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Sunday, February 14, 2016

This Just In From Donald Trump

The RNC, which is probably not on my side, just illegally put out a fundraising notice saying Donald Trump wants you to contribute to the RNC.

"Get on Trump's List" is totally unauthorized, do not pay! I am self funding my campaign! Notice has just been withdrawn.

New York Post Has Incredible Article With Local Connections

Publishers Notes: I have selected a portion of this article that references a local Worcester County connection. I encourage you to click on the more button below to read about the entire story. This is very unfortunate. 

Troops betrayed as Army dumps hundreds of heroic war dogs

Last year, Wopat was contacted by a man named John Moreno, who said he founded an organization called Operation Releash in May 2015 to reunite veterans with their dogs.

“He told me US Capitol Police had him. He told me they were going to fly us up on Veterans Day, and to wear a suit and tie,” Wopat recalls. Moreno said they were going to retire Heijn and re-home him with Wopat.

“On Oct. 19th, the day he told me to call him on his new cellphone, he ceases contact with me,” Wopat says.

Moreno is ex-K2. He most recently worked as executive director of the Worcester County Humane Society in Maryland, a position he left after six weeks. “He was not caring for the dogs,” a former colleague tells The Post.

Moreno confirms Wopat’s version of events. Asked why he disappeared, Moreno told The Post: “A lot of stuff was going on at the time. I wanted to be left alone.”


Arkansas State University on lockdown after reports of gunmen on campus

Arkansas State University is on lockdown following reports that armed men were seen on campus.

According to the university, “males with weapons” were reported near the Student Union – a hub of campus activity. It added that reportedly “the three males all wearing black were last seen walking north near Dean St.”


14 Years Ago Today I Took A New Journey

By far, 
the best decision 
I ever made.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Missing Child Salisbury/Delmar Area

Sean Bear
 Someone on Facebook shared this picture. Sorry it is a bit blurry but at least you now have an idea of who we are looking for.

There is a 9 year old male child missing in the areas of Dagsboro/Rum Ridge Road.  The WCSO is currently searching for this child with assistance from the MSP helicopter.

Child was last seen wearing a camouflage jacket, orange sweat shirt and blue dickie pants.

Units are also searching in area of Kohls/Walmart.  

They are now checking the area of the Salisbury Gun Club

Child has been gone since 2pm today.  

They currently checking area businesses that are still open. 

Checking the field behind Target. 

A Command center has been set up in the Best Buy parking lot. 

Dispatch stated they do have a picture of this child and we have contacted the WCSO to get the picture but we have not received anything as of yet.

The child was spotted at 6:48pm on video at Target 
They are now saying it was not a positive id from the Target video. 
Pictures from target has been confirmed. It is NOT  Sean Bear

Trooper 4 is now back in the air to help search for Sean.

A Viewer Believes Sheriff Mike Lewis Has Gone Too Far

I saw the official comment from Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis regarding the tragic deaths of two Harford County Sheriff's Deputies. In light of this comment, I would respectfully request the following:

Mike, please stay out of this. This matter does not pertain to you. Allow the families, the Harford County Community, and the Sheriff's Department to grieve and mourn their losses. You do not need to get involved, nor should you. More importantly, this is not the time to make an unsolicited political statement. Your political views are already well documented and known. My humble advice is to place the political vendetta on hold and get back to the job you are paid to do.


A Resident of Wicomico County

Tonight, I sit here in disbelief over the senseless executions of two MD Sheriff's Deputies earlier today. These deputies, both veterans of the Harford County Sheriff's Office, were gunned down by a convicted felon, armed with a handgun, and wanted on warrants in two states. Please pray for these brave men and their families as Sheriff Jeff Gahler prepares to bury these husbands, brothers, sonsand daddies. Please continue to pray for them.

Yes, each law enforcement officer volunteered for this job. Yes, we knew the dangers of this job. But, what we didn't know is that the left-leaning liberal lawmakers in Annapolis would turn their backs on the very ones who are sworn to protect them and their families. Serving as co-chair of our legislative committee, I've had a front row seat to proposed legislation being introduced this year which severely limits our ability to do our jobs. To add insult to injury, earlier this week, Maryland's democratically controlled legislature voted to override Governor Hogan's veto restoring convicted felons' immediate voting rights, even before they've successfully completed their parole and probation. Why? So the democrats will have the desired results in both local and state elections. As a result, It is now predicted that in just a few weeks, at least twenty thousand of those convicted felons will vote for a new Baltimore Mayor.

God Bless the United States of America!!!!

During Super Bowl Weekend Sweep, State Police Arrest Off-Duty State Trooper

Among the arrested by Maryland State Police for suspected driving under the influence was one of their own.

Just before 11 p.m. Saturday, troopers from the Princess Anne Barrack were called to a single-vehicle crash in Marion. They arrived to find a pickup that had gone off the road and into a field. There they found the driver, Trooper First Class John Dize Jr., who was not on duty at the time. He was injured and taken to a nearby hospital.

An investigation led him to be charged with failing to obey designated lane directions and driving under the influence. He is suspended without pay, according to state police.

Statewide over the weekend, state police stopped 4,700 vehicles and issued more than 2,900 citations and more than 2,900 warnings, in addition to the arrests.


Beyoncé honors Black Panther Party during halftime show

Beyoncé and her bouncing bandolier of bullets stirred things up during the Super Bowl halftime show — with two dozen black beret- and Afro-topped backup dancers paying tribute to a different kind of Panther.

The 34-year-old megastar’s crew was dressed in homage to the Black Panther Party, at one point joining her in giving millions of viewers a black-power salute as she belted out her new politically charged power anthem, “Formation.”

“OK, ladies, let’s get in formation!” she sang, tweaking the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl with a nod to the 50th anniversary of the 1966 founding of the Black Panther Party.

One admirer, Twitter user­ ­@JasFly, tweeted, “Beyoncé, backed by 50 black women with afros dressed black panthers, is telling the world that #BlackLivesMatter.”


County Executive Responds to Poultry Concerns

As Wicomico County Executive, I want to address the apprehension some of our citizens have expressed regarding the poultry farm that is being considered on West Road.

Many of the statements that have been made during public comments in County Council meetings along with emails that I have received personally and articles in the media have been less than accurate. I take this matter very seriously and have my own concerns about this issue. Because of these concerns, I have reached out to experts on the topic who are charged with the responsibility of protecting public health and our environment.

I have invited the Secretaries of Maryland Department of the Environment, Maryland Department of Agriculture and the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and have asked them to conduct a public meeting locally to share the facts as they know them and to answer our citizens’ concerns.

I have also been meeting with poultry companies, the Delmarva Poultry Industry, our local Health Department and others attempting to collect factual information on an operation of the size being considered at this time.

Until all of this information can be compiled, I believe it is premature to attempt to legislate or regulate a business as important as the poultry industry is to our county and to restrict citizens’ property rights.

Publishers Notes: The following must be stated.

I came to learn that Council President John Cannon has been feeding the very people who are complaining about this project, (and others) with a load of his own CRAP.

He is trying to give FALSE HOPE that something can be done about this exact project and very frankly he is full of sh!t. As I have tried to explain to many other people who approached me on this matter, what they are planning to build IS PERFECTLY LEGAL. John Cannon is once again taking every single controversial matter and make it his own. He wants to garnish FALSE support to make it LOOK like he's trying to help people when the fact remains, he can do NOTHING about it. He is trying to run for County Executive with complete BS. 

While County Executive Culver inherited this alleged and manufactured problem, he understands every single concern here but you cannot ask him to BREAK THE LAWS already in place and that is exactly what John Cannon is filling the minds of concerned people, hoping they'll believe he's the "Good Guy" in this whole thing. 

It was just as much Rick Pollitt's problem as it is now Bob Culver's. The ONLY difference here is, NO ONE ever attempted to build so many at one time, until now. 

John Cannon is creating false hope and as Council President should know better then to abuse his position against a County Executive he knows cannot do anything. Again, nor could the former Executive, any Delegate, Senator, Congressman and yes, even the Governor. 

Can projects like this be toned down IN THE FUTURE, absolutely. But as things stand now, this group has every legal right to move forward. Cannon, how dare you go so low to mislead people with your BS. 

JUST IN: Senate Votes To Override Hogan Veto On Felon Voting Rights

For the sixth time this year, the Maryland Senate has again overridden one of Governor Larry Hogan's vetoes.

The Senate voted 29-18 today to override the governor's veto of a bill that would restore the voting rights of convicted felons once they leave prison, but before they complete their probation.

The Senate was sponsored by Baltimore City Senator Joan Carter Conway, who said the bill would help felons re-enter society.

Baltimore County Senator Delores Kelley said voting is a responsibility, and she says a felon out of prison is showing that he or she wants to be a responsible member of society, by voting.

All 14 Republicans in the Senate voted to sustain the override along with four Democrats.

Those Democrats were Jim Mathias, Kathy Klausmeier, Ed DeGrange and Jim Brochin.


A Viewer Said...

"I think most viewers are OK with the idea that the professional weather forecaster is going to be wrong about  two thirds of the time based on the limitation of the technology their disposal"

Would you agree with that?

Publishers Notes: I explained to this viewer, (who does not have children) that there are tens of thousands of people out there that absolutely depend on an accurate forecast, especially parents. 

When a weatherman states there will be a light dusting on the grass but nothing on the roads, parents can easily believe there will be school tomorrow. There's no need to make contact with someone to take care of the kids.

The next morning, (5 AM) you get a robocall from the school stating they are closed. Now you are pissed, your boss is pissed because you have to stay home. Businesses depend on these forecasts. 

We called out WBOC because, (like you) we're tired of these ridiculous screw ups every single year. Last year we had an almost blizzard, (by eastern shore standards) and even SBYNews called it while WBOC said, (once again) there'd be a light dusting. We have NO experience at this kind of stuff but when push comes to shove, SBYNews is more accurate?

On the day that the snow DID stick to the roads and Dan said it wouldn't, they admitted on each broadcast that "social media" was cracking on Dan, meaning Salisbury News. They all tried to make a JOKE out of Dan's screw up but I'm sure many of our readers picked up on what they were doing and got a laugh out of seeing their tails between their legs. Brian said, well you can't get it right all the time. OH YES YOU CAN, especially the day it IS snowing and you people are still saying it's not going to stick to the roads. 

By the way, is everyone now noticing the repeat commercials on WBOC, (filler commercials). Now they're advertising for sales positions to sell commercial space. Helicopter is gone, new faces on a regular basis. The ship is sinking and I'm not so sure they're going to recover this time. Businesses are sick of spending thousands of dollars on commercials that people are muting or fast forwarding through.

Who Wants To Attend Jim Ireton's Birthday Party?

SPD Press Release 2-7-16 - (Home Invasion Investigation)


Operation Homefront, a San Antonio-based national non-profit that provides emergency financial and other services to military families and wounded warriors, is seeking applications for this single family 1648 sq. ft. Salisbury home, featuring 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. This lovely Cape Cod style home has beautiful wood floors in the kitchen, dining and living rooms. The large living room has a fireplace. The kitchen has an open floor plan and has lots of room to move around and cook! There is an attached 1-car garage.
the Homes on the Homefront program.

What is Operation Homefront?

JP Morgan Chase and Meritage have partnered with Operation Homefront to give away mortgage free homes to our veterans and military families. Operation Homefront caters to all of our veterans no matter what era they served (Vietnam, Korea, Desert Storm, Desert Shield, OEF, OIF, etc), as long as they served honorably.

Selected families live in the homes for a period of 1-2 years as OH’s “tenants,” where they are required to pay a monthly rent equal to 1/12th of the annual property taxes, home insurance, warranty, closing costs and home owner association fees.

At the end of this 1-2 year period, provided there are no outstanding issues or delinquencies, the family is deeded the home, free and clear.

To find out more about Operation Homefront, visit

Maryland State Troopers On the Defense This Super Bowl Weekend

(PIKESVILLE, MD)— As some Super Bowl fans were on the offense, many troopers across the state and the S.P.I.D.R.E DUI team were on the defense this past weekend making more than 50 DUI arrests.

The Maryland State Police conducted traffic enforcement initiatives throughout the state during this Super Bowl weekend. Troopers made numerous traffic stops focused on impaired or distracted drivers, aggressive and speeding motorists, as well as those who were not properly belted in the vehicle.

During the three day enforcement initiative more than 4,700 vehicles were stopped by troopers across the state. Preliminary statistics revealed more than 2,900 traffic citations were issued along with more than 2,900 warnings. In addition, 51 motorists were arrested for drunk driving.

The S.P.I.D.R.E DUI team was deployed to Baltimore County for Operation 40/40, a multi-jurisdictional traffic enforcement initiative. Collaborating with 11 law enforcement agencies, efforts were focused on Route 40 from the Baltimore City line to the Delaware state line. As a result of the collaborated effort, 30 motorists were arrested for drunk driving.

Just before 11:00 p.m. on February 6th, troopers from the Maryland State Police Princess Anne Barrack were dispatched to a single vehicle crash near the intersection of Hudson Corner Road and Landon Store Road, in Marion, Md. Troopers found a pickup that reportedly drove off the road into a field.

The driver of the vehicle was found to be an off-duty state trooper, identified as Trooper First Class John Dize, Jr., assigned to the Princess Anne Barrack. Trooper First Class Dize sustained injuries and was transported to the Peninsula Regional Medical Center. Due to the possibility of alcohol being a contributing circumstance to the cause of the crash, an immediate investigation was conducted.

Trooper First Class Dize was subsequently charged with failing to obey designated lane directions and driving under the influence. Trooper First Class Dize was immediately suspended with pay.

In an ongoing effort to educate motorists, additional traffic initiatives will continue throughout the year to reduce injuries and fatalities on Maryland roads. Maryland State Police will continue these initiatives in support of the Maryland Highway Safety Office’s ‘Move Toward Zero Deaths’ campaign.

Carroll County Sheriff's letter to President Obama

A Letter from me to our president:

Dear President Obama:

In case you haven’t heard, eight American police officers over the past eight days have been killed in the line of duty. Two of these police officers were Harford County Sheriff’s Deputies that were gunned down at a Panera Restaurant just 50 miles from where you live. I’ve watched and listened intently for words of encouragement and sorrow to come from you, but haven’t heard or seen anything.

Conversely, just two weeks ago my governor, Larry Hogan, spent the better part of a week placing a call each day to one of my deputies that was involved in a severe traffic collision in Carroll County. He wasn’t satisfied with speaking to me in order to send his prayers and regards; he called every day after the collision until he spoke with my deputy’s wife. Governor Hogan also drove to Harford County the day after two deputies were slain to meet Sheriff Gahler and the men & women of his office to grieve with them. The governor is in the middle of the 2016 Legislative Session and is pretty busy, yet found time to call, visit and pay his respects to me & my deputy, and the men & women of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office.

I understand that you are a busy man and are being pulled in multiple directions every day of the week. But, when my president doesn’t take the time to openly recognize the sacrifices that brave men & women of law enforcement make each day to keep domestic peace, I’m disappointed! I suspect that if these same deputies walked in to a restaurant, and without provocation shot and killed an innocent man, you and your staff would quickly whisk their family away to Washington for a future speech to make an example of police officers nationwide.

For me Mr. President, it has nothing to do with Republican or Democrat; black or white, male or female; but, it has everything to do with leading or following. I’m not shocked that you haven’t openly reached out or acknowledged publically the recent rash of deaths in law enforcement, but I’m tremendously disappointed!

Mr. President, your silence about these events SPEAKS VOLUMES!!!!

PS: I'll be standing outside in the cold next week with my deputies for the funerals of the Harford Co deputies; I'll save you a spot next to me!

James T. DeWees
Carroll County Maryland

Md. Senate president calls for civility after veto override

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Maryland’s Senate president is calling for civility after Democratic senators have received what he called “the most vicious hate mail you can possibly imagine” in the aftermath of a veto override vote.

Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, a Democrat, made the appeal from the Senate rostrum Friday. He called on Republican Gov. Larry Hogan to stop his supporters from singling out senators after the legislature’s veto override of legislation allowing felons to vote when they are on parole and probation.

Miller says one person called a senator’s office and said he hoped the senator’s wife would be raped as a result of his vote.

Doug Mayer, Hogan’s spokesman, says if lawmakers don’t want their constituents to be upset with them, they shouldn’t vote for items their constituents “absolutely despise.” 


Immigrant families being evicted from mobile homes in Virginia

FAIRFAX, VA (WUSA9) -- One by one, low-income immigrant families living in one of the last affordable neighborhoods in Fairfax County are losing their homes.

The managers of Waples Mobile Home Park are demanding social security numbers for every resident. And if they cannot produce them, they're being evicted.

Waples Park managers insist they need the numbers to conduct background checks on residents. But migrants who have lived here for years without them say it's just terribly unfair.

Construction worker Carlos Hernandez says his small mobile home is the only thing -- the only small piece of America -- that his family owns. “I just want my kids to have a better future,” he said.

Hernandez and his wife are raising his three boys and girl here. They carefully charted their growth on a door frame. The three youngest are US citizens, and Eric, their oldest child, is OK because they brought him here when he was four.


Video Captures the Exact Moment 1,400 Employees Learn They Are Losing Their Jobs to Mexico

Editor’s Note: This post contains language some readers may find inappropriate.

Carrier Air Conditioner has announced that it plans to move at least 1,400 jobs from the U.S. to Mexico – and one employee captured his colleagues’ reaction on video.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Thursday, a company representative at a production facility in Indianapolis is speaking in front of a large group of employees when he shares the news:

“The best way to stay competitive and protect the business longterm is to move production from our facility in Indianapolis to Monterrey, Mexico,” the representative says as the employees begin booing and shouting.

The representative goes on to share details that the company doesn’t intend to fully close the facility’s doors until mid-2017, and encourages employees to “remain committed to manufacturing the same high quality products” until then.


A Viewer Writes: The Daily Times

The daily times publishes a weekly paper and leaves it in people's driveways/lawns. I have called now three times to ask to be removed from delivery with no luck. Asked for a call back-nothing.

Do you or your readers think the paper has a responsibility to stop delivery when asked? They did this for the (free) ocean pines independent a few years ago.

Thank you.

Elected School Board In Wicomico County

Marc Kilmer, Wicomico County Council
Legislation is moving today in Annapolis that would allow Wicomico County residents to vote on an elected school board. Today Del. Carl Anderton introduced a bill on behalf of the county delegation to accomplish this. In the Senate, companion legislation sponsored by Sens. Mathias and Eckardt passed committee and heads to the Senate floor. I appreciate all of our senators and delegates who are working to give voters a chance to decide on this issue.


'Director would like to indict Clinton and Abedin'

California Rep. Darrell Issa says the FBI has a “slam dunk” case against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and senior aide Huma Abedin that it’s itching to prosecute.

The former House Oversight chairman’s statement on Friday comes just days after former Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said his contacts in the agency will “blow the whistle and go public” if Attorney General Loretta Lynch does not prosecute.
“I think the FBI director would like to indict both Huma and Hillary as we speak,” Issa said at Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s New Hampshire campaign headquarters on Thursday, the Washington Examiner reported. “I think he’s in a position where he’s being forced to triple-time make a case of what would otherwise be, what they call, a slam dunk.”

Maryland lawmakers consider new gun safety bills

ANNAPOLIS, Md. —State House Democratic leaders on Wednesday introduced new gun safety legislation.

Democrats consider the gun control package of bills part of their legislative priorities.

One bill creates a gun-free zone on college campuses. Another measure would require courts to order people convicted of domestic-related crimes to surrender all firearms. A third bill would ban those on the U.S. terrorist watch list from purchasing guns.

"(It's) dealing with what I believe is common-sense legislation that's going to protect Maryland families and children," said House Speaker Michael Busch, D-Anne Arundel County.

"Guns don't belong in elementary school zones. They don't belong in a high school zone. We want our colleges and universities to be gun-free zones as well," Senate President Mike Miller said.



​State approves $110,000 loan to assist with 
construction of new shop

BALTIMORE, MD – County Line Auto Repairs, a family-owned auto repair business located in Salisbury, is constructing a new shop and office space to better meet consumer demand. The company was founded in 2005 by James and Alisha Matthews and specializes in automotive repairs and maintenance work.

As part of the project, County Line Auto Repairs will construct two new buildings totaling 2,500 square feet. The shop portion will have the capacity for eight cars with four car lifts and an additional four non-lift workspaces. In addition to the buildings, new lighting and signage will be installed.

“For small businesses like o​urs, finding capital to help us grow was a problem. We are thankful that Commerce has loan programs for businesses of all sizes and different industries,” said Alisha Matthews. “This small business loan will enable us to expand our facility, provide service to many more customers, and hire new employees.”

To assist with the expansion, the Maryland Department of Commerce approved a $110,000 loan through the Maryland Economic Adjustment Fund (MEAF). With the improvements, County Line Auto Repairs is expecting to see sales growth due to increased business capacity and visibility, resulting in a potential addition of three jobs over the next two years.

BREAKING NEWS: Live from the refuge -- FBI Standoff Happening.

The FBI has encircled the four remaining occupiers at the Oregon wildlife refuge. Agents in armored vehicles are demanding they surrender.  Below is the live feed

Statement from Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey R. Gahler

Statement from Sheriff Jeffrey R. Gahler
Thank you for your patience and respect this afternoon. Today is a sad day for the Harford County Sheriff’s Office, and the citizens of Harford County who we are sworn to serve.

It is with great sadness, that I tell you that both deputies shot earlier this morning have succumbed to their injuries.

One deputy was a 30 year veteran of this agency, and served in the Court Services Division. The other deputy had served this agency for 16 years and was assigned to the Community Services Division.

We ask at this time you please offer their families respect and privacy.

Next, we can tell you that in the last few hours we have identified the deceased suspect as David Brian Evans, a 67 year old white male, born on 12/25/1947. Evans had at least two outstanding warrants in two states. One criminal warrant out of the State of Florida for assaulting a police officer and fleeing and eluding. The second is a Circuit Court civil writ issued by the Circuit Court of Harford County.

Princeton Professor RAGES After Cops Arrest Her Due To Outstanding Warrant…For Parking Ticket

Police pulled a Princeton University professor over for speeding on Saturday afternoon and then arrested her because of an outstanding parking ticket from three years ago.

The professor is Imani Perry of Princeton’s African American studies department, reports The Daily Princetonian.

Perry’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day began around 9:30 a.m. as she was on her way to an academic symposium. A pair of Princeton, N.J. police officers pulled her over for speeding, Perry said.

Upon routinely running Perry’s license, the unidentified officers discovered an outstanding warrant for Perry’s arrest. The warrant was issued, police say, because Perry’s driver’s license was suspended in 2013 — and a $130 fine was imposed — over a parking violation.


Sears announces it's closing at least 50 stores

Sears doesn't want to waste any time.

The retailer announced on Tuesday that it planned to "accelerate" the closing of at least 50 "unprofitable stores."

Sears, which also owns Kmart, originally planned to close the stores over the next few months, but poor sales have sped up the timeline.

In its earnings report Tuesday, Sears said it expects total revenue to hit $7.3 billion for the fourth quarter -- down from $8.1 billion last year.


Caption This Photo 2-10-16

When Convicts Go To College

Higher Education In Prisons Is A Good Deal 

For Everyone, Inmate And Advocate Says

America spends $80 billion a year keeping criminals behind bars, but research has shown that cost could be reduced by making one thing more accessible to inmates – education.

“We spend all that money on incarceration, but have little to show for it,” says Christopher Zoukis (, a prison-education advocate and author of “College for Convicts: The Case for Higher Education in American Prisons” (McFarland & Co., 2014) and “Prison Education Guide” (Prison Legal News Publishing, 2016).

“It’s time for this money to be put to good use by helping to reform prisoners so they can return to their communities as productive, law-abiding members of society.”

Giving inmates the opportunity to earn college degrees can be a hard sell, though, because the average taxpayer is more concerned with educating their own children and grandchildren than with educating prison inmates, Zoukis says.

They want to see prisoners punished, not put on a track toward a degree, but that’s short-sighted, he says.

“Most of the public is unaware that educating prisoners can have an impact – a positive one – on our economy and on the safety of our communities,” Zoukis says.

Here’s how: Prisoners who take classes while incarcerated have a 13 percent lower likelihood of committing another offense and ending up back behind bars, according to a Rand Corp. study in 2014 that reviewed years of data. Those prisoners also are more likely to become employed once they are released.

The Rand report says that for every $1 spent on correctional education, there was a $5 reduction in overall corrections spending.

City, Arnett Muldrow & Associates to Unveil Results of Branding and Marketing Initiative

Salisbury – Mayor Jake Day invites citizens to join him for the unveiling of Salisbury’s new community brand identity at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, February 15th, at Salisbury Fire Headquarters on Cypress Street. Ben Muldrow of Arnett Muldrow & Associates will present the final results of the company’s intensive branding and design process.

Last month, citizens were asked to participate in a series of roundtable meetings through which they could offer input and help inform the design process. At the end of the three-day design charrette, Muldrow presented a rough outline of his proposed brand, including logos, font packages, tag lines, and a brand statement. Over the past two weeks, the brand image has been refined, and it is now ready to make its debut!

Mayor Day said, “There were so many takeaways from this process, but what sticks with me the most is the degree of citizen involvement. These meetings were so well attended, and the discussions which took place contributed in a real way to the end product. I’m very happy with the brand identity this community has helped to come up with, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

Former Maryland lieutenant governor Anthony G. Brown endorses Clinton

Former Maryland lieutenant governor Anthony G. Brown, who is a candidate in the state’s 4th Congressional District race, announced early Monday that he is endorsing Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party nomination for president.

Brown declared his support for Clinton in an email from his congressional campaign one day before the New Hampshire primary, citing the former secretary of state’s advocacy of pre-kindergarten programs such as Head Start and work on gun control issues.

The endorsement comes a week after his onetime boss, former governor Martin J. O’Malley (D), dropped out of the race. Most of the state’s Democratic political establishment is backing Clinton in her bid for the presidency.


Subway Is Really Excited About Raising The Price Of Its Footlong Promo From $5 To $6

There’s nothing like a little breathless excitement to try to convince your customers that raising the price of something popular is a fantastic idea, which is perhaps why Subway was so pleased to let customers know that “ALL” its classic footlong sandwiches will cost $6 from now on. That’s right, the same menu item that Subway used to push for just $5 during its typical promotion.