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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Washington Post Express Has Worst Women’s March Screwup Imaginable

The Washington Post’s Express publication Thursday had a cover story about the upcoming Women’s March on Washington.

Unfortunately, the cover uses the male gender symbol to represent the event.

Express Executive Editor Dan Caccavaro and Creative Director Jon Benedict did not immediately return phone calls, but an hour and a half after tweeting the cover, the publication said, “We made a mistake on our cover this morning and we’re very embarrassed. We errnoeously used a male symbol instead of a female symbol.” (It doesn’t seem like a good morning at the Express.)



To “promote the advancement of gender equity, and raise consciousness in their communities.”

More and more, colleges and universities across the country are offering workshops on how to remove toxic masculinity from its campuses. The University of Wisconsin-Madison started offering such a program in the fall of 2016 and in February, the second “Men’s Project” retreat is slated to begin.

Organizers believe the workshop “creates a space for critical self-reflection and dialogue about what it means to be a man and how masculinity impacts us and those around us.”

“The experience focuses on the examination of societal images, expectations, and messages around masculinity to empower men to better understand themselves, promote the advancement of gender equity, and raise consciousness in their communities.”


Md. State Senator’s Campaign Raffling Off AR-15 Rifle

FREDERICK, Md. (WJZ) —A state senator from Frederick County is raising money for his re-election campaign by raffling off a semi-automatic rifle, but not everyone thinks the prize is appropriate.

It’s an AR-15 and it comes with ammunition. The raffle is legal but that’s not stopping critics.

The ticket is $5 for each entry and chance to win the semi-automatic rifle. The prize includes 250 rounds of ammunition.



Imagine the same being done to Barack Obama eight years ago

As reported HERE earlier today, Donald Trump was successful in making Congressional Republicans stop their ill-timed attempt to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics and instead focus on far more important challenges facing America – namely jobs and security. It was a move that met with approval by both conservatives and liberals alike, and yet, later today the New York Times couldn’t help itself in demeaning the pro-accountability move by Donald Trump by likening the President-Elect to a crackhead. Imagine the same being done to Barack Obama eight years ago. The outrage from the left would have been deafening.


Sheriff: Use prison inmates to build Trump's wall

Giving his fourth inaugural address in Fall River, Mass., Wednesday night, Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson made the official offer while endorsing the wall.

"I can think of no other project that would have such a positive impact on our inmates and our country than building this wall," said Hodgson, who has warned in the past about illegal immigration.

"Aside from learning and perfecting construction skills, the symbolism of these inmates building a wall to prevent crime in communities around the country, and to preserve jobs and work opportunities for them and other Americans upon release, can be very powerful," added the sheriff.


Do Anti-Snoring Gadgets Really Work?

To what lengths would you go to stifle the thunderous snorts and buzz-saw growls of a spouse or roommate, just so you can get a good night's sleep? Dozens of anti-snoring devices crowd the market, ranging from slightly absurd to moderately torturous.

"Some of them are more medieval than others," says Dr. Kim Hutchison, associate professor of sleep medicine in the department of neurology at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Ore. And some of the devices, she says, even have some basis in fact.

"When you sleep, the back of your throat relaxes. That narrows your airway and, as you're breathing in, it causes it to vibrate," explains Hutchison. So, many anti-snoring products are aimed at opening up that airway, or the tunnels that lead to it. For example, you can buy hollow nose plugs that, instead of closing the nostrils, prop them open.

"If you have a deviated septum or something like that, those could help open up your nose and decrease snoring," says Hutchison, but they won't help everyone because "most snoring appears in the back of your throat."

Other devices are designed to force sleepers to turn on their sides.


A Media Noose for Jeff Sessions

Dishonest media attacks against President-Elect Donald Trump’s nominee for attorney general, Jeff Sessions, won’t derail his confirmation. But it’s important to discuss where they come from because not everyone who realizes their origin is comfortable with that conversation.

The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times spent more than a month working on stories that were exclusively about Jeff Sessions and race, to run before Mr. Sessions’ Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Their aim was clear: to try to define Mr. Sessions as a caricature, stepping straight out of the segregated south and into the Department of Justice, ignoring his 20-year career as a United States senator.

There’s only one reason why large news organizations invest so much time, energy and money — they sent reporters to Alabama, each of whom spent a week there — to do these biased stories, and it’s time someone said what it is. The reason is because someone, somewhere, deep down doesn’t believe a white man from Alabama should be the attorney general of the United States.

That’s every bit as racist as saying a black man from Chicago shouldn’t be president of the United States.


Poll: Hogan Approval Rating At 74 Percent

Less than a week before the Maryland General Assembly session begins, a new poll finds 74 percent of Marylanders have a favorable view of Gov. Larry Hogan.

The poll of 823 registered voters conducted between December 14 and this past Monday finds 45 percent "strongly approve" of the job Hogan is doing, while 29 percent "somewhat approve."

The poll finds 15 percent disapprove of the job Hogan is doing, and 11 percent of those surveyed had no opinion.


Wicomico County Weather Bulletin

British Student Union Bans the Words “He” and “She”

Liberals must have run out of nouns they can pretend are offensive; they have begun banning pronouns:

Sussex University students’ union has released a gender inclusive language policy, which applies to all its meetings, radio broadcasts, communications, societies and elections.

By “inclusive,” they mean exclusive of normal English speech regarding gender.

The policy states that preferred pronouns should be stated at the beginning of every meeting, regardless of whether they have been stated at previous meetings, and that gender neutral language should be used when the pronoun is not known.

The policy continues: ‘In situations where introductions are not appropriate or where an individual has not directly stated their pronouns, gender-neutral language should be used to refer to them, and no assumptions should be made based on presentation or appearance.

‘The gender-neutral pronoun ‘they’ should be used as opposed to ‘he’ or ‘she’, and the pronoun ‘them’ as opposed to ‘him’ or ‘her’.


Teens used Facebook to lure NJ man to Md. and kill him, police say

WASHINGTON — Two teenagers are accused of using Facebook to lure a New Jersey man to Montgomery County, Maryland, and kill him.

Hikers discovered the body of 22-year-old Jordy Mejia in November along Game Preserve Road in Gaithersburg.

Montgomery County Police found no identification on the body, but they distributed a photo of a distinctive shirt he had been wearing.

That shirt matched the description of a man reported missing in Guttenberg, New Jersey, and helped police to identify Mejia.

According to charging documents, on Oct. 15, Mejia told his mother he was going to Maryland to see a girl he had met on Facebook.


Two Queen Anne's County Juveniles reach Plea Agreement

Pocomoke City Police :December 2016 Arrest Report

State Police Investigating Bomb Threat – Long Neck

Millsboro -The Delaware State Police are investigating a bomb threat that was called into the Long Neck Elementary School located at 26064 School Lane this afternoon.

The incident occurred around 12:46 p.m. today, Thursday January 5, 2017 when a robotic style or computer generated voice phone call was received in the school's main office stating there was an unknown type of device in the school. The school was placed on a low-level lockdown and an administrative search was conducted by school administration and troopers. Nothing out of the ordinary or suspicious was located and staff and students resumed their daily activities around 1:50 p.m.

No suspects or leads have been established in this case. If anyone has any information in reference to this incident, they are asked to contact Troop 4 Youth Aid Division at 302-856-5850. Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet at, or by sending an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

The Trump Team Has Asked DHS For A List of All Assets On Hand That Can Be Used To Build a Border Wall

Donald Trump has said over and over again that he intends to build a wall. It is probably his most quoted catchphrase, “build that wall!” While a lot of people seem to think it is an example of how shortsighted and prejudiced Donald Trump is, many Americans do not agree. Many Americans feel that there has to be a solution to the immigration crisis. There are good people who want immigration to change. Fewer illegal immigrants can make room for more legal immigrants. It is simple, right?

President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team has been working to evaluate what exactly needs to be done to secure the American borders and create a better relationship with our neighbors. They have begun talking with Homeland Security to determine where they should work to build a team.

The report detailed over four hundred miles of the Mexican border where fences could potentially be added in an effort to regulate the immigration and transport of goods across the border. It also covered an area across the northern American border that could be regulated more heavily.

Trump’s team also felt that it was necessary to ask whether information had been altered over time in an effort to maintain civil liberties.


Berlin Park Renaming Effort Headed For Town Council

BERLIN – Citizens in support of renaming Berlin Falls Park in honor of a popular mailman are expected to bring the issue to the town council next week.

Last month, Berlin resident Bill Todd launched an informal petition effort to rename the park after recently retired Berlin mailman James Tingle. Now that petitions have been posted in downtown businesses for several weeks, Todd says he’s ready to share the signatures with town leaders and see if the effort can move forward.

“People are very interested,” Todd said.

Todd came up with the concept of renaming the town’s newest public space James Tingle Park as he was looking for a way to honor the mailman for the 30 years he spent walking the streets of Berlin delivering mail. The overwhelming positive response he received when he brought up the idea on a radio show prompted him to go forward with it. He says nearly all of the downtown businesses provided space for the petitions.

Berlin Mayor Gee Williams, however, said when contacted by The Dispatch last month that it would be “folly” to name the park after Tingle, who he said he admires, when there were numerous citizens in Berlin who contributed to the community. He said he expected naming opportunities to arise over time and pointed out those opportunities were usually tied to financial donations.

“So, if anyone has a six-figure financial gift ready to give the town for the purpose of a naming opportunity to honor James Tingle, or any number of other honorable current or past citizens of Berlin, then by all means contact me, because then and only then, will we have something to talk about,” Williams said.


President of American College of Pediatricians Speaks Out Against National Geographic for Exploiting Children to Advance Sick Agenda

By now you have probably seen this ham-fisted attempt at social engineering by National Geographic:

The January cover features a 9-year-old pawn named Avery, whose parents have seen fit to present him to the world as a trophy transsexual.

Finally, someone is more concerned with the welfare of children and society in general than they are afraid of being called out as thought criminals by depraved liberal elitists:

Michelle Cretella, MD, president of the American College of Pediatricians, told LifeSiteNews that National Geographic is “promoting a political agenda over science and the wellbeing of innocent children” by featuring a young transgender child.

“‘Affirming’ so called transgender children means sterilizing them as young as 11years old,” said Dr. Cretella. “Puberty blockers plus cross-sex hormones causes permanent sterility. And biological girls who ‘transition’ to male by taking testosterone may have a double mastectomy at age 16. The life time use of cross-sex hormones also puts these children at risk for stroke, heart disease, diabetes, cancers and more.” …

Cretella believes it is both unethical and harmful for parents to make such decisions regarding their children’s gender because they will most likely grow out of their gender dysphoria. “When a child under the age of 12 thinks they are the opposite sex and is allowed to naturally pass through puberty, 75%-95% of the time that child will accept his or her biological sex by the late teen years.” …

Cretella argues that public support of “transgenderism” in children is tantamount to “child abuse.” “When academic, medical and other public institutions propagate the lifetime use of toxic hormones and the surgical removal of healthy body parts as healthcare for children they are engaged in institutionalized child abuse,” she said.


Ocean City To Pursue Legal Action Against County Over Tax Issue

OCEAN CITY — Resort officials on Tuesday took their first step toward pursuing legal action against Worcester County after the County Commissioners summarily rejected the town’s tax differential request earlier in the day.

On Tuesday morning, the County Commissioners voted 6-1, with Commissioner Joe Mitrecic, who represents Ocean City, opposed to reject the resort’s latest request for tax differential, or a tax set-off, to offset the cost of duplicated services provided by both jurisdictions. Hours later, during Tuesday night’s meeting, the Mayor and Council moved forward with the first step to pursue legal action against the county to resolve the issue that has been debated for decades.

After learning the County Commissioners had again voted down the town’s request for tax differential or a tax set-off for this year on Tuesday, a clearly exasperated Mayor and Council voted unanimously on Tuesday night to consult with legal counsel to begin to pursue possible litigation to resolve the issue once and for all. Although he had emailed the video segment of the Commissioners’ action to the Mayor and Council earlier on Tuesday, Mitrecic appeared at Monday night’s meeting to deliver the bad news in person.



Event:Winter Storm Watch
Target Area:
Inland Worcester
Maryland Beaches

Here Are the Executive Orders That Trump Is Signing on DAY ONE!

President-elect Trump has hit the ground running. Anything he can do to get America on her way to being great again that doesn’t require him to be sworn in and living at the White House, he is doing.

His right hand, Mike Pence was gracious enough to let us know yesterday that one of the first and foremost item on their priority list to complete once Trump is in the White House is appealing Obamacare.

Otherwise known as the Affordable Health Act, that isn’t actually affordable. Not even in the least bit.

Now Republicans everywhere in the nation are starting to explore how they can get any sort of replacement for Obamacare to pass, and preparing for the fight we all know the Democrats are going to bring to the table to defend their sorry healthcare act that has never worked nor will never work.

Now our Vice-President-elect has just graced us with some big news!


Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Press Releases

On January 1, 2017 at approximately 3:27pm a Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Deputy was on uniformed patrol in the area of Rt. 50 and Rt. 589 when the Deputy located a suspect vehicle involved in a hit and run motor vehicle crash in Ocean City. The same suspect vehicle fled the day before from a Maryland State Trooper at the Princess Anne Barrack.

The Deputy observed several traffic violations along with front end damage leading the Deputy to believe the driver, identified as Glenn Allen Carmean, 47 of Salisbury, The Deputy initiated a traffic stop in the area of Rt. 50 and Rt. 346. Mr. Carmean failed to stop for the Deputy and a pursuit was initiated. After a 35 mile pursuit, during which Mr. Carmean intentionally tried to ram a Worcester County Deputy at speeds of 100+mph, Mr. Carmean crashed in the median of Rt. 50 and Hobbs Rd. in Wicomico County, Maryland. Agencies from the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, Maryland State Police, Berlin Police Department and Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office assisted in apprehending Carmean.

Carmean was taken before a District Court Commissioner where he was charged with 2nd Degree Assault, Obstruction, Failure to obey, driving under the influence of alcohol, driving while impaired by alcohol, Fleeing and Alluding and numerous other traffic charges.

Carmean was held on a $30,000 bond and was committed to the Worcester County Jail.

On 01/04/2017 Deputies from the Worcester County Sheriff's Office responded to the area of Evans Rd in Berlin, MD in reference to a complainant receiving death threats. Upon his arrival, the first responding Deputy observed Paul Edward Koehrsen, 47 of Berlin, MD in the garage of the residence. The Deputy knocked and announced himself at which point Mr. Koehrsen arose and leveled a rifle at the deputy. Additional Deputies and members of the Berlin Police responded and were able to take Mr. Koehrsen into custody without further incident. Mr. Koehrsen was charged with Assault First Degree, Assault Second Degree, Reckless Endangerment, Firearm used/felon-violent Crime, and in Intoxicated Endangerment and taken before a District Court Commissioner where he was held without bond at the Worcester County Jail.

Ocean City Fire Department Announces Assistant Chief Promotion

Ocean City, Maryland – Congratulations are in order, as Ocean City Fire Chief, Chris Larmore, recently announced the promotion of a long term staff member. Assistant Deputy Chief, Chris Shaffer, who has been an employee of the town since 1987, will formally fill the shoes of recent retiree Chuck Barton, as the fire department’s career Deputy Chief.

Shaffer comes from a long line of fire fighters, including his father, the late Jake Shaffer, who was a Gold Badge member of the Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company for nearly 30 years. His wife, Joyce is a current member of the Ladies Auxiliary. Shaffer began his full time career in the summer of 1987 as a dispatcher in Communications. He obtained his National Registry Paramedic Certification in May of 1991, worked his way up the ranks, and was promoted to lieutenant in April of 2001 and Assistant Chief of the EMS Division in April 2008.

In September of 2016, Shaffer was promoted to Acting Deputy Chief upon the retirement of former Deputy Chief Chuck Barton. On December 9, 2016, Ocean City Fire Chief Chris Larmore announced Shaffer’s appointed in the permanent role of Deputy Chief. “The Ocean City Fire Department is very fortunate to have Chris [Shaffer] step into the Deputy Chief position,” Larmore commented. “He has many years of experience within the fire service and he is a well-respected leader in the Company and the Town of Ocean City.”

Maryland's Tourism Revenue Reaches $17 Billion, Visitors Increase to 40.5 Million In 2015

Tourism industry supports more than 143,000 jobs in Maryland, report finds

Visitors to Maryland spent nearly $17 billion on travel expenses in 2015, up 3.5 percent from the previous year, according to a report released today by the Maryland Office of Tourism Development, an agency of the Maryland Department of Commerce. The report also found that Maryland welcomed 40.5 million visitors in 2015, a six percent increase from 2014, which also outpaced the growth of national visitation by a full percentage point.

“Tourism continues to be a powerful industry in Maryland, providing a significant number of jobs and economic benefits for our citizens,” said Governor Larry Hogan, who is a staunch advocate for the industry and was the driving force behind the reopening in the last year of two previously closed Maryland welcome centers. “The state and its partners are continuing to expand the visitor experience, and each year, we welcome more and more visitors to Maryland.”

According to the report, 60 percent of visitor spending focused on three areas: food and beverage, lodging, and transportation. This spending has generated $2.3 billion in state and local tax revenues. More than 143,000 Marylanders were directly employed in the tourism industry in 2015, making it the 10th largest private sector employer in the state. The industry supported a payroll of $5.7 billion, which is an increase of 6 percent from 2014.

“Tourism plays a critical role in Maryland’s economic development story, from workforce attraction to corporate expansion and retention,” said Maryland Department of Commerce Secretary Mike Gill. “In addition, a vibrant tourism economy showcases our outstanding quality of life that makes Maryland a great place to live and work.”

Police: Weapons, ammunition discovered along C&O Canal

WASHINGTON — The discovery of a violin case containing two guns led police to uncover a cache of even more guns and ammunition along the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal near the Boathouse at Fletcher’s Cove in Northwest D.C.

U.S. Park Police and D.C. police Wednesday afternoon investigated the two areas where the weapons were found. Traffic on Canal Road near the boathouse had been stopped during the investigation but the road has reopened.

A woman walking along the canal late Wednesday morning saw some debris surrounding a violin case along the stone wall that lines the road, according to park police. When she opened the case, she found two guns inside, and she brought it to authorities near Fletcher’s boathouse.

About a quarter-mile north of that location, investigators found a second site with multiple weapons and ammunition surrounded by trash and other debris.


Woman kills home invader with gun perched on Bible

'I was just hoping he wouldn't see it'

A violent home invasion came to an abrupt and deadly end when the female victim grabbed the loaded gun she kept perched on top of her Bible – and shot her attacker dead.

Kay Dickinson of Wilmington, North Carolina, had no sooner turned the key in the lock of her front door after returning home from work late Monday, when she was grabbed from behind and forced into her apartment by a man threatening her with a gun.


WashPost Is Richly Rewarded for Fake News

In the past six weeks, the Washington Post published two blockbuster stories about the Russian threat that went viral: one on how Russia is behind a massive explosion of “fake news,” the other on how it invaded the U.S. electric grid. Both articles were fundamentally false. Each now bears a humiliating editor’s note grudgingly acknowledging that the core claims of the story were fiction: The first note was posted a full two weeks later to the top of the original article; the other was buried the following day at the bottom.

The second story on the electric grid turned out to be far worse than I realized when I wrote about it on Saturday, when it became clear that there was no “penetration of the U.S. electricity grid” as the Post had claimed. In addition to the editor’s note, the Russia-hacked-our-electric-grid story now has a full-scale retraction in the form of a separate article admitting that “the incident is not linked to any Russian government effort to target or hack the utility” and there may not even have been malware at all on this laptop.

But while these debacles are embarrassing for the paper, they are also richly rewarding..

More here

The Big Short and The Big Lie

There is no doubt about it: Michael Lewis is a wonderful storyteller. He demonstrated his skill in his beguiling autobiographical best seller, Liar’s Poker. And again in The Blind Side and Moneyball.

Then in 2010 came The Big Short — the fascinating story of a handful of hedge-fund managers and speculators who bet on the U.S. housing market crash of eight years ago and made billions. The compelling narratives of real-life market movers Michael Burry, Steven Eisman, and John Paulsen, as well as millennial speculators such as Jamie Mai and Charlie Ledley, make spellbinding reading even when dealing with arcane subjects like short selling and collateralized debt obligations. Not only was the book a big success, but so was the subsequent movie.

There is one problem, however: the underlying theme is pure left-wing propaganda. The Big Lie is that the housing crash and the financial panic of 2008 were solely the work of greedy investment bankers, unethical mortgage brokers, and crooked rating agencies. (In short: Wall Street.) There are long rants in the movie about how the entire U.S. financial system is fixed against the common man.


Obama Talked The Talk; But Trump May Walk The Walk

As we close out 2016, and the Obama presidency, retrospectives will abound. Liberals will lament the close of the Obama “Hope and Change” era, and, to varying degrees, cower in fear over the coming Trump administration. But a review of what Obama supporters loved about his two terms — much of which is, in my view, rhetorical and not substantive, may provide a reason for hope about a coming Trump administration.

As Obama exits the stage having said “all the right things” from the point of view of his supporters, but having accomplished very little in the eyes of his critics, it is worth pondering that although a Trump administration may say “all the wrong things,” according to liberal conventional wisdom, there may well be a disconnect between the rhetoric and the results. Consider the following:


Derelict crab pots killing 3.3 million crabs annually in the Chesapeake Bay

When Virginia closed its winter dredge fishery in 2008, waterman Clay Justis turned his attention from catching crabs that season to collecting the gear that captures them.

He was one of several watermen hired under a program that taught them to use sonar to find and remove lost and abandoned fishing gear, primarily crab pots, littering the bottom of the Bay.

“As a waterman, I knew there was stuff on the bottom, but when I turned the machine on, I was like, ‘Wow!’” said Justis, who fishes out of Accomack on the Eastern Shore.


Donald Trump: 700 New Ford Jobs ‘Just the Beginning’

President-elect Donald Trump is celebrating Ford Motor Company’s decision to keep 700 jobs in the United States instead of shipping them to Mexico.

“Thank you to Ford for scrapping a new plant in Mexico and creating 700 new jobs in the U.S,” he wrote on Twitter. “This is just the beginning – much more to follow.”

Since he was elected president, Trump has persuaded companies to stop moving jobs to Mexico and keeping them in the United States.

In November, Trump worked with his Vice President-elect Indiana Governor Mike Pence to cut a deal with Carrier, keeping about 1,000 jobs in the state.

Trump also praised Sprint’s plan to create 5,000 jobs in the United States and OneWeb’s decision to create 3,000 more jobs.


Ron Paul Statement On "Audit The Fed"

I applaud my son Senator Rand Paul and my friend Representative Thomas Massie for their leadership on the important issue of auditing the Federal Reserve. Audit the Fed is the type of change the American people demanded when they went to the polls last November.

For 105 years, the Federal Reserve has exercised almost absolute and unquestioned authority over America’s monetary policy. The result has been a boom-and-bust business cycle, growth in government, increasing income inequality, and a loss of over 90% of the dollar’s purchasing power. No wonder almost 80% of Americans support Audit the Fed!

While campaigning for President, Donald Trump not only criticized the Fed's easy money policies, he also endorsed Audit the Fed. With a President who supports Audit the Fed finally sitting in the White House, Congress has no excuse to not quickly pass this bill and finally let the American people know the truth about the Fed’s conduct on monetary policy, including its dealings with foreign governments and central banks.

My Campaign for Liberty is going to mobilize a pro-Audit the Fed majority to make 2017 the year when the Fed’s wall of secrecy is finally torn down.


Trump’s Victory Celebration Of The CENTURY Is Almost Here And YOU’RE INVITED!

This year’s Presidential election was one of the most important in recent history. And now it’s time to CELEBRATE the Victory…Donald Trump is our President-elect and now we get to tell those whiny snowflake Liberals those four awesome words…“I TOLD YOU SO.”

You were told he couldn’t win…. “He’s not winnable,” they said. “Any other candidate could beat Hillary but Trump,” they said. Now we’re ALL finding out that we were RIGHT and ONLY Trump had the juice to beat Hillary Clinton. AND soon Trump will be sworn in and prove he’s the ONLY one who can help us to Make America Great Again. In that spirit, #CoalitionForTrump in association with #TeamTrump2016, invites you to join us aboard the “Victory” cruise liner – so we can all celebrate together! The country’s top Trump organizers who made it happen will be on board. You can also meet one of the Right Wing News owners and some of your favorite writers from Right Wing News! The best part is… YOU will be on board with hundreds of “We KNEW It” Trump supporters celebrating one of the most amazing wins in American history. Feels good to be on this side of history and this trip will mark the beginning of America’s greatness coming to light once more.

Trump Victory Cruise Details

YES, conservative capitalists are frugal. I’ll say it right now. We have negotiated this luxurious cruise to the rock bottom price of $300 per person. Carnival’s 893 foot cruise ship, “Victory,” will set sail on January 27th, from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas. Four days and three nights of celebrating a renewed hope for our country, with ALL MEALS included and special surprises. The average cruise rate is about $300.00 per person based on double occupancy – all taxes included and depending upon the cabin you choose – you choose an inside – ‘surprise me’ cabin and it can go even lower. The more friends you put in your cabin and the cost goes even lower!

Make your reservations soon, as we want to be sure and flood the ship with Trump supporters! Cabins are selling out fast! Call Carnival Cruise Lines direct at 800-438-6744, punch in ext. 72063 or 70232 (when it asks for you to enter the employee or extension #) and give them this group code: 2SK9T2.


JUST IN: FBI investigating Prince George’s County liquor board

WASHINGTON – The FBI served a warrant on the Prince George’s County liquor board Thursday.

Federal agents went to the Largo offices Thursday morning on a court-authorized search, said FBI spokesman David Fitz.

He confirmed officers also were in other liquor board offices around the county.


Ocean Pines Woman Charged in Multiple Credit Card Thefts

Ocean Pines Police have charged a female resident with multiple counts of theft, as the result of a criminal complaint.

According to the incident report, a 70 year-old woman had reported her credit cards stolen on Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2016. The complainant told a responding officer that her credit cards were used at the Walmart located in Berlin, Maryland.

An Ocean Pines police officer reviewed surveillance video at the Walmart. Store management provided police with pictures of a female, wearing a red jacket, purchasing a flat-screen television using the victim’s stolen credit card. The 70 year-old woman was able to positively identified the female in surveillance pictures at Walmart to be her daughter, Heather Lynn Camp, 43, of Ocean Pines, police said.

Camp faces two counts of theft of credit cards, and three counts of charge of a stolen credit card, less than $500. She was taken before a District Court Commissioner, and was held on $7,500 bond at the Worcester County Jail.

Ocean Pines has a state certified, full service police agency that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The department protects life and property, preserves the peace, and enforces all state and county laws, including traffic laws, in a fair and impartial manner. All sworn officers attend 23 weeks of intensive police training at the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy in Salisbury, Maryland . Upon graduation, all officers are certified by the Maryland Police Training Commission.

If You Want A Perfect Example Of How Obama/Liberals Have Racially Divided America, Look No Further

Chicago Police Hesitant To Call Videotaped Torture Of White Man A Hate Crime

Chicago law enforcement officials were reluctant to call the videotaped torture of a white man by black assailants a hate crime Wednesday night — even though the suspects repeatedly said “fuck white people” as they attacked their victim.

Video emerged Wednesday of an unidentified white man — bound and gagged — being beaten, cut and berated by four African-Americans. One assailant yelled “Fuck Donald Trump! Fuck white people!” as he kicked the man. Another video showed the suspects forcing the white male to drink toilet water as they laugh hysterically.

However, during a Wednesday press conference, police officials refused to speculate on a possible racial motive.

When asked by a reporter why the suspects made anti-white and anti-Trump comments and whether that justifies investigating the horrifying incident as a hate crime, Chicago Police Department Commander Kevin Duffin said, “Kids make stupid decisions — I shouldn’t call them kids, they’re legally adults. But they’re young adults and they make stupid decisions.”


Thanks Obama ... The Democratic Party Is Decimated!

Thank you to President Barack Obama for leaving office with the Democratic party in ruins. The past eight years have decimated the political party at all levels.

After Obama was first elected president in 2008, he enjoyed a Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, an eventual supermajority in the Senate, and Democrats had full control of 20 state governments. The victory of “hope and change” led to comments that the Republican party was dead and in the wilderness.

Flash forward eight years and the Democratic Party is now in the wilderness.

Democrats lost 63 house seats, 11 Senate seats (not including Independents), 13 governorships, and nearly 1,000 state legislator seats. Despite the devastation at the state and federal levels, Democrats still had control of the White House. Liberals and Democrats alike were confident that Obama would hand over the White House to Hillary Clinton–until Donald Trump pulled the upset of the century and won the presidential election.


Democratic Strategist Says Trump is the Reason Torturing Disabled White Person Isn't a 'Hate Crime'

Symone Sanders has a history of saying “callous” statements about white people.

When a white guy was dragged out of his car and beat up by a Chicago mob for being a Trump supporter, the Bernie Sanders operative couldn't contain her disbelief that anyone would look at this white victim as a human being:

“Oh my goodness, poor white people! Please! Oh my– stop. Stop, Carl.”

As Mediaite points out, there are other goldie oldies from this Bernout:

If Sanders seems familiar, it’s probably because you remember her mockingly exclaiming “Oh my goodness, poor white people” during an on-air conversation about a Trump supporter beaten by a mob. She’s also said the Democratic Party doesn’t “need white people leading” it right now and the election of Trump put “white supremacy into the White House.”

Of course, this is all perfectly acceptable as a media personality, because... well, it's the U.S. media.

After a Facebook Live video broke national news for showing four black men tormenting a disabled white man and yelling “F*** white people! F*** Donald Trump!”, it was only a matter of time before the media would rush in to say, “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Only white people can be bigots, this cannot be a 'hate crime!'”

Symone Sanders was on a panel with Don Lemon, who understandably stated he can't yet call it a hate crime because the Chicago police hadn't finished their investigation.

But Sanders had a more interesting reason it couldn't be a “hate crime.” Politics.


Report Recommends Sanctions Against Baltimore Judge Alfred Nance

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A scathing report from the commission that regulates Maryland’s judiciary recommends sanctions against Baltimore Judge Alfred Nance for “conduct that was prejudicial to the proper administration of justice.”

The report details his treatment of a public defender, Deborah Levi, calling her “lady,” telling her to shut up, not letting her use the bathroom, mocking her and threatening to send her to jail without cause.

Nance strongly denies any wrongdoing, claiming in his formal response the charges are not based on specific facts and “a judge has the authority and the duty to manage the conduct of all persons in the courtroom.”


Indian Call Centers Become Major Centers for Defrauding Americans

A disturbing trend has emerged in India where call centers have cropped up for the sole purpose of scamming Americans out of money, The New York Times reports.

The scheme is simple: impersonate an Internal Revenue Service employee, threaten Americans with penalties, and demand immediate payment for back taxes.

The United States has been tracking this scheme from India since 2013, a period of time where Americans lost $100 million to scammers, with many of the victims being recent immigrants, according to a New York Times article from October.

Suhel Daud, an F.B.I. agent who serves as assistant legal attaché at the embassy in New Delhi, said India is now seen as a major center for cyberfraud.

Daud said several factors have contributed to this rise in cyberfraud cases: an increase in young, English-speaking job seekers, a call-center culture, super-efficient technology, and ingenuity.

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Obama BRAGGED He’d Of Beaten Trump, Easily- Then Brutal Poll Unleashes Truth

Recently within the last week, President Obama asserted that he would have beaten Trump if it had been the one to to run for a third term. Which is strange, because the candidate Trump clearly defeated was running on all of Obama’s policies.
Is Obama more likable than Hillary? For the left, you bet. But that doesn’t mean that Trump would have lost to him. In fact, a new poll just came out that directly contradicts Obama’s claim with facts. Turns out, the man was loved – not so much his policies.

May I present one Democrat, Bryan Dean Wright, who shared his feelings before the poll as even released. Wasn’t convinced Obama would have beaten Trump, and was questioning whether his party ever wanted to see the sitting president on the ballot, ever again:
“It’s impossible to know whether another Obama ticket could have changed hearts and minds. And frankly, I don’t care. As a frustrated Democrat, I’m more interested in asking whether we would have wanted him to run again in the first place. Here’s why. For a moment, set aside the debate about Obama’s domestic and foreign policy record. Focus instead on his eight years as Democrat in Chief, where his singular goal was to leave the party stronger than how he found it. The result? Democrats are in a weaker position today than at any point in nearly 100 years.Republicans control 32 State Legislatures, 33 Governorships, the U.S. House, Senate, and – now – the Presidency. And it’s a trend that started happening well before the 2016 wipeout. While the President’s a good man, he is a terrible manager.”

“The Cove at Mumford’s,” “Mumford’s Landing in Ocean Pines” Closed for Upgrades and Updates

It’s an exciting time for the Ocean Pines Association. Staff members are gearing up for upgrades to “Mumford's Landing in Ocean Pines,” the new name for the Yacht Club facility, as the association rolls out a re-branding campaign.

The amenity is closed now, Wednesday, Jan. 4, until mid-January for upgrades. While the space will remain the same structurally, more features at the recently-constructed 20-foot-long bar, “Tuffy's Tavern,” will be installed. Crews will work to paint a good portion of the facility and complete a thorough clean of the entire building. IT Director Paul Fazzalaro is spearheading the installation of new information technology at Mumford’s Landing in Ocean Pines. Signage will be replaced around the facility and community to reflect the recent changes. The upgrades will better serve Ocean Pines residents and guests.

“The Cove at Mumford’s” will also see some menu changes. The kitchen will serve up a plate of new menu items, many of which were once ‘weekend specials’ that are crowd-favorites. A carry-out menu will also be added to the mix.

A Viewer Writes: Why won't the Wicomico Board of Education Recognize the generosity of Salisbury News


First I want to thank you for your gift of paying off the food debt for the children of Wicomico County. I am sadden though that the Wicomico County Board of Education has made no mention of it at all. I have checked their Facebook page daily. While they seem to post many things there is no mention of your good dead. I found it a bit ironic that they donated to Bless Our Children that will be distributed all over Delmarva but never considered taking care of the children in Wicomico County as you have now done. I have children that attend Wicomico County Public Schools but their accounts were up to date. I don't want to go around asking anyone if their debt was paid but with no notices being set or nothing being posted, I have to wonder. Was a notice sent to those parents? Do the children know they can get a hot meal now? I think the right and kind thing to do would be the Board of Education at least make some acknowledgement of this.

Staff members throughout Wicomico County Public Schools were pleased to support the 2016 WBOC TV 16 Bless Our Children campaign, managed by Draper Holdings Charitable Foundation Inc. This year's donation of $3,689 from school system employees was presented at WBOC by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Donna C. Hanlin and Joe Showacre of Parkside CTE, who coordinated the campaign to raise money for Bless Our Children through a system-wide casual day. Bless Our Children gathers donations from businesses, groups and individuals and puts them back into the community to help children. This year's campaign raised $265,656.


Soldier Beaten by 10-15 Men for Army Jacket

A soldier is recovering in the hospital with severe facial injuries after a group of 10-15 men in a gang beat him because he was wearing an Army jacket.

Austin Freni, 19, had originally flown home to New Jersey from his Army base in Georgia to see his widowed mother, thanks to the kindness of a stranger who donated to his mother’s GoFundMe page. But he was jumped by a gang in Philadelphia, the Daily Mail reported.

Freni was walking with his mom and girlfriend after the annual Mummers Parade, a folk festival in Philadelphia, when a group of young men made “derogatory” comments about his jacket.

“Group of 10-15 guys walked by me (making) derogatory comments towards Austin’s Army jacket,” Austin’s mother, Lori, said to WTXF.

She said one of the young met hit Austin before the others piled on.


Charge Brittany Herring and Her Accomplices with Hate Crimes

Brittany Herring, an African American woman, streamed a video on Facebook Live of a young, tied up white man with special needs being kicked and hit by African American men who force him to say "f*ck Donald Trump" and "f**k white people."

If white people tied up and kicked an African American boy and told him to denounce Obama on tape, this would be all over the news, Black Lives Matter would already be in the streets and Attorney General Lynch would be investigating it as a hate crime.

Attorney General Sessions and President Trump, please investigate this matter and charge these criminals with racist hate crimes.


WCSO 2015 UCR Part One Crime Index

Crime In Maryland 2015 Crime Report

Sheriff wants to give inmates community service hours to build Trump’s wall

A Massachusetts sheriff wants to offer his jail inmates a deal: do community service by volunteering to go build President-elect Donald Trump’s border wall.

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson detailed the offer as he was sworn in to a fourth term in office on Wednesday, saying he hopes Mr. Trump will take him up on the plan, which he said would pay dividends for both the country and the inmates.

“I can think of no other project that would have such a positive impact on our inmates and our country than building this wall,” Sheriff Hodgson said in remarks prepared for his swearing-in ceremony. “Aside from learning and perfecting construction skills, the symbolism of these inmates building a wall to prevent crime in communities around the country, and to preserve jobs and work opportunities for them and other Americans upon release, can be very powerful.”

It was a bold statement at a time when many other local officials across the country are moving the other direction, promising to try to thwart Mr. Trump’s immigration plans.


California hires Eric Holder to help block Trump Policies

President-elect Donald Trump never won the hearts and minds of the people in California, losing to his opponent Hillary Clinton there by 4.2 million popular votes. So it should come as no surprise Golden State leaders are promising to fight him, and the purported sweeping conservative agenda the GOP has prepared, every step of the way. And they’ve hired former President Barack Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder to help them do it.

The New York Times reports that Democrats in the California state legislature are “girding for four years of potential battles” with Trump and, in a fit of ideological pique, have retained Holder — now a prominent Washington attorney — to help them “safeguard the values of the people of California.” From The Times:

Kevin de León, the Democratic leader of the Senate, said in an interview…he expected California to challenge Washington — and defend itself from policies instituted in Washington — on issues including the environment, immigration and criminal justice. He said California Democrats decided to turn to Mr. Holder as they watched Mr. Trump assemble his cabinet and begin to set the tone for his presidency.


Americans spent this much on Rent last year

Rising rents and a lack of leasing opportunities are sweeping the country, forcing Americans to put more money toward their rent than a down payment for a future home.

Renters paid $478.5 billion in total this year, a 3.8% increase from 2015, according to real estate website Zillow. Combined with increasing home values, heavier lender expectations of credit scores and rising interest rates that will push up monthly mortgage repayments, the American dream of owning a home might seem somewhere off in the distance.

“Saving for a down payment is one of the big challenges for renters,” said Aaron Terrazas, a senior economist at Zillow. The ideal portion of income going toward rent is anywhere between 0% and 30%, he said, though that isn’t always feasible incertain cities. Anything more and the ability to save becomes less likely.



JANET JACKSON That's the Way Birth Goes ... IT'S A BOY!

Janet Jackson is a mom for the first time.

Janet delivered a baby boy Tuesday with hubby Wissam Al Mana, and the kid's name is Eissa Al Mana ... according to Janet's reps.

Remember, Janet unexpectedly postponed her Unbreakable World Tour last year to start "planning our family" ... as she put it in a video message to disappointed fans.

People was the first to report the birth. JJ's reps tell us the 50-year-old singer had a "stress free healthy delivery."

Congrats to Janet, and also to her fans ... anxious for her to continue the tour.


Hogan Demands School Officials Appear Before Board

State lawmakers return to Annapolis one week from today for their 90-day session, and the battle lines are being drawn over school construction money.

It is not the amount of money that puts Gov. Larry Hogan at odds with Democrats, it is who has the final authority to approve the spending.

Lawmakers last year added language to the capital budget to take away the final spending authority from the Board of Public Works, which is chaired by the governor.

Hogan criticized the move at today’s Board of Public Works meeting.

“Final approval of the expenditure of school construction funds rests solely with this Board of Public Works, and anyone who thinks that they can take away that authority on a whim, is gravely mistaken,” Hogan said Wednesday.


One Man’s Quest to Change the Way We Die

First, the back story, because, B.J. Miller has found, the back story is unavoidable when you are missing three limbs.

Miller was a sophomore at Princeton when, one Monday night in November 1990, he and two friends went out for drinks and, at around 4 a.m., found themselves ambling toward a convenience store for sandwiches. They decided to climb a commuter train parked at the adjacent rail station, for fun. Miller scaled it first. When he got to the top, electrical current arced out of a piece of equipment into the watch on his wrist. Eleven-thousand volts shot through his left arm and down his legs. When his friends reached him on the roof of the train, smoke was rising from his feet.

Miller remembers none of this. His memories don’t kick in until several days later, when he woke up in the burn unit of St. Barnabas Medical Center, in Livingston, N.J. Thinking he’d resurfaced from a terrible dream, he tried to shamble across his hospital room on the charred crusts of his legs until he used up the slack of his catheter tube and the device tore out of his body. Then, all the pain hit him at once.

Doctors took each leg just below the knee, one at a time. Then they turned to his arm, which triggered in Miller an even deeper grief. (“Hands do stuff,” he explains. “Your foot is just a stinky, clunky little platform.”) For weeks, the hospital staff considered him close to death. But Miller, in a devastated haze, didn’t know that. He only worried about who he would be when he survived.


Omarosa lands job on Trump’s White House staff

WASHINGTON — Omarosa Manigault is getting hired.

A memorable contestant in the first season of “The Apprentice,” Manigault is expected to join President-elect Donald Trump’s White House staff, according to two people familiar with the decision. Her job is expected to focus on public engagement.

Manigault was one of Trump’s most prominent African-American supporters during the campaign and has been working with his transition team. Her effusive praise of Trump has at times drawn criticism.

“Every critic, every detractor, will have to bow down to President Trump,” she said in an interview for a PBS “Frontline” documentary about the presidential campaign. “It is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe.”

Manigault, who prefers to use only her first name, made it through nine weeks of “The Apprentice” before Trump directed his infamous tagline, “You’re fired,” at her. She was portrayed as a cut-throat contestant during the season. She returned to Trump’s “Apprentice” franchise several times and has appeared on other reality TV shows.
Manigault said she has stayed close to Trump over the years and served as his campaign’s director of African-American outreach.