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Friday, September 09, 2011

Accident In Salisbury

Joe,   Pedestrian hit in Salisbury tonight. S. Salisbury.

U.S. Mint Officer Admits He Stole And Sold $2.4 Million In Coins

Money isn't necessarily safe in the hands of those who mint it. A U.S. Mint employee pleaded guilty to theft of government property and tax evasion, admitting he swiped $2.4 million in coins with errors and sold them to a California coin distributor. The $1 presidential coins he admitted to stealing were missing lettering, and the convict knew he could get a premium for them because the errors gave them more value in the coin collecting market.

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Copper Thieves Disable 40 Blocks Of Street Lights, Leading To Near-Fatal Car Crash

Miami police are placing partial blame for a car crash that threw a woman through a windshield on a recent spree of people stealing copper from street lights. In the neighborhood, there are 40 straight blocks where all the street lights are dark because of copper thieves.

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Cocaine Stuffed Clams Allegedly Found Inside Man's Luggage At Dulles International Airport

DULLES, Va. - An El Salvadoran man was arrested Saturday at Washington Dulles International Airport after U.S. Customs officers allegedly found clams stuffed with cocaine packed inside his luggage.

26-year-old David Pocasangre Vaquiz was arrested shortly after 2:00 a.m. when authorities say they found a black plastic bag containing approximately 80 clams inside his bags.

When they opened one clam to inspect it, they found a plastic baggie full of cocaine inside.


Ron Paul Neutralizes Ambush Interview

The Solar-Gate Scandal and the Connection to President Obama's Speech

For those of you that haven't been following the Solyndra scandal, here's a quick summary via Daily Caller:

A solar energy company that intends to file for bankruptcy received $535 million in backing from the federal government and has a cozy history with Democrats and the Obama administration, campaign finance records show.

Shareholders and executives of Solyndra, a green energy company producing solar panels, fundraised for and donated to the Obama administration to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
And this:
Not only does the now-bankrupt solar energy firm Solyndra have a cozy financial relationship with the Obama administration, company representatives also made numerous visits to the White House to meet with administration officials, The Daily Caller has learned.

According to White House visitor logs, between March 12, 2009, and April 14, 2011, Solyndra officials and investors made no fewer than 20 trips to the West Wing. In the week before the administration awarded Solyndra with the first-ever alternative energy loan guarantee on March 20, four separate visits were logged.

George Kaiser, who has in the past been labeled a major Solyndra investor as well as a Obama donor, made three visits to the White House on March 12, 2009, and one on March 13. Kaiser has denied any direct involvement in the Solyndra deal and through a statement from his foundation said he “did not participate in any discussions with the U.S. government regarding the loan.”


Women Are Better

Grab Your 'Murse,' Pack a 'Mankini' And Don't Forget the 'Mewelry' ... The fashion industry has its knickers in a twist over "manties." A contraction of "man" and "panties," the wordplay is meant to describe certain undergarments for males. It's part of a special lexicon that has emerged, over the past decade, as a sort of shorthand for men's fashion. Men can also wear "mandals" (male sandals), "murses" (purses), "mantyhose" (pantyhose) and "mankinis" (swimsuit variants) – though not necessarily all at the same time. At first, the neologisms were a kind of secret language among the fashion industry, etymologists say. Yet they're going mainstream ... Some fashion types complain that it's emasculating. "Manties is pretty high on the repellent meter," says Glenn O'Brien, author of "How To Be A Man" and a style advice columnist at GQ magazine. – Wall Street Journal

The Sky Is Falling

Prince Charles warns of 'sixth extinction event.' Mankind faces extinction, the Prince of Wales has warned, unless humans transform our lifestyles to stop mass consumption, run away climate change and destruction of wildlife. The Prince said if the world carries on 'business as usual' then the human race itself could be wiped out. – Reuters

Is Solyndra the End of Obama?

FBI Raids 'Connected' Energy Firm Solyndra ... The FBI has confirmed to ABC News that federal agents are conducting a search this morning at the offices of Solyndra, the now-bankrupt California solar power company that received $535 million in federal loans under a green energy program touted by President Obama. The raid is part of a joint operation between the FBI and the Department of Energy's Office of Inspector General, Public Affairs Specialist Peter D. Lee said Thursday morning. Lee said he could not disclose the reason for the raid because the matter is under seal. ... Federal auditors had flagged the loan, saying some applicants had benefitted from special treatment. One of the lead private investors in Solyndra was an Oklahoma billionaire who served as an Obama "bundler," raising money during the 2008 presidential campaign. – ABC News

Sgt. Schultz Says

Say nothing… nothing!

To cops, ever.

Anything you say can and will be held against you. Remember that?

You ought to.

Even if you haven’t been formally arrested (merely “detained,” as in the case of a traffic stop) it does you no good and very possibly much harm to give any information to the cop beyond the simple minimums of name and perhaps address, as required by law. Nothing more, because anything more will simply give the cop information – information he can and will use against you, both at curbside and later on, in court.
This is his job. Do not forget it.

He is not there to “help” you. He is not a good Samaritan. You are not having a chat with a friend. You have been detained because the cop believes you have violated some statute or other – and he is investigating you. He is trained to elicit confessions of guilt, which can and will be used against you. Depend upon it.


Gannett Corporation - (The Daily Times Parent Co.) - is Within a Dime of Setting Yet Another All Time Record Low

Today - Gannett Corporation - (The Daily Times parent company) - GCI trading symbol - came within a dime of setting yet another all time record low. All of the MSM publications have come under enormous pressure from the emergence of electronic media rivals. Today the stock sank to $9.55 per share.

Click here to see details:

Visit The Red Roost This Saturday

Take a scenic drive to join us at The Red Roost
Saturday, Sept 10 from 12 noon to 5 pm. Registration is $10 and includes live music, gift from the restaurant and discounts. Best in Show and People's Choice awards. Last registration accepted at 1 pm.

How I'll Remember 9-11 This Year

It’s been a decade since the attacks of 9-11. Since that time, the cost of the American government has more than doubled while American economic output has drastically slowed. Communication and public speech has suffered under the weight of the Patriot Act, and today, most Americans understand that their government tracks them and spies upon them. Travel across this beautiful land has been made more expensive, as fuel and food costs have skyrocketed. The new and wholly un-American Department of Homeland Security has settled in for the long war, apparently against the American people and American traditions of liberty.

A recent Frontline television program outlined the research effort by two reporters at the Washington Post in describing a "Top Secret" America. The real federal jobs program in the last decade has been in surveillance, monitoring, and intelligence-development – of Americans on American soil.

In the decade after 9-11, Washington, D.C. launched repeated land wars, government takeovers, and nation-building, first in Afghanistan, then in Iraq, and later in Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and now Libya. None of these wars, all sold as "wars against terrorism" were granted any public congressional debate, and none entailed a Congressional declaration of war.


3 Face Hazing Charges After Marine Commits Suicide

A military court hearing for three Marines accused of hazing a fellow Marine who later committed suicide in Afghanistan focused Thursday on whether the accused intended to harm the deceased or discipline him so he would stop falling asleep while on watch duty.

The Marines are charged with "wrongfully humiliating and demeaning" 21-year-old Lance Cpl. Harry Lew, of Santa Clara, Calif., who shot himself with a machine gun April 3 in the Helmand province of Afghanistan.


The Word 'Doofuses' May Cost Ex-Yahoo CEO Bartz $10 Million

Former Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz's less-than-flattering remarks about her fellow board members may have just cost her $10 million.

In her first interview since being fired from the Internet giant, published Thursday, Bartz told Fortune Magazine, "These people f*ck*d me over," before referring to the other Yahoo board members as "doofuses."

But Bartz, who became the company's CEO in January 2009 and was axed by Yahoo Tuesday, may have made a costly mistake by venting her frustrations in the media.


Prosecutor: Estranged Husband Confessed to Killing Missing Missouri Mother

The estranged husband of a missing Missouri mother of triplets has confessed to killing her, a prosecutor reportedly said Thursday.

The prosecutor said James "Clay" Waller allegedly told his father that he killed Jacque Sue Waller, 39, according to the Southeast Missourian.

Jacque, a mother of 5-year-old triplets, was first reported missing shortly after apparently visiting her husband at his home June 1 in Jackson, Mo.


November Trial In 2004 Slayings Of 3 Children

BALTIMORE (AP) - A November date has been set for the third trial for two illegal immigrants from Mexico accused in the 2004 deaths of three young relatives.

Twenty-nine-year-old Policarpio Espinoza Perez and 24-year-old Adan Espinoza Canela entered not guilty pleas on Thursday in Baltimore Circuit Court. The trial is scheduled for Nov. 10.


Man's Best Friend On His Worst Day

The story of 9/11's search and rescue dogs

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - It's in a dog's eyes.

Pain, love, devotion; a lifetime expressed in a weathered look.

But at nearly 12 years old, Red's gray beard and hind legs are more telling, she doesn't get around as easily as she once did.

Calling it a career in June, the search and rescue lab is now retired; a life's work that literally started where a record amount of American's lives violently ended.

"I think basically my first pile where I just found remains in two extremes of conditions, from someone who was clearly part of the explosion to somebody that had been through the fire. And that kind of set the tone for what we were looking for."


Medicare Fraud Sting Hauls In 91 Suspects

Medicare has enough sustainability problems when used by the book, so the government-subsidized healthcare plan is in no position to absorb massive fraud. In an effort to rein in misuse of the program, federal agents led a 400-plus agency national sting operation that yielded 91 arrests of alleged fraudsters.

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Here's What A Secret Shopper Scam Looks Like

Reader Brian got a surprise $1,530 check in the mail and an invitation to become a secret shopper. The letter told him that he had been selected to become a "mystery shopper" and report on how local stores were doing. He would buy selected items from them and report on the process, and get to keep what he bought. Sounds great, who couldn't use some extra cash, right? It all sounds so enticing because, as Brian was able to detect, it was the bait to lure him into an advance fee fraud scam.

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Parents Of Dead Infant Son Sue Doctor

TALBOT COUNTY, Md. - Kelly and Dominic Ulrich, the surviving parents of Trevor Ulrich, filed suit today against David White, M.D., and others, alleging that the negligence of Dr. White in failing to recognize and report the signs of child abuse resulted in the death of their nine month old son.

On August 31, 2009, Trevor Ulrich began receiving child care, babysitting services by Gail Dobson, a licensed day care provider presently serving a 20 year sentence for Trevor's death from child abuse.

When Trevor's grandmother picked up the 9-month-old from his first day of child care when she noticed Trevor was lethargic and had a red mark under his eye. He also began vomiting.


A Letter To The Editor 9-09-11

Good Morning Joe,

I was having a talk with a concerned person this morning and the information he expressed to me raised a concern to me as well. It apparently involves the Worcester County Public Schools. I was told that the left over food from the cafeterias was divided up between the workers so they could take it home. Now I am all for not letting the food go to waste, however I also feel there is a much better way to distribute the food to those in need. Citizens' tax dollars are used to help fund the programs at the schools, so ultimately, it is the
citizens' money. Wouldn't that food be better used to help the disadvantaged people who are not privy to a warm meal? There are many homeless shelters, tent cities, food pantries and senior organizations who would gladly distribute it to those in true need. The school EMPLOYEES are fortunate to have a job, get paid by the school system with our tax dollars and have a roof over their heads. Is it right that they should be also taking home the leftovers? I was also asked if this was normal practice in Wicomico County schools. I honestly do not know their practices, however it begs to be looked into. I felt as though you were the best source of this information and could uncover the info we need to know.
Keep up the great work you do for the community!

A Concerned Citizen

Military Branches License Branded Cologne, Hot Sauce

The military has marched into the retail sector armed with an arsenal of unorthodox products, ranging from cologne and walking canes to hot sauce. If you'd like to smell like a Marine, you can purchase a $45 bottle of Devil Dog cologne. You can also spice up your food with some drops from a $7 bottle of U.S. Marine Corps Hot Sauce, which its bottle declares "Will Make You Stand At Attention."

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Tensions High In Clementi's Rutgers Dorm Room


TRENTON, N.J. - "What if I catch him with a dude?" Dharun Ravi wondered in jocular web chat about his new, gay freshman-year roommate at Rutgers University. He pondered a computer program to alert him if Tyler Clementi tried to rape him at night.

In his own musings in those first days of dorm life a year ago, Clementi wrote, "I got an azn," or Asian, for a roommate. His family is "soo Indian/first gen Americanish," he wrote.

Those snippets of court documents released in recent weeks paint a picture of a relationship that started out tense even before the two met, before Clementi committed suicide and before they became characters in a drama that would stir reaction from celebrities, lawmakers and even the White House.


22 Million Americans Use Illegal Drugs

More than 22 million Americans age 12 and older - nearly 9% of the U.S. population - use illegal drugs, according to the government’s 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

The overall rate of drug use is only slightly higher than the 2009 study but nearly a percentage point above the 2008 survey.

“I am encouraged there were no significant increases in drug use over the past year,” Gil Kerlikowske, the U.S. director of national drug control policy, said in a statement. “However, today’s survey also shows that drug use in America remains at unacceptable levels.”


Is The Securities And Exchange Commission Illegally Shredding Documents?

The Securities and Exchange Commission has suspended the destruction of documents after a whistleblower said the agency was illegally shredding paper related to thousands of investigations. A spokesman told Federal News Radio the agency is reviewing its records retention policies with the National Archives and Records Administration. The whistleblower, an SEC lawyer, said documents from high profile cases, such as the Bernard Madoff investigation were among those turned into confetti.

Terror Threat, Really?

A credible but unconfirmed terror threat against New York and Washington, D.C., is ramping up already heightened security across the nation's capitol. Counterterrorism officials have warned against a possible car bomb attack as the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches. Homeland Security said they're investigating a detailed al-Qaida plot aimed at blowing up bridges or tunnels in New York or Washington. Unattended cars parked near critical infrastructure will be towed, officials in both cities said.

BREAKING NEWS: Dow Closes Down By More Than 300

Dow falls more than 300 points over fears of European debt crisis.


“I do think there were cover-ups, and I think it was mainly to cover up who was blamed, who’s inept. See, they had the information. The FBI had an agent who was very much aware of the terrorists getting flight lessons but obviously not training to be pilots. He reported it 70 times or whatever and it was totally ignored. We were spending $40 billion a year on intelligence. It wasn’t a lack of money or a lack of intelligence, it was a lack of the ability to put the intelligence together. Even the administration had been forewarned that something was coming, the CIA had been forewarned. So it was a cover up of who to blame. I see it more that way.

Well, I think the more we know about what we went on is good. But I don’t think there’s any evidence of [an inside job] and I don’t believe that. The blame goes to bad policy. And a lot of times bad policy is well-motivated. The people who believe in a one world government are well motivated, but they disagree with me.”

Ron Paul on 9/11

The Are NO Updates On Missing Teacher Alice Davis

At this time there are no updates on Missing Parkside Teacher Alice Davis.


Roads, Bridges Closed In Seaford Area

No bridges or roads appear to have significant damage

-- Officials from the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) report that after an overnight deluge of rain, numerous roads and bridges are closed throughout the Seaford area this morning. Motorists are warned not to attempt to drive through flood waters, because currents can be faster, and depths can be deeper than they appear from the surface.

There are two sections of road in the Seaford that appear to be damaged. Those roads are Route 20, at Road 556, and Ellis Mill Road. Both of those roads have sections that appear to be washed out.

No bridges appear to be washed out or have significant damages, according to preliminary visual inspections. However, inspectors will be out all day today, inspecting roads and bridges.

Senior DelDOT officials are touring the areas this morning to assess damage and coordinate necessary repairs.

"Our crews have been out all night setting up barricades and inspecting the roads and bridges throughout the Seaford and Bridgeville areas," said DelDOT Secretary Shailen Bhatt. "Our goal was to have barricades set up before people began leaving for work, making everyone's morning commute as safe as possible."

Travelers heading out of state today should be aware that there are many roads and bridges closed throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

For real-time travel advisories go to:
Residents can also follow DelDOT at

Below is a list of closed roads and bridges in Delaware that are closed:

Sussex Co.

Seaford Area
Roads Closed
Route 20, Stein Highway is closed between Shuffelt Rd and Seaford Town limits, due to high water
Ellis Mill Rd. between Woodland Ferry Rd. and Lonesome Rd.
Old Carriage Rd. between Stein Hwy. and Woodpecker Rd.
Boyce Rd. between Owls Nest Rd. and Chapel Branch Rd.
Woodpecker Rd. at Intersection of S542

Bridge Closures
Woodland Road
Craig's Mill Road
Stein Highway
Boyce Road

Milford Area
Meadow Brook Lane, near Evergreen Dr.

Laurel Area:
Road Closures:
Rd 481 between Rt 20 & Rt. 13
Rd 491 between Rd 78 & Rd. 493
Rd 506 between Rt 24 & Forest Knoll Development

High water:
Old Sharptown Road Bridge (high water)
Rd 500 between Rd 493 & Rd. 498
Rd 494 between Md line & Rd. 498
Rd 487 between Rd 78 & Rd. 490

Bethel Area
Snake Rd, between Woodland Ferry Rd & Main Street.

Kent County
Milford Area
Closed -- Tub Mill Pond Rd off Rt. 1

High Water
Deep Grass Lane, between Thistlewood & Williamsville rd
Deep Grass Lane, between Huntings Quarter Rd & Abbotts Pond Rd
Abbotts Pond Rd., between Williamsville Rd & Griffiths Lake Dr
Williamsville Rd., between Abbotts Pond Rd & Blairs Pond Rd
Carpenter Bridge Rd at Fork Road
Milford Neck Rd between Rt 1 & Pritchett Road.
Killens Pond Rd between Chimney Hill Rd & Scrap Tavern Rd

New Castle County
Old Airport Rd., At Non-Such Creek
Old Rt 7, near Stanton Underpass
Rt 9 (Dobbinsville), In the area of Army Creek

High Water
Smith Bridge Rd at Creek Rd
Ramsey Rd at Thompson Bridge Rd
Ridge Rd at Beaver Dam Rd
Creek Rd between Beaver Dam Rd & Ramsey Rd

The Disease Of Central Banking

Rich nations need to support growth ... The US and rich nations in Europe need to take action to shore up confidence in their economies as their recoveries are set to stagnate or go into reverse, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development says. The Paris-based watchdog for the world's most developed economies slashed its forecast for growth in the US and the eurozone this year due to government belt-tightening and falling consumer and business confidence. The agency's head economist said governments needed to take urgent steps to restore confidence and break the vicious circle in which they are trapped. The combined economies of Germany, France and Italy, the three largest members of the eurozone, will grow by under 1 per cent this year, less than half the OECD's May forecast of 2 per cent growth ... In its update to the twice-yearly economic outlook report, the OECD forecast the US economy will grow at only a 0.4 per cent annualised rate in the fourth quarter, while in Europe, the three largest economies in the eurozone will contract by 0.4 per cent in that period. – AFP


Deleware Woman Surrenders In Dunkin' Donuts Theft Case

LONG NECK, Del. (AP) -- Delaware State Police say a woman sought for taking cash from the Dunkin' Donuts shop where she formerly worked has surrendered to police.

Authorities said in a news release that 35-year-old Linda Hampton of Frankford turned herself in to authorities on Thursday and was charged with two counts of theft over $1,500.


CNN Screws Up In A BIG Way WARNING: Foul Language

Md. Lawmakers Have Mixed Reactions To Obama's Job Speech

GOP concerned over $447 billion cost

After hearing President Barack Obama plead Thursday for speedy passage of his $447 billion jobs package, Maryland lawmakers were divided about whether the plan would reduce the nation's stubbornly high unemployment.

State Democrats expressed near-universal support for the American Jobs Act, which would cut payroll taxes by more than $240 billion, extend unemployment benefits and direct $100 billion to infrastructure improvements. Maryland's two Republicans were more skeptical and raised concerns about the cost.

"It would have a phenomenal impact," predicted Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, a Baltimore Democrat who noted Obama's proposal to help struggling homeowners refinance their mortgages. "These are things that the Republicans have supported in the past."


Chesapack Seafood

Fresh Picked Maryland Crab Meat $20.00 per pound for Jumbo Lump and $13.00 per pound for Lump.

Can deliver to the Salisbury Area, please call 410-690-3410 or 443-397-7964. When it got to be the best, We beat the rest at Chesapack Seafood, locally owned and operated in Crisfield, Md.




9/11 Commission: We Never Got All Of The Facts

Indeed, 9/11 Commissioners and other officials say that the true facts were hidden from them, or covered up (you don't have to get bogged down in reading this section - you can skip ahead to the next, if you like; this is just documenting that the 9/11 Commission report is in no way the last word on 9/11):


Look, I Can See The Buffet In China

This is behind China Town Buffet, it's been like this for over a month. The asphalt is breaking under it and falling in. It used be small That the construction barrel on top of pallet covered the hole. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

MSP Mardela Electrocution Press Release

DATE & TIME: 9/9/2011 @ 0957 hrs. C C. CARD NUMBER: 1154006372
LOCATION: 508 Main St., Mardela Springs, MD 21837
Incident: Industrial Accident
Victim: Charles W. Taylor, 41 yoa, Laurel, DE


On 9/9/2011
Troopers responded to PRMC in regards to an industrial accident. During the investigation it was determined that a male victim, Charles W. Taylor, had been electrocuted while he was working. Taylor had been doing work to the front of the First Baptist Church located at 508 Main St., Mardela Springs, MD 21837. During that time, Taylor’s ladder came to close with the power lines, causing Taylor to be electrocuted. Taylor was rushed to PRMC where he was later pronounced dead due to injuries sustained during the electrocution. Representatives from the Maryland State Police, Wicomico County Bureau of Investigations, and MOSHA responded to investigate the accident.

Britain To Lift Ban On Gay Men Donating Blood

LONDON (AP) - British health officials say they will lift the ban on gay men donating blood _ as long as their last sexual contact with another man was more than one year ago.

The U.K. health department said Thursday the change would be implemented in November after a new review found no evidence to support the ban.


Ben & Jerry's Reveals New Flavor: Schweddy Balls

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) - Ben & Jerry's has Schweddy Balls. Would you like a taste?

Chill out, it's only the name of their new flavor.

Schweddy Balls ice cream is an homage to a 13-year-old "Saturday Night Live" skit featuring Alec Baldwin as bakery owner Pete Schweddy, whose unique holiday offerings included a delicacy called Schweddy balls.


Bank of America Considers Huge Job Cuts

NEW YORK (AP) - Bank of America is considering cutting at least 10 percent of its work force as part of a massive restructuring, according to published reports.

The Wall Street Journal said that officials at the Charlotte, N.C. bank have discussed cutting 40,000 employees, or 14 percent of its 288,000 total staff. Bloomberg put the job cuts at about 10 percent. They each cited people that were not identified by name.

A spokesman for Bank of America wasn't immediately available to comment before business hours on Friday.


Mixed Messages On Gay Marriage: Victory Likely But Not Inevitable

Conflicting -- though supporting -- views of gay marriage legislation were aired at Wednesday evening’s Equality Maryland fundraiser honoring state officials. Same-sex marriage will ultimately prevail in Maryland, said the attorney general. Equality for committed gay couples is “not inevitable” and will require lots of hard work, said the lieutenant governor.

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RedZone Channel, NFL Sunday Ticket Are Free Sunday

In an effort to hook viewers into ponying up for subscriptions, the powers that be have made the NFL RedZone Channel and NFL Sunday Ticket — which grant viewers godlike powers to scope out the action on Sundays — free this weekend. Sunday Ticket is available to DirecTV customers, while RedZone, usually packaged with NFL Network, is accessible via most major cable providers.

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Md. Judges’ Salaries Are Too Low, Compensation Commission Agrees

Agreeing with judges themselves and the Maryland Bar Association, the Judicial Compensation Commission vowed to recommend that the General Assembly give the state’s judges a raise. “We cannot continue to let our judiciary fall behind,” said commission member Annette Funn.

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(Glen Burnie, MD) – Maryland State Police criminal investigators from the Glen Burnie Barrack arrested a 32 year old New Jersey man yesterday on several criminal charges including human trafficking.

Uzodimma Nnamdi Oguh, 32, of the 200 block of Parker Road, in Elizabeth, New Jersey was being held at the Anne Arundel County Detention Center on prior charges. After consultation with the Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney, troopers obtained an arrest warrant and State Police served Oguh with additional charges. Charges include six counts of human trafficking, three counts of prostitution, one count of motor vehicle theft and other related criminal charges. Oguh remains at the Anne Arundel County Detention Center on $250,000 bond.

Shortly before 8:00 a.m. on August 19, 2011, troopers from the Glen Burnie Barrack responded to the scene of a crash on northbound I-295 at I-695 in Anne Arundel County. The crash involved a 2004 Honda Accord and a large passenger motor coach. There were no reported injuries.

The driver of the Honda Accord, bearing a temporary New Jersey registration, was a 21 year old female. She was the sole occupant of the car. Police validated driver and vehicle information while on the scene. Subsequently, the car she was driving was found to be a reported stolen vehicle from New Jersey.

The woman was immediately arrested for motor vehicle theft and transported to the Glen Burnie Barrack for processing. The car was towed to the Glen Burnie Barrack, where it was later searched for evidence.

During the investigation, the woman told police she received the car from her boyfriend, Oguh. She also told police she had been the victim of an assault by Oguh.

Police learned Anne Arundel County Police arrested Oguh earlier the same day for second degree assault. He was being held on $135,000 bond at the Anne Arundel County Detention Center in Glen Burnie.

Further investigation revealed the woman, along with other adult females, had reportedly been working for Oguh as prostitutes in the Baltimore area. Allegedly, Oguh was transporting women to several cities on the East Coast for work.

Police received information leading them to a Baltimore hotel where Oguh was allegedly conducting his operation. After obtaining a search warrant, police were able to gather an abundance of evidence to include clothing, electronic equipment, cameras, photographs, and condoms.

Troopers from the Glen Burnie Barrack Criminal Investigation Section are being assisted by detectives from the Anne Arundel County Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Immigrations Customs Enforcement. The Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney is also assisting with the case as the investigation continues.

Despite Gadget Infestation, Residential Power Use Is Expected To Decline

You'd think the bombardment of HDTVs, cell phones, computers and video game consoles would make residential power usage skyrocket, but all-around power efficiency should cause it to plateau. Government-subsidized home energy savings programs and power-savvy consumers are among the reasons power usage is expect to decline over the next decade.

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Rand Paul Seeks Vote Of No Confidence In Treasury Secretary Geithner

Yesterday, Senator Rand Paul on the floor of the Senate called for a vote of no confidence in Treasury Secretary Geithner.


House Purchased For $1 Now Facing Foreclosure

With so many abandoned and unfinished properties being sold at auction, a number of home buyers have been able to pick up property at a fraction of what the previous homeowners paid. But here's the story of an Illinois homeowner who learned that even the best of deals can sometimes have unhappy endings.

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We hoped for change. We got it. Hat tip to Robmu1 for sending this to me.

Statement From Rep. Andy Harris On President Obama's Jobs Plan: Stimulus II

President Obama’s Jobs Plan: Stimulus II

“Over Labor Day weekend I met with many small business owners on the Ocean City Boardwalk – a common theme I heard from those potential job creators was their desire to get government out of the way so that they could do what they do best: grow their businesses and create American jobs.  President Obama’s newest spending plan is nothing more than a second Stimulus bill.  Just like the first Stimulus passed by the previous Congress, it will not create jobs, but instead delay recovery, increase the debt and grow the size of government.  I believe that common sense ideas like a balanced budget amendment, elimination of job-destroying regulations and making America energy independent will create American jobs and get us out of this recession.”

Salisbury Police Department Press Releases

On September 8, 2011 at approximately 8:20 pm, Officers of the Salisbury Police received a call to respond to the T’s Market convenience store on North Salisbury Boulevard for the possibility of subjects using controlled dangerous substances in the parking lot. Upon arrival the officers located the below listed suspect exiting a vehicle that had been described by the complainant. The officers met with the suspect and received consent to search her person. During the search the officers located two (2) smoking devices, each containing suspected cocaine residue.

ARRESTED: Lisa Gail Parsons, 49 years of age
Salisbury, Maryland
CHARGES: Possession of cocaine
Possession of CDS/Paraphernalia
DISPOSITION: Released to Central Booking
CC # 201100035350

On September 9, 2011 at approximately 12:34 am, Officers of the Salisbury Police received a call to respond to the Monkey Barrel Bar and Grill on South Salisbury Boulevard for the report of a subject refusing to leave. Upon arrival the officers met with employees of the business who advised that the below listed suspect had been asked to leave but had refused. The officers met with the suspect who continued to refuse to comply. The officers attempted to take the suspect into custody but the suspect resisted and became combative, striking the officers. The suspect relocated to the parking lot however continued to refuse to comply with the officers and fought with the officers. After a substantial struggle, the suspect was taken into custody.

ARRESTED: Kevin Lamont Chandler, 34 years of age
Salisbury, Maryland
CHARGES: Second degree assault (2 counts)
Resisting arrest
Disorderly conduct
Failure to obey a lawful order
Obstructing and hindering an investigation

DISPOSITION: Released to Central Booking
CC # 201100035401

On September 8, 2011 at approximately 11:03 pm, Officers of the Salisbury Police received a call to respond to the College Lane Apartments for the report of a domestic assault. Upon arrival the officers met with an adult female victim who advised that she had been assaulted by the below listed suspect, who was known to her. The victim advised that she and the suspect had become involved in a verbal argument which escalated into a physical assault. During the assault the suspect pushed and choked the victim. The suspect left the apartment following the assault.

On September 9, 2011 at approximately 12:45 am, Officers were called to return to the apartment due to the return of the suspect, who was reported to be in possession of a knife and was injuring the victim’s dog. The officers responded and met with the suspect who was taken into custody after a brief struggle. The suspect was not found in possession of a knife, and the victim and dog did not require medical attention.

ARRESTED: Stephen Andrew Barry, 26 years of age
Salisbury, Maryland
CHARGES: First degree assault
Second degree assault (2 counts)
Reckless endangerment
Animal cruelty (3 counts)
Failure to comply with a lawful order
Disorderly conduct
DISPOSITION: Released to Central Booking
CC # 201100035382

Outback Steakhouse Gives 4-Year Old Free Vodka Slushie

Another chain casual dining establishment is in trouble for accidentally serving alcohol to a child. This time the place is Outback Steakhouse and the child is a 4-year old girl. If the event had been memorialized with a scrapbook photo, the caption would read, "Gracie's first peach schnapps and vodka."

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Alex's Mobile Mower...Making It Happen

Welcome to the Eastern Shore of Maryland and southern Delaware. When the Wife insists, GET THE YARD CUT, I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANY OF YOUR EXCUSES ANY MORE!

Don't Forget The Farmer's Market This Weekend

BREAKING NEWS: Man Electrocuted In Mardela

A worker from Good Gutters was putting gutters on the Church in Mardela. He was pulling a 40' ladder away from the structure when the ladder hit an electrical wire and he was electrocuted. More to come...

Fill In The Blank 9-09-11

My favorite brand of beer is______.

O'Malley Speaks Out On Last Night

Last night President Obama laid out clear, specific actions we can take right now to create jobs and grow our economy in Maryland and across the country.
Whether it's rebuilding schools and bridges, cutting payroll taxes for small businesses and middle-class families, or providing skills training for our workforce, these proposals will help speed the jobs recovery and preserve opportunity for all.

President Obama's commonsense, non-partisan plan is a smart, balanced approach that will move us forward to better days and to a brighter future for our children. But already, the Tea Party extremists are threatening to kill the proposal.  

In Maryland, we've chosen to invest in our future with record funding for our schools and by making college more affordable. We passed the job creation and recovery tax credit - similar to the one President Obama announced last night -- that put thousands of moms and dads back to work and we modernized our port creating 3,000 construction jobs and 2,700 permanent jobs. 
These jobs proposals should not be politically controversial. In fact, many are based on things that we know are already working in our states. The more Congress delays, the more people will remain without jobs and the greater risk we run of another economic downturn.
That’s why we need to send a message to Tea Party extremists right now, before the right wing disinformation machine can kick into full gear and doom the plan’s chances of succeeding.

We can create jobs, retire the Bush deficit, and build a brighter future for our children and grandchildren.

BREAKING NEWS: Major Selloff On Wall Street

Dow tumbles more than 300 points over European debt crisis and fears of impasse on Obama jobs plan.
From Fox News

Truth Versus MSNBC (about Ron Paul)

Last night after the Republican presidential debate, MSNBC conducted a poll online to see who viewers thought won the debate. It was a blow away victory for Ron Paul, below is a bar chart showing the Ron Paul win and also the bar chart that was run by MSNBC. Notice the incorrect proportions in the MSNBC chart showing Rick Perry and Mitt Romney much closer to Ron Paul, in votes, than they actually were. By the way the MSNBC chart was even more distorted early on. Bob Murphy caught a screenshot of the Big Lie.


BREAKING NEWS: European Bank, Debt Concerns Ignite Sharp Selloff

A stream of unsettling headlines regarding Europe's sovereign debt crisis sent the euro and global equity markets plunging.  As of 11:50 a.m. ET, the Dow was down 300 points, or 2.6%, and the broad S&P 500 was off 29.7 points, or 2.5%.

From Fox News

Walmart Bringing Back Layaway For Holiday Shopping Season

Five years after Walmart stopped offering customers the option to put most purchases on layaway, the nation's largest retailer has decided to bring it back for brief run during the 2011 holiday shopping season. Of course, this being Walmart, the holiday shopping season begins in October.

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Thank God Its Friday

What will you be doing this weekend?

Telling A Diner She Looks Pregnant Is Not A Good Way To Get Tips

Here's a tip for everyone, but especially those in the food service field: Even if you're pretty certain that a female customer is pregnant, you might want to not mention it, lest you end up stiffed on a tip and the recipient of an angry note.

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Daycare Owner Accused Of Drugging Milk

Authorities say the caregiver was trying to get the kids to sleep after lunch

The owner of a Van Alstyne daycare has been accused of putting antihistamines in children's food so they would fall asleep after lunch.

Kimberly Lane, the owner of the Luv N Learning daycare, was arrested and charged with 16 counts of child endangerment after someone called authorities and said she was mixing an over-the-counter antihistamine with milk and then giving it to children.

Investigators are now trying to figure out how long Lane had been dolling out her concoction, known as "special milk."


Snopes Impugns Itself...

Snopes impugns itself...
I heard years ago that Snopes was a left-wing operation and found it odd that there was absolutely nothing negative to be found about Obama when he was running for President. I should have known that George Sorros was behind them too.
Most of us have gone to Snopes for verify information that we were not sure about. Now, come to find out, Snopes is not the paragon of truth we thought it was. I just eliminated them as a source of honesty and integrity.
Snopes is heavily financed by George Soros, a huge financial supporter of Obama!
In our Search for the truth department, we find what I have suspected on many occasions. I went to Snopes to check this out and they said it was false and there were no such dockets so I Googled the Supreme Court, typed in Obama-Kagan, and guess what? Yep you got it. Snopes lied. Everyone of those dockets are there. So Here is what I wrote Snopes:
Referencing the article about Elena Kagan and Barak Obama dockets: The information you have posted stating that there were no such cases as claimed and the examples you gave are blatantly false. I went directly to the Supreme Courts website, typed in Obama Kagan and immediately came up with all of the dockets that the article made reference to. I have long suspected that you really slant things but this revelation is really shocking. You exist behind a veil of half truths and distorted facts. Hoping you will be honest and forthcoming in the future is probably expecting too much.
That being said, if you really didn't know THIS then your investigative reporting is a sham.
Kagan was representing Obama in all the petitions to prove his citizenship. Now she may help rule on them. Folks, this is really ugly. Chicago Politics; and the beat goes on and on and on...

Once again the US Senate sold us out! Well, someone figured out why
Obama nominated Elana Kagan for the Supreme Court... Pull up the Supreme Courts website, go to the docket and search for Obama. Kagan was the Solicitor General for all the suits against him filed with the Supreme Court to show proof of natural born citizenship. He owed her big time. All of the requests were denied, of course. They were never heard! It just keeps getting deeper and deeper, doesn't it? The American people mean nothing any longer. It all comes down to payback time for those who compromised themselves to elect someone that really has no true right to even be there.

Here are some websites of the Supreme Court Docket: When you look up some of these hearings and guess what?
Elana Kagan is the attorney representing Obama!!!

FOP Golf Shoot Out

Golf Shoot Out
Monday, September 26, 2011
Shotgun start at 1 PM
Ocean Pines Golf & Country Club
100 Clubhouse Drive
Ocean Pines, MD 21811
Proceeds raised from this event will go to benefit the Worcester County
Humane Society.
Registration cost is $80 per golfer which gets you:
18 holes of golf with cart at Ocean Pines Golf & Country Club
Gift at Registration
Beverages during golf outing
The Oasis Bar and Grille (7539 Old Ocean City Road Whaleyville, MD).
Don’t worry, if you don’t have a complete team we will put you with other golfers!
Dinner after the tournament. Dinner will begin at approximately 6 pm at
Name of Golfer Email address Contact Phone
To sign up please send a check and completed sign up sheet to:
Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #10
Attn: Andrew Yeager
9927 Stephen Decatur Hwy. G14
Ocean City, Maryland 21842
Make checks payable to:
For any additional information on the tournament contact Andrew Yeager
(814)341-4467 or

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #10

Amazon Makes Deal With California To Delay Collecting Sales Tax For One Year

The battle between Amazon and the state of California over whether or not the e-tailer should be compelled to collect sales taxes may be drawing to a close after the two parties appear to have come to a tentative agreement that would have the online megastore collecting taxes, but not for another year.

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What's A Latter?

Is the DT editor on vacation???

Ashley Wants Resort To Be State’s ‘First Crack-Free City’

OCEAN CITY – Ocean City is looking to crack down on saggy pants exposing “behinds” and undergarments.

As Councilman Brent Ashley proposed the concept to outlaw the exposure of skin from the waist down, he shared the story that sparked his motivation.

2 Va. Offshore Wind Projects Get $4.6 Million

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) Two projects in Virginia aimed at speeding the development of offshore wind farms are getting federal funding.

The U.S. Department of Energy awarded $4.1 million to Alstom Power Inc. and $500,000 to Dominion. Both companies are based in Richmond.

Council Poised To Lay Off City Manager, Others?

OCEAN CITY -- City Manager Dennis Dare’s future is in doubt, as a result of an unprecedented closed session held yesterday afternoon at City Hall.

Although nothing is official and neither Mayor Rick Meehan nor any of the City Council members would comment after the one-hour meeting concluded yesterday, all indications from on-site observations and a half dozen knowledgeable sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity, are Dare’s 21-year stint as the resort’s city manager, the top ranking administrator in the city, is coming to an end.

Humane Heroism: Remembering Sept. 11

Few will ever forget that terrible day, 10 years ago, when countless lives were changed forever. Here at the ASPCA, the events of September 11 were devastating not only because of the tragedy that occurred in our hometown , but because they were such an extreme affront to the humane principles of compassion and kindness on which our organization was founded.

Knowing many animals were likely affected by the disaster, we sprang into action.
ASPCA volunteers and staff immediately prepared to rescue orphaned pets in lower Manhattan. We set up two mobile veterinary units to provide medical care for thousands of lost animals. ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement Agents worked nonstop to retrieve stranded pets and reunite them with their parents. Even our President and CEO at the time, Dr. Larry Hawk, who lost his sister, a flight attendant on American Airlines Flight 11, rolled up his sleeves to offer support through his grief.

These initial efforts and the overwhelming generosity of the public were a harbinger of things to come. In the weeks following 9/11, our volunteer applications, which averaged 60 to 80 per month, swelled to 5,000, and more than 100 organizations across the country offered to send supplies, food and funds.

Today, that generous spirit lives on. It lives in the smaller actions we take every single day to assist those who need us. This innate selflessness serves as a powerful reminder that, despite the terrible actions taken by a few on September 11, humankind’s impulse to reach out and
help people and animals in need will, in the end, emerge triumphant.