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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Troopers Investigating Serious Crash- Seaford

Seaford, Delaware – The Delaware State Police are investigating a serious crash that occurred yesterday afternoon.

The incident occurred on Saturday, October 27, 2018 at approximately 1:04 p.m. when troopers responded to Hastings Farm Road in the area of Old Furnace Road for a report of a motor vehicle collision. Upon arrival EMS units were attempting to remove the driver from a 2013 Chevrolet Traverse. It was reported the black SUV went off the road and struck a tree.

The vehicle was traveling west bound on Hastings Farm Road and exited the south side of the road and struck an electrical phone box with its front right bumper. The vehicle continued to travel in a south west direction and sideswiped a tree with its side and then rotated counterclockwise.

The operator of the 2013 Chevrolet Traverse, a 17 year old of Greenwood, was not wearing a seat-belt at the time of the collision. The driver was initially transported by ambulance to the Nanticoke Memorial Hospital in Seaford. He was later transferred to the Chistiana Hospital due to his serious injuries. During the investigation, the trooper noticed an odor of marijuana coming from within the vehicle. In addition, EMS administered narcan to the driver.

The operator is facing the following charges; Driving Under the Influence-Drugs, Out of State Vehicle-Fail to have Insurance and Failure to Remain within a Single Lane.

The crash continues to remain under investigation by the Delaware State Police. Hastings Farm Road in the area of the crash was closed while the crash was investigated and cleared.

Maryland Secretary of State Flag Status -- Lowering and Raising of the United States Flag and Maryland State Flag

Flag Status Alert: United States Flag and Maryland Flag Are at Half-Staff

As a mark of solemn respect for the victims of the terrible act of violence perpetrated at The Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on October 27, 2018, President Donald J. Trump has ordered that the flag of the United States shall be flown at half-staff effective IMMEDIATELY until sunset, Wednesday, October 31, 2018. As a matter of protocol, the Maryland flag is lowered to half-staff as well, no flag may be higher than the United States flag.

Julie Brewington For Wicomico County Council, (DUI Arrest)

What Was That Boom?

Who else heard that loud boom?  We have gotten reports so far from Salisbury, Delmar and Pittsville.  Did you hear it and where were you when you heard it?

Is Anyone Surprised The Daily Times Endorsed Heath?

Having been through the experience of sitting down with the Editorial Board of the Daily Times and absolutely wowing them to no end with answers, only to learn they endorsed the Liberal instead. Wait just a minute Folks. The very day after the election results were in, the Daily Times, (honest to God) called me and said, "do you think that election was rigged"? That person went on to say, "not one person in this building actually believes Jim Ireton won". 

Yeah, their ENDORSEMENTS mean a lot, especially when the fix, (rig) is on. 

Well here at Salisbury News, I don't care what Jack Heath labels himself as, a Liberal, Independent or whatever, he's a left wing, I rarely ever go to Council Meetings and the biggest rubber stamping Idiot I've ever seen. There's NO leadership with this guy whatsoever. He's a puppet on a string lead by the nose from all of the special interest Good Ol' Boys in Salisbury. 

Now Bob Culver, (on the other hand) he's a man of his word and doesn't take crap from those Good Ol' Boys. I've known Bob for a lot of years Folks, he's genuine. Much like most Republicans will agree, we may not like many of the Twitter posts Trump puts out there but Lord knows we've desperately needed a businessman in the White House who doesn't kiss @ss to special interests, Culver is one in the same. 

So you take it from me Folks, Culver is your man and has had YOUR best interest in mind every single day. You better believe he's pissed some people off and guess what, just look where you see Jack Heath signs on commercial properties. Culver isn't bending over for anyone. Heath will give away anything and everything and you'll look exactly like Salisbury in six months.

Besides, even though Culver will win in a landslide, SBYNews will in fact give Jack Heath a Trophy because LIBERALS believe everyone is a winner and everyone deserves a Trophy.

A Viewer Writes: Apparently this goes on at every game at Ravens stadium during Anthem. UNBELIEVABLE!

Hillary Clinton's trouble with truth: Bill Clinton's impeachment was never about sex

I was 11 years old when the impeachment process against former President Bill Clinton began, but the scurrilous details of his misbehavior did not go unnoticed. A slightly sanitized version of the unfolding drama is recorded in my school composition book from that time period.

Twenty years have passed, and Clinton has recovered from his near fall from grace with little effort — until now. With the #MeToo movement forcing America to re-examine Clinton’s misdeeds, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has begun an aggressive multi-pronged campaign of revisionist history about the events of the 1990s.

Clinton now claims that her husband never used his office inappropriately when conducting a sexual affair with an unpaid intern. At 22 years old, Monica Lewinsky “ was an adult,” Clinton says, as though this excuses the clear imbalance of power between the president of the United States and an intern. In the #MeToo climate, Clinton’s statement about her husband’s victim, who suffers from PTSD as a result of having her sexual history thrust into the national spotlight, is a gamble. On the Left, commentaters have seemed happy to gobble this statement up, deem it exculpatory, and disavow Lewinsky once more.


A Viewer Writes: Socialist Progressive trying to get elected for the Wicomico County Council, District 3

The woman in Red holding the desecrated American Flag is the Socialist Progressive trying to get elected for the Wicomico County Council, District 3. This was at an ANTIFA protest recently wanting to protest ICE. It should be noted that she did not get endorsed by the FOP. She probably would refuse to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. This is not who we need representing Wicomico County.

Jack Heath, We Want Answers, Not Propaganda & Excuses!

Bob Culver (R) is obviously more experienced and as the Daily Times article said, Culver has done great things for the county in this position. In every interview Bob Culver has an in- depth understanding of the County and its operations. Bob Culver is clear on his accomplishments as County Executive and enthusiastic about his vision of the County’s future (supported by his logo, “We’re not done yet”).

Bob Culver’s has:

 Held his promise to run Wicomico County like a business and will continue to do so

 Saved an additional $10 million without raising taxed or cutting services

 Developed the Salisbury Airport into a major business center for the future

 Increased the County’s sports revenue by over $8 million

 Leading County in the State of Maryland for opioid reduction

 Built 3 new schools over the last 4 years and funded 9 upcoming Board of Education projects and a Public Safety Building

John Hamilton (D) lacks any experience in government. Why is he not going for Council  instead of Executive?

Jack Heath (I) only talks about his family, schools and spending money. This guy is so broad in his speaking. We have not heard any details regarding the actual job or what this guy can do in the job.

Unanswered questions:

 What is his vision for Wicomico County? He says he has one, why have we not heard it?

 Jack Heath moved here, he moved away, he came back. He thinks the schools are not of good quality, but, yet his daughters stay here to teach and raise their families in our school system. How does he measure quality education, by teachers’ salary, the test scores of students, or the condition of the schools?

 Wants to fully fund the Board of Education’s $7 million strategic plan with no discussion of how the County will pay for it or what he plans on doing with the current projects or fund any other County operation (including public safety)

 Heath’s track record is raising taxes. He has raised taxes 2 out of the 4 years on City Council. The city taxes are now higher than the Wicomico County’s. The fees and water and sewer rates have been raised.

 What is the reserve fund in the City? Has it been raised or lowered since Heath has been in office?

Based on above, with full confidence, vote Bob Culver for Wicomico County Executive!

"National Emergency" - President Trump To Cut Central American Aid As Mexico Loses Control Of Migrant Army

Since President Trump threatened to close the Southern border due to Honduras' unwillingness to comply with his requests for assistance in stopping a migrant caravan marching toward the US, the migrants have successfully crossed into Mexico and on Sunday regrouped after being temporarily delayed at the Mexican border by border guards who failed to force the migrants to turn back.

So, for the second time this year, it appears President Trump is ready to send more US troops to the border, as he said in a tweet Monday morning that he'd notified the border patrol and military that this is a "national emergency" while reiterating that the blame lay with Democrats for refusing to change our "pathetic" immigration laws.

And since Honduras and Guatemala did nothing to stop the migrants despite Trump's requests for assistance, the president added that we would be cutting off aid: "We will now begin cutting off, or substantially reducing, the massive foreign aid routinely given to them."


Local Blogger Follows Liberal Lead With FAKE NEWS On Opening Day For Early Voting

In an attempt to harm anyone Joe Albero supports, this guy puts out a flat out lie stating this person is affiliated with me and Salisbury News. Ladies & Gentlemen, I have absolutely no clue who this person is. I have never met this person and they have never worked with me in any way, shape or form.

This is the Liberal agenda, just make things up and lie to the public in the hope is harming political candidates. This guy has a history of flat out lying, especially during elections. 

Several people sent me this information last night and I thought, just what kind of sources does this guys have. There's no evidence, no proof because what he's stated is simply a lie. 

Caption This Photo 10-25-18

UPDATE LOCATED Salisbury MSP: Missing Person/Runaway

Narrative: On 10/21/2018 @ 0939 hrs Michael Foskey was located unharmed by Worcester County Sheriff’s office in the area of Swordfish Dr Ocean City Md. After being transported to the MSP Salisbury Barrack, he was returned to his mother. Please cancel all Lookouts.

Reply from Senator Van Hollen

Dear     ________________________ :

Thank you for contacting me to express your support for Judge Brett Kavanaugh to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. I appreciate hearing from you and apologize for the delayed response.

I respect your position on this nomination, but reached a different conclusion. I reached my conclusion after thoroughly reading and researching the record of Judge Kavanaugh’s opinions, the White House documents the Senate was provided (unfortunately, thousands of documents were withheld), and other materials provided by organizations that were in support of and in opposition to the nomination.

After reviewing the materials, I concluded that Judge Kavanaugh’s decisions were based less on a fair reading of the law and more on the goal of arriving at a certain policy outcome. As you know, during his presidential campaign, Candidate Trump established a litmus test for any Supreme Court nominee — saying he would pick someone who would overturn a woman's right to reproductive choice as decided in Roe v. Wade. He also campaigned on repealing the Affordable Care Act and criticized Chief Justice John Roberts as “somebody that should have, frankly, ended Obamacare, and he didn’t.” After his election, President Trump asked right-wing groups, like the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society, to compile a list of names of candidates that they wanted and who fit his criteria.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh was on that list and apparently met President Trump’s litmus tests. One of Judge Kavanaugh’s former law clerks wrote an article entitled “Brett Kavanaugh Said ObamaCare was Unprecedented and Unlawful'' in order to assure some Senate Republicans that Judge Kavanaugh would rule to undo the protections of the Affordable Care Act. Another one of Judge Kavanaugh's own law clerks said that no other contender on President Trump's list is on record so vigorously criticizing the Affordable Care Act. These are the words of Judge Kavanaugh's law clerks.

The case of Texas v. United States, which threatens to take away protections for millions of people with preexisting conditions, is currently making its way through the Federal courts. It was filed by a group of 20 Republican attorney generals. The Trump Administration took the unusual step of not defending the current law. The Texas case is very likely to end up in the Supreme Court of the United States. And, according to Judge Kavanaugh's own former law clerks, Judge Kavanaugh will rule against the Affordable Care Act -- stripping millions of Americans of their protections for preexisting health conditions.

On the issue of a woman's right to reproductive freedom and choice, Candidate Trump promised he would appoint a Justice to take those rights away. Specifically, he said overturning Roe “will happen automatically, in my opinion, because I am appointing pro-life justices on the court.'' In a July 3, 2018, National Review article, one of Judge Kavanaugh’s former clerks wrote: “No court-of-appeals judge in the nation has a stronger, more consistent record of enforcing restrictions on abortion.''

At the confirmation hearing, Judge Kavanaugh said that Roe v. Wade was an important precedent, and he testified that it was settled law. However, many judicial nominees who have testified before the Senate about settled law have gotten on the Supreme Court and overturned such laws. In fact, Judge Kavanaugh, before he was a judge, stated in a 2003 Bush White House memo that came to light: “I am not sure that all legal scholars refer to Roe as the settled law of the land at the Supreme Court level since the Court can always overrule its precedent'' -- a clear indication of where Judge Kavanaugh's reasoning lies, especially in light of the testimony from his own law clerks.

Other parts of his record reveal that Judge Kavanaugh consistently rules in favor of powerful special interests and against the public interest. He has sided with those who want to lift all of the restrictions on political campaign expenditures. In one opinion, Judge Kavanaugh wrote that PACs are constitutionally entitled to raise and spend unlimited money in support of candidates for elected office because it was “implausible'' that contributions to independent groups could corrupt candidates. In fact, Judge Kavanaugh has been credited by one campaign finance expert as “the man who created the super-PAC.” Judge Kavanaugh has even suggested that limits on direct contributions to candidates are unconstitutional. Back in March of 2002, in an email, he wrote: “I have heard very few people say that the limits on contributions to candidates are unconstitutional, although I, for one, tend to think those limits have some constitutional problems.'' With Judge Kavanaugh, not only can we expect him to double down on Citizens United, which says that corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money for and against candidates, but he will question the constitutionality of putting limits on direct contributions to candidates.

Judge Kavanaugh was also the pick for those who want corporate power to trump workers' rights, consumers' rights, and environmental protections. The day that Judge Kavanaugh was nominated for the Supreme Court, the White House circulated a letter to corporate leaders that touted the fact that he would protect their interests. The White House proudly noted that he had overruled Federal regulators 75 times on cases involving clean air, consumer protections, net neutrality, and other issues. When it comes to workers' rights, Judge Kavanaugh has routinely sided with corporations that want to prevent workers from unionizing, as he did in a case at President Trump's own hotel in Atlantic City, which at the time had admitted its refusal to bargain with workers in a 2012 case. When the card dealers across several hotels voted to unionize, Judge Kavanaugh and a panel of judges invalidated the will of the workers, overturned an administrative law judge's ruling that the union be certified, and allowed the Trump hotel to continue violating workers' rights.

On environmental issues, Judge Kavanaugh's record shows that time and again, he favors polluters over clean water and clean air. With his confirmation, it will be much harder for Americans to seek redress in the courts, and it will be easier for polluters to continue to pollute the environment. As a circuit court judge, he has written 10 dissenting opinions in environmental cases, and in each one, he has argued against the side that sought to protect the public health and the environment.

Judge Kavanaugh's sweeping view of executive power should cause alarm for everyone. We have all heard the testimony, and we have seen the writings. It is clear that President Trump, who is watching the Mueller investigation get closer and closer to his doorstep, wants a judge who will give excessive deference to the executive branch -- somebody who may be on the Supreme Court when that Court has to decide whether or not President Trump can be subpoenaed in that case or make other decisions regarding the scope of presidential powers.

Those were the reasons I decided to oppose the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court even before Dr. Ford’s concerning allegations of sexual misconduct and all the other discussions that followed.

As you know, Judge Kavanaugh was confirmed and now serves on the Supreme Court. I hope that he will prove me wrong in how he decides cases that will impact Americans for generations to come.

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. While we reached different conclusions, I very much appreciate your input. Please do not hesitate to contact me whenever I may be of service.

Chris Van Hollen
United States Senator

Dem Sen. Cardin: We Should Be Helping the Caravan

"America's strength is in our values," says Sen. Ben Cardin: "We have been a leader standing up for people at risk. If they qualify for asylum...there should be a process by which that case could be heard in a fair manner, protecting the individuals." 
Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day,” Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) defended the migrant caravan that is heading to the United States from Central America, saying the United States should be “trying to help.”

“America’s strength is in our values,” said Cardin. “We have been a leader internationally standing up for people at risk. The people of Central America, many are at risk. If they qualify for asylum, we believe there should be a process by which that case could be heard in a fair manner, protecting the individuals.”


Facebook Finally Censors Baby Photos

Pro-life ads featuring photos of ultrasounds and newborns deemed 'graphic content'

Facebook removed two ads telling the stories of babies who survived premature births.

Susan B. Anthony List posted two ads to Facebook telling the stories of two babies,Charlotte Ryun and Micah Pickering, who survived premature births. The videos featured testimony from the babies' parents, as well as ultrasound footage and other baby pictures provided by the families. One 30-second spot featured Iowa native Danielle Pickering discussing the birth of her son, Micah, at 22 weeks gestation.

"We didn't know if he could survive," Pickering says as a photo of Micah in the NICU flashes across the screen. "Micah today is a wonderful little boy."

Facebook is one of the largest depositories of ultrasounds and newborn photos in the world. Nevertheless it removed the ads without explanation, according to SBA List. When pressed on the reason for the deletions, the social media giant told the group the videos ran afoul of its prohibition on video that shows "medical procedures or conditions."

"We don't allow ads that depict medical procedures or conditions," the company said in an Oct. 13 email. "We don't allow ads that feature sensational or graphic content (even if it's for an artistic or education reason) because of their highly sensitive nature."