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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Suspicious Vehicle Leads to Gun and Drug Charges

Laurel- Delaware State Police have arrested three men after they were found to be in possession of a gun and drugs early yesterday morning in Laurel.
The incident began on Saturday, June 6, 2015 at approximately 2:45 a.m., as a Delaware State Trooper on routine patrol on US Rt. 13 in the area of Camp Road, Laurel, observed a vehicle with its headlights on stopped on the southbound shoulder of the road. The trooper, in an effort to check on the welfare of the occupants of the car, approached the vehicle where he came into contact with three male subjects later identified as Breyon J. Baine, 26, of Seaford, DE, Tyshaun Williams, 25, of Bridgeville, DE, and Enoch Williams, 23, of Seaford, DE. It was learned that the subjects had pulled to the shoulder of the road due to the fact that the operator of the vehicle, Breyon Baine, had been vomiting. The trooper then contacted Baine and immediately detected the odor of alcohol. A DUI investigation ensued which resulted in Baine being detained. Troopers then conducted an inventory search of the vehicle prior to it being towed at which time a loaded PT 22 caliber handgun was located in the center console of the car. They also located approximately 56 grams of marijuana in the glove compartment, as well as a bullet proof vest, and a mask. A total of $750.00 in suspected drug sale proceeds was also located. All three subjects were then arrested and transported to Troop 5 where they were charged accordingly.
Breyon J. Baine (pictured white t-shirt): Possession of a Firearm by a Person Prohibited, Carrying a Concealed Deadly Weapon, Conspiracy 2nd Degree, Possession of Marijuana, Reckless Driving, and No Proof of Motor Vehicle Insurance. Baine was arraigned at Justice of the Peace Court 3 and committed to the Sussex Correctional Institute for lack of $22,200.00 secured bail.
Tyshaun Williams (pictured red shirt): Possession of a Firearm by a Person Prohibited, Carrying a Concealed Deadly Weapon, Conspiracy 2nd Degree, and Possession of Marijuana. Williams was arraigned at Justice of the Peace Court 3 and committed to the Sussex Correctional Institute for lack of $8,100.00 secured bail.
Enoch Williams (pictured black t-shirt): Possession of a Firearm by a Person Prohibited, Carrying a Concealed Deadly Weapon, Conspiracy 2nd Degree, and 2 counts of Possession of Marijuana. Williams was arraigned at Justice of the Peace Court 3 and committed to the Sussex Correctional Institute for lack of $8,200.00 secured bail.

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce, poses for Vanity Fair

NEW YORK (ABC News) - The first image of Bruce Jenner as a woman has been released by Vanity Fair magazine, with the new name Caitlyn Jenner.

"Caitlyn Jenner poses for Annie Leibovitz on the cover of Vanity Fair," the tweet reads with the title of the magazine article, "Call me Caitlyn."


Farm Truck?

It's kind of interesting how many "Farm Trucks" I see running around on the highways. The one above is especially interesting as it has a volunteer fire department light bar on the top.

Now I ask all of you, aren't there restrictions as to what you can and can't do with a vehicle tagged with Farm Truck tags?

No Police, No Peace

“The law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers…” – 1 Timothy 1:9

Murder and mayhem are exploding in our major cities, and Baltimore is at the top of the heap.

Cities like Chicago, New York City, St. Louis – and particularly Baltimore – are fast becoming war zones. Baltimore’s descent into hell has followed a predictable course since the death of black drug dealer, Freddie Gray, following an arrest.

Murder rates have soared to their highest levels in 15 years. Residents are barricading their doors. Some say there are virtually no police in the streets since the riots. Others have compared parts of the city to the Wild West. Indeed, arrests are down in Baltimore almost 50 percent from last year.

In the wake of Gray’s death, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake ordered the police to stand down in the face of angry rioters, resulting in injuries to police officers and major property damage.

Baltimore State Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby offered six officers up to the angry mob, which only inflamed the situation and signaled to the police that they’ve become the suspects.

Now, police are being hounded, surrounded and videotaped while attempting to perform routine stops and arrests.

The president of the Baltimore Police Union, Lt. Gene Ryan, said Thursday: “Criminals feel empowered now. There is no respect. Police are under siege in every quarter.”

Lt. Ryan also indicated that cops have been thrown under the bus: “They are more afraid of going to jail for doing their jobs properly than they are of getting shot on duty,” he said.

More here

SPD Press Release 6-3-15 (Barricade Investigation)

Family served arrest warrants for 'disturbing the peace' at graduation

Four people who cheered -- allegedly excessively -- for their loved ones at a high school graduation ceremony in Senatobia, Mississippi, say they've now been slapped with an excessive punishment.

Two weeks after watching her niece walk across the stage at Senatobia High School's graduation ceremony on May 21, Ursula Miller received a warrant for her arrest for disturbing the peace.

"I just called her name out. 'Lakaydra,' Just like that," Miller told CNN affiliate WREG.

Now, Miller said, she has to appear in court or could face at least a $500 fine.


I'm done with coke products! This is to much.

Sarah Palin hits media ‘double standard’ on Duggars, calls Lena Dunham a ‘pedophile’

A day after TLC stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar confirmed that their oldest son, Josh, had “improperly touched some of our daughters" years ago as a teenager, Sarah Palin is weighing in. And she's got especially harsh words for HBO's Lena Dunham.

The former GOP vice presidential hopeful lashed out at the media -- including in ALL CAPS -- for its "hell-bent mission to go after the entire Duggar family for one member’s wrongdoing, while giving a total pass to perverted actions of someone like Lena Dunham."

Palin pointed to a post by her daughter, Bristol, who wrote that the media gave a "big fat yawn" to Dunham "when she wrote in her book that she sexually experimented with her sister" as a young girl.

Sarah Palin called Dunham a "pedophile."


Bruce Jenner Needs Help

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. And God blessed them. And God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it.’” This isn’t a treatise on faith, but, for Christians, those words are where any discussions of gender and marriage begin. For those who don’t share our faith, we’d simply point to the Declaration of Independence, in which the Founders acknowledged that Liberty comes from our Creator. And family is the third pillar of Liberty.

But Bruce Jenner didn’t start with objective truth. He started with Bruce Jenner.

Before the aptly named Vanity Fair’s upcoming cover story on the former Olympic Decathlon champion’s transition from Bruce to Caitlyn, Jenner described his view of how God created him: “God’s looking down, making little Bruce. … He says, ‘Okay, what are we gonna do with this one? Make him a smart kid, very determined.’ … And then when he’s just finishing he says, ‘Let’s wait a second.’ God looks down and chuckles a little bit and says, ‘Hey, let’s give him the soul of a female.’”

Jenner insists he’s only coming to terms with who God really made him to be: “If I was lying on my deathbed and I had kept this secret and never ever did anything about it, I would be lying there saying, ‘You just blew your entire life. You never dealt with yourself,’ and I don’t want that to happen.”

God’s Word actually has a lot to say about the subject, and the voices in Bruce’s head are completely at odds with all of it.

So how does 21st century American pop culture respond to his very public and self-congratulatory — yet still physically incomplete — sexual transition?

Read about it here..

The Salisbury Award To Be Presented To Norman Conway

The Trustees of The Salisbury Award are pleased to announce that the recipient of the Award for 2015 will be Norman H. Conway, in recognition of his outstanding dedication and service to our community. Mr. Conway has demonstrated a commitment throughout his lifetime to helping others in a variety of ways: as an educator, a fireman, a citycouncilman, a State delegate and more; advancing to key leadership positions along the way.

The Salisbury Award is the community’s oldest and most prestigious independent civic award. First given in 1926, the award was established and originally endowed by local businessman G. William Phillips to recognize “service that has been the greatest benefit to the happiness, prosperity, intellectual advancement or moral growth of the community”. Mr. Phillips’ role in creating the award was unknown by the general public until his death some 25 years later.


State’s Attorney Wants To Block Release Of Freddie Gray Autopsy

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby is seeking a protective order to block the release of Freddie Gray’s autopsy, according to WJZmedia partner The Baltimore Sun.

Mosby is also hoping to block the release of other “sensitive” documents as she pursues charges against six Baltimore city police officers in Gray’s death.

On Monday, Mosby also asked the court for more time responding to the defense’s motions about her ability to prosecute the case as well as the trial being held out of the city.

She previously filed for a gag order in the case, preventing those involved to discuss the case in public.


Teacher suspended for blocking students' cellphones

LAND O' LAKES, Fla. -- A Florida science teacher has been suspended for running a signal jammer to prevent his students from using their cellphones in class.

CBS Tampa affiliate WTSP-TV reports Dean Liptak was trying to get students to focus on lessons instead of their phones.

School board members in Pasco County approved Liptak's five-day, unpaid suspension on Tuesday. Liptak didn't contest the decision.

Officials say Liptak activated the jammer in his Fivay High School classroom from March 31 through April 2.


Guess which lunch time sandwich has now been deemed racist?

Did you know that eating or even talking about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich could be considered racist?

That’s right.

Apparently, it’s because people in some cultures don’t eat sandwich bread. Verenice Gutierrez, principal of Harvey Scott K-8 School in Portland explained in and interview with the Portland Tribune:

“Take the peanut butter sandwich, a seemingly innocent example a teacher used in a lesson last school year,” the Tribune said.

“What about Somali or Hispanic students, who might not eat sandwiches?” Gutierrez asked. “Another way would be to say: ‘Americans eat peanut butter and jelly, do you have anything like that?’ Let them tell you. Maybe they eat torta. Or pita.”


Liberals Worship Caitlyn Jenner as Transgender “Goddess”

Cult-like adulation is downright creepy
Many liberals reacted to the Vanity Fair cover featuring Bruce Jenner’s transition into Caitlyn Jenner by proclaiming Jenner to be a Goddess and ordering everyone to bow down and worship her.

Commissioner Batts: Stolen Prescription Drugs Partly To Blame For Surge In Violence

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Riots, stolen pharmacy drugs and a surge in violence. The city’s top cop tells WJZthere may be a link between the three.

Derek Valcourt speaks with the head of the police union for the first time about the recent jump in crime.

On Monday, WJZ showed you video of local pharmacies being looted during the riots. Now police tell us those stolen drugs are part of the problem.

“I am more than outraged,” said Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts.

The commissioner is speaking out about the recent spike in violent crime and confirming what WJZreported Monday — that the looting of more than a dozen pharmacies during the April 27 riots might have played a significant role in making May Baltimore’s deadliest month since 1972.


What was the worst environmental disaster in the United States?

Question: What was the worst environmental disaster in the United States?

Many accidents and events have done serious environmental damage in the United States, but have you ever wondered which was the worst?

Answer: If you guessed the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, the 2008 coalash spill in Tennessee or the Love Canal toxic dump disaster that came to light in the 1970s, you're decades too late in every case.

Scientists and historians generally agree that the Dust Bowl—created by the drought, erosion and dust storms, or "black blizzards," of the so-called Dirty Thirties—was the worst and most prolonged environmental disaster in American history.

The dust storms started at about the same time that the Great Depression really began to grip the country, and continued to sweep across the Southern Plains—western Kansas, eastern Colorado and New Mexico, and the panhandle regions of Texas and Oklahoma—until the late 1930s. In some areas, the storms didn't relent until 1940.

Decades later, the land is still not completely restored, once thriving farms are still abandoned, and new dangers are again putting the Great Plains environment in serious jeopardy.

Causes and Effects of the Dust Bowl
In the summer of 1931, the rain stopped coming and a drought that would last for most of the decade descended on the region. Crops withered and died. Farmers who had plowed under the native prairie grass that held the soil in place saw tons of topsoil, which had taken thousands of years to accumulate, rise into the air and blow away in minutes.

On the Southern Plains, the sky turned lethal. Livestock went blind and suffocated, their stomachs full of fine sand. Farmers, unable to see through the blowing sand, tied themselves to guide ropes to go from the house to the barn. Families wore respiratory masks handed out by Red Cross workers, cleaned their homes each morning with shovels as well as brooms, and draped wet sheets over doors and windows to help filter the dust. Still, children and adults inhaled sand, coughed up dirt, and died of a new epidemic called "dust pneumonia."



(SALISBURY, MD) Maryland State Police homicide investigators, assisted by Salisbury Police Department investigators, arrested a Wicomico County man yesterday, in connection with the murder of a Salisbury man.

The accused is identified as Daequan M. White, 19, of the 1000-block of Cecil Street in Salisbury. White is charged with first and second degree murder, first degree burglary, home invasion, armed robbery, first degree assault, use of firearm in commission of a violent crime/felony, possession of a firearm by a minor, along with several other charges. White is currently being held without bond at the Wicomico County Detention Center.

Early yesterday morning, investigators from the Maryland State Apprehension Team located White at the home of a relative in Salisbury. White was arrested without incident and transported to the Salisbury Police Department for processing.

White was arrested in connection with the murder of James L. H. Skinner, 20, of the 1000-block of Bryn Mawr Avenue in Salisbury, where he had been living for the past two months with a friend of his family and her three teenaged children.

Around 3:30 a.m. on May 17, 2015, Skinner was found lying in the doorway of his residence when police responded to an emergency call at the home. An autopsy report indicated the cause of Skinner’s death was by gunshot.

The Maryland State Police Homicide Unit responded to conduct the investigation. Investigators from the Salisbury Police Department, Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office, and State Police Criminal Enforcement Division assisted with the investigation and continue to follow up on leads, examine forensic evidence, and conduct interviews. A motive for White’s actions has not yet been identified.

Police are still searching for additional suspects. Investigators urge anyone with information about this murder to contact Crime Solvers of the Lower Eastern Shore immediately at 410-548-1776. Crime Solvers is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to the indictment of the person(s) responsible for this crime. Callers may remain confidential.

The Breakfast Of Champions?

‘I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat’ in the Oval Office

President Obama once confided to a top adviser that he believes he is “the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office.”

In an interview with an Israeli TV station, former Obama adviser David Axelrod recalled the president venting in a moment of contemplation about criticisms that he doesn’t support Israel strongly enough.

“You know, I think I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office,” the president told Mr. Axelrod. “For people to say that I am anti-Israel, or, even worse, anti-Semitic, it hurts.”

The TV report came out in advance of an exclusive interview that Mr. Obama conducted with Channel 2’s Ilana Dayan, which will be broadcast later Tuesday.


Comcast Talks with John Fredericksen

Two Arrested for Possession of Meth Paraphernalia

Millsboro, DE – Troopers have arrested two people after they were found parked at a boat ramp near Millsboro with methamphetamine products.

The incident happened around 10:05 p.m. Monday June 1, 2015, as a trooper patrolling the Gull Point boat ramp located a suspicious vehicle backed along the side bank of the fishing pier after dark when the area is closed. The trooper made contact with the driver of the red Jeep Cherokee, identified as Robert A. Donovan, 27 of Houston, who gave conflicting stories as why he was parked at the ramp. A computer check conducted on Donovan and a female passenger, Mollie L. Moxey, 24 of Ellendale, revealed they were both wanted on outstanding capiases from Sussex County Courts.

Upon taking the two into custody, a search was conducted on the vehicle which revealed equipment and component mixtures of the manufacturing stages of Meth along with key ingredients in making the drug.

Donovan and Moxey were transported back to Troop 4 in Georgetown where they were both charged with Operating a Clandestine Laboratory, Conspiracy 2nd, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. They were both arraigned at JP3 committed to Sussex Correctional Institution and Delores J. Baylor Women's Correctional Institution respectively on $11,500.00 cash bond.

ACLU: Squalid Conditions At Troubled Baltimore Jail

Moldy showers and cells are infested with mice and cockroaches, toilets are broken for days and medical care is poor or nonexistent at a notoriously troubled Baltimore city detention center, the ACLU and Public Justice Center said in court documents filed Tuesday.

The groups want a federal judge to reopen a lawsuit against the state of Maryland over what they say are conditions so substandard it brings "shame to this city." Inmates suffering from serious illnesses such as HIV and diabetes are being denied life-sustaining prescription medication and the state has failed to cure well-documented systemic problems within the jail after entering into a 2007 agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice, the court documents said.

"The conditions at the jail are a menace to the Constitution and to the public's health," said David Fathi, director of the ACLU's National Prison Project.


Letter to Michelle Obama... Finally a Marine tells it like it is!

Mrs. Obama

It sickens me that I have to take time to write you this letter. I am a Marine who doesn’t recognize color because every color has lived and died for you. You live in a free country to blame your poor pathetic life on the color of another man’s skin. All colors have given their lives for an educated woman to have the freedom to be so ignorant. I don’t blame black people for the ignorance that comes from your mouth. I love all colors because I love all that God creates. I don’t have to like you to love you and today is no different. I don’t like you or your husband because of your character hidden behind your skin. Isn’t it funny how the truth always reveals itself in time. You and your husband never showed this side of yourselves in 2008 before he was elected.

You both live better than 99% of the people in this world because of this country. You said that you are for the first time proud to be an American. Well, I will tell you that most of us are ashamed of you. You and your husband have become millionaires off the people of this country, but demonstrate very little appreciation for all that we give. White, black, brown or indifferent millions have fought and died for you to have the freedom to say the ignorant things you say. You are educated, but clearly have very little common sense. You blame past generations of Americans for the troubles of a few. Stop blaming white people for your misery and take a look at yourself in the mirror. We are all responsible for our own happiness and misery. The KKK is ignorance wrapped in a sheet while the Black panthers are raised on ignorance and hate. No different from the cult of Islam thinking their race is better than all other men. God is love and creates every color to include our skin. To truly love God is to love all that He loves. For that I love each of you and pray that we all start taking responsibility for our own damned sins.

Martin Luther King had a dream that we would all live in the promise land. He is not remembered for being black. He is remembered for the love, and character he had within his heart. If you don’t like this country get on that plane and never come back. I will stay here and love all Americans, regardless of skin. I will love the beauty of what God created and stand tall with my American friends. Not because of their color but for the character and love they carry within. This country doesn’t owe you anymore than it owes me. So many have thanked me for my service and I will always be grateful. I pray that one day you and your husband might cause me to be grateful for yours. You will never be remembered as the First Lady of Color but soon forgotten after you leave the White House. You nor your husband shall ever divide us. I wish you no harm, but pray you will get the hell off of this American land… If you wish to find me I am now a writer for the DC Gazette. Also on Twitter @mshep08_mike …God bless you and Semper Fi


New law means free breakfast, lunch at eligible schools

BALTIMORE —A new Maryland law is making available free breakfast and lunch to students at participating schools.

The Hunger Free Schools Act of 2015 allows schools to participate in the Community Eligibility Program, which allows an entire school to qualify for free breakfast and lunch as opposed to individual students.

No student will have to pay for breakfast or lunch at schools participating in the Community Eligibility Program. Schools that have at least 40 percent of their students who are low-income will qualify for the free meals across the board.

"If a school has at least 40 percent of their students who are lower income and qualify for reduced meals, then the entire school receives free breakfast and lunch," said Delegate Keith Haynes, D-Baltimore City.


EDITORS NOTE: Please see the below post for a list of Schools that are eligible. 

Maryland Schools Eligible to Elect Community Eligibility in the 2015-2016 School Year

County Approves $182M Budget; School Board ‘Disappointed’ And Weighing ‘Internal Reductions’ To Increase Teachers’ Pay

SNOW HILL – In spite of recent protests from local educators, the Worcester County Commissioners on Tuesday adopted a budget with no pay increases for teachers or any other county employees.

The $182 million budget does include a 6.5-cent property tax increase as well as a higher income tax rate —1.75 percent.

Commissioner Chip Bertino, who made the motion to adopt the budget, said that the process had been difficult, particularly for the county’s four newest commissioners, but that the final product did what needed to be done.

“Nothing can be gained by answering the unpleasant comments that have been made or by rehashing what has been written and televised about the commissioners’ work on this year’s budget,” Bertino said. “We need to move forward and we shall.”

The approved FY 2016 budget of $182,450,109 is more than $7 million less than the originally requested budget of $189.8 million but is still 2.5 percent higher than the FY 2015 budget. County leaders have spent the past month determining what cuts to make in the budget and deciding on a tax increase that would fund this year’s needs and maintain the county’s budget stabilization fund into the future.


Kinchlow: What If You Were a Baltimore Police Officer?

I have a question for you: If a relative, friend, in-law or neighbor made it blatantly clear that you were not welcome somewhere, and took aggressive steps to make their point, including physical manifestations of their displeasure with your presence, how many times would you make a special effort to visit that place?

I know this may be hard for some to believe, but police officers are human beings. They have been hired to do a job that is, generally speaking, not popular (on occasion) with some people. That job is, essentially, seeing that “we the people” (all) do that which is right and proper as it regards the safety of the public at large. Our reactions, however, apparently differ depending on what aspect of the officer’s job impacts us.

If a thief or mass murderer is apprehended, officers of the law are applauded and congratulated. However, if they “infringe on my personal liberties” (i.e. speeding tickets, improper behavior, trespassing, cursing in public places or beating up a “deserving” spouse), they are “out of line.”

Don’t we recruit, train and dispatch officers of the law for the safety, protection and security of the community? Haven’t we passed laws that apply equally to all for the benefit of all? What is the generally accepted definition of “criminal behavior”? Are not jails and prisons instituted as protection from those who choose not to adhere to the laws of the land? And aren’t the police officers, who are not draftees but volunteers, empowered by us to enforce said laws?


This Just In From A Viewer

Just a quick note to alert you to barricade situation on Beaglin Park at this moment.

‘Rent-To-Buy’ Community In Berlin Celebrated As Eastern Shore’s First

BERLIN – Local leaders celebrated the start of a first-of-its-kind project for the Eastern Shore as work at Cannery Village got underway last week.

Town leaders, officials from Osprey Property Company and representatives from Habitat for Humanity attended a groundbreaking ceremony for Cannery Village, the rent-to-own community to be built on Flower Street on May 28.

“This rent-to-buy concept has worked successfully on the western side of the bay,” Berlin Mayor Gee Williams said. “Berlin is the first community on the Eastern Shore to offer it. We’re extremely excited.”

Williams said the idea of a Cannery Village affordable housing project was first put forth by local businessman Frank Gunion 10 years ago. The concept changed through the years but will now come to fruition as a rent-to-own community to be developed by Osprey Property Company.

“It’s been well worth the wait,” Williams said.


Obama: I’ve Restored the US as the ‘Most Respected Country in the World’

Monday while President Barack Obama was answering questions at a town hall with YSEALI Fellows, an exchange program for community leaders from ASEAN, The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, he said his administration has restored the Untied States as the “the most respected country on earth.”

Obama said, “People don’t remember, but when I came into office, the United States in world opinion ranked below China and just barley above Russia, and today once again, the Untied States is the most respected country on earth.

(There's actually video of this here..)

BREAKING NEWS: WCBOE School Board Appointments Made

Don Fitzgerald was reappointed.

Newly appointed was Joe Ollinger & John Palmer.

SPD Shoplifting Arrests 05-25-15 through 05-31-15

A Viewer Writes: Gang Signs

Sir Can you or your reader's identify these hand signs in the this photo of Snow Hill High School grads (in Friday's Daily Rag) as gang signs or are these country wanna be's?



Even among those who do have retirement savings, their nest eggs are small

How bad is America doing when it comes to retirement savings? The Government Accountability Office looked into the question, and its answer is sobering.

A new GAO analysis finds that among households with members aged 55 or older, nearly 29 percent have neither retirement savings nor a traditional pension plan. (Tweet This)

“There hasn’t been a significant increase in wages, people have student loans and other debt, and many are continuing to struggle financially,” said Charles Jeszeck, the GAO’s director of education, workforce and income security, which analyzed the Federal Reserve’s 2013 Survey of Consumer Finances to come up with its estimates. “We aren’t surprised that people have not saved a lot for retirement.”

Read more