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Monday, January 14, 2013

Armstrong Tells Oprah He Doped

Lance Armstrong confessed to Oprah Winfrey during an interview Monday that he used performance-enhancing drugs to win the Tour de France, a person familiar with the situation told The Associated Press.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the interview is to be broadcast Thursday on Winfrey's network.

Armstrong was stripped of all seven Tour titles last year following a voluminous U.S. Anti-Doping Agency report that portrayed him as a ruthless competitor, willing to go to any lengths to win the prestigious race.


Change Maryland To Martin O'Malley: Follow Andrew Cuomo

Annapolis - Underscoring the steady erosion of the state's manufacturing sector, Change Maryland Chairman Larry Hogan called on the Governor and General Assembly leaders to enact corporate income tax reform. There is no indication that such reform will be among the Governor's legislative priorities, and the General Assembly's presiding officers and key committee chairs have also been silent in the lead up to this year's session.
"It is not just red states moving to cut taxes," said Hogan. "Governor Andrew Cuomo has aggressively moved to improve New York's business climate and cut the corporate income tax on manufacturers to stem job losses in that sector, and it's working."
Change Maryland, citing Bureau of Labor Statistics figures, issued a report showing the state has the second-worst decline year-over-year in manufacturing of any state. Maryland's loss of 4500 manufacturing jobs, a 4% loss, is eclipsed only by West Virginia which saw a 5.4% decline in the same period. The long-term decline in this sector transcends governors' administrations. Since 2002, Maryland has lost 33% of its manufacturing jobs, the sixth-worst decline in the nation.
The dismal trend has only worsened since O'Malley became governor. Since 2007, Maryland lost 20% of its manufacturing employment base, the 10th worst decline in the country. Over 26,000 manufacturing jobs vanished during that time.
"It is unacceptable that the state's most powerful elected officials do nothing with numbers as clear and convincing as these," said Hogan. "These are the results when economic development is nothing more than cherry-picked pie charts and bar graphs in the Governor's power point demonstrations."
Just over a year ago, Governor Cuomo forged an agreement with the senate majority leader and assembly speaker on executive proposals to cut taxes and create jobs in advance of the 2012 legislative session. The corporate income tax rate for New York manufacturers was cut to 6.25%. Maryland's rate is 8.25%
New York's decline of year-over-year manufacturing jobs is 1.4%, less than half of Maryland's decline during the same period.
About the plan to cut the corporate income tax, New York's Democratic house speaker said the state "wins when manufacturers thrive, so by decreasing their tax burden, manufacturing companies will be more likely to hire and spur the economy."
"As he has done on other high-profile issues, O'Malley should follow Cuomo's lead and build support for manufacturing jobs with the General Assembly," said Hogan. "I also applaud the minority party for pushing to lower corporate income taxes and recognizing that over-reliance on government employment and dismissing the private sector spell economic trouble for Maryland."
Change Maryland reported on O'Malley's tax-raising legacy which includes 24 tax and fee hikes since 2007, including raising the corporate income tax from 7% to 8.25%.

Obama: No Haggling On Debt Ceiling, Can Use Executive Action To Tighten Gun Laws

President Obama on Monday warned congressional Republicans again that he will not negotiate over the debt ceiling, saying Washington must increase the limit to pay its bills and that such brinksmanship would be “absurd” and “irresponsible.”

“The issue here is whether Washington will pay its bills,” Obama said in the final press conference of his first term. “We are not a deadbeat nation.”

The president’s comments opened the roughly 30-minute White House question-and-answer session with reporters that focused largely on the debt ceiling and Obama’s gun-control plans in the aftermath of last month’s mass shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., in which 26 were killed.


Wicomico Public Library

· Provide multiple points of contact for the community to become better informed of the resources already at their disposal for improving their quality of life

· Provide a platform for the numerous community service organizations in the area to spotlight their services and resources and demonstrate the quality resources currently available to County residents

· Result in a more informed populace

· Result in better citizen utilization of community support, information and service organizations in the area

To discuss this joint effort for the community, Wicomico Public Library invites you to a Press Conference:

DATE: Friday, January 18, 2013

TIME: 9:00 a.m.

PLACE: Wicomico Public Library, 122 S. Division St., (410) 749-3612 ext. 113 (Andrea Berstler)


Roger Follebout, Jr., Community Relations Director, Peninsula Regional Medical Center

Karen Reddersen, Area Extension Director, University of Maryland Extension

Tamara Lee-Brooks, Public Information Officer, Wicomico County

Andrew Kitzrow, Recreation Superintendent, Wicomico County Recreation & Parks

The purpose of this news conference is to alert the press and public to the launch of this joint effort in helping the citizens of Wicomico County live more informed, healthier, and well-rounded lives.

Md. Gun, Knife Show Sees Increase In Attendance

More than 30,000 people flocked to the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium this weekend for a three-day gun and knife show.

Event vendors said curiosity about gun restrictions and national talks about renewing the assault weapons ban prompted high turnout at this year's event.

According to licensed gun dealer Neil Kravitz, the line outside the show wrapped around the building when the doors first opened Friday morning. He called it "panic purchasing."


Be Very Careful Where You Prep Your FOOD!

When your in the restaurant business and you choose to prep food OUTSIDE your business, you might want to make sure someone isn't around with a camera.

Yes, the Health Department is in possession of this photo and the restaurant IS under investigation as we speak.


Room 301, Government Office Building, Salisbury, Maryland


January 15, 2013 10:00 a.m.

10:00 a.m. Matt Holloway, President

Call meeting to order

Opening Prayer

10:03 a.m. Proclamation:
Wicomico County Emergency Operations Center Appreciation

National Mentoring Month

10:15 a.m. Approval of Minutes from December 18, 2012

10:17 a.m. Matthew Creamer: Council Administrator:

1. Karen Knapik, Public Affairs Specialist with U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Disaster Assistance Presentation

2. Resolution 01-2013- Confirming the reappointment of Robert Franklin to the Wicomico County Board of Electrical Examiners

3. Resolution 02-2013- Confirming the appointment of Richard McGee to the Wicomico County Board of Electrical Examiners

4. Resolution 03-2012-Making a supplemental appropriation from Contingency to the County Executive’s Office in the amount of Two Thousand, Five Hundred Dollars ($2500)

5. Resolution 04-2013- Confirming the reappointment of John B. Hall to the Wicomico County Airport Commission

6. Resolution 05-2013-Making a supplemental appropriation from Contingency to the Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism in the amount of Nine Thousand, Eight Hundred Dollars ($9,800)

7. Resolution 06-2013- Confirming the reappointment of Bob Culver as a Designated Director of PAC 14, Inc.

8. Resolution 07-2013- Accepting the Annual Report submitted by the Office of the Internal Auditor

9. Resolution 08-2013-Making a supplemental appropriation from Contingency to the Wicomico County Department of Law in the amount of Ten Thousand, Eight Hundred Six Dollars ($10,806)

10. Tier Assessment Discussion

10:30 a.m. Edgar A. Baker, Jr., County Attorney:

Resolution 09-2013- To authorize the County to acquire an easement over certain parcels of land located along and binding College Avenue and Beaglin Park Drive for the purpose of constructing a sidewalk

10:50 a.m. Public Comments-Please limit all public comments to five minutes or less; any presented material may be submitted to Council members-Please include eight copies.

11:00 a.m. Council Comments

11:05 a.m. Council President’s Comments

11:10 a.m. Adjourn

11:20 a.m. Open Work Session

Legislative Bill 2012-17- An act to amend Chapter 225 of the Wicomico County Code, titled “Basic Definitions and Interpretations,” Article VI, titled “Terms Defined,” Section 225-25, titled “Definitions of basic terms,” and Chapter 225, Attachment I, titled “Table of Permitted Uses, Part I, Resource Conservation and Residential Districts” to define the term “Utility Operation Center” and to permit the use of a Utility Operation Center by special exception in various zoning districts

Legislative Bill 2012-18-An act to amend the Wicomico County Classification and Pay Plan by the addition of a new position to the job classification in the Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism and establishing a job title and 

12:00 p.m. LUNCH

12:30 p.m. Closed Work Session:

Health Officer Discussion

Fruitland Transfer Station


The lanky man has the security detail, the prominent ears and the U.S. flag pin, but substitute teacher Larry Graves is no Barack Obama. He's a professional lookalike for the president.

They have something else in common, too: a frantic schedule leading up to the inauguration.

"It's definitely a busy time," Graves said in an interview. "Between the campaign season and the inauguration, it's been prime time. Barack Obama is a respectable guy. People want to have him at their parties."

Recent weeks have seen a flurry of events for Graves, from corporate gatherings to special appearances and photo-ops.


Its Been A Perfect Winter So Far

BREAKING NEWS: Armstrong Confesses, AP Source Says

Cyclist Lance Armstrong admitted in an interview with Oprah Winfrey to using performance-enhancing drugs, an Associated Press source says .

From Fox News

72% of U.S. Casualities in Afghan War Under Obama's Watch

President Barack Obama said U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan will adopt a “support role” starting in the spring of 2013, to allow Afghan police and soldiers to take full responsibility of the country’s security, a nation where 2,053 American soldiers have died since the war started on Oct. 7, 2001.

Seventy-two percent of those casualties occurred during Obama's first term.

“And today we agreed, as Afghan forces take the lead and as President Karzai announces the final phase of the transition, coalition forces will move to a support role this spring,” Obama said Friday at the White House, alongside Afghan President Hamid Karzai.


GM Tunnel Of Love

Thousands March In Moscow To Protest Russian Adoption Ban

Thousands of people marched through Moscow on Sunday to protest Russia's new law banning Americans from adopting Russian children, a far bigger number than expected in a sign that outrage over the ban has breathed some life into the dispirited anti-Kremlin opposition movement.

Shouting "shame on the scum," protesters carried posters of President Vladimir Putin and members of Russia's parliament who overwhelmingly voted for the law last month. Up to 20,000 took part in the demonstration on a frigid, gray afternoon.

The adoption ban has stoked the anger of the same middle-class, urban professionals who swelled the protest ranks last winter, when more than 100,000 people turned out for rallies to demand free elections and an end to Putin's 12 years in power. Since Putin began a third presidential term in May, the protests have flagged as the opposition leaders have struggled to provide direction and capitalize on the broad discontent. 


Do Sports Players Control Their Own Bodies?

Washington Redskins star quarterback Robert Griffin III is defending his decision to play on a hurt knee in yesterday’s playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks. ”Many may question, criticize & think they have all the right answers. But few have been in the line of fire in battle,” Griffin tweeted, and he’s right: An athlete should be able to decide if he wants to play hurt, certainly when he has access to information to make that decision an informed one, as was the case with RG3. He had a knee injury (sprained LCL) that was at risk to get worse (and it did,) but it was not a life threatening situation. People go against doctor’s orders all the time. An injury is the team’s liability but it’s our body and we can control it.

WCSO Press Release 1-14-13

Why 2012 Was A Terrible Year For Restaurants

As 2013 gets underway, I can’t stop thinking about what I lost in 2012. In particular, I keep thinking about the fate of Bill’s Gay Nineties.
Bill’s Gay Nineties was a very old, very awesome New York piano bar. The food consisted of shrimp cocktails and steak on toast points, stuff like that. Bill’s closed down last year, and has now been replaced with a retro concept, also called Bill’s, with a kind of art-directed décor meant to suggest the thing it displaced. That kind of processed nostalgia is a hustle and a hoax; it posits a nonexistent past for the purpose of creating a fraudulent present. But restaurants can become landmarks, and it wasn’t just Bill’s Gay Nineties that was lost. 2012 brought a blizzard of closures, including Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago and Le Bec Fin in Philadelphia. I’m betting that there is some place old and wonderful in your town that went under this year, too.
It’s been a rough stretch for restaurants. While gastrocrats continue to support supper high-end tweezer-food palaces, the middle-of-the-road places have been hit hard by the recession. According to the market research company NPD Group, restaurant visits in the U.S. fell from 62.7 billion in 2008 to 60.6 billion in 2011. In an atmosphere like that, third and fourth generation businesses are particularly vulnerable.

WBOC Post Comments

Mr Albero

WBOC seems to have had a change of heart and put up my post....AMAZING..
Thank you.

Week Two: O'Malley To Unveil Budget

The 2013 Session of the Maryland General Assembly starts its second week tonight.

All eyes will be on Governor O'Malley on Wednesday when he unveils his Fiscal 2014 budget.

It's not certain if the governor will include a plan to increase transportation funding.

Last year, he waited until later in the session to introduce a plan to impose the sales tax on gasoline, a plan which never made it out of committee.

Have We Become Too Obsessed With “Energy”?

This past year, we became aware of the dangers of energy drinks. Amid allegations linking these popular beverages to various illnesses and even death, the Food and Drug Administration has launched an investigation. However, the ongoing probe hasn’t seemed to have dampened enthusiasm for energy drinks. In fact, consumption is skyrocketing—sales topped $8 billion in 2012 in the U.S. alone, a nearly 15 % increase from a year ago. What’s more, the success of energy drinks has inspired the launch of “energy” versions of popular snacks like popcorn, potato chips, jelly beans, and even sunflower seeds.
We have become obsessed with the concept of “energy” and yet display a profound misunderstanding of what energy is. On a purely biological level, it’s molecules that help cells do the work they need to do—the carbohydrate, protein and fat we get from food that feeds our muscles and brain. By contrast, the active ingredient in “energy” drinks is not energy but a chemical stimulant: caffeine.





Hitting The Debt Limit: What Bills Would Be Paid?

In the summer of 2011, when a debt crisis like the current one loomed, President Obama warned Republicans that older Americans might not get their Social Security checks unless there was a deal to raise the nation's borrowing limit.

After weeks of brinkmanship, Republicans consented and Obama agreed to a deficit-reduction plan the Republicans wanted. Crisis averted, for a time.

Now that there's a fresh showdown, the possibility of Social Security cuts --and more -- is back on the table.


Ted Nugent To Piers Morgan - Kiss My A$$!!

Obama Acknowledges Involvement In Somalia Raid

President Obama ordered U.S. forces to support French troops in a failed mission to rescue a hostage in Somalia, Mr. Obama notified Congress on Sunday.

At least once French soldier was killed during the operation Friday.

The president said U.S. combat aircraft “briefly entered Somali airspace” to support the operation Friday. “These aircraft did not employ weapons during the operation,” Mr. Obama said.

Mr. Obama said he directed U.S. forces to participate in the mission because it furthered “national security interests.”


Media Bias Over Hurricane Sandy Relief Pork

In the debate over the Sandy Relief bill, MSNBC again demonstrated why they earned the Pew Research title of “Most biased news outlet.” While these rabidly liberal propagandists have become, as reports, “must-watch television for liberals around the country,” it begs the question,” Do those liberals believe all the verbal spitballs these agitpropists spew at the cameras?

I ask having endured quite a few minutes of both “Up with Chris Hayes” and “PoliticsNation” with Al Sharpton during which each show’s theme was: “Why do Republicans hate Hurricane Sandy victims?” Those two hosts wheeled in such experts as New York Representative Hakeem Jeffries, who ignorantly proclaimed that never before has a political party stymied emergency relief funds. Congress has many well-educated aides steeped in enough history to educate the representative on the many times when morally budget-conscious congressmen and women have done just that. Perhaps he would do well to seek them out before proving again that a fool best reveals himself when he opens his mouth.

I was actually expecting the knowledgeable liberal columnist E.J. Dionne to broaden the conversation by discussing the billions of pork dollars poisoning the Sandy Relief bill and perhaps excoriating the Republicans for choosing to be fiscally prudent but no, he, too went on a 180-proof liberal bias binge, waving his armchair psychology toward the approving host. As you read this a few days later, we are learning the truth, not that it matters to the MSNBC gang who are likely now spray-painting their philosophies on fresh moving targets.

The Democratic Senate loaded up so many billions of dollars in spending unrelated to the Sandy victims that the blatant political abuse of these victims outraged many Republicans.


One Sided Media...WBOC

Mr Albero,

I went to post a comment on WBOC this am about the shooting in salisbury and that the schools had to go on "Lock Down" i feel it is very unfair that the online commentator would not post my comment "Salisbury top 100 city's in America ???" The post stayed up for five minutes and was taken down, what is going on in this country that the media is so ONE SIDED they should e ashamed of themselves If they are going to be One sided they shouldn't be called a so-called news organization.

Yours Truly,

One P Off X Viewer

Brown To Announce MVA Services For Veterans

Two new services will be available for veterans through the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown will join state transportation department officials on Monday and various veterans organizations to talk about the new services at an event at the American Legion Post 60 in Laurel.


A Viewer Writes...

Watched 2 advertisements in today's football game.

Using the word "regulated" the pawn shop is telling people its not legal to sell guns privately. I see this as a scare tactic to direct sales their way. Salisbury Gun Club member died, wife took his Win. 101 guns there for price value. She was paid little over $100 each for the collection. These guns were worth thousands and she was taken advantage of. Not like the TV show with experts, its money and advantage over the unknowing.

IT IS LEGAL TO SELL "REGULATED" (HANDGUNS, SOME LISTED ASSUALT WEAPONS) PRIVATLY. Just must have state paper work done before the person takes possession. Guns are not registered, but the buyer shows he or she is legal to buy them. Cost $10 check fee and paper work.
So it is LEGAL,

to sell to any resident of this state. Just not allowed to sell to a person YOU know to be a drug addict or criminal. Simply ask the person. Do you have a record? are you a drug user? if the answer is no, you may sell this adult (over age 18) your personal firearms.

Sent WBOC this same info and waiting for a response.
No person needs to be goaded into selling to a pawn shop for fear of breaking the law. Especially when some can be taken advantage of.

WalMart To Suspend ALL Ammo Orders Pending Gun Control Decision

WalMart reportedly has stopped selling ammunition ahead of the Obama administration’s anticipated gun control recommendations to Congress -- and uncertainty over what new laws may be coming.

According to the Investment Watch blog, WalMart Corporation will no longer place new ammunition orders pending “the upcoming decision on the Second Amendment.”

A customer stood with a WalMart employee as a call was made to the corporate office.

WalMart headquarters told the employee the following:

“As of right now WalMart is not going to be making any new orders of ammo because of the upcoming decision on the Second Amendment. As of right now we are unsure of what new legislation might be coming, and because of this, we are suspending new orders.

“We will continue to sell what is already in stock in stores and at our distribution centers, but any new orders will not be shipped until the issue is resolved.”

Investment Watch blog does not provide a link to a WalMart statement but urges customers to contact the corporate headquarters at 1-800-925-6278 to confirm the decision.

You can listen to a recorded customer service call here.


Warriors Of The Ring!

A Message About Guns From Governor O'Malley

There's no easy answer to the complex problem of gun violence. I've spent my entire career -- as a prosecutor, city councilman, mayor, and now as governor -- focused on trying to keep families safe and reduce violent crime.

We need a comprehensive approach. That's why in the next few days, I'll unveil a three-pronged strategy focused on gun safety, school safety and mental health.

1.) Gun safety: We should ban military-style assault weapons, limit large ammunition capacity, and require licenses for handgun purchases. We respect the rights of hunters and sportsmen and that's why our licensing requirements will NOT apply to shotguns or rifles.

2.) School safety: We will invest in security upgrades for schools, including cameras at entrances, automatically locking doors, shatterproof glass and buzzer entrance systems. We will also establish a "Maryland Center for School Safety," which will amplify our efforts by gathering meaningful data and serving as a central hub for collaboration between our federal, state and local law enforcement partners.

3.) Mental heath: We will improve data sharing practices between federal and state officials. In addition, we will invest more to improve mental health services so we can intervene early and reduce the potential for violent behavior. We'll expand crisis intervention teams, expand response services and establish a center for excellence on early intervention for serious mental illness.

This is a complex problem and we need a comprehensive approach. I look forward to hearing from you in the days ahead as we work to build a stronger, safer Maryland.

Thank you,

Martin O'Malley

Life In The Time Of Low Information Voters

I used to love American popular culture. I found it rich, diverse and endlessly amusing. These days, I rarely go to the movies or plays and cannot bear to watch television. Even the radio with its repetitive, uninformative news snippets annoys. Our popular culture has moved from family favorites like Your Show of Shows, The Wonder Years, and I Love Lucy to the minute by minute coverage of celebrities not known for their wit, charm, or beauty, They are known for nothing other than the willingness to put their every part of bodies on narcissistic display and to promote the latest chichi leftwing cause.

Alicia Colon examines the phenomenon of the low information voters such a dross culture produces

Right now they are clueless. Consequently they have allowed the Democrats to hijack and distort the GOP's positions on virtually every issue. Republicans, therefore, don't care about the middle class and only want to reduce the taxes of the rich. They are also racists who want to keep minorities down. These distortions are repeated often by anchors on MSNBC and the alphabet networks. CNN is always on in the social service offices and in airports and the formerly legitimate cable station is so far on the decline that it feels comfortable allowing disgusting antics by amoral hosts on its New Year's Eve broadcast.

But it is folly to assume that all the low-info voters are poorly educated or on the dole. College students and graduates of liberal academia have been completely indoctrinated in leftist ideology and loathe all things conservative. Their bibles include the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times which routinely carry and affirm the Democrat lies.

Hollywood trots out alarming films on climate change, environmental doom and the racist doings of evil white men. Stars like Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel Jackson, Jamie Foxx, and Morgan Freeman use their talents to shill for the administration and the Democrats. The hypocrites that filmed that anti-gun ad calling for action following the Sandy Hook school massacre blithely ignore their participation in films glamorizing a violent gun culture. Democrats called for the ban on all assault weapons with some leftist reporter asking if we really needed such a weapon to kill an animal.

TEDCO Aims To Funnel More Money To Maryland Start-Ups

One of Maryland’s most active early-stage investors, the Technology Development Corp. , or TEDCO, has restructured some of its existing programs and added others in hope of funneling more money to the state’s upstarts.

Created by the Maryland General Assembly in 1998, TEDCO has almost exclusively invested state money to date. That will change under its new programs, which include a series of investment funds backed by private financiers.

TEDCO President and Executive DirectorRobert Rosenbaum said the changes come after the organization’s leaders observed disconnects between the current market for venture capital and their own investment vehicles. 


Finding Life Purpose With Your Animal Companion

Gun Control In Australia - Watch And Weep

The Difference Between Complete And Finished

No dictionary has been able to adequately explain the difference between COMPLETE and FINISHED. However, in a recent linguistic conference held in London , England , and attended by some of the best linguists in the world: Samsundar Balgobin, a Guyanese, was the clear winner.

His final challenge was this: Some say there is no difference between COMPLETE and FINISHED. Please explain the difference between COMPLETE and FINISHED in a way that is easy to understand.

Here is his astute answer:

"When you marry the right woman, you are COMPLETE. But, when you marry the wrong woman, you are FINISHED. And when the right one catches you with the wrong one, you are COMPLETELY FINISHED!"

His answer was received with a standing ovation lasting over 5 minutes.

Marylanders Strongly Support Gun Control Proposals, Poll Finds

A new poll shows Marylanders strongly support two gun control measures that Gov. Martin O'Malley has suggested he might ask the General Assembly to pass in the wake of last month's elementary school massacre in Connecticut.

On another measure the governor supports — repeal of the death penalty — the state's voters are divided.

The poll of 800 registered voters, taken by the Annapolis-based firm OpinionWorks and released to The Baltimore Sun, shows overwhelming majorities favor banning the sale of assault weapons in Maryland and limiting the number of bullets a gun's magazine can hold.

Voters favor the assault weapons ban 62 percent to 35 percent, and they endorse 71 percent to 24 percent limiting gun magazines to 10 bullets, the poll found. The margin of error for the survey, which was conducted by telephone Dec. 28-30 and Jan. 2, is plus or minus 3.5 percentage points. 


Colin Powell: GOP Holds 'Dark Vein Of Intolerance'

Former Secretary Of State Colin Powell delivered some harsh words for the GOP as a whole on Sunday.

In an appearance on NBC's "Meet The Press," Powell noted that there is a "dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party."

"What do I mean by that?," he explained. "What I mean by that is they still sort of look down on minorities."

Powell specifically pointed to October 2012 comments by former Alaska Gov. and Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin on the attacks in Benghazi, Libya.


Think Media Consolidation Is Good For Journalism? Think Again

The Federal Communications Commission is pushing a plan to gut its 30-year-old newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership ban. This proposal would allow one company to own a local paper, two TV stations and up to eight radio stations in a single market. Advocates of more media consolidation argue that allowing TV stations and newspapers to merge is critical to cutting costs and saving local journalism.

This is the same argument the Bush FCC used to try to push through the same bad rules in 2007. Back then, the Senate voted the rules down and the courts later threw them out. It’s time to put this argument to bed for good: More media consolidation won’t save journalism.

Banks have toxic assets. Journalism has media consolidation.

When we think about the state of journalism today, let’s not forget that media consolidation is largely what got us into this mess in the first place. Newspapers and TV stations have long been hugely profitable enterprises — and many still are.

Rick Edmonds at Poynter recently highlighted the fact that 2012 was a good year for newspaper stocks. Indeed, the top publicly traded newspaper companies remain quite profitable. In 2011, the McClatchy Company enjoyed 27 percent profit margins, Lee Enterprises had 24 percent profit margins and the Gannett Company’s profits were at 22 percent.

This sounds good, but not that long ago many media companies reported 30 or 40 percent profits. But instead of investing in their product during those flush times — hiring more journalists, diving head-first into the Web — most companies went on a buying spree. The biggest news organizations in the country got over-leveraged with debt as they gobbled up competitors.


Lock Down On Some Wicomico County Schools Lifted

Alleged gun shots near East and Rose Street prompted a Code Orange in some Schools surrounding that immediate area. However, I have confirmed the Lock Down has been lifted. 

The Social Security System Is Already Broke

Whenever I hear a liberal MSM talking head say that Social Security is not a problem, I want to throw something at the TV. Obama and Romney both declared the Social Security system sound. They lied to the American people that it will only require minor tweaks to keep it solvent for a hundred years. Liberals hate math. The Social Security System has an unfunded liability of $18 trillion. This means our politicians have promised $18 trillion more than they can possibly pay out. I guess $18 trillion is trivial to a liberal minded person like Krugman or Obama. Lucky for them that 99% of all Americans don’t understand what unfunded liability even means. The chart below gives the gory details. The Social Security system had a negative cashflow of $47.8 billion last year, after running a $48 billion deficit the year before. You may notice that 77% of this deficit was created by the SSDI program, where the depressed masses gather after their 99 weeks of unemployment run out. Do you have a headache? Are you depressed because liquor stores don’t accept food stamps? Did you pull a muscle getting on your government provided rascal? Trouble hearing your Obama phone? Then you are eligible for SSDI.

The funniest line item on the chart is the Assets at End of Year line, which shows the Social Security system having $2.7 trillion. Even using this funny number, the SSDI will be broke in three years. Al Gore told us this money was in a lockbox. They take it out of your paycheck and put it into a fund, waiting for you to retire and collect what you’re owed. Right? Wrong! If you tried to observe the vault with the $2.7 trillion on deposit, you’d be looking for a long long time. You see, the noble politicians in Washington DC took the $2.7 trillion and spent it on undeclared wars overseas, ethanol subsidies, investments in Solyndra, turtle crossings, tax breaks for hedge funds, TARP, bailing out AIG, subsidizing GM, $800 billion stimulus packages, cash for clunkers, homebuyer tax credits, predator drones, DHS, Sandy relief and thousands of other buckets of shit. There are nothing but IOU’s in the vault. The $2.7 trillion is long gone. The U.S. government had to borrow $47.8 billion to fund SS last year. They will have to borrow over $50 billion this year. There will be 10,000 per day turning 65 for the next decade. The borrowing will rise exponentially. If the $2.7 trillion actually existed, why would we need to borrow?


Obama Will Seek Citizenship Path In One Big Immigration Overhaul

Washington - President Obama plans to push Congress to move quickly in the coming months on an ambitious overhaul of the immigration system that would include a path to citizenship for most of the 11 million illegal immigrants in the country, senior administration officials and lawmakers said last week.

Mr. Obama and Senate Democrats will propose the changes in one comprehensive bill, the officials said, resisting efforts by some Republicans to break the overhaul into smaller pieces — separately addressing young illegal immigrants, migrant farmworkers or highly skilled foreigners — which might be easier for reluctant members of their party to accept.

The president and Democrats will also oppose measures that do not allow immigrants who gain legal status to become American citizens one day, the officials said.



January 10, 2013 (Salisbury, MD) The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America/Aviation Lighting Committee is pleased to announce that the Salisbury-Ocean City: Wicomico Regional Airport (SBY) has been awarded the 2012 IES/ALC Air Carrier Award. This international award is only given to air carrier-sized airports.
SBY airport began a multi-year program to reconstruct and extend Runway 14-32 from 5,500 ft. to 6,400 ft. Significant improvements were necessary to the main runway and other facilities to maintain its existing users and also attract new users.

Over a nine year period, SBY installed the following items:

New 4-box PAPI for Runway 14 and Runway 32
News MALSR for extended Runway 32
Relocated FAA Glideslope for extended Runway 32
Modernized the electrical vault and installed new regulators
Installed new MITLs on Taxiway A
Installed new distance remaining signs for Runway 14-32
Installed new runway/taxiway guidance signs for Runway 14-32, Taxiway A and New Taxiway H
New HIRLS for Runway 14–32
New computer touch screen interface for lighting control in ATCT
Relocated the ASOS
Installed a new 103 foot tall rotating beacon

The dedication and long term commitment from the SBY Airport Commission, Federal Aviation Administration and Maryland Aviation Administration to complete the runway extension along with the extension of parallel Taxiway A has resulted in new interest from airlines in providing increased and improved services to the community.

The phasing required coordination between each project to ensure that rework was not necessary and earlier projects included the required capacity for future projects.

Due to the complexities of working over several years and several projects, the entire program was designed up front and then broken into several projects to accommodate funding limitations.

There will be several IES/ALC Board members present at the January 14th, 2013 presentation along with airport and local officials.

BREAKING NEWS: Obama To Hold News Conference

President Obama to hold the last news conference of his first term at 11:15 a.m. ET.

From Fox News

Patriotic Group To Build Armed 'Defensible' Neighborhood Fortress

A group of like-minded patriots, bound together by pride in American exceptionalism, plan on building an armed community to protect their liberty.

The group, named Citadel, intends to purchase 2,000 to 3,000 acres for the project in western Idaho. The community will comprise of 3,500 to 7,000 families of patriotic Americans who "voluntarily choose to live together in accordance with Thomas Jefferson's ideal of Rightful Liberty."

According to the Citadel website, Rightful Liberty means that "neighbors keep their noses out of other neighbors' business, that neighbors live and let live."


Why Is Black Unemployment So Much Higher Than White?

When the latest unemployment numbers came out, I noted that despite the overall unemployment numbers “remained flat…unemployment for women and African-Americans rose.”

Women’s rose to 7.8 percent, which is about the national average.

Unemployment in the black community rose to an unbelievable 14 percent.

That’s almost double the national average.

I was curious why, so I looked around to see if there was a solid reason why black unemployment was in double digits and rising. I found people blaming cuts in public sector jobs as a leading reason. According to a Harvard study, black folks are 30% more likely to work in the public sector and because over 600,000 public sector jobs have been eliminated, it’s hit the black community extra hard.

Again I found myself asking “why?” Why are members of the black community 30% more likely to work in the public sector?

MSNBC went as far as to say it was because black people didn’t have the ties to corporate America like us white folks.

No, seriously:


McDonald’s Franchisee Explains Why You Can’t Get Egg McMuffins All Day

McDonald’s burgers rank at or near the bottomof many fast food surveys, but lots of people still speak lovingly of the chain’s Egg McMuffin breakfast sandwich. So why can’t they just make those all day long?
In an interview with, the president of the Greater Atlanta McDonald’s Operators Association, who has been a Golden Arches franchisee since wide lapels and mustaches were cool in an unironic way, explains:
First there are some capacity issues. We only have so much toaster space and so much grill space. Unlike a lot of breakfast QSRs, we still cook our product on a grill. Many of the pretenders are doing a ton of prep in microwaves. For instance, go into a Dunkin’ Donuts or a Starbucks, who are chasing breakfast, and you don’t find a grill or oven or fryer. We prefer to be a restaurant rather than processing everything through a microwave.

Hurricane Sandy Budget Battles

An immediate congressional priority is about to turn into a battleground. The $50 billion bill to help victims of Hurricane Sandy could be a proxy for future budget battles. Conservatives and watchdog groups are pointing out, lots of the money in the bill has nothing to do with Sandy. There's $150 million for fisheries in Alaska and $50 million for replacing trees burned in Western wildfires. HUD would get $12 billion for block grants available to nearly every state. Members of Congress from New York and New Jersey say the money is needed now. House Republicans plans to introduce a $17 billion alternative.


Still Recovering From Sandy, Crisfield Braces For Next Storm

Hazel Cropper, for years the fastest crab picker in this city built on its seafood industry, worries about the storm drain a few feet from her living room.

As volunteers assessed the damage Superstorm Sandy caused to her home, the 74-year-old noted that the drain backs up whenever it rains, flooding the street. She wondered if it would put her home back under water in the next big storm.

"I try to not even think about it," said Cropper, who worked in crab houses most of her life and earned the nickname "Hurricane Hazel" for the speed at which she dismantled blue crabs at annual competitions she inevitably won. "I'm leaving it in God's hands."


Washington D.C.: Where People Watch Twice As Much Online Porn As The Rest Of The Country

There must be something in the Potomac— According to a popular adult site, Washington D.C. has won the dubious title of America’s porn capital. D.C. residents reportedly watch almost twice as much online porn per capita as people living in the 50 states. It is a highly charged city, so who are we to judge how people relax? says D.C. residents watch 14.18 videos per person per year, followed by Hawaiians at 7.5.7 videos per person annually in the No. 2. spot. Other notables include Massachusetts (7.52) and New York (7.5).