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Monday, January 02, 2017

Lawsuit: Government Illegally Garnishes Disability Benefits To Repay Student Loans

Earlier this month, a Government Accountability Office report found that $171 million was garnished from older Americans’ Social Security benefits in order to repay federal student loan debts. Now, one of those borrowers is suing several government agencies accusing them of taking money from his monthly disability checks despite the fact he was eligible for a student loan discharge.

The lawsuit, filed in September and amended last week, accuses the Department of Education, Social Security Administration, and Department of Treasury of unlawfully garnishing his Social Security disability benefits to collect on defaulted student loans despite the fact he was eligible for a full discharge of the debts.

According to the lawsuit [PDF] – which also names Dept. of Ed. Secretary John King, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, and Social Security Administration Commissioner Carolyn Colvin – the 67-year-old man received a notice in 2013 indicating that a portion of his disability benefits would be garnished in order to pay off the student loans he obtained in the 1970s.

While the man attended college for a short time, he dropped out due to hospitalizations, and eventually defaulted on the loans. In 1973, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and began receiving Social Security disability benefits.


Student sues Georgia college, but for a reason that you might agree with

Free speech on college campuses is being severely curtailed and suppressed. It should not be allowed. Free speech is guaranteed under the Constitution, even on wacky leftist campuses. Chike Uzuegbunam is a Christian student at Georgia Gwinnett College. They have instituted two small ‘free speech zones’ on campus and you must submit a ‘free speech area request’ three days ahead of time, plus your materials and literature have to be reviewed and approved by officials before you can even use one of these crappy zones.

Chike says his freedom of religion is being violated because his preaching on campus has been restricted. I agree and it just should not be happening. This is just one campus… this crap is happening all across the nation. These free speech zones are anything but… they are speech suppression zones and it is fascist. If this is a university that takes federal money, they are in direct violation of the Constitution and should be nailed for it. Chike is suing the college and I don’t blame him.


CORRUPT: DHS Took Millions In Bribes From Drug Cartels On Mexican Border

There is a HUGE problem in the DHS, and it is putting our country in harms way. The corruption is real, and it’s being perpetrated by a many of America’s federal agents.

Joohoon David Lee, a federal Homeland Security agent stationed in Los Angeles, was assigned to investigate the case of a Korean businessman who was being accused of sex trafficking.

So instead of doing his job and making an inquiry, Mr. Lee solicited and accepted about $13,000 in bribes and other gifts from the businessman and his family members in return for making the “immigration issue go away,” according to court records.

Mr. Lee, who was an agent with Homeland Security Investigations at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, filed a report that covered up the truth: “Subject was suspected of human trafficking. No evidence found and victim statement contradicts. Case closed. No further action required.”

There were more federal agents that took payoffs of up to $215,000 and even 100 egg rolls…all to smuggle marijuana and cocaine, produce confidential information to drug cartels so they could find ways around border security, manipulate documents for illegal immigrants and just plain up and make cases “go away,” according to a report.


Rosie O’Donnell Launches VICIOUS Attack on Trump… She Has No Limit

Rosie O’Donnell is a vicious, vile human being. I don’t approve of President-elect Trump calling her names in public… but then again, the woman is really, really asking for it. Trump and O’Donnell have been attacking each other for over ten years. Rosie stooped so low as to even smear Trump’s ten year-old son. She apologized to Melania, but the fact that she would do such a thing tells you all you need to know about Rosie O’Donnell. She’s not funny and she’s disgusting.

Rosie is now warning that America only has three weeks left to stop a mentally unstable Donald Trump from taking office. First off, he’s not mentally unstable, although Rosie O’Donnell herself may be. Second, he’s now President of the United States… just deal with it already and get over it. Rosie was a huge Hillary Clinton supporter and just this last week, urged Obama to go after Russia for interfering in the election. Russia uncovered some of the DNC’s dirty laundry, but they had nothing to do with the election itself. Liberals like Rosie just can’t accept that Clinton lost because she sucked. Truth hurts, Rosie.


GOP Leaders Ready To Pivot From 'Do-Nothing' To Doing A Lot In 2017

As the 115th Congress is sworn in Tuesday, Republicans will be poised to control Washington with a stronger hand than they have in a decade — with the Senate, House and the White House in GOP hands, once President-elect Donald Trump takes office on January 20th.

This past November, Republicans held their congressional losses to a minimum, helped by an unexpectedly strong GOP wave behind Trump. After losing just two Senate seats, they'll hold a 52-48 edge (two independents caucus with Democrats. In the House, Republicans lost six seats, giving them a 241-194 majority.


Ring in the New Year cheaper than the old

Best Restaurants Nationwide for Senior Discounts

Cheap Eats - Save on Dining Out

University of Minnesota football players won't face charges in sexual assault investigation

Ten suspended University of Minnesota football players will not face criminal charges in connection with an alleged sexual assault of a 22-year-old female student.

The woman claimed she had been assaulted by 10 to 20 men on the team who 'lined up like they were waiting for a turn on her' after their season-opening victory against Oregon State on September 2.

But Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman has declined for the second time to charge any of the players, despite calling their behavior 'deplorable'.

Freeman previously decided not to prosecute the players in November, until the school's own investigation revealed troubling details about the alleged assault.

After reviewing that report, Freeman stood by his November decision, saying the school's investigation didn't add sufficient evidence to warrant criminal charges.


New York wants to cut ties with disgraced Wells Fargo

New York to Wells Fargo: fuhgeddaboudit!

New York City is the latest state or city to consider cutting business ties with the embattled San Francisco banking giant in the wake of a sham-accounts scandal that exploded in September, The Post has learned.

Wells Fargo inked a contract with New York’s Department of Finance earlier this year to process credit-card transactions.

The deal runs from July 1 to June 30, 2021.

Wells Fargo will pocket $1.3 million a year under the deal, according to a copy of the paperwork obtained by The Post.

But on Dec. 29, the city put it up for “negotiated acquisition,” according to a public hearing notice.


Texas officer trying to arrest suspect shot by fellow cop

WEATHERFORD, Texas – A Texas police officer shot another officer and a man he was trying to arrest during a confrontation following a traffic stop.

Police in Weatherford near Fort Worth say officer Chris Bumpas was conducting the stop Thursday evening when he discovered there was a warrant for the arrest of one of three people in the vehicle.

Police said in a statement that the man became combative and struck the officer with a flashlight.


Le Pen: 'After Trump, Brexit, the French Want Independence'

François Hollande denounced populism and nationalism ahead of upcoming French presidential elections, but Marine Le Pen hit back saying after Trump and Brexit, the French share the worldwide “aspiration for independence” in the fight against globalism.

In his New Year’s Eve address, President Hollande, who earlier in December said that he willnot be seeking reelection in 2017, alluded to Front National candidate Le Pen when he warned against what he called “rising extremism,” citing Brexit in the U.K. and the election of Donald J. Trump in the U.S.

“There are periods in history when everything may change dramatically. We’re in one of those times,” said the Socialist Party member.


Judge blocks Obama mandate forcing doctors to perform abortions, transgender surgeries

President-elect Donald Trump can undo many of President Obama’s executive orders with the stroke of a pen, but rolling back a key new mandate forcing religious doctors and hospitals to perform abortions and transgender surgeries looks to be a much more protracted legal battle.

Many judges have begun to adopt the administration’s expansive interpretation of Title IX and other federal directives barring discrimination on the basis of “sex,” lawyers say, limiting the ability of the president-elect to revoke his predecessor’s policies without help from Congress or the courts.

Now the Department of Health and Human Services has taken Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, which prohibits “sex” discrimination in the provision of health care, to mean that hospitals, insurance companies and other health care entities that receive federal funding must cover or perform abortions and sex-reassignment surgeries, even if doing so would violate their religious beliefs.

The rule was finalized in May and was to go into effect on Sunday.

But the legal battle escalated over the weekend when a federal judge in Texas on Saturday blocked the Obama administration mandate one day before it was set to go into effect.


'Policing For Profit' Goes To The Next Level

It’s bad enough getting arrested – especially when you didn’t do anything to warrant it. This happens all the time, because the the threshold for arresting someone is very low. It can be done by any cop, pretty much anytime – without much in the way of legal justification. He has the gun – and the handcuffs, after all. If he wants to arrest you, he will arrest you. Maybe the courts will sort it out later; eventually you are released, your record “cleared.”

This isn’t new – or news.

What is new – and ought to be news – is that several states have begun charging people “processing” and “incarceration” fees for their bogus arrest and subsequent just-as-bogus caging.

Minnesota and Kentucky are among the states that levy fees on people who are merely arrested and taken to the clink… even if they are never convicted of anything. In some cases, the people being charged for “services” rendered are never formally charged with any crime (which is something a prosecutor must do; a cop hasn’t got the power to do more than arrest you on suspicion of violating a statute).


BREAKING NEWS: Shooting In Salisbury 12-26-16

Station 16 has been dispatched to the 700 block of Baker Street in the area of Charles St and Martin St for a Shooting. 2 subjects shot only 1 is responsive.

Paramedic advised Wicomico Central to alert PRMC for a priority 1 patient a second patient will be transported shortly.

UPDATE FROM SPD: Homicide investigation underway in sby, 31 yo/m vic, 700 blk Baker st, SPD det's working with MSP Homicide investigators

Homicide Investigation Continues... #crimesolvers 410-548-1776

Originally posted: 12-26-16 9:38 PM.

I Know, Bah Humbug

While I am all about "Paying It Forward" and have participated for many years helping others during the Holidays, a friend and I were talking about all of the fundraising that goes on locally, I  thought I'd share some of that discussion.

I want to make something very clear here. I am in no way attempting to take any credit away from the unconditional intent from so many people and or organizations but haven't you ever wondered, where is all that money going to? Have you ever wondered, just how many local Families are in such a bad way that they have to depend so much on these donations?

For examples, WBOC raised over $265,000.00 this year for their Bless Our Children campaign. The Salvation Army has been known to raise more then $300,000.00 as well. The local Law Enforcement agencies and Fire Departments have been known to give out literally hundreds of bicycles and have adopted Families each year. Wicomico County will probably deliver more then THREE TONS of food to the Maryland Food Bank. Then there's Toys For Tots, Churches and the list goes on and on. 

In case you weren't aware, the Salvation Army also gives out hundreds of free and complete dinners for Christmas. Perdue donates hundreds of Turkeys not only with the Salvation Army but also the Maryland Food Bank. 
So we were listening to WBOC and they said they want to make sure every child has a present under the Christmas Tree. They also mentioned hundreds of children. OK, $265,000.00, (+ or-), hundreds of children, have you ever wondered just how many presents these kids get? Forgive me for using WBOC as an example but they do announce the details, so that is what I'm going by. 

Hundreds could mean 200. One would think if it was over 500 Families, well, they'd probably say they help more then 500 Families. So let's be fair and say it's 400+ Families. Isn't that $600.00  (+ or-) per Family? Then there's the Salvation Army and ALL of the other non profits who raise millions of dollars, (all together) in our area and you just have to ask yourself, REALLY?

Just how many Families locally are that destitute that they cannot take care of their children for the Holidays AND is it really that important that every child get so well cared for because their parents don't even have to try to do better when they can just as easily get on a list where everyone else will take care of them.

I know, heartless, isn't it. Like many of you, we grew up broke. Did we turn out bad because all our friends were getting the latest and greatest, NO. I can truly tell you, what we did get was extremely appreciated. In our spare time we'd find ways to mow lawns in the summer or shovel snow in the winter, (you get my drift). If we NEEDED things, we earned it, took care of it and appreciated it that much more.

Then we discussed free breakfast and lunch at school and let's not forget the free food the children get during the summer months. Then there's free college, free school supplies, affordable housing, EBT Cards, welfare, free Christmas presents, when is enough enough. What drives these people to get jobs so they can provide for their families?

We also discussed, how does anyone know one family isn't on every non profit list? In other words, why not get on WBOC's, Salvation Army, Church, Toys For Tots and whatever else is out there, who regulates this? What's stopping people from getting on every list.

So yes, I'm the bad guy bringing up a topic thousands of you think about but are way too afraid to say anything. The cool part is, you can remain anonymous and share your thoughts on this matter. It seems to me that the ONLY thing these organizations are interested in is breaking last years record numbers, yet you never see the end result. They BEG you for the money, you GIVE from the heart but you never see any financial records. I mean, they'll knock on the door to interview the family of a child that was just murdered an hour ago but they won't show you where all that money went???

I can tell you first hand when we gave out 300 turkeys one Christmas Season, honest to God we had multiple people, (the same people) coming back three to four times to collect a free dinner, so please don't tell me people do not take advantage of such free programs. 

We want to hear your thoughts on this matter. There needs to be a way these organizations can come together to make sure their unconditional giving isn't abused. We also need to come up with a creative way to get these people off a lifetime or even generations of entitlements. 

Finally, God Bless All of you who not only make such donations but especially those organizations who run these programs. I know first hand how trying it is to pull them off.

Democrats lost more than 1,030 seats during Barack Obama's presidency

President Barack Obama often cites numbers like these while boasting about his tenure in the White House: 15 million new jobs, a 4.9 per cent unemployment rate and 74 months of consecutive job growth.

But one number almost always goes unheard: more than 1,030 seats.

That's the number of spots in state legislatures, governor's mansions and Congress lost by Democrats during Obama's presidency.

The statistic reveals an unexpected twist of the Obama years: the leadership of the former community organizer was rough on the grassroots of his own party.


WCSO CID Press Release - Armed Robbery 12-28-16

Incident: Armed Robbery

Date of Incident: 07/13/2016

Location: 1500-Block of Barton Avenue, Salisbury, Maryland

Suspect: Craig Marvel Polk, 17 years old, Salisbury, Maryland

Narrative: On July 13, 2016 at approximately 12:43AM, deputies from the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office responded to the 1500 Block of Barton Avenue, Salisbury, Maryland, for an armed robbery of a taxi driver. The taxi driver stated he had picked up the suspect from E. Ruark Drive, Salisbury, MD. The taxi driver then traveled to the 1500-Block of Barton Avenue, Salisbury where the suspect brandished a handgun and forced the taxi driver to hand over his money. 

Detectives from the WCSO Criminal Investigation Division were able to develop information to further this case. Detectives learned that Craig Polk was the person responsible for the armed robbery. On December 22, 2016, Polk was arrested and taken to the Wicomico County Detention Center on $50,000 bond, after a bond review Polk was released on $15,000 bond. Polk was charged as an adult. 

Charges: Armed Robbery, Robbery, Assault 1st, Assault 2nd, Reckless Endangerment, Handgun on person, handgun in the use of a felony, possession of a firearm by minor, theft less then $100

Statement By The President On Kwanzaa


Snow Hill, Newark, Stockton and Girdletree Fire Company's on the scene commercial building fire at Paul Jones Lumber Co. on Market St. in Snow Hill.

Salisbury Police Refuse To Show/Expose Murder

Above is the link for SPD calls for service for 12-26-16................ it has no mention of the homicide or any event occurring around 9:30-9:40.

Wicomico County Employment Income Projections - 2016

The above spreadsheet contains jobs information that was prepared this time last year - using at that time - the latest 2014 FY Maryland Income Tax Summary reports.

If there is one thing that I have learned from this past Presidential election - one can no long rely on the MSM and/or other governmental agencies for public disemination of accurate or reliable jobs information. We all witnessed this first hand - as to how the US Bureau of Labor did a complete jobs restatement, prior to, the Democratic/Republican primaries - and after they (US Bureau of Labor) performed their US jobs numbers restatement - it was downsized by 50% - (horribly distorted - emphasis added by author). Locally - we can thank SBYnews for getting this information out - and eventually the other MSM networks finally came on-board - most noteworthy Fox's Sean Hannity. But in reality - it was SBYnews that first broke the jobs distortion story - NATIONALLY and INTERNATIONALLY.

Eventually - President-elect - Donald Trump was supplied the jobs information, and, he acknowledged receipt through his daughter Ivanka Trump - just prior to his appearance at Stephen Decatur, Berlin, MD and Frederick, MD - on April 20, 2016 (see above mail return certification).

WCSO Press Release 12-27-16

Incident: Assault with a Firearm
Date of Incident: 25 December 2016
Location: 28000 block of Naylor Mill Road, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Jean Elaine Nauman, 48, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 25 December 2016 at 3:44 PM a deputy responded to a residence in the 28000 block of Naylor Mill Road for a reported dispute that involved a firearm. The deputy learned from a male victim that a female, later identified as his girlfriend, Jean Nauman, had discharged a handgun in his direction. According to the victim, Nauman became angry and retrieved a .357 revolver and fired off a shot. During the subsequent investigation the deputy located evidence that a round had been fired along being told by Nauman that she meant it as a “warning shot.”
The deputy placed Nauman under arrest and transported her to the Central Booking Unit where she was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner committed Nauman in the Detention Center pending a bond review on 27 December.
Charges: Assault 1st Degree, Assault 2nd Degree, Reckless Endangerment

Incident: Attempted Murder
Date of Incident: 26 December 2016
Location: 34000 block of Wango Rd., Parsonsburg, MD
Suspect: Thomas James Reeser, 59, Parsonsburg, MD
Narrative: On 26 December 2016 at 8:55 PM a deputy responded to a report of shots being fired at a residence in the 34000 block of Wango Road in Parsonsburg. Upon arrival the deputy located a female subject who advised that she became involved an argument with Thomas Reeser that culminated with Reeser firing shots at the victim from a handgun. According to the victim, Reeser brandished the handgun during the argument and pointed it straight at her face. As the argument escalated, Reeser fired the handgun while she was only a couple of feet away from him and she told the deputy that she could feel the gun discharge near her and that she temporarily lost hearing due to the close proximity.
The victim stated that she felt in fear for her life and ran from the residence.
The deputy placed Reeser under arrest and transported him to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, Reeser was detained in the Detention Center pending a bond hearing on December 28.
Charges: Attempted Murder 1st Degree, Assault 1st Degree, Assault 2nd Degree, Reckless Endangerment, Use of a Firearm during a Crime of Violence

Rep. Maxine Waters’ vows to fight Trump ‘every inch of the way

Rep. Maxine Waters made clear she has no plans to reach across the aisle to work with Donald Trump, vowing on Monday to fight the president-elect “every inch of the way.”

The California Democrat told MSNBC corespondent Jacob Soboroff that her party has a problem of bending over backward to work with Republicans.

“I tell you, that has been a problem in my party,” Mrs. Waters said. “That when we’re in power, we’re nice. We bend over backwards to work with people. Trump has stepped on everybody. He has no respect for his own colleagues, let alone those on the opposite side of the aisle.

“He’s called names, he’s lied. He’s done everything to show that he doesn’t have good values and he can’t be trusted,” she continued. “Why should we work with someone that we can’t trust? He’ll tell you one thing today and another thing tomorrow. As a matter of fact, those people who voted for [him] ought to be really concerned about the fact that he has already backpedaled on some of the promises he made.


Prove It

President Barack Obama is facing mounting pressure to produce proof the Russians were behind the cyberattacks in the presidential election, The Hill reports.

Despite its assessment that the Russians tried to interfere during the campaign, the administration has produced little evidence so far to back up its claims.

And it has not released any evidence to confirm claims from anonymous officials that the CIA is convinced Russian President Vladimir Putin coordinated the hacking to ensure President-elect Donald Trump's victory, according to the Hill.

Trump aide Kellyanne Conway said "They should not be leaking to the media. If there's evidence, let's see it."

More here

2016 Now In The Rear View Mirror

2016 has been an incredible year for all of us here at Salisbury News. 

The day I started this Website, my intent was to deliver news and information our local media either refused to deliver and or took days to break the news.

Our Successes: Well, I believe we have certainly delivered exactly what my intent was from the beginning. The proof of our success is in the numbers. In 2016 Salisbury News exceeded more than 44,000,000 hits. We've published more than 875,000 comments. 

While we never dreamed this Site would produce anywhere near what we have accomplished, Salisbury News is by far the most well read News Website on the Shore. 

Appreciation: Salisbury News is NOT just Joe Albero. There are so many anonymous Contributors to help me each and every day, seven days a week. These are people who truly care about our Eastern Shore and our Unites States of America. I truly cannot thank them enough because they ALL make me look good. 

I want to also thank ALL of the people who send us thousands of breaking news stories, photos and tips. You know I can't be everywhere and I owe an amazing amount of gratitude to all these sources.

So what, (aside from the obvious above) delivered the tens of millions of hits. YOU DID! It's one thing to break a story and have an incredible day. However, tens of millions means that you not only come here, you keep coming back and very honestly we grow each and every day thanks to all of you.

Our Setbacks:  Truthfully, we simply haven't had any. The old days of certain elected officials forcing peace orders and lawsuits against me are gone. We're here to deliver truthful, factual and documented information that cannot be refuted. Hence our growth and success.

Projected Future: 2017 will deliver even more growth within Salisbury News. Not many know that I start my day at around 3 AM and run well into the late evenings, seven days a week. My office is now in our Ocean City home. Get this, for most of the years I've been running Salisbury News in Delmar, I did so on a wireless card because that home is in the country with no Internet access. Talk about SLOW! By relocating to Ocean City I've been able to take advantage of very high speed Internet access and trust me, it's heaven in so many ways. For example, pictures load in two seconds in OC while they took 2 minutes each in Delmar.

Many of you have asked if we could return to a daily news broadcast. We will deliver a regular news broadcast in 2017. Nothing real fancy, no acting, just real news. 

Help: We can always use help. What I wouldn't do to have a few people help us out with comments on a daily basis. If you're retired and would like to help us moderate comments, feel free to contact me. Breaking news and even more contributors who have a passion for the Shore who'd be interested in writing, contact me. What we do is very rewarding. 

Advertisers: I can never thank the very people who support what we do here at Salisbury News enough. The things we are able to do with the advertising revenue by Paying It Forward is the ultimate reward for us. We will be working hard this year to reach out to more advertisers to do even more. 

Finally: To my Wife and Grandson who afford me the time and space to do this every day, Thank You! 13 years of doing this every day has denied them proper vacations and quality family time with me. With any hope that will change this year.

Report: Stingray Device Can Drop, Jam Innocent Calls

Device creates chilling effect on free speech

A once-secret device used by law enforcement to track an individual’s cell phone location in real-time can also be used to drop or jam innocent calls, according to privacy activists.

Privacy activists have long expressed concern over law enforcement’s use of the Stingray, a suitcase-sized device that mimics a cellphone tower,allowing law enforcement to track an individual’s cellphone in real time.

Cell-tower simulators were originally designed for use on the battlefield, allowing military units to track their opponent’s movements.

Law enforcement agencies that use the Stingray are required by the FBI to sign a non-disclosure agreement banning them from revealing its use in public, even during legal proceedings.

The defense contractor that produces the Stingray, Harris Corp., is required to notify the FBI whenever it sells the device to a law enforcement agency.


Soros: Trump Threatens the New World Order

Billionaire globalist George Soros has penned a panicked rant in which he decries President-elect Donald Trump as a “would be dictator” who threatens the future of the new world order.

In an article for Project Syndicate, Soros begins by mentioning how he lived under both Nazi and then Soviet rule in Hungary before asserting that “various forms of closed societies – from fascist dictatorships to mafia states – are on the rise.”

This claim is confounded by the facts, which show that, “The share of the world population living in democracies (has) increased continuously.”

Soros writes that in voting for Trump, Americans “elected a con artist and would-be dictator as its president,” and that his defeat of Hillary Clinton means America will be “unable to protect and promote democracy in the rest of the world” (because that policy worked so well in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya).

Soros also slams Trump’s new cabinet as containing nothing other than “incompetent extremists” and “retired generals”.

Explaining how he supports the European Union because it is a successful attempt at “social engineering,” Soros laments the fact that the body has become “increasingly dysfunctional” and its disintegration has been accelerated, “first from Brexit, then from the election of Trump in the US, and on December 4 from Italian voters’ rejection, by a wide margin, of constitutional reforms.”


100-Plus Turn Out For Proposed Campground Meeting

BERLIN– Smoke. Trespassing. Noise. Light pollution.

“It goes on and on,” said Joan Jenkins.

Jenkins and her neighbors shared the issues they fear will come if the former Pine Shore Golf Course on Route 611 is turned into a rental campground during a community meeting Wednesday. More than 100 area residents turned out to learn what they could about the proposed campground.

“All we want to do is make sure the residents are aware,” said Donald Bounds, who lives near the defunct golf course.

Jenkins and Bounds have spent the past two weeks spearheading an effort to oppose the redevelopment of the golf course, which sits on Ayres Creek, into a campground. They’re worried about the environmental impact a campground would have on the fragile area as well as the effect it would have on traffic. Route 611, the road to Assateague, is already home to two campgrounds and is heavily traveled during the summer.


Trump Could Have Taken MD

Trump could have won all of Maryland's Electoral College (10 Electoral Votes) - if one factored-in pulling out Baltimore City, Prince Georges Co., and Montgomery Co. - then Trump would have won the plurality vote.

Put another way - Trump won the vast majority of Maryland's Counties (17 jurisdictions total) - with exception to the above and loses in Anne Arundel, Howard, Charles, Baltimore County.

All-in-all Trump won 17 MD jurisdictions and Clinton won 7 MD jurisdictions - yet Trump did not receive a single electoral vote.

Talk about inequality - let's begin.


2016 shoved down our throats the gay agenda by Hollywood and yes, our local media. Politicians and Liberals pushed legislation down our throats and even demanded if we disagreed with the gay agenda the mass majority of Americans are now HOMOPHOBES.

No matter what channel you turn to on television, (like above) you're subjected to the obvious lisp and feminine hand waving, as if to show our children this is the way they should behave. 

On a local level, our television news media, (many) are light in the loafers. Call me a homophobe or whatever, there is absolutely no way I'd ever turn on WMDT. 

Pushing the gay agenda on television, attempting to make it look as if this is normal, right or even acceptable on every channel is a Liberal push for their illness. 

I change the channel or turn off the TV when this kind of crap comes on, do you?

Federal laws could make dealing with legal marijuana in Maryland difficult

A tidal wave of marijuana legalization washed over the country on Nov. 8.

When all the votes were counted, four states approved new or expanded medical marijuana laws, while another four went further, approving initiatives for recreational use of marijuana.

Medical marijuana is now legal in 28 states and Washington, D.C. — including Maryland — and nine of those have now legalized recreational possession, sale and use as well.

But all of these state law developments obscure a deeper problem: marijuana remains a Schedule 1 controlled substance under federal law. And serious federal penalties can still be imposed for its possession, sale or use.


8-Year-Old Transgender Boy Asked To Leave Cub Scouts

SECAUCUS, N.J. (AP) — The family of an 8-year-old New Jersey boy says he was kicked out of Cub Scouts because he is transgender, a move that could open a new front in the debate over discrimination in Scouting.

Joe Maldonado joined Pack 87 in Secaucus in October and was asked to leave about a month later, according to The Record.

“I’m way more angry than sad,” Joe said in a story published Tuesday. “My identity is a boy. If I was them, I would let every person in the world go in. It’s right to do.”

Joe was born a girl but has identified as male for more than a year. His mother, Kristie Maldonado, said Joe is accepted as a boy at school and that it was complaints from parents — not Joe’s fellow Scouts — that led to his ouster.




Wednesday evening @ 2136 Hours, the Sheriff’s Office responded to a domestic disturbance at 209 Edmore Road, Chestertown (QA County). The female involved later responded to the Sheriff’s Headquarters.

Shortly after midnight, the female was escorted to the residence on a domestic standby in order to get clothing.

While inside the residence, the suspect armed himself with a shotgun and fired at the Deputy, who returned fire. Both subjects were injured.

The Deputy, a four year veteran was flown to Shock Trauma and is currently in surgery and at this time is considered to be in critical condition. No information is available on the condition of the suspect.

The Maryland State Police – Homicide Unit is lead investigators of this incident.

There will be a Press Release issued later this morning by MSP and QACSO.


Identity of the injured deputy shot this morning is Dfc. Warren Scott Hogan.

Dfc. Hogan is out of surgery and remains in critical condition.

Your prayers, posts and messages are appreciated.

9:01am UPDATE: The man who shot and injured Deputy Warren Hogan with the Queen Anne's Sheriff Department has died after the deputy returned fire, Maryland State Police confirmed this morning.

Number of Food Stamp Recipients Soars Under Obama

One of President Obama’s legacies after leaving office will be an increased number of Americans using food stamps.

During Obama’s presidency, it has been reported that the number of food stamp recipients has gone up by 10.7 million people, resulting in a 32 percent increase since he took office in 2009, according to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) data released by the Department of Agriculture.

SNAP benefits provide vouchers for groceries for qualifying low-income Americans.

Nearly 33,490,000 people received food stamp benefits when Obama began his presidency, and over the past 8 years since he has been in the White House, that number has soared to 44,219,123, which is an increase of about 10,729,000 people, according to the most recent data.


Gov. Hogan: Online Farewell To Dog That Died In His Arms

They say that a dog is man's best friend. That sure was true for me. For 16 years our dog Lexi has been a much loved member of our family. Through good times and bad, she was always happy, and her love was unconditional. It is hard to describe how much she meant to us and how much joy she brought to our hearts. Our family is so thankful, not only for the 16 years we got to spend with her, but also that we got to spend this one last Christmas with her. Sadly at 10:40 am this morning Lexi died in my arms as I kissed her goodbye. "Dogs have a way of finding people who need them, and filling an emptiness we didn't ever know we had." We sure will miss her.


It’s that time of year again! Time to ring in the New Year in Downtown Salisbury with a ball drop in front of Headquarters Live, complete with live music by The Larks, Breakfast, AMP Studios, Tops Cut Off Productions and Fireworks at Midnight! The event is from 8-midnight, and is a free, for all-ages and family-friendly. Beer and wine will be available on the street in the main event area, plus local food trucks like Vittles Food Truck, Berk's Hot Dogs Food Truck & Phat Boyz Food Truck!

Rev up those noisemakers, grab your friends and get ready for a night filled with live music, giveaways, and more! New Years Eve SBY Ball Drop will be located at the intersection of Division and Circle Avenue, free parking will be available in Lot One and in the Parking Garage.

New Years Eve Ball Drop is produced by The Salisbury Arts & Entertainment District on behalf of The City of Salisbury. Special Thanks to the City of Salisbury, Salisbury Police Department, Salisbury Fire Department, Wicomico County Fire Marshall, State of MD Fire Marshall and City of Salisbury Public Works Department and all our volunteers!

‘Fake’ Obama birth certificate was ‘inside job’

Investigator: Evidence shows government officials involved

The chief investigator for Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s probe of the validity of the image Barack Obama released as his birth certificate says evidence suggests the involvement of the Hawaiian government in the alleged fabrication.

WND reported last week that Arpaio and his chief investigator on the Obama birth certificate issue, Mike Zullo, held a news conference to reveal evidence they say shows the document was fabricated on a computer.

They conclude it is not a copy of any original Hawaiian document, and while their investigation did not address whether Obama is a “natural-born citizen” as the Constitution requires for presidents, or the political implications of such a forgery, they said it certainly raises many questions going forward.

Zullo showed how the digital images on the document released by Obama in a White House news conference allegedly were copied from another document.

Zullo said the alleged fraud apparently involved the Hawaiian government.