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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Salisbury City Council Agenda & Packet For 8-17-15

$4.4 Million Plaza Gallery Building and Annex Gifted to SU Foundation

SALISBURY, MD --- In unveiling Salisbury University’s updated Facilities Master Plan last April, SU President Janet Dudley-Eshbach predicted the University would eventually have a larger presence in downtown Salisbury.

Thanks to local developers Palmer Gillis and Tony Gilkerson that prediction is coming true sooner rather than later. Gillis and Gilkerson will donate one of West Main Street’s signature structures, the Plaza Gallery Building and Annex, to the Salisbury University Foundation, Inc. The gift is valued at some $4.4 million.


Publishers Notes: Gillis/Gilkerson paid $155,000.00 for the building. Not for nothing but I personally don't believe there is any privately owned building Downtown worth anywhere near $4.4 Million, DO YOU? Maybe they got a "drive by" appraisal like the City did with the old Fire Station 16. 

That being said, how much does that now take off the tax roll again?

BREAKING NEWS: Former Wicomico County Sheriff's Captain Mike Elliott Arrested: Being Extradited To Delaware

Court System:
Case Number:0H00079002Tracking No:151001474761
District Code:02Location Code:03
Document Type:APPLICATION FOR CHARGESIssued Date:08/14/2015
Case Status:ACTIVE

Defendant Information
City:SALISBURYState:MDZip Code:21804 - 0000

Charge and Disposition Information
(Each Charge is listed separately. The disposition is listed below the Charge)
Charge No:001Description:FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE - DE
Amended Date:CJIS Code:MO/PLL:XProbable Cause:X
Incident Date From:08/14/2015To:08/14/2015Victim Age:

Related Person Information
(Each Person related to the case other than the Defendant is shown)
Agency Code:MSPAgency Sub-Code:9054Officer ID:4827

Event History Information
DOCI08/14/2015AFC ISSUED 150814
INIT08/14/2015150814;00000000.00;HWOB;100; ;2129

Publishers Notes: We're told he is allegedly being charged in the state of Delaware for embezzlement. More to come.

If You Think Ireton Was A Drama Queen, Meet The EBT Blogger Who Thinks You Are "Stupid"

"I have been called controversial for being a very opinionated individual, but I look at it more as being less tolerant to stupidity that surrounds us all everyday. If you want more of the same with politicians telling you what they want you to hear, then I am not your candidate". "If I decide to run I would need your help"

No, it's more like, If I decide to give up a good portion of my disability benefits and affordable housing I'll run for City Council. I think ALL of you know how much I'd LOVE for this guy to run. I'd LOVE to start sharing all of the articles he has published about my Wife and Grandson. He is bluffing for attention because he can't/won't give up his free ride.

Let's hear it Ladies & Gentlemen, if the EBT Blogger does in fact decide to run, would you vote for him and why or why not. Give us a reason either way.

I walked the walk. I said I would run against Ireton. I moved to Salisbury, I knocked on thousands of doors and I never slowed down. Put your money where your mouth is and be a man for once in your life.
Can you imagine just how many Council Members would be flooding the seats who are on subsidies!!! They'd have to expand the handicap parking spaces at the GOB for sure. I can just see all of the new affordable housing units that would be proposed in the City for the next four years. 

All I can say is, you people better start making a lot of calls over the next seven days to get as many people as you know to run for all of these seats or guess what, your property value will plummet even more then it already has.

Help Jake Day by at least giving him a chance to salvage what Tilghman and Ireton have destroyed all these years. Get some people to run or you will forever regret it. 

A Letter To The Editor: Upcoming Salisbury Election Deadline

With Salisbury’s filing deadline fast approaching, I am shocked by the number of uncontested races. I want to encourage people who are eligible and who want to see Salisbury prosper in a way that’s good for normal everyday people do more than complain about your rising taxes, crumbling streets and sidewalks, failed wastewater treatment plant, preferential deals that benefit a select few, etc. (this is by no means an exhaustive list) to step up and run.

If you are dissatisfied and are not willing to throw your name in the race, than the sad fact is that you are part of the problem. Sure, you may have a busy life. You may never have thought about holding public office. You may doubt your capabilities. You may have lost hope, but you can make a difference.

I know because I decided to run for public office instead of complaining and with a shoestring budget and a handful of dedicated volunteers, I ran and won a seat in a very difficult race. At first the learning curve was a little steep, but I read my materials and asked for help from experts whenever needed. I am proud of the time that I served the public and the many things that I helped to get done to improve transparency and accountability, improve the economy, and more. I brought fresh ideas. I worked hard. I can say that I did my part.

Will you, or will you sit and complain? Has Jim Ireton served you well enough as mayor that you want to give him a council seat? No one is running against him. Has Laura Mitchell? Shanie Shields? Is Jake Day so qualified to be your mayor that no one else feels like they could help Salisbury? Every vote that is taken sets the course for the future of your city. Look at the candidates, their voting records, what an uncontested race for nearly every seat would mean to who represents you.

I am just an ordinary person, but I am practical and I cared deeply about the city and the people I was serving. I made a difference. You could too.

Filing is easy. Follow your heart and make a difference in the city you love.

Manager fired after delivery driver replaced over his skin color

A store manager for a home improvement store in Virginia was fired for replacing a black driver after a customer requested that only a white driver make a delivery for her, CBS affiliate WTVR reported.

Marcus Bradley told WTVR that he was told he could not make a delivery for Lowe's last Monday because of his race.

"I got a phone call telling me to bring the delivery back. Saying that I couldn't do the delivery," Bradley said. "I asked him why I couldn't do it and he said because you're black and they don't want you at the house."

Bradley's co-worker, Alex Brooks, told WTVR that he was shocked by the call.


Prevent Megyn Kelly From Hosting Any Further REPUBLICAN Debates

Megyn Kelly characterizes the Presidential selection process as "fun", dismissing the millions of Americans that find it much more serious. We deserve better than Megyn Kelly. Below, please find a list of reasons we believe Megyn Kelly should be barred from all future debates:

1. Megyn Kelly had a clear agenda: attack Donald Trump. Even if she “attacked equally”, we’re not looking for a hatchet-man; we’re looking for a moderator to thoroughly, and fairly, vet the Presidential candidates.

2. With over 90 million Americans out of the labor force, they are more concerned with their future than whether or not someone engaged in name calling.

3. She tenaciously covered (to the point of voyeuristic obsession) Mr. Trumps past rather than his vision for the future.
4. Megyn Kelly's feeling, however valid, should come second to the interest of our Nation.

5. She focused on candidates personally, rather than politically.

6. Megyn Kelly failed to cover many things more relevant to a Presidential candidate. For example, Marco Rubio’s gang of eight bill, Jeb Bush’s fascination with common core and feckless immigration policy, Rand Paul’s specific position on constitutional issues, Ted Cruz's track record of telling the truth on everything he's ever done, politically, Ben Carson's honest, calm and collected "outsider" approach (mixed with his questionable second amendment stance), etc. 

A Viewer Writes: Massive Snake Found This Morning

I just saw a big python or boa constrictor on Nanticoke Rd around 7:30. 2 state cops and county truck had him surrounded on side of Nanticoke Rd just before Levin Dashields Rd.

Another viewer said: Looks as if it may be 10-12 feet long and very thick.


Armored Vehicle Request Documents Show Local Law Enforcement Still Looking To Bring The (Drug) War To Your Doorstep

If you give law enforcement the option, they'll take the most intimidating thing they can acquire...

Molly Redden and Mother Jones have acquired a stash of armored vehicle request documents from police departments all over the nation. The requests are tied to the Department of Defense’s 1033 program, in which military hand-me-downs are given to basically any law enforcement agency that asks for them, whether or not these agencies actually need them.

Most of the documents contain some sort of pitch detailing the “need” for an armored vehicle, like the ever-popular MRAP (Mine-Resistant Armored Protected vehicle). Some of the pitches mention terrorism. Others simply state that potential terrorist targets reside in their jurisdiction. A great deal of them mention HIDTAs (High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area). As Redden points out, only 17% of the nation’s counties are actually federally-recognized HIDTAs, but that doesn’t stop requesting agencies from suggesting they too are in the midst of constant, dangerous drug trafficking.

Fully a quarter of the 465 requests projected using the vehicles for drug enforcement. Almost half of all departments indicated that they sit within a region designated by the federal government as a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area.

Very few mention any real reasons an armored vehicle might be useful.

By contrast, out of the total 465 requests, only 8 percent mention the possibility of a barricaded gunman. For hostage situations, the number is 7 percent, for active shooters, 6 percent. Only a handful mentioned downed officers or the possibility of terrorism.

Given that the Military Vehicle Request: Short Form only contains three lines for “Special Considerations,” law enforcement agencies have been submitting a variety of non-sequiturs as justifications for armored vehicle procurement.


SFD Members Training On Fire Boat 1

Members were training this morning on the Wicomico River with Fire Boat 1 today. Personnel must complete several hours of training before they become certified to operate the vessel.
Posted by Salisbury Fire Department on Friday, August 14, 2015

Martin O'Malley: 15 goals

I’ve always believed in the power of setting goals, both as Mayor and Governor. Some goals we met or exceeded, some we didn’t meet. But that was the point: we knew where we stood, and we held ourselves accountable. Rather than repeating lofty rhetoric, we dug into problems and tracked our progress—allowing every citizen to see how we were, or were not, delivering on our promises.
I don’t think it should be any different for the President of the United States.
The American Dream is still out of reach for too many people. I've created 15 goals that I believe would once again make this dream a reality for millions of Americans.
I want to know what you think: take a look at my 15 Goals to Rebuild the American Dream, and click on the one that is most important to YOU. Which one would you most like for us to achieve?
For some of these—like climate change, immigration reform, debt-free college, criminal justice reform, and Wall Street reform—I’ve already laid out detailed policies that will help us achieve these goals. For others, I plan to continue to roll out bold, progressive, and specific policies for how I would meet them as President.
Thanks for your support,
Martin O'Malley

This Is What You Get When Your Reporters Broadcast From Wyoming, Salisbury Mayor Eaton?

Pa. mom's breastfeeding of friend's son goes viral

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — A Pennsylvania mother who shared a photo and her story of how she breastfeeds her friend's son has now seen her story go viral.

Posted to Mama Bean Parenting in honor of World Breastfeeding Week, Jessica Anne Colletti shared the story of how her good friend was unable to pump for her boy, due to work and issues he was having taking to formula. So, Colletti writes, she started breastfeeding the boy while she was babysitting him while mom was at work. Colletti was already nursing her own child and says feeding the boys has created a special bond between them.

The posting went viral and has stirred some debate. However, Mama Bean Parenting points out wet-nursing is considered the second-best alternative for breastfeeding your child.


Yesterday's Gallery Building Article Really Upset A Lot Of People

Now I know a lot of you are thinking, (based on comments) this article will be in support of those comments. Well, it is and it isn't. 

To be fair, my article pointed out how the building was purchased for $155,000.00 and that is true. However, what wasn't mentioned was the millions of dollars that went into remodeling the building. Yet we did link to an article explaining much more. Their investment number into that building to renovate is somewhere around $2,000,000.00. 

You could argue that the replacement value, (if you were to construct new at that location) is easily worth $4.4 million. However, that is not the case here and quite frankly shouldn't even be considered in this equation. 

Heck, there's 60,000 sq. ft. of space in that building and there's probably $150,000.00 worth of carpeting alone. There's a lot to factor in. However, in the end, (as my article suggested yesterday) this is not about Gillis/Gilkerson making off like bandits. The argument I had and still have is this is yet another property taken off the tax roll from Salisbury University and PRMC. If you look back over the past 20 years, (which no one is willing to do in the MSM) and calculate the MILLIONS of dollars that have been removed from the tax roll, YOU the taxpayer ultimately have to come up with that funding to replace the lost tax revenue both in the City and the County. 

All that being said, Gillis/Gilkerson broke no rules or laws. They had NOTHING to do with the appraisal and in fact were surprised at the numbers. They have traveled the United States visiting different DOWNTOWN'S and notice a college presence in striving communities elsewhere and felt this gift would be a positive start in similar successes. This is their building, their vision and their gift/decision. You/We cannot blame them for anything here. 

As for their children, love them or hate them, THEY ARE THE FUTURE OF SALISBURY, like it or not. You may not agree with them on issues but as I have stated in the past, they are sticking their necks out and investing into Downtown. It's so easy for many of you to go on the attack saying stuff like they got it all from their parents. Well, I happen to know these guys and it was THEIR vision they brought to their parents in search of WISDOM, can you blame them? THEY are investing their earned savings into projects they believe in, not their parents money. THEY have worked extremely hard to promote Downtown and my hat is tipped to them. Could they have moved out of Salisbury to other striving communities and had a much better chance at much bigger returns on their investments, absolutely. Instead, they stuck it out here in Salisbury and are making their own mark through an incredibly strong group of friends and supporters. 

Gone are the days of us old folks trying to revitalize Downtown. The lack of support from former leaders threw a wrench into it and those who invested in the past sold out and moved on, me included.  

So while it's easy to criticize, ANONYMOUSLY, unless YOU have the time, the money and the will, don't hate others who have a proven track record. I know I'd love to have Gillis/Gilkerson not only as consultants but as partners in my investment ventures as well, young or old. Their GIFT is just a small part of what they have done to revitalize and move the Downtown forward.   

Verizon wants to make the Internet 1,000X Faster

Verizon is working on new broadband technology that is capable of delivering some of the fastest Internet speeds ever recorded.

The new service would provide customers download speeds of 10 gigabits per second. That would be 10 times faster than Google Fiber and 1,000 times faster than the average U.S. home Internet connection.

How fast is that exactly? A two-hour high definition movie would take eight seconds to download, 100 students could download a textbook in two seconds simultaneously, and uploading 1,000 photos would take about two seconds as well, Verizon says.

The new technology works by "adding new colors of light" onto the company's existing fiber-optic cable network.

When it builds up its capacity, Verizon says it believes the new technology could one day become capable of delivering speeds as fast as 40 to 80 gigabits per second.


Sexual Assault Charges On Worcester County Teacher

DATE: August 13, 2015
CBI Case # 15-0101

LOCATION: Pocomoke Middle School
Pocomoke, MD

CHARGES: Sexual Abuse of a Minor (6 counts)
3rd degree sex offense (6 counts)
2nd degree sex offense (6 counts)
2nd degree assault (6 counts)

ACCUSED: William Albert CATHELL, Jr. W/M 42yoa
Parksley, VA

NARRATIVE: On June 16, 2015 an investigation was initiated by the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation regarding the alleged inappropriate touching of female students at the Pocomoke Middle School by one of the teachers.

It was reported that the accused, William Albert Cathell, Jr., a Spanish/foreign language teacher at the school, had sexually assaulted several female students during school hours. The victims were between 12 and 13 years of age at the time of the offense.

Investigators worked with the Worcester County Board of Education and, following interviews with students at the school, four victims were identified. Two of the victims were allegedly assaulted by the accused on more than one occasion. Cathell has been a teacher in Worcester County for the past 10 years.

A total of six separate events reportedly occurred on the school grounds over a two year period. As a result of the investigation, multiple charges were filed against Cathell including: sexual abuse of a minor, 3rd degree sex offense, 4th degree sex offense, and 2nd degree assault.

Cathell was arrested without incident at his residence in Accomac County, Virginia. Cathell is currently being held in the Accomac County Detention Center as the process of extradition is currently ongoing through the office of the State’s Attorney for Worcester County.

Further inquiries can be directed to LT Mike McDermott at 410-632-1111.

Remember When The State Police Had Haircut Styles For Both Men And Women?

A Letter To The Editor: Riverside Homes

My name is Sharon. I have some issues of professionalism regarding ms Jean Smith, property manager at riverside homes. I find her to be rude and disrespectful. She is dismissive and non responsive when you need to bring up concerns about your apartment. She was angry with me because I contacted you about your policy on pet deposits. The truth is I had been trying to get information from her about these policies for two weeks before contacting you. 

On another occasion I called her office to report my toilet backed up. After getting no responses, I finally called the booth street office to report the problem. Then ms Jean came over and reamed me out for calling booth street. I was very ill that day and had been recently hospitalized. 

The most recent issue are the smoke detectors in my apartment. They are malfunctioning due to low battery and sounding off which is stressful and annoying. I reported the problem to ms Jean a week ago and no one has been here to effect repairs. When I inquired as to when this might be done, she was extremely discourteous. 

I've been putting up with the noise for a week now and she makes me feel I'm intruding just to ask. This attitude and behavior needs to cease immediately or I will seek legal action and contact city building inspector. I have never been anything but courteous to that woman and I've reached the limit of my patience with her. She and I have a meeting on August 13 regarding recertification and I will also have legal representation at this meeting. 

I am requesting she not come to my home under any circumstances. 

Thank you for your consideration,

Cop wars with wounded veteran over parking spot

Language On Video may be offensive to some.

A Florida police officer is being investigated by internal affairs after video surfaced of his physical altercation with a military veteran over a handicapped-accessible parking space outside a Walgreens store.

Riviera Beach Police Sgt. Garry Wilson is now on paid administrative leave following an incident Sunday involving Isiah James, a wounded U.S. Army combat veteran who served nearly 10 years.

According to James, he and his father stopped at the store, and while paying inside, Officer Wilson walked in.

Wilson told him he wasn’t supposed to park in the handicapped parking spot because he wasn’t handicapped.

Can You Blame The Guy?

Black Lives Matters sign vandalized in Bethesda, again

WASHINGTON — For the second time in two weeks, someone has vandalized a Bethesda congregation’s “Black Lives Matter” sign.

The word “black” was carefully cut out of a banner at River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation, leaving only “lives matter” in view.

The new sign had been up less than a week — a similar incident happened July 29.

“We’re angry, we’re upset, we feel violated once again,” said the Rev. Louise Green. “We also feel determined that we’re not going to back down.”


NASA Photo May Show 'Alien Woman' on Mars

Is a woman standing on a rock in Mars watching the Curiosity Rover as it collects data from the Red Planet?

That's what the suspects is happening in an image released by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory taken in July.

"Its hard to tell if this is a living being, or a statue of a being from long ago," the UFO website wrote. "However, a statue that small would be eroded and destroyed easily, so it has a higher chance of being a living being.


2 Miami fire-rescue trucks collide; 12 injured

Twelve people were injured, including seven firefighters, Tuesday afternoon in a violent crash involving two Miami Fire-Rescue Department vehicles.

The force of the crash was so strong that the fire truck spun 360 degrees, hit a curb and flipped on its side, said Miami Assistant Fire Chief Pete Gomez The rescue truck’s front was sheared off.

“When you have a 40,000-pound truck flip on its side, and no one is seriously hurt, I’d say that’s a pretty lucky day,” Gomez said.


Read more here:

Take The Quiz!!

2016 Presidential Election

How do your beliefs align with the potential candidates?

Do yourself a favor...take the quiz. See how you really align with a candidate. More voters should be informed on the issues and the candidates stance on everything instead of just 1 or 2 issues. Look at the big picture, people 

Black Lives Matter supporters shutdown the I-70 in St. Louis

EPIC Body slam!!Yesterday, Social Justice Warriors and Black Lives Matter supporters shutdown the I-70 in St. Louis,...
Posted by WND on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

WOW, Salisbury Is In Deep...

I stated some time back that Jim Ireton would not be running for Mayor and instead would be running for City Council. Many said there's no way that would happen. Well, I was right. The idea of the old Dream Team trying to regain control of the City, knowing Ireton cannot beat Jake Day, is just crazy. 

For at least the past decade this group has defamed, shunned and attacked anyone who stood up to them and unfortunately over all these years the majority have given up and now the City has ultimately lost control of any fairness towards "We The People". 

So how does Jim Ireton get back at Jake Day for running for Mayor, he gets on the City Council and makes sure that whatever Jake wants to bring to the agenda each time never sees the light of day. It's all about control. 

How embarrassing it must be to go from being Mayor and then running for City Council. Come on Jim, don't you think the City has had enough of your crap. You knew you couldn't beat Jake Day and if you say I'm wrong, run for Mayor again and see what happens.

I guess the big question is, would you vote for Jim Ireton for City Council after now knowing WHY he is running? The bigger question is, will anyone step into the ring and run against him? You have SEVEN days to make up your mind. I'd say whoever does step up to the plate against him will have an easy time winning that seat.

A Letter To The Editor: SECU

Hi Joe,

You may already be aware of this, but have you seen the new "tellers" at SECU? I was amazed when I went in there this morning and had to do my transaction with a teller by video in a machine on the wall. I was assisted with this new technology by a very pleasant employee, but is this the new method of banking. Being older, but still tech savvy, I didn't like it but do understand why. I was told it was for increased security and bank robbery prevention. Well, you sure can't rob a machine on the wall....but what happened to the tellers...did they all lose their jobs. By the way, my automated teller was located in Linthicum. Before I went inside, I tried the drive-thru and people were lined up trying to figure out what to do with this new machine. I gave up (as did others) and went inside. I guess this is the future and we must get used to it, but it is going to more difficult for many customers. I'm sure other banks will follow.

Publishers Notes: I have quite a few banking friends and unfortunately this is the future, or so I've been told. While I very rarely ever visit any of the banks I have accounts with, I did stop in the Bank of America recently and was amazed to learn they are now down to only two tellers. 

They are a very friendly bank but I have to admit, gone are the days when I'd walk in and just about every single person working there would say, hello Mr. Albero. It made all that hard work over the years building savings somewhat rewarding. Now, well, it's just different and nowhere near as pleasant. Finally, I guess we're ALL getting older and feeling the rash of change.

Let's See How Many People Get It?

Mr. Trump's 757

Delmar Middle School Supply Lists for 2015-2016

Click 'READ MORE' below to see the 6th and 7th grade lists.

White House staffer fires Glock handgun at her boyfriend, a Capitol Police officer

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (WJLA) - A White House staffer has been charged with domestic violence after threatening her boyfriend, a Capitol Police officer, with his service gun and firing one shot in his direction, according to a police report in court documents.

Barvetta Singletary, a special assistant to the president and a White House legislative liaison to the House, has been charged with first- and second-degree assault and reckless endangerment. The White House says she has been placed on unpaid leave, pending further investigation.

According to the documents, Singletary invited her boyfriend to her home in the 13000 block of Burnished Wood Court in Upper Marlboro Thursday night, August 6. After having sex, Singletary began asking questions about his relationship with another woman he was dating.

You Will Not Believe Why Target Is Removing Gender Labels From the Children’s Department

This is starting to get really, really weird. It will make shopping much more difficult for parents. Your boy wants a cowboys and Indians bedspread? No more signs and labels directing you. Your daughter wants a makeup kit? You’re going to have to look all throughout the toys section to find it.

ABC 13 reports,

Target stores will no longer have ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ sections in most of the children’s departments in their stores.

The chain is removing gender labels from toys and bedding sections after customers complained about gender stereotyping.

Signs designating some items for girls and others for boys will be taken down.

Gender labels will remain in the kids’ clothing section, because of sizing and fit differences.


SPD Press Release 8-10-15 (Weekly Shoplifting Arrests)

Police In Riot Gear Attempt To Clear Large Crowd Of Dirt Bikers In Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A massive police response in the area Druid Hill Park on Sunday night where authorities attempted to disperse hundreds of dirt bikers.

WJZ’s Amy Yensi has the latest.

Baltimore police dressed in riot gear lined Reisterstown Road in northwest Baltimore as dirt bikers—posing a risk to drivers and bystanders–scoured the streets.

“They impose a very immediate and extreme danger, to the community as they do not ordinarily follow traffic rules and regulations,” said Marc Partee, Commander North West District.

The situation quickly escalates and extra officers are brought in to handle the growing threat.


Target to remove gender-based labeling

Kids visiting Target will no longer have to consider their gender while shopping.

The retailer announced Friday it will start removing gender-based labeling in several departments — including toys, bedding and entertainment — around the store. The company says the decision comes after feedback and suggestions from customers.

“As guests have pointed out, in some departments like toys, home or entertainment, suggesting products by gender is unnecessary,” reads a statement from Target. “We heard you, and we agree. Right now, our teams are working across the store to identify areas where we can phase out gender-based signage to help strike a better balance.”


Where Ready For You, Students!

University Of Phoenix Stops New Enrollment At 14 Campuses, 10 Learning Centers

The country’s largest for-profit college chain is about to get a bit smaller, as a new report reveals that The University of Phoenix is no longer accepting new enrollments at two dozen campuses and learning centers across the country.

The move to stop new enrollment at the 14 campuses and 10 learning centers is part of a new “market investment strategy” at the University of Phoenix, the Memphis Business Journal reports.

University of Phoenix president Tim Slottow announced the change in a memo this week, saying that an evaluation of all campuses led the company to make the determination it would only invest in 67 campuses in 17 states.

“With this evaluation comes the difficult decision to no longer enroll ground students in 14 designated campuses and a further 10 learning centers…” the memo from Slottow said. “I know that you will all join me in supporting our colleagues as they work through the challenges of teach out and transition.”