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Friday, April 22, 2016

Obama's Deviant White House Guest List

"Clock-boy" Ahmed Mohamed

Controversy arose in 2015 as Ahmed Mohamed invented a "clock" designed to look like a fake bomb and brought it to school as if it were an appropriate school project. Due to the sensitivity to mass attacks, especially in schools, Ahmed was escorted out of the school in handcuffs for investigation. The loony left immediately jumped on this story and depicted Ahmed as a victim of racial prejudice. Immediately, Obama tweeted, "Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It's what makes America great."


Governor Larry Hogan Proclaims April 24-30 Zika Virus Awareness Week

Residents Urged to Do Their Part to Prevent Spread of Mosquito-Borne Disease

Governor Larry Hogan has issued a statewide proclamation declaring April 24-30 “Zika Virus Awareness Week” in Maryland – a time for residents to take simple, but critically important steps to prevent the spread of the mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus. It is critical that Maryland residents survey their properties and their communities and eliminate or treat mosquito breeding sites.

“As we learn more about the serious health risks associated with Zika, it is crucial that Marylanders – especially those who are traveling to areas where the virus is being actively transmitted – are equipped with knowledge that will help reduce their chances of contracting the virus,” said Governor Hogan.

Although researchers still have a lot to discover about Zika, they know that the major source of transmission is through the bite of certain species of infected Aedes mosquitoes, which lay their eggs in containers of standing water around the home, rather than in wetland areas. As of March 31, there were eight confirmed cases of Zika virus in Maryland—all associated with travel to areas where the disease has been actively transmitted. The disease has not been transmitted locally by mosquitoes; however, that may change as the Aedes mosquitoes become active in warmer weather, usually around the beginning of May in Maryland. If a mosquito takes a blood meal from a recent traveler who has Zika virus circulating in his or her blood, the mosquito can become infected and transmit the virus when it takes another blood meal.

About Zika Virus

Most people infected with the Zika virus do not know it, as symptoms are relatively mild. The most common symptoms are fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis (pink eye). However, the virus poses a significant threat to pregnant women because it has been linked to birth defects, including a condition known as microcephaly. The virus may also be linked to a rare neurologic disorder, Guillain-Barre syndrome.

The incubation period (the time from exposure to symptoms) for Zika virus disease is not known, but is likely a few days to a week. The illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting for several days to a week after being bitten by an infected mosquito. Zika virus usually remains in the blood of an infected person for about a week but it can be found longer in some people. Once a person has been infected, he or she is likely to be protected from future infections. There is no vaccine to prevent or treat the disease at this time.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend residents see a health care provider if they show symptoms within two weeks of possible exposure to Zika virus, especially if they have traveled to a region where the virus is active – areas in the Caribbean, South America, and Central America – or have had sexual contact with someone who has traveled to those regions. Health and Mental Hygiene urges people who believe they are at risk for contracting Zika to alert their health care provider.

Paul Nehlen: Paul Ryan ‘Abandoned’ His District, 'Failed’ as Speaker

Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen, a former
Rep. Paul Ryan supporter, tells Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon he’s had enough of Ryan’s cronyism and weakness against Obama as Speaker, especially on trade, and is now challenging the GOP Speaker back home in Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district.

“He’s abandoned this district,” said Nehlen, adding, “Eighty-three percent of Paul Ryan’s campaign financing came from outside this district. And of that 83 percent, 65 percent of it came in the form of large campaign donations from his special interests.”

“This trade deal is the worst trade deal you can imagine,” said Nehlen, “If you think NAFTA was bad, this trade deal will export our jobs overseas and even worse, it will import workers that will replace us in our own jobs.” Later Nehlen added, “Paul Ryan isn’t representing anyone. Paul Ryan is representing the special interests.”


Bertrand Piccard resumes the Mission: takeoff from Hawaii

Like the rising sun, the Solar Impulse 2 airplane rose from the tarmac at Kalaeloa Airport with Bertrand Piccard in the cockpit. However, just like the setting sun, it grew smaller and smaller, disappearing in the distance. Bertrand Piccard took off from Kalaeloa Airport with Si2 at 4:15PM UTC, 6:15PM CET, 9:15AM PT for a journey that is expected to last 59 hours until landing at Moffett Airfield in Mountain View, California, USA.

We already marked the history of aviation with André Borschberg’s 117 hour flight from Nagoya to Hawaii and are looking forward to closing the Pacific Crossing with this flight. Together, we will continue to attempt the first round-the-world solar flight and demonstrate that clean technologies can run the world.

What's old is new: MTV plots a major return to music

For much of the modern era, the word music in the MTV acronym has been an afterthought, a vestige of an earlier time and identity.

That's all about to change.

Under the guidance of new President Sean Atkins, the youth network is embarking on a redo that will put music at its center.

With ratings flat or down in a number of time periods, MTV is turning to songs as its savior. The network is prepping a new version of its classic "Unplugged"; a music competition show in the world of hip-hop produced by Mark Burnett; and an L.A.-set live-music series titled "Wonderland." The last one is MTV's first such program in about two decades.

Though much of the network's success this century has come via nonscripted series with little connection to bands ("Jersey Shore," "The Hills")--and though original scripted programming remains the rage across much of the cable dial -- MTV believes it will fare better by returning to its roots.


Rep. Diane Black: Trump on Rise With Women as Hillary's Numbers Sink

Women are warming up to Donald Trump — and with Hillary Clinton's poll numbers steadily ebbing, chances are better than ever the billionaire developer could trounce her in a general election, Rep. Diane Black tells Newsmax TV.

In Tuesday's New York primary, Trump took 59 percent of the female vote despite his war of words with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, which some saw as a sexist attack.

"The women in New York appreciate what he's saying, when he's talking about the economy getting better," Black, a Tennessee Republican, said Wednesday to J.D. Hayworth on "Newsmax Prime."

"Women represent 52 percent of the population and so they are very concerned about the economy as we all are over the last eight years we have seen a lack of ability to be able to raise our salaries and to be able to have health care for our family.

"Women are looking for someone who will talk about the things that are important to them and obviously Donald Trump is talking about this."


Pentagon to Counter Hypersonic Missiles with Lasers

The U.S. is moving to counter Chinese and Russian hypersonic strike vehicles using lasers, the director of the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency revealed last week.

But Vice Adm. James Syring told a House Armed Services subcommittee on strategic forces hearing that he lacks the funding to counter hypersonic missile threats, but that money has been requested in the defense authorization bill to deal with the threat.

“I’ve asked for $23 million to begin a low-power laser demonstrator this year to demonstrate the feasibility by 2021,” the three-star admiral said.

Critics say the Missile Defense Agency has been remiss by not beginning work earlier in countering future Chinese and Russia high-speed maneuvering strike vehicles. The relatively low funding and long lead time for a demonstration of a laser against a hypersonic strike vehicle are not likely to address the growing threat of hypersonic missiles.

The ultra-high-speed maneuvering delivery vehicles are being built by China and Russia for use with nuclear and conventional missiles. China’s glider was tested most recently in November and is called the DF-ZF. Russia tested a hypersonic vehicle in February 2015.

The Pentagon also is developing hypersonic gliders and scramjet-powered vehicles, but the program has been hampered by sharp defense budget cuts under the Obama administration.


Court Strikes Down California Effort to Reveal Donors to Nonprofit

California regulators’ attempts to compel a conservative nonprofit group to turn over a list of its major donors is unconstitutional, a federal judge ruled on Thursday.

District court judge Manuel Real ruled that attorney general Kamala Harris’ office did not demonstrate a sufficient need for that information when it sought to bar the conservative Americans for Prosperity Foundation from raising money in the state unless it turned over that list.

If upheld, the case could have broad implications for efforts by Democratic politicians to more heavily scrutinize—and, critics say, censor or stifle—nonprofit groups that engage in political speech without advocating for or against specific candidates.

More here

State Department Office Removed Benghazi Files After Congressional Subpoena

State Department officials removed files from the secretary’s office related to the Benghazi attack in Libya and transferred them to another department after receiving a congressional subpoena last spring, delaying the release of the records to Congress for over a year.

Attorneys for the State Department said the electronic folders, which contain hundreds of documents related to the Benghazi attack and Libya, were belatedly rediscovered at the end of last year.

They said the files had been overlooked by State Department officials because the executive secretary’s office transferred them to another department and flagged them for archiving last April, shortly after receiving a subpoena from the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

The new source of documents includes electronic folders used by senior officials under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They were originally kept in the executive secretary’s office, which handles communication and coordination between the secretary of state’s office and other department bureaus.

The House Benghazi Committee requested documents from the secretary’s office in a subpoena filed in March 2015. Congressional investigators met with the head of the executive secretary’s office staff to discuss its records maintenance system and the scope of the subpoena last April. That same month, State Department officials sent the electronic folders to another bureau for archiving, and they were not searched in response to the request.


This Is A Cool Picture

The crowd at the Trump Rally went nuts taking pictures and video of Donald Trump visiting Berlin, Maryland. 

Iran Conducts Space Launch

Iran this week conducted the first launch of a new rocket that the Pentagon views as a key element of Tehran’s effort to build long-range missiles.

The launch of the Simorgh space launch vehicle on Tuesday was judged by U.S. intelligence agencies to be partly successful but did not reach orbit, said defense officials familiar with reports of the test.

“It was either an unsuccessful launch, or a test of third stage” not meant to place a satellite in orbit, said a U.S. defense official familiar with reports of the test.

No other details of the test launch could be learned.

At the State Department, spokesman John Kirby said he could not confirm the missile launch.


Troopers Investigate Vehicle Crash Involving a School Bus

Seaford, DE – Troopers are investigating a vehicle crash that occurred east of Seaford this afternoon involving a Seaford School Bus.

The preliminary investigation revealed the incident occurred around 4:01 p.m. today, Friday, April 22, 2016, as Jerry M. Janvier, 19 of Seaford, was operating a 2006 Saturn Ion northbound on Bethel Concord Road behind a school bus. Judith D. King, 45 of Seaford, was operating 2012 International School Bus on Bethel Concord Road and stopped the bus to let out students. The Saturn Ion struck the rear bumper of the bus with the front of the passenger vehicle. Both vehicles stopped at the point of the crash. The bus driver and four students on board the bus were uninjured in the collision.

Jerry M. Janvier was transported by EMS to the Nanticoke Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. He was ticketed for Following too Closely and No Insurance in Possession.

Bethel Concord Road north of Airport Road was impacted for approximately one hour while the crash was investigated and cleared.

CDC Official Warned Staff of Health, Safety Risks During Influx of Illegal Alien Minors

“Plan on Many of the Kids Having TB.” “Be Wary of Personal Safety.”

A government official warned employees deploying for the influx of illegal immigrant minors about health and safety risks because the new arrivals would have tuberculosis and some were young adults—not children—like the Obama administration proclaimed, according to records obtained by Judicial Watch.

“We might as well plan on many of the kids having TB,” states a June 26, 2014 guidance e-mail from a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) environmental health scientist, Alaric C. Denton, as the agency prepared to handle the crisis. “Most of these kids are not immunized, so we need to make sure all our staff are immunized.” Denton, who is stationed at the CDC headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, predicts in the directive that the agency will be overwhelmed pretty quickly and that screening requirements will be hard to keep up with.

Judicial Watch had to sue the CDC’s umbrella agency, the Department of Health and Human Services, (HHS) for the records. Though chunks have been redacted, the documents contradict the Obama administration’s public statements dismissing possible health and safety risks created by the tens of thousands of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) fleeing violence in Central America.

The CDC official reveals in the documents obtained by JW as a result of the lawsuit that “some of these kids are not really kids they are young adults, and we should be wary of personal safety.” JW reported this early on, when the first group of UACs arrived through the Mexican border in the summer of 2014.

Homeland Security sources directly involved with the mess told JW that holding centers were jam-packed, rampant with diseases and sexually active teenagers. A veteran Border Patrol officer who heads the agency’s Tucson sector quickly established that many of the UACs were not little kids but rather 17-year-olds with possible ties to gang members in the U.S.

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Meanwhile in Delaware...

LIVE Donald Trump Rally In Harrington

Yes, We Need a Canadian Border Wall

Canada's sloppy, rushed and reckless Syrian refugee resettlement program is America's looming national security nightmare.

Donald Trump shouldn't just be promising to build a Mexican border wall. He (and any other sovereignty-minded presidential candidate) should be vowing to rebuild the decimated "wall" of first-line watchdogs, field enforcement and patrol officers on our northern border.

The urgency could not be greater.

The Canadian liberal government has fast-tracked tens of thousands of Syrian Muslims into its country over the past five months and now plans to double its interim 25,000 goal by 2019. The bleeding-heart Canucks are forging ahead despite reports this week of the country's failed $16 million screening program to stop Islamic terrorists from slipping through the cracks.


Fired for Preaching: Georgia Dumps Doctor Over Church Sermons

Bi-vocational pastors be warned — what you say from the pulpit on Sunday could get you fired from your public sector job on Monday.

Dr. Eric Walsh, a renowned public health expert who also serves as a lay minister, has filed a federal lawsuit against the Georgia Department of Public Health alleging he was terminated for delivering sermons on issues ranging from homosexuality to evolution.

“No one in this country should be fired from their job for something that was said in a church or from a pulpit during a sermon,” said First Liberty attorney Jeremy Dys.

First Liberty, one of the nation’s largest law firms defending religious liberty, is representing the Seventh Day Adventist lay minister.

They contend that the Georgia Department of Public Health assigned workers to investigate sermons Dr. Walsh delivered on health, marriage, sexuality, world religions, science and creationism. He also preached on what the Bible says about homosexuality.

“He was fired for something he said in a sermon,” Dys told me. “If the government is allowed to fire someone over what he said in his sermons, they can come after any of us for our beliefs on anything.”

More here

A God-Loving, Gun-Toting Republican Woman On Our Nation's Currency

Who would have thought that after more than a year of debate, speculation, and politically correct public demand, America would learn that a God-loving, gun-toting Republican woman would earn a spot on our nation’s currency? Of course, don’t say this too loudly lest the Obama Treasury Department realize what it just did and change its mind.

But it’s true. Harriet Tubman — whom notes was sustained by two things: “the pistol at her side and her faith in God” — will grace a newly designed $20 bill, to be unveiled in 2030. There’s no question that Tubman’s heroic work leading slaves to freedom via the Underground Railroad merits her image on our currency. But who’s getting the boot to make way for the Moses of her people? None other than our seventh president, Andrew Jackson, a Democrat.

Before any tears are shed for the military hero-turned commander in chief, consider that our greenbacks almost lost a patron saint, Alexander Hamilton, instead of someone who would have been appalled to find his face plastered to a federal bank note in the first place. Indeed, last year it seemed likely that Hamilton — who, aside from helping to write The Federalist Papers, stabilized America’s finances, basically founded Wall Street and strongly advocated for a central bank — would be the latest casualty of the demand that a woman get her money’s worth.


Queen Anne's County Sheriff Press Release (Lawn Mower Accident With Amputation)


DATE / TIME: 04/22/2016 @ 1144 Hours
LOCATION: 200 Block of Fairview Farm Lane, Centreville

DETAILS: Emergency personnel were dispatched to location for an unknown emergency with a child crying. Before they could arrive, they were updated to respond to Centreville Police Department parking lot.

The emergency was for a three year old with a complete amputated foot from a lawn mower incident. The child had left the house and ran towards the father on the mower. Not seeing the child, the father made a turn and the child was run over. With such a tramatic injury the child was in life threatening condition with a large blood loss. Initial actions taken at the scene by CPD Officers and Major Boardman of the Sheriff’s Office followed by Goodwill Fire Company and Paramedics were crucial.

The child was transported to a field near the United Methodist Church and then flown to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore by MSP Aviation.

QA Department of Emergency Services received word from Johns Hopkins that “there is no doubt that the application of that tourniquet absolutely saved the child’s life today”.

Credit to all personnel involved for an excellent job, from the Dispatchers, Law Enforcement, Fire Department, EMS to MSP Aviation.

Investigation of the incident is being handled by the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Unit.

CASE 16-11142

Ex-Intelligence Officer: Mexican Tunnel Troubling for Terrorism

The discovery of the longest cross-border tunnel ever found by law enforcement along the California and Mexico border should raise red flags about terrorists being able to sneak into the United States, Col. Derek Harvey tells Newsmax TV.

In an interview Thursday with "Newsmax Prime" host J.D. Hayworth, the former intelligence officer and former adviser to Gen. David Petreaus said "clearly there are" national security implications in the massive tunnel — and in new relationships between terrorists and drug cartels.

"What I'm concerned about is the transactional relationships that are developing between terrorist groups and these narco groups in Mexico and Colombia and Latin America in general," he said.

And border security is suffering because of lack of resources and leadership, he charged.

More here

Donald Trump Is Coming Back To Maryland Sunday

Meet The Harvard Student Who Called A Jewish Politician ‘Smelly’

The name of the Harvard student who asked a visiting Israeli politician why she was “so smelly” has been revealed. The student is a leader in Harvard’s Arab community with a history of anti-Israeli activism. Not only that, but he’s also a man looking for a job, making his public stunt look like an incredibly bad idea.

Last week, Husam El-Qoulaq rudely disrupted a panel featuring Israeli politician Tzipi Livni to ask her why she was “so smelly.”

“I’m question (sic) about the odor of Tzipi Livni, very smelly, and I was just wondering,” El-Qoulaq said to a confused panel.

Despite his remarks being very public, it took nearly a week before El-Qoulaq’s statements attracted wider notice, with several Jewish media outlets expressing outrage at the stunt on Wednesday. Harvard Law School Dean Martha Minow strongly condemned the behavior in a school-wide email. El-Qoulaq issued an apology as well, claiming he was unaware that assigning a pungent odor to Jewish people has long been a part of anti-Semitic propaganda. El-Qoulaq suggested that he was just trying to make a rude personal attack on Livni rather than an attack on all Jews in general.


Freedom From Religion Foundation: Part II

Any religion, by definition, sports its own distinctive vocabulary, sacred symbolism, grand meta-narrative, exclusive truth exercised by faith, code of ethics/morality, creed, rituals, evangelism, and discipleship. As is true with any worldview, secularism by nature is a religion. Logically, to discard religion is to separate from the above, but secularism instead exhibits them all. Hence, “freedom from religion” is better understood as switching religion from one brand to another.

In Part 1, we established that judicial acknowledgement, a distinctive vocabulary, grand meta-narrative, and vision for the ideal accompany secularism and religion. All of these things inform voters and influence the course of a nation.

The late journalist Christopher Hitchens reasoned, “Since it is obviously inconceivable that all religions can be right, the most reasonable conclusion is that they are all wrong.”

Of course, one could counter, “Since it is obviously inconceivable that all secularists (or progressives) can be right, the most reasonable conclusion is that they are all wrong.” But I digress.

Belief Claiming Exclusive Truth

Naturalists reproach biblical apologists for fortifying dogma by inserting “the God of the gaps”; however, in a letter to Dr. Asa Gray, their hero Charles Darwin admitted, “Imagination must fill up very wide blanks.” Despite these blanks, naturalists embrace “settled science” as exclusive truth.

Having studied under the famous scholar, Gamaliel, the Apostle Paul had legitimate claim to knowledge of truth.


Three Phoenix VA Patients Died After Not Receiving Care

Three patients at the Phoenix VA medical center recently died after not receiving the care that could have prolonged their lives, according to emails obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Internal Phoenix VA emails indicate a medical review of about 40 deceased patients showed that if three patients on the list had received the care they needed, they might still be alive today.

While the analysis was only preliminary, the physician who examined delays in the three cases found them serious enough to forward along to quality management for further inspection. Without this particular whistleblower’s analysis, these three patients may have been forgotten forever.

Hospital management is not checking on why patients are dying, except for the few staff who go out of their way to double-check and review medical records, according to one whistleblower who spoke with TheDCNF.

There were also some hidden gems in the files of the other deceased patients, noted the physician. In one case, because a consultant started a note before the patient died but delayed signing the note, it appeared as though care was given after the patient died.

In another two cases, the consult, the referral for care to a specialist, was nothing more than a request to retrieve medical equipment following the patient’s death.


Cruz rally in Frederick A Flop

Publishers Notes: I was just reading the Frederick News Post about the Cruz rally held there on Thursday. Considering Frederick County alone has a population of almost 250 thousand people. This does not include surrounding counties that are just a short ride into Frederick County. The Cruz rally only got 1000 people that registered for the rally.

The Latest: Cruz speech ends; Patrick Street reopened

GO HERE to read more.

Governor Larry Hogan Announces $2.3 Million to Rehabilitate Structurally Deficient US 13 Bridge

Project Fixes Somerset County’s Critical Transportation Link 
Over Kings Creek

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today announced a $2.3 million investment to rehabilitate one of Maryland’s 69 state-owned structurally deficient bridges. As part of the Hogan administration’s $1.97 billion investment in highway and bridge improvements, the Maryland Department of Transportation will replace the deck of the two-lane US 13 southbound bridge over Kings Creek, improving safety and operations for the 20,870 drivers who use it every day.

“This stretch of US 13 is a vital link to our local agricultural and manufacturing companies that provide jobs, education, and recreational activities within the region,” said Governor Hogan. “I am committed to fixing the US 13 bridge and all state-owned structurally deficient bridges to help citizens get about their daily lives in a faster, more efficient, and safer manner.”

The southbound US 13 bridge over Kings Creek was built in 1962 and serves as Somerset County’s major north-south route. By 2035, traffic is expected to increase to 28,500 vehicles per day. Construction started in March and is expected to be completed this fall.

Today’s announcement demonstrates Governor Hogan’s commitment to safety and infrastructure improvements in every jurisdiction in the state and is part of the $19.4 million in additional transportation investments in Somerset County over six years, including: $15.6 million for highways; $3.7 million for Shore Transit (FY 2016); $28,600 in grants for highway safety and other programs (FY 2016); and $4,385 for aviation grants (FY 2016) for Crisfield-Somerset County Airport.


TAKOMA PARK, MD - The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Maryland today filed suit in federal district court in Greenbelt, challenging as unconstitutional a year-long "no-trespass" order issued by Montgomery County police to Maryland Legal Aid (Legal Aid) advocates who sought to visit and provide legal information to migrant farmworkers living on-site at Lewis Orchards, a farm in Montgomery County. The lawsuit, filed against Montgomery County, its Police Department, and Fruits and Vegetables by Lewis Orchard, LLC, includes a request for swift Court action to lift the no-trespass order, so that Legal Aid can immediately resume outreach to migrant workers at the farm.

"Maryland Legal Aid has every right to reach out seeking fairness for our state's most marginalized and vulnerable workers, and Montgomery County's use of its police power to block farmworkers' access to justice should shame us all," said Deborah Jeon, Legal Director for the ACLU of Maryland.

On August 18, 2015, Legal Aid employee Nohora Rivero and a law clerk visited Lewis Orchards in Dickerson, MD, to speak with migrant workers about their rights, connect them with social services, and listen to their concerns. After work hours, Ms. Rivero spoke with workers, who had H-2A visas, at their residences on the farm. Midway through the Legal Aid visit, farm owners Robert and Linda Lewis confronted Rivero and the law clerk, threatening them with arrest if they did not leave immediately. When Rivero said the workers had a right to visit with legal counsel in their homes, the farm owners called Montgomery County police. Police issued the Legal Aid employees an order barring them from returning to the farm to visit workers for a year, on threat of arrest. When Rivero showed Kettering an Attorney General's opinion proclaiming that Legal Aid had a constitutional right to be there, the officer brushed it aside, saying he did not have time to read it, and ordered the two to leave. As a result, Legal Aid was unable to assist workers with their employment concerns last year, and has not been able to return to Lewis Orchards since August.

FBI to hold explosion demo in Worcester Co. next month

After confirming the blasts wouldn’t rattle the nerves of neighbors in the vicinity, the County Commissioners on Tuesday approved a FBI request to hold a live explosives demonstration at the county’s Langmaid Road Borrow Pit in Newark.

Fire Marshall Jeff McMahon presented the proposal for a demo to be held on Friday, May 6, from 10 to 11 a.m.

“It’s all small explosives and there’s not even going to be any debris,” he said. “My FBI contact tells me the noise that will be heard would be that of a normal shot that would be used at the range anyway.”

Commissioners Bud Church and Ted Elder both expressed reservations based on a previous two-day conference last held in April 2014 called the Basic Anti-Terrorism Training for Law Enforcement (BATTEL), which brought several hundred law enforcement officials to the area.


False fire calls cost resort significant money

An examination of fire department records showed the Ocean City Fire Department and the volunteer company responded to approximately 1,316 fire calls last year, and of those, 489 or about 37 percent came from preventable sources, including false alarms.

Ocean City Fire Department Deputy Chief Chuck Barton said the department uses the restitution amount the State’s Attorney can seek if filing charges against someone accused of initiating a false alarm. That amount, Barton said, is $475 per vehicle exclusive of personnel and certain other costs.

If that number is intended to only cover the cost of the response, and if only one piece of equipment responded to each of the 489 preventable calls, the total outlay by the resort to respond to the calls was $232,275 in 2015.


Center ducks Donald

Before Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump scheduled a rally at Stephen Decatur High School for Wednesday evening, the GOP front-runner wanted to stage his event in Ocean City.

The thing was, though, the ducks took precedence.

Sometime last week, Trump’s campaign representatives had contacted officials about the possibility of renting the Roland E. Powell Convention Center for the night, according to city Communications Manager Jessica Waters.

“The center was previously held for another event so we could not meet that specific date,” she said. “To my knowledge, the city officials were flexible with the date but his representatives had other appearances scheduled.”

That previously scheduled event at the convention center is the Ward World Championship Wildfowl Carving Competition, sponsored by the Ward Museum in Salisbury. This weekend competition, which begins Friday, features about 1,200 different waterfowl carvings and sculptures by artists from around the world and requires days of preparations beginning on Wednesday.


New Pocomoke election to occur May 31 — maybe

Pending any changes because of notification procedures from the Board of Elections Supervisors, Pocomoke City will hold either a new election or a “re-vote” on May 31.

Both Pocomoke City Mayor Bruce Morrison and City Attorney/City Manager Ernie Crofoot confirmed the new date, but each was quick to add it’s not really their call.

“We empower the Board of Election Supervisors to make these decisions,” Morrison said.

According to code, the Board of Supervisors of Elections “shall be in charge of registrations of voters, nominations and all city elections.”

When asked about the new date, Board President John Haynie replied via email: “The mayor will be letting everyone know at the meeting tonight.”


New Plans For Old OC Concrete Plant Feature Restaurant, Hotel, Boardwalk

OCEAN CITY — The downtown bayside skyline could get another facelift in the future with a new hotel and restaurant complex on the site of the old Cropper concrete plant, but it will require a rezoning of the historic property.

While there are many details yet to work out, the Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday gave tacit approval to a zoning change for the historic George Burt Cropper concrete plant along the bay just north of the Route 50 Bridge and south of 1st Street. Attorney Joe Moore, representing Ropewalk Bel Air Properties LLC, which has a contract to purchase the property and is in the midst of a due diligence period, presented an informal request for a zoning change of the property to Inlet-1, or I-1, a fairly unique zoning designation reserved for a handful of properties along the downtown waterfront.

Moore told resort planners the conceptual plan for the redevelopment includes a mixed-use facility including another location for the popular Ropewalk restaurant along with a hotel situated on the north end of the property. Moore said the site, which is situated prominently along the main entrance to the resort at Route 50, might be the largest undeveloped commercial property in the resort.


Illinois Drivers Could Be Taxed By The Mile

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP)-Illinois drivers could be taxed by the mile under a new proposal that would involve the use of devices to track the distance motorists travel.

The proposal from state Senate President John Cullerton, D-Chicago, is in response to declining fuel tax revenues, which are used to fix Illinois’ roads.

Cullerton says vehicles getting better mileage still wear on roads and there needs to be a better way for the state to collect taxes and fund repair work, the (Arlington Heights) Daily Herald ( ) reported.

“If all the cars were electric, there would be no money for the roads,” Cullerton said.

Under the plan, drivers could choose one of two ways that a device monitors their mileage. Under one option, the device would specifically track where drivers go and not charge for travel on Illinois toll roads or outside the state. The other option would just track odometer readings.

Or, if drivers have privacy concerns, they could also opt to pay a 1.5-cent-per-mile tax on a base 30,000 miles traveled annually.


Hannity blows up at Cruz: 'I’m getting sick of it'

Man who landed gyrocopter on Capitol lawn gets 4 months

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Florida man who landed a one-person gyrocopter on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol in Washington in 2015 as a stunt to protest the influence of money in politics was sentenced Thursday to spend four months in jail.

In sentencing 62-year-old Douglas Hughes, Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly said he displayed a total lack of concern for his safety or that of others. She said he knowingly violated airspace restrictions around the nation’s capital, some of the most restricted U.S. airspace, and didn’t seem to appreciate how dangerous his actions were. It was only by chance that no one was harmed, she said at a hearing, which lasted hours.

Hughes has said his April 15, 2015, flight in the bare-bones aircraft was a way to call attention to the influence of big money in politics and protest government corruption. The former mail carrier from Ruskin, Florida, was carrying letters for each member of Congress on the topic of campaign finance and the tail of his aircraft displayed a postal service logo.


FULL Donald Trump Rally in Harrisburg, PA (4-21-16)

First Of Three Foals Expected This Year Born Last Weekend

ASSATEAGUE — Fittingly during National Park Week, the newest addition to the wild horse population on Assateague was birthed last Saturday, the first of which will likely be a veritable baby boom on the barrier island this spring.

The new foal, with its rather sterile early moniker N2BHS-O, was birthed last Saturday on the barrier island by Carol’s Girl, also known as N2BHS. In the 1970s, the National Park Service began assigning alpha-numeric names to the horses on the island in order to track their lineage and ancestry as well as identify to which sub-herd they belong and the areas on the island they tend to frequent.

The wobbly young horse has been seen following her dam around in the days since. Because Carol’s Girl was often seen with Yankee 11 and-a-half months ago, which is the gestation period for foals, Assateague Island National Seashore officials are almost certain the foal’s sire is Yankee.

Yankee’s band tends to hang around the state park area, so the new foal and her dam Carol’s Girl were seen frequently by the public this week in the days following the birth, prompting AINS officials to issue a reminder about the importance of giving the young family plenty of space.


VIDEO: Little Leaguers Watch as Fathers Brawl at Game

A couple of dads lost their cool at a little league baseball game they were coaching in Florida, getting into an intense brawl in front of everyone.

Spectator video showed the young players looking on as the adults acted like children near the third-base line.

The men brawled on the ground and had to be pulled apart by others at the game.

The Broward County Sheriff's Office reportedly said the men were coaches for opposing teams.


Residents, visitors flock to adopt portions of OC beach

When the Ocean City Surf Club approached the mayor and City Council with its “Adopt Your Beach” program a month ago, 50 people and groups expressed interest in keeping trash off the sand. Today, 113 parcels have been claimed by people, businesses and organizations for cleanup.

“Almost every day someone contacts me to sign up for AYB,” said OC Surf Club member Effie Cox, who spearheaded the program. “People are overwhelming, showing me they do think of the beach as ‘their’ beach.”

The “Adopt Your Beach” program asks participants to clean up and document trash found on a beach segment four times a year from April to November. The beach is divided by street, meaning there are 147 parcels in all from the inlet to the Delaware line.

While the initiative is open to everyone, the most common participants are local businesses and individuals. Last Monday, the OC Young Professionals cleaned up the beach outside the Holiday Inn on 67th Street in Christmas outfits.


Worcester County approves shelters’ grant applications

Continuing efforts to keep people in housing and off the streets is the goal of a grant application, which was approved by the County Commissioners at its meeting on Tuesday.

For the fifth straight year, the Worcester County Department of Social Services is partnering with two county homeless shelters, Diakonia, on 12747 Old Bridge Rd. in West Ocean City, and Samaritan Shelter, on 814 Fourth St. in Pocomoke City, to seek funding through the Maryland Department of Human Resources.

The DHR facilitates two programs: Emergency and Transitional Housing (ETHS), and Homeless Prevention (HPP). Worcester Social Services is requesting $20,484 through ETHS and $4,822 from HPP.

Site visits were paid to Diakonia on March 22, and to Samaritan Shelter on March 9. Both were found to be in compliance with all mandated regulations and policies. The grant period runs from July 1, 2016 until June 30, 2017. All monies must be spent by the end date.


Obama's Desperate Move To Hide His Total Failure

Obamacare is failing, fast. Large insurance companies are dropping out, citing incredible costs imposed by increased consumption, and co-ops meant to provide low cost insurance to poor Americans are collapsing. The situation is bad, and Americans who were forced into this program by John Roberts disastrous Supreme Court ruling may lose or see massive increases in the pirce of their health insurance. Congress wants to know how bad it is. There's just one problem. The administration won't let them:

Federal health officials refuse to give Congress hundreds of subpoenaed documents on Obamacare’s failed co-ops so that people will continue enrolling in the deeply troubled program, a congressional leader said Tuesday.

Twelve of the 23 co-ops created in 2011 under Obamacare at a cost of $2.4 billion have failed, and another eight of the remaining 11 are likely to go under this year. But the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) won’t hand over documents subpoenaed months ago by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz who chairs the House oversight committee, thinks HHS officials are purposely keeping potential co-op customers in the dark as long as possible.

This is the disaster nearly everyone on the right predicted. Obamacare expanded coverage, without making any real commitments to cutting costs or introducing competition into healthcare markets that would drive prices down. It is absolutely imperative that in this new era of government managed healthcare, we get to the bottom of how bad the situation is, so we can go about fixing it by finding a workable alternative; but Barack Obama wants to make that impossible. By blocking this release, Obama is trying to have it both ways. He wants to make government responsible for the health care needs of millions of Americans, but he doesn't want that agency to be subject to the sort of accountability standards necessary for it to function properly. The cost of admitting that his so called "signature achievement" is a total failure built on faulty ground is too much for him to bear, and so the American people must suffer.

Source: AAN

Governor Hogan Arrives In Ocean City

My Grandson and I had the pleasure of riding side by side with Governor Hogan yesterday as we drove to Ocean City. People were honking and waving with true excitement. 

Barack Obama's Stealth Plan to Steal Guns From Seniors

The right to bear arms is fundamental, for both protection from tyranny and from those who would do us harm. Barack Obama and his Democratic friends in Congress hate this, and they're doing everything they can to take guns from even the most vulnerable Americans. Rand Paul won't stand for that. As Breitbart reports:

Senator Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has introduced legislation to stop President Barack Obama from imposing a stealthy gun ban on an estimated 75,000 Social Security beneficiaries. Breitbart News previously reported last July that Obama’s gun ban would hit Social Security beneficiaries who are labeled as having “mental health” issues. That category is so broad that it includes people who need help to handle personal finances.

Obama added this gun ban into the executive gun controls he announced in January.

The White House explained that the Social Security Administration would execute the ban by reporting beneficiaries with a “mental health issue” to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). This, in turn, would bar them from purchasing a gun.

This is an absolute travesty. As government becomes more technologically complex and bureaucracy becomes even more layered, more and more American seniors may fall into this broad category. It goes without saying that seniors are also an incredibly vulnerable group uniquely susceptible to those who wish to do them harm. An unarmed senior is a choice target for a lowlife criminal. In such a scenario, a gun is a great equalizer, and the difference between life and death. We're glad Senator Paul is standing up for those who President Obama would leave defenseless.


Thank You Governor Larry Hogan

Yesterday Governor Larry Hogan and numerous representatives toured Wicomico County with a milti million dollar large checkbook.

Thank God Its Friday 4-22-16

What will you be doing this weekend?

Suicide by Jihad: from Ellen Sauerbrey

This article about Europe caught my attention because of the following paragraph that pretty accurately describes the current leadership in America.   We are heading down the same path, just twenty years behind.  November 2016 will decide if America can be spared the same fate..
European leaders have been making choices. After World War II, they decided Europe would be a region of the world where war would be banished and all problems solved through diplomacy and appeasement. They gradually abandoned financing defense and security activities. Instead, they built welfare states. They thought that taking care of people from cradle to grave would suppress anger and conflicts. They denied the existence of totalitarian dangers and the necessity of showing strength. To this day, their statements indicate that European leaders think both the Berlin Wall and the Soviet empire fell thanks to the benevolence of Mikhail Gorbachev, not thanks to the determination of Ronald Reagan. To this day, they seem to think that Islam is essentially a religion of peace and that the jihadis belong to a tiny, marginal sect.

by Guy Millière  •  April 16, 2016 at 5:00 am
Gatestone Institute
The March 22 jihadist attacks in Brussels were predictable. What is surprising is that they did not take place sooner. What is also surprising is that more people were not killed. It seems that the authors of the attacks had larger projects in mind; they wanted to attack a nuclear power plant. Others may succeed in doing just that.
In the last two decades, Belgium has become the hub of jihad in Europe. The district ofMolenbeek in Brussels is now a foreign Islamist territory in the heart of Belgium. It is not, however, a lawless zone: sharia law has effectively replaced Belgian law. Almost all the women wear veils or burqas; those who do not take risks. Drug trafficking and radical mosques are everyplace. The police stay outside and intervene only in cases of extreme emergency, using military-like commando operations. Other areas of Belgium, such as Shaerbeek and Anderlecht have the same status as Molenbeek.
The Belgian authorities have allowed the situation to deteriorate. The situation in the country now is virtually equivalent to a surrender.
They seemed to hope that willful blindness and accepting the unacceptable would permit the country to be spared. It did not.

Wicomico County Welcomes the 84th Annual Poodle Club of America National Specialty Show

Glen Avenue Road Closure Announced

Salisbury, MD –
Hundreds of poodles and poodle owners from all over the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan will soon descend upon Salisbury for the 84th Annual Poodle Club of America National Specialty Dog Show April 22 - 29. The event is all poodles, all the time, all varieties including toy, miniature and standard. The show draws over 600 poodles and their handlers to Wicomico County for the week, creating a hotel room night demand of 2,500 over the course of the event. Preliminary estimates indicate the event will generate a $1.5 million dollar economic impact for the area as attendees stay, dine and shop in the area.

The event launches with outdoor tracking and hunting tests on April 22 - 24 before moving inside the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center (WY&CC) for agility trials. The remaining events take place at the WY&CC, and the competitions are free of charge for spectators and open to the public. To protect the safety of participants and spectators, the portion of Glen Avenue in front of the WY&CC will close from Sunday, April 24 at 5 p.m. until Saturday, April 30 at 10 a.m. The closed portion runs from Civic Avenue to St. Albans Drive.

During the show, the WY&CC is magically transformed. The interior of the arena is laid with sod to provide the best footing possible for the poodles and their handlers. The exhibition rings are decorated with elaborate flower arrangements. The Midway Room in the Civic Center becomes a dog-loving shoppers’ paradise and the rear parking lot becomes an RV campground, complete with electric hookups, barbeque grills, tents and lawn chairs.

For additional information about any event for the 84th Annual Poodle Club of America National Specialty Dog show and click on “Events,” at the drop down menu, select “National Specialty.”

What Is Passover?

The eight-day festival of Passoveris celebrated in the early spring, from the 15th through the 22nd of the Hebrew month of Nissan. It commemorates the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt. And, by following the rituals of Passover, we have the ability to relive and experience the true freedom that our ancestors gained.

The Story in a Nutshell

After many decades of slavery to the Egyptian pharaohs, during which time the Israelites were subjected to backbreaking labor and unbearable horrors,G‑d saw the people’s distress and sent Moses to Pharaoh with a message: “Send forth My people, so that they may serve Me.” But despite numerous warnings, Pharaoh refused to heed G‑d’s command. G‑d then sent upon Egypt ten devastating plagues, afflicting them and destroying everything from their livestock to their crops.


Powellville VFC A-U-C-E Breakfast May 15th

This University Embraces Sharia

In 732, Charles "The Hammer Martel" saved France from invading Islamic hordes. In 2016, PC French students are spitting on his legacy, and bending the knee to Muhammad:

Students at an elite Paris university sparked fierce debate Wednesday by inviting classmates to wear the Muslim veil for a day in a bid to "demystify" a practice that is highly divisive in France.

Students at Sciences Po urged women to take part in Hijab Day "if you too think all women should have the right to dress as they wish and have their choice respected".

France is grappling with rising Islamophobia after a wave of terror attacks by jihadists, and the students' Facebook page said that those agreeing to put on the veil would "experience the stigmatisation experienced by veiled women in France".

A dozen students handed out flyers at the university by a table covered in colourful headscarves with a sign reading: "France got 99 problems but Hijab ain't one", adapted from a hit by US rapper Jay Z.

"It is to raise awareness, open the debate and give the floor to women who are often debated on in public but rarely heard," said Laetitia, one of the organisers.

This is how civilizations die. While French students waste their time and their nation's tax dollars exploring the stigmatization of radical Muslims, and blaming themselves for imagined racist attitudes that compel violent reprisal jihadis plot new and innovative ways to kill them.

Source: AAN

Is This Idiot Actress Converting to Islam?

In what might be a desperate move to call attention to her flagging career, troubled actress Lindsey Lohan talked about her fascination with Islam. Is the Mean Girls actress dumping her Catholicism for the "religion of peace?"

Lindsay Lohan is embracing her religious reawakening as she studies Islam.

“I’m a very spiritual person and I’m really open to learning,” the Catholic-born actresstold The Sun on her interest in Islam.

Lohan, 29, who was spotted carrying a copy of the Koran while tending to her community service in New York last summer, also said there’s more to the text than what many people have been led to believe.

“America has portrayed holding a Koran in such a different way to what it actually is,” she explained, despite having yet to complete it.

“I’m not done reading it. Do you know how long that would take? It takes so long,” Lohan said.

Source: AAN

MSP Press Release: Motor Vehicle Collision - Fatal (Berlin Barrack)

Women Supporting Women hosts Bras for a Cause fundraiser

Pictured: Past Bras for a Cause designs

Women Supporting Women is gearing up for their Sixth Annual Bras for a Cause event, held at the Center at Salisbury mall. Individuals, groups and businesses have submitted creative designs in the theme of “Through the Decades” or a message for breast cancer awareness. The designs will be on display at the mall in front of The Children’s Place throughout the month of May where the public is able to vote for their favorite design for $1 a vote.

“The sole purpose of this fundraiser is to raise awareness for breast cancer,” WSW’s Emily Rantz said. “The community has come together to create beautiful bras to help us with awareness and at the same time they are raising money for an important local non-profit.”

Grand Reveal Party (for all participants): Tuesday, April 26, 6:00 PM

Public Viewing and Voting (online or at the Centre at Salisbury): Sunday, May 1 - Tuesday, May 31

Awards Ceremony (for all participants): Thursday, June 2, 6:00 PM

Women Supporting Women is a local, grass-roots non-profit organization dedicated to providing awareness, education and support to all those who are affected by breast cancer. With no national ties or funding, they rely completely on our community to help provide free services to our neighbors, friends and families right here on Delmarva. To learn more about WSW, visit or stop by the office located at 1320 Belmont Avenue, next to the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore.

Registration Open for Wicomico Recreation’s Sand Volleyball

Salisbury, MD – Registration is open for Wicomico County Recreation’s co-ed sand volleyball for men and women ages 14 and older.

Session I runs from June 2-July 14 and Session II runs from July 28-Sept. 8. Games are Thursday evenings between 6 and 8 p.m. at WinterPlace Park.

The deadline to register for Session I is May 13 and the deadline to register for Session II is July 8. The registration fee is $125 per team per session.

Registration is available at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center Box Office (Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.–6 p.m.) and online For more information, contact Brian Workman at 410-548-4900, ext. 105, or