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Monday, October 05, 2015

The Grand Canyon of Arizona

Welcome to awesome Photos of the Grand Canyon.

There is a Grand Canyon of Yellowstone which is nice, but no comparison to the beauty and Grandeur of the Grand Canyon of Arizona.

Following, are real photos taken by Professionals that most visitors are unable to capture with their cameras. The Photos were received in an email, too good to delete, should be shared with others. They are posted HERE for people to see and enjoy.

Ben Carson Uses Empowerment Message To Sway Black Voters

Ben Carson is hoping to awaken black voters to his campaign with a message of economic empowerment, saying the black community has been done a disservice by heeding political power overtures from Democrats.

Speaking to a small group of black leaders and activists last week, the retired neurosurgeon, who is surging in polling in the Republican presidential race, said he believes black Americans bring more power through the size of their bank account than by putting their “fist in the air.”

Dr. Carson said he generally shies away from focusing on race: “I say that’s because I’m a neurosurgeon, because everyone’s brain looks the same and it works the same way.”

But he said black voters should step beyond their allegiance to the Democratic Party.

“The Democrat Party, of course, is the party of the KKK. Of Jim Crow laws. And perhaps just as bad right now, of servitude. ‘Now you do this, and we’ll take care of you, pat you on the head, take care of all your needs.’ Which keeps people believing that’s what they actually need,” Dr. Carson told the small group.


MSP DUI Press Release 9-28-15 thru 10-5-15 (Beriln Barrack)

Troopers Investigating Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash North of Georgetown

Georgetown - The Delaware State Police are currently on the scene of a fatal motor vehicle crash on Wilson Road at Downs Road that occurred around 9:00 p.m. this evening.

Preliminary investigation indicates the crash involved a tractor trailer and a pickup truck. One person has died at the scene while another was transported to Bayhealth Milford Memorial Hospital with undetermined injuries. The State Police Collision Reconstruction Unit is currently on scene and will assume the investigation.

Wilson Road is currently closed at Downs Road. Commuters are advised to seek alternate routes of travel.

Further details will be released upon the conclusion of the investigation.

Wood: The Communists Among Us

OK, watch out!

Having just spent a month in the former Soviet Union, specifically Russia and Ukraine, I’m going to say some things that many Americans won’t want to hear. But these things need to be said.

As the old saying goes, truth is the best medicine.

America is suffering because she has lost her love of freedom, internally, and the torch for freedom internationally. America will never be great again until we regain this focus, this passion, this love of freedom, and the will to spread it, support it, nurture it overseas. America will only regain her power when this torch is recovered.

In the Soviet Union, there were many evils. The main crime, which bred all others, was to extinguish the inner soul of a person-- to make him or her just like everyone else, to make him or her a slave to Big Brother, to kill the human spirit.

The human suffering continues. In fact, many of these old evils are returning in various forms. Many of the people are zombies, glued to the television and believing what they are told to believe. There is very little independent thinking. Those who want to be free, for the most part, have left.

At the end of the day, communism was nothing but a way to control others.


Multiple Alcohol Related Crashes Across MD This Weekend Resulting in Numerous DUI Arrest

October 5, 2015

(Pikesville, MD) – Troopers investigated several crashes involving impaired drivers and made numerous arrests this past weekend across Maryland.

This past weekend, October 2, 2015 through October 5, 2015, troopers investigated 15 collisions involving suspected impaired drivers. One of those crashes involved a Maryland State Trooper occurred in the Annapolis area while attempting to stop a suspected drunk driver. He was arrested and charged.

Forty-seven additional motorists were arrest for a vehicle while impaired. Troopers remind everyone that impaired driving crashes are completely preventable by never driving after you have been drinking.

These collisions included:

Carson: 'No' to Syrian Refugees Inside US

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said the U.S. should bar refugees from war-torn Syria because they are "infiltrated with Jihadists," who seek to harm America.

The comments come as Carson has taken an increasingly aggressive stance toward Muslims, and a day after national GOP poll leader Donald Trump pledged he would support deporting Syrian Muslims.

"To bring into this country groups infiltrated with Jihadists makes no sense," Carson told about 150 at the Des Moines Rotary Club's monthly morning breakfast meeting. "Why would you do something like that?"

Instead, Carson recommended that the U.S. help settle Syrian refugees in the Middle East, in places such as Turkey. In Carson's view, the U.S. could assist financially, but not open its doors.

Carson's comments echo Trump, who Thursday said, "If I win, they're going back," referring to Muslim Syrian refugees.


Local Couple’s Ocean City Wedding Goes Off, Despite Storm Challenges

OCEAN CITY — Rising tides, road closures and power outages could not keep a local couple married during the peak of the Nor’easter from getting their new lives off to a memorable start on Friday.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Josh Kotis had their wedding as planned on Friday at Harrison’s Harbor Watch, but that was about the only element of their special day that went off as intended. Mollie and Josh began planning their wedding about a year and a half ago, including a beautiful ceremony at Sunset Park, followed by pictures on the beach and Boardwalk and a reception at Harrison’s Harborwatch.

Only the latter ultimately worked out as planned, thanks to the lingering Nor’easter that continually flooded the downtown area with rising tides, street closures and power outages, but with a little perseverance, ingenuity and resourcefulness, along with a firm resolve by everyone involved, the couple was married in a memorable ceremony and feted with an amazing reception despite the challenges.


The Day Christians Were Martyred On American Soil

Life or death was determined by the answer to a single question: are you a Christian?

That was the question asked by an anti-Christian gunman who stormed into a classroom at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College.

Eyewitnesses say the shooter targeted Christians.

Kortney Moore was inside the classroom. She told the Roseburg News-Review that the shooter ordered students to get on the ground -- and then told them to stand up and state their religion.

“And they would stand up and he said, ‘Good, because you’re a Christian, you’re going to see God in just about one second,” Stacy Boylan said in a televised report. “And then he shot and killed them.”

His 18-year-old daughter was struck in the back by a bullet – that traveled down her spine. She survived. Miss Moore, too, survived.

Davis Jaques, publisher of the Roseburg Beacon News, said he received a text message from a student who said she was inside the classroom.

“The shooter was lining people up and asking if they were Christians,” the message read. “If they said yes, then they were shot in the head. If they said no or didn’t answer, they were shot in the leg.”

Christians were martyred for their faith -- on American soil -- a fact mostly ignored by most of the Mainstream Media and the White House.

More here

Little Dogs Have No Fear!

SCARED AWAY: A 20-pound French bulldog confronts two bears on its owner’s property

Posted by NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt on Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Feudal "Recovery" Continues: 21,000 Waiters Added; 9,000 Manufacturing Workers Los

In our final look at today's lack of jobs report, we wanted to highlight two quick things.

First, of the 142K jobs added in September, 24K was government jobs, which incidentally was laid out by a scrambling for a silver lining Bank of America as the "positive" in today's jobs report. To wit: "Government hiring was strong for a fourth consecutive month, with payrolls up a solid 24,000 and averaging almost 29,000 in that time span." Because more government hiring is what the U.S. needs.

Sarcasm aside, this left just 118K for the private sector. Of this 118K, 78% went to low/minimum-wage paying jobs: Leisure and Hospitality was 30% of the total, adding 35K jobs, 25% was for education and health, more minimum wages, with Retail and Temp Help rounding out the remaining 23% in "gains." Meanwhile jobs which actually pay good wages, mining and logging, manufacturing and wholesale trade, all declined in September.

Unfortunately, there are still those - mostly economists and drama majors - who are still clueless about why the US economy is stuck in centrally-planned quicksand or merely doing their best to boost the government propaganda, here is the chart.


Santa Claus runs for North Pole city council seat

Santa Claus is looking to make a career move. At least, Santa Claus, a man living in North Pole, Alaska, is.

That Santa Claus, who also sports his more famous namesake's iconic white beard, is hoping to be elected to a seat on the North Pole city council, reported the Newsminer, a newspaper in Fairbanks, Alaska. North Pole is a city of roughly 2,200 people and is about 580 kilometres north of Anchorage.

Claus is "the only man legally named Santa Claus ever to live in North Pole, Alaska," he claims on his Facebook page. His driver's licence shows his name as Santa Claus, according to the Newsminer.

The city he lives in evokes the spirit of Christmas year-round, according to the North Pole Chamber of Commerce. The streets are decorated in holiday garb every month of the year.

If that's not enough, the light posts look like candy canes and streets have festive names like Snowman Lane and St. Nicholas Drive.


Clinton Scandals -- Watergate Redux

What did the president know and when did he know it?” 

That now-iconic question was asked by Senator Howard Baker, vice chairman of the Senate Watergate Committee, to President Nixon’s White House counsel John Dean on June 29, 1973.

Forty-two years later it is doubtful that President Obama will ever truthfully answer that question as it relates to the mounting number of alleged improprieties lodged against the Clinton Foundation and its connection to Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server while she served as his first-term secretary of state. Mrs. Clinton addressed the ongoing e-mail controversy last Sunday on Meet the Press. “It’s like a drip, drip, drip,” she said, and “I want these questions answered.” Perhaps President Obama could offer her some assistance. 

First, there is hard evidence that as early as 2009 the Obama administration knew about Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server. Obama did not pull the plug. Surely, the president’s intelligence advisers warned him that an unsecured home-based server posed a national-security risk. Now we read that Hillary even joked about the prospect of the Chinese hacking her e-mail.


Colony Drive Off North Schumaker Drive

The end of the limb is sitting on the seat.

Ben Carson Goes After Muslim Advocacy Group's Tax Status

Republican Ben Carson has started a petition calling on the IRS to target the nation's largest Muslim advocacy group.

The retired neurosurgeon accused the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) on Thursday of violating its nonprofit tax status in a Facebook message. Carson said the organization "brazenly violated IRS rules" when it called last month for him to leave the 2016 presidential race.

"Under the Obama administration, the IRS has systematically targeted conservative nonprofit groups for politically motivated audits and harassment," Carson wrote. "The agency should now properly do its job and punish the real violators of America's laws and regulations."

The Council on American-Islamic Relations lashed out at Carson after he said he would not support a Muslim president.


When You Hear What Dr. Ben Carson Just Told NASCAR Fans, You’ll Want to Stand and Cheer

GOP candidate Ben Carson made an announcement on Monday that had NASCAR fans all over the country rejoicing.

According to US News, Carson said that NASCAR fans should continue to fly Confederate flags, as long as they do so on private property. This came just after racing legend Richard Petty offered Carson an informal endorsement.
“We’re hoping he’s endorsing the camp, we’re not necessarily endorsing him, but we are — you know what I mean?” Petty said in a brief interview.

“He’s very humane,” Petty responded when asked what he liked about Carson. “That’s one of his strong points as far as we’re concerned.”


The White House confirmed that President Obama was preparing a series of executive actions on gun control to match his recent passion on the issue after the latest mass shooting in Oregon.

“It’s a high priority and will continue to be until we start to see more progress on this issue in this town,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters today at the press briefing.

Earnest said he would “quibble” with anyone who criticized the president for not voicing any specific gun control proposals during his press conference, asserting that the White House was working behind the scenes for more executive actions on guns.


Iraqi Christians Who Escaped ISIS Denied Asylum in the US

The United States reportedly denied asylum to dozens of Iraqi Christians who escaped Islamic State (ISIS) militants — even though they had family sponsors.

The Daily Mail reports the 22 Christians known as Chaldeans were among a group of 27 being held at a San Diego detention center after crossing into the United States through the Mexican border in the spring.

According to the Daily Mail, America has accepted 727 fleeing Christians this year; 4,200 Muslims have been granted asylum.

Lisa Jones, director of Christian Freedom International, said though Christians represent a much smaller segment of the Middle East population than Muslims, they are persecuted more often.

"It makes no sense," she tells the Daily Mail. "These are people from a Christian culture like our own that needs protection from ISIS. It is harder for Christians to move around Iraq and Syria to even get the chance to seek asylum."

"While many more Muslims are granted asylum over here, Christians are being systematically exterminated," she argues.

ISIS militants have relentlessly pursued Christians in Iraq and Syria, who are fleeing from pressure to either convert or be executed.

More here

SPD Press Release 10-5-15 (8 Arrested For Shoplifting)

WCSO Press Release 10-5-15

Briddell, KatelynBriddell, KatelynIncident: Theft

Date of Incident: 27 September 2015

Location: 7000 block of Cox Road, Mardela Springs, MD

Suspect: Katelyn Michelle Briddell, 26, Hebron, MD

Narrative: On 27 September 2015 a deputy arrested Katelyn Briddell following an allegation she removed cash from a victim’s wallet without permission. According to the complainant, Briddell spent the night and took the money while he was sleeping before she left the residence.

Following her arrest, Briddell was processed at the Central Booking Unit and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, Briddell was released on Personal Recognizance.

Charges: Theft under $1,000.00

Urie, EdmondUrie, EdmondIncident: Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

Date of Incident: 24 September 2015

Location: Wicomico County, MD

Suspect: Edmond Landon Urie, 32, Salisbury, MD

Narrative: On 24 September 2015 a deputy arrested Edmond Urie for Failing to Register as a Sex Offender as Required. The deputy had received information that Urie had moved from his listed address in Salisbury and relocated without notifying the Sheriff’s Office as required. The deputy found out where Urie had moved and confirmed that he did so without making proper notification.

Urie is required to register his address with the Sheriff’s Office and also check in every 90 days as a result of a conviction that occurred in 2004.

Upon arrest, the deputy transported Urie to the Central Booking unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, Urie was detained in the Detention Center without bond.

Charges: Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

Releasing Authority: Lt. Tim Robinson        Date:  5 October 2015

WBI Press Release 10-5-15 (Kidnapping / First Degree Assault)

Kidnapping / First Degree Assault

On Sunday, October 4, 2015 the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Powellville Road, Powelville, MD for a 911 call from the victim at that location indicating her ex-boyfriend had broken in and was taking her. Upon Deputies arrival they discovered the door had been forced open.  Deputies cleared the residence and found no one to be there.  Deputies found an open Glock Handgun Box in the victim’s bedroom and .45 ammunition in the floor but the firearm was missing.  The victim’s cell phone wallet and vehicle were all at the residence.  Deputies and investigators interviewed family members and learned the ex-boyfriend was identified as Phillip James Timmons.  Search of police records indicated the two had a history of domestic assaults in which Timmons was the aggressor.  The victim had also applied for and a protective order had been issued prohibiting Timmons from having contact with the victim. 

The Wicomico Bureau of Investigation was contacted and assumed the case.  Based on the afore mentioned information a BOLO was released to the surrounding states to attempt to locate the victim, suspect Timmons and his vehicle, a 2001 Black Dodge Dakota.  While gathering information and conducting the investigation, Investigators were informed the suspect vehicle, suspect and victim were located by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel Police (CBBTP).  The suspect was in custody and the victim was ok.  According to CTAP the suspect attempted to cross the bridge with two surfboards in the back of his truck.  Due to wind restrictions the surf boards were removed and transported by Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel Authority Road Crew in a work van.  Once on the opposite side of the tunnel and while unloading the surf boards, Flemming jumped into the driver seat of the truck and drove towards a police car.  While doing this Timmons jumped into the bed of the truck, and attempted to unlock the door through a broken car window.  When Flemming found the CBBTP officer she exited the vehicle and ran towards him announcing she had been kidnapped and Timmons was armed.  Officers with CBBTP gave verbal commands to Timmons and a brief struggle ensued before he was taken into custody.  Timmons was found to be in possession of a loaded Glock .45 caliber handgun. 

Investigators responded to the CBBTP and interviewed Timmons.  At the conclusion of the interview Timmons remained in the custody of CBBTP where he will be taken before a Virginia Magistrate on kidnapping, abduction and firearm related charges.  The Maryland warrant is extraditable and has been lodged as a detainer. 

Investigating  Agency: Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office

Lead Investigator: DFC R. Wilson

Retiring Gordon toasted in final Dover stop

DOVER — With his impending retirement, Jeff Gordon said he’s been trying to figure out what to give the important people in his life.

Well, officials at Dover International Speedway gave the veteran NASCAR driver a hand on Friday.

They presented Gordon with a wall of replica Monster trophies — 90 in all — each one inscribed with a different team member’s name and a quote from legendary football coach Vince Lombardi.

“The achievments of an organization are the results of the combined efforts of each individual,” read the inscription.

“Denis, you guys just helped me out a lot,” Gordon joked with Dover Motorsports CEO Denis McGlynn. “These guys are going to appreciate this very, very much.”


The Election Revolution Has Arrived

A political revolution is taking place in America. The process of selecting party presidential candidates has been transformed in the last two or three election cycles. Now we have the early debates designed to drive poll numbers and tell us who’s “ahead” and who’s “behind,” who’s “gaining” and who’s “dropping.”

But not a single vote has been taken, not a single voter has pulled a lever in a voting booth or gone to a single caucus.

And yet candidates are being winnowed out. Take, for example, Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Is he out because he couldn’t get any voters to vote for him? No, few voters have even bothered to focus on the race thus far with any intensity, much less actually vote. It’s because his debate performances proved lackluster, which sent his poll numbers down, which led to a sharp decline in his ability to raise money. He lost in a contest that was extra-electoral.

So who’s running the show?

Comics or Truth?

Carson's 'I Am A Christian' Instantly Goes Viral

Ben Carson’s unique show of support for Christians targeted in Thursdays massacre at at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, instantly went viral.

It only took four hours on Friday for an image of the Republican candidate holding up an “I am a Christian” sign to be shared close to 80,000 times and receive over 625,000 “likes” on Facebook.

The post was so successful the retired neurosurgeon shared an #IamAChristian hashtag. Supporters could make the image their Facebook profile picture.

“Please consider changing your profile picture to honor the victims and their families,” Carson wrote Friday night.

Carson’s plea comes one day after 26-year-old Christopher Harper-Mercer burst into a classroom at Umpqua Community College and demanded his Christian victims identify themselves before being executed. Nine people were killed and seven wounded in the gun-free zone, which only has one unarmed security guard.

Read more

German Woman Gets Eviction Notice to Make Room for Migrants — and She’s Not the First

A German woman is protesting the eviction notice she received informing her she has until the end of the year to vacate the government-owned apartment she rents in order to make room for migrants who have arrived seeking asylum.

“I think it’s a scandal to throw tenants out of their apartments,” Gabriele Keller, 56, told Germany’s SWR television. “I can’t see the sense of it.”

Britain’s Daily Telegraph reported that Keller has lived in the same home in the city of Eschbach for 23 years and has now hired a lawyer to fight the eviction.


Salt on Power Lines Occurring Again in Coastal Delaware

Police Around the Nation Emblazoning 'In God We Trust' on Squad Cars

Law enforcement agencies in the South and Midwest are adding "In God We Trust" to their vehicles, drawing attacks from watchdog groups who argue that the move violates the separation of church and state.

"If it's on my money and it's on the state flag, I can put it on a patrol car," Polk County (Ga.) Sheriff Johnny Moats told The New York Times. He wrote other sheriffs across the state urging them to put the motto on their vehicles.

"Just about every single day, I have another sheriff calling and saying, 'I've done it' or 'Can you send me a picture of your patrol car?'" Moats said.

Some officials say that displaying the motto expressed patriotism, while others contend that it seeks to counter the attacks law enforcement has taken in the wake of several high-profile shootings in recent months.

"With the dark cloud that law enforcement has been under recently, I think that we need to have a human persona on law enforcement," Sheriff Brian Duke of Henderson County, Tenn., told the Times. "It gave us an opportunity to put something on our cars that said: 'We are you. We’re not the big, bad police.'"


Obama Syrian Response

James Woods: Obama, Media Ignore Christian Hate Crime

Actor James Woods is blasting the Obama administration for ignoring what he describes as the plight of Christian hate crime in the wake of the murders at Umpqua Community College in Oregon.

Chris Harper Mercer, 26, opened fire on the campus on Thursday, killing nine people and wounding seven. Mercer reportedly singled out Christians for death by asking the religion of potential victims before firing on them. Mercer was then shot and killed by law enforcement.

Tweeting on Friday, Woods said it was clear that the victims were killed because they were Christian but that President Obama and the media was ignoring that. CNS News first reported on Woods tweets.

"NY Times writes a front page story about a hate massacre targeting Christians without using the word 'Christians,'" Woods tweeted, linking to story in the New York Times. Then: "If it is determined that the Oregon shooter targeted Christians specifically, that's the last we will hear of it on MSM [mainstream media]."

Woods then pointed out that President Obama's potential reaction had much to be desired: "Now that it is recognized that the terrible Oregon tragedy was an assault on Christians, will the President still sing Amazing Grace there?" Finally Woods tweeted a picture of the president with the comment:

"Hate crime massacre of Christians finally silences Obama. #LiberalLaryngitis."


Prisoners in China have their organs ripped out while they’re ALIVE to sell to transplant tourists

This is the kind of thing you’d only expect to find in movies like Saw, but it’s happening as we speak. Religious prisoners in Chinaare having their organs removed to be given to “transplant tourists.”

China harvested livers, kidneys, corneas and even hearts from tens of thousands religious prisoners while they were still alive and the world is paying no attention, according to a new documentary.

Rumours of the live organ trade in China first surfaced in 2006, and have been supported by human rights lawyers, witnesses and even surgeons who admit having performed the operations.

But claims that supporters of the Falun Gong faith are having their organs sold to wealthy transplant tourists from all over the world are still not taken seriously.

The documentary, Hard to Believe, offers the first sustained examination into why the world is so willing to turn a blind eye to ‘one of the most catastrophic human rights violations in our time’.


Texas Man Becomes Internet Star After Rant About Being 'Unapologetically Southern'

After a viewer sent Texas cowboy and media personality Chad Prather an insulting message about his Southern accent, Prather took to his popular YouTube channel to respond.

The video, titled "Unapologetically Southern," quickly went viral.

On "Fox and Friends Weekend," Prather said that the South and Southern heritage are often ostracized and mocked.

"It's pretty easy to stereotype folks from the South," Prather said. "They hear a dialect and they hear a slang and they want to make fun of it."



Why did CNN need to change the complexion (color) of their broadcast?

CNN photoshops the photo of Oregon killer Chris Harper-Mercer to make him look white.

Chris was the son of Ian Mercer from Great Britain and Laurel Margaret Harper.


Politico: Illegal Immigrants Could Help Hillary Win

Illegal immigrants—along with other non-citizens without the right to vote—may help Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton win the White House?

Wait, what? Yes, that’s the conclusion of a new analysis in Politico that makes the case that the Electoral College’s skewed math based on the population of states – both the legal and illegal population – directly favors so-called blue states that lean Democratic.

How? The Electoral College awards one elector for each U.S. Senator, thus 100 of the total, and D.C. gets three electors pursuant to the 23rd Amendment. Those electoral numbers are unaffected by the size of the non-citizen population.

But “the same cannot be said for the remaining 435, more than 80 percent of the total, which represent the members elected to the House.” Those are allocated based on the U.S. Census, which are reapportioned every ten years to reflect the population changes found in the census.

“That reallocation math is based on the relative “whole number of persons in each state,” as the formulation in the 14th Amendment has it,” authors Paul Goldman and Mark J. Rozell write in Politico. “When this language was inserted into the U.S. Constitution, the concept of an ‘illegal immigrant,’ as the term is defined today, had no meaning.

More here


Jobs Up 14,000 For Immigrants, Down 262,000 For 'Native-borns'

For a third month in a row, native-born Americans saw their job numbers tumble while immigrants experience solid gains.

According to the monthly Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers just released, "foreign-born" jobs numbers increased by 14,000, while those for "native-born" Americans fell off a cliff, by 262,000.

Over the past three months, the job numbers for native-born have dropped by nearly 1 million, exactly the number of jobs President Obama promised to add when he ran for re-election in 2012.

During that period, jobs for immigrants grew 218,000.

More details

BREAKING NEWS: Amtrak train derails in northern Vermont

An Amtrak train has derailed in northern Vermont near Northfield. First reports are the train may have hit a rockslide, and some cars are overturned. More as the story develops on Fox News and

BREAKING NEWS: Justice Department approves settlement with BP

BP will pay the largest settlement in US history – worth more than $20 billion – to resolve claims linked to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announces.

Town meeting debate centers on criminal justice and race

A town hall meeting on race, criminal justice and the death penalty brought together an array of community leaders to address the challenges people of color face in the justice system.

Held in the new sanctuary of the Unitarian Universalists of Southern Delaware, the event's speakers addressed stark disparities in enforcement activities and prison sentences, including the death penalty, as well as economic disparities that prevent people of color from making bail or hiring an attorney, all part of a battle for civil rights they said is not over.

Don Peterson, chair of the Unitarians' social and environmental justice committee opened the Sept. 24 meeting, co-sponsored by NAACP-Delaware, Delaware Repeal Project and others. "Unitarian Universalists have a long and proud history of standing at the side of sound justice," Peterson said.

Several speakers addressed a Wilmington shooting just one day prior to the meeting, when police shot and killed a wheelchair-bound black man, Jeremy "Bam" McDole, who witnesses had reported was armed with a gun.


These men knew what they were doing

Inlet Lot and Beach Open, Clean-Up Continues

OCEAN CITY, MD – (October 5, 2015): The Town of Ocean City is continuing clean-up today, as crews work diligently to move sand and restore the beach. Although damage throughout the town is minimal, employees are conducting light debris removal and repairing damage to the fence along the Boardwalk.

The Inlet Parking Lot and beach are reopened at this time, although citizens are asked to avoid areas where Public Works crews are cleaning, for safety and efficiency purposes. Due to strong rip currents that occur during and after storms, citizens are reminded not to swim in the ocean.

The Town of Ocean City would like to thank residents, our local and state partners, businesses and visitors for staying informed and being prepared, before, during and after the storm. Due to the preparedness of the citizens and the hard work of employees and our allied agencies, the Ocean City community experienced zero storm related injuries and minimal city-wide damage.

Thank you for following our City Wide Emergency Alerts. This is the last Emergency Alert and news updated regarding the weekend storm system and Hurricane Joaquin. Additional information regarding cleanup will be posted on social media sites if needed.

BREAKING NEWS: US, Pacific nations agree on trade deal

The United States and 11 Pacific Rim nations agree on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a deal that eliminates tariffs and is backed by President Obama, despite concerns from critics over potential losses of U.S. jobs.

Bethany Beach Water Skier


America is already in the throes of its next Great Depression

While the Obama administration and their mainstream surrogates maintain that the economy is growing at a booming pace, the reality of the situation is starkly different.

According to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics some 94.6 million Americans (age 16 and over) are either not working or have made no effort to find a job. With a population of 320 million, that means nearly one in three people in the United States are currently out of work.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that a record 94,610,000 people (ages 16 and over) were not in the labor force in September. In other words they were neither employed nor had made specific efforts to find work in the prior four weeks.

The number of individuals out of the work force last month — due to discouragement, retirement or otherwise — represented a substantial 579,000 person increase over the most recent record, hit in August, of 94,031,000 people out of the workforce.


BREAKING NEWS: Missing ship likely sunk, Coast Guard says

U.S. Coast Guard confirms that El Faro, a cargo ship with 28 Americans on board that disappeared near the Bahamas during Hurricane Joaquin, has likely sunk.


ACLU Tries to Force Catholic Hospitals to Do Abortions

Thursday, the American Civil Liberties Union sued Trinity Health Corporation for refusing to perform abortions on women whose unborn babies were supposedly near death.

In a federal lawsuit against Trinity, which is one of the largest Catholic health systems in the country, the ACLU explained that their doctors refused to perform abortions on five women who suffered preterm, premature rupture of membranes. This complication arises when the amniotic sac breaks and leaves no fluid around the unborn child.

Sarah Prager, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Washington, said the condition almost always results in fetal death. She said, “This is a situation where there is virtually no chance that the fetus will survive. The miscarriage has started. It just hasn’t completed.”

Additionally, Prager said that if care is denied women are at risk for infection and termination of pregnancy is considered “the standard of care.” USA Today reports that Trinity believes the case has no merit. In a statement, they said, “A federal court already dismissed a similar ACLU claim, and we will seek dismissal of this suit for the same reason.


Trump: Stricter gun laws would not prevent mass shootings

"The gun laws have nothing to do with this. This is about mental illness"

Donald Trump argued Sunday that tighter gun laws would not help prevent mass shootings, saying that people with mental illness will always “slip through the cracks,” regardless of restrictions on firearms possession.

“No matter what you do, you’re going to have difficulties,” Trump told ABC’s “This Week.” “The gun laws have nothing to do with this. This is about mental illness … You’re always going to have difficulties no matter how tight you run it.”

The debate over gun control was reignited this week after a gunman in Roseburg, Ore., killed nine people at a community college, then fatally shot himself. The episode is the latest in a series of mass shootings affecting towns around the United States, and it prompted Democrats to call for stricter regulations.

Trump responded Sunday with an argument in favor of more guns, saying that “fewer people would have died” in Oregon if guns had been permitted on the campus targeted by the shooter.

“I see it was a gun-free zone,” he told NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “And you were not allowed to have guns at all in that particular area. And you could make the case that it would have been a lot better had people had guns because they had something to fire back.”

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D.C. hospital patient dies after altercation with security guards

WASHINGTON — A patient at a D.C. hospital died Thursday evening after an altercation with two of the hospital’s security officers earlier in the week.

The patient was critically injured during an altercation that occurred around 5 p.m. Tuesday, near the main entrance of MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

“Our highest priority is the care and safety of every patient who comes to us for care, and we are deeply concerned for the family,” the hospital said in a statement to WTOP.


Hillary Clinton Calls for Mass Movement to Eradicate Second Amendment

Will "never relent" in war on Bill of Rights

Presidential candidate and former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is calling for a a “national movement” to “stand up to the NRA and the gun lobby,” euphemisms for attacking and rolling back the Second Amendment.

Clinton acknowledged passing laws designed to chip away at the constitutional right of Americans to own firearms will be “a political mountain to climb,” but said if elected she will “never relent.”

“But you don’t get anything done in this country if you don’t start by calling it out,” Clinton said.

She then exploited the child victims of “gun violence,” in other words the victims of psychopaths, many on psychotropic drugs.

“We need to make every politician who sides with them to look into the eyes of parents whose children have been murdered and explain why they listened to the gun lobbyists instead.”


Lame Stream Media Observations: By Greg Belcher

I found it very interesting as I watched the media firestorm erupt following the Oregon shooting tragedy.

On the one hand, we predictably had our politicizing and polarizing President attempting to use the event to further his anti-second amendment agenda; his message of course being televised to the majority of the uncritical masses through all of the major media outlets, courtesy of the bully pulpit.

On the other hand, I watched in incredulous fascination as Fox News (the self-proclaimed, 'fair and balanced', "Conservative" media outlet) invited on to the program Establishment sycophant, and former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani, to weigh in on the situation especially in light of the President's statements. The former mayor correctly pointed out the President's hypocrisy regarding the extremely high homicide rate in the President's former Senatorial district, the area where most of his community organizing activities took place, and he noted the presumably correct statistic that Chicago's homicide rate was two and one half times that of New York's.

At this point the mayor no doubt had most conservatives firmly in his corner due to his bare-knuckled attack on the President. However, what was so interesting was what he said next, and notably, these were points which likely went unrecognized by many of the Republican Neanderthals among us.

Aside from not pointing out the fact that both cities enforced some of the most aggressive gun-control policies in the country, Giuliani said that the reason for the lower homicide rate between the otherwise fairly equal urban centers was the stop and frisk policy of the NYPD. He even lamented the fact that the current mayor had mitigated that policy, and that the results would likely soon be felt.
Oh the irony of having the "conservative" talking head criticize the liberal President for his extraconstitutional attacks on our second amendment, only to have Mr Giuliani advocate for the violation of our fourth amendment rights in order to mitigate the lawlessness resulting from his very own violations of our right to keep and bear arms.

I was even more intrigued when none of the Fox and Friends morning hosts pointed out the inconsistencies in the statements of their invited guest, and additionally disappointed when neither they, nor any other major media outlet whose reporting I viewed that morning, pointed out the real news; the real common threads in almost all of these mass shootings: The fact that almost all took place in gun-free (or significantly gun-restricted) zones. Also, I find disturbing that the media never seems to emphasize the fact that the majority of the non-muslim shooters are on psychotropic medication prior to and/or during their rampages.

I suppose that Ron was right when he pointed out that the truth quickly becomes a casualty when there exists a tyrannical agenda.

And it would seem that no media source may be trusted implicitly.

Hey, I'm just saying.

An Ex-Lawman On A Lonely Mission: Bringing The Police To Justice

At the heart of Peace Officer, a new documentary out this month, stands a man named William "Dub" Lawrence. A former sheriff, Lawrence comes off as a somber figure — a man capable of calmly reconstructing the death of his suicidal son-in-law, who was shot in a standoff with a SWAT team in 2008.

But when you meet Lawrence, it's impossible not to note just how much the man grins — as in, big, toothy, Jimmy Carter-level grins.

"That's my best weapon," he says. "If I smile, they will usually not punch me in the face."

Lawrence has another thing in common with Jimmy Carter: He also served just one term. From 1975-79, Lawrence was sheriff of Davis County, just north of Salt Lake City in Utah. His election in 1974 was a surprise — he was a political neophyte — and he wasn't able to repeat the victory in 1978. After losing his re-election bid, he moved on to other kinds of work — installing dishes for satellite TV, teaching school, repairing water pumps. He hasn't worn a badge in decades.

And yet, you get the sense he never really left police work behind.

For instance: "I have a bone in my truck that may be a human bone," he says. That's because, in his spare time, he searches a nearby canyon for victims of Ted Bundy, the serial killer who came through Davis County when Lawrence was sheriff. Some of Bundy's presumed victims were never found.

"I've never given up! That happened on my watch," Lawrence says.


Trump: Syrian Refugees Could be a 'Trojan Horse' Set to Topple US

The government's plan to bring Syrian refugees could result in "one of the greatest military coups of all time," GOP front-runner Donald Trump said Saturday, claiming that ISIS fighters could be among the refugees and the migration would be like a "Trojan horse."

"I heard about three weeks ago when I saw the migration as they call it," Trump told Fox News "Cashin' In" host Eric Bolling. "They were talking about 3,000 people coming here. You say who are they, do they have papers? Then I heard 10, 25. Now 200,000 people. If you look at this migration it is mostly young, strong men."

And, Trump told Bolling, he wondered "why aren't they fighting for Syria if in fact they come from Syria. Then I said, 'how are we going to take 200,000 people?' This could be one of the greatest military coups of all time...some of them definitely in my opinion will be ISIS."

He continued the influx of refugees would be "like a Trojan horse," as many of the migrants would come to the United States while "we are unprepared for it."


Mayors seek federal gun debate

U.S. Conference of Mayors meets in Baltimore

BALTIMORE —Baltimore's mayor wants the presidential candidates to talk more about the gun debate, which will be one of the focal points of the U.S. Conference of Mayors that the city is hosting this weekend.

Some of the presidential candidates are talking about guns, but maybe not the way Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake wants them to. As president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, she's hoping for a different dialogue.

Hosting more than 30 mayors from New York City to Plano, Texas, this weekend, Rawlings-Blake said the group should call for the presidential candidates to support what she calls common sense gun legislation.

"One of the things we are talking about is when someone applies to get a gun and is rejected that that information is shared with the city, the state and the federal governments," Rawlings-Blake said.


Upcoming Concert At Oasis

West Ocean City Yesterday

More to come.

Rumors and News about a possible run for US Senate

Maryland will elect a new US Senator in 2016
"A serious contender could be Del. Kathy Szeliga..."

If you missed the buzz this week, this email should bring you up to speed. I have been exploring a run for the US Senate seat that has been held by Barbara Mikulski. Senator Mikulski is retiring.

The Baltimore Sun article gives some great background:
Republican Lawmaker Mounting Campaign for Senate

"'We have the right message; it just has not always been communicated well,' said Szeliga, 53, a Perry Hall woman who was first elected to the General Assembly in 2010. '
Over on the Democratic side, voters can pick one career politician or another.'"

The Washington Post covered the story:
Baltimore lawmaker moving toward U.S. Senate campaign in Maryland

"As a small business owner, mom and new grandmother, Kathy understands the concerns of Maryland families," Harris said in a statement. "She will bring fresh leadership and will help change Washington the way Governor Hogan is changing Maryland."

The Capital Gazette is covering the race too:
Donna Edwards calls for six debates with Van Hollen

"A serious contender could be Del. Kathy Szeliga, R-Baltimore County, who has been weighing a Senate bid, reported The Washington Post. Her decision is to be made this fall."

I am honored and humbled by the support and encouragement I am receiving from across the state! This will be a tough race. We know that Marylanders like a tough working class woman from the Baltimore region - and I can fill those shoes. Stay tuned ...

Honey Buddha Boo

Now That Hurts

Makes Sense

Troopers Make Prostitution Arrest at Seaford Area Massage Parlor

Seaford, DE - Delaware State Police detectives have arrested two women at a Seaford area massage parlor after receiving citizen complaints of prostitution activity occurring at the establishment.

On Friday, October 2, 2015, detectives conducted an investigation into possible prostitution activity occurring at the Peaceful Wellness Spa located at 916 Middleford Road, Seaford. Detectives had two undercover troopers respond to the spa where they both asked for a massage. While performing the massages, two masseuses, later identified as Bo Nan Xu, 55, and Huiping Liu, 52, both of Seaford, offered to perform a sexual act on the troopers in exchange for cash. The troopers refused the proposition, however, and left the establishment.

Bo Nan Xu and Huiping Liu were both arrested without incident. They were each charged with prostitution and arraigned at Justice of the Peace Court 3. Xu and Liu were then committed to the Delores Baylor Correctional Institution for lack of $150.00 cash bail each.

Decisions, Decisions