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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Anyone In Salisbury Missing A Drone??

Found a working hobby drone in Salisbury Park area. Email with identifying info to claim it.

Salisbury City Council Agenda & Packet For 10-26-15

Rumored In The Halls Of The GOB

Council President John Cannon is allegedly so mad at Executive Bob Culver for bringing in Attorney Paul Wilber, word is Cannon and the majority of the Council now want their own Attorney. 

Now I only have it on one source, (probably all I'll get until they announce it in a couple weeks) that they are considering bringing back Ed Baker. 

It sure is amazing how much Cannon hates Culver and for what? Being fiscally responsible and actually delivering what he promised the taxpayers who elected him! 

The County Council is looking more and more like the Salisbury Council every day, dysfunctional. 

Hey John, just try to remember how things worked out for Norm Conway and Rick Pollitt in the last election. I highly doubt you'll ever get elected to County Executive, trust me on that one. Just do your job and learn to agree to disagree. 

SBYNews Poll Question

Do you support a curfew in Salisbury?


Petitioning County Executive, Wicomico County, MD Mr. Bob Culver

Declare a State of Emergency in response to our local "Heroin Epidemic"

County Executive, Wicomico County, MD Mr. Bob Culver
Declare a State of Emergency in response to our local "Heroin Epidemic." Due to Medicaid's lack of funding for inpatient treatment, many individuals seeking help for substance-use issues are being turned away, placed on lengthy wait lists, and are being referred to local hospitals for treatment. Our local hospital, PRMC, does not have the capabilities to accept these patients for detox, unless it is a secondary issue to an acute medical problem. Without treatment, the social consequences will be extreme - crime will most likely increase, unemployment will increase, healthy families and social relationships will begin to disintegrate, and the overall health and well-being of our community will certainly be changed for the worse. We encourage you, Mr. Bob Culver, to declare a State of Emergency so that federal funds can be used to supplement the treatment needs of our local community.


While I firmly believe  there is a major epidemic with heroin here on the Shore, there's a LOT more to this story/petition.

The Hudson Center is a fantastic facility and a much needed resource for LOCAL addicts, the Hudson Center was IMPORTING addicts from BALTIMORE, limiting the amount of beds for our very own people here. So much so that they are right, there can be a major waiting list for our very own residents to get in. 

Their request and petition to County Executive Culver is just plain wrong and misleading. The Hudson Center lost funding and are trying to use a State of Emergency in order to stay afloat. If I were County Executive I'd tell them to go pound sand, with all due respect.

This is one of the problems of abuse in government funded businesses. If this were a private company only allowed to work in their own district, (the Eastern Shore) and they didn't have enough clients, the private business would be forced to shut down. 

However, since the Hudson center was fortunate enough to garnish certain GRANTS/FUNDING outside our area, organizations like this get creative and try to SHAME our Executive into doing something completely uncalled for. 

The entire state is in trouble in this area. Heroin is so out of control it isn't funny. HOWEVER, it's bad enough ALL of ouR Highway Users Tax already goes to Baltimore. Let them care for their own residents. We have a big enough problem here, just ask ANY Law Enforcement Representative. 

I know of far too many people who have been sitting on that WAITING LIST who live locally. They weren't able to get beds because of patients imported from Baltimore. 

We've been told by two sources that the Hudson Center would actually drive to Baltimore to PICK ADDICTS UP and bring them here but not return them to Baltimore once their stay was complete. Sounds a LOT like what we've been subjected to with inmates from ECI. They bring them here from Baltimore and once released they're brought to Salisbury. 

So while the people above are trying to get you to stand by them and or sign their petition, know the whole truth of this matter and then look at the crime rate in Salisbury/Wicomico County. These grants/funding may be a great way to keep people employed at the Hudson Center but it certainly isn't helping the Eastern Shore. 

Stop trying to claim this petition is for LOCALS. You are the poster child for corporate welfare. 

More Bury' Failures Ahead

When you elect someone who has absolutely no business experience whatsoever, (and a Liberal) you end up with very stupid business decisions. You also end up with a leader who will test drive the most ridiculous ideas while those of us who do have business experience actually cringe, knowing these ideas will immediately fail. We also know that WE would NEVER invest money into these stupid ideas but somehow these Liberals find the funds to start up these really stupid ideas.

Clearly the Trolley idea has proven to be a massive failure but get this, there's a new project your Liberal leaders are about to shove down your throat.

Mayor Jim Ireton and Council President Jake Day want to hire four college students to walk around Downtown to help people find restaurants and promote upcoming events.

You know, I'm sick and tired of these Liberals acting and comparing Salisbury to places like Baltimore, Rockville and D.C.. Yeah, people Downtown are walking around like zombies, so lost, they need HELP finding whatever it is they're looking for. Downtown is so BIG and confusing, we need people down there to help you get around.

I was in Washington D.C. recently and did a walking tour all over Downtown. Funny, I never once saw people walking around offering to help people find their way. Is Salisbury as big as D.C.?

Hey Jim & Jake, I'VE GOT AN IDEA! How about you have Police Officer Downtown who can control those heroin addicts and homeless watching TV in front of WMDT and even offer advice to those very few people who actually are Downtown, rare as that may be. 

If it were ME, I'd create a couple kiosk centers with a streaming video that tells you everything you need to know about what's Downtown, what are the upcoming events and guess what, how about even placing a PANIC button with those bright blue LED lights like you see at SU and WORWIC. You already have two kiosk locations with power already there. One is in front of the GOB and the other is next to the fountain on the Plaza. 

I'm sorry Folks, I just have a really big problem with stupidity and their idea of hiring students to promote a Downtown NO ONE visits anyway is just plain stupid. Come on Liberals, defend yourselves on this one!

Today's Survey Question 10-23-15

What Is Your Favorite East Shore Slang?

Example, Ba Time I Got There...

I Strongly Recommend You Listen To This Interview


This is an interview I did with a SU Student on crime in Salisbury and Wicomico County.

A Letter To The Editor 10-24-15

Dear Mr. Albero,

We just received another 6x9" glossy postcard telling us to vote for Jack Heath in the upcoming Salisbury city election. The postcard, the second in my mailbox in three days, was sent by the Coastal Association of Realtors and Maryland Realtors for Political Action, whoever they might be. It was sent from from Hunt Valley, Maryland, a few miles north of Baltimore.

I've been watching Mr. Heath's performance for the last year on PAC14 and have listened to him speak at two of the forums recently held. I was expecting a lot better from him. I'm terribly unimpressed by what he has to say and what he promises to do for the city. Empty promises, in my book, and nothing at all that speaks to the real needs of the citizens.

I'm not at all impressed, either, by his thirty years in a volunteer fire department (Pittsville, Parsonsburg?) or his having been a CEO of a couple of companies. What he's done in council over the past year for everybody to see is really nothing. He's just sat there and voted and talked about "When I was a CEO.... blah, blah, blah."

But back to the mailings. Who in his right mind would vote for somebody supported to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars spent by a small group of people (real estate), funded by a huge out-of-town organization? And, come to think of it, local real estate people are great friends and business partners of the landlords who own over 70% of the housing here and charge ridiculous rents for most of it. They're certainly not in it for making Salisbury a better place to live, only cashing in on it. Heath's platform is weak, and they know it, but they want that control, so they inject a ton of cash to buy a lot of advertising that isn't accountable by city campaign regulations, money that overwhelms that raised in contributions to candidates by local people and businesses.

To remind people, these are the same bunch who brought Salisbury the Dream Team in the early 2000's, led by Mike Dunn, the worst council and council president that we have ever had. Please, let's not go back there.

My vote and my wife's are definitely NOT going to Jack Heath. If he's accepting and not actively rejecting help from organizations as suspect as realtors' associations, he's not my pick for city council. Or for any other public office, for that matter.

I hope that you'll share this with your readers, because it's just wrong that outside parties like these get involved in local politics, and it's doubly wrong to hand over the city council to real estate people and landlords.

Thank you,

A District 3 Voter

Desperate People Do Desperate Things. Look At America Now Obama!

Your Thoughts?

Power struggle over Minnesota solar project

Opponents of a 62 megawatt solar generating facility proposed for 515 acres of cropland in rural southwestern Minnesota insist they still have a chance to stop the project. But their case hinges on an obscure state regulation put on the books to protect farmland from being plowed under for conventional power plants.

The power struggle pits a handful of farm families and rural residents against Nextera Energy Resources, a Florida-based renewable energy developer vying to build the second biggest solar installation in the state.

“It’s kind of a David versus Goliath story,” said Janelle Geurts, who grew up on the Lyon County farm she works with husband John. “You just sit here and try to exhaust every effort you can, which we are trying to do. But they’ve got every angle covered, let’s put it that way.”

Nextera needs approval from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission to plant more than 200,000 photovoltaic panels on land where crops are currently being harvested for what could be the last time. The developer cites the economics of scale as the reason for the super-sized, by Minnesota standards, project. The sun power would tie into Xcel Energy’s transmission lines near Marshall, helping the utility meet a state mandate for 1.5 percent of retail electricity to be solar by 2020.

“The team continues to stay engaged with both local and state officials as well as the community and is confident the project, if approved, would have a positive impact on the local economy,” Steve Stengel, Nextera Energy Resources communications director, said in a statement.


Reference: The Daily Times Article - State Fire Sprinkler Ordinance - Dampens Wicomico Building

Hi Jeremy

A few days ago I read your DT article regarding how Wicomico ended up with a residential sprinkler ordinance that requires all new homes to be equipped with a residential sprinkler system.

After reading your article - I clearly recognized that you were not able to articulate who is to blame. You see - when HB-366/SB-602 went to a House vote - (HB-366) - our entire eastern shore Delegation voted against the sprinkler ordinance - with the exception of eastern shore Delegate Norman Conway - (who voted in favor of the sprinkler ordinance). And then - when the sprinkler ordinance legislation went to the Senate floor - (SB-602) - once again, the entire eastern shore Delegation voted against the measure - with the exception of eastern shore Senator Jim Mathias - (who voted in favor of the sprinkler ordinance). Rudy Cane - recorded an absent vote.

But what really gets me - is that the ordinance still did not have to get enacted because the last person who had the authority to repeal the House/Senate action was our illustrious Governor - Martin O' Malley - (who is now running to try and be our nations President). He could very well have vetoed the legislation.

So now - I ask you - what are you going to do to help shine some 'sanitizing light' on the subject - so that the general public will be made aware as to what actually transpired.

I sincerely hope that you will approach The Daily Times Editor & advisory staff - and convey your new found knowledge so as to help try and hold those public officials accountable.

I truly believe that an Article 'Redo' is in order.

Sources: Mother Of Freddie Gray Tries To Take Her Own Life

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — WJZ has learned that the mother of Freddie Gray has attempted suicide.

Rick Ritter has more on what happened.

WJZ has confirmed with multiple sources that Gloria Darden, the mother of Freddie Gray, tried to take her own life late Wednesday night.

The call came in around 9:35 p.m. Wednesday for a person needing medical attention in North Baltimore.

Sources tell WJZ that’s where Gloria Darden, the mother of Freddie Gray, attempted suicide and sustained superficial wounds.


MSP: 5.2 lbs. of Marijuana Seized on Traffic Stop In Westover

(Westover, MD) On October 22, 2015 at approximately 1952 hours, S/Tpr. P. Zimmerman of the Maryland State Police, Princess Anne Barrack was monitoring traffic in the area of Route 13 and Revels Neck Road., Westover, Somerset County, MD. S/Tpr. P. Zimmerman observed a Silver Ford Escape displaying VA registration VHG9347 to have inoperable tail lamps. A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle to which the operator was contacted and identified by his Virginia drivers license as Andrew Dwight Smith 42 years old from Chesapeake, VA.

Upon contacting Smith and during the course of the traffic stop, S/Tpr. P. Zimmerman detected a strong odor of marijuana emanating from within the vehicle. A search of the vehicle was conducted subsequently yielding 5.2 pounds of marijuana. Smith was arrested for CDS Possession of Marijuana, CDS Possession. with intent to distribute, and transported to the Princess Anne Barrack for processing.

Smith was then taken before the Somerset County District Court Commissioner for his initial appearance, whereas he was held on $15,000.00 secured bond.

Crime rates for Salisbury, MD

With a crime rate of 74 per one thousand residents, Salisbury has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes - from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One's chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 14. Within Maryland, more than 99% of the communities have a lower crime rate than Salisbury.In fact, after researching dangerous places to live, NeighborhoodScout found Salisbury to be one of the top 100 most dangerous cities in the U.S.A.

Separately, it is always interesting and important to compare a city's crime rate with those of similarly sized communities - a fair comparison as larger cities tend to have more crime. NeighborhoodScout has done just that. With a population of 31,507, Salisbury has a combined rate of violent and property crime that is very high compared to other places of similar population size. Regardless of whether Salisbury does well or poorly compared to all other cities and towns in the US of all sizes, compared to places with a similar population, it fares badly. Few other communities of this size have a crime rate as high as Salisbury.

The crime data that NeighborhoodScout used for this analysis are the seven offenses from the uniform crime reports, collected by the FBI from 17,000 local law enforcement agencies, and include both violent and property crimes, combined.

Now let us turn to take a look at how Salisbury does for violent crimes specifically, and then how it does for property crimes. This is important because the overall crime rate can be further illuminated by understanding if violent crime or property crimes (or both) are the major contributors to the general rate of crime in Salisbury.

For Salisbury, we found that the violent crime rate is one of the highest in the nation, across communities of all sizes (both large and small). Violent offenses tracked included rape, murder and non-negligent manslaughter, armed robbery, and aggravated assault, including assault with a deadly weapon. According to NeighborhoodScout's analysis of FBI reported crime data, your chance of becoming a victim of one of these crimes in Salisbury is one in 89.

In addition, NeighborhoodScout found that a lot of the crime that takes place in Salisbury is property crime. Property crimes that are tracked for this analysis are burglary, larceny over fifty dollars, motor vehicle theft, and arson. In Salisbury, your chance of becoming a victim of a property crime is one in 16, which is a rate of 63 per one thousand population.


Caitlyn Jenner Named ‘Woman Of The Year’

Glamour magazine named Caitlyn Jenner its “Woman of the Year” on Wednesday.

Along with Reese Witherspoon, Jenner will be featured on the publication’s December issue to celebrate 25 years of the magazine’s prize, Gossip Cop reports.


Cop pulls over driver for drinking coffee

A Minnesota woman was pulled over and ticketed Monday morning after drinking coffee on her commute along I-94.

“I was completely dumbfounded. I thought it was a joke!” Lindsey Krieger of St. Paul told KMSP Fox-9 on Tuesday. “I didn’t even have enough time to merge up to the right speed limit yet, so I wasn’t speeding or anything like that.”

“She was like, ‘Do you know what you were doing wrong? Do you know why you were pulled over?’ I said, ‘No I have no idea what you’re talking about.’ And finally after asking me a few more times she says, ‘Drinking coffee. It’s against the law to drink coffee while you’re driving.’”

Sgt. Mike Ernster with St. Paul Police Department told the station the ticketing officer was correct.

Troopers Make Prostitution Arrest at Lewes Area Massage Parlor

Lewes, DE - Delaware State Police detectives have arrested two New York women at a Lewes massage parlor after receiving complaints of prostitution activity occurring at the establishment.

The investigation took place on Tuesday October 20, 2015 when State Police Detectives had undercover troopers respond to the Best Quality Spa, located at 17274 Coastal Highway where they asked for massages. While performing the massage, the masseuses, later identified as Jie Zhao, 50, and Shuyun Han, 50, both of Flushing, NY, offered to perform a sexual act on the troopers in exchange for cash. The troopers refused the proposition, however, and left the establishment.

Soon after leaving, investigators returned to the establishment and took both Zhao and Han into custody without incident. They were transported back to Troop 7 where they were each charged with one count of Prostitution within 1000 feet of a School/Residence/Church or Place of Worship. They were both arraigned at JP3 and committed to Delores J. Baylor Women's Correctional Institution on $1,000.00 secured bail.

It Looks Like West Salisbury Will Be Getting A New School

It looks like we'll be getting a new school at W. Salisbury, and it will cost taxpayers less than expected. During...
Posted by Marc Kilmer, Wicomico County Council on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hudson Center vs. Health Department: It's Amazing What Happens When You Remove The Politics

Yesterday I wrote an article about the heroin petition that's been going around. While there's been some very interesting discussions through comments, MOST people, (especially addicts and or former addicts) have it ALL WRONG.

After doing even more research on this matter I hit the mother load of information. 

It turns out the public and especially heroin addicts are completely mislead about what is actually available and how to go about getting the best results.

I'll start with the Health Department. They are a Government Agency who is open from 9 to 5, five days a week. This agency is required to follow very strict state guidelines, all of which I have come to learn are absolutely ridiculous, allow me to explain. 

Let's say you are an addict and you go to the Health Department during their mandated hours. The Health Department is going to tell you that you need to meet with them regularly for counseling, your going to have to fill out forms to get state funded health insurance, (unless you already have health insurance) your going to have to pay to get a physical from a doctor, your going to have to get on a two week waiting list to get state funded methadone and yes, they'll even tell you you'll be placed on a waiting list to get into the Hudson Center. In the mean time you will be tested regularly to make sure you are no longer using.

Now keep in mind, ALL the while you must remain clean for TWO WEEKS with absolutely no methadone. If you have ever known someone addicted to heroin, well, IF they can stay clean for those two weeks, what the heck is the Hudson Center going to do for you at that point other then to get educated on why you should remain clean and how. At that point the drugs are already out of your system and you are well on your way to recover, IF you truly want to get clean.

NOW, once you do all the things they require, guess what, once you are accepted into the Hudson Center, YOU WILL ONLY GET A 14 DAY STAY THERE. WHY, because that's all the insurance companies will allow and pay for. So the two week statement in comments is true BUT there's a LOT more you didn't know.

Let's now talk about the Hudson Center and the options ADDICTS are unfortunately NOT aware of. 

Take the exact same scenario above and only change one thing. GO DIRECTLY TO THE HUDSON CENTER! I don't care if you are broke, have no insurance whatsoever, it's after 5 PM or before 9 AM, the Hudson Center is open to help you 24/7 and will accept you right then and there. The myth of there being no beds available is only the case when you are trying to go through the Health Department. Mind you, there may be a rare occasion their beds are full but from what I've learned the Hudson Center only reserves eight beds for the state and the rest are available for local addicts. 

Oh, get this! No insurance, you show up at their door at 11 PM, you get to stay there for THIRTY DAYS! 

There's an incredible difference between a private entity, (Hudson Center) and a public one, (Health Department). Once you remove the POLITICS everything immediately gets better. 

So PLEASE, get this information out to everyone you know because most of everything being spread around right now is just not true. If you or a friend or a loved one needs help, go directly to the Hudson Center and bypass the Health Department.

In closing, I have nothing against the Health Department. They are simply following state protocol and doing their jobs. However, in my honest opinion there's obviously a much better way to get immediate help. 

Good Luck

Canadian woman who wants to end workplace discrimination of piercings and how they dress. Meet Kendra.

“You never know how good someone's going to be at the job, unless you look at their credentials instead of just looking at their face.”

Hundreds have already signed the online petition, which moves to make it illegal to not hire someone based on hair colour, haircut, tattoos or piercings.

However, Hilary Predy with Adecco, which helps clients hire staff, said it is not that straightforward.

While she says clients are more accepting of visible modifications now than they have been in the past, it is still important for prospective employees to consider the tone and environment of a workplace when applying for a job.

“When people involve themselves with larger piercings, larger tattoos, they are probably going to be looking at a different type of environment, a different type of clientele,” she said.



ALLAS (AP) -- A 14-year-old Muslim boy who was arrested after a homemade clock he brought to school was mistaken for a possible bomb will be moving with his family to the Middle East so he can attend school there, his family said Tuesday.

Ahmed Mohamed's family released a statement saying they had accepted a foundation's offer to pay for his high school and college in Doha, Qatar. He recently visited the country as part of a whirlwind month that included a Monday stop at the White House and an appearance Tuesday at the U.S. Capitol.

"We are going to move to a place where my kids can study and learn, and all of them being accepted by that country," Ahmed's father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, told The Dallas Morning News before boarding an airplane from Washington back home to Texas on Tuesday.


Police Crack Down on Calling, Texting While Driving

Police in the Hampstead area are targeting motorists this week who get distracted by using their cellphones while driving. The use of handheld cellphones while driving is illegal in Maryland.

On Monday, deputies from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office teamed up with members of the Maryland State Police and the Hampstead Police Department on a Distracted Driving Initiative, sponsored by the Maryland Highway Safety Office.

From 2 p.m. to about 6 p.m., the law enforcement personel patrolled the area of Route 482 and the Route 30 Bypass, according to a story posted on the Facebook page of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office. The focus on this enforcement effort was handheld cell phone use, although the police made traffic stops for other violations.


County Council Stopped By For Lunch For Bob Culver's Birthday

The County Council stopped by for lunch today to help me celebrate my birthday.
Posted by Bob Culver Wicomico County Executive on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

McDonald’s in a ‘deep depression’ and ‘facing its final days’

"Probably 30% of operators are insolvent," says franchisee

McDonald’s franchisees believe the brand is in a “deep depression” and could be facing its “final days,” according to a new survey.

“We are in the throes of a deep depression, and nothing is changing,” one franchisee wrote in response to the survey by Nomura analyst Mark Kalinowski. “Probably 30% of operators are insolvent.”

Another wrote, “The CEO is sowing the seeds of our demise. We are a quick-serve fast-food restaurant, not a fast casual like Five Guys or Chipotle. The system may be facing its final days.”

More than a dozen franchisees expressed frustration with McDonald’s management, saying CEO Steve Easterbrook’s turnaround plan — which includes initiatives like all-day breakfast and a shift to digital ordering kiosks — is a distraction from McDonald’s core issues, like food quality and customer service.

Read more

Chincoteague VFC Statement On Dreamer's Faith

Good Evening to all our face book followers. So much for my "final" post about "Dreamers Faith". I have been reading many, many, and the square root of many, post about this event. We feel like We should make every attempt to put some closure to this unfortunate incident.
After our Veterinarian examined the remains and looked over the area where she was found, his conclusion was that Dreamers Faith died of a broken neck from the limb that had fallen and after studying the ground and seeing no signs of a struggle of the pony trying to get out, this is the only scenario that would make any sense. No, we did not make this up, and are not trying to cover anything. I just wish some of you that have been making the disrespectful comments about us, would take the time to look at just a few of the positive things the C.V.F.C. has done to make this such a great event, and remember one thing, We do not get paid one cent to do what we do. Why would we do something wrong and not get paid for it, when we could do it right and still not get paid anything. When I said we "quit looking", that was taken out of context. We did make the mistake of not looking after we thought it was a crime scene because it was not supposed to be on the grounds.

Robbery In Salisbury

The Royal Farms on Route 13 was robbed a few minutes ago.  The suspect is described as a black male wearing blue jeans.  Last seen running down route 13 heading north.  The suspect claimed he had a weapon but none was displayed.

MTV Announces Which Halloween Costumes Are Racist, Mocks White People