyond Saving

Minnesota teen used Snapchat before killing cyclist

A teenage driver was using Snapchat just 50 seconds before crashing into a cyclist and killing him.

Paige Elizabeth Narveson, 16, of Southern Minnesota drove into 56-year-old Phillip Andrew Ilg on June 17 and has been charged with reckless driving and criminal vehicular homicide.

According to a juvenile delinquency petition Narveson's Ford Explorer, which was traveling around 60mph on State Highway 25, was driving west when she hit the man, CBS News reports.

Forensic examination of her phone showed she had been using Snapchat just before the crash.

Onlookers at the scene told officials that Narveson swerved over the fog line and onto the hard shoulder before smashing into the cyclist.


E-cigarettes may harm your lungs the same way tobacco does

E-cigarettes lead to as many lung diseases as tobacco products, a new study has found.

The report from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill compared saliva samples from tobacco smokers, e-cigarette smokers and nonsmokers.

Researchers found that e-cigarette smokers were likely to develop dangerous proteins associated with lung diseases such as COPD and cystic fibrosis and that the devices are no better for people than regular cigarettes.

The study adds to a growing body of evidence proving that e-cigarettes might not be the ideal alternative smokers addicted to tobacco are looking for.


New Fire Danger Threatens to Worsen Most Disastrous Wildfire Season in California History

A record-breaking heat wave will build over Southern California over the weekend and peak on Tuesday, bringing triple-digit temperatures that could set marks for the hottest temperatures ever recorded so late in the year in the Los Angeles area. Accompanying the heat will be the notorious Santa Ana winds, which will bring a multi-day period of critical fire danger, Saturday through Tuesday.
According to NOAA, the hottest temperatures ever recorded after October 23 in Southern California (along with the Weather Underground forecast for Tuesday) were:
105°F Riverside, 10/28/1915 (WU forecast for Tuesday: 100°F)
101°F LAX Airport, 11/1/1966 (WU forecast for Tuesday: 96°F)
101°F Longbeach, 11/1/1966 (WU forecast for Tuesday: 100°F)
100°F Downtown Los Angeles, 11/1/1966 (WU forecast for Tuesday: 101°F)
100°F Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena, 10/26/2003 (WU forecast for Tuesday: 99°F)
100°F San Diego, 11/4/2010 (WU forecast for Tuesday: 91°F)
99°F Bakersfield, 10/27/1906 (WU forecast for Tuesday: 90°F)
The heat wave and Santa Ana winds will be caused by a large near-record-strength dome of high pressure expected to settle in over the Great Basin, a few hundred miles northeast of Los Angeles. The difference in pressure between this high-pressure system and lower pressure over Southern California will drive gusty northeast winds over Southern California. Since these winds will originate over desert areas, they will be hot and dry. As the air descends from the mountains to the coast, the air will get hotter and drier, due to adiabatic compression—the process whereby the pressure on a parcel of air increases as it descends, decreasing its volume, and thus increasing its temperature as work is done on it.

FBI Reveals Russian Collusion — With Obama and Clinton

The tangled web of Moscow's interference keeps getting stranger. No wonder Democrats are quiet.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive.” —Sir Walter Scott (Marmion, 1808)

For more than a year, the mainstream media and the Democrats (but we repeat ourselves) were positively aflame with righteous indignation, broadcasting 24/7 claims that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to rig the 2016 election, and demanding investigations into and the impeachment of President Trump.

One might be forgiven, in the age of the 24/7 news cycle that jumps from one outrage and crisis to another, for not recognizing the disappearance of the Russia story from the headlines. One might also conclude the story’s disappearance is due to Democrats being forced to admit there is no evidence, despite intense effort to find it, of Trump/Russia collusion.

Yet even that misses the real story, which is that Democrats are now desperate to bury this story as evidence mounts that there WAS collusion with Russian operatives … by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.


Gregg Jarrett: Lynch, the Clintons and a series of fantastic coincidences

I don’t believe in coincidences. Not when it comes to crimes. Especially when they involve political corruption.

No such thing as a coincidence. Doesn’t exist.

Yet, we are led to believe it was merely a coincidence that Bill Clinton just happened to be on the tarmac of an Arizona airport at the same time as then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch. We are supposed to accept that their private meeting on board Lynch’s plane had nothing whatsoever to do with the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton which the A-G was overseeing at the time.

Right. They just “schmoozed” about grandkids and what-not.

I guess it was also just a coincidence that a few days after the furtive tarmac meeting the decision was announced that criminal charges against Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president, would not be filed, notwithstanding compelling evidence that she repeatedly violated the Espionage Act by storing highly classified documents on her private, unauthorized and unsecured email server in the basement of her home.

Sure. Makes perfect sense. To a naïve, gullible fool.


The Power of King Corn

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, recently hinted at scaling back the onerous ethanol mandate associated within the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). This news prompted Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) to threaten that, should Pruitt pursue scaling back the mandate, Donald Trump’s EPA nominees would essentially be prevented from receiving confirmation. An example of cronyism at its worst.

It’s tough to drain the swamp when politicians are more concerned with protecting the special interests of their big money donors than the freedoms of the constituents who have elected them. The ethanol mandate has been a boon for King Corn but little more than troublesome for everyone else, including the environment (which the RFS was ostensibly created to protect). In short, the ethanol mandate is one of the nation’s biggest boondoggles.

But Grassley’s threat was also a veiled threat aimed at Trump’s judicial nominees. As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Grassley can effectively sideline any vote on nominees. Grassley has put the squeeze on Trump, and Trump responded. .

More here

Dems Call on DNC to Return Weinstein Donations

But the DNC's pitiful fundraising — as opposed to the RNC's record haul — has the leadership second-guessing.

Democrat Party leadership remains resistant to calls from within its own ranks to return the money donated by disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. As the Republican National Committee reports, “To date, the Democrat National Committee (DNC) has refused to give up the Weinstein donations, only shuffling a small fraction of the dirty Weinstein cash to other Democratic groups.” This despite the DNC’s facing pressure from Democrat lawmakers. The Clinton Foundation has also scoffed at returning Weinstein donations.

Video via the RNC: HERE

Time to End Obama-Era DOE Suspension Discrimination

New study shows that poverty and disability are the biggest factors for student suspension, not race.

Recall in 2014 Barack Obama’s Education Department instituted a policy aimed at “equalizing” suspension rates between white and black students. As the Associated Press reported at the time, “Black children represent about 18 percent of children enrolled in preschool programs in school, but almost half of the students suspended more than once.” In instituting the new nationwide policy Obama’s DOE argued that it was needed in order to “dismantle what is commonly named the ‘school-to-prison pipeline.’” In fact, the policy was race-based at its heart, with the DOE communicating that it would interpret the “disparate impact” of disciplinary suspensions by race as discriminatory even if there was no evidence supporting such a conclusion.

A 2015 poll showed that 59% of teachers were opposed to the new policy guidelines. (We’re guessing the other 41% were 10% true believers and 31% too afraid to speak up.) And the reason was obvious, as one teacher explained, “There’s nothing going to happen, and the kids know it. It’s hard to keep order in a classroom when the kids know there is no consequence to misbehavior.” As any teacher knows, it’s not a student’s race that gets them in trouble, rather it’s their misbehavior.


Kelly 'Stunned' by Democrat's Disrespect for the Sacred

The White House chief of staff sets the record straight on Trump's phone call to a fallen soldier's widow.

This is how to handle a situation professionally and respectfully. Earlier this week, Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) attacked Donald Trump for being disrespectful and offensive in a phone call to the widow of a fallen soldier. Trump responded by saying that Wilson was lying. Naturally, it was the top story all week.

On Thursday, White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly held a press conference in order to set the record straight, painstakingly describing the process that happens whenever any member of America’s Armed Forces is killed. Here are a few of his statements:

Typically, the only phone calls a family receives are the most important phone calls they could imagine, and that is from their buddies. In my case, hours after my son was killed, his friends were calling us from Afghanistan, telling us what a great guy he was. Those are the only phone calls that really mattered. …

And [President Trump] said to me, “What do I say?” I said to him, “Sir, there’s nothing you can do to lighten the burden on these families.” …


Philadelphia women arrested after trashing 7-Eleven

The two women who were caught on video trashing a 7-Eleven after employees accused them of shoplifting have been identified by Philadelphia police.

Lashae Whitaker, 20, and Tiera Brown, 28, were at the 7-Eleven in the 5000 block of Frankford Avenue when employees of the store locked them inside.

Police said an employee claimed to have caught the women shoplifting on September 30.

So when Whitaker and Brown returned to the store on October 1, an employee locked them inside and called police.


Cop killer defiant before lethal injection in Alabama

A convicted cop killer who sued Alabama over its lethal injection method used his final words to curse the state, before being put to death on Thursday night.

As the procedure began, Torrey Twane McNabb, 40, raised both of his middle fingers in a show of defiance, and speaking directly to his family watching on, said: 'Mom, sis, look at my eyes. I'm unafraid. To the state of Alabama, I hate you motherf******. I hate you. I hate you,' before succumbing to his fate.

The killer is reported to have raised his right arm and grimaced around 20 minutes before being declared dead, moments after a corrections officer had performed a consciousness check on him.


Rep. Frederica Wilson Laughs-- 'I'm a Rock Star Now'

A Florida woman is grieving the loss of her husband Army Sgt. La David Johnson. She's thinking about the orphaned children her husband left behind, probably wondering how she will parent a six-year-old, a toddler, and an unborn child who will never know her father.

But down in Florida, Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson is enjoying her new-found fame after she politicized the president's call to the widow. According to a local news report, Wilson is even laughing.

"You mean to tell me that I've become so important that the White House is following me and my words?" she said laughing, according to a report by Miami 7 News. "This is amazing. That's amazing. I'll have to tell my kids that I'm a rock star now."


Hurricanes, wildfires hit construction industry hard

Before the devastation of California's fires and Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, a key segment of the economy, the construction industry, was struggling with a worker shortage.

Now the 1-2-3 punch of natural disasters near major metropolitan areas is expected to make building projects even more time consuming and expensive.

"We've already got a very volatile, super pressurized, super stretched industry, and just having natural disasters just adds to the pressure," said Eric Holt, assistant professor at University of Denver's Franklin L. Burns School of Real Estate & Construction Management.

Labor is most pressing. It is projected that for every five retiring skilled tradespeople, only one is entering the industry, according to an Economic Impact Report commissioned by the Association of General Contractors.

More here

Clinton Rape Scandal EXPLODES – Hillary Panicking…

This past week, in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal exploding in Hollywood, Monica Lewinsky jumped on board of Alyssa Milano’s social media hashtag campaign: #MeToo. The Clinton rape scandal exploded once again onto the scene and Juanita Broaddrick, who is now 74, was quick to speak up. She accused Bill Clinton of raping her in the 1970s. Since then, other women have lined up claiming they were raped or assaulted by Clinton.

Broaddrick called out Lewinsky, the former White House intern, on Thursday over the hashtag campaign. The hashtag went viral among women on social media. Lewinsky did not go into detail on how she was raped or assaulted, but expressed her support of other women who had been victims of sexual harassment and joined their ranks. Understandably, Broaddrick criticized Lewinsky for failing to come to her defense when she initially came forward with her accusations against Clinton in the 1990s.


Broncos Team Gets TERRIBLE NEWS After Kneeling For National Anthem

‘Kneel Gate’ is still exploding in the NFL. Especially after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell decided that they would not force players to stand during the National Anthem. That’s doubling down on fiscal suicide. The NFL has totally overestimated how important they are to Americans and it could very well bankrupt them. Instead they bowed to a movement created by Colin Kaepernick and Black Lives Matter. They have more concern for militant racists than they do for their fan base. Morons.

The Denver Broncos are in the thick of it as well. With kneeling players and outraged fans, their sponsors are now beginning to dump them. Empty stadiums, plummeting ticket sales and horrid ratings weren’t enough to deter these idiots. But perhaps sponsors fleeing them and pulling their money will help with their viewpoint adjustment.


Now Moonbats Demand Christian Baker Decorate Cake for Satan’s Birthday

Remember Jack Phillips, the Colorado baker whom Big Government ordered to decorate cakes for sacrilegious homosexual ceremonies in violation of his Christian faith? His persecution continues. Now moonbats demand that he bake a cake for Satan’s birthday:

It is a cake that is religious in theme, and since religion is a protected class, I am hoping that you will gladly bake this cake. As you see, the birthday cake in question is to celebrate the birthday of Lucifer, or as they (sic) are also known Satan who was born as Satan when he was cast from heaven by God.


Melania Trump Puts Michelle Obama To Shame In Epic Way

I love Melania. I have no shame in this, because she’s such a fantastic lady to look up to.

Melania has been running a more public and more active schedule than J. Crew Michelle ever did, but does it with a much smaller ring of staff. New reports on the number of staff required for the First Family are confirming that Melania has significantly reduced the number of her personal aides on the FLOTUS’ office payroll, which means in all that the public pays less and gets more in the way of appearances and activity.


Assault with Deadly Weapon In Salisbury Maryland

800 Block W MAIN ST
Oct 21, 2017
around 12 AM

Description: Assault: Firearm
Case No.: 201700046993
Agency: Salisbury Police Department

Another Salisbury Maryland Shooting

Welcome To Salisbury Maryland

Demon Looking Drag Queen Reads To Children In Obama Neighborhood Library

A demon-faced drag queen, Xochi Mochi, was photographed recently reading to kids at the Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library in Long Beach, California.

After the Drag Queen Story Hour, photos of the event showed up on Mochi’s Instagram profile and has been causing quite a stir. The event took place to commemorate LGBTQ History Month, which I did not realize existed until just today. The Instagram post reposts the photo that was initially uploaded by the library and says:

“I got to read to the children today and it was one of the best experiences I’ve been given as a drag queen. It’s so important to have representation and normalize all the letters in LGBTQIA+ in everyday lives. I saw so many excited faces it filled my heart with so much joy and hope to come back again soon! Thanks again to everybody who made this opportunity a reality and make such a successful LGBT event.”


President Trump Leads Fight Against Anthem Protests – Seeks Signatures For Petition

President Donald Trump isn’t going to let the latest hubbub regarding what he may or may not have said to a Gold Star mother (according to a lying, sneaking, eavesdropping circus clown) get in the way of what really matters to him: America.

While he spoken out against National Football League players kneeling for the national anthem in the past, it would appear that the League and commissioner Roger Goodell specifically, have had a difficult time trying to come up with a practical solution. Despite the fact that Goodell has spent two days in New York with all of the team owners to discuss the issue, they have yet to come to a satisfactory conclusion.

That’s where Trump stepped in.


Federal Judge Will Not Void Guilty Ruling On Arpaio, Despite Trump's Pardon

U.S. District Judge Susan Ritchie Bolton says that President Trump's pardon of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio does not "revise the historical facts" of his case — and that she will not vacate her ruling that found Arpaio guilty of criminal contempt.

On Thursday, Bolton quoted Black's Law Dictionary to say that a pardon "releases the wrongdoer from punishment and restores the offender's civil rights without qualification." But she then added a further interpretation in her own words: "It does not erase a judgment of conviction, or its underlying legal and factual findings."


What Do Hillary, Uranium One, And An FBI Bust Of A Deep Cover Russian Spy Network Have In Common?

In 2010, shortly after Hillary Clinton assumed her position as Secretary of State in the Obama administration, the FBI broke up a deep-cover Russian spy ring that had been operating in the U.S. for decades. The operation, code named "Ghost Stories," was a huge bust for the FBI that handed the U.S. intelligence community 10 highly trained, deep-cover, Russian spies presumably with immensely valuable insights into Russia's covert operations in the homeland. All of which is why its so confounding that Hillary, as Secretary of State, "worked so feverishly" to retun them all to Moscow posthaste rather than exploit their intelligence value to the fullest extent possible.

As the Daily Caller points out today, the FBI's bust couldn't have come at a worse time for the Clintons as it came literally the day before Bill Clinton delivered a $500,000 speech in Moscow on behalf of a Russian bank with an interest in securing approval of the controversial Uranium One deal...oh the tangled webs...

For a decade, the FBI ran an operation called Ghost Stories to monitor and rip apart a deep-cover Russian agent network. Ghost Stories tracked a ring Russian spies who lived between Boston and Washington, D.C., under false identities. It was one of the FBI’s most elaborate and successful counterintelligence operations in history.

Under the code name Operation Ghost Stories, the FBI had been working the ring for a decade. Its targets had burrowed in along the Acela Corridor between Boston, New York, and Washington DC. They lived normal daily lives as Americans to attend universities, run businesses, marry, and conceive and raise children to infiltrate society and subvert government institutions. One of the SVR agents had stolen the identity of a six week-old Canadian baby who had died in 1963. That prompted the Ghost Stories code name. The ring inspired the FX network’s television series, “The Americans.”


Body Cam Study Shows No Effect On Police Use Of Force Or Citizen Complaints

Having police officers wear little cameras seems to have no discernible impact on citizen complaints or officers' use of force, at least in the nation's capital.

That's the conclusion of a study performed as Washington, D.C., rolled out its huge camera program. The city has one of the largest forces in the country, with some 2,600 officers now wearing cameras on their collars or shirts.

"We found essentially that we could not detect any statistically significant effect of the body-worn cameras," says Anita Ravishankar, a researcher with the Metropolitan Police Department and a group in the city government called the Lab @ DC.

"I think we're surprised by the result. I think a lot of people were suggesting that the body-worn cameras would change behavior," says Chief of Police Peter Newsham. "There was no indication that the cameras changed behavior at all."

Perhaps, he says, that is because his officers "were doing the right thing in the first place."


Exclusive: Trump Looking to Release JFK Assassination Files

CIA documents may thoroughly debunk claim Oswald acted alone

President Trump is expected to declassify CIA documents relating to the JFK assassination which may finally debunk the official story that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

The president spoke to Infowars correspondent Roger Stone on Thursday about releasing more JFK files to the public to the dismay of the CIA.

“He was all ears,” Stone said. “The president believes in transparency… he believes in the public’s right to know.”

“I am optimistic that the president is going to do the right thing.”

The JFK Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 mandated that the assassination records would be released in late 2017 unless “the president certifies that continued postponement is made necessary by an identifiable harm… of such gravity that it outweighs the public interest in disclosure.”

There’s no indication that President Trump will block the release.

“Now, a very good White House source – not the president – told me that CIA Director Mike Pompeo has been lobbying the president to furiously not to release these documents.”


Maryland OKs Elon Musk's 'Hyperloop'

The state of Maryland has agreed to grant Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and The Boring Company, permission to begin digging tunnels for his proposed "hyperloop" transit system, The Baltimore Sun reports.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan made the announcement on his Facebook page Thursday, sharing a picture of him with members of his administration and the Boring Company.

Maryland gunman gathered coworkers before shooting

A witness to the deadly rampage inside a Maryland granite company said the suspect gathered a small group of his coworkers together by saying 'come with me, I want to say something to everybody' before opening fire.

Radee Labeeb Prince, 38, arrived at his former workplace of Advanced Granite Solutions very angry, according to the man who worked at the countertop. Then he tried to talk individually to a few employees.

'He talked to me first,' the man told The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity because he was afraid of retaliation and worried about his family's immigration status.


Report: US Birthrate Hits Record Low

The U.S. birthrate hit a record low last year — due largely to a decline in the numbers of teenagers having babies, The Wall Street Journal reported.

According to numbers released last month by the National Center for Health Statistics, there were 62 births per 1,000 women of childbearing age — those between 15 years old and 44 years old — in 2016, down one percent from the prior year.


Oceans are choked by plastic bottles, bags and rubbish

These pictures are unlikely to make it into the glossy tourist brochures that sell the Caribbean as a paradise destination.

For they show the much grimmer reality of clear blue seas increasingly choked by a tide of discarded plastic.

In one photograph taken near Roatan, an island off the coast of Honduras, a diver grimaces as he prepares to enter the water almost completely covered by waste.

Another, taken from below the waterline, shows plastic bottles, bags and other rubbish on the surface blocking out sunlight.


Court Blocks Immigrant Teen's Bid to Obtain Abortion

A U.S. appeals court on Friday prevented a pregnant teen detained by the government as an illegal immigrant from immediately obtaining an abortion while leaving open the possibility that she could undergo the procedure within days.

The decision by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on a 2-1 vote gave the unnamed teen until Oct. 31 to find a sponsor who could help her obtain the procedure without the government's assistance.


NRA: Trump Under 'Most Ruthless Attack' in US History

President Donald Trump and his supporters are victims of "the most ruthless attack . . . in American history," the National Rifle Association claims in a video released Friday.

In the video, narrator Dana Loesch, an NRA spokesperson and radio host, bitterly charges that Trump critics are trying to delegitimize Trump's presidency.

"We are witnesses to the most ruthless attack on a president and the people who voted for him, and the free system that allowed it to happen, in American history," she says.


Ryan: House Republicans to Keep Higher Tax Rate on Wealthy

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Friday that Republicans will include a fourth income tax bracket in their tax-overhaul plan so that top earners "do not see a big rate cut."

"This is about the people, about half of which in this country are living paycheck to paycheck, and giving them a break on their taxes," Ryan said on "CBS This Morning." The speaker said he disagreed with White House economic adviser Gary Cohn’s statement that he can’t guarantee some middle-class Americans won’t pay more taxes under the plan.


The NFL Should Put This On The Screen At Every Game

“No Intent To Prosecute” – Jason Chaffetz Shares Talk With AG Jeff Sessions…

A rather disturbing revelation from former congressman Jason Chaffetz during an interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro. About half-way through the interview Judge Pirro asks Chaffetz about ongoing examples of DC corruption.

Mr. Chaffetz shares a personal conversation he had with Attorney General Jeff Sessions where the attorney general informed Chaffetz there would be no investigation or prosecution of any prior DC corrupt and illegal behavior from Obama-era administration officials. According to Chaffetz none of the unlawful activities of former DC officials will be investigated, prosecuted or pursued.


President Trump allows Air Force recall of retired pilots

WASHINGTON — President Trump signed an executive order Friday allowing the Air Force to recall as many as 1,000 retired pilots to active duty to address a shortage in combat fliers, the White House and Pentagon announced.

By law, only 25 retired officers can be brought back to serve in any one branch. Trump's order removes those caps by expanding a state of national emergency declared by President George W. Bush after 9/11, signaling what could be a significant escalation in the 16-year-old global war on terror.

"We anticipate that the Secretary of Defense will delegate the authority to the Secretary of the Air Force to recall up to 1,000 retired pilots for up to three years," Navy Cdr. Gary Ross, a Pentagon spokesman, said in a statement.

But the executive order itself is not specific to the Air Force, and could conceivably be used in the future to call up more officers and in other branches.


Colorado State students killed in shooting near campus

Three people, including a Colorado State University student, were killed and one person was wounded Thursday in a pre-dawn shooting outside an apartment complex about a mile west of the campus, police said. The shooting suspect was among those killed.

A motive for the 2am shooting in Fort Collins wasn't known. University police ordered students and faculty via text and email to stay inside after shots were heard.

The Larimer County coroner's office says Savannah McNealy, 22, of Fort Collins, was among the three found dead. She had been shot multiple times, and her death has been ruled a homicide.


The Alarming Consequences of Police Working Overtime

The Alarming Consequences of Police Working Overtime Research shows long hours as well as off-duty work can negatively impact officers’ performance and even worsen their racial biases. But most departments don’t seem to care.

Fatigue is bad for any work environment. But for police, the stakes are much higher. Officers have to respond to late-night calls, make split-second decisions and de-escalate tense situations -- sometimes in the middle of a 16-hour shift.

A small but growing body of research links long hours and officer fatigue to a host of public safety issues. Fatigue may do more than affect the way officers perform routine tasks such as maneuvering a patrol car -- recent evidence suggests it can influence their ability to exercise good judgment. Yet many law enforcement agencies maintain lax policies governing just how long officers can work, and some fail to track extra hours at all. Only a third of law enforcement agencies in the most recent federal Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics survey reported limiting how many overtime hours sworn personnel could work, and barely half placed a ceiling on off-duty employment. That’s a big problem, says Karen Amendola, the Police Foundation’s chief behavioral scientist. “If you put a lot of tired cops into a very sensitive situation, a lot could go wrong.”


Emails Reveal Bill Clinton Met With Vladimir Putin Just Before Uranium One Deal

If President Trump or anyone even remotely close to his presidency, including his best friend from 2nd grade that he hadn't seen in 40 years, sought to meet with key Russian nuclear officials, in Moscow, just months before the federal government approved a very controversial deal handing Vladimir Putin 20% of U.S. uranium reserves, despite an ongoing investigation into Russian fraud, bribery, extortion and money laundering, it would be the only story played on a 24 x 7 loop on CNN and MSNBC.

Ironically, that is exactly what new emails dug up by The Hill show that Bill Clinton did in June 2010, just months before the Uranium One deal was approved by a committee on which his wife, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, sat. Oh, and did we mention that Bill's Clinton Foundation just happened to collect millions of dollars in bribes donations from Russian sources and Uranium One shareholders shortly after his Moscow meetings?

As you will recall, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), approved the Uranium One transaction in October 2010. According to new emails revealed by The Hill, just months before that approval, Bill Clinton sought permission from the State Department, run by his wife at the time, to meet Arkady Dvorkovich, a top aide to then-Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and one of the highest-ranking government officials to serve on Rosatom’s board of supervisors, the company which was ultimately approved to purchase Uranium One.


VIDEO: Students love Trump's tax plan...when told it's Bernie's

President Donald Trump’s proposal for comprehensive tax reform was almost immediately dismissed as heartless and impractical by his political opponents.

But what would some of those opponents think if they were told the same plan was being proposed by someone they adore—Senator Bernie Sanders?

To find out, we headed to George Washington University to ask students their opinions on Trump’s new tax plan. WIthout much explanation, the students immediately made clear their distaste for the plan.

“It’s not the most efficient, nor beneficial to the general populus,” said one student when asked her opinion of Trump’s plan.

“It’s better for the upper class than anyone else,” added another.

After watching student after student express their disapproval of the plan, we then asked those same students what they thought of Senator Bernie Sanders’ new tax plan.

Watch the video..

Slaughter in Somalia, Silence in the West

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Last Saturday, the world endured one of the most horrific terror attacks in recent memory. A truck packed with several hundred pounds of military-grade and homemade explosives was detonated on a busy street close to several important government ministries, a hotel and a market in Mogadishu, Somalia. More than 300 people were killed and several hundred more were injured in the deadliest terrorist attack in the history of both the nation and the entire Horn of Africa. Rescue workers believe a definitive death toll may never be established because heat generated by the blast was so intense, the bodies of many people will never be found. By any reasonable standard, this story should have been a bold print, first-out-of-the-box headline piece run by every major media entity around the world.

But it wasn’t.

Only the Al Jazeera news organization noticed — which is somewhat ironic. “Double-Standards: ‘Why Aren’t We All With Somalia?’” asked a headline at its website.

Why indeed? Several of Al Jazeera’s readers weighed in.


WICOMICO COUNTY, Deputy State Fire Marshals have made an arrest in connection with a fire which occurred Wednesday in Delmar. The fire was reported in the 8000 Block of Lynch Drive on October 18th and brought 20 firefighters from Delmar, Hebron and Salisbury to the scene. The incident was brought under control in approximately 20 minutes but not before causing an estimated $15,000.00 in damage to the structure and personal contents inside.

Deputy State Fire Marshals conducted the origin and cause investigation and determined the fire was ignited in multiple areas of the two story wood framed single family dwelling which was occupied at the time. Based on the fire scene examination it was determined the cause of the fire was arson.

During the investigation it was determined that Gordon Shelton III (46) was the only person inside the dwelling at the time of the fire and was responsible for setting the fire. An arrest warrant was obtained and served charging Shelton with 1st and 2nd Degree Arson. Shelton was transported to the Wicomico County Detention center without incident where he awaits an initial appearance.

If convicted, Shelton faces up to 30 years confinement and / or $50,000.00 dollars in fines.



It has long been a bone of contention with Eastern Shore natives that they have to contend with “come heres”. They have a good argument in that people come here from off the Shore because they like the life style, the climate and the amenities. But the problem lies in the fact that as soon as they get here, they treat the locals like a bunch of bumpkins and try to change things. Before the Bay Bridge was opened in 1952, the Eastern Shore was fairly isolated.

I remember my grandmother telling me that the Depression went overSalisbury virtually unnoticed. We had everything we needed without outside help. She said the only difference was that more men showed up at her back door asking for some work to do so they could earn some food.

The Eastern Shore had plenty of things to eat that are grown right here on the Shore. There were fish aplenty wherever you wanted to go to get them. The Atlantic Ocean was bountiful, as well as the many rivers and streams for fresh water fish. My grandfather used to go to Roaring Point down by Nanticoke and fill a bushel basket with rock fish in a half hour. I never saw a can of cat food until I was grown. All our cats were fed fresh fish.

For those who chose to hunt their food, there were deer in the forests. Rabbits and squirrels also were a staple in some families. In the spring and fall the Atlantic flyway sent enough ducks and geese over the Easter Shore that you could get all you could carry home any time at all.

The late Bill Phillips from Party Line on WICO grew up in CarolineCounty. I once heard him say that he never saw any money growing up. When it came time to go back to school at the end of summer, his mother used to go to town and barter eggs and butter for his new school shoes. Everything else he wore, she made. Many a farm wife had their husbands bring home feed sacks from the farm supplier in identical patterns. Many times she would accompany him to make sure he got the right pattern. From these feed sacks, she made her dresses, curtains, bed clothes, shirts and what ever else she needed.

What we had here on the Shore was enough to sustain the population. With the Bay Bridge and now the Bridge-Tunnel, we have lost forever that feeling of independence we knew for so many years.

Ohio woman charged $184,530 by DirecTV

An Ohio woman got a big shock when she opened her bill from DirecTV to see that she owed $184,530.57 to the cable-service company.

Angela Mixon-Smith, 62, said she nearly had a heart attack when she saw the bill on Monday in her Ashtabula County home.

In April, Mixon-Smith signed up for a promotional offer to bundle her existing DirecTV service with a new AT&T phone plan.

Since then, the Army veteran said she's had service problems and received confusing bills, but the $184,000 charge was the last straw.


'Dr. Doom' investor faces backlash over race comments

Marc Faber, the veteran Swiss investor and Wall Street analyst known as 'Dr Doom, 'sparked outrage this week for writing in his latest newsletter that the United States had only prospered because it was colonized by white people, 'and not the blacks.'

The famously pessimistic economist who predicted the 1987 stock market crash and the Great Recession was ejected from the board of Canadian fund manager Sprott Inc after his racially charged remarks.

Business television networks such as CNBC and Fox Business said they would remove Faber from booking lists for their shows.

In the October edition of his popular newsletter, 'The Gloom, Boom and Doom Report,' in a section discussing capitalism versus socialism, the 71-year-old Faber took a stand against the removal of Confederate monuments, writing: 'Thank God white people populated America, not the blacks. Otherwise, the US would look like Zimbabwe, which it might look like one day anyway, but at least America enjoyed 200 years in the economic and political sun under a white majority.'


Spain Sets Stage to Take Control of Catalonia in Independence Fight

BARCELONA, Spain — The standoff over Catalonia intensified significantly on Thursday as the Spanish government said it would take emergency measures to halt a secessionist drive in the economically vital and politically restive northeastern region.

The announcement came almost immediately after the Catalan leader, Carles Puigdemont, facing a second deadline to clarify Catalonia’s intentions since it held an Oct. 1 referendum on independence, warned that regional lawmakers were prepared to break from Spain.

The government in Madrid, in turn, announced that it would convene an emergency cabinet meeting on Saturday “to defend the general interest of Spaniards, among them the citizens of Catalonia.”


Pemberton Park Pumpkin Tour offers family fun Oct. 27

SALISBURY, Md. – Bring the family out to Pemberton Historical Park and celebrate Halloween at the Pemberton Park Pumpkin Tour.

The Pemberton Park Pumpkin Tour is Friday, Oct. 27, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. The tour is organized by Wicomico County Recreation & Parks and held on Pemberton Park’s trails, which will be lined with carved and decorated pumpkins.

The event is for all ages and costs $10 per carload, but people will tour the trails on foot and vote for their favorite pumpkin. Attendees can also enjoy candy, games and hot cocoa, with food and glow necklaces available for purchase. There will also be ghost stories at the amphitheater. People are advised to bring flashlights.

“People really showcase their creativity through the pumpkins displayed in the Pemberton Park Pumpkin Tour,” said Vanessa Junkin, assistant director of marketing and public relations for Wicomico County Recreation, Parks & Tourism. “It was fun to see what people came up with last year.”

There’s also still time to register a pumpkin. People can register to have a pumpkin or display of pumpkins in the tour for free before Oct. 23 or for $5 if registering the day of the event. Pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and designs – whether spooky or silly – are welcome.

Pumpkin drop-off and setup will begin at 3:30 p.m. the day of the event. Lighting for pumpkins will not be provided and there will be no open flames permitted, so bring tea lights.

Register a pumpkin at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center Box Office (Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.–6 p.m.) or online Contact Allen Swiger at 410-548-4900, ext. 108, or email

Gray Pride

Do You?

Eating well in your 30s keeps you fit in your 60s

Eating a Mediterranean diet in your 30s, 40s and 50s will prime your body to be fit and mobile in old age, a study has found.

Researchers looked at the diets of 969 British men and women whose lifestyles had been monitored since they were born in March 1946.

At four points in their adult lives, starting at the age of 36, their eating habits were compared with standard measures of mobility and fitness when they were in their 60s.

People who ate more fruit, vegetables and wholegrain cereals - akin to the Mediterranean diet - fared far better in physical tests than those who ate highly processed foods - as one would on a Western diet.


Utah man to trial for murder for helping friend kill self

An 18-year-old Utah man was ordered this week to stand trial for allegedly helping his friend hang herself and recording the suicide on video.

On Tuesday, 4th District Judge James Brady ruled that there was sufficient probable cause to charge Tyerell Pryzybycien with first-degree murder and desecration of a human body in the death of 16-year-old Jchandra Brown.

The judge wrote that had it not been for the defendant's actions, which included supplying his suicidal friend with a rope, driving her out to a remote location and tying the noose for her to hang herself, Brown would not have lost her life on May 6, 2017.


No Social Security Number? No Lights

In the city of LaGrange, Georgia, an immigrant from Mexico lives with his young family. He’s been living there for 10 years. He’s a homeowner. He doesn’t have a green card, so he doesn’t have a Social Security number.

Without the Social Security number, the homeowner can’t get utility services in his name, even though he has a Mexican passport and an individual taxpayer identification number from the Internal Revenue Service. (To protect him, his lawyer does not want to disclose his immigration status.) The city, which is the sole provider of utilities, requires that anyone opening an account have two things: a Social Security number and a government-issued photo ID.

So the immigrant relies on a friend, who opens an account for the man in his own name. In doing so, both men risk being prosecuted for fraud.


LEAKED: Barack Obama’s LOVE LETTERS to His Ex-Girlfriend

Starting in 1982, Barack Obama penned letters to his girlfriend at the time and they have now been made public.

The nine letters have been in the possession of the Manuscript, Archives and Rare Book Library at Emory University since 2014 but they are only now being made public. The letters from Obama were sent from his time at Columbia University, and also from histime living in Indonesia and also while working at the Business International Corporation. His girlfriend at the time was Miss Alexandra McNear, who was a student at the Californian Occidental College that Barack had also attended.