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Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Little Guns & Hoses Teaser For Tomorrow

In order to not spoil tomorrow's Post on this incredible event I'll simply provide this teaser to let you see a small sample of who attended/participated in this event. 

The Redskins

Good example of a liberal’s thinking.

The federal government, which has 
Tomahawk cruise missiles and Apache and Lakota helicopters, used the code name "Geronimo" in the attack that killed Osama bin Laden, officially objects to the name of the Washington Redskins.

Situation At Skipjacks

We're being told there's a situation at Skipjacks. More to come...


Twelve Days Of Christmas Like You Have Never Seen Before

Salisbury City Council Agenda w/ Packet for 12-15-14

This is an extremely large file and will take a few moments to load for some.

FDNY Lowers Physical Standards to Promote Diversity at the Expense of Public Safety

In a totalitarian society, nothing matters except the officially correct ideology — not even public safety, as the New York Fire Department confirms:
The Fire Department has stopped requiring probationary firefighters to pass a job-related physical-skills test before getting hired — a move that critics derided as a lowering of standards.
Why would a fire department deliberately lower standards? Don’t they know lives are at stake? Here’s why:
The move by first-year Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro, which allows probies to fail components of the Functional Skills Training test but still graduate from the Fire Academy, comes amid criticism of the department’s low hiring rate of women.

Three Injured in Serious Lewes Area Crash

Lewes - The Delaware State Police Crash Reconstruction Unit is currently investigating a serious motor vehicle crash in which three people were injured that occurred early this morning west of Lewes.

The initial investigation has determined that the crash occurred this morning, Sunday, December 14, 2014, at approximately 2:00 a.m., as Donna J. White, 67, of Cobra, MD, was operating a 2007 Pontiac Vibe and was attempting to turn onto Log Cabin Hill Road (CR 347) from the parking lot of the Lewes-Rehoboth Moose Lodge, located .3 miles west of Sweetbriar Road (CR 261), four miles west of Lewes. As White began to enter the roadway, she failed to yield to oncoming traffic. The left front of White's vehicle was then struck by the left front of a 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser, which was being operated by Angelo Gring-Vazquez, 20, of Lewes, DE, and which had been traveling in an eastbound direction on Log Cabin Hill Road.

Donna White, who was properly restrained at the time of the crash, was removed from the scene by EMS and transported to Beebe Healthcare's Medical Center in Lewes. She was later flown to the Christiana Hospital where she is being treated for her serious injuries.

A passenger in White's vehicle, Patricia A. Kent, 59, of Lancaster, PA, who was not properly restrained at the time of the crash, was removed from the scene by Delaware State Police Helicopter (Trooper 4) and transported to Beebe Healthcare where she is being treated for her serious injuries.

A 67 year old female passenger in Gring-Vazquez' vehicle, who was not properly restrained at the time of the crash, was removed from the scene by EMS and transported to Beebe Healthcare where she is being treated for her injuries. The name of the female passenger is being withheld pending the notification of her next of kin.

Angelo Gring-Vazquez, who was not properly restrained at the time of the crash, was not injured. He was cited by troopers with driving under the influence of alcohol.

The investigation into this crash by the Delaware State Police Crash Reconstruction Unit is continuing at this time and more charges are expected.

Log Cabin Hill Road was closed for approximately 3 hours as this crash was investigated and cleared.

Happy Update To An Earlier Post

Remember this post from the other day??  Police catches mom shoplifting eggs ... and then buys them for her

There is a happy update to it.

TARRANT, Alabama - Helen Johnson stared in amazement at the piles of food accumulating in her small Tarrant apartment on Wednesday.

"The last time I saw my house this full, I was 12-years-old and staying with my grandmother,'' said the 47-year-old mother and grandmother. "I've been crying all day."

On Wednesday, Tarrant police delivered two truckloads of groceries to the woman, who on Saturday was caught stealing five eggs from the nearby Dollar General. Instead of arresting Johnson, Tarrant Police Officer William Stacy bought her a carton of eggs and sent her home with the promise to never shoplift again.

That in itself, Johnson said, was a blessing. But those blessings now seem to have taken on a life of their own. Tarrant police said they've received calls from across the United States and world since hearing of Johnson's plight. People have offered food, money and clothing. 

‘So much for equality’: ‘White allies’ shown list of protest ‘roles & responsibilities’

As protests continue around the country, somebody thought this would be useful information for “white people” wanting to join the cause: 

You can see some of the other signs and comments by clicking HERE

SFD Calls For Service 12-13-14

  • Saturday December, 13 2014 @ 21:07Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday December, 13 2014 @ 20:35Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday December, 13 2014 @ 19:33Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday December, 13 2014 @ 18:02Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday December, 13 2014 @ 17:10Nature: Fire AssistAddress: 215 E Vine St Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Saturday December, 13 2014 @ 16:55Nature: Burn PatientAddress: 309 Charles St Salisbury, MD 21801

This Just In From A Viewer: Protestors blocking the Salisbury parade

I got a Facebook post from a friend at the parade, that protesters are blocking it and the cops are now arresting them.

I really can't validate it, other than I have no reason not to believe her.

Update 2:54: Some of the protesters are by Wi-hi now, cops still dealing with the issue.

Originally Posted At 2:42 PM.


Gary Mackes has announced he is retiring by December 31, 2014.

ALL Of You Should Be Outraged

Yesterday we published a Press Release, (more than 24 hours ahead of ANY other media source) HERE in which an 83 year old male was simply walking down Camden Ave. near Monticello Blvd. where he was attacked by, (at the time) 3 teenagers who physically assaulted him. It turns out there are now SEVEN suspects. 

They demanded money after punching him in the back of the head, in which he fell to the ground. They continued to kick him and punch him and even started hitting him with his umbrella until it broke in half. 

I was amazed that there were only 13 comments on that Post. I apologize for the delay of this article but we are dealing with the disappearance of a Family member four days ago and we've been quite busy.

Nevertheless, CRIME IS DOWN IN SALISBURY? No Press Conference from the Chief of Police, the Mayor or Council President?

Give me your taxes and oh, by the way, we don't give a sh!t what happens to you, lock your doors and replace your glass windows with Plexiglas? SAFE STREETS MY REAR END.


Chicken video a hit as Perdue files new plans to poison Pa.

Nearly a million people have so far watched a video showing how Perdue chickens are raised. The video, "Chicken factory farmer speaks out," is posted here:

Meanwhile -- and without a peep from the media -- Perdue has quietly revised and submitted to the Pa. DEP years-old factory plans to release the waste neurotoxin Hexane directly into Susquehanna Valley air.

A video about that is posted here:

Joe, why would ethanol free gas cost $2.69 in Chattanooga, Tn. and $5.70 in Easton, Md.?


Camden Avenue
Camden Avenue was once referred as the road to Noah Rider’s mill. Noah Rider had the mill at Tony Tank because it had belonged to his family for generations. The Rider family was originally from Quantico but relocated near Salisbury and became very influential in the growth of both the city and what was then Somerset County. One of the Riders, Thomas F. J. Rider, was instrumental in the formation of Wicomico County in 1867. His sister, Nannie, married Elihu E. Jackson, another prominent Salisburian who became the Governor of Maryland in 1888.

Originally, it was just a dirt country road that ran through W. F. Allen’s extensive property. A growth plan was adopted in 1920 that was supposed to suffice until 2000. Then two events quickly overloaded the system. The first was the building of a college from land purchased from the Allen family in 1922. The school was built and opened in September, 1925. Second was the building of Route 13 in 1939. The expansion of the Camden area between Camden Avenue and the railroad was to be a mixture of residential and commercial properties. The limit south was to be Tony Tank Lake with the town of Fruitland eventually expanding northward to meet there.

All this land from what is now College Avenue belonged to the W. F. Allen Co. Over the years, they have sold off parcels for the college and to Asbury Methodist Church for their new structure. Many other lots were sold off over the years and individual families built there.

The college was not anticipated in the original growth plan, so for a sewer system, a pipe was laid down College Avenue that drained directly into the Wicomico River. Eventually it was incorporated into the city system. The system also extended southward paralleling Camden Avenue along the back of the several residences facing Camden Avenue. The water main down Camden Avenue that serviced the same houses was built by prisoners-of-war from Rommel’s Africa Corps. That had to be during the Second World War. Surprisingly, the recipients of this municipal service received it with no cost to them. Some things never change.

The paving of Camden Avenue came about as a result of a great debate in 1906. The downtown had their streets paved with a light buff-colored brick. Since this was before the automobile was used extensively, the iron-rimmed wagon wheels were deemed too noisy on brick for a residential area. The debate ensued over the use of brick or the new material called asphalt. Asphalt won out or we would have had a brick Camden Avenue now.

It was just a matter of timing. Apparently, the dirt roads handled the wagon wheels to everybody’s satisfaction and, if they had waited a few short years, the pneumatic tires on cars and trucks would have been quiet enough.

Houses on Camden Avenue started appearing even before the street was paved. The first house was situated between Pennsylvania and Virginia Avenues across from North Boulevard. It was the home of Col. Marion A. Humphreys.

Other large homes soon appeared on the west side of Camden Avenue that earned that section the term “millionaire’s row”. The homes built on the east side of Camden were more modest by comparison. Most of the homes south of Winder Street were built later than the early homes of prominent Salisburians. The Jackson mansions were built at the end of the 19th Century. They are both now gone. The homes of Wm. B. Tilghman and L. W. Gunby remain, however.

Route 50 Eastbound Shut Down

Route 50 eastbound has been shut down due to an accident near the Royal Farms store.


The U.S. Military is conducting a simulated air strike mission in Mardela as we speak. This has been confirmed.

A-10's are flying over the rural area right now and the J.G. Parks property is being used as a fueling depot. 

The Town Council was NOT made aware this mission was being conducted.

This is a military training exercise.

Originally posted at 3:16 PM.

Congressional staffers walk out in protest of police killings

WASHINGTON (AP) - A gathering of black congressional staffers and other Capitol employees stood silently on the House steps Thursday and raised their hands in the air to protest of the killing of unarmed black men by police.

They bowed their heads as Senate Chaplain Barry C. Black prayed, "Forgive us when we have failed to lift our voices for those who couldn't speak or breathe for themselves" - emphasizing "breathe" in reference to Eric Garner, who died after a policeman grabbed him in a chokehold in New York.

"May we not forget that in our history injustice has often been maintained because good people failed to promptly act," Black said, with well over 100 people standing behind him.

The demonstration was organized by the Congressional Black Associates and other groups representing minority employees of Congress to show support for protests around the country following the deaths of Garner and 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was black, in Ferguson, Missouri.


WCSO Press Release 12-12-14 (Hebron Savings Bank -Sharptown)

Armed Robbery - December 12, 2014, 10:11 a.m.

Hebron Savings Bank - Sharptown
WCSO Case # 14-004753

On Friday, December 12, 2014 at approximately 10:11 a.m. the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Hebron Savings Bank, located in Sharptown, Wicomico County, MD for a reported bank robbery.

Deputies from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office, Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office, Maryland State Police Salisbury Barrack, Wicomico Bureau of Investigation, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation responded to the call for service.

Upon arrival, officers learned the suspect who was armed with a pistol demanded money from the occupants of the Hebron Savings Bank. The suspect fled from the scene prior to the arrival of law enforcement.

The Wicomico County Bureau of Investigation is seeking assistance from the public in identifying the below photographed suspect.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Wicomico Bureau of Investigation at 410-548-4898, orCrime Solvers of the Lower Eastern Shore at 410-548-1776

(Crime Solvers is offering up to a $2,000 for any information which leads to an arrest)

BREAKING NEWS: Four Wicomico Schools Placed on Code Orange (Safe in Place) as Precaution

Due to reported bank robberies, several Wicomico schools have operated on precautionary Code Orange (safe in place) status this morning, with instruction continuing. Pinehurst Elementary and Pemberton Elementary have now returned to normal operations, after being on Code Orange for about an hour and a half on advice of law enforcement investigating a bank robbery in Salisbury. A later report of a bank robbery in Sharptown has led to Northwestern Elementary and Mardela Middle and High being on Code Orange (safe in place) status, awaiting further guidance from law enforcement.

Hebron Savings Bank On Riverside Drive Robbed

WBOC Says "OH SHIT" On The Air This Morning

A Viewer said someone messed up this morning as they were going into a break and said, "Oh Shit" on the air. Did any of you hear it?

SPD Press Release 12-12-14 (Robbery Investigation/Arrests) 2 of 3

Baltimore Mother Meets With President About Police Brutality

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Police brutality has become a hot button issue nationwide. Wednesday night, a Baltimore mother and others took the fight for change right to the top: the group is in Washington DC to meet with President Barack Obama.

Christie Ileto has more on their message.

Ten women with the same story: they’re mothers of young men from across the country whose sons were gunned down by police.

“My son Dale Graham was a 29-year-old law student. He was shot and killed by a Baltimore City police officer,” said Darlene Cain.


It's Snowing In Delmar

Is it snowing by you as well?

October's US Bureau of Labor Numbers In for Wicomico - Shows Loss of 676 Jobs

The US Bureau of Labor released their latest jobs  numbers for October for our nations States & Counties.  According to the report it shows that Wicomico lost another 676 jobs in October compared to the same month in 2013.  This makes the 22 consecutive month that Wicomico County has recorded a decline in its local area workforce - and - the number also reveals that it has lost ground for 28 of the past 34 months.  The last time Wicomico County reported a positive jobs number was in December of 2012.  Unemployment also spiked from 6.4% to 6.6%.

However, optimism looms as a change of guard has occurred in the political arena whereby Republican conservatives have gained tremendous influence at Federal, State, & Local levels.

Maryland now has an elected Republican Governor, and, Wicomico County is currently under Republican leadership. (click onto link)

The Grisly Details of the Way This Teen Was Murdered May Just Be the Most Horrific Thing You Read

Investigators might be looking to a victim’s final words to try and find those responsible for her death after she was burned alive on Saturday night.

Jessica Chambers, 19, passed away after her vehicle was engulfed in flames in Panola County, Mississippi. According to her mother, Lisa Chambers, the incident unfolded after the teen briefly left home to go clean her car and grab some dinner.

Authorities are investigating what appears to have been an intentional crime, with the teen’s father Ben Chambers sharing some of the horrific details.


Hogan Vows To Fight PMT

OCEAN CITY — Republican Gov.-elect Larry Hogan told farmers at the Maryland Farm Bureau Convention in Ocean City that he would fight proposed Phosphorus Management Tool regulations once he takes office.

The PMT’s activiation was set in motion by Gov. Martin O’Malley in November, a week following a released analysis that estimated it could cost Eastern Shore farmers about $22.5 million after state and federal subsidies.

“The first fight (when I take office) will be against these politically motivated, midnight-hour Phosphorus Management Tool regulations that the outgoing administration is trying to force upon you in these closing days,” Hogan told more than 700 members of the agricultural community Monday, Dec. 8. “We won’t allow them to put you out of business, destroy your way of life or decimate your entire industry.”


DC: 16-year-old shot with own gun during attempted robbery

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - A 16-year-old boy who attempted to rob someone in Southeast D.C. is in critical condition after his intended victim managed to wrestle away the gun and shoot him.

The 16-year-old was shot near the intersection of Langston and Ainger Places SE, where emergency personnel performed CPR on him.


A Trashy Mom Runs Her Mouth a Little Too Much. Then a Security Guard Shows Her How a Taser Works.

WARNING: Foul Language

Downtown Trolley Jumps From $16,000.00 To $21,000.00 Per Semester

If you thought the original expense was for the YEAR, you were mistaken. It's per semester, proving this is for the University and NOT the taxpayers!

The $5,000.00 increase "this semester" is because they want to expand the times the trolley runs as well as advertising.

Here's my thinking. I do not believe people are going to DRIVE to Salisbury University to pick up a Trolley. It was suggested they expand the hours so the elderly could enjoy dinner Downtown. Sorry, not buying it. 

The fact that every time I have seen this Trolley it has been completely empty speaks volume. As I have stated many times in the past few years, Ireton is absolutely clueless. The immediate ideas for Downtown were a no brainer. Heck, I ran my campaign on the very same concept Ireton stole after the election and I'm cool with that. However, as a businessman, you can't just take someone else's idea and run with it without a long term plan. 

So Ireton's answer, (long term plan) after failing, just throw more money into it, typical liberal thinking. 

Man do I feel sorry for Salisbury residents. Next, Ireton will ask Bob Culver and Wicomico County to pay for it because the majority of people riding it are from the County. 

Maryland AG Says Patient Photos Trigger HIPAA: Did WMDT & Firefighter Violate HIPAA Laws?

The Maryland Attorney General’s office has issued a memo to EMS providers and personnel stating that photos taken of patients who are identifiable constitutes “individually identifiable health information” under HIPAA, the release of which through any means (including social media) is a violation.

The memo was dated May 30, 2013 and began being circulated to local and regional EMS providers this week. It was issued by Assistant Attorney General Sarah M. Sette.

Quoting from the memo, HIPAA applies to “photographs of patients taken by EMS providers if the patient can be identified, whether directly through their features, or indirectly through unique clothing or a license plate or the nature of the particular injury or motor vehicle crash or event. Similarly, a photograph of a medical record such as EKG, or a unique injury or treatment, might also be susceptible to being linked to a specific patient.

“Accordingly, distributing such a photograph, whether via email, by posting it on Facebook, or through other media, may be an unauthorized disclosure of protected health information and violate HIPAA.”

The memo also discusses the penalties that violators face, including fines of up to $250,000 and 10 years in prison, and the fact that Maryland state law governing medical confidentiality, Health General Article, Sections 4-30 l, et seq., is also applicable and carries fines of up to $250,000, imprisonment, and possible civil liability to the victims.

Here is a copy of the memo. MD EMS Social Media

For those concerned, neither HIPAA nor state medical confidentiality laws prohibit the taking of photos, dash or helmet cam video, or other types of imagery. What is required is that any imagery that shows an identifiable patient must be treated as part of the patient’s confidential medical record.

Publishers Notes: If you click on the link above, MD EMS Social Media you'll find far more details. For example: "including demographic information"

I bring this to light because of what an EMT/Firefighter and WMDT News brought to the public by producing photographs of the interior of a local mans home after he passed. If you can identify the patient/victim by association, your in violation. 

Another format we researched stated the following: This definition includes photographs of patients taken by EMS providers if the patient can be identified, whether directly or indirectly. Health information that neither identifies nor provides a reasonable basis to identify an individual can be shared.
Under HIPAA, information related to a patient’s medical condition is deemed to identify the patient if it contains any of the following identifiers of the individual or of relatives, employers, or household members of the individual:
(A) Names
(B) All geographic subdivisions smaller than a state, including street address, city, county, precinct, zip code, and their equivalent geocodes, except for the initial three digits of a zip code if, according to the current publicly available data from the Bureau of the Census:
(1) the geographic unit formed by combining all zip codes with the
same three initial digits contains more than 20,000 people; and
(2) the initial three digits of a zip code for all such geographic
units containing 20,000 or fewer people is changed to 000.


GO HERE to view our original article.

Moral Victory For Lore' Chambers, Ireton GUILTY

Mayor Jim Ireton was in fact found guilty of verbally assaulting Lore' Chambers but the Judge refused to award her any money.

One elected official sent me a text last night asking what I thought the outcome would be and I replied, the Judge will find a way to satisfy both parties, I was right. 

Ireton was found GUILTY of verbal assault but without malice. The Jury exposed their findings around 10 PM last night. 


Back in October, the National Rifle Association stated the following about then GOP-gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan (emphasis added):

The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) is proud to endorse Larry Hogan for Governor of Maryland.

This endorsement is based on Hogan’s support for and commitment to the Second Amendment. Larry Hogan respects the rule of law and the Second Amendment rights of Maryland’s law-abiding citizens. In sharp contrast, his opponent, Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, is a true enemy of gun owners’ rights. Brown has earned an “F” rating for his consistent anti-gun record. Brown and his running mate Ken Ulman have aggressively attacked the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Marylanders and continue to voice their support for the failed and flawed “Firearms Safety Act of 2013,” the most sweeping and offensive gun ban in Maryland history, which does nothing to address violent crime.

Well, it appears that the NRA may have been overstating Hogan’s commitment to the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners as Hogan’s administration once again said that the governor-elect will not attempt to repeal the “Firearms Safety Act of 2013.”


State Police Detectives Make Prostitution Arrests at Sussex County Massage Parlors

Rehoboth – On Thursday December 4, 2014 a joint operation was conducted targeting two local massage parlors in the Rehoboth Beach area. The following agencies were involved in the investigation: Delaware State Police Sussex Drug Task Force, Sussex Governor’s Task Force, Troop 4 Major Crimes Unit, Department of State Division of Professional Regulation, State of Delaware Department of Justice, and Department of Homeland Security Investigations.

The investigation began Thursday morning when an undercover detective arrived at the Top Quality Spa located at 37169 Rehoboth Avenue Extended for a massage. While performing the massage, the masseuse, Xiangyu Jin, 44 of Rehoboth, offered to perform a sex act in exchange for cash. The detective refused and left the business.

The same undercover detective then entered the Relaxed Spa located at 37385 Rehoboth Avenue Extended for a massage. While performing the massage, the masseuse, Meizhu Zhang, 43 of Rehoboth, offered to perform a sex act in exchange for cash. The detective refused and left the business.

Shortly thereafter, investigators executed simultaneous search warrants at the spas. Meizhu Zhang was taken into custody at the Relax Spa without incident. Also located in the business during the raid was Howard W. Brand Jr., 46 of Lewes. Further investigation revealed that Brand was at the business to provide cash in exchange for a sex act from Meizhu Zhang. Xiangyu Jin and another masseuse, Yan F. Dong, 40 of Rehoboth, were taken into custody at Top Quality Spa. Business records and prostitution paraphernalia were seized during the execution of the search warrants of both businesses.

The three suspects were charged with the following as a result of the investigation:

Meizhu Zhang: Prostitution; Engage in practice of Massage and bodywork therapy without being duly licensed. Arraigned at JP3 and released after posting $550.00 secured bond. (Photo Attached – Red shirt)

Xiangyu Jin: Prostitution; Engage in practice of Massage and bodywork therapy without being duly licensed. Arraigned at JP3 and released after posting $550.00 secured bond. (Photo Attached – Hair over right eye)

Yan F. Dong: Prostitution; Engage in practice of Massage and bodywork therapy without being duly licensed. Arraigned at JP3 and released after posting $550.00 secured bond. (Photo Attached – Hair over left eye)

The following individuals were also contacted and found to be patronizing the business in exchange for sex acts:

Arthur J. Stouffs, 72 of Bethesda, MD: Patronizing a Prostitute or Request Sexual Contact in Return for Fee. Released on Criminal Summons

Richard L. Engle, 38 of Magnolia: Patronizing a Prostitute or Request Sexual Contact in Return for Fee. Released on Criminal Summons

Barry C. Lenhart, 72 of Lewes: Patronizing a Prostitute or Request Sexual Contact in Return for Fee. Released on Criminal Summons

James S. Shortley, 80 of Rehoboth: Patronizing a Prostitute or Request Sexual Contact in Return for Fee. Released on Criminal Summons

Howard W. Brand Jr, 46 of Lewes: Patronizing a Prostitute or Request Sexual Contact in Return for Fee. Released on Criminal Summons

Today's Survey Question 12-9-14

Who would you nominate 
as the Eastern Shore's 
Person Of The Year,
and why?


Wicomico, MD— This time of year, with all the holiday parties and festive occasions, many party-goers will be drinking. If you’re celebrating with alcohol this holiday season, the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office has a message for you: Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over. Due to the increase in drunk-driving-related fatalities around the holidays each year, law enforcement agencies across America will be out in force December 12-January 1, 2015—actively searching for drunk drivers. The facts are grim: in December 2012 there were 830 people killed in crashes involving at least one driver or motorcycle operator with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher; 26 of those deaths occurred on Christmas Day. On average, a third (31%) of all crash fatalities in America involves drunk driving. But on Christmas day 2012, the percentage jumps to 36 percent.

“It’s time for all drivers to get the message,” said Sheriff Michael A. Lewis “that drunk driving isn’t a victimless crime. You could kill yourself or someone else, or get a DUI and go to jail.” It’s illegal in every state to drive over the limit of .08 grams per deciliter (g/dL). And it might not take as much alcohol as you think to get there. So the safest approach is to only drive sober. If you plan on drinking at a holiday party, bar, or restaurant, let someone else do the driving – a sober friend, a taxi or public transportation.

Bikers Vs Police. High Speed Chase

Ireton Wants Wicomico County To Pay For $14,000,000.00 Fire Palace and More

Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton is flip flopping around to find any possible way to get out of the massive debt he and former Mayor Barrie Tilghman put the taxpayers in within the Salisbury Fire Department.

While Ireton pounds his chest exposing an $8,000,000.00 SURPLUS in the water and sewer fund, WHY on God's Green Earth is he asking for a Rain Tax and money from the County?

Better yet, isn't government designed NOT to make a profit, yet Ireton keeps exposing they continue to do just that. How many years did Debbie & Terry expose SURPLUS money the Mayors tried to hide, especially in the Fire Department!

Liberal leaders keep coming up with, LOOK WHAT I FOUND! Money that wasn't supposed to be there all of a sudden shows up and then they can spend it like there's no tomorrow. Look at the Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Redskins. Each team got $250,000,000.00 a piece to build their new stadiums, or roads/infrastructure to get you there.
Now Ireton wants to continue to allow Fire Trucks to go to every Ambulance call and throw these kind of expenses onto the County. No Jimmy, STOP the crazy food runs and Ambulance chasing calls and stop asking the County to pay for your huge mistakes, including a $1,000,000.00 Fire Boat and brand new Fire Stations.

County Executive Culver should go tell Ireton to go pound sand. The proud and efficient Volunteers in the County can do just fine without the City's help. 

This Is America, As It Is

At 14 or 15 years old, I was with my father when he got pulled over by a police officer. The cop, much younger than him, spoke to my dad like he was trash — I swear the cop called him boy — but my father was cool. He said "Yes sir," and "No sir" and dealt with this young cop's horrible attitude.

After he finished emasculating my dad, the officer let us go, but I remember how silent the car ride was the rest of the way. I could feel the anger emanating from my father. I know now how much that encounter must have hurt, but for the sake of his family, he took it. Later, my father told me how to behave when you encounter a police officer, because he wanted to keep me safe. This is America, as it is.

In 2001, I won custody of my oldest son; it had been a long, weird, journey. I didn't know I had a son until he was 6 years old and I was 23. Getting custody was necessary but a difficult transition for both of us. They don't have a handbook about parenting an 11-year-old child, especially when you haven't learned any skills leading to that point. You grow with your child and unfortunately for both him and I, we hadn't been afforded that luxury.

Not long after he came to live with me, he and I were driving in Jacksonville. I stopped at a convenience store to get us a snack. An older black man, who looked homeless, stumbled into the store and slipped on the floor while talking incoherently. He must have been running from the cops because they came in behind him and started to beat the man bloody. My first inclination was to step in and stop them from hurting him so badly. But they were cops. What could I do?

I looked out of the window and saw my kid trying to look into the store from the car. I didn't know much about parenting at that point, but I knew he shouldn't see this. I left the soda and chips on the counter, threw my hands up and slid out of the store. We drove away and my son asked me what happened. I didn't respond, I just tried to hide the tears from him and continued to drive as the truth hit me hard: I cannot protect him.


Grand Jury Refuses To Indict Cops Who Killed Man With Down Syndrome Who Wouldn’t Leave Movie

A grand just just announced on Friday that they will not indict a Maryland police officer who killed an unarmed man who had Down Syndrome.

“They felt no further investigation was necessary,” Frederick County State’s Attorney J. Charles Smith, said about the death of Robert Ethan Saylor, 26.

Smith explained at a news conference just outside of the county courthouse, that “no crime had been committed.”

As with all grand juries, the proceedings were held in secrecy. Three deputies involved in the death were Lt. Scott Jewell, Sgt. Rich Rochford and Deputy First Class James Harris.

Saylor’s parents said they were “extremely disappointed and saddened and concerned.”

“This is a really hard day for them,” their attorney Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum said.

“They’re going to have to digest this unsettling news and determine their next step.”


A Viewer Writes: Salisbury Mayor 'A BULLY'

So in the end - who looks to be a racist now. All through the campaign Ireton accused Joe Albero to be a racist. He spread this rant publicly throughout the community. In the end - the Salisbury attorney defending Lorie Chambers described Ireton most eloquently - 'A BULLY'.

SPD Press Release - Robbery Investigation/Arrests

Wicomico County: Wow, What A Week That Was!

After eight years of ever deepening disappointment during Rick Pollock's tenure as the County Executive, the first week of December, 2014, was like a breath of fresh air on a hot, muggy day, beginning with swearing-in ceremony of Bob Culver at Wor-Wic Community College on December 2. Both he and governor-elect Larry Hogan offered plain spoken but pointed comments about the need to reverse the Democrat party's policies that have reduced Maryland and Wicomico County to a low level. Indeed, Messrs. Culver and Hogan could have done a duet to the song "There'll be some changes made".

Although we won't see formal action by Mr. Hogan until sometime next year, Bob Culver followed through as soon as he took office by terminating Pollitt's policy (possibly illegal) of allowing County employees to have a paid holiday on their birthday and restricting the personal use of County vehicles. Several hours after the ceremony, he removed from Pollitt's projects proposed for additional County bonding debt both the next phase of the westside connector roadway and the initial funding to replace the West Salisbury School. And he was present and spoke at the Council's meeting to explain why he took that action. When's the last time Rick Pollitt did anything similar?

At the Council meeting, playing to PAC14 audience and the mainstream media, a small but vocal group that wants the new school as soon as possible made various misrepresentations about the matter and criticized Mr. Culver’s action at the Council meeting. But rather than argue with them - rational discussion was out of the question given their attitude - he issued a detailed and cogent statement reciting the actual facts and reiterating his reasoning.

Plainly put, Wicomico County now has a competent, conservative businessman, rather than a liberal career politician and government employee, as a leader who does what he regards as the right thing for the County as a whole, not what will promote his personal career. So, too does the State of Maryland. It has been a long time coming and is truly a breath of fresh air.

Hopefully these events of last week are a harbinger of things to come in Wicomico County. The sooner, the better!

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