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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sheriff Mike Lewis Accepted The Ice Bucket Challenge Tonight!!!

BREAKING NEWS: Actor, director Richard Attenborough dies

Acclaimed actor and Oscar-winning director Richard Attenborough, known for his work in directing the film 'Ghandi,' has died at 90, his son tells the BBC.


Illinois Gov. Quinn Repeats Call for Assault-Weapons Ban

Quinn is specifically pushing for the passage of the Illinois Public Safety Act

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is once again calling for legislation that would ban the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines.

The Democrat addressed the issue at a news conference on Sunday. He spoke in the Morgan Park neighborhood — a South Side Chicago community that's been affected by gun violence.

Quinn is specifically pushing for the passage of the Illinois Public Safety Act.


TWO Major Motorcycle Accidents In Two Different Counties

Station 3 and Station 16 have been dispatched to a motor vehicle accident involving a motorcycle. The subject is trapped and not breathing. This is at Cedar Lane at St. Luke's Road. CPR in progress. Subject being transported as a priority one.

Worcester County, Showell fire EMS units on scene motorcycle accident involving a motorcycle, appears to be a fatal, in the area of 113 and 589. 
Worcester County is calling for a Medical Examiner. That's 2 motorcycle fatalities back to back.

Found Dog 8-24-14

Hi Joe,

This afternoon my husband found this dog in our woods. We live on Dagsboro Rd where Parsonsburg, Salisbury and Delmar all come together (depending on where your mailbox is on the road) just past the Zion Rd intersection. Could you please post her picture so she can be reunited with her owner. She was VERY hungry and thirsty. I can not keep her here long since we have two large of which is very territorial.

I can be reached on my cell 443-235-4672


(August 24, 2014) – On August 24, 2014, at approximately 3:12 a.m. Ocean City police were dispatched to area of 109 North Atlantic Avenue to assist Ocean City EMS, for a victim of an assault that had already occurred. Upon arrival, officers located an adult male that was unconscious and unresponsive in the parking lot of an area hotel.
First responders from the Ocean City Police and Fire Departments initiated emergency lifesaving procedures on the victim and transported him to Atlantic General Hospital, where he was pronounced deceased where he was later pronounced deceased. The victim has been identified as Justin Daniel Cancelliere, 37, North Whitehall, PA.
An investigation into the cause, manner, and circumstances of the death is currently underway by OCPD investigators.  An autopsy is currently scheduled for August 25 by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of Maryland in Baltimore.

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. journalist is FREED in Syria after two years in captivity

An American journalist who was kidnapped entering Syria nearly two years ago has been freed.

Peter Theo Curtis was handed over to UN representatives on Sunday, just days after another U.S. reporter, James Foley, was beheaded by the Islamic State group.

Curtis was abducted in Antakya, Turkey, in October 2012 where he planned to enter Syria, according to Al Jazeera.



Gun owners, preppers urge Americans to get ready
One of the lessons from Ferguson, Missouri, ignored by the 24/7 media frenzy, was that store owners who stood and defended their shops with guns did not get looted or vandalized.

At County Guns and the adjacent St. Louis Ink Tattoo Studio, peace and calm reigned.

Adam Weinstein, owner of County Guns, shares a storefront with his business partner on Florissant Avenue less than 10 minutes from where rioters started looting and burning businesses after a peaceful prayer vigil Sunday night, Aug. 10. The protest of slain teenager Michael Brown had suddenly turned violent.

Hearing news reports of the spreading lawlessness, Weinstein and his partner, tattoo artist Mike Gutierrez, decided to act.

They rounded up a few friends and prepared to protect their businesses. With force if necessary.

When they arrived at their stores, the Dollar General in the same strip mall had already been looted.

“As soon as I saw they were getting closer to the store, I called my partner and we went up there and cleared out all the inventory,” he said, in an effort to stop the looters from getting a slew of free weapons from his gun store.


Here's What I Posted Tuesday, August 28, 2012 About The 12 Firefighter

Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't

This story is much bigger than you think. While many of you are only seeing the surface of the $1,500,000.00 Grant accepted last night, there's a LOT more to it. 

There's a financial side, a political side and more motives than you can believe.

While the Firefighters stood up there last night and clearly stated they'll have some 10 Firefighters retiring over the next 2 years and these new Firefighters call fill the gaps, will they?

Will the Firefighters mentioned last night actually retire, or will they stay on for as long as they can to retain a larger retirement package.

While it sounds good, come on now, seriously?

The City Council made it very clear, when the two years is up, are you prepared to let these people go. Hoppes replied, yes. 


Accident On Rt. 50 West Bound In Berlin

Berlin Fire / EMS units are on the scene, Rt. 50 and Whaleyville Road, west bound. Motor vehicle accident with injuries. Expect delays. Traffic being detoured. 

Another Suspiscous Death In Ocean City Last Night

Ocean City Fire/ EMS crews were dispatched to the Plim Plaza on 2nd St. and Baltimore Ave. at around 3:15 am. this morning for a non breathing subject. Units arrived and found a 38yo male in cardiac arrest. OC units initiated cpr and patient was transported to AGH. Patient was pronounced dead. OCPD determined the patient was involved in a fight just prior. They are treating the case as a homicide.

BREAKING NEWS: Northern California rocked by 6.0 earthquake

Officials say an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.0 has been reported in northern California's San Francisco Bay area.


Boom: ISIS Spokesman Who Threatened U.S. Just Learned The Hard Way Not To Mess With America

An Islamic State spokesperson who gained prominence for brazenly declaring that the terrorist organization – also known as ISIS – would “raise the flag of Allah in the White House” is dead, according to recent reports.

Abu Mosa made the shocking statement during a recent interview with Vice News.

Read More

SFD Calls For Service 8-23-14

  • Saturday August, 23 2014 @ 23:09Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday August, 23 2014 @ 22:56Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday August, 23 2014 @ 22:49Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday August, 23 2014 @ 22:24Nature: Medical EmergencyCity:Salisbury
  • Saturday August, 23 2014 @ 22:14 Nature: Vehicle Accident w/InjuriesAddress: E Line Rd & Ocean Hwy Delmar, MD 21875

Attn: Sheriff Mike Lewis & The Local Main Stream Media

I strongly encourage each and every one of you to watch this video. If you'd like to skip some of it I'd suggest you go to 6:50 on the video and watch from that point forward. Mike, if you want to be MILITARY, JOIN the military. In the mean time, YOU'RE A SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT, of which you were elected or hired to be. I'll bank on my MILITARY and their TRAINING and experience before I'll allow a group of wanna be cops acting like the HERO's serving our Country every day overseas. ENOUGH of the pounding of the chest and citizens applauding their Sheriff. Our Sheriff's head has become so big he couldn't fit into the hole to get into one of these "Urban Assault Vehicles". Folks, WATCH this video and LEARN the TRUTH about our now Police State / Militarized Zone in Wicomico County.

‘No different than supporting ISIS': Libs work to take down fundraising page for Officer Darren Wilson

Shaun King, founder of Upfront Media Group, is leading the charge to have a GoFundMe page supporting Ferguson, Mo., Officer Darren Wilson taken down.

“This page has been created to support Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department,” reads the page. “We stand behind Officer Darren Wilson and his family during this trying time in their lives. All proceeds will be sent directly to Darren Wilson and his family for any financial needs they may have including legal fees.”

King claims the fundraiser violates GoFundMe’s terms of service, calling it “a thin veil for people rewarding Wilson for killing a black kid.”



Michael Brown?

You know who Michael Brown is?  
He’s the 18 year old, 6’3” 295 lb. man who robbed a convenience store in Ferguson, Missouri, got shot and killed by a cop, whereby demonstrations and riots have erupted ever since.  Here’s  a snapshot that came from his Facebook page……  Has anyone seen this on any of the news networks or in the news media? 

Salisbury To Study Urban Bee, Chicken Regs

SALISBURY — The Salisbury City Council had a frank talk about the birds and the bees Monday when officials weighed the pros and cons of allowing urban beekeeping and chicken coups.

As part of encouraging the city to become “greener” and other community benefits, Council President Jake Day advocated for establishing ordinances that would allow urban bee and chicken keeping. Bee keeping, for example, is a simple way to improve fauna around the city, according to Day.

“There are human health benefits as well. But the primary purpose is to enable and allow and support a healthy community gardening and street tree, flower and tree, systems throughout Salisbury,” he said.




I was there when they begged the Mayor and Council to hire the 12 Firefighters through a grant.

I watched Mayor Ireton, Debbie Campbell, Terry Cohen and Tim Spies call each and every one of you out saying that IF they went ahead and hired these 12 people, IF the funding was NOT there these 12 Firefighters would have to be let go. The CHIEF AGREED. They refused to RAISE TAXES to keep them on board.

The CHIEF stated that it would NOT be a problem because in FOUR years when the funding ended there were at LEAST 12 Firefighters RETIRING, THEY LIED!

Shame on ALL of those Firefighter bad mouthing the Mayor for NOT being supportive. You were told right out of the gate what would happen and the day has now arrived. RETIRE 12 Firefighters or shut the hell up. You got what you WANTED, NOW BE ACCOUNTABLE. 

Good Job Mayor Ireton, Council, and Thank You. 

Maryland Police Inventory List of Federal 1033 Surplus Program: Local Law Enforcement Prepare for Riots

Below is a DOCUMENTED list you will NOT see in your local MEDIA. Well, that is, until they take it from us.

First, I want you to scroll down the entire list. It is in alphabetical order so you can look up Fruitlend, Wicomico, etc.. 

The military has been training for YEARS and has been delivering such stories, photos and documentation to PROVE this training was going on. Each one of these training exercises was based around RIOTS within our own country.

Now, Obama got involved with the Travon matter, (if I had a son) and now the Brown matter. I have read all to many times how the federal government needs to stay the heck away from this until all due diligence has been completed, they have/did not. 

Now, look good and hard at the massive list of arms and gear the government is handing out, (below) and for once in your life USE YOUR HEADS. Race baiting and divide is EXACTLY what the Obama administration and the LIBERALS are encouraging. 

Do NOT fall for this crap. Do NOT let our government DIVIDE races and pit us against each other. Be SMART and PROACTIVE. Go to the NAACP meetings and LISTEN. Get involved and become a part of a solution and NOT unrest. 

Now go ahead and read the list below and GET EDUCATED and STOP being ignorant and stupid. Become LEADERS and not FOLLOWERS. 

Video Cameras

A Letter To The Editor 8-21-14

I am writing to you today to ask/beg for your help! I am at my wits end, and do not know where else to turn except the Media! I know that your site actually reaches many more people than the Daily Times, or any of the local TV, and I would like you to address this issue on your site if at all possible.

I see where numerous people are complaining about Comcast and I understand their frustrations, because I used to have Comcast. I have satelite now so I don't have to deal with them anymore! My problem is with VERIZON! I am not talking about Verizon Wireless, I am talking about VERIZON!!!!

My problem first started on July 27th. I went to use my phone and had no dial tone, checked my internet (which is also Verizon) and had nothing there either. I called them to report the trouble. I was told that it was in my house, even though we had already checked the outside box and there was no dial tone on their side either. I told them it was on their side, that I had already tested it. After dealing with a hateful customer service employee, she finally decided to enter the trouble ticket. She also informed me that I would have to pay for the Tech call since she guaranteed that it was in my house. The soonest someone would be in my area was on July 30th. So I would be with out a phone and internet for 3-4 days before they would even send someone to look at it. The tech came out, discovered it was on Verizon's side (DUH), and told us that he couldn't do anything, he would have another Tech come out that day and figure it out. HUH? So you don't know how to do your job as a Tech, but Verizon sent you to REPAIR the problem. The second tech came out that day. He told us the same thing that it was VERIZON'S Problem, and he would Attempt to REPAIR it!

He ran multiple tests, found 4 issues on Verizon's side, supposively fixing them. He did get us a dial tone and the internet back some how. We thought the problem was solved! Imagine our surprise when we woke up the next day, and had no dial tone, and no internet again! I called and reported ANOTHER TROUBLE TICKET. Guess what - there was no Tech's in our area until Sat. Aug 2nd. So once again I was without a phone or internet for multiple days. On Sat. Aug 2nd the Tech showed up, discovering once again that it was VERIZON'S Problem! He ran tests, and said it was in the main HUB ( which by the way is across the street from the old firehouse in Parsonsburg), and he was going to investigate. He came back to our house, and informed us that he couldn't fix it, because he didn't have the correct equipment on his truck! He had called another Tech to come fix it. The Tech that came out was HONEST, and did everything he could.

The reason I say he was honest is because he laid everything out for us in Black and White! His exact words were, "I have fixed it for now, but i can't tell you how long it will work. That Hub is ready to BLOW UP at any time! He said that there is RED, YELLOW, and GREEN lights flashing everywhere! HE said that VERIZON has CRAMMED WAY too many people into that HUB, instead of actually UPGRADING THE EQUIPMENT like they should have a long time ago." Imagine my surprise, fear, and horrror to know that ANYTIME there could be a LARGE explosion in Parsonsburg!

Fast forward to August 14th, when our nightmare repeats! We wake up with no dial tone or Internet again! This is really getting INSANE! I reported the TROUBLE AGAIN! This time we were told that a Tech would be in our area on Sunday august 17th. Now when they tell you the tech will be in your area they give you a time (8am - 7pm), and someone over the age of 18 must be home! So I got up at 6:30 am on Sunday to begin my wait to get my phone and internet working! My frustation constantly mounting. At 3:30 I went to my job, I logged onto the internet and imagine MY ANGER when I discovered that there was not a trouble ticket anymore! The last time that I had checked it, was on Friday at 11:00 am, at work, and the ticket was still there. I called Verizon to find out what was going on!

I was informed that I personally had cancelled the trouble ticket on Friday at 3:00. The problem with that is that on Friday at 3:00 I was in Ocean City with my family, and have time stamped photos to prove it. When I informed them of that - they started BACKPEDDLING! I asked them Why I would cancel the trouble ticket when I still didn't have a phone or internet? They couldn't answer that - so I told them since EVERY CALL IS RECORDED - I WANTED TO HERE MY VOICE ON THAT CALL CANCELLING THE TICKET. Surprise - they couldn't provide it! I spoke to a supervisor who informed me that I was told incorrectly. The supervisor instructed me that the MACHINE had SCRUBBED my ticket!!!!! I asked who programmed the machine to instruct it to scrub my ticket? They couldn't answer it!

So I had them enter ANOTHER TROUBLE TICKET! They instructed me that there would be a Tech in my area on Tuesday 8/19. I asked them why they couldn't use the tech that was in my area today, since I was originally scheduled for today. They then told me they would call me back. They called my husband's cell phone - and left a voicemail that there would be a tech in my area on Monday 8/18. I checked online and my trouble ticket was scheduled for Tuesday 8/19. I called and inquired as to why the trouble ticket was in the system for Tuesday 8/19, when I had received a voicemail stating the tech would be there on 8/18. The Customer Service rep told me that the rep I had spoke to did not know what he was talking about, and the soonest a Tech would be in my area was Tuesday 8/19. Ok whatever, please just get my phone and internet fixed.

Guess what I saw on my way home from work on Monday 8/18 at 4:30? A Verizon bucket truck on Forest Grove Road, in Parsonsburg. Guess that is not my area! So today I have a tech at the house telling us the same thing, about the HUB! So in less than a month I have already been without a phone or internet for 13 days, had to place 4 REPAIR trouble ticket, have dealt with 5 tech's so far, and spent numerous time on the phone with IGNORANT CUSTOMER SERVICE agents, and still don't have a phone. But guess what every business card says, "OUR GOAL IS TO PROVIDE YOU WITH OUTSTANDING SERVICE!"

I am sorry but if that is OUTSTANDING SERVICE - I hate to see HORRIBLE SERVICE - oh what I have it's called VERIZON!!!!!

I wanted to put the word out that way if there is an EXPLOSION in Parsonsburg, it is documented on who's responsible - VERIZON!!!!!

Spike Lee Hopes 'Things Will Really Blow Up' if Ferguson Officer Is Acquitted

After a week of rioting and confrontations in Ferguson, Missouri, filmmaker Spike Lee said he hoped that "things will really blow up" if Officer Darren Wilson is tried and the people of Ferguson are unhappy with the verdict.

Lee made his incendiary remarks on Tuesday's Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, saying that, even though he does not have the facts, "something smells bad in Ferguson, and it's not just tear gas."

"And I'm not saying that people should burn down stuff and riot and loot," Lee told host Anderson Cooper. "But this is not the first time we've seen this. And I just hope that things will really blow up if the people aren't happy with the verdict of this upcoming trial."

Cooper let Lee's inflammatory comments slide without even asking a follow-up question or calling him out.


DNC Chair: Martin O’Malley Right On Border Kids’ ‘Certain Death’

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz also thinks deporting children detained at the border is sending them back to “certain death.”

The White House went apoplectic last month when likely 2016 presidential candidate Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley said, “We are not a country that should turn children away and send them back to certain death.” Tuesday night, Wasserman Schultz said twice — strongly — that she thinks O’Malley was right.

“As you know, Gov. O’Malley said that to send them back would be to send them to certain death. Do you agree with him?”Fusion’s Jorge Ramos asked in an interview.


Star Witness In Michael Brown Shooting Charged With Theft, Filing False Police Report

Dorian Johnson, the primary witness to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, has an outstanding warrant for a 2011 theft in Jefferson City and pleaded guilty for filing a false police report related to that theft.

St. Louis ABC affiliate ABC 17 cross referenced Johnson’s name against several records and discovered the warrant.

Johnson will be the star witness for any potential prosecution proceedings against Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Brown. Johnson was walking with Brown when the shooting occurred.

He has already done multiple media appearances where he falsely claimedBrown was shot by Wilson in the back. He also has claimed that Brown never reached for Wilson’s gun, was “shot like an animal” and that Brown had his hands up and told Wilson he was unarmed.

Johnson’s claims helped inspire the protests and riots in Ferguson over the past 10 days, as well as the “Hands up, don’t shoot” rallying cry of the protesters and their supporters.

BREAKING NEWS: Todd & Associates Building Is On Fire

Salisbury News has just learned the Todd & Associates building on Division Street down by the Churches is on fire. 

Attendees: Fruitland, Delmar, Hebron, Parsonsburg, and oh, Salisbury.

Maryland trooper suspended after accused of being naked in bar

(Reuters) - A Maryland State Police trooper has been put on administrative suspension after sheriff's deputies responded to a call reporting a naked man drinking at a bar in a barbecue restaurant, authorities said on Wednesday.

The incident is the most recent in a spate involving naked people around the country.

Harford County sheriff's deputies arrived around 11 p.m. on Saturday at the bar in Jarrettsville, 32 miles north of Baltimore, and located two men who identified themselves as state troopers. The trooper in question appeared intoxicated and denied that he had been naked, sheriff's deputy spokeswoman Christie Kahler said.

Customers told deputies one of the troopers had pulled off his pants and at one point exposed himself, according to the report. Neither man was charged.


Ted Nugent Posted This On His Facebook Page

Ted Nugent

7/18- Jimmie Norman, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/18- Terry Taylor, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/17- Cindy Raygoza, white female murdered by black male. No national news.
7/11- Luis Aguilar, 91 year old hispanic male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/10- Brittany Simpson, white female murdered by black male. No national news.
7/6- Sarah Goode, white female murdered by black male. No national news.

Darren Wilson breaks his silence in texts to friend

'I can't go out... the support is really keeping me going during this stressful time. Just stay safe': Under 24-hour guard in fear for his life, Darren Wilson breaks his silence in texts to friend

The policeman who shot dead a black teenager in St Louis has revealed he is under 24-hour guard and 'can't go out' at this 'stressful time' in his first comments since the killing.

Darren Wilson text messaged a close friend to say that he can't leave protective custody because he would be immediately recognized - making him and his young child a target.

In his messages Wilson, 28, also thanked for the support of his friends which he said was 'really keeping me going'.

He had texted Jake Shepard, his friend of 14 years, who showed the messages to MailOnline because he wanted the public to get a more accurate picture of the friend he described as always having 'pure intentions'.


We're not sure what this is about but...

This image was taken at CVS Pharmacy where Benedict Florist used to be. Do YOU know what's going on?

Skateboarding In Ocean City

 Ocean City Police Department
Do you skateboard in #OCMD? Remember that skateboarding on public property is prohibited until October 1. Visit the The Ocean Bowl Skatepark for 1,700 square feet of skateboarding fun! Read more about the ordinance here:

Are They Out Of Their Minds At Gannett & The Daily Times?

Publishing such a RACIST cartoon is one of the reasons there is so much divide in this country. Of course you'd never see such an image on a regular day but God Forbid there's riots in the streets they seem to feel as if they need to encourage our own right here on the Shore.

Shame on you Daily Times, really. 

Now I ask you, do YOU really believe the above image represents the REAL story?

Obama flies illegal teens to IA. IA Governor flies them Home

Lets hear it for IOWA!


Obama just said " Up yours Iowa" Iowa shoved it back......... Governor of Iowa -
Hurray for you, Governor announced: Iowa will not take any illegals kids(most teenagers) in IOWA. Yesterday Obama overruled him and sent him 124 young kids 13-19, landed the plane in Des Moines. Airport manager called the office of the Governor - Bransted, he drove to the airport and chartered from Chicago a plane from United. Within 8 hours all the kids were loaded on, got food and drink. The plane left Iowa 8 o'clock Des Moines. Next stop was Honduras. Plane got unloaded, 4 social workers from Iowa made sure they got to the terminal, told the Honduras officials, here are your kids, they have no papers, you let them come illegal to America. Iowa refuses to take them. Iowa has their own laws. No minors who are not with adults. Iowa has not heard one thing from Washington. READ THIS!: American states are fed up.

BREAKING: Governor Defies Obama and Refuses to House Illegals

Before You Ask, I DON'T KNOW

If you'll look to the left in the TOP 5 articles of the week, Mayor Ireton Forwards Rick Hoppes To City Council For Fire Chief has mysteriously resurfaced since April 28,2013. 

Why, heck, I don't know but someone picked up on it and it has risen to the top. 

Even President Obama AGREES With My Views On Local Police

Ferguson fallout: Obama opens door to ‘re-examining’ military gear program for local police

President Obama opened the door Monday to re-evaluating a massive Defense Department program that sends military equipment to local police forces, in the wake of concerns about the St. Louis County Police Department's response to riots and protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

"There is a big difference between our military and our local law enforcement, and we don't want those lines blurred," Obama said.

The president spoke at the White House briefing room late Monday, during a pause in the capital from his vacation in Martha's Vineyard. As he has before, Obama walked a fine line in addressing the sustained violence and unrest in the St. Louis suburb over the killing of an unarmed black man by a police officer.

He said most demonstrators are protesting peacefully, but said a "small minority" are not. To those looting and attacking officers, Obama said their behavior "undermines, rather than [advances] justice."

Obama also said "there's no excuse for excessive force by police."


Another Police Shooting In St. Louis, Just 3 Miles From Ferguson: "Suspect Dead At The Scene"

As St.Louis Post-Dispatch reports,

City police are investigating a police shooting this afternoon in St. Louis.

Police were called to Riverview Boulevard and McLaran Avenue in St. Louis city about 12:30 p.m.

Police shot a suspect who brandished a knife at officers, according to authorities.

The suspect is dead at the scene, police say.

Officers were not hurt, police said.


BREAKING REPORT: Officer Darren Wilson Suffered “Orbital Blowout Fracture to Eye Socket” During Mike Brown Attack

The Gateway Pundit can now confirm from two local St. Louis sources that police Officer Darren Wilson suffered facial fractures during his confrontation with deceased 18 year-old Michael Brown. Officer Wilson clearly feared for his life during the incident that led to the shooting death of Brown. This was after Michael Brown and his accomplice Dorian Johnson robbed a local Ferguson convenience store.
Local St. Louis sources said Wilson suffered an “orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket.” This comes from a source within the District Attorney’s office and confirmed by the St. Louis County Police.

Trayvon Martin’s Mom: ‘If They Refuse to Hear Us, We Will Make Them Feel Us’

Sybrina Fulton is the mother of Trayvon Martin and the founder of the Trayvon Martin Foundation. In a letter to the family of Ferguson teen Michael Brown written exclusively for TIME, Fulton reflects on what the families now share.
To The Brown Family,

I wish I had a word of automatic comfort but I don’t. I wish I could say that it will be alright on a certain or specific day but I can’t. I wish that all of the pain that I have endured could possibly ease some of yours but it won’t. What I can do for you is what has been done for me: pray for you then share my continuing journey as you begin yours.

I hate that you and your family must join this exclusive yet growing group of parents and relatives who have lost loved ones to senseless gun violence. Of particular concern is that so many of these gun violence cases involve children far too young. But Michael is much more than a police/gun violence case; Michael is your son. A son that barely had a chance to live. Our children are our future so whenever any of our children – black, white, brown, yellow, or red – are taken from us unnecessarily, it causes a never-ending pain that is unlike anything I could have imagined experiencing.



Why Won't WBOC Challenge The Wicomico County Sheriff's Office Overtime?

This evening on the 6:00 News Broadcast WBOC did a piece on the Worcester County Sheriff's Office Overtime pay. 

Well, IF you thought that information was overwhelming, YOU should hear the figures from the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office!

Come on WBOC, start actually "SERVING" the community, (like you claim) instead of COVERING UP the truth and facts.  

‘Disgraceful’: Skateboarder Caught on Video Beating Up, Spitting on City Park Ranger in Front of Approving Audience

Philadelphia police are investigating a cellphone video that shows a skateboarder attacking a city park ranger while others stand around laughing and watching.

The beating commenced, one witness said, after the ranger told the crew to stop skateboarding in the crowded park because there were too many children around.

The cellphone video was turned over to police. Mariano Verrico of Essex Fells, New Jersey, told the station he took the video Friday at Philadelphia’s LOVE Park, reported WCAU-TV in Philadelphia.

“The one kid who did everything leaned down and spit on him,” Verrico told the station. “It was really disgraceful.”


Autopsy Shows Michael Brown Was Struck at Least 6 Times

FERGUSON, Mo. — Michael Brown, the unarmed black teenager who was killed by a police officer, sparking protests around the nation, was shot at least six times, including twice in the head, a preliminary private autopsy performed on Sunday found.

One of the bullets entered the top of Mr. Brown’s skull, suggesting his head was bent forward when it struck him and caused a fatal injury, according to Dr. Michael M. Baden, the former chief medical examiner for the City of New York, who flew to Missouri on Sunday at the family’s request to conduct the separate autopsy. It was likely the last of bullets to hit him, he said.

Mr. Brown, 18, was also shot four times in the right arm, he said, adding that all the bullets were fired into his front.


Top Eastern Shore Dems Pay Tribute To Del. Norm Conway

SHOWELL– Top Eastern Shore Democrats met with donors on Saturday, Aug. 9, to pay tribute to Maryland Del. Norm Conway (38B) in what could be a preview of the party’s strategy during the November general election.

Maryland State Sen. Jim Mathias (D-38) emceed the event at Showell Park, which included several members of the “team” of Democratic candidates running for election in Worcester and Wicomico counties. A number of speakers during the event also highlighted the voting bloc of Mathias and Conway.

Redistricted to Wicomico County from Worcester this year, Conway formerly represented Somerset County before becoming a similar victim of redistricting in 2000. Mathias insisted that Conway would remain loyal to his Worcester County constituents, and highlighted their partnership in the general assembly. Conway is chair of the House Appropriations Committee.

“Chairman Conway has continued to be there for Somerset, and he will continue to be there for us in Worcester, and we’re going to be with him in Wicomico,” he said. “For the first time, really, in me, he has a partner in the Maryland Senate. Our team is at work in Annapolis and our team is at work here on the Eastern Shore.”


Salisbury News Delivers Investigative Reporting On HOW YOUR TAX DOLLARS ARE SPENT: Part 19

No new expense posting from the Wicomico County Executive's Office. Do you think they might be putting off telling you how they're spending your tax dollars until AFTER the next election? 

Wicomico County Board of Education 

7/23/12 Ardealia A Ross Pat's Pizzeria $89.02 
7/24/12 Ardealia A Ross Pat's Pizzeria 393.15 
10/12/12 Ardealia A Ross Pat's Pizzeria 55.09 
10/19/12 Ardealia A Ross Pat's Pizzeria 108.58 
10/24/12 Ardealia A Ross Pat's Pizzeria 116.91 
11/10/12 Ardealia A Ross Pat's Pizzeria 84.11 
11/28/12 Ardealia A Ross Pat's Pizzeria 470.71 
12/8/12 Ardealia A Ross Pat's Pizzeria 210.09 
12/19/12 Ardealia A Ross McDonald's 26.54 
4/26/11 Barbara A Jenkins Texas Roadhouse 100.00 
5/18/11 Barbara A Jenkins Brew River 100.00 
6/7/11 Barbara A Jenkins Goin' Nuts Cafe 50.00 
6/7/11 Barbara A Jenkins Pat's Pizzeria 23.09 
6/8/11 Barbara A Jenkins Dayton's Restaurant 97.00 
6/9/11 Barbara A Jenkins Little Caesars 13.00 
6/10/11 Barbara A Jenkins Brew River 864.40 
7/21/11 Barbara A Jenkins Chick-fil-A 180.72 
8/22/11 Barbara A Jenkins Panera Bread 51.54 
9/8/11 Barbara A Jenkins Pat's Pizzeria 48.83 
9/27/11 Barbara A Jenkins Domino's 82.93 
10/15/11 Barbara A Jenkins Outback 50.00 
12/7/11 Barbara A Jenkins Pat's Pizzeria 48.79 
12/21/11 Barbara A Jenkins Taylor's BBQ 566.25 
1/23/12 Barbara A Jenkins Fractured Prune 39.80 
2/3/12 Barbara A Jenkins Rt 12 Pizza 513.00 
2/6/12 Barbara A Jenkins Rt 12 Pizza 95.00 
2/8/12 Barbara A Jenkins Specific Gravity 20.00 
2/9/12 Barbara A Jenkins Dunkin donuts 27.98 
2/9/12 Barbara A Jenkins Fractured Prune 89.55 
11/17/11 Sherry Leatherbury Dunkin Donuts Ocean City 13.99 1/30/12 Sherry Leatherbury Panera Bread 24.98 
1/31/12 Sherry Leatherbury Dunkin donuts Ocean City 7.99 
2/23/12 Sherry Leatherbury Domino's 53.41 
3/2/12 Sherry Leatherbury Panera Bread 24.98 
5/17/12 Sherry Leatherbury Pizza Hut 48.58 
5/31/12 Sherry Leatherbury McDonald's 70.35 
6/8/12 Sherry Leatherbury Domino's 48.02 
8/22/12 Sherry Leatherbury Dunkin Donuts Ocean City 14.82 
9/10/12 Sherry Leatherbury Domino's 237.75 
9/11/12 Sherry Leatherbury Domino's 40.00 
9/12/12 Sherry Leatherbury Dunkin Donuts Ocean City 26.97
11/12/12 Sherry Leatherbury Subway 450.00 
5/4/11 Susan Jones My Turn to Cook 360.00 
2/28/12 Susan Jones East Side Deli 107.00 
3/1/12 Susan Jones East Side Deli 107.00 
3/13/13 Susan Massey Panera Bread 53.50 
5/11/12 Amy Kenny Domino's 36.75 
5/11/12 Amy kenny Rt 12 Pizza 126.76 
5/24/12 Amy Kenny Chick-Fil-A 23.00 
6/2/12 Amy Kenny Outback 100.00 
6/2/12 Amy Kenny Sobo's Wine Bistro 100.00 
6/2/12 Amy kenny Texas Roadhouse 50.00 
6/5/12 Amy Kenny Sobo's Wine Bistro 50.00

Attorney General demands a SECOND federal autopsy be performed on Michael Brown because of the 'extraordinary circumstances' in the case

US Attorney General Eric Holder has asked for the Justice Department to arrange an autopsy on the body of Michael Brown by a federal medical examiner.

Justice Department spokesman Brian Fallon said in a news release on Sunday that Holder asked for the additional autopsy because of the "extraordinary circumstances involved in this case" and at the request of Brown's family.

The 18-year-old Brown was shot and killed by a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer on Aug. 9. Brown was black and unarmed. Officer Darren Wilson is white.

Fallon says the autopsy will take place as soon as possible.

He also said the Justice Department will still take the state's autopsy into account during the investigation.


Now protests start IN FAVOR of shooter cop

More than a hundred turn out in rally supporting Darren Wilson after he skips town to avoid violent reprisals

Supporters of the St Louis policeman who killed a black teenager have rallied in the city in the first public show of support for the officer.

At the rally, attended by around 150 people, protesters walked around wearing specially printed T-shirts which were sold for $7 with a police shield on which was the words: ‘I stand by Darren Wilson’.

Instead of a badge number it read 8.9.14 - the day he killed 18-year-old Michael Brown.

Two Facebook pages in support of Wilson, 28, have also sprung up with a combined total of 35,000 likes.


Is Pole Dancing Truly An Art?


(August 17, 2014) – On August 16, 2014, at approximately 3 a.m., Ocean City Communications received a call reporting an adult male had been located unconscious and unresponsive inside a hotel room in the area of 4701 Coastal Highway, in Ocean City.

First responders from the Ocean City Police and Fire Departments initiated emergency lifesaving procedures on the victim and transported him to Atlantic General Hospital, where he was pronounced deceased at approximately 3:45 a.m. The victim has been identified as Jorge Troca, 38, of Lyndhurst, NJ.

An autopsy was conducted on August 17, 2014 by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Maryland. The results of the autopsy at this time are pending; however, investigators in the case have determined that no foul play was involved in Troca’s death.





TIME: 7:00PM









The new street drug to watch: Acetyl fentanyl

Emergency doctors may soon see larger numbers of patients who appear to have overdosed on heroin, but have actually taken a relatively new and deadly designer drug called acetyl fentanyl, a researcher says.

Acetyl fentanyl is a relative of a powerful prescription painkiller called fentanyl and is five times more potent than heroin as a painkiller, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The illegally produced compound may be secretly mixed with heroin to make it a more potent product, or may be sold in pills disguised as oxycodone.

"What's frightening about this emerging street drug is that users themselves may not be aware that they are ingesting it," drug researcher John Stogner, of the department of criminal justice and criminology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, said in a statement.