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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Albero - Salisbury's Best Choice for Economic Development

As a frequent contributor to SBYnews, I have written many articles regarding the current poor state of our local economy. Articles that list actual business closures and the associated detrimental effects on our local economy.  We have published information regarding the actual number of employees being displaced.  Such notables industry giants as Haliburton, Crown Cork & Seal, Campbell Soup, Grumman Corporation, Sealy, American Paving Corp. - 88 businesses in all.  Virtually every dinner table in and around Salisbury has heard of these horror stories.  And now finally - along comes a high profile retired business professional - one that has battle tested entrepreneurial skills.

As independent assessor - the employment conditions in and around Salisbury - shows that our County has lost another 1400 jobs in our workforce over the past 12 months alone.  My question to our political leaders - how much longer can this deteriorating condition continue?  It's now been going for over 5 years.

CORRECT THE CONDITION - It is well within the power of our residents to try and remedy the situation.  This rare opportunity comes every four years and will come again on Tuesday.  The voters in Salisbury will have a decision to make.  Who is the most qualified candidate to lead our City/County out of the economic doldrums and usher-in a new business friendly environment.  At the very top of the list - should be the name Joe Albero.

Economic Promoter - We all know that Joe is a big fan of Fernando.  From the humble beginnings of Fernando's career as an amateur - all the way to the big leagues - Joe has touted this young man's talent.  So it comes as no surprise that Joe has been a natural at promoting events.  The same analogy can be applied to Salisbury.  Will it be easy - probably not - but the bottom line is that Joe is the candidate that will pour out his 'heart and soul' to try and better this community as a whole.  We have all seen this at the Civic Center events, Perdue Stadium, not to mention the charitable contributions to the Salvation Army and countless snow removal projects.  And SBYnews is another noteworthy accomplishment as it is rated as one of the nation's top blogs, and, Maryland's top blog.

Family Man - One of the most prominent features that I can describe about this gentleman - is his sense of grounding - his ever loving devotion to his wife, children, grandchildren, and community.  And aren't these the ideals and principles that America was founded on?  Now I am not saying that he is perfect and can tend to be a little bit mischievous from time to time - but then again - don't these features add to his allure of an all American family tradition.  In my honest opinion - I would much rather have a Mayor with a little color and sense of humor as opposed to one that has no fare at all.

Bottom Line - I encourage all Salisbury registered voters to go out and vote for this gentleman on Tuesday. I know of no other person that is up for the occasion to help lead this City/County out of the current economic predicament.  This is one of the few opportunity's that comes along whereby one single person can make a demonstrable change.  I encourage everyone to vote for Joe Albero as Mayor.

Posted by Beezer - SBYnews Contributor

I Think It's Important You See This Message From Jim Ireton

"We need all hands on deck to win this, and to help our friends, Jake Day and Shanie Shields with their council races".

I have stated the following in ALL of my brochures and forums. I will work with ALL five Council Members, whomever they might be.

I think it is rude and foolish for Mayor Jim Ireton to make the above statement, (in bold). Just like we saw in the PACE Forum, clearly a select few Candidates were given the questions before the Forum. As I have stated to many since, I really don't care because I'd rather be questioned on the spot so the public can hear my spontaneous and honest answers without them being premeditated. 

While I have your attention, I have worked tirelessly seven days a week going door to door. I have had incredible conversations with thousands of Salisbury Residents and I thank you for taking the time out of your schedules, (especially family time) to allow me to share my intentions. 

To those of you to whom I was not able to reach, I truly have done my best to visit you personally, instead of a group of volunteers. I wanted to meet you face to face so you could look me in the eye and hold me accountable throughout my term as your next Mayor. 

Over the past three months of door knocking I have had only 7 people tell me they were voting for Jim Ireton. Mind you, there are some 14,000 registered voters in Salisbury and I know I reached close to 7,000 of you on my own. I did so in the cold, the rain and three times in the snow. I did take one snow day off to shovel some driveways for those in need. 

It has been an incredible experience and I am so humbled by the massive volume of people who showed their support on my behalf. Tuesday is a very important day for Salisbury. We need you to get out and vote. You have heard me say this many times throughout my campaign. "This is not Joe Albero's election to lose, it's the citizens' election to lose". We must come together Tuesday and make a difference. 

I have spent the past 8 years defending the citizens of Salisbury against the local media who refuses to either tell the truth or only allow a 10 to 15 second sound bite about important information. How often have we sat back and complained about local media telling Delaware and or national news when there is so much going on locally. How often have we seen Salisbury News stories published elsewhere days after we published it. How often do we see sports and weather taking up the majority of broadcasts.

Have I been outspoken at times, absolutely. When you are passionate about what you do and spend seven days a week doing it, it becomes bothersome when other sources ignore important topics that involve our community. 

Together we have reunited thousands of animals. We united the Salvation Army to an all volunteer organization and have broken record donations each and every year since. We have raised thousands of dollars through advertising and paid it forward by giving it back to the community. 

I have proven skills that will help unite our Council. Jim Ireton has proven only to divide. He has pointed fingers and blamed others for his lack of ability to work together as a team.

Salisbury is truly at a crossroad. As I stated in the last forum, funny how all of a sudden Joe Albero gets in the Mayoral race and all of a sudden each candidate wants to ride the shirt tails of my platform. All of a sudden JOBS are important, yet they haven't been for the past 16 years. Jim Ireton held up a piece of paper with 5 companies named as newcomers to Salisbury since he's been in office. I immediately stated, you conveniently forget to mention the 80 companies that left while you were in office. 

I'd like you to think about the following as well. You have only TWO choices for your next Mayor. One, a businessman who has multi-million dollar experience and the other who has never been in the private sector and knows nothing about business. Now think about this for a second. There are a select few who want to play Monday Morning Quarterback, yet not one of they stepped up to the plate to RUN for Mayor. 

I have divided myself from my Wife and Grandson and moved to Salisbury just to run for a $25,000.00 a year job. We have sacrificed like very few in this Country ever have. I dedicated 8 years of my life to Salisbury with Salisbury News. There are NO special interests with Joe Albero. In fact it's quite the opposite. Those special interests are scared to death of Joe Albero because they know I care more about the citizens than anything else.

So here's what I'll ask of you. I'm asking you to please take the time Tuesday to get out and vote. I'm asking you to please encourage your Family, Friends and Neighbors to do the same. 

If ANY of you know my Wife, you KNOW what I have given up for the past year. She believes in me and she knows I can do a much better job than the current and former Mayor. 

I've NOT endorse ANY other Candidate because that is YOUR choice. You simply have my word that I will work with ALL five Council Members. I will not point fingers or blame others and I will bring every piece of legislation to the Council President, (whomever that may be) the day it is brought to me. NO MORE SURPRISES. 

Happy Easter to ALL of you and please forgive me if I haven't made it to your front door. You have my word, I worked my fingers to the bone trying to get to you but unfortunately I wasn't able to reach everyone. I will be out Monday giving it my all to meet you in person.    

Dear Mr. Ireton

This is NOT a phone spoof!

I have been working extremely hard to send out my message and platform. Today as we drove around Salisbury and we started noticing all of the Albero for Mayor Signs that have mysteriously been removed from most of the businesses along Rt. 13. 

I am asking you out of professionalism, please ask your people to STOP stealing my signs. Please STOP telling businesses you'll never do business with them again if they keep my signs up. 

As I have gone through neighborhoods I have even straightened up your signs and Jake Days, as many of them had tilted over and even some lying on the ground. 

I have been a gentleman when campaign brochures were lying on the ground at someone's front door and slid them back into the doors for you.

You see, I believe the people have the right to review ALL of the information we provide to make an informed decision. 

I have spent thousands of dollars on yard signs and many have disappeared. For what it's worth Jim, this is going to backfire on you. If you look at your own phone records you will see that I tried to personally call you a few days ago to discuss this matter. You refused to answer as well as return my call.

One thing is for sure, this Post WILL get read by you and unfortunately for you, this could have stayed between you and I. However, today after seeing so many signs down and gone, shame on you and your people. 

While YOU may think this is funny, the VOTERS have simply had enough and I'm confident that will be proven on Tuesday.

When you don't have a record to run on, this is what they do.  

Coburn Calls On OPM To Fire Feds 'Paid To Do Nothing'

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) has written to Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry, saying the office should take steps to offload federal workers and contractors who don't show up for work, aren't performing official duties or "are simply not working at all."

In the letter, Coburn, the ranking member of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, said doing so could prevent the need to furlough critical employees under sequestration.

"Thousands of essential federal employees performing critical missions from food safety to national security are being threatened with furloughs, while others who are literally paid to do nothing or do not even show up for work are being retained," Coburn wrote.


Seeking To Save Peter Cottontail From Extinction

The New England cottontail was once so common that Massachusetts author Thornton Burgess adapted one named Peter for the children's stories he penned a century ago.

But the critter that inspired "The Adventures of Peter Cottontail" and the enduring song that came later faces an uncertain future. Its natural habitat is disappearing, and without intervention, it could be unhappy trails for the once-bountiful bunny.

Conservationists are hoping a new program to restore shrub lands across the Northeast and captive breeding efforts will help ensure the New England cottontail sticks around for many Easters to come.


Hooking Kids On Sex: PP Starts “Saturation Process” In Kindergarten

While the White House says sequestration has eliminated funds for children touring the White House, President Obama has no problem spending $350 million federal tax dollars for sexual indoctrination programs starting in kindergarten for those same children.

This is not your grandmother’s sex education about how things work and what can go “wrong.” In fact, the exact opposite is the essence of the Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP): Obamacare funnels $75 million annually into PREP, which must be used exclusively for Planned Parenthood-style “comprehensive” sex ed programs where no type of sex is wrong and the only sexual behavior PP considers “unsafe” is becoming pregnant.

More than one-fourth of the funds ‒ $20 million ‒ has been awarded to a coalition of six Planned Parenthood affiliates, operating under the name Northwest Coalition for Adolescent Health, to implement HHS’s TOP program across Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and Alaska at over 50 sites. In Oregon schools, Planned Parenthood is paying children cash incentives to participate.


He Arose

Eastern Shore Osprey Cam A Hit In Area Offices, Homes

Meet Tom and Audrey, the newest stars of reality entertainment and the latest Internet distraction.

The couple — a pair of ospreys — recently returned to their summer home at an undisclosed location on the Eastern Shore, where a high-resolution camera is broadcasting their every move online.

Viewers can see and hear the birds as they rebuild their nest, rekindle their relationship, mate and eventually raise young ospreys.

When the camera went live, productivity at some offices dropped. Some osprey lovers tuned in, took a peek and spread the word.


Medicare Shifts Course, No Sex-Change Coverage For Now

National attention to Medicare’s move to consider paying for sex-change operations forced the arm of the Department of Health and Human Services to withdraw its plan.

A day after Secrets Friday morning reported that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services was moving to reversing its 1981 rejection of funding sex-change operations because they were deemed “experimental,” HHS pulled the plug. They even removed the website which detailed their plans.

According to reports, the department is going to let its appeals board determine if sex changes are experimental or not before moving to cover the operations. The department had just opened a 30-day public comment period on taxpayer funding the operations.


The Jelly Bean Prayer

Labor, Big Business Agree On Key Part Of Immigration Reform, But Final Deal Still Faces Hurdles

Organized labor and big business have reached a deal on a new, low-skilled workers program that will help clear the way for Capitol Hill immigration reform, but President Obama and a leading Republican senator maintain cautious optimism about a final deal.

The deal was reached during a Friday night phone call between AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and U.S. Chamber of Commerce chief executive Tom Donohue, according to several news organizations and confirmed by Fox News.

The deal was brokered by New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, who also was on the phone call and is one of eight senators working on bipartisan reform legislation.


Federal Judge Throws Out Atheist Lawsuit Seeking to Remove 9/11 Cross From NYC Museum

Manhattan, New York – A federal judge appointed by former president Bill Clinton has thrown out a lawsuit filed by a national atheist organization that sought to remove a steel beam cross from the 9/11 Museum in New York City because it promoted Christianity.

As previously reported, the group American Atheists stated that the cross, which was found in the rubble following the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, has caused individuals to suffer “depression, headaches, anxiety, and mental pain and anguish,” and even indigestion. It had filed suit against numerous responsible parties, including the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.


Eggs Marks The Spot

Could Some of Our Favorite Flavorings Be Damaging Our DNA?

Plants are all-natural sources of all things good for us, right? It turns out some of our favorite plant-based flavorings may do more harm than good.
Scientists from Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center report in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology that teas, coffees and “smoky flavoring” could be damaging our DNA at levels comparable to that caused by chemotherapy drugs.

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Navy IDs SEAL Killed In Ariz. Parachuting Accident

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) -- Brett D. Shadle always had wanted to be a member of the Navy's most elite special forces unit. A year after enlisting, he made it happen and went on to become a highly decorated member of the Navy's famed SEAL Team 6.

U.S. military officials confirmed Saturday that Shadle, a 31-year-old special warfare operator chief, died Thursday when he and another SEAL collided in midair during a parachute training exercise over the rugged desert of southern Arizona.

Shadle was taken to University of Arizona Medical Center in Tucson, where he was pronounced dead. The other SEAL -- an unidentified E-6 petty officer first class -- remained in stable condition Saturday at the Tucson hospital.


Happy Easter

FBI: We Never Investigated Popular UFO File

Of all the 6,700 previous top-secret files in the FBI’s online reading room, one single- page memo about a UFO report has attracted almost a million viewers over the last two years. However, the FBI now says it never followed up on the unconfirmed account of extraterrestrial life.

In the popular 1950 memo titled “UFOs or No?” then head of FBI field office in Washington, D.C. Guy Hottel related the UFO story to then FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. Hottel wrote that three “flying saucers” were recovered in New Mexico. The saucers, which were “circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter,” each had “three bodies of human shape but only three feet tall, dressed in metallic cloth of a very fine texture” inside.

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Caption This Photo 3-31-13

Man Who Died In Wingate Blaze Identified

WINGATE - The identity of a man who died in a one-alarm blaze at 2126 Wingate Bishops Head Road Wednesday evening was revealed to be 89-year-old Ralph V. Mills, the Office of the State Fire Marshal said Thursday.

According to a preliminary report by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Mills was determined to have died from severe smoke inhalation injuries received during the fire.

Beretta Courted By Other States

Firearms manufacturers upset over newly restrictive gun laws and proposals in their home states are getting a message from other places: Move here, where the climate is favorable to your products and so are the tax codes.

In New Hampshire, a group of conservative Republicans sent letters wooing gun companies. Politicians in Virginia and West Virginia have said they would welcome Beretta if it chose to leave Maryland. Alaska House Speaker Mike Chenault, in a letter to the head of Magpul Industries this week, said he read "with shock and disdain" reports of new gun laws in Colorado, the home of the firearms accessory and magazine manufacturer. "Though many feel the actions taken by your state government were appropriate," he wrote, "we in Alaska do not."

When the debate over gun laws reignited after the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., in December, critics of proposals to toughen state laws cautioned that gun manufacturers could move and take local jobs with them. And indeed, now lawmakers and residents in a few states are using restrictions on guns recently passed and proposed elsewhere as an opportunity to attract affected businesses.


Bombshell IMF Study: United States Is World’s Number One Fossil Fuel Subsidizer

Between directly lowered prices, tax breaks, and the failure to properly price carbon, the world subsidized fossil fuel use by over $1.9 trillion in 2011 — or eight percent of global government revenues — according to a studyreleased this week by the International Monetary Fund.

The biggest offender was by far the United States, clocking in at $502 billion. China came in second at $279 billion, and Russia was third at $116 billion. In fact, the problem is so significant in the U.S. that the IMF figures correcting it will require new fees, levies, or taxes totaling over $500 billion a year, or more than 3 percent of the economy.

The Words of the Risen Lord

I like to go to old cemeteries in various parts of the world. When we wander through a graveyard and look at the tombstones or go to a church and examine the old monuments, we see one heading on most of them: “Here lies … ” Then follow the person’s name, date of death and perhaps some praise of the qualities of the deceased.

But how different would be the epitaph on the tomb of Jesus! It would neither be written in gold nor cut in stone. It was spoken by the mouth of an angel and is the exact opposite of what is engraved on other tombs: “He is not here; for He is risen” (Matthew 28:6).

The most important events in human history were the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul wrote, “If Christ is not risen, then our preaching is empty and your faith is also empty. … If Christ is not risen, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins!” (1 Corinthians 15:14, 17).


Testing Begins for Dental Patients Possibly Exposed to Hepatitis, HIV

Tulsa, Oklahoma (CNN) -- Patients who were treated by suburban Tulsa dentist W. Scott Harrington will begin getting tested Saturday for HIV and hepatitis after an investigation found unsanitary conditions at his office.

About 7,000 of Harrington's patients from the past six years are being urged to get tested. Saturday's clinic will treat patients on a walk-in basis. It will be operational for 10 hours a day starting Monday.

About 1,000 people called a hotline Friday to inquire about screenings, Tulsa health department spokeswoman Kaitlin Snider said.

Harrington surrendered his dental license on March 20 after health investigators found sterilization and staffing infractions.

God's Gentle Reminder

There once was a man named George Thomas, preacher in a small Texas town. One Sunday morning he came to the Church building carrying a rusty, bent, old bird cage, and set it by the pulpit.
Eyebrows were raised and, as if in response, the Preacher began to speak. . . .

"I was walking through town yesterday when I saw a young boy coming toward
me swinging this bird cage. On the bottom of the cage were three little wild birds, shivering with cold and fright.

I stopped the lad and asked, "What do you have there, son?"

"Just some old birds," came the reply.

"What are you going to do with them?" I asked.

"Take 'em home and have fun with 'em," he answered.

"I'm gonna tease 'em and pull out their feathers to make 'em fight.

I'm gonna have a real good time."

"But you'll get tired of those birds sooner or later.

What will you do then?"

"Oh, I got some cats," said the little boy.

"They like birds. I'll take 'em to them."

The preacher was silent for a moment.

"How much do you want for those birds, son?"

"Huh?? !!! Why, you don't want them birds, mister.

They're just plain old field birds.

They don't sing. They ain't even pretty!"

"How much?" the preacher asked again.

The boy sized up the preacher as if he were crazy and said, "$10?"

The preacher reached in his pocket and took out a ten dollar bill.

He placed it in the boy's hand. In a flash, the boy was gone.

The preacher picked up the cage and gently carried it to the end of the alley

where there was a tree and a grassy spot.

Setting the cage down, he opened the door,

and by softly tapping the bars persuaded the birds out,

setting them free.

Well, that explained the empty bird cage on the pulpit, and then
the preacher began to tell this story:

One day Satan and Jesus were having a conversation.
Satan had just come from the Garden of Eden,
and he was gloating and boasting
"Yes, sir, I just caught a world full of people down there.
Set me a trap, used bait I knew they couldn't resist.
Got 'em all!"

"What are you going to do with them?" Jesus asked.

Satan replied, "Oh, I'm gonna have fun!
I'm gonna teach them how to marry and divorce each other,
how to hate and abuse each other,
how to drink and smoke and curse.
I'm gonna teach them how to invent guns and bombs
and kill each other. I'm really gonna have fun!"

"And what will you do when you are done with them?"
, Jesus asked.
"Oh, I'll kill 'em," Satan glared proudly.

"How much do you want for them?" Jesus asked.

"Oh, you don't want those people. They ain't no good.
Why, you'll take them and they'll just hate you.
They'll spit on you, curse you and kill you.
You don't want those people!!"

"How much
?” He asked again.

Satan looked at Jesus and sneered,
"All your blood, tears and your life."

Jesus said, "DONE!" Then He paid the price.
The preacher picked up the cage and walked from the pulpit.

The Truth About 'Molly,' One of America's Top Party Drugs

Ignorance abounds about the recreational drug 'Molly,' also known as MDMA, making it a ripe target for fearmongering and punishment by the the Drug Warriors.

The abundance of misinformation perpetuated about the recreational drug Molly could give way to harsher legal enforcement if steps are not taken to give Americans an idea of what the drug actually is and what the drug actually does, outside of myths born from hip hop lyrics referencing Molly's use. That was the takeaway from "The Truth About Molly," a conference held by Columbia University Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the Drug Policy Alliance at Columbia University on Wednesday evening.

MVA Correction

Joe I work in the MVA building
It is 100% open on Monday 8:30 to 4:30