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Sunday, March 03, 2019

Caribbean Joe's Is Hiring Lifeguards For The 2019 Season

We are the only "Pool Bar" in West Ocean City and I'm looking to hire two full time CERTIFIED Lifeguards. Please send your resume to and put "lifeguard" in the subject area. 

This Article Represents Our 200,000th Post

Over the many years that I have been running SBYNews, I'm amazed that we have delivered 200,000 articles in all. 

Millions of comments, millions of hits, we've certainly come a very long way.

I want to thank ALL of you for participating in helping us become such a staple here on the shore when it comes to news, information and especially your opinions in comments. 

I also want to thank so many of you for coming all the way to West Ocean City to give us the chance to serve you at Caribbean Joe's. It's an honor meeting so many of you face to face and I'm so glad you are enjoying the food and atmosphere. 

Have a great Sunday and hopefully we see you soon.

Welcome NASCAR Fans

Don't miss NASCAR today at Caribbean Joe's. We have quite a crowd that has made us the place to go to watch the races. $2.00 Natural Lights and incredible $1.50 beef tacos. 

People Can't Flee These US Cities Fast Enough: Salisbury Maryland

12. Salisbury, Maryland

Salisbury, on Maryland's Eastern Shore, is making a name for itself in the microbrewery scene — but the city’s already got a reputation, and not a good one.

Violent and property crime rates are twice the national average. Public schools are terrible, the real estate market is stagnant, incomes are low and good jobs are hard to find.

Although Salisbury’s unemployment and crime numbers are slowly improving, many people have apparently decided the wait just isn’t worth it.


Plan B for rebel Republicans: Wound Trump so he'll lose to a Democrat in general election

President Trump’s antagonists inside the Republican Party now have a fallback plan to scuttle his re-election: using the 2020 primary fight as a bludgeon to inflict irreparable political damage on him in the November general election.

The "Never Trump" movement’s preferred strategy is to recruit a formidable Republican who might block the president’s renomination, or at least mount an aggressive challenge that presses him all the way to the convention in Charlotte set for late summer next year. Efforts are underway to woo Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland and other top Republicans uneasy with Trump.

Short of that, key renegade Republicans are preparing to settle for Plan B: mortally wound him.

“For a number of people I’ve spoken to, putting a torpedo into Trump’s operation would suffice for them — if they could mortally wound him in a primary,” said a Republican insider involved in the effort.


A Viewer Writes: Insurance Thoughts

1. All Maryland vehicles MUST be insured at ALL times by a vehicle insurance company licensed in Maryland. Your vehicle insurance must cover, at a minimum:

$30,000 for bodily injury
$60,000 for 2 or more people
$15,000 property damage

These requirements are a joke. Especially property damage.

Just had a teenager driving his grandmothers car run thru our solar panels causing approx. $35K or more in damages.

His grandmothers policy will only pay me $15K.

My insurance company must pay the rest which could cause my rates to go up upon renewal.

Fifteen thousand covers almost nothing in today's World.

And $30K for bodily injury ? Really ??

Property should be at least $100K and bodily injury should be $500K.

Statement From Worcester County Sheriff Matthew Crisafulli

As Sheriff of Worcester County, I am the only law enforcement officer that was elected by and answers directly to the people. I am dedicated to the security of our community and protecting our God given rights as Americans, which includes the rights of citizens to Keep and Bear Arms.

Our founding fathers had the forethought to protect one of the most valuable rights to citizens, the right to protect themselves and their families. The founding fathers found it so important that they listed it right after Freedom of Speech!

I am a firm believer in the second amendment and the right of legally armed Americans to protect themselves, their family and their property. As the chief law enforcement official in Worcester County, I will stand true to my oath and “I will bear true faith and allegiance to the United States of America and to the State of Maryland; that I will serve honestly and faithfully to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Maryland.” 

The Second Amendment is most certainly a part of the Constitution of the United States which I took a solemn oath to uphold and defend. As Sheriff, I will not infringe on any inalienable rights provided to the people or allow other entities to infringe upon those rights.

As the newly elected Sheriff my efforts are focused on protecting and serving the citizens of Worcester County at this time. I support and am grateful for the voices of Sheriff Mike Lewis and all of our Maryland Sheriff’s in Annapolis, and if ever called upon by them I would gladly stand by their side.

Sheriff Matthew Crisafulli

Wicomico County Sheriff: 'We will not comply' with long gun license bill as written

Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis has a message for Maryland lawmakers if they pass legislation regulating ownership of rifles and shotguns: His office will not comply.

“The way the bill is written, it is impossible to comply,” Lewis said Monday. “I can’t send (my deputies) on a suicide mission.”

The Maryland county sheriff made those comments shortly after testifying in opposition to House Bill 786. He made similar comments in the overflow room watching hearings on gun legislation in the morning. Lewis was in downtown Annapolis all day Monday testifying against several different gun bills.

If any of those bills required his deputies to take away guns for law-abiding citizens, Lewis said he wouldn’t do it.


NYC Fast-Food Workers Stunned Some Are Being Fired after $15 Minimum Wage Hike

Serving as ground zero for the $15 minimum wage battle, New York City saw its fast-food workers also serve as the subjects in an experiment that completely ignored the laws of economics.

When supporters of minimum wage increases argued that e
ntry-level workers were not getting paid enough to support their families, experts warned that forcing employers to increase the wages for unskilled workers would produce unintended consequences. Now that critics of the law were proven right and workers are getting fired, proponents are doubling down.

Critics hoped that minimum wage supporters would finally understand that employers should be able to negotiate wages with workers freely, but those suffering the consequences seem blind to reality.

Will they ever realize that their push for a minimum wage hike is why they are out of a job?


Kathy Szeliga: YES! Maryland should allow this too.

Five sheriffs from the Eastern Shore jumped into the Annapolis hearings for Gun Bill Day.

Cummings on Cohen: ‘I Believe He Told the Truth’

While speaking to reporters on Wednesday, House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) stated he believes that former Trump attorney Michael Cohen “told the truth.”

Cummings said, “I believe he told the truth. I’ve been practicing law — first of all, as I said in there, I practiced law for many years. And one of the things that I did, I represented a lot of lawyers who got in trouble. And I’m used to watching witnesses. I think that, he — first of all, I think he’s very — something, a lightbulb went off in his head, I guess, and he said, you know what, I’m going the wrong way, and I want to change things.."



Md. bill would allow some noncitizens to be police officers

WASHINGTON — Maryland state Sen. Cheryl Kagan has introduced “The Freedom to Serve Act,” which would allow some noncitizens to become police officers in Maryland.

Kagan, a Democrat from Montgomery County, told members of the Senate Judiciary Proceedings Committee on Wednesday that the bill would not be a mandate, and that departments that did not want to open their candidate classes to noncitizens would not be required to do so.

If passed, the process would be open to legal, permanent residents who served honorably in the U.S. military. Currently, officer candidates must be U.S. citizens in Maryland.

Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger testified in favor of Senate Bill 853, explaining that the number of police officer candidates has dropped in recent years.

“Last year, we had 300 fewer applicants than we did 10 years ago,” he told members of the committee.

Manger called the change a win-win-win.


Yesterday's Bypass Accident

A Viewer Writes: I wish I got paid to read to students

Fruitland Police Officer in need of your help!

Democrat Lawmaker Refers To Majority Black County As ‘N****r District,’ Report Says

A Maryland Democrat delegate was forced to apologize to the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland on Monday night after she allegedly referred to a predominately black county as being a "n****r district."

"Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti allegedly used the racial slur to describe Prince George's County while talking to a white colleague who campaigned in the district at an after-hours gathering at an Annapolis cigar bar," The Daily Mail reported. "The population of Prince George's County is 62 percent African American, according to the US Census Bureau."

"She apologized several times," Caucus chair Del Darryl Barnes (D) told The Washington Post. "She recognizes how she has hurt so many within the caucus, and she hoped to repent from this. She said that she doesn’t remember fully what happened, but she recognizes what happened."

"I do think that someone who uses the word, it’s a reflection of what’s in their heart," Barnes added.

The Post noted that the following lawmakers were in attendance at some point during the evening when Lisanti allegedly made the remark: "Del. Jay Walker (D-Prince George’s), who represents the district Lisanti was allegedly referring to; House Majority Whip Talmadge Branch (D-Baltimore City); Dels. Theresa E. Reilly (R-Harford), Warren E. Miller (R-Howard) and Carl L. Anderton Jr. (R-Wicomico); and state Sen. Brian J. Feldman (D-Montgomery)."

This is just the latest incident of blatant bigotry to rock the Democrat Party over the last several weeks.

More here

[Was she wearing a red MAGA hat when she said that? --Editor]

That Look...

These Boys Were Killed In The First World War — Now The Supreme Court Must Decide If Their Cross-Shaped Memorial Can Stand

Just two days before Christmas, roughly 100 years ago, a family in Bladensburg, Maryland, received word from Washington informing them that their only son, John Henry Seaburn Jr., was killed in action on the fields in France.

Seaburn would later become one of 49 names of local boys etched into a pedestal holding up a gigantic 40-foot Celtic cross, which sits still today at the center of a roundabout in Bladensburg, Maryland.

That First World War veterans memorial — known as the Peace Cross — is the subject of landmark litigation concerning religion in public life. The Supreme Court will hear arguments Wednesday as to whether or not it violates the Constitution’s ban on religious favoritism.

Three local residents brought a lawsuit against the state parks commission that administers the memorial in 2014. They won a favorable judgment in the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.


President Trump, I Feel Your Pain & Stand With You...

16 gun bills under consideration in Annapolis

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Monday was gun day in Annapolis as gun rights and gun control advocates lined up to testify on a slew of bills.

Sixteen gun-related bills being heard Monday included allowing parishioners to be armed inside church, requiring an armed presence inside every school and getting a license and background check for long guns.

Police said Capital Gazette shooting suspect Jarrod Ramos used a legally purchased pump-action shotgun and passed a background check before opening fire in the newspaper's newsroom in June.

Some people are supporting a bill that would require a license and background check on all rifle and shotgun purchases. Jan Donahoe McNamara lost her brother-in-law, John McNamara, in the Capital Gazette shooting.

"It was a warm summer night and the fireflies had settled into the tall trees looking like twinkling Christmas lights. Rather than finding the site comforting, the girls were confused that the world could still seem so calm and beautiful when something so ugly had just happened. The man who stormed the Gazette newsroom less than 4 miles from where we are sitting right now used a long gun to destroy as many lives as he could," Donahoe McNamara said.


‘Second Amendment Sanctuaries’: 21 of New Mexico’s 33 Counties Refuse to Enforce Gun Control

The latest count on the public backlash against gun control reveals that 21 of New Mexico’s 33 counties have now declared themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries.”

The declarations signal that the commissions in those counties stand with their sheriffs in refusing to enforce the latest state-level, Democrat-sponsored gun control.

On February 23, 2019, Breitbart News reported that 14 of New Mexico’s 33 counties had declared sanctuary status. And the Albuquerque Journal predicted the number of declared counties would likely climb.

The Ruidoso News reported that seven more counties have now joined the list, bringing the total to 21.

New Mexico Democrats, led by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D), are pushing universal background checks, gun confiscation via red flag laws, and a broadened prohibited persons list for firearm purchases and possession.