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Sunday, December 03, 2017

Breaking News: The Met Opera suspended James Levine, its famed conductor, after three men accused him of sexually abusing them when they were teenagers

The general manager of the Met announced that the company was suspending its four-decade relationship with James Levine and canceling his upcoming conducting engagements after receiving questions about the accounts of the three men, who described a series of similar sexual encounters beginning in the late 1960s.

The Met has also asked an outside law firm to investigate Mr. Levine’s behavior.

Breaking News: CVS has agreed to buy Aetna for about $69 billion, a source said, in a deal that would reshape the American health care industry

CVS has agreed to buy Aetna for about $69 billion, in a deal that would reshape the American health care industry, a person briefed on the matter said on Sunday.

The transaction, one of the largest of the year, would combine the drugstore giant with one of the United States’ biggest health insurers, reflecting the increasingly blurred lines between traditionally separate spheres of the health care industry.

WICOMICO: A Make or Break Moment

By Thornton Crowe

Every week it seems, we are forced to deal with some nonsense or another... this week is no exception!

In yesterday's article, Mayor Details Marathon and Folk Festival Events, we all learned Salisbury Mayor Jake Day went before the Wicomico County Council and asked for help with these two events. Interestingly enough, he does this after basically slamming County Executive Bob Culver for the better part of two years.

Are we keeping you up, Jack?
Are you really that shocked the Mayor has come to the county, asking for aid in two events which have no prosperous outcomes for the community? If you are, you clearly haven't been paying attention!

For the last couple years, Day has carried on like a petulant child when it came to Culver and the county's affairs. He has thrown temper tantrum after temper tantrum in the local media outlets, verbal diarrhea and all, to besmirch the County Executive. The Fire Department fiasco is not one any of us will surely forget any time soon, along with a plethora of other such nonsense Day has unpinned on Culver.

If big daddy says no, ask soft-sell mommy...

Why now is he seeking the Council - a group that has no administrative hand in the workings of county government but only provides legislation - when Culver is the person he needs to ingratiate himself to? The answer is simple: he has a little buddy on the council, i.e. John Cannon. It's no secret Cannon and Culver are at odds and his unholy allegiance to Day is legendary. (i.e. fire department once again!) However, even Cannon won't be able to provide the resources Day requests without the stamp of approval from Culver.

Many comments came forth from the article, which has spurred a firestorm of debate. In reality, the County never opted for either this Marathon or Folk Festival. Additional reality, the State has already told Day they won't close State Highways for his marathon; therefore, should Culver abstain, he is far from being alone.

Remember: Nobody from the community weighed in on these events except for a minority of 'movers & shakers'...

After speaking with many in the community, I found that most - including those who habitually go to festivals throughout the year - are not in favor of this Folk Festival because Salisbury simply cannot handle the burden of producing such an event.

One local business owner states, "...I'd usually go to this kind of thing, but in Salisbury? No!" She continued, "I'm planning to be out of town for that weekend; you can bet on it."

This situation is as such that even if partnered with Wicomico, the area is not equipped for such a production; the same can be said for this Marathon business. Yet, the Mayor continues to push the envelope in spite of the obvious shortcomings and miscalculations. Now, he expect Wicomico to go down in flames with him!

Like one commenter on the other article stated, it's safe to assume this is a make or break moment for Bob Culver - to test his medal as to whether he will continue to capitulate to the Day-Cannon alliance or stand the ground Wicomico citizens have voiced.

Here's a couple big hints: A) This is all to public shame Bob Culver into yielding, once again, to Day's childish whims! It is a way to vilify when the County Executive does what his people are saying -- and they're saying "No!" And B) should Wicomico participate or not, Day will no doubt blame everyone else involved either way!

It's time to open your eyes. You are being hoodwinked by an immature, wannabe despot, who believes temporary part-time, fleeting employment replaces full-time career jobs with benefits.

How many languages do I have to say this to you, before you actually do it?

Réveillez-vous! (If you don't speak french, highlight, right click and google it!)

Get Ready For More Fines In Salisbury Tomorrow Night

New Parking Meters, a $500.00 fine for smoking on City of Salisbury property and now, get this, tomorrow night the City will propose a $250.00 fine for shoveling snow into the street. Why, because these kids have too much time on their hands and nothing better to do. I guess this is how they'll come up with the additional funds to pay for the Mayors increased salary, SUCKERS. 

Was Matt Lauer Really Fired for Sexual Harassment? UPDATE

By Thornton Crowe

Sexual allegations are some of the most egregious of accusations anyone can have thrown at them as they have a tendency to be career/reputation-killers in more than not instances. This morning, NBC fired Matt Lauer for alleged sexual harassment yet, it seems a bit suspicious given the following.

While I've never been anywhere close to a fan, I do remember a couple moments of clarity on Lauer's lot, especially during his Commander-in-Chief Forum, where he grilled then-presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, on her judgment using the illegal email server. It was a watershed moment, which infuriated her to the point where she contact NBC head, Andy Lack, and demanded Lauer's termination. Mind you, this happened well over a year ago, but the winds of change were certainly stirring.

In today's #MeToo atmosphere, wouldn't it be convenient to remove any rogue journalists not marching to the "Machine's" rank and file? Anyone can be accused of sexual harassment - even women; therefore, it's rather easy to levy such charges and dismiss wayward journalists (and others) without too many questions.

Below is the actual email question Lauer posed to Clinton along with her fumbled retort. Its clear to anyone, she was visible angry and unprepared for the question. As we've learned over the last year from both DNC and John Podesta email leaks, it would be safe to assume, she probably thought she had all his questions in advance, except this one.

The CIC Forum was not the only broadside moment between them. In a Today Show interview two months ago while working the book circuit, he challenged her to take some responsibility for her own presidential loss. Once again, Clinton deflects the conversation with some long-winded blather about the fictional world she resides.

Do you really think it was just sexual harassment for Lauer's dismissal or do you, like many others this morning, question the authenticity given his turbulent past with Hillary Clinton?

Folks, if you don't want to fall prey to 'fake news', you must question these things for yourselves, using common sense and your own gut feelings!

Reading some of the articles from trusted sources, I am just stymied that Matt Lauer was allowed to continue his employment at NBC for as long as he has, given his track record.

Apparently, Lauer's behaviors were well-known to the NBC company's staff and possibly high ranking brass, including Andy Lack. If this is true, Lack and others should also be suspended pending a full investigation because, by standing by and watching some of this atrocious behavior continue on and not intervening makes them just as complicit and guilty as Lauer.

Would hope these various victims (there were multiple as in more than 10) seek criminal remedy as well as civil from Lauer and NBC.

Keep seeking out information on this as more is coming forth every hour.


Thug Cancels Concert At Wicomico Civic Center

The Thug Memo show featuring Young Thug with special guests Famous Dex, DeJ Loaf & T Knox scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 9 at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center has been cancelled.

Lies, Lies And More WWTP Lies

"Old News", REALLY?

Let's start with this fact. The City of Salisbury Waste Water Treatment Plant, (WWTP) is discharging more then three times the allowed pollution into the Wicomico River. WHAT IS ALLOWED, for starters. 

After $140,000,000.00 of taxpayer money already spent on a facility that should've been no more then $35,000,000.00, the system continues to fail. To top it off, the City has been fined over $300,000.00 for discharging waste into the River.

Salisbury News was the first to expose the extremely serious issues a decade ago while your local media, (self proclaimed Delmarva's news leaders, because local matters) failed to publish what we had proven in our investigative reports for weeks. 

To this date the City of Salisbury continues to bring truck load after truck load of sludge to the County Landfill on a daily basis. Keep in mind the Landfill is properly lined to handle such material and such a process is approved by the MDE. The difference here is the volume Salisbury asks to be discharged. I'll get into this much deeper story about sludge in the near future. 

WBOC stated this morning that this is an "Old Story", REALLY? If it's so "old", why didn't you post it and expose it to the public in the first place. 

Mayor Jake Day claims the WWTP will be compliant by December 31, 2017. LIE! Our inside sources tell me there's no way it will be compliant by then and in fact say it won't be on line until the end of April, 2018. Ladies & Gentlemen, seriously, how many years have we heard that facility will be compliant? 

I will be updating this story with more detailed and damaging information in the very near future. I can tell you that should the information I have be confirmed by the proper channels you will be shocked. Just know the FLUFF you are carefully being fed is just that, it's being fed to them and NOT investigated. The local media flat out SUCKS and is proving they are using their influence to protect certain elected officials. 

One thing is for sure, that facility has been in violation for decades. They can say there is some kind of allowance of discharge, but why? $140,000,000.00 later, there should never be any discharge AND I am personally sick and tired of our government pointing fingers at our Farmers, when it is MUNICIPALITIES that are actually causing the pollution. 

BREAKING NEWS: WBOC's Brian Keane Is Quitting Meteorology For Good

Even though Jimmy Hoppa claimed "no one is going anywhere" earlier this week, it was a lie. Brian Keane is yet another staff member leaving the failing fake fluff news station. Hoppa had to eat his words in this newly released broadcast.

Good Luck in Montana Brian.

The Rise of ‘Digisexuals’ – People Who Prefer SEX WITH ROBOTS

I don’t know how I feel about this. Of course I’m pro-liberty and believe that as long as it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my back, I say do you. On the other hand this can’t be good for society.

There is a rise of people who admit to falling in love with their sex robots and prefer to have sex in virtual reality as opposed to being with a real woman. Experts have warned us that with something like this would happen with the evolution of technology, and a lot of people have allowed this to become part of their identity.

They’ve also stated that psychologists are going to see a rose in patients who are “participating in digisexualities.”


Toughest Quiz Yet On SBYNews...

Can anyone find a Republican in these pictures?

A Viewer's Comment: When Will You Learn?

Trump has the inside information on many things? It didn't just happen when he became president, he has had it for a long time. When he speaks about Andy Lack and others like Joe Scarborough in his tweets, he cluing you in that he already knows what the answers are, he's just letting you in on the secret if you bother to investigate on your own.

There is no way anyone can convince that for 15 years Matt Lauer was a sexual predator, unleashed  on his female staff at NBC and no one had any inkling about this situation. Do you really believe Savannah's shock? Seriously? It's just inconceivable but it does provide a plausible explanation that Andy Lack was trying to get a jump on the stories about to be published about Lauer's rampant sexual conquests and misdeeds.

As for Joe Scarborough and his own ugly truth, it's awfully funny how he's never been completely vindicated for that situation with the dead girl in his office and his own office sexual conquest which led him to a divorce and his current love interest which happens to be his cohost on Morning Joe. However, he thinks and acts like he has the moral high ground over Trump? You don't see the hypocrisy here?

Our media is out of control with not only fake news but their own feelings of superiority over us. They audaciously believe they run the country and are the smartest people in the room, but they can't seem to keep their primitive urgings in check for an 8-hour day. They have sold us a bag of bad goods for years and people continue to follow them, giving them their superstar status where it's not warranted in the least. Why?

Quips like one on another article regarding Lauer, "Well now he's well qualified for Congress" just shows how some here don't take these situations seriously and bury their heads in the proverbial sand.

Don't you realize without an honest, apolitical press, you have NO viable way of getting REAL information? You have no clue what the hell is going on and when you are clued in, you act like a bunch of amateur teenagers.

BREAKING NEWS: Salisbury Fire Truck Hits Vehicle Moments Ago

Witnesses on the scene say that a vehicle failed to stop on College Ave and S. Division Street extended and the fire truck hit the vehicle. More to come...

Mom defends herself for breastfeeding at Disneyland

ANAHEIM, Calif. - A California mom took to Facebook to defend herself after she says she was shamed while breast feeding her child as she stood in line at Disneyland.

The photo was posted to the "Breastfeeding Mama Talk" Facebook group and so far more than 8,000 people have reacted to the photo.

The mother, Brittani Medina, claims she didn't want to get out of line, so she removed one of her shirts and began to feed her child. That's when she says a few bystanders criticized her.

California law as well as Arizona both protect breastfeeding in public and, specifically in Arizona, also protects from any indecent exposure violations.


Senator Jim Mathias Bumper Stickers Littering The Eastern Shore

As shown above, the Mathias campaign is littering/plastering his election bumper stickers all over the recycling bins throughout the Eastern Shore. Bumper stickers are made to go on, guess what, BUMPERS of automobiles and not illegally placed on MUNICIPAL properties.

Many are now saying, it's time to RECYCLE Jim Mathias and elect Mary Beth Carozza.  

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 11-29-17

Anonymous said...

See let me put some light to this. I witnessed the accident while I was out front working. I had replied to my co worker that something was going on here comes the engine and Engine 1 come flying past us. Engine 1 traveling towards the light at approximately 35-40mph driver let off the gas and Jake brake engaged at the first entrance to Shorestop parking just past Ace and gym entrance. The light was solid red he applied Jake brake 5-6 seconds and brake lights before blowing the light and T-boning the driver. I was advised not to be a witness do to it being perceived as vengeful due to all the legal conflicts. Whoever said the driver blew the light is wrong and it was witnessed by two bystanders being employed in the right spot at the right time. the engine light was red. And the location and intrusion to the drivers side door should be enough. But MSP was literally right there on scene behind the engine collision. I'm shocked (not really) the driver was found at fault. We both said when we seen it someone is going to be rich. Shame on the driver all fireman know you proceed with caution and there no way he approched a red light that hot and stop, the officer should have seen him since he hit him drivers side traveling towards JMB. This takes the cake. Embarrassing for SFD, the Driver of the Engine, and the agency that found the other driver at fault. politics!!!!!

Matt Lauer Accused of Sexual Harassment by Multiple Women (VANITY FAIR EXCLUSIVE)

As the co-host of NBC’s “Today,” Matt Lauer once gave a colleague a sex toy as a present. It included an explicit note about how he wanted to use it on her, which left her mortified.

On another day, he summoned a different female employee to his office, and then dropped his pants, showing her his penis. After the employee declined to do anything, visibly shaken, he reprimanded her for not engaging in a sexual act.

He would sometimes quiz female producers about who they’d slept with, offering to trade names. And he loved to engage in a crass quiz game with men and women in the office: “f—, marry, or kill,” in which he would identify the female co-hosts that he’d most like to sleep with.

These accounts of Lauer’s behavior at NBC are the result of a two-month investigation by Variety, with dozens of interviews with current and former staffers. Variety has talked to three women who identified themselves as victims of sexual harassment by Lauer, and their stories have been corroborated by friends or colleagues that they told at the time. They have asked for now to remain unnamed, fearing professional repercussions.

On Wednesday, NBC announced that Lauer was fired from “Today.” It was a stunning move for a co-host who was widely considered the crown jewel of the network’s news division, with a $25 million annual salary. The cause of his dismissal, according to sources, was a detailed complaint from another current NBC employee about inappropriate sexual conduct from Lauer that started on a trip at the Sochi Olympics in 2014 and continued for several months.

The employee met with human resources at NBC on Monday night. In a statement, NBC News Chairman Andy Lack called this the first complaint about his behavior in over 20 years and acknowledged that it may not be the last: “We were also presented with reason to believe that this may not have been an isolated incident,” Lack said.

Several women told Variety they complained to executives at the network about Lauer’s behavior, which fell on deaf ears given the lucrative advertising surrounding “Today.” NBC declined to comment. For most of Lauer’s tenure at “Today,” the morning news show was No. 1 in the ratings, and executives were eager to keep him happy.

It’s not clear if NBC is paying Lauer through the end of his contract, which expires in 2018. Lauer couldn’t be reached for comment.


Editor: Read the whole article as it contains the most lurid details told to the Vanity Fair staff. The information is now beginning to come in like a deluge!

NFL HELL: Empty Seats Trend Moves into Week 12 in Stadiums Across Country as Anthem Protests Continue

Attendance issues continue to plague the NFL as the kneeling backlash rolls into week 12.


These two men are going around Gumboro knocking on doors claiming to be from a plumbing company and asking for entry to your home to check your taps for possible leaks!
DO NOT let them in, they ARE NOT plumbers!!! 


NFL to Contribute $100 Million to Social Justice Causes

The NFL’s sellout to their anthem-protesting players is starting to look a lot more like a buyout. According to ESPN, the league will offer nearly $100 million to causes designed to promote “social justice change.”

In a move unlike anything seen from a major American sports league, the league will offer the money in hopes that it will end the ratings-killing protest movement begun by Colin Kaepernick in the preseason of 2016.

According to ESPN:

The NFL’s multifaceted offer earmarks at least $89 million over a seven-year period for both national and local projects, according to documents reviewed by ESPN. On the national level, owners this year will allocate $5 million, with their commitment growing annually and maxing out at $12 million per year from 2021 through 2023. At the local level, owners will put up $250,000 annually and expect players to match that amount, totaling $500,000 for each team. Players and owners can exceed that amount if they choose, with no matching requirement. In addition, there would be other fundraising opportunities, including telethons and auctions of jerseys worn in games.


Michelle Obama Slams Trump During Sickening Appearance

I have never heard someone do so much talking despite having nothing to say. Michelle Obama has been extremely vocal in her dismissal of President Trump (and white men in general, it seems,) and it’s enough to make you wonder why. Does she want to maintain a public profile for the sake of perhaps launching a Presidential run in the future? Perhaps she simply refuses to continue hiding her contempt for men and it’s grabbing the attention of those in the media?

Whatever the case may be, it’s safe to say that a woman with no political experience aside from being married to the President of the United States shouldn’t be openly mocking the current President while in another country. Especially one as liberal as Canada.

She was introduced to the stage by the First Lady of Canada, Sophie Trudeau, and then proceeded to bash our President for Tweeting.

Obama was supposed to be giving a speech about effective communication and was invited to speak by the Economic Club of Toronto, but it appeared that she just went off on whatever side-street she could find. She of course discussed Trump’s Twitter habits, how “awestruck” she was when meeting Queen Elizabeth, and how she would like to have lunch with Jesus and serve him pizza. The speech lasted 45 minutes, which is about 44 minutes longer than I would have been able to stomach, but let’s discuss the implication of the speech and others like it.


Baby Got Back? Women With Big Butts Are Healthier And Smarter According To Science

According to a new study done by scientists from the University of Oxford, women with larger butts are healthier and smarter than those with a smaller sized backside.

The scientists who conducted the research into the size of a woman’s butt basically came to the conclusion that “not all fat is created equal.” Those women who tend to carry fat in their butts and thighs(often know as pear-shaped), rather than their bellies (apple-shaped) have lower levels of cholesterol and are more likely to produce hormones that metabolize sugar. This means these women have decreased rates of diabetes and heart disease.

According to ABC News, researchers analyzed data from 16,000 women and found that “women with more fat on the buttocks have lower levels of cholesterol and glucose” as well as higher leptin levels, a hormone responsible for weight regulation.


Waste Of Time, Yes or No?

Ironic, Isn't it?

Eleven die in Delaware from likely overdoses over holiday weekend

DOVER — Eleven people died in Delaware of suspected drug overdoses between Wednesday and Monday. The Department of Health and Social Services announced Monday 11 people, ranging from ages 23 to 62, died from overdoses over the Thanksgiving holiday.

“We know that people who are suffering from addiction are vulnerable, and those vulnerabilities often become heightened during the holidays,” DHSS Secretary Kara Odom Walker said in a statement.

“The holidays can be stressful and may be a trigger point for people struggling with substance use disorder. The most important thing that families can do is to help their loved ones find a connection to treatment and to get them to that initial intake.”

A total of 215 people have died from suspected overdoses in Delaware this year. Three hundred eight died in 2016.


Caption This Photo 11-29-17

There Is Something Odd About Arizona Sen. John McCain’s Injury

Arizona Sen. John McCain recently treated a small injury to his Achilles tendon. This comes at a time when McCain still is under treatment for his brain cancer, glioblastoma.

McCain’s office stated: “Senator McCain was treated at Walter Reed Medical Center over the weekend for a minor tear in his right Achilles tendon, as well as for other normal and non-life-threatening side effects of cancer therapy. Senator McCain has returned to work in the Senate and will be wearing a walking boot until his injured tendon is fully healed.”

But something is little suspicious.

On Nov 6 McCain posted a tweet with a photograph of him wearing a walking boot on his right leg…


An Interesting Comment Worthy Of A Post

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, i read all the comments made on here previously.... I am not going to say who I am or how I know this information but this is the absolute truth and is what happened... She was issued 50,000 bond and was released 24 hours after being arrested...Once she was out she used a phone that had been tapped by the police and was recorded stating that she has no intention of sticking around for the trial and was renewing her passport so she could flee the states to a non-extraditable country and if she couldnt flee then she was killing herself. This was played for a judge who signed a bond revocation arrest warrant. she was picked back up after being out for roughly 36 hours and is now being held on a no bond warrant.... Once back behind bars she called and instructed her sister to go to her house to try an steal the phones of both her son and his girlfriend....she then instructed her to smash them as hard as she could to try and destroy any incriminating evidence that may be on either of their cell phones. Both Monica Snee and her sister Pollyanne Moore/Chilton were charged with MDOP (Malicious Destruction Of Property) as well as tampering/concealing evidence. Her sister, Pollyanne Moore/Chilton, is and has been involved just as much as Monica Snee was in the buying/selling of oxys and heroin over the last 5 years. She has yet to be arrested however.

Colts LB Anthony Walker to Honor Trayvon Martin with Custom Cleats

NFL players will pay tribute to the cause of their choice this weekend, through the league’s “My Cause, My Cleats” campaign.

Most will wear cleats honoring organizations that fight cancer, or promote literacy. Others, will dedicate their footwear to messages far more personal.

Colts LB Anthony Walker will wear a pair of cleats honoring Trayvon Martin, the Miami teenager killed in an altercation with neighborhood watchman George Zimmer in February of 2012:


Black Lives Matter To Boycott White Owned Businesses For 'Black Christmas'

“We’re dreaming of a #BlackXmas where folks withhold dollars from White capitalism”

The violent leftist organization Black Lives Matter has launched an initiative to boycott white-owned businesses during the holidays in an attempt to resist “White capitalism.”

The group’s Los Angeles chapter tweeted out a link encouraging supporters to “withhold dollars from White capitalism and use resources to #BuildBlackCommunity.”

Lost Dog 12-3-17: UPDATE

Kane is black has white patch on chest white fur above his nose and two white patches on his back very friendly non aggressive pit bull mix will go up to anybody lost in Salisbury around the zoo and Park area. 410-713-2926 last seen December 2 at 9:30.

We're Really Sorry, Please Forgive Us...