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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Dan Said It Was Going To Be Like This!

Cigarette Seizure

On August 11, 2018 Troopers of the Maryland State Police Princess Anne Barrack conducted a traffic stop on gray Honda Accord bearing New York Registration for traffic violations in the area of northbound US Route 13 and Camp Road, Westover, Somerset County, Maryland.

Upon contact with the occupants who were identified as Marc J Schwartz, DOB: 5/29/1952 of Staten Island, New York and Luke Norgreen Keough, DOB: 1/10/1991 of Brooklyn, New York. Based on the presence of criminal indicators a K9 scan was conducted on the vehicle. The scan produced a positive alert and a search of the vehicle was conducted. Keough was found to be in possession of cocaine and associated paraphernalia. Schwartz was found to be in possession of 112 cartons of various untaxed cigarettes and a large amount of US currency. Both of the listed subjects were subsequently arrested. Based on the above, the Maryland Comptroller’s Office was contacted, and Schwartz was released on a Criminal Citation. Keough was taken before a Somerset County District Court Commissioner where he was released on his own recognizance.

All events occurred in Somerset County Maryland

Wake Forest basketball coach Jamill Jones could face murder charges

The Wake Forest basketball coach charged with punching a Florida touristwho later died at the hospital – could face murder charges after the case was ruled a homicide Friday.

Jamill Jones, 35, was arrested Thursday on misdemeanor assault charges for allegedly punching Boca Raton resident Sabor Szabo in the head early Sunday morning.

But on Friday, the city Medical Examiner’s office ruled Szabo’s death a homicide, saying he died from blunt impact injury of the head causing a brain injury.

Jones, of Kernerville, North Carolina, slugged Szabo, 35, in the head for drunkenly banging on his car in Long Island City. Szabo, who was in town for his stepsister’s wedding, fell and hit his head on the pavement. He died Tuesday at the hospital.

The Queens DA’s Office didn’t immediately comment on whether it will charge Jones, an assistant to head coach Danny Manning, with murder.


Pennsylvania man fights off and kills a rabid beaver that attacked him

A man has fended off and killed a rabid beaver that attacked him and his seven-year-old daughter while they were kayaking on a river.

Dan Wherley, his daughter Layla and their dog were kayaking in the Conewago Creek near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on Sunday when the deranged beaver attacked Wherley's kayak.

'I felt something grab my kayak and thought it was my dog, it wasn't. It was a big a** crazy beaver. It kept trying to bite and get into the kayak after me,' Wherley recalled in a Facebook post.

'I kept beating it with the paddle, this went one for a few minutes. It wouldn't give up,' he continued.


Korupt Is LIVE At Trader Lee's

Civil Rights Commissioner Slams House Attack on Asylum Integrity

Peter Kirsanow, a commissioner of the United States Commission on Civil Rights, called on House leadership to reject an amendment that would render Attorney General Jeff Sessions's reforms to asylum impotent.

In a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, Kirsanow forcefully condemned the proposal, writing it would "undermine immigration enforcement."

"American workers finally have a beneficial labor market after suffering years of high unemployment and stagnant wages. And now Republicans in Congress want to blow it by gutting immigration enforcement," Kirsanow writes.

The source of Kirsanow's discontent traces back to June, when Sessions issued an opinion in the immigration court case Matter of A-B- (as attorney general, Sessions has final review over all immigration court matters). In A-B-, Sessions overruled a 2014 decision of the immigration court system's highest appeals board which found, in Matter of A-R-C-G-, that "married women in Guatemala who are unable to leave their relationship" were a class of people entitled to asylum protections under the Immigration and Naturalization Act.

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Screw Your Feelings, Man: Former MSNBC Host Trashes Whiny Antics Of CNN's Jim Acosta

CNN’s Jim Acosta is becoming the story of the week. Well, at least one of them; the Trump White House is a flurry of activity. Acosta was at President Trump’s rally in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday, where supporters of the presidentheckled him. Yes, they chanted “CNN sucks.” Yes, a few middle fingers were thrown. So what? Suck it up. Acosta stayed and did his job, so at least he has the gumption to—you know—take a few punches. And he obviosuly wasn't in mortal danger because he did stay. The alleged abuse was patty cake stuff. It was no different than trash talking at a sports event. Still, never sacrificing an opportunity to be on television, Acosta said he felt he was no longer in America due to the heckling.


America’s Pot Capital? It’s Massachusetts, Not Colorado

Massachusetts is emerging as the nation’s pot capital, according to statistics compiled in a state legislative report released to the public last month.

The report, part of a comprehensive assessment of the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana in the Bay State, found that 21 percent of all Massachusetts residents admitted to smoking pot in June 2018.

That’s a huge jump from the 12 percent of Massachusetts residents that admitted to smoking pot in the previous statewide survey.

Even worse, young adult marijuana use in Massachusetts appears to be exploding. Roughly half of residents 18-25 years old reported using marijuana in the past 30 days — far higher than the national usage rate for this same demographic.


Zimbabwe's Opposition Files Legal Challenge To 'Fake' Election Results

In the tumultuous two weeks surrounding Zimbabwe's presidential election --the country's first since the ouster of longtime strongman Robert Mugabe --opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has made no secret of what he thinks of its results. Describing them as "unverified," "inflated" and outright "fake," Chamisa has repeatedly rejected the formal tally that handed a victory to President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Now, Chamisa's party has made his objections official.

The Movement for Democratic Change filed a legal challenge to the election results Friday, with just minutes to spare before its deadline to do so — and with three days to go before Mnangagwa's previously scheduled inauguration. The party's lawyers allege widespread voting irregularities and have called for new elections or for their candidate, Chamisa, to be declared the winner.

"We have a good case and cause!!" Chamisa tweeted Friday.


Blue State Blues: Nancy Pelosi's Agenda -- Impeach Trump, Raise Taxes, Bail Out Obamacare

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is set to take the gavel again, polls and pundits suggest. The House Minority Leader managed to survive leading her party to one of the worst defeats in congressional history in 2010, after she ballooned the deficit and pushed Obamacare through passage.

In most democracies, defeated party leaders resign and allow new ones to emerge. But Pelosi clung to power, thanks to the fact that the only Democrats left were from urban enclaves like her own San Francisco.

Theoretically, having Democrats lead part of a divided government could play to President Donald Trump’s dealmaking skills. The fact is that most of the country’s major problems — the high cost of health care; the national debt; the sinking entitlements — cannot be solved without bipartisanship.


Lost Dog 8-11-18

Champ, 2 year old chocolate lab. Missing from Castlebar Dr, off of Dykes Road in Salisbury. He has a blue collar with his name and phone number. Super friendly. Please look out for him and let us know if you find him. If his collar is missing call Chris at 443-944-2218.

Police chief's son, 18, charged with beating elderly Sikh man, smiles, flips bird in court: reports

The 18-year-old son of a police chief in California’s Bay Area, who allegedly attacked a 71-year-old Sikh man, appeared in court Friday, smiling and waving his middle fingers at media cameras, a report said.

Tyrone Keith McAllister, estranged son of Union City police Chief Darryl McAllister, entered the courtroom and flipped his middle fingers at their camera, Sacramento's FOX 40 reported.

Governor Larry Hogan Statement on University of Maryland Football Program

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today issued the following statement on the University of Maryland’s decision to place head football coach DJ Durkin on administrative leave:

“In light of deeply troubling reports about the University of Maryland football program’s training practices and general culture, I support the university’s decision to suspend Coach DJ Durkin, and expect that the investigation into the program will be wide-ranging and thorough. We must have complete confidence that our student athletes are treated with dignity and respect and that they are supervised and coached responsibly.

“If the investigation confirms these reports, then strong and permanent corrective actions should be taken immediately.”

African-American Craft Beer Brewers Unite To Host A Festival Of Their Own

To tell how the nation's first black beer festival came to be held in Pittsburgh, you might start with a beer.

Maybe it was that introductory Sam Adams Boston Lager that longtime Michelob and Heineken guy Mike Potter drank more than a decade ago. "It had a completely different profile, a completely different taste, you know, completely different aroma," he says. "It just elevated my curiosity."

Or maybe it should be the bottle of Blue Moon that Day Bracey tipped shortly after he got out of college, thanks to $1 specials at a now-defunct bar in Pittsburgh's Oakland neighborhood. "That was the first time I drank anything that tasted relatively decent," says Bracey. In college, he and his friends drank "Natty Ice and Vladimir [Vodka]."

In any case, their tastebuds ultimately led them to found Fresh Fest, the first-ever beer festival for breweries owned by African-Americans, along with stand-up comic Ed Bailey.


Rural America Faces A Crisis In 'Adequate Housing'

Along the country roads that fan out from Ogallala, Neb., there are abandoned, weathered old farmhouses and collapsed barns, remnants of the hardscrabble settlers who first tapped the Ogallala aquifer and turned the dry, high plains into lush wheat and corn fields.

Like a lot of the Midwest, western Nebraska slowly emptied out over the years, which is why a lot of locals say the current housing shortage is nothing short of a paradox.

"It's a tricky situation," says Mary Wilson, director of the local economic development office in Ogallala, population 4,500. For Wilson, the crisis that rural towns face would be more aptly dubbed a shortage of adequate housing.

"People aren't updating their homes before they throw them on the market," she says. "And people are living in their homes longer here."

Economists say this phenomenon of "aging in place" is one of the main factors driving a shortage in housing nationwide. According to one analysis, people are living in their homes twice as long as they did before the Great Recession. Small towns like Ogallala are no exception to this trend. Ogallala's residents tend to skew older. And the town's remoteness and distance from a major power center like Omaha or Denver mean its problems with housing could be even harder to solve.

When Wilson moved to town from Colorado five years ago, drawn back to the small town Nebraska she grew up in, she and her husband had a hard time finding something suitable.

"We had to settle for what was available," Wilson says, driving down a quiet, leafy street of larger homes in the center of town. Many homes here were built for a far different time, before mechanization, when you needed big families to work the farms. Most are outdated. The few that are on the market, Wilson says, often need thousands of dollars worth of upgrades.

Most people can't — or aren't willing to — pay that.


Trump is preparing to Nix Obama-era Light bulb Rules

The Trump administration is preparing to repeal an Obama-era rule effectively outlawing a wide swath of popular lightbulbs, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

The Department of Energy is ready to scrap a rule broadening the number of lightbulbs that must meet strict energy efficiency standards set to take effect in 2020, according to a document the agency published on its website. The document was later removed from the site, WaPo noted.

Former President Barack Obama’s DOE expanded the class of bulbs covered by a 2007 lightbulb ban to include bug lights, three-way bulbs, “rough service lamps,” and some decorative bulbs, such as globe-shaped bulbs. Obama’s decision came in January 2017 and roped in bulbs that had previously been exempt from the ban.

Obama officials argued the expansion was needed because consumers might use the unregulated bulbs to replace regulated ones. “DOE expects these sales will likely increase since these lamps could be used as replacements for other regulated lamp types,” the law notes. The Trump administration is clamming up about the change.


"Reverse-Wealth-Effect" Looms As Global Housing Bubble Pops

Just a few months ago, real estate was on fire. Prices were blowing past records set during the previous decade’s housing bubble as desperate buyers bought whatever was available at above the asking price while homeowners, confident that prices would keep rising, held out for the next big pop to sell. Notice on the following chart how the ascent steepens at the beginning of this year.

Then, as if someone flipped a switch, the trend shifted into reverse. Not just in the US but nearly everywhere. This list of recent headlines tells the tale:

Housing demand sees biggest drop in more than 2 years

Hamptons property sales slow as caution spreads to the wealthy

Home Prices Are Falling in One of America’s Richest Suburbs

First Time Ever, More Chinese sellers than buyers

Record Drop in Foreigners Buying U.S. Homes

Australian home prices take biggest dip since 2011

The End of the Global Housing Boom

Manhattan Real Estate: Prices Plummet, Sales Tank
What’s happening and why is it happening now?

Several things came together pretty much simultaneously to turn houses from must-have-at-any-price necessities into completely optional and maybe not even desirable:


CNN Caught Planting an Anti-Trump Socialist Posing as Trump Supporter?

Steyer Slams Democratic Establishment: They Aren't Doing 'A Single Constructive Thing' for Progressives

Democratic megadonor and billionaire Tom Steyer on Thursday said the Democratic establishment in Washington, D.C. isn't doing "a single constructive thing" for the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

Steyer spoke at the liberal Netroots Nation conference in New Orleans, where he slammed the establishment Democrats in Congress for not being aggressive enough against President Donald Trump's agenda.

"How many people in this room think that the Democratic establishment in Washington is listening to you and doing what you want," Steyer said. "Seriously, I'm asking. Raise your hand if you feel heard– the leaders you elected are actually listening to you and doing what you want them to do."

After a long pause, Steyer responded, "Me neither."


Eric Eggers: ‘Democrat Political Machine Built’ on ‘Reliance of Illegal Votes’

In his new book Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election, Government Accountability Institute (GAI) research director Eric Eggers details the Democrat Party’s reliance on illegal voting and their efforts to keep those vulnerabilities intact.

Here, Breitbart News sits down with Eggers to discuss voter fraud, how it goes ignored by the media and politicians, and the Democrats’ push for giving non-citizens the right to vote.

Q: When you were writing the book, did you find this attitude to ignore voter fraud is prevalent?

Eggers: There are constituencies that have built their careers and reputations on the idea that voter fraud doesn’t exist. And so I think that’s why you see lawyers, who have worked on the ground to try to expose it, they find receptiveness on the part of Republicans, not Democrats.

I mean, let’s be honest, the Democrat political machine is built in part on the reliance of illegal votes cast by demographics that vote reliably for Democrats. I actually give Democratic [New Hampshire] Secretary of State Bill Gardner a lot of credit, because he’s one of the few people who as a Democrat has witnessed voter fraud first hand. And he says,’Listen, this is a problem.’ But as I point out, not only did Bill Gardner say that he witnessed voter fraud, but as secretary of state he couldn’t do anything to stop it because of the weaknesses of the voter fraud laws in his state.

Part of the problem is that some of the stuff that we call voter fraud is actually legal.


Maxine Waters is a racist.

Parkland shooting investigator says Cruz could have been stopped

The Florida sheriff leading a state commission on the Parkland high school massacre says there were multiple opportunities to stop Nikolas Cruz during the attack – if only someone had confronted him with a gun.

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri of Pinellas County, citing surveillance footage taken from inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, told a New York Times reporter Thursday that Cruz had to stop firing his AR-15 rifle several times in order to reload.

"If he had somebody in there with a gun, they could have mitigated this," the sheriff was quoted as saying. "There were opportunities for staff to have intervened if they had been armed."


The Real Fascists

Foul-mouthed Antifa demonstrators went on a rampage August 6 as they assaulted two high-profile conservative activists at a downtown Philadelphia restaurant for being conservatives and supporters of President Trump.

The attack came the day after Antifa smashed the windows at a U.S. Marine Corps recruiting office in Berkeley, Calif., during a leftist counter-protest of a “No to Marxism” rally. Twenty people were arrested. “Besides the damage to the Marine Corps post, Berkeley police also said ‘an extremist element among a large group’ damaged 21 city vehicles, setting one on fire, and slashed their tires,” Fox News reported.

The incident in Pennsylvania’s biggest city also came after the leftist mayor of Portland, Ore., Ted Wheeler (D), allowed anarchy to break out in his city, instead of cracking down on Antifa troublemaking. For 38 days Wheeler, who is also police commissioner, allowed hundreds of his Antifa allies to unlawfully occupy public property at an Occupy ICE protest site that eventually became a biohazard. “I do not want the @PortlandPolice to be engaged or sucked into a conflict, particularly from a federal agency that I believe is on the wrong track,” he tweeted. “If [ICE is] looking for a bailout from this mayor, they are looking in the wrong place.”

The attack in Philadelphia and other recent violent actions by Antifa are yet another reminder that the totalitarianism-loving domestic terrorists of Antifa, who call themselves anti-fascist activists, are the real fascists in today’s America because, among other things, they use violent tactics pioneered by the real-live fascist storm-troopers of Weimar Germany, the Sturmabteilung (SA).

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BREAKING NEWS: WBOC's Website Has Been Shut Down Again

No, SBYNews had NOTHING to do with their website being completely wiped off the Internet. I'm telling you, it's the Russians, said Hillary Clinton. 

MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN TRUMP 2020 Flags Galore In Ocean City Maryland Last Night

As the White Marlin Tournament came to a close last night it was a sight to see, hundreds of Trump 2020 Make America Great Again flags everywhere the eyes could see. 

Dem revolt against Pelosi grows, amid fears her shadow could cast pall over midterm hopes

Democratic congressional candidates are revolting against Nancy Pelosi in even bigger numbers, amid fears that her grip on power could hurt the party's chances in the midterms and hold back its next generation of leaders.

The list of candidates refusing to support the California Democrat for speaker -- or refusing to state their position -- has steadily grown, though estimates vary.

The Washington Post counts at least 27 Democratic House candidates who won't commit support.

Another count published by NBC News says over 50 Democratic candidates and incumbents would not support Pelosi for speaker —should the party take back the 23-seat majority from Republicans.

Rashida Tlaib, who just won a House Democratic primary in Michigan, was the latest to come out against Pelosi for speaker.


Police Officer Gets Surprise From Son During His Final Radio Call

2020: Oddsmakers Favoring Kamala Harris to Win Dem Presidential Nomination

Top oddsmakers have Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as the early favorite to win the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

According to a Wednesday evening report in the San Francisco Chronicle, on Oddshark, “Harris has surged into a tie with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for the best Democratic odds to win the 2020 presidential election.” The report also notes that Oddschecker, which compares betting odds across various sites and sportsbooks, gives Harris “9/2 odds to win the Democratic nomination, followed by Joe Biden with 11/2 odds.”

President Donald Trump, though, is still the favorite to win reelection, with Oddshark reportedly giving him +140 to win in 2020 while Oddschecker gives Trump 11/8 odds.


Father Of New Mexico Islamist Compound Leader Is Linda Sarsour's 'Mentor'

Siraj Ibn Wahhaj Jr., 40, of Clayton County, Georgia, was arrested along with his two sisters and two other adults last Friday in New Mexico on charges of felony child abuse for holding 11 starving children in an underground trailer hidden from view in a compound described as "overflowing" with weapons and ammunition.

But there is more to this story that is not appearing in the nightly news accounts we've all been following.

Nobody is talking about Wahhaj's well-connected father, Siraj Wahhaj Sr., a radical Brooklyn imam who is the spiritual adviser to Democratic Socialist and Bernie Sanders supporter Linda Sarsour.

The elder Wahhaj also has ties to the two most prominent U.S. Muslim organizations -- the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, and the Islamic Society of North America, or ISNA -- and he was an un-indicted co-conspirator in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

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As Anti-'Open Borders' Populism Spreads, Merkel & Macron's Poll Numbers Plunge

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron are now faced with their worst public approval ratings, hitting record lows, as conservatism and populism spreads across the European Union.

According to a YouGov poll released last Friday, Macron’s approval rating dropped by five points to 27% against 62% disapproval.

Notably, at this time last year, Macron’s approval rating was at 50%. The sharp drop in support comes after one of Macron’s bodyguards was filmed savagely beating a protester.

Macron’s former bodyguard, Alexandre Benalla, hit and stomped a young man whilst wearing a police visor on May 1st. Benalla, who was not a policeman, had been given permission to “observe police operations” on his day off.

Many accused the incident of being covered up when it was not reported to police and that Benalla’s punishment – two weeks suspension without pay and being transferred to an administrative job – wasn’t enough.

Although the Benalla scandal certainly didn’t help Macron, his low approval numbers come after many conservative victories. In the last year, elections in Hungary, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Austria saw populist movements spring up with citizens voting for strong borders, to protect their heritage, and to reject globalism.

With Macron’s turbulent poll numbers, Germany’s Merkel is also experiencing less-than-stellar performance reviews after public support for her coalition government fell to 29%.

Merkel’s approval rating has fallen since she opened Germany’s borders to more than one million refugees and migrants during the peak of the immigration crisis. Her coalition government’s 29% rating is also the first time in history the alliance has ever dropped below 30%.

As detailed by Breitbart, Merkel barely won a fourth term in September 2017 – with the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) gaining ground.

The AfD also hit a new high of 17% support – and polls even showed that 74% of citizens were unhappy with the current German government.


DNC Considers Repealing Fossil Fuel Donation Ban After Only Two Months

The Hypocratic National Committee will hold a vote to repeal a ban on fossil fuel money only two months after it was first enacted.

In June, the DNC executive committee approved a resolution banning contributions from political action committees (PACs) that represent fossil fuel companies. Forwarded by Christine Pelosi, the daughter of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), was an expansion of an earlier, broader resolution that banned contributions from companies opposed to the DNC mission.

"Fossil fuel corporations are drowning our democracy in a tidal wave of dark oily money; they have deceived the public about the impacts of climate change, fought the growth of clean renewable energy, and corrupted our political system," the resolution read.

But HuffPost reported Friday that the DNC was already considering lifting the ban, with a vote scheduled Friday afternoon.


Donald Trump: American Prisoners Seeking Redemption Need Jobs to Reform

President Donald Trump met with a group of state governors and federal officials Thursday to discuss prison reform.

“Our first duty is to our citizens including those who have taken the wrong path, but are seeking redemption and a new beginning,” Trump said.

Trump said that thanks to low unemployment around the country, more prisoners had a chance to learn skills and train for jobs while serving their sentences.


Voter ID Law Had No ‘Suppression’ Impact on Black Americans in Recent Alabama Election

Alabama’s voter ID laws had no suppression impact on black American turnout in the state’s most recent Senate election.

Despite constant accusations from organizations funded by billionaire George Soros and Democrats that laws mandating voters show ID ahead of casting a ballot suppress minority turnout, the most recent case in Alabama seemingly debunks this theory.

In the Alabama Senate runoff election in late 2017 — where Roy Moore and Doug Jones fought to take Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ former seat — black Americans turned out in droves to push Jones over the edge to win the election, even as the state had implemented a new voter ID law.

The New York Times admitted in a report that the high black American voter turnout in Alabama “complicates” the claim by leftist advocacy groups and Democrats that voter ID laws keep black Americans from getting out to vote.

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Rosenfeld's Jewish Deli will be going inside of the SALISBURY, MD Airport

HELLO SALISBURY !!! Well, although the final contracts are not yet signed, the word is out that it looks like a new Rosenfeld's Jewish Deli will be going inside of the SALISBURY, MD airport. Once finalized, we'll be the only eatery at the airport, and we'll be located inside the terminal, in between the TSA checkpoint and the arriving passengers/baggage area. We hope to be open in early October. The space is already built out, and most equipment installed. The plan is to have beer and wine once we get licensing to do so. Non-passengers will of course be able to dine-in with us also, and will also be able to order carryout, either by call-in or in person. We look forward to serving the airport's 250 employees, all travelers, and others who come to eat with "Rosenfeld's At The Airport". Please share this so that others will know. Up, Up and Away !!!

Former Congressional Candidate Charged With Murder Of Campaign Employee

A former Georgia congressional candidate was arrested for the murder of her campaign treasurer on Wednesday.

Kellie Lynn Collins surrendered to the McDuffie County police the day before. She was charged with murder as well as grand larceny, according to the Augusta Chronicle.

The autopsy revealed that Curt Cain, 41, bled out as the result of a gunshot wound. The Aiken County Coroner’s office believes that he died last Saturday. Collins and Cain allegedly lived together, and his body was found in their apartment.

Cain’s blue Subaru was missing from the scene, and that’s why Collins faces the additional charge of grand larceny. She was located by the police out of state.


YouTube Is Adding ‘Fact Checks’ to Videos that Question ‘Climate Change’

And so it begins: YouTube is now adding “fact checks” to videos which question the man-made global warming scare narrative.

According to Buzzfeed News:

YouTube is now adding fact checks to videos that question climate change, BuzzFeed News has confirmed, as a part of its ongoing effort to combat the rampant misinformation and conspiratorial fodder on its platform.

On July 9, the company added a blurb of text underneath some videos about climate change, which provided a scientifically accurate explainer. The text comes from the Wikipedia entry for global warming and states that “multiple lines of scientific evidence show that the climate system is warming.”

The real issue here, of course, is that, like Big Tech’s near-blanket banning of Alex Jones, it’s the thin end of the wedge.

We know that, given half the chance, Big Tech would like to go much, much further in its censorship of viewpoints which run counter to the prevailing Silicon Valley ‘progressive’ narrative.


SIX WARNINGS to US Navy in South China Sea ‘This is China...LEAVE IMMEDIATELY’

The US Navy P-8A Poseidon jet was flying at 16,500 feet to get a view of low-lying coral reefs that have been turned into garrisons with five-storey buildings, large radar installations, power plants and runways sturdy enough to carry large military aircraft.

During the flight that was giving journalists from CNN a rare look at the islands, the crew was warned six times by the Chinese military to get out of their territory.

A voice said: “US military aircraft, this is China ... leave immediately and keep out to avoid any misunderstanding.”

Each time the aircraft was challenged by the Chinese military, the US Navy crew's response was the same...

More here

BIKE WEEK 2018 At Trader Lee's

Coming your way this BIKE WEEK! Just to name a few TRADER LEES LIVE! 9935 Stephen Decatur Hwy. Ocean City, MD 21842 September 12th thru the 16th, we have you covered!!!

Delingpole: Don't Blame Trump for the California Wildfires

All the usual leftist suspects – CNN, WaPo, Sen. Kamala Harris, Governor Moonbeam – are trying to blame “climate change” and even Donald Trump for the wildfires ravaging California.

But guess who is really to blame…

That’s right: the usual leftist suspects.

Specifically the culprits are all those environmental campaigners, eco lobbyists, green NGOs, lawyers and politicians responsible turning California and the Pacific Northwest into a gigantic fire hazard.
Forests need management to stay healthy: they need thinning to promote strong, disease-free growth; they need accumulated dry brush to be cleared to avoid the risk of wildfires; they need firebreaks to stop fires getting out of control; they need managed burns in order to stave off the savage incendiary fury of the kind of wildfires that burn so hot they turn the entire area into a barren wasteland.


Glen Ave Yesterday Around 4:00 PM

Scientist Blasts Media "Misinformation" Linking Wildfires To Global Warming

With wildfires engulfing over 620,000 acres of California, there’s been a concerted media campaign to single out man-made global warming as the primary force behind the deadly blazes.

But that’s not what the data suggests, according to University of Washington climate scientist Cliff Mass.

“So there is a lot misinformation going around in the media, some environmental advocacy groups, and some politicians,” Mass wrote in the first of a series of blog posts analyzing the California wildfires.

“The story can’t be simply that warming is increasing the numbers of wildfires in California because the number of fires is declining. And area burned has not been increasing either,” Mass wrote.

Firefighters are struggling to put out the largest fire in recent decades, the Mendocino Complex fire, that’s consumed over 300,000 acres in northern California. Environmentalists and some scientists have pushed a media narrative that blazes across the state to global warming.


Obama Ignores Genocide In South Africa

Once upon a time there were two politicians.

One had the power to give media and political elites goosebumps. Still does.

The other causes the same dogs to raise their hackles.

The first is Barack Hussein Obama; the second Vladimir Putin.

The same gilded elites who choose our villains and victims for us have decided that the Russian is the worst person in the world. BHO, the media consider one of the greatest men in the world.

Obama leveled Libya and lynched its leader. Our overlords were unconcerned. They knew with certainty that Obama was destroying lives irreparably out of the goodness of his heart.

Same thing when Obama became the uncrowned king of the killer drone, murdering Pakistani, Afghani, Libyan and Yemeni civilians in their thousands. That, too, his acolytes generally justified, minimized or concealed.

In June of 2008, Obama marked his election as “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on Earth.” Media did not mock their leader’s delusions of grandeur.

All the estrogen-oozing amoebas of mainstream media would do in response to the Obama charm offensive was to turn to one another and check, “Was it good for you? Did he make the earth move and the oceans recede for you, too?”

Recently, Obama romped on to the Third World stage “bigly.”

He delivered an address in this writer’s birthplace of Johannesburg, South Africa. The occasion: the centennial commemoration of Nelson Mandela’s birth.


Worcester County Sobriety Checkpoint Date : 8/17/18

On Friday, August 17, 2018, the Maryland State Police in conjunction with allied law enforcement agencies in Worcester County will be conducting a sobriety checkpoint.

The goal is to locate impaired drivers and to promote public awareness of the dangers of impaired driving.

Law enforcement officers in Worcester County encourage you to consider using a designated driver or transportation service if you choose to drink.



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the County Council of Wicomico County, Maryland, will hold a special Legislative Session on Monday, August 13, 2018 at 10:00 a.m., in the Government Office Building, Room 301, Salisbury, Maryland, to consider Resolution No. 82-2018 on a proposed amendment to Section 413 of the Wicomico County Charter. The public is invited to attend.

Julie Brewington Up To Her Old Tricks Again, OR NOT!

It seems Julie Brewington is back to her old tricks again by placing her campaign signs in front of the candidates she so chooses, without permission. The top image is proof she does so and the second image will be a lesson to her as it was immediately removed and will continue to be removed wherever she tries to pull a fast one. Julie believes the public will believe that County Executive Bob Culver endorses her for Council and the public just won't stand for it. 

It's a shame this woman just can't do a thing without using others or even ACCUSING people, (lying) to get what she wants. You might call it a Hiccup!

Fitbits and fitness-tracking devices banned for deployed troops

Deployed service members will no longer be allowed to use fitness tracking apps or other wearable technology that relies on geolocation, according to a new Pentagon policy announced Monday.

The devices, which service members use to track the distance and time they have exercised, canexpose locations of bases and important facilities based on where the geo-tracking stops. In January the data firm Strava released a heat map based on user data which revealed the locations and pathways of military installations around the globe, prompting a Defense Department review.

The new policy announced Monday is the latest effort to reduce risks to operational security based on personal electronic devices. Earlier this year, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis ordered additional security measures to keep cellphones and other electronic devices from sensitive areas within the Pentagon.

“The rapidly evolving market of devices, applications, and services with geolocation capabilities presents a significant risk to the Department of Defense personnel on and off duty, and to our military operations globally,” the Pentagon said in a statement accompanying the new smart device policy.

The new policy on Fitbits and other wearable technology does not require a total ban and only affects service members at operational bases or locations. Personnel working at the Pentagon will still be allowed to use the devices.


Rudy Giuliani: Robert Mueller is Now Implicated in Collusion and Soft Coup Attempt

According to Giuliani this information/evidence will surface over the next year to year-and-a-half, and will lead to a fundamental change in the institutions of the Department of Justice and FBI.

Interesting. As previously said: the biggest takeaway from the documents today, showing the 2017 communication between Christopher Steele and Bruce Ohr, is the fact that Steele viewed Robert Mueller as part of the soft coup team.

In this interview Rudy Giuliani goes further than ever before in calling out the nature of the DOJ/FBI investigation; and specifically outlining the Robert Mueller team as part of the larger conspiracy group to take-down President Donald Trump.

According to Giuliani this information/evidence will surface over the next year to year-and-a-half, and will lead to a fundamental change in the institutions of the Department of Justice and FBI.


Nearly 100,000 Renters Will Be Affected Under this New Law!

Action at Rent Court Informs Renters About Their Rights Under New City Law 

Urge all to ask their landlords: #WhenisMyinspection?

New Inspection guidelines for rental units will affect nearly 100,000 renters

Baltimore, MD Baltimore renters and community organizations came together on Thursday morning at Baltimore City Rent Court to inform tenants of their rights under Baltimore’s new rental licensure and inspection criteria and to urge them to ask their landlord, “When is my inspection?”

Communities United is a leading partner in the Renters United coalition and has organized tenants to support of the new law requiring that all of Baltimore’s rental dwellings be inspected and licenced, having added 1-2 unit dwellings to city code that previously only covered buildings with three or more units. The new city ordinance took effect on August 1 and requires that all rental dwellings be inspected so that they can be licenced by January 1, 2019.

The group gathered at Rent Court passed out flyers that read “When’s your inspection?” and detailed what’s on the checklist on the city’s Rental Licensing Inspection Form. Potential code violations on the list includes chipping (lead-ridden) paint, signs of rodents and other pests, insufficient heat, and water leaks or standing water

“Most renters do not know that an inspection of all rental dwellings is now required,” said Zafar Shah of the Public Justice Center, “or what housing code standards must be met.”

“Under the new law, renters have a right for their home to be inspected and to hold their landlord accountable,” said Pernetha Taylor, a member of Communities United. “Had this been the law a few years, I could have pushed for inspection and repairs from my landlord and avoided the health problems I had due to mold, along with huge medical bills.”

The 2015 report survey of Rent Court defendants found that most are black women, living on $2,000 or less per month, without public housing assistance. To lower their housing costs, they have to resort to living in poorly maintained units. Shockingly, nearly 80 percent of surveyed renters were living amidst serious housing code violations at the time they appeared at Rent Court. Over 70 percent of that group reported that they had notified the landlord about those defects.

“We are excited to see the new law take effect,” said Molly Amster, Baltimore Director of Jews United for Justice, an active member of the Renters United coalition. “Educating renters about the law’s requirements is essential to successful implementation which holds landlords accountable to providing habitable conditions in their properties,” Amster added.

Hospitals Considering Lighter Work Weeks, Other Options To Combat High Doctor Suicide Rates

Physician health advocates are lobbying for lighter work weeks and other options to combat the high U.S. physician suicide rate, which is approximately double the general population’s.

“The fact that physicians are surrounded by helpers in the health system, yet fail to access help when needed, suggests a tremendous culture of silence within the profession with regards to physicians who are struggling with mental illness, substance abuse and issues related to stress and burnout,” Dr. Chris Bundy of the Washington Physicians Health Program told The Daily Caller News Foundation via telephone.

The physician suicide rate is 28 to 40 per 100,000 individuals per year compared to approximately 12 per 100,000 individuals per year in the general population, according to data presented at the American Psychiatric Association’s 2018 annual meeting. Approximately 300 to 400 doctors die by suicide each year, according to Medscape.

More than half of U.S. physicians have symptoms of burnout, which “manifests as emotional exhaustion, loss of meaning in work, and feelings of ineffectiveness,” according to a 2014 Mayo Clinic survey. Burnout can harm physicians’ mental health and even make them feel like taking their own lives is the answer.


Meeting Materials Revised - 8-13-18 Council Meeting - Agenda & Packet pgs 2-3, 197

Attached is the Revised Agenda Packet for Monday’s Council Meeting; it is posted on the website at the link below.

Ordinance No. 2500 (pg 2 of the Agenda) and the revised notation (bottom of page 3 of the Agenda) are highlighted in green.

There is a secondary-bookmark attached to the Ordinance No. 2500 Bookmark in the file; it takes you directly to page 197-numbers are in correct columns.

Caption This Photo 8-11-18

Voter Suppression?

Subject: Breaking News: An airline employee flew a plane out of Seattle-Tacoma without authorization, the airport said. The plane crashed with no passengers on board.

An airline employee took off in a plane at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Friday night in an episode that ended with the plane crashing about 30 miles from the airport, the authorities said.

“An airline employee conducted an unauthorized takeoff without passengers at Sea-Tac,” the airport said in a tweet. “Aircraft has crashed in south Puget Sound. Normal operations at Sea-Tac Airport have resumed.”

Meanwhile In Cambridge Maryland...

It's All About How You Raise Them!

Proof A Woman Can In Fact Do A Man's Job