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Sunday, August 12, 2018

From What State Do You Think Are The Worst Drivers?

Maryland Dem Gov Candidate Ben Jealous Swears At Reporter

Statement from Governor Larry Hogan on Racist Demonstrations

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today issued the following statement on planned white supremacist demonstrations in Virginia and Washington, D.C.:

"Hate has no place in our society, and these white supremacists and the racism and bigotry they spew are not welcome in our state – today, this weekend, or ever. As we face this invasion of vile and perverted ideology infesting our region, we stand united in our conviction that a diverse and inclusive Maryland is a stronger Maryland.

“In Maryland, people of all backgrounds and beliefs can make a home, and this diversity is celebrated throughout our state. That will never change as long as I am governor.

“We stand ready to provide any needed assistance to our regional partners as they prepare to deal with the ramifications of these despicable rallies. I have directed state agencies, including the Maryland State Police, Maryland Emergency Management Agency, and the Governor's Office of Homeland Security, to coordinate efforts with their D.C. and Virginia counterparts to ensure the safety of all of our citizens.”

Governor Hogan Has All Jack Heath Signs Removed In Wicomico County

It turns out Delegate Carl Anderton and Bunky Luffman were behind having Jack Heath campaign signs located directly next to Governor Hogan signs, making it appear as if Hogan supports/endorses Jack Heath. When Governor Hogan learned this had happened he immediately demanded they be removed and guess what, they have been throughout the County. 

Governor Hogan strongly endorses and supports County Executive Bob Culver. Anderton and Luffman should be ashamed of themselves for trying to pull this scam off. Many/Most are calling Anderton a Liberal and he's certainly wearing that title well. 

People should be asking why Gillis/Gilkerson donated over $3,000.00 to the Anderton campaign recently. Liberals supporting Liberals???

A Viewer Writes: WBOC in Cambridge

We took our grandsons to Cambridge this morning to tour the S.S. John W. Brown Liberty Ship. I couldn’t resist taking these pictures-no handicap tags and plenty of empty parking spaces in the lot where the ship was berthed. Does WBOC have a special handicap parking exemption?

Liberals Need To Be Stopped, Enough Is Enough!

H20i Does't Care What Ocean City Maryland Officials Say, They're Coming Back

A Viewer Writes: More "Democrats" putting their Campaign signs on right of ways without permission

This is at the U.S. Post Office on Rt. 50. Ironically next to a vacant rental on the corner of Naylor Street belonging to John Cannon who may have to maintain it.

Publishers Notes: This home is owned by none other than Wicomico County Council President John Cannon.

Don't Expect Your Main Stream Media To Cover Opening Morning Of The White Marlin Open 2018

Literally HUNDREDS of boats preparing to head out tomorrow morning for the first day of the White Marlin Open will be proudly displaying Trump 2020 flags on their boats throughout the week long tournament. 

However, Monday morning will be a display of support like the world has never seen before, making a statement our President is in fact Making America Great Again.

The FAKE NEWS media without a doubt will try to hush the massive love and support for this incredible man who is turning our country around in just two short years. 

A big thank you goes out to Mark Odachowski, (Royal Plus Electric) for spearheading this creative idea. I spent time with Mark last night who expressed his passion and support for President Trump. He purchased literally hundreds of these flags and has had UPS shipping him additional flags overnight the past three days because his phone is ringing off the hook from people asking if they too can get a flag for their boat. Yes, he'll be getting yet another shipment in today.

So tomorrow morning will be a sight to see but don't expect to see it on WBOC or WMDT, liberal hacks who are so stupid they don't even realize that the mass majority of voters overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump as their President in every single eastern shore county. Instead, they bash our President at every opportunity with Fake News. 

When you see the incredible support tomorrow morning with hundreds of boats heading out for the first day of the White Marlin Open, just picture in your head that each flag also represents a big middle finger to all of those Main Stream Media outlets who just can't deny our support for his master plan to Make America Great Again. Salisbury News will deliver the TRUTH. 

If you want a flag, GO HERE.

Abortion Accounts for 61% of Black Deaths in America

Induced abortion is the leading cause of death in the United States and accounts for a disturbing 61 percent of deaths of African Americans, according to researchers from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

A report Thursday analyzed research using data from the latest year for which all the pertinent information is available (2009) and found that induced abortion was responsible for 1.152 million deaths, making it the number one cause of death in the U.S. at nearly twice the number of deaths from heart disease (599,413) and cancer (567,628).

While abortion accounted for nearly a third of all U.S. deaths in 2009 (32.1 percent), more troubling still, it made up 61.1 percent of African American deaths, according to the study published in the Open Journal of Preventive Medicine (June 2016).

The ongoing disparity of black deaths through abortion has led one leading black pastor to recently decry the “black genocide” taking place in the United States at the hands of the abortion industry.

In his July essay, the Rev. Clenard Childress, Jr. noted that 52 percent of all African American pregnancies end in abortion and that whereas abortion is the most common operation performed on women, it is also “the least regulated medical procedure” and is often “completely ignored by health regulation enforcement.”

More here

A Viewer Writes: Salisbury Maryland Folk Festival

Folk Festival is getting so desperate for visitors, they’re now advertising to Latino community:

(also notice how many times they are hyping it’s FREE!)

Un gran festival americano viene a la histórica península de Delmarva.

Comienza a hacer planes para acompañarnos en Salisbury, Maryland durante el Festival Folclórico Nacional (National Folk Festival) —Una de las celebraciones de arte, cultura y patrimonio cultural más grandes, prestigiosas y longevas en los Estados Unidos.
Un evento de gran escala gratuito de 3 días a la intemperie, el Festival Folclórico Nacional celebra las raíces, riqueza y variedad de la cultura americana. El festival ofrece más de 350 de los mejores músicos y bailarines tradicionales, artesanos, y otros guardianes de la cultura en interpretación, talleres, y demonstraciones, además de actividades para los niños, deliciosa cocina étnica y regional, y cerveza artesanal, baile participativo, cuenta cuentos, desfiles y mucho más.

Lo mejor de todo ¡Es gratis!

Al Sharpton Not Ruling out 2020 Run for President

MSNBC host and civil rights activist Al Sharpton said in a new interview he won't rule out a run for president in 2020, adding he isn't currently mounting a bid.

"I never rule anything out," Sharpton told BuzzFeed News.

The progressive firebrand and outspoken critic of President Donald Trump ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004, although it was viewed as more of a stunt than a serious attempt at the White House. He also ran previously for U.S. Senate and New York mayor.

More laughs here

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Al Sharpton: Trump Has Built A Whole Presidency On Race ]

Man Waiting To Take Driver’s Test Arrested For Gun/Drugs In Car

(GLEN BURNIE, MD) – Everyone knows compliance with traffic laws is important when taking your driver’s license test, but one man learned yesterday that compliance with criminal laws can be just as important for a successful visit to the MDOT Motor Vehicle Administration.

Early yesterday afternoon, Reginald D. Wooding Jr., 22, of Baltimore, Md., was waiting in line in his mother’s car to take his driving test at the MDOT Motor Vehicle Administration in Glen Burnie. A driver’s license examiner became suspicious when she smelled what she thought was marijuana coming from the vehicle that was about to be used for the test. She contacted a state trooper who was working an overtime assignment at the MVA. The trooper confirmed the strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and investigated.

A probable cause search led to the recovery of almost one pound of marijuana, a scale, more than $15,000 in suspected drug-related money and a 9mm Glock handgun with a loaded 30-round magazine. Wooding was placed under arrest prior to his turn for the driving test.

Wooding was charged with engaging in a drug-trafficking crime while transporting a firearm, possessing a firearm during a drug-trafficking crime, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, unlawfully purchasing/receiving a detachable magazine with a capacity of more than ten rounds of ammunition, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, illegally wearing/carrying/transporting a handgun upon public roads/parking lots, wear/carry/transporting a handgun on his person, possession of marijuana, two counts of possession with intent to use drug paraphernalia, possession of drug paraphernalia, and obliterating the identification number on a firearm. After processing at the State Police Glen Burnie Barrack, Wooding was taken for an initial appearance before a court commissioner, where he was released on a $7,500 unsecured bond.

All persons charged with a crime are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Reginald Wooding Jr.

Mountain Of Bikes Sits In Recycling Yard After Ofo Pulls Out Of Dallas

Publishers Notes: Will Salisbury be doing the same?

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A mountain of bicycles is sitting in a Dallas recycling yard after the bike sharing business Ofo pulled up stakes in the city.

Pictures of the bicycles at CMC Recycling have been buzzing. Out of the thousands of bikes the company pulled off Dallas streets, hundreds ended up at the recycling center in south Dallas.


Chicago Calls On Trump For Help, Obama's Friend Rahm Emanuel's Time Is Up

A Viewer Writes: Ben Jealous in Salisbury Maryland

Was at my favorite Thursday night spot (Specific Gravity) and noticed a lot of geeks & freaks hanging out. Definitely not the normal crowd and it wasn't long before it all came together. 

Yep, Ben was in town. A small group of kids were waiting hand-mouth for the not-so-great oracle to speak. He chatted with them for 15-20 minutes took a few pictures and headed out. 

Nothing too news worthy; other than these were not people from around here. Not the regular hipsters or progress knuckle heads - beware SBY they live amongst us! 

Vote (R) across the board this November!

Any Questions?

As Seen On Facebook

Dog Dies After 3 Hours in Parked Car with Air Conditioner Running

A Nebraska family learned the hard way that when the summer sun is beating down on a parked car, even leaving the air conditioner on doesn’t always provide a safe place for pets.

A German Shepherd died inside a parked SUV while her owners enjoyed lunch and drinks just steps away inside Omaha, Nebraska restaurant DJ’s Dugout.

Before parking the SUV and going inside the restaurant, the out-of-town visitors placed their German shepherd inside a plastic travel kennel in the rear of the vehicle and turned on the air conditioning to keep her cool.

Sadly, despite being left to cool the vehicle, the air conditioner did not provide enough air flow or ventilation during the couple’s three hour lunch. The kennel was placed next to a rear window and the vehicle was parked in full sun.

At about 3:00pm, the couple went outside to leave and discovered the dog soaking wet in her kennel and not breathing. The man rushed inside the restaurant begging for water and ice for the dog and a server, who is also a nurse, began chest compressions hoping to revive the dog.


Kamala Harris: Black women deserve bigger role in Democrat politics

Sen. Kamala Harris said Friday black women deserve to have a bigger voice in the upper echelons of the Democrat Party and launched a preemptive strike against those that might try to criticize her vision as “identity politics.”

Mrs. Harris, the daughter of a Jamaican father and Indian mother, is thought to be laying the groundwork for a presidential run in 2020 and told liberal activists gathered in New Orleans for the annual Netroots Nation conference that the Democrat Party must become more diverse.

“The truth is that the folks who helped build the Democrat Party and have been the backbone of the Democrat Party have not always been given equal voice in the Democrat Party and we need to deal with that,” Mr. Harris said.

More here

We're At Buddy's Crab House $25.00 All You Can Eat Crabs

Located right next to the Rt. 50 bridge and the Inlet, we'll catch all the boats coming in tonight. I heard WMDT interviewed Mark Odachowski for their 5:30 broadcast. WBOC refused to talk to him even though he offered them free Trump MAGA flags. More to come...