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Sunday, July 22, 2018

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Admits She Met Secretly With Putin in 2014

Criticizes Trump, yet says she ‘bonded’ with Russian leader

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bashed President Trump over his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin last week, but failed to mention she also bonded with Putin in 2012 over Siberian tigers.

In her memoir “Hard Choices,” Clinton explained her meeting with Putin in Moscow, where she asked him what he’s “doing to save the tigers in Siberia.”

“He looked up in surprise. Now I had his attention,” she wrote.
He took her to his private office.

A Viewer Writes: Ocean City

Unfortunate accident in Ocean City. A beach goer was impaled by a beach umbrella today on 54th street. From what I heard the umbrella was embedded in the upper chest area. Paramedics could not remove the umbrella but had to cut the umbrella off so that the patient could be loaded onto the State Trooper Helicopter and transported to the hospital.

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 7-22-18

Anonymous said...

Dunn has made a living out of being devious, starting with Sassafras Meadows, where his name was on the deed of a parcel outside of town for "convenience's sake" (sounds like Hillary, doesn't it?) just before his hand picked "Dream Team" Barrie Tilghman council voted to annex it. Dunn made, according to him, "millions" on the deal with the developer to get a slice of all development profits on the site. 

Next, the Old Mall development scheme, where over 750 housing units were to be inserted into those two lots, violating zoning codes and forcing the neighborhood residents to accept radical changes in density and all the headaches that come with it. The proposal used a tax credit for the developers, wherein no city property taxes that pay for roads, lights, sewer and water, would be collected from them for about 30 years. Dunn and the Baltimore County developers were very, very chummy over this proposed project. In the end, the court prevented the whole thing, based on what the judge saw as an illegal switcheroo that was being perpetrated by Dunn, Tilghman, Comegys and their tools on council, the same people who brought you the failed wastewater treatment plant. Thank a group of concerned citizens for bringing the issue before the court to determine its legality.

The city attorney at the time, Paul Wilber (yes, that Paul Wilber), was responsible for writing and reviewing the proposal documents for the housing project, just as he was the wastewater treatment plant contracts, which, curiously, had a one million dollar liability clause for the builders of the $70 million project, the project that failed from day one and will cost city taxpayers over $170,000,000 in the end, if there ever is an end.

Dunn moved from a cozy home across from SU on College Avenue immediately after his council term to a half million dollar house in Tony Tank, an enclave for some of the area's wealthy just outside city lines. A few years later, he sold that place and moved back into the city, much to the dismay of many, into a more modest place in a nicer part of the Camden district. 

He went from part time job to part time job, most notably as corporate donation director of WSCL, the non-profit radio station at Salisbury University. Under his "leadership", WSCL's on air fundraising hit new lows, especially when he was at the microphone and his syrupy whine assaulted the ears of Delmarva Public Radio Listeners. He was let go soon after. 

His appointment as the highly overpaid office boy for the Greater Salisbury Committee came as a shock to many who had witnessed his short, crony-filled, self-serving political career. 

To say that Dunn is a snake in the grass would be a major understatement. He is not to be trusted with your toys or your money unless you have it in mind to not get them back. If Dunn is for removing the revenue cap, which modestly limits the county's income via property taxation and thereby puts respectable limits on county spending, then you know there's something in it for Dunn, something more than a few hearty pats on the back from his developer, investor, banker and landlord pals. Salisbury has its own swamp, just as DC does, and Mike Dunn is one of the uglier creatures in it.

Food Lion In West Ocean City Maryland Wants EBT Customers ***UPDATE***

***UPDATE from a viewer***

Can you get cash back at the grocery store from SNAP/food stamp benefits?

No. You can only receive cash back if you have both cash welfare (TAFDC)benefits and SNAP/food stamp benefits on your card. If you want to use your cash welfare benefits to buy food or get cash back, you have to swipe your EBT card in the machine a second time.


The Food Lion on Rt. 611 in west Ocean City wants all EBT customers to stop in before you get to the beach and purchase one item, then ask the cashier for the balance on your card in CASH!

That's right, Food Lion is paying out CASH MONEY for all EBT balances so you can enjoy your time at the beach. Our tax dollars hard at work, right?

Chamber to Host Wicomico County Revenue Cap Forum July 24

Publishers Notes: Since when does the Greater Salisbury Committee have ANYTHING to do with matters like this! This is EXACTLY why they brought in Mike Dunn, (a worthless piece of crap) to further the Good Ol' Boy agenda. Ladies & Gentlemen, crush this bug while you have the chance. For once in your lives, shut this piece of crap and the organization he's tied to up. They are a cancer to Salisbury and are NOT following their original mission statement to simply be an organization of wisdom to help local businesses, THAT'S IT!

The Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce will host presenters Michael Dunn, President of the Greater Salisbury Committee (GSC), and Sarah Guy, Associate Director of The Business Economic and Community Outreach Network (BEACON) at Salisbury University, in their presentation of a study of the Wicomico County Revenue Cap July 24 at 8:30 a.m. at the Chamber offices.

They will discuss the properties of the Cap, the challenges posed by it, its effects on County revenue and taxes, and the options moving forward. Their findings will be followed by a public forum.

This is a free event. Registration is available online at or by calling Director of Events Lauren Barnas at 410-749-0144.

Wicomico Proposes Vacant Facility House New Drug Rehab Center

SALISBURY – Officials in Wicomico County are looking to partner with the state and other county agencies to open a drug rehabilitation center at a vacant correctional facility off Nanticoke Road in Quantico.

County Executive Bob Culver, Health Officer Lori Brewster and county staff came before the Wicomico County Council in a work session on Tuesday to present a plan to convert the shuttered Poplar Hill Pre-Release Unit into a long-term drug rehabilitation center.

Culver told the council Wicomico County residents voiced the need for more immediate and long-term treatment facilities in recent community meetings on the opioid epidemic. From that feedback, Culver said he approached the state secretary of corrections with the idea of utilizing the vacant Poplar Hill correctional building for a rehabilitation program.

“He felt that there was no way they would ever move anybody back into that facility,” he said. “The prison population has actually gone down by about 6,000 people over the last few years or so. With that, we started talking about converting Poplar Hill into a treatment center that would give longer term care to people.”


Man From PA Was Going The Wrong Way On Rt. 50: UPDATE


US Route 50 at Naylor Mill Road has been reopened.  

On July 19, 2018 at approximately 0153 hours the Maryland State Police Salisbury Barrack received a report of a vehicle traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes on the US Route 50 Bypass.  A few minutes after the first report of the vehicle traveling the wrong way, the Salisbury Barrack was notified of a collision in the area of WB US Route 50 and Naylor Mill Road. 

Through the investigation it was determined a 2007 Toyota Rav 4 driven by David Geist, 75 years of age from Reading, PA, was driving eastbound in the westbound lanes of the US Route 50 Bypass when the Toyota struck a 2017 Chevrolet Trax driven by Kelly Lee McKinley, 21 years of age from Ocean City, MD.

Subsequent to the initial collision, the Toyota struck a Freightliner truck tractor pulling double trailers. The Toyota careened off the Freightliner and struck guardrails adjacent to the left shoulder before coming to final rest. The Freightliner was operated by Maurice Lamont Johnson, 42 years of age from Westover, MD.

The Chevrolet subsequent to the initial collision continued into the second trailer of the double trailers the Freightliner was hauling before both vehicles came to final rest.

Geist and McKinney were transported to PRMC by Hebron EMS to PRMC. Their condition is unknown at this time. Johnson was not transported with injuries from the scene to PRMC.

What you haven't heard about the accident on Rt. 50 is, what happened. It turns out the man pulled out of the Royal Farms on Rt.5 50 and turned left into the west bound lane/traffic.

He was able to get as far as the Naylor Mill Road area before being struck by a tractor trailer with double trailers. The accident was so severe, they closed down the bypass in that area and it still remains closed. 

The image above is in fact the vehicle that was going the wrong way.

Update On Rehab Facility

The state owned facility will be donated to Wicomico County, for starters. Governor Hogan will also give the county $10,000,000.00 towards the opioid  epidemic which will go towards this facility, so no funds will come from taxpayers for this facility. Yet the Jack Heath camp is trying to bash Executive Culver by spreading rumors and lies.

The only thing Culver has done is to reach out to ALL other counties to help fund the facility in the future, going as far as the Bay Bridge. This kind of facility is desperately needed for the entire Eastern Shore and this is a great opportunity. His outreach to other counties was immediately embraced by other county leaders.

Some people out there are claiming this will be another ECI and that's just plain stupid. The people going to this facility want to get clean. This is an addiction center, something some ignorant people just don't get. While in many cases some of these people have never been struck with an addiction so they just can't seem to be open minded enough to truly understand.

Yes, many of the people with addictions put this upon themselves. However, there are many who started on pain killers and found themselves addicted and desperately needed more. Quitting anything referencing addiction is very tough. I used to be a very heavy cigarette smoker and anyone who was around me when I finally quit knows how difficult it was for me to stop cold turkey. And that's just cigarettes! 

Anyhow, the sky is not falling. Governor Hogan fully supports this center, as do many of the surrounding counties on the Shore. If you speak to anyone involved in law enforcement or states attorneys office you'll quickly learn that if we can get the people addicted to these drugs clean, crime will drop dramatically. They rob and steal in desperation to get their next fix. 

This facility will also prepare patients for jobs. The topic itself is one that many people don't want to discuss but the epidemic is real and the Shore truly needs this facility. Stop believing the rumors being spread out there.  

Volunteer Firefighters Want Nothing To Do With Jake Day & His Folked Festival

Preparing for the 4th of July Fireworks at Perdue Stadium, Salisbury Maryland Mayor Jake Day reached out to the Volunteer Fire Police for traffic and crowd control through the Volunteer Fire Police. 

At least TEN Volunteers parted that evening from their friends and Family to help support the event. When they arrived, (as requested) they were turned away and told they were no longer needed.

No one contacted them in advance so they could spend their time with Family & Friends, they just screwed all of them. 

Now Jake Day is trying to pull together another CYA meeting with the Volunteers desperately needing Volunteers for his Folked Festival and the Volunteers want nothing to do with this guy. It's all crumbling apart right before his very eyes and I'm sure he'll act like a typical inexperienced Liberal and pass all the blame on others. However, I think at this point everyone is starting to see the guy for who he really is, a child in a man's job. 

Homeland Security and the Director of the National Folk Festival do not believe Day when it comes to the actual amount of Volunteers they claim they have for this event and as I stated in another article, they want Day to start HIRING people to help them run this event. 

Jake, you might be able to push the paid Firefighters around BUT the Volunteers, not going to happen. You burned that bridge, pull out your wallet because your going to have to pay for it. 

Allen Fire Chief Dave Barry Died In A Car Accident Yesterday In Gumboro

Hoyer: Trump committed 'treason' in Helsinki

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) on Tuesday accused President Trump of committing treason during the president's meeting a day earlier with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

“I agree with John Brennan, who said that it was nothing short of treasonous,” Hoyer told reporters in the Capitol, referring to the former CIA director.

“It is the duty of every patriot who loves their country to stand up and speak out against this dangerous and dishonest behavior,” he added. “The emperor has no clothes, no ethics, no integrity, no common sense.”

SF Mayor Says Her City Is Drowning In Poop: ‘There’s More Feces … Than I’ve Ever Seen’

San Francisco Mayor London Breed said the streets of her city are flooded with the excrement of the homeless in an interview Friday.

Breed, a Democrat who was inaugurated as San Francisco’s mayor Wednesday, urged homeless advocacy groups that receive money from the city to teach homeless people to “clean up after themselves.”

“There is more feces on the sidewalks than I’ve ever seen growing up here,” Breed toldKNTV. “That is a huge problem and we are not just talking about from dogs — we’re talking about from humans.”

The streets of San Francisco are littered with a “dangerous mix of drug needles, garbage, and feces”, KNTV’s investigative team reported in February after surveying the city’s streets.

“We see poop, we see pee, we see needles, and we see trash,” preschool teacher Adelita Orellana told KNTV. “Sometimes they ask what is it, and that’s a conversation that’s a little difficult to have with a 2-year old, but we just let them know that those things are full of germs, that they are dangerous, and they should never be touched.”


Call Us Names, We Don't Care...

Ever since my Wife bought her Toyota Prius I was blown away at how comfortable and roomy this vehicle was. Then came the incredible gas mileage. I was so amazed, I went out and bought one, (above). The next thing I knew, all of my friends were going out and buying their own Prius and now we all try to compete with each other to see who can get the best mileage without tricking out the vehicle. How many miles to the gallon do you get in your vehicle? I know I'll see YOU at the pumps but you won't see me. Well, maybe once a month anyhow.

State Police Arrest Wilmington Female for Stealing and Burning “A Thin Blue Line Flag” in Honor of Fallen Trooper

Lewes – The Delaware State Police arrested a Wilmington woman for stealing and burning a flag which occurred last evening.

The incident occurred on Friday, July 13, 2018 at approximately 5:15 p.m., after a report was received by a concerned citizen that a flag was stolen from the area of the Nassau Bridge located on Coastal Highway north of Lewes. It was reported a black Chevrolet was pulled over on the left shoulder near the median adjacent to where a "thin blue line," flag was mounted and on display. The vehicle was sitting stationary with the driver's side door ajar with a white female outside of the vehicle straddling the bridge median and reaching for the flag. As the suspect returned to her vehicle with the flag, the witness observed her drive by his location while operating her cell phone and obtained her vehicle description and tag number.

The investigation revealed the vehicle description matched the suspect's Chevrolet Malibu and later discovered belonged to Catherine Iocco, 21 of Wilmington. Troopers were able to ascertain the location of the suspect vehicle in Milton and apprehended Catherine Iocco without incident. The suspect was unable to return the flag because she set the flag on fire and destroyed it.

After making contact with the owner of the flag, it was learned that he mounted the pole and flag to the bridge this past Tuesday morning after learning about the passing of the Delaware State Trooper. The owner wanted to honor fallen Trooper William F. Matt, who recently passed away.

Iocco was transported to Troop 7 where she was processed and formally charged for Theft, Criminal Mischief and other related traffic charges. She was arraigned before the Justice of the Peace Court 3 and released on $275.00 unsecured bond.

A Viewer Writes: See anything wrong with this picture?

This was in one of our local parking lots in Salisbury. Delaware tag no less. Dude was just parked there.

Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Calls For Occupation of Airports, ICE Offices

‘We have to mobilize,’ she says

Far-left New York congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has called on protesters to “occupy” airports, border crossings, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices nationwide.

“We have to occupy all of it,” she told Democracy Now! on Monday. “We need to occupy every airport. We need to occupy every border. We need to occupy every ICE office until those kids are back with their parents, period.”


A Viewer Writes: By Shore Stop on Mt Hermon Rd. It's been there for over a week.

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh

Change Annapolis

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh joined another lawsuit against the federal government today - this time, challenging GOP tax reform.

Frosh - along with AG’s from New York, California, etc - say that the elimination of deductions for “high-tax jurisdictions” unfairly target left-leaning states. Perhaps if Brian Frosh, Mike Miller and Martin O’Malley wouldn’t have raised taxes so much, Frosh wouldn’t now be trying to sue his way out of high taxes.

Worth noting — Frosh’s friends in the legislature didn’t return savings from tax reform to Maryland taxpayers. Instead, they kept it for themselves and their big spending programs. Frosh’s political lawsuit fund has to be funded somehow, we guess...

A Viewer Writes: How Far Is Too Far?

Hi Joe. There is a sensitive subject that has been eating at me for weeks. I do not post every aspect of my life on social media. I understand that some people do. But one of my doctors started posting pics of his children being potty trained and his older child sitting on a toilet "pooping" . I have to draw a line at this type of posting. I now have unfriended him.....and honestly am now uncomfortable to receive treatment at their office. Where do u draw the line?

Ben Jealous Struggles...

When Ben Jealous sees the Eastern Shore or Western Maryland, he doesn't see the issues affecting them. He just sees tax dollars he can use to pay for his big spending programs.

Salisbury Is Hiring, Again!

Now Hiring: Department of Water Works, Director
$76,346 - $85,978 DOQ Excellent Range of Benefits
Situated between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean is the capital of the Eastern Shore, Salisbury, Maryland. With a population of over 32,000, Salisbury has become home to a very diverse community of people. Whether it is for the vibrant economic opportunity, quality public education, world-class healthcare, reinvigorated environmental stewardship, or globally known corporations, people are coming to be a part of this ever-changing town.
The City of Salisbury is looking for an energetic and detail-oriented leader, with a track record of career accomplishments to serve in the capacity of Director of the Water Works Department. Top candidates for this challenging leadership role must thrive in a robust, fast-paced, and complex environment. The next Director will be creative, strategic, and able to fully implement best practices for a data-driven deployment of resources. The Director will embrace and appreciate the performance of the entire Department.
The Water Works Department is a dynamic department that administers operations and maintenance for two divisions, Water and Wastewater, compromised of 50 full-time employees. The Water Divisions operates two water treatment facilities, with three remote water storage tanks. The two facilities have a combined capacity of 10.5 million gallons per day supplied with an average of 5.5 million gallons pumped daily. The Wastewater Division manages a recently upgraded 5A S wastewater treatment facility, which operates under a National Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit issued by the Maryland Department of the Environment. The wastewater plant is responsible for 46 remote pump stations which circulates 6.8 million gallons of waste per day and administers an industrial pretreatment program under the mandate by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Duties: Directs and oversees all department operations including budgeting, planning, programming, and personnel; develops and implements policies and procedures; collaborates with other City departments to administer citywide initiatives.
Additionally, the ideal candidate must possess the following qualifications:
• Proven leadership qualities with the ability to build relationships of trust, respect, and credibility in the community and internally with staff and colleagues;
• A commitment to public service, fiscal responsibility, and innovation in government;
• Outstanding communication skills, which convey confidence and credibility, and a willingness to engage the public and other stakeholders;
• Strong advocacy skills with the ability to garner support from stakeholders, including the public;
• Proven ability in budget development and management;
• Competency in exercising fiduciary responsibility to protect the interests of the City and the public;
• Strong political acumen and proven effectiveness in developing and maintaining productive working relationships with surrounding agencies, regional and state partners;
• Visionary planning and change agent skills with a demonstrated record of successful
implementation of strategic and long-range business plans;
• Excellent problem solving skills with the ability to proactively identify and support creative and viable business solutions and leadership during periods of transition and change;
• Experience working in an urban and diverse community;
• Active and genuine commitment to managing diversity in the workplace;
• Proven experience in leading and managing a high-performing diverse team.
Requirements: Master’s degree in engineering related field preferred, plus ten years of experience in Water and/or Waste Water Treatment with five years at a supervisory level or equivalent combination of education and experience. Treatment plant operator license is recommended.
Estimated start date will be August/September 2018
Closing Date: July 20, 2018
APPLY: Submit City application, cover letter and resume to:
City of Salisbury HR
125 N. Division St.
Salisbury, MD 21801

Ocean Pines Residents Are Outraged About Goose Culling

As seen on Facebook. But your local mainstream media wants to sell you on how "humane" killing 300 geese was a good thing for the environment.