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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Polling Milestone: Democrats Officially Prefer Socialism To Capitalism

Democrats have a more positive view of socialism than they do of capitalism, a Gallup poll published Monday reveals.

Fifty-seven percent of Democrats view socialism favorably, while just 47 percent of Democrats have a positive view of capitalism, according to the poll. In contrast, 71 percent of Republicans have a positive view of capitalism, while just 16 percent viewed socialism favorably.

Monday’s poll was “the first time in Gallup’s measurement over the past decade that Democrats viewed socialism more favorably than capitalism,” the polling firm noted.

The landmark poll comes as socialists are ascendant in the Democratic Party.


Republicans call Justice Department's Ohr to testify

Republicans in a joint session of House committees are set to interview former Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr this month to gauge whether a complex conspiracy against Donald Trump existed among Hillary Clinton loyalists and the Justice Department.

“DOJ official Bruce Ohr will come before Congress on August 28 to answer why he had 60+contacts with dossier author Chris Steele as far back as January 2016. He owes the American public the full truth,” tweeted Rep. Mark Meadows, North Carolina Republican and member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

His panel and the House Judiciary Committee plan to hold a joint hearing to interview Mr. Ohr, according to The Daily Caller.

FBI documents show that the bureau bluntly told dossier writer Christopher Steele in November 2016 that it no longer wanted to hear about his collection of accusations against Mr. Trump.

But for months afterward, the FBI appeared to violate its own edict as agents continued to receive the former British spy’s scandalous charges centered on supposed Trump-Russia collusion.



Investigative journalist Jen Moore was found dead in her hotel room outside of D.C. in Capitol Heights, Maryland. This happened Monday, according to police and her friends and colleagues who were shocked and distraught.

Reports claim Moore died of an apparent seizure. The cause of death is being closely investigated by the police former FBI Agent Robin Gritz, a close friend of Moore’s, inquired with homicide detectives in Prince Georges County, Maryland on Monday. Early reports from police report that the death was not a homicide.

Moore’s body was found at the Country Inn & Suites by employees. As of late Monday there has not yet been an autopsy scheduled and the investigation is ongoing.


‘Location history’ off? Google's still tracking you

Google wants to know where you go so badly that it records your movements even when you explicitly tell it not to.

An Associated Press investigation found that many Google services on Android devices and iPhones store your location data even if you've used privacy settings that say they will prevent it from doing so.

Computer-science researchers at Princeton confirmed these findings at the AP's request.

More here

Paul Craig Roberts Blasts Mueller's 'Weaponization' Of The Law

Robert Mueller is supposed to be investigating Russiagate, which has been shown to be a hoax concocted by former CIA director John Brennan, former FBI director James Comey, and current deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. As Russiagate is a hoax, Mueller has not been able to produce a shred of evidence of the alleged Trump/Putin plot to hack Hillary’s emails and influence the last presidential election.

With his investigation unable to produce any evidence of the alleged Russiagate, Mueller concluded that he had to direct attention away from the failed hoax by bringing some sort of case against someone, knowing that the incompetent and corrupt US media and insouciant public would assume that the case had something to do with Russiagate.

Mueller chose Paul Manafort as a target, hoping that faced with fighting false charges, Manafort would make a deal and make up some lies about Trump and Putin in exchange for the case against him being dropped. But Manafort stood his ground, forcing Mueller to go forward with a false case.


Breaking News: Christine Hallquist, a Democrat from Vermont, became the first transgender candidate to be nominated for a governorship by a major party.

Christine Hallquist, a Democrat, has made history in becoming the first transgender candidate to be nominated for a governorship by a major party.

It is a remarkable milestone, even for an election year already dominated by an influx of women and a record number of candidates who identify as lesbian, gay, transgender or queer.

Antifa, Democratic Socialists And The New World Order All Want The Same Thing: “No Borders, No Wall, No USA At All”

This is what they actually want

No matter how globalism is repackaged, it always smells the same way in the end.

For decades, the globalists have subtly (or sometimes not so subtly) been moving us toward a world in which national borders have essentially been made meaningless. The ultimate goal, of course, is to merge all the nations of the world into a “one world socialist utopia” with a global government, a global economic system and even a global religion. The European Union is a model for what the elite hope to achieve eventually on a global scale. The individual nations still exist, but once inside the European Union you can travel wherever you want, economic rules have been standardized across the Union, and European institutions now have far more power than the national governments. Liberty and freedom have been greatly restricted for the “common good”, and a giant horde of nameless, faceless bureaucrats constantly micromanages the details of daily life down to the finest details. With each passing day the EU becomes more Orwellian in nature, and that is why so many in Europe are completely fed up with it.

Unfortunately, this is precisely what Antifa, the Democratic Socialists and others on the radical left want to bring to America.


Watch: FNC's Hilton Highlights Findings from 'Compromised: How Money and Politics Drive FBI Corruption'

During the Swamp Watch segment on the Sunday broadcast of his Fox News Channel show, “The Next Revolution,” Steve Hilton discussed the Government Accountability Institute’s new book, Compromised: How Money and Politics Drive FBI Corruption.

The book details how former FBI Director James Comey and special counsel Robert Mueller have both “made millions” by selling out their insider expertise to the highest bidder to enrich themselves.

“[T]hanks to detailed research from the Government Accountability Institute in their new book Compromised: How Money and Politics Drive FBI Corruption, we now have evidence of how both Comey and Mueller both made millions off the Surveillance State that they themselves promoted,” said Hilton.


The Secret Truth About China, the US, and the US Dollar.

China is losing the trade war.

China is not going to be the next superpower. It never was. That was a lie fed to the public in order for voters to sign off on the US political class selling out the US for decades while the corporate class moved manufacturing/ industry offshore to boost profit margins.

The China “growth” story was in fact a “US selling itself out story.”

Remove the US from the equation and China would be in the same place as it was in the early ‘70s albeit with the same degree of economic expansion/development as most developing countries experienced over the same time period.

The key point in the above is that China is a derivative economy that has obtained its growth by stealing US IP and ripping off US products. Name a single major invention to come out of China? How about a single major technology that is a game changer?

You can’t. It’s not an organic economy.

What China IS good at is manufacturing a strong face to the world. But China’s economy/ financial system is rotten to its core, built on unregulated garbage loans/ financial products, and graft/ corruption. Whatever problems you might find in the US economy/ financial system, China is exponentially worse.

Bad debt? China hides its debt via structured products and unregulated loans. In reality China has a Debt to GDP ratio well over 300%. And that’s assuming those numbers are correct.

No one has a clue just what is going on in the black hole of the Chinese financial system. Remember when 80,000 tonnes of aluminum and 20,000 tonnes of copper of that was posted as collateral in China went missing in 2014? If an economy manages to lose tens of thousands of tonnes of metal, you better believe its even more careless with paper debts/ loans/ financial products.

What about corruption/ fraud? Time after time we’re told that the US political class is a bunch of crooks. Well, Chinese politicians make them look like amateurs. Between 1991–2011 it’s estimated that between 16,000–18,000 Chinese officials fled China taking 800 BILLION RMB (roughly $125 BILLION) with them.

Yes, Government officials stole $125 BILLION.

The list goes on and on.


Hurt: The Soviet Union had Pravda, America has Facebook

So, apparently, Facebook has morphed from a social media giant into a major news gathering and publishing house. First order of business: Shut down conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Good luck with that, Zuckerpeople.

Guess that means that all the rest of the millions and millions of crazy posts that remain on Facebook have been vetted, verified and endorsed by company executives.

Hello, slippery slope.

Life is so much easier just sticking with the First Amendment and declaring free speech as the great antiseptic of society. Better than sunlight.

Anybody is free to step out onto the street corner and say the craziest, most vile and offensive things they want. The civilized world either ignores the blithering madman or takes note and carries on.

Eventually, the madman grows tired or loses his voice or simply goes home, grievances aired.


Seaside Christian Academy

Sweden Is Burning: Migrant Gangs Unleash Coordinated Fire-Bomb Rampage Across Multiple Cities

Many Swedes were horrified in early 2017 when U.S. President Donald Trump linked immigration to rising crime in Sweden, but an increasing number now agree with him.

Amid soaring crime rates, gang violence, complaints about education, and pregnant mothers even being turned away from maternity wards due to a lack of capacity, resentment in Sweden has built over the influx of more than 600,000 immigrants over the past five years.

And tonight is one of the worst night for violence in recent history as police report multiple gangs of masked youths rampaging across three major Swedish cities, setting cars on fire in what seems like a coordinated action.


'Finally' — Donald Trump Celebrates After Agent Peter Strzok Fired by the FBI

President Donald Trump celebrated the news Monday that agent Peter Strzok had been fired by the FBI.

“Finally,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “The list of bad players in the FBI & DOJ gets longer & longer.”

Strzok was fired on Friday by Deputy Director of the FBI David Bowdich, according to his lawyer, who argued that it was politically motivated.

Full statement from Peter Strzok’s lawyer, who says the director of the FBI office that normally handles employee discipline had decided Strzok should face only a demotion and 60-day suspension—but was overruled by the FBI’s deputy director.


The Ten Most Hateful Americans and Why they Matter

The American Left is stoking hatred and it’s tearing us apart. Our media is guilty of not only of failing to shame those responsible, in many cases they egg them on, giving them a platform. The volume of irrational hatred spewing into our ether is extremely unhealthy, even dangerous for our republic and the broader American culture.

To be sure, there has been excessive rhetoric from the man who could well go down as the most accomplished and successful president in our history at the rate his achievements mount. But President Trump’s willingness to verbally punch back at his political enemies, sometimes crudely, pales in comparison to the level of hate being spewed out by leftists.

Our country is 242 years old. One has to wonder how it can survive much longer as the decibels of hate, particularly from the left, continue to rise almost hysterically. We’ve already had one civil war. That one cost over 600,000 lives. We don’t need another one.

At a minimum, those pumping out the hate need to be identified, shamed and shunned. This is what an active media should be doing. So who are we talking about? Here’s my list of the top 10 most vicious and dangerous haters in America today.

10. Louis Farrakhan -- Even the progressive hate group called The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies Farrakhan's virulently racist, homophobic, anti-American and anti-Semitic Nation of Islam (NOI) as a hate group and black separatist organization. As the leader of NOI, Farrakhan has preached the organization's theology that blacks are superior to whites, that whites were created 6,600 years ago as a "race of devils" by an evil black scientist named Yakub and that "white people deserve to die." Farrakhan accused Jews of being involved in the September 11 attacks. In a speech this year, Farrakhan described "the powerful Jews" as his enemy. "Now that nation called Israel never has had any peace in 40 years and she will never have any peace because there can be no peace structured on injustice, thievery, lying and deceit and using the name of God to shield your dirty religion under His holy and righteous name.” That’s right, he calls the religion of Moses, who gave the world the Ten Commandments, “dirty.”


Here's why you don't put an interior paddle fan outdoors

Watch – Black Lives Matter Activists Attack Drivers: 'Back the F*ck Up!'

Black Lives Matter activists wearing ski masks attacked and threatened drivers in Washington, D.C. during a counter-protest against the “Unite the Right 2” protest in Lafayette Park.

In footage taken by Breitbart News, Black Lives Matter activists can be seen attacking cars and threatening drivers who were attempting to drive down the streets of Washington, D.C.

“Back up! Back the fuck up!” a group of Black Lives Matter activists shouted at a driver. “Go back that way n*gg*r!” Get your ass back!”


Attorney General Frosh Announces Indictments of Four Defendants for Participating in an Organized Carjacking Ring

Multi-Agency Investigation Results in Defendants Charged
Under Maryland’s Gang Crime Statute;
  Violent Carjacking Ring Flaunted Stolen Cars on Social Media

BALTIMORE, MD – Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh today announced the indictments of four defendants: Dalante Graham, 18, of Baltimore; Tyheim Gray, 19, of Baltimore; Daquan Johnson, 18, of Baltimore; and Travon Williamston, 17, of Baltimore for participating in a violent, organized carjacking ring.  The ring is alleged to have perpetrated multiple vehicle thefts in Baltimore City and Baltimore County. 

After stealing cars from their victims, the defendants would document themselves “joyriding” and posing next to the stolen vehicles, posting videos and photos on their social media accounts.  The defendants would also wear the key fobs taken from victims on their belts as trophies.  The defendants often used weapons, such as pellet guns, knives, and handguns in order to commit the carjackings and auto thefts.  In some instances, the defendants used unnecessary violence, continuing to assault victims after they had already seized control of the vehicle.  Injuries to the victims ranged from minor bruising to a fractured skull.

Members of the ring used multiple tactics to commit the carjackings.  Often, after intentionally causing superficial vehicle collisions, members of the ring would attack the victims, take their keys and personal items, and then drive away in both vehicles.  Victims were also targeted as they parked in residential or commercial areas, and while victims were walking to or from their homes to their vehicles. 

“The defendants used guns, knives, and violence to carry out their carjackings,” said Attorney General Frosh.  “They left a trail of stolen cars, stolen phones and broken bones.  They showed no remorse.  In fact, they flaunted their exploits on social media.  They face many years behind bars.”

2018 Hazardous Waste Day

8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Salisbury, MD… Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver is pleased to announce that County residents will have an opportunity to dispose of hazardous household waste at no charge on Saturday, October 20, 2018, at the Newland Park Landfill. The hours for “Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day” are 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The event is open to residents of Wicomico County and participants should bring a valid proof of residence such as a driver’s license. The Landfill will be accepting the following:

Gasoline Gas/Oil mixes
Fuels Acids Cleaners
Solvents Automotive Fluids
Bleach Ammonia
Batteries (all types) Household Smoke Detectors
Asbestos Pool Chemicals
Dark Room Chemicals Household & Lawn & Garden Pesticides
Insecticides & Herbicides Painting Products
Compressed Gas Propane cylinders (30 gallons and under) Oil Based Paint
Paint Thinner Thermometer (mercury)
Turpentine Wood Preservatives
Wood Stripping Chemicals

The Landfill will not be accepting the following:

Commercial, Industrial or Farm Waste Explosives
Ammunition (handled by Fire Marshall) Medical Waste
Radioactive Material

Landfill officials suggest that participants pre-arrange large loads.

Empty fuel containers may be returned upon request and the staff will assist to unload vehicles.

For more information, please contact the Newland Park Landfill at 410-548-4935.

Joe Bastardi's Winter Outlook

Joe Bastardi at Weatherbell Analytics has his early Winter 2018-19 forecast out. It's in the video of the Saturday Summary about halfway down the webpage.

Get ready. He says winter will arrive early, stay late and be cold with snowfall a good bit above normal.

Saturday Summary video is here..

Beach Obstacle Course Added To Jeep Week Event

OCEAN CITY — O.C. Jeep Week, slated for later this month, will include an obstacle course on the beach as an added attraction for the participants after resort officials approved the add-on event after some questions about the approval protocols.

During the Monday, Oct. 6 meeting, Special Events Coordinator Lisa Mitchell presented the Mayor and Council with an updated proposal for O.C. Jeep Week scheduled for Aug. 20-23 including an obstacle course for participants on the beach just north of the pier to Dorchester Street. One of the highlights of O.C. Jeep Week has always been the parade of jeeps down the beach from 29th Street to the Inlet.

The add-on proposed on Monday, just weeks away from the event, includes an obstacle course on the beach allowing participants to drive jeeps of over the beach obstacle course complete with temporary sand hills and other features. Mitchell said the obstacle course had been reviewed and approved by the various department heads potentially impacted by the late edition and only a sign-off from the Mayor and Council was needed to make the requested changes in the event.


ICE arrests 45 in Houston area during 5-day operation targeting criminal aliens, immigration fugitives

HOUSTON — Federal Officers from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) arrested 45 illegal aliens in the Houston area for violating U.S. immigration laws during a five-day enforcement action, which ended Friday.

The local enforcement operation targeted at-large criminal aliens, many of whom had absconded from prior immigration proceedings.

Of the individuals arrested during the operation, 15 had previously been removed (deported) and 42 had prior criminal convictions. Several had felony convictions for serious or violent criminal offenses, such as rape, child exploitation, robbery, drug trafficking and assault.

“Our primary focus with conducting targeted immigration enforcement operations is to improve public safety by removing criminal aliens from our local communities,” said ERO Houston Field Office Director Pat Contreras. “The dedicated immigration enforcement officers who conducted the operation did just that by taking 42 dangerous criminal aliens off the streets.”


The City of Baltimore is keeping communications between city officials and attorneys hired to litigate the city’s climate lawsuit against oil companies hidden from public because of “attorney-client privilege,” The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

TheDCNF sent in a request for communications between attorneys at the law firm of Sher Edling LLC and Baltimore City Solicitor Andre M. Davis, Senior Public Safety Counsel Suzanne Sangree and Assistant Solicitor Elizabeth Ryan Martinez on August 1. Baltimore denied the request August 12.

“This response is on behalf of the Law Department. The records you have requested, by their very nature, are protected from disclosure pursuant to the attorney-client privilege and attorney work product doctrines,” assistant city solicitor Benjamin Bor said in an email to TheDCNF. “Accordingly, we must deny your request.”

Davis, Sangree and Martinez sued several oil and gas companies on behalf of the City of Baltimore on July 20, joining other cities and municipalities across the U.S. attempting to hold energy companies accountable for severe weather damage. Several attorneys at Sher Edling are representing Baltimore in the case.


The World Is Drowning In Debt

The U.S. economy grew by 4.1 percent during the past quarter, and that’s good news. All the economic signs are positive. Or are they?

There is much less discussion about debt, which has hit another record high. The global debt just reached $247 trillion for the first quarter of this year. That is $29 trillion higher than two years ago. While we rejoice in growth, let’s consider that the global debt-to-GDP ratio exceeds 318 percent. The U.S. debt to GDP exceeds 100 percent. The flood waters are rising, the dams are broken, and we are literally drowning in debt.

Emerging markets, such as Argentina and Nigeria, have accumulated $58.5 in debt, $900 billion of which are in U.S. bonds which will mature in 2020. When interest rates eventually rise, as they will, repayment and refinancing will be more difficult and expensive. Some debts, without a doubt, will be defaulted.

Investor Warren Buffett admits stocks are currently overvalued. He foresees the market going down, but then pulling itself back up. Others are a bit more pessimistic. David Lipton of the IMF has indicated that the burgeoning debt, combined with low interest rates, pose a tremendous economic risk. Dan Coatsof U.S. National Security views America’s $21 trillion debt as not only an economic problem but a security risk, as well.

With rising interest rates looming and trade war between the U.S. and China a real possibility, there are reasons for concern.


He Just Wanted To Sleep

After Supreme Court's anti-union ruling, non-members seek repayment of dues

The labor movement unions suffered a major hit to the pocketbook after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that public sector unions could not force nonmembers to pay dues — and now some of those who had paid for years say they want their money back.

Mark Janus, the Illinois state employee who won the Supreme Court case in June, became the latest to demand repayment from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, for what he estimates is roughly $2,000 in dues he is owed.

All told, billions of dollars could be at stake for hundreds of thousands of government workers. But first they will have to prove they’re entitled to collect on the old payments.

“It’s quite clear workers can go and get refunds for whatever the statute of limitations is in their state,” said Patrick Semmens, vice president of National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, who represented Mr. Janus.

Others aren’t so sure, saying the justices didn’t say anything about repayments.


Breaking News: At least 20 people are dead after a highway bridge collapse in Genoa. The disaster raises concerns about the state of Italy's infrastructure.

“The image is truly apocalyptic,” Matteo Pucciarelli, a journalist reporting on the disaster, said in a video posted to the website of the newspaper La Repubblica. “It’s as if a bomb had fallen on this very important artery.”

Toxics from manufacturing turn up in public water systems

Lauren Woeher wonders if her 16-month-old daughter has been harmed by tap water contaminated with toxic industrial compounds used in products like nonstick cookware, carpets and fast-food wrappers. Henry Betz, at 76, rattles around his house alone at night, thinking about the water his family unknowingly drank for years that was tainted by the same contaminants, and the pancreatic cancers that killed wife Betty Jean and two others in his household.

Tim Hagey, manager of a local water utility, recalls how he used to assure people that the local public water was safe. That was before testing showed it had some of the highest levels of the toxic compounds of any public water system in the U.S.

“You all made me out to be a liar,” Hagey, general water and sewer manager in the eastern Pennsylvania town of Warminster, told Environmental Protection Agency officials last month.

At “community engagement sessions” like the one in Horsham, residents and state, local and military officials are demanding that the EPA act quickly - and decisively - to clean up local water systems testing positive for dangerous levels of the chemicals, perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS.

More here

Inviting Chaos And Creating Martyrs

“I never pay for the same real estate twice.”

- Patton

Political chaos hit a peak this week with the coordinated banning of Alex Jones from polite social media society and the collapse of the Turkish Lira into the weekend.

How could Alex Jones and Turkey’s currency collapse be related?

They both reveal the desperate need for Globalist control.

Since the election of Donald Trump their fear has been palpable. The Globalists Jones rants about are real. Like him or despise him he generates uncomfortable ideas necessary in a free society.

His silencing has been brewing for over a year. But, silencing him only feeds both his ego and those who follow him.

It validates everything he’s been saying for twenty years, the good and the bad.

Don’t take this the wrong way, I love Alex Jones.

But I don’t weep for Alex Jones. Because I know he will come away from this stronger than before.


Marilyn Monroe’s lost nude scene locked away for decades re-discovered

A rare Marilyn Monroe nude scene believed to have been destroyed in the 1960’s has been uncovered. The groundbreaking footage was saved from the cutting room floor and hidden away for decades.

The secret scene was filmed for the 1961 movie, The Misfits, starring Clark Gable. It shows Monroe dropping a bed sheet that is covering up her naked body in a love scene with Gable, Deadline reports.


WCSO CAT Press Release

Incident: Possession with the Intent to Distribute Crack Cocaine
Date of Incident: July 23, 2018
Location: Isabella Street and Route 50 Salisbury, Maryland
Suspect: Zarvelle Julius Snell, Male, 43 years old
Narrative: On July 23, 2018 Deputies from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office Community Action Team conducted a traffic stop in the area of Isabella Street and Route 50 Salisbury, MD. During the course of the stop, Deputies utilized a Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit to conduct a scan of the outside of the vehicle. This scan resulted in a positive alert on the vehicle. Deputies identified one of the passengers of the vehicle as Zarvelle Julius Snell, 43 years old, from Eden, MD.
Deputies established probable cause to search Snell, and at that time located a plastic bag containing 5.7 grams of crack cocaine, several bags of marijuana and a digital scale. Snell was placed under arrest and released to the Wicomico County Detention Center.
Charges: Possession with Intent to Distribute Narcotics (cocaine), Possession with the Intent to Distribute Marijuana, Possession of Cocaine and Marijuana.

Southern Californians are tossing electric scooters into ocean, burning them

Some residents in southern California who've had enough of the electric scooter craze are reportedly resorting to vandalism in an effort to vent their frustrations.

The Los Angeles Times reported on Sunday that workers at Santa Monica Beach and Venice have seen these scooters tossed into the ocean and trash cans. One police officer in Venice, Calif., said his officers have seen them stacked 10 feet high, but these cases are not being called in.

“If we have to prioritize the allocation of our time and resources, first and foremost we’re going to prioritize the preservation of life,” Lt. Michael Soliman told the paper. “Protection of property comes second.”


Cat in Delmar (Bi-State Blvd) Tests Positive for Rabies

(Salisbury, MD) – A stray cat located on the 8000 block of Bi-State Blvd in Delmar, MD has tested positive for Rabies. The cat was sent to the MD State Laboratory for testing after exhibiting aggressive symptoms and biting a person. The positive test results were received Monday, August 13, 2018. The cat is described as a brown tiger domestic shorthair cat. Anyone that has come into contact with a cat fitting that description in the specified area should contact the Wicomico County Health Department at 410-546-4446 during business hours or 410-543-6996 after hours.

Once infected, rabies is a virus that has a 100% fatality rate when left untreated, in mammals including humans. Wicomico Health recommends the following precautions to protect yourself and your family from possible exposure to rabies:

· Report any sick or strange acting wildlife

· Vaccinate pets and livestock. Maryland law requires that all dogs, cats and ferrets be vaccinated against rabies by 4 months of age. Vaccinating your domestic animal not only provides protection for the animal, but vaccinated pets act as a barrier to keep the rabies virus from spreading between wild animals and people.

· Do not feed wildlife or stray animals and discourage them from seeking food near your home.

· Do not feed strays.

· Do not approach an unknown animal, either wild or domestic, especially if it is acting in a strange or unusual manner.

· Keep garbage cans tightly covered and avoid storing any food outside.

· Children should be instructed to tell an adult immediately if they were bitten or scratched by any animal. If an unvaccinated pet comes in contact with rabid or suspected rabies the pet must be quarantined for six months.

· Vaccinated pets that come in contact with rabid or suspected rabies animal must be given a booster rabies vaccination within five days of the contact.

All animal bites or scratches should be reported to the Wicomico County Health Department at (410) 546-4446 during business hours and 410-543-6996 after hours.

Only you can protect your family and pets from the deadly rabies virus. For more information, please call the Wicomico County Health Department, Environmental Health Division at 410-546-4446 or visit

Gov. Hogan avoids Trump trap set by Maryland Democrats, stays far ahead of Jealous in polls

Maryland Democrats are hoping voters are so dismayed by what is happening across the border in the District of Columbia that they will take it out on Gov. Larry Hogan in this year’s elections.

Mr. Hogan is among the most popular governors in the country despite being a Republican in deep-blue Maryland, and Democrats are desperate to try to ruin the relationship. One of their chief weapons is President Trump.

In one line of attack, Democrats are demanding that Mr. Hogan take a stand on Mr. Trump’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court and say the fate of abortion rights hangs on the next justice.

Democrats also have accused Mr. Hogan of joining Mr. Trump to undermine the legitimacy of the special counsel’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Mr. Hogan said those issues aren’t relevant to his job, and voters so far seem to be OK with that.


Judicial Watch Statement on Firing of Peter Strzok

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton made the following statement regarding reports that FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok was fired:

"The firing of Peter Strzok is another body blow to the credibility of the Mueller special counsel operation. Strzok, who hated President Trump, compromised both the Clinton and Trump investigations that saw Hillary Clinton protected and Donald Trump illicitly targeted. Strzok’s anti-Trump texts show the Russia investigation he helped invent with Clinton campaign operatives is irredeemably compromised. As Mueller’s operation is founded on Strzok’s corrupt activities, it must be shut down."

Judicial Watch recently uncovered documents showing that Strzok insisted on retaining his FBI security clearance before moving to the Mueller team and confirming that Strzok played a pivotal role in the flawed Hillary Clinton email investigation. And, previously released records from the DOJ reveal Strzok’s and Page’s profanity-laced disdain for FBI hierarchy and policies.

Judicial Watch is suing for the emails and text messages between Strzok and former FBI attorney Lisa Page. The communications are of public interest because Strzok and Page were both key investigators in the Clinton email and Trump Russia collusion investigations.

Strzok was reportedly removed from the Mueller investigative team in August 2017 and reassigned to a human resources position after it was discovered that he and Page, who worked for then-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, exchanged pro-Clinton and anti-Trump text messages.

Strzok oversaw the FBI’s interviews of former National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn. He changed former FBI Director James Comey’s language about Hillary Clinton’s actions regarding her illicit email server from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless.” He also played a lead role in the FBI’s interview of Clinton and is suspected of being responsible for using the unverified dossier to obtain a FISA warrant in order to spy on President Trump’s campaign.

On May 21, U.S. District Court Judge Reggie B. Walton ordered the FBI to begin processing 13,000 pages of previously undisclosed emails exchanged exclusively between FBI officials Strzok and Page between February 1, 2015, and December 2017.


New County Rec Events Eyed

SNOW HILL – County officials are working to bring a variety of new events, including a Tough Mudder race, bass fishing competitions and additional athletic tournaments, to Worcester County in the near future.

The new head of Worcester County’s department of recreation and parks outlined ambitious plans to expand sports marketing at a meeting this week. Tom Perlozzo, director of recreation and parks for the county, reviewed his recent efforts to bring more events to the area with the County Commissioners on Tuesday.

“I wanted to keep everybody in the loop,” he said. “You all need to know of some of the efforts the department has made over the past three or four months.”

Perlozzo said he was working to see what new events the county could bring in that would take advantage of existing assets.


The Liberal Hate for White People Should Cost Them Big at The Ballot Box

You may have noticed that liberals don’t seem to like white people who aren’t liberals very much. Many liberal minorities now regularly aim vicious attacks at white men in particular or white people as a group. You might think this would bother white liberals, but many of them actually echo those attacks, presumably in the errant hope that they’ll be looked at as one of the “cool white people” by many of their Caucasian-hating minority comrades. Not only is there no penalty on the Left for racist attacks on white people, but aiming vile hatred at white people based on the color of their skin is actively defended by liberals.

But, you don’t even have to take my word for it because here’s famous liberal pundit Andrew Sullivan admitting that it’s true,

“Scroll through left-Twitter and you find utter incredulity that demonizing white people could in any way be offensive,” he said. “That’s the extent to which loathing of and contempt for ‘white people’ is now background noise on the left.”

The latest example of this is Sarah Jeong. She’s an Asian tech writer who was hired by the New York Times. After some people looked at her tweets, they discovered that she really seems to hate white people with a vengeance.


Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Gets Mellow

The legendary Sturgis Motorcycle Rally draws bikers to South Dakota from around the world.

Vendors line the sidewalks hawking biker gear, tattoos and the obligatory rally t-shirts; Harleys and Hondas are parked along the side entrances to bars and restaurants. But traffic on the roads is pretty light compared to the past, when rowdy bikers were backed up at four-way stop signs for a city block.

In fact, the "rowdy rally" is looking pretty mellow in its 78th year.

At this rally, Janet and Andy Sadowski of Clifton, New Jersey stroll along Main Street...strolling, because they're not bikers.

"We were in Montana as part of our national parks tour," says Janet, sporting a Sturgis rally tank top. "We flew into Rapid City, visited Mount Rushmore and the Badlands and thought, 'Let's drive up to Sturgis.'"

"It's a once in a lifetime event," says Andy. "You have to see it...just to see what it's all about and experience it."


Growers Are Beaming Over The Success Of Lasers To Stave Off Thieving Birds

During every berry-picking season in the Pacific Northwest, blueberry and raspberry growers fight to prevent birds from gobbling up the crop before harvest. This year, some farmers are trying something new to scare away the thieving birds: lasers.

Justin Meduri manages a large blueberry farm and cherry orchard outside Jefferson, Ore. Birds like both fruits.

"Flocks can move in of up to 2,000 to 3,000 starling birds," Meduri says. The starlings gorge themselves and knock down berries right as the crop is ready to pick. When he didn't take countermeasures, Meduri says the damage was "Inconceivable, huge. We had almost a 20 to 25 percent, maybe even 30 percent damage loss."


Trump: 'Wacky Omarosa' is 'hated' in the White House, will never work for me again

President Trump said Monday that fired White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman will never work for him again following her recent "vicious" attempts to attack her former colleagues and boss.

"Wacky Omarosa, who got fired 3 times on the Apprentice, now got fired for the last time. She never made it, never will. She begged me for a job, tears in her eyes, I said Ok. People in the White House hated her. She was vicious, but not smart. I would rarely see her but heard ... really bad things. Nasty to people & would constantly miss meetings & work. When Gen. Kelly came on board he told me she was a loser & nothing but problems. I told him to try working it out, if possible, because she only said GREAT things about me - until she got fired!" Trump wrote Monday morning following a weekend of attacks from Manigault Newman.


White House Takes Aim At Financial Protections For Military

The Trump administration is taking aim at a law designed to protect military service members from getting cheated by shady lending practices.

NPR has obtained documents that show the White House is proposing changes that critics say would leave service members vulnerable to getting ripped off when they buy cars. Separately, the administration is taking broader steps to roll back enforcement of the Military Lending Act, or MLA.

The MLA is supposed to protect service members from predatory loans and financial products. But the White House appears willing to change the rules in a way that critics say would take away some of those protections.

"If the White House does this it will be manipulating the Military Lending Act regulations at the behest of auto dealers and banks to try and make it easier to sell overpriced rip-off products to military service members," says Christopher Peterson, a law professor at the University of Utah, who reviewed the documents.


Bill Nelson goes silent amid charges of fabricating Russian hacking claim

With early voting beginning Monday in some Florida counties, the Senate race there was jolted as Republican Gov. Rick Scott kept up the pressure on Sen. Bill Nelson’s thus-far unsubstantiated claims that Russian operatives have already compromised Florida elections.

In the hotly contested race, Democrat Sen. Nelson’s comments seemed to dovetail with the narrative of Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. elections —international shenanigans many in the American intelligence community have concluded were real.

But Mr. Nelson’s pointed remarks triggered a storm of protest not only from his Republican challenger, Mr. Scott, but from other Florida officials, too.

Mr. Scott spent the weekend hammering Mr. Nelson for his claims last Tuesday that “Russians are in Florida’s elections records,” and that they had “already penetrated certain counties in the state and they now have free rein to move about.”

The senator offered no specifics or evidence for his bombshell, and when pressed to do so demurred on the ground it was “classified.”

Since then, Mr. Scott’s campaign has repeatedly accused Mr. Nelson of either fabricating his accusation to play off inchoate fears of Russian election hacking, or breaking the law by revealing classified information.

The National Republican Senate Committee jumped in Monday saying the 75-year-old senator “can’t hide forever and Floridians deserve an explanation now.”


SHOCK CLAIM: Alleged video shows DNC Keith Ellison ‘dragging my mama off bed by her feet, screaming, calling her a f*cking b*tch’

So far, Ellison has not responded to the allegations.

A rival for Minnesota Attorney General is piling on by sharing a Facebook post that is accusing DNC Vice Chairman Keith Ellison of “domestic abuse.”
“This post was brought to my attention because I was tagged in this post,” Debra Hilstrom tweeted this weekend.

She pointed readers to a Facebook post by Austin Monahan, who says his mother dated Ellison and it was a horrific experience.


Media darling: Omarosa gets 'astonishing' avalanche of broadcast coverage

The major broadcasters have been Omarosa-centric in the past 72 hours, according to a new study released Monday.

Beginning with Friday’s evening newscasts and continuing through Monday morning news shows, the “Big Three” networks — NBC, ABC, and CBS — provided an “astonishing 93 minutes of air time” to promoting former Trump White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman and her new tell-all book about the Trump administration.

“While hosts and correspondents repeatedly acknowledged the ‘Apprentice’ star’s major credibility problems, that didn’t stop them from providing the avalanche of coverage,” wrote Kyle Drennan, an analyst for, a conservative press watchdog.

NBC led the way with 57 minutes of coverage, followed by ABC with 28 minutes and CBS with a mere 7 minutes.


Average Price of Gas Rises 2 Cents Per Gallon to $2.93

The average U.S. price of regular-grade gasoline has risen 2 cents a gallon over the past two weeks, to $2.93.

Industry analyst Trilby Lundberg of the Lundberg Survey says that's 53 cents a gallon higher than at this time last year.

Lundberg said Sunday it appears unlikely prices will continue to rise in the weeks ahead, however, and could actually drop slightly.

She says that's because refiners have increased capacity and current demand is weak.


Russian Military Spy Software is on Hundreds of Thousands of Home Routers

The Russian military is inside hundreds of thousands of routers owned by Americans and others around the world, a top U.S. cybersecurity official said on Friday. The presence of Russian malware on the routers, first revealed in May, could enable the Kremlin to steal individuals’ data or enlist their devices in a massive attack intended to disrupt global economic activity or target institutions.

On May 27, Justice Department officials asked Americans to reboot their routers to stop the attack. Afterwards, the world largely forgot about it. That’s a mistake, said Rob Joyce, senior advisor to the director of the National Security Agency and the former White House cybersecurity coordinator.

“The Russian malware is still there,” said Joyce.

On May 8, cybersecurity company Talos observed a spike in mostly Ukrainian victims of a new malware attack. Dubbed VPN Filter, the malware used code similar to the BlackEnergy tool that Russian forces have used (in modified form) to attack Ukrainian infrastructure. The U.S. intelligence community believes the culprits are the hackers known as APT 28 or Fancy Bear, Russian military operatives who were behind information attacks against the Democratic National Committee, State Department, and others. The new malware, if activated, could allow the Russian military to peer into the online activities of hundreds of thousands of people.

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Facebook brags they can change 'Any Public Opionion'

Farcebook influences American elections a thousand times more effectively than Russia. So, it does make sense that the 'media' spends a thousand percent more time on Russia. Russia. Russia. Did I mention Russia?

I soooooo wish there was a way to utterly destroy that shitfuk company! Of course there IS a way. DON’T USE FACEBOOK!! But, it seems that will never happen. Even Facebook lobbying banks to access YOUR FINANCIAL DATA is met with “ho hum” indifference. It seems they are indestructible. Stupid ass Amerikans.

Some of you have a Facebook account. Maybe you “only” use it to keep in touch with a loved one. Whatever. If you have a Facebook account …. you ARE part of the problem. How can you live with yourself, and still post there?

Don’t be angry with me, my friends. I speak my chastisement out of love. I’m trying to save your sorry-asses souls from going to hell... the eternal home of 99.99% of Facebook Users, according to the Old Testament.


Facebook Traffic Plunges

All is not well for Facebook, according to a study from Market Intelligence Central that has been picked up by CNBC. Andy Meek of teases out the meaning:

Facebook's traffic hasn't just fallen by about half since 2016, according to the study. Among the consequences of such a precipitous drop is the opening it's given to YouTube, which the study's data shows is about to overtake Facebook to become the second biggest site, traffic-wise, in the U.S. Which would give Google ownership of the top two spots, pushing Facebook down to number three.

CNBC describes the drop at Facebook as "severe" and goes on to round out its list this way: "The five websites receiving the most traffic in the U.S. in the last several years have been Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo and Amazon, in that order. However, Facebook has seen a severe decline in monthly page visits, from 8.5 billion to 4.7 billion in the last two years, according to the study. Although Facebook's app traffic has grown, it is not enough to make up for that loss, the study said."


Breaking News: A driver in London struck and injured several people outside Parliament early Tuesday. He was arrested "on suspicion of terrorist offenses."

A car struck and injured several pedestrians and cyclists, then crashed into a security barrier just outside the Houses of Parliament in London early Tuesday.

About a dozen armed police officers swarmed a silver Ford and pointed their weapons at it, before handcuffing the driver.

The police said the driver, in his late 20s, was the only person in the car and that no weapons had been found in the vehicle.

Antifa chants Death to America: 'No Borders! , No Wall!

Open borders protesters and members of the left-wing anarchist group Antifa chanted death to America during a counter-protest in Washington, DC, on Sunday.

In a video by Breitbart News’ Ian Mason, Antifa members and open borders activists can be heard and seen marching down streets throughout Washington, DC, demanding an end to the United States.

“No border, no wall, no USA at all!” Antifa and open borders activists chanted.

The mob of left-wing activists carried red flags and wore all black with masks and helmets on their heads as a counter-protest to the “Unite the Right 2” protest that took place in Lafayette Park.


Ben Jealous isn't a socialist, but he's sure touchy about being called one

Ben Jealous sure is touchy about being called a socialist. One of his first major television interviews after he secured the Democratic nomination for governor featured a flailing exchange on CNBC in which he tried, unsuccessfully, to brush away the question. He recently used the f-word at a news conference when a reporter asked him whether he identified as a socialist. And now his campaign is demanding that Baltimore TV stations stop airing a Republican Governors Association ad branding him as one, arguing that their broadcast licenses could be at risk for airing demonstrably false information.

Before we get into the murky terrain of just what a “socialist” is, let’s get a few things straight:

First, the ad in question is blatantly misleading. It uses a clip from the CNBC interview in which Mr. Jealous says, “go ahead, call me a socialist, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m a venture capitalist,” only it omits the second half of the sentence. But politics ain’t beanbag. We’re no experts in the law surrounding standards of accuracy in independent expenditure ads, but we would be concerned about courts or federal regulatory agencies getting involved in determining what is a true or untrue in a political campaign. The boundaries of political speech in an electoral context are, and should be, broad.

Second, socialism is an economic and political philosophy. Venture capitalist is an occupation. The two are not necessarily mutually exclusive, which is perhaps why Mr. Jealous’ turn of phrase has not magically caused the socialism question to disappear. It’s like saying, “I’m not a capitalist. I’m a librarian.” True, a venture capitalist’s business is in investing private funds in private enterprises with the expectation of a return, which is certainly squarely within the bounds of capitalism. But the kind of socially responsible investing Mr. Jealous engaged in vaguely jibes with some of the various definitions of socialism that set as a goal not a revolution against capitalism but a gradual evolution through support for co-ops and other more benevolent enterprises.


Delaware opens Sunday deer hunting

DOVER — Last month, permission to hunt deer on Sunday in the state was officially signed into law. The policy change constitutes a significant increase over one made in 2016 that opened five specific Sundays for hunting during the season.

“Senate Bill 198 legalized Sunday hunting across the whole season established by the state,” said Rob Hossler, DNREC‘s environmental program administrator. “The new legislation will add 18 more Sundays during the season to hunt giving us a total of 23 Sundays during the 2018-2019 season on public and private land.”

The rationale behind the deregulation concerns increased deer-related property damage reported by farmers and a desire to increase recreational hunting accessibility and opportunity for the state’s hunters. Mr. Hossler notes that the regulation itself was likely an old “blue law” — or Sunday law, traditionally designed to restrict Sunday activities for religious reasons — held over from earlier decades.

“I think there are still about seven states that have blue laws like this, mostly in the northeastern part of the U.S.,” he said. “It’s the same basic idea behind not being able to sell alcohol on Sundays. Most of the Midwestern states always allowed Sunday hunting.”


WATCH: Leftist Goes On Unhinged Rant At 'Unite The Right' Rally

A belligerent left-wing activist was caught on camera going on a bizarre rant during the "Unite the Right" rally in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, claiming that President Donald Trump has "kidnapped" America and that the Russians may kill Special Counsel Robert Mueller using poison.

In a profanity-filled rant, an alleged member of "Refuse Fascism" stood in Freedom Plaza and ranted about how Americans needed to save themselves from the Trump administration.

"'Oh, Mueller is coming," not if they f---ing off him, not if they have the Russian government come in and give him some of that poison," the activist screamed.


‘Spain Becoming Third World’: American Tourist Attacked by Migrants Speaks Out

An American tourist who was severely beaten in the streets of Barcelona by African migrants last week has decided to speak up about his ordeal.

José Bravo, a 45-year-old Miami native, said he had to act when he saw a group of migrants "surrounding a woman and hitting her" nearby, but said they tried to "kill him" when he intervened.

"Now, I have a bad image of Spain, this country is becoming the Third World and that’s the politician’s faults, they are putting the tourists and their people in danger," Bravo told Spanish media.


ICE removes murder suspect wanted in Guatemala

PHILADELPHIA — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) removed a fugitive citizen of Guatemala Aug. 8, wanted by Guatemalan authorities for murder.

“Identifying and removing foreign fugitives from the United States is an ICE priority,” said Simona L. Flores, field office director of ERO Philadelphia. “The cooperation between the United States and Guatemala governments resulted in this foreign fugitive being safely returned to his home country where he will face justice.”

Alexander Revolorio, 27, entered the United States on an unknown date and place without inspection or parole by an immigration officer.

On Feb. 17, 2011, the Los Angeles, California Police Department arrested Mr. Revolorio on May 29, 2012, the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles, California convicted, him of force/assault with a deadly weapon, and sentenced him to three years of incarceration.

On Aug. 28, 2012, Mr. Revolorio was taken into custody and issued a final administrative removal order.

On Sept. 19, 2012, ERO Los Angeles removed him from the United States.

On an unknown date, he re-entered the United States without being admitted or paroled.

On Sept. 29, 2013, United States Border Patrol (USBP) encountered and apprehended him near Brackettville, Texas.

On Oct. 1, 2013, USBP charged him with illegal re-entry into the United States.

On Dec. 12, 2013, the United States District Court, Western District of Texas, convicted him of illegal re-entry into the United States and sentenced him to 57 months of incarceration.

On June 29, ERO Philadelphia took Mr. Revolorio into custody. While in ICE custody, ERO Philadelphia discovered and confirmed an active warrant of arrest from the Government of Guatemala for Mr. Revolorio’s apprehension.

On August 8, Mr. Revolorio was removed from the United States and turned over to Guatemalan law enforcement authorities without incident.

Homeless Sex Offender Notification

Dover– The following are not wanted. These are Homeless Sex Offender Public Notifications. If you have information that any of the listed subjects are occupying a residence, please call 302-672-5306. Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet at