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Sunday, November 01, 2015

Fred Thompson dies at 73

Fred Thompson, the former U.S. senator also known as a start on television's "Law and Order," has died, according to a report in the Tennessean.

Thompson died from a recurrence of lymphona, according to a statement from his family to the newspaper.

"It is with a heavy heart and a deep sense of grief that we share the passing our our brother, husband, father, and grandfather who died peacefully in Nashville surrounded by his family," the statement said.


Thank God!

Baltimore Ravens beat San Diego
29 - 26


The Eye Doctors

Eye care has certainly come a long way in the last hundred years. Originally, a case with a myriad of corrective lenses was all you needed to provide better vision for the masses. Most of these were considered “opticians”, which meant that they only provided corrective lenses, not any medical eye care. The first one listed in Salisbury was in 1899 at the Harper & Taylor jewelry store. C. E. Harper was listed as a graduate optician. The jewelry store had been established in 1886 and was located in the Peninsula Hotel on the corner of Main and St. Peter streets. The jewelry store, along with the hotel, burned down in 1926. The new building on the site was the Salisbury National Bank.

By 1907, another long time provider of eye care had emerged on the scene. He was Dr. Harold N. Fitch and was still doing business in 1950. He advertised that he ground his own lenses. Harper & Taylor had ceased doing business sometime in the teens, so Salisbury still had only two choices to get better vision.

The first reference to Dr. A.B. Boulden was in the City Directory of 1921. He practiced in Salisbury for over 40 years.

Another entity in the eye glass field was the eye glass supplier. This was Berks Optical and they made glasses for the Optometrists. They didn’t prescribe any corrective lenses. You had to go through your Optometrist. This was quite an inconvenience as they wouldn’t just fix a minor problem without a 2 or 3 day delay. Most people cannot go that long without their glasses.

This is where a new business sprang up – Accurate Optical. They were fast and would do all the work on site, thus eliminating the long wait people had become used to. Their first place of business was on the south side ofMarket Street downtown.

Others opened eye care businesses during the 1950’s. Many of us remember Dr. Clifton G. White, Dr. M.W. Reese or Dr. W. A. Lynch.

There are many venues that offer better sight nowadays and not many are aware that there is a significant difference between just getting corrective lenses and getting good eye care. Diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts cannot be diagnosed by some of the places you can get new glasses.

Yes, things have changed a lot since Ben Franklin invented the bi-focal type of eye glasses. The era of the traveling “eye specialist” had pretty much come to an end by the end of the 19th century. New methods encouraging the establishing of a permanent business had sprung up and added to the base business of a city or town. We now have many ways to see better, even if we don’t always like what we see.

BREAKING NEWS: South Carolina officer fired over his handling of student arrest

Richland County sheriff fires Senior Deputy Ben Fields after a video shows the officer throwing a disruptive student to the classroom floor during an arrest in a Columbia high school.

Dave Fitzgerald To Step Down From Wicomico Humane Society

While Mr. Fitzgerald has been the subject of what many believe was a Good Ol' Boy appointment to become the Director of the Humane Society, this is a very quiet resignation. 

Mr. Fitzgerald will step down some time in November. Volunteers and others associated with the Humane Society are very excited that Fitzgerald is leaving.

Now the question is, WHO WILL REPLACE HIM?

I'm going to remind you, the County Executive and Council have NO SAY who replaces him. The ONLY oversight the County has on this messed up, (death trap) organization is cutting funds each year, should they so choose.

Worcester County Teachers Are Not Happy!

Facebook post below by Worcester County Teacher - so, it looks like all those benevolent private business donations spawned another NON-PROFIT!

"Don’t you think I do enough? Please don’t insult me. I have been an educator for 33 years 25 of which have been in Worcester County. I have been involved in my profession and have been an advocate for teacher rights. I have promoted that all teachers should be responsible for doing their best for each kid we teach. I have weathered the good and the bad. For the past 5 years I have worked without a pay raise that has kept up with inflation, and suffered the rising costs of living. I am tired of hearing that we are in tough economic times. This year we finally received a raise. As a senior teacher, that raise did not keep up with my costs and I take home less every month then in previous years.

Today I was given an application to the Education Foundation in the county, where I could sign up through payroll deduction. PLEASE! I am to support the same system that has said I am not worthy of a raise? I am to fund further technology and innovation in the system? I am insulted. My current economic conditions prevent me in supporting your foundation for a system who has been unable to support my labor. You have spent money on systems that are unnecessary or do not work with our undeveloped infrastructure. I am sorry to say that until such a time that my economic conditions improve I will not support a system who does not support its teachers. 

Can someone tell me what has happen to our system? Can someone explain why teachers are frustrated and overwhelmed at the end of October? It appears this year there are not enough hours in the day for PLC, PD, SIT, and reading groups. I am now in school earlier for meetings and after school for events. I am tired of how I am treated by the system and now you insult me by asking me for money to support you? I don’t think so!"


When Jim Ireton was initially elected as Mayor of Salisbury, I was optimistic that he would bring a new and dynamic perspective to a city needing change. When Mr. Ireton was re-elected, I remained optimistic that whatever personal agendas that consumed his first term would be behind him, and we could move forward and finally improve our city. Now, as his second term ends, I realize my optimism was misplaced.

For six years of the Ireton Administration, it has been defined by two dominant themes: 1) grow government; and 2) personal attacks. Under this Administration, the solution to any problem (real or perceived) has been more rules, more regulations, more oversight, and more ordinary, day-to-day life, business and activity prohibited or banned. Run afoul of the Administration, and you will be fined, jailed, suspended or shut down. Likewise, if the administration was questioned or criticized, Mr. Ireton’s response was not to address or rebut the critique, but to personally attack its source. Personal vendettas do not make for good government. In Salisbury, we should be able to debate policy and issues without being publicly labeled thieves, liars, hustlers and the like.

Should Mr. Ireton be elected to Salisbury City Council, it is undeniable that he will strive to increase the power of government, and his power in government. By his own admission, he intends to expand departmental and regulatory authority. Those who stand to benefit under these policies will be those favored by Mr. Ireton. Those at risk, and who stand to lose, are those who for whatever reason have fallen out of favor with Mr. Ireton. Those close and connected to the government will win; those disliked or unknown to the government do not stand a chance. We do not need this type of government in Salisbury, now or ever.

I urge everyone to vote on November 5. Please give consideration to the last six years. Is our City better? Do you have confidence in the direction it is going? When you travel, are you proud to call Salisbury home? Is this a good place to live, work and raise a family? Answering “yes” these questions cannot be forced or regulated by government. It must be natural, and come from within. I encourage all those who vote to change the direction of this City’s leadership and to elect Roger Mazullo to City Council for District 4.

Walmart Makes Major Move as to ‘Not Offend’ Muslims

Earlier today, we reported on outrage from the Arab community over a costume in Walmart of an Israeli soldier.
Arabs were also “offended” by a fake nose Walmart was selling:
Since the publishing of that story, Walmart has reacted by banning the sale of this costume.

InfoWars reported:

It appears as though the ban originated as a result of just one Twitter user – Nadeem Muaddi – being offended by the Israeli military uniform. This again illustrates how retailers are so quick to cave in to social media outrage when the best course of action is always torefuse to apologize or kowtow to the demands of the perpetually outraged.

Both of the costumes remain available on, although social justice warriors are also campaigning to have such items removed by the online retail giant.

“An online campaign named “One Star For Hate” is calling on web users to leave negative reviews on Amazon products – particularly costumes – it deems to be offensive. Supporters are offered the chance to win a $3,000 scholarship if they leave a negative review,” writes Allum Bokhari.

It’s too bad that Walmart chose to cave into the demands of those who are “offended.”


Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Cop?

Pretty soon, police departments nationwide will have to lower their hiring standards, increase salaries and benefits, and put a lot more money into marketing for new hires, because the men and women who would usually be candidates for law enforcement careers will choose another path.

Becoming a police officer used to be a family tradition. It's not just an Irish thing, as is often depicted in movies and on television. I cannot count how many father/son and even mother/daughter, police families you can find out there in various departments, of all different colors and backgrounds. It's an honorable profession serving the community, and children who are raised in cop households often grow up with the same sense of civic responsibility as their parents. I even know of one family in the Washington, DC, area who has family (cousins, brothers, etc.) in almost every police department in and around the city. Meet one "Officer Wigglesworth" and I guarantee you, he's related to all of the others.

But the times, they are a'changin. And not for the better. Because the overall attitude toward law enforcement has shifted and changed. The profession that was so revered after 9/11 has instead become itself the target of hate. A lot of people have tried to make the community's problems with law enforcement a race issue. But the cop killers are indiscriminate as to whom they murder. Black, white, Hispanic, Asian - it's all about the color of the uniform, so to speak, not the color of the officer's skin.

Officer Randolph Holder, a 33-year-old member of the New York Police Department, and a third generation cop, was gunned down by a bike thief a few days ago.


Why Are Men Frightened of Marriage?

GOP Debate III Post Mortem: Trump Top, Fiorina Flop, Bush (& CNBC) Biggest Loser

"Debates in Turmoil"would have been an appropriate summary for tonight's free-for-all CNBC-sponsored screamfest in Boulder, Colorado. Argumentative moderators, mis-stated facts, time complaints, and general whining was everywhere but Trump still managed to come out the other side of this gauntlet unscathed. One major highlight included Santelli and Paul pushing 'Audit The Fed', calls for gold-backed currency,and exclaimed that The Fed "has been a great problem" in US society. However, what was odd was the apparent slights to Trump and Carson (questioned less directly) which resulted in an aberrantly low 'talking time' for the leading candidates.

Lindsey Graham won the undercard...

But across all polls,Trump was the clear winner in the main event (and Bush nearly the biggest loser)...

Source: Drudge (left) and CNBC (right)

And Bush was the "biggest loser"..Jeb Bush finally, 85 minutes in, gets to talk about his plan for 4% growth. It’s hard to figure how bland talk of reform is going to win him much new support. There was no applause for his explanation...


Expect A Historic Low Voter Turnout In The Upcoming Salisbury Election

While Candidates go door to door expressing their platforms to alleged registered voters, once again we have come to learn they approach the front door to Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, introduce themselves only to learn the Johnson's moved five years ago and the current residents aren't registered voters.

I have been preaching for years that the registered voter list hasn't been purged in a good 12 years. 

While this may be one reason we expect a very low voter turnout, there's another BIG reason. No one is running against Jake Day for Mayor and that in itself will assure many that there's no real reason to go out and vote. 

It's a sad day when you live in a community where no one cares. Here's the most interesting part about the truth behind who is and isn't registered. IF they actually purged the qualified registered voters I'd bet you that you actually see about an 80% turn out at the polls. That's right, the extremely low numbers you hear about are NOT TRUE at all. The local Liberals LOVE the fact that no one is challenging that list because so many of you are thinking, why even vote, what's the difference any more, no one else does. 

Yes, it will be yet another sad day in Salisbury Maryland next Tuesday. You will get a rubber stamp Mayor and Council and guess what, think about how difficult it's going to be four years from now when you actually get so fed up and try to get these people voted out. That's right, a Mayor who only makes $25,000.00 a year and a Council that gets paid peanuts. 

They win, you lose. Get out and vote people! Oh, that's right, WHY?

Why Wasn't This "Racism" Shown On National Television Mr. Obama? WARNING: Foul Language

This Is What Is Wrong With The Liberal Education System

7th Grader Says Texas Teacher FORCED Students to Deny God is Real or Get FAILING GRADE

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 10-29-15

Anonymous said...

Joe i hear tim spies gave back his contributions money ,he is all charchter why not do a post on it ?October 29, 2015 at 8:50 AM

Publishers Notes: I did confirm Mr. Spies did in fact not cash all of the checks he received and decided to return them to all of his supporters. He is setting an example for all local elections. He is in it because he cares.

Realtors from Washington and New York are sending in PAC money to other candidates in the tens of thousands of dollars through very expensive printing and mailers. You truly have to wonder WHY outside sources well out of the Salisbury area would be so interested in spending so much money on this local election. 

Could it be because the property values are dropping to 1960's prices and they can make so much money here as long as the market remains in stage 4 cancer? 

Anyhow, good for Tim Spies.

I Told You Last Night, MSM Making This All About Race Now, White on Black

Toppled Desk Points to Race and Discipline

The Justice Department will investigate an episode in which a white police officer is seen in a video throwing a black student to the floor at a high school in South Carolina.
Race and Discipline in Spotlight After South Carolina Officer Drags Student

Videos of a white sheriff’s deputy throwing a black high school girl to the floor of a classroom thrust this community into an unsettling national discussion Tuesday about whether black students are disproportionately punished.

The incident, which the Justice Department said Tuesday that it would investigate, follows national studies showing that black students were far more likely than whites to be disciplined in public schools, even for comparable offenses.


Here's The Police Officer Assaulting A Young Female Student


Greg Bassett now does the PAC 14 One on One interviews, taking the place of Phil Tilghman.

Bassett says that these interviews will be on Video On Demand on PAC 14, but only Ireton's and Shanie's districts are available.

Now I know Tim Spies interview was some TWO WEEKS ago, yet it is not available.

Bassett is the former publisher of the Daily Times and we all know what he is capable of. I can guarantee you Bassett and PAC 14 is too afraid to release Mr. Spies interview because SBYNews has the largest viewing audience on the entire Eastern Shore. I'd be scared too if I was throwing my rag of a free paper on peoples driveways in the hope someone might read it.

Bassett will never change because he's back by the liberal machine. One sided LIBERAL BS.

Salisbury Elections Only One Week Away and Boy Can We Tell

Every election cycle Salisbury News gets bombarded with negative comments. Its as if a certain group of people are determined to discredit SBYNews in one way or the other. You know, DID YOU SEE THAT COMMENT SBYNews LET THROUGH!

Nevertheless, we have unfortunately been rejecting comments like there's no tomorrow but it's always entertaining taking a guess as just who is behind them. 

So keep them coming while we continue, (for years) to save them so one day we can publish them and expose the Idiots. Then the rest of you can take a guess at who YOU think they might be. That should be a lot of fun. 
For those of you in the Camden District 3, place your vote for the honorable Tim Spies. For years he has earned your trust and vote. Unlike his opponent who was carefully selected as a fill in after Terry Cohen moved on. Yes, Salisbury News endorses Mr. Tim Spies. We also endorse Muir Boda and anyone running against Shanie Shields and Jim Ireton.

Street Performers Seek End To Registration Process; Task Force To Weigh Public Hearing Testimony

OCEAN CITY — While the Town of Ocean City’s new ordinance regulating Boardwalk street performers has eased the friction between buskers and the business community to some degree, underlying tensions still simmer and were on display during a review of last summer on Monday.

On Monday, the Boardwalk Task Force held a public hearing to receive comments on the new street performer ordinance enacted in late July and review what worked and what needs tweaking. A recurring theme throughout the public hearing, during which several buskers and members of the business community testified, was the new registration and rotation component. For the former, the sign-up and rotation process was “miserable” and “broken” and needs to be removed, while the latter opined the registration element restored the peace and order on the boards this summer.

In recent years, Ocean City has struggled with the proliferation of street performers, from musicians and magicians to spray paint artists and caricature artists and from costumed characters to even a pole dancer. While street performers have been around for practically as long as there has been a Boardwalk, in recent years, the town has wrestled with where they can set up and what is considered protected freedom of expression under the First Amendment.


Update: Suspects Arrested in Worcester Co. Homicide Case

(Pocomoke City, MD) – Maryland State Police arrested two women in connection with the murder of a Worcester County man this afternoon in Pocomoke City.

The accused is identified as Kaniesha Johnson, 22, (pictured first) of the unit block of Bradley Court in Pocomoke City, Maryland. Kaniesha was arrested at a residence in the 100 block of South East Railroad Avenue in Hebron without incident this evening by the Maryland State Apprehension Team. She is charged with first and second degree murder.

Kaniesha was taken to Peninsula Regional Medical Center for injuries that appeared to be sustained during the dispute at the convenient store. She was released from the hospital around 10:00 p.m. and will be transported to Wicomico County Detention Center to await an appearance before the Wicomico County Court Commissioner.

Kaneisha’s sister, Latoya Johnson, 30, of the 700 block of Dennis Street in Salisbury, has also been arrested without incident at her home. She is charged with first degree assault and accessory after the fact of murder. Latoya also currently awaits an appearance before the Court Commissioner in Wicomico County.
The victim is identified as Derrick Collick, 25, of the 200 block of 10th Street, Pocomoke City, Md. Collick was transported to Peninsula Regional Medical Center with an apparent stab wound, where he later succumbed to his injuries. He was transported to the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore for an autopsy.
Shortly after 1:00 p.m. today, officers from the Pocomoke City Police Department responded to a 9-1-1 call reporting a domestic dispute at a gas pump, outside of a store in the 600 block of Lynn Haven Drive in Pocomoke City. Responding officers found Collick, with what appeared to be a stab wound to his upper body.

The preliminary investigation indicates Collick was inside the convenient store at the time of the incident. Police believe he exited the store to help break up the domestic dispute at the gas pump when he was injured. Police also believe Collick knew the individuals involved in the dispute.

The Maryland State Police Homicide Unit was requested to respond and take the lead on this investigation. Additional assistance was provided by State Police Criminal Enforcement Division investigators, as well as the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation, the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, the Worcester County State’s Attorney Office and the Pocomoke City Police Department.

State Police crime scene technicians processed the scene. The Maryland State Apprehension Team, troopers from the Berlin and Salisbury Barracks and the Worcester County Criminal Enforcement Team assisted in the investigation.

The investigation continues….

Walmart is amping up pressure on suppliers to cut costs — this won't turn out well

According to a Reuters report last week, Walmart (including its Sam's Club division) is continuing to put the squeeze on suppliers, as the company tries to offset rising costs due to increases in wages, e-commerce investments, and store improvements. Walmart recently warned that its earnings would decline by as much as 12 percent in its next fiscal year — sending its stock price down by 10 percent, which wiped out more than $21 billion in shareholder wealth.

"There might be unpleasant conversations but ultimately we want to do right by our suppliers because we want to create strategic relationships," Sam's Club spokesman Bill Durling said, as quoted in the article. "We want them to be along with us for the ride as we continue to grow."

But if Walmart's true desire is to create strategic relationships with suppliers, its actions don't reflect it, as this interaction highlighted in the article illustrates: 

Sam's Club's buyers summoned major vendors to meetings and told them a "cost gap analysis" showed they should be delivering at a lower price, and demanded millions of dollars in discounts on future purchases, according to emails reviewed by Reuters and interviews with suppliers and consultants involved in the talks.

Unlike in prior talks, which featured give and take, vendors were told they could not ask questions at the meetings, with queries to be handled later via email [emphasis mine], according to suppliers and consultants involved in or briefed on the meetings.


Driver In Viral Cruisin’ Video Gets $640 in Fines

OCEAN CITY — The driver in a video pulling off a donut and burnout on Coastal Highway during last spring’s Cruisin’ event weekend pleaded guilty last week to negligent driving and a handful of other violations and was fined a total of $640.

Last May 16, a blue Chevrolet Corvette was caught on video pulling out onto Coastal Highway and doing a donut in the middle of the street before screeching down Coastal Highway at a high rate of speed with a plume of white smoke trailing behind in the midst of heavy traffic and numerous pedestrians and spectators lining the roadway. The incident was captured on video and was quickly distributed on social media as an example of the ill behavior demonstrated by many of those indirectly associated with the annual event throughout the weekend.


Duty to God and Country Prayer Breakfast Announces Jake Day as Keynote Speaker

Salisbury, MD – The 2015 Boy Scouts of America Duty to God and Country Prayer Breakfast will be held on Veteran's Day, Wednesday, November 11 at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center in Salisbury, Md. Doors open at 6:45 a.m. and the event begins at 7:15 a.m. Jacob R. Day, Salisbury City Council President, will serve as the keynote speaker.

For over 105 years, Scouting's young men have declared on their honor to do their best in their duty to God in the Scout Oath. Sir Baden Powell, founder of Scouting said, "Duty to God is an integral part of the Scouting program. There is no religious side to the Scout movement. The whole of it is based on religion; that is on becoming aware of God and His Service." The event will honor God and the over 10,000 youth on the Delmarva Peninsula who pledge their duty to God.

Tickets for the prayer breakfast are sold individually or by tables of eight. to download a registration form.

The Struggle Of Life On $7.50 An Hour!

The Struggle Of Life On $7.50 An Hour!Safiyyah Cotton makes $7.50 an hour working at McDonald's. So how does she...
Posted by DeLorean on Sunday, September 27, 2015

Is President Obama Nuts?

President Obama addressed the International Association of Chiefs, (Police) in Chicago and stated the following...

"I reject any narrative that seeks to divide police and communities they serve; that frames any discussion of public safety around 'us' and 'them,'" he said. "Your work, your services, really has helped make America safer than it's been in decades. That's something of which every American should be proud."

He went on to state that the Media is sensationalizing bad situations that make Police look bad in the public eye. 

Look, I'm not saying he is completely wrong. However, what I am saying is, can you say Travon Martin and all of the other investigations HE and HOLDER created over the past several years.

The man needs to get his head out of his rear end and Americans need to stop listening to the BS he and other Liberals are feeding you. Just because they say it doesn't mean it isn't a lie or completely misleading. 

Take the School Resource Police Officer today who threw a young girl around a classroom. Did the Media sensationalize that situation? Are we to cover these stories up because they are simple, POLICE? 

Law Enforcement is FINALLY being held accountable for their actions. Cell phones have paved the way to civilian justice for once. Think of the MILLIONS of cases in which a person stands in court and says, but your Honor, that's not how it happened. The Judge replies, are you telling me the Police Officer LIED! 

If you want to be in Law Enforcement, be a Professional. Don't get pissed off because the underdog now has a way to expose the TRUTH. Oh, by the way, it doesn't matter if you are WHITE or BLACK or whatever. Everyone has been a victim of abuse of power. 

A Viewer Writes: Another Conference

Grrrrrrr, our tax dollars at work with administrators attending yet ANOTHER conference - Perry Chipman principal, Lewis JMB assistant principal, Belgium Pupil Personnel Central Office..... shaking my head

Why its important that you blot your pizza with a napkin EVERY TIME!

I’m from New York, so I know a thing or two about greasy pizza. And here I thought people wiped off the grease just because they didn’t really know how to eat pizza in the first place…

As the Huffington Post reports, an extended effort to calculate the calories saved by blotting your pizza with a napkin has found that it really can make a substantial difference in how many calories are consumed over time.

According to an infographic from Labdoor Magazine, dabbing the oil off of a slice of Dominos pepperoni pizza will save you 4.5 grams of fat and 40.5 calories from fat. If you eat the same amount of pizza as the average American— approximately 23 pounds per year— then dabbing the oil off of every slice will save you 6611.2 calories every year. That’s the equivalent of eating 20.4 fewer slices of pizza, and would (theoretically) keep you from gaining 1.9 pounds.

You can see the infographic here. My thoughts? For less than 2 pounds…just enjoy the grease!

A ‘Black Man Wearing a Hoodie and Strapped’ With a Glock Gets Pulled Over by Police

So, I'm driving to my office to turn in my weekly paperwork. A headlight is out. I see a Tucson Police Department squad...
Posted by Steven Hildreth, Jr. on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Most Likely Next President Is Hillary Clinton And Republicans are in denial about it.

A virulent strain of Clinton Derangement Syndrome, which scientists and Republicans thought had been wiped out at the end of the last century, is now afflicting millions of conservative Americans. Some Republicans so detest Hillary Clinton they are badly underestimating how likely she is, at this point in the campaign, to be America’s 45thpresident. Their denial is just as strong now as it was a month ago, before Clinton began a run of political victories that have enhanced her prospects, all while the roller derby/demolition derby that is the Republican nomination contest has continued to harm the GOP’s chances of winning back the White House.

To be sure, nothing ever happens in a linear or tidy fashion with the Clintons; she is certain to add more chapters to the Perils of Hillary saga before Election Day 2016. Bernie Sanders could still upend her in Iowa, New Hampshire, or both, which could throw the nomination battle into unadulterated bedlam. Even if Clinton is nominated, a strong Republican candidate could absolutely defeat her next November, with victory as simple as the party putting forth a nominee who is more likeable to voters and better on television. Indeed, many elite and grassroots Republicans believe Clinton’s personality, which they can’t stand, will keep her out of the Oval Office no matter what.

But October has been good to Clinton: a glittering debate performance, the decision of potential rival Joe Biden not to run (greatly simplifying her path to the nomination), the vanquishing of Republicans during her daylong Benghazi hearing, and a solid turn at the Iowa Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson dinner Saturday night. All have improved Clinton’s odds of cruising into the White House twelve months hence, and have thrown into sharper relief some of the advantages she has had all along.

To state the obvious, Clinton faces two tasks to become commander-in-chief: get enough delegates to beat Sanders and then sew up 270 electoral votes. The more easily she can complete her first mission (especially compared to the wooly nomination battle of her eventual Republican opponent), the more easily achievable will be her second goal.


16 Year Old Male Found Deceased at Salisbury University

The following messages were sent in to us this morning...

Hearing rumors of a homicide on campus this past weekend, I know at 5 pm yesterday I witnessed paramedics performing CPR on a young man on stretcher outside of Holloway hall , not sure if that was related but odd that it isn't being reported

Just got a text from my son , they were told in school this am that a classmate was found dead behind SU last night but no other details. Well know kid that everyone liked. I can’t find anything thru my sources.

More to come...

Virginia Drivers Refuse to Hand Over Confederate License Plates

After Dylann Roof killed 9 people attending a black church in South Carolina, it seemed liked the whole country went on a campaign to stamp out the Confederate flag. It didn’t matter that the majority of Americans who revere that flag hold no racist inclinations. In our country, if one person does something crazy or stupid, everyone must suffer for it.

That’s why the state of Virgina decided to outlaw their Confederate license plates after the shooting. It is now a misdemeanor to drive with one of these plates in Virginia, and the DMV has asked anyone with Confederate plates to have them replaced. However, the vast majority of these people aren’t budging. According to the DMV, of the 1600 plates that were issued, only 187 have been returned. They even tried sending new plates to these drivers, and instead of getting the old plates back, the DMV received letters saying “no thank you.”


BREAKING NEWS: House Republicans introduce measure to impeach IRS commissioner

House Republicans introduced a resolution to impeach IRS chief John Koskinen, accusing him of failing to comply with a subpoena for evidence and making “false statements” under oath.


Choose Your Car

Processed meat can cause cancer, red meat probably can: WHO

Eating processed meat can lead to bowel cancer in humans while red meat is a likely cause of the disease, World Health Organisation (WHO) experts said on Monday in findings that could sharpen debate over the merits of a meat-based diet.

The France-based International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the WHO, put processed meat such as hot dogs and ham in its group 1 list, which already includes tobacco, asbestos and diesel fumes, for which there is "sufficient evidence" of cancer links.

"For an individual, the risk of developing colorectal (bowel) cancer because of their consumption of processed meat remains small, but this risk increases with the amount of meat consumed," Dr Kurt Straif of the IARC said in a statement.

Red meat, under which the IARC includes beef, lamb and pork, was classified as a "probable" carcinogen in its group 2A list that also contains glyphosate, the active ingredient in many weedkillers.


Why '5+5+5=15' is wrong under the Common Core

Here's a "repeated addition" Common Core problem that's taught in third grade in US schools:

Use the repeated-addition strategy to solve: 5x3

If you answer the question with "5+5+5=15,” you would be wrong.

The correct answer is "3+3+3+3+3.”

Mathematically, both are correct. But under Common Core, you're supposed to read "5x3" as "five groups of three." So "three groups of five" is wrong.

According to Common Core defenders, this method will be useful when students do more advanced math. This way of reading things, for instance, can be used when students learn matrices in multivariable calculus in high school.

But parents aren't happy about it.


A Letter To The Editor: Delmarva power's gigantic poles

I contacted delmarva power yesterday about the gigantic pole that they put up on my yard that is a big eyesore. I understand that the county owns the first 5 ft. of my yard, but this monstrosity takes up almost 8 ft. I was told by delmarva power that in the 1940’s, the developer of Maple Plains granted delmarva power permission to do stuff like this, but in the 1940’s, poles were nothing like this lighthouse looking thing. My house was not even built at that time, it was built in 1950. When I bought my house, no one told me that I have no rights as a property owner against the big power companies. I am slowly losing a little of my land at a time. About 9 years ago, the person who purchased the house next to me tore down that house and built another less than 10 feet (the legal limit) from my property line. I called the county about that, but got no help at all. Why do we have laws about property lines if no one has to follow the laws? Its bad enough that natural gas lines run in front of my yard and they stuck a big yellow pole up from the ground to mark the lines in my front yard, when I do not even use natural gas. What is next, do they want to park their trucks in my driveway? How can I fight any of this?

Inmate’s Mother attempts to Deliver Contraband to Correctional Facility

On 10/25/15 at approximately 1153 hours the Maryland State Police (MSP), Princess Anne Barrack, received a call from the Eastern Correctional Institute (ECI) with regards to a visitor attempting to deliver contraband to an inmate who is incarcerated within the correctional facility.

A collaborative investigation between ECI and MSP revealed that Kathleen E. Lowe, 59 years old, of Mardela, MD was attempting to deliver contraband to John Lowe, Kathleen’s son. Contraband Seized; 114 individual sheets of Suboxone and 35 Maverick Cigarettes with the filter’s removed. Kathleen was immediately taken into custody for Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS), Possession of CDS with intent to distribute, Delivery of Contraband to a Correctional Facility and Attempt to Deliver Contraband to a Correctional Facility. Lowe has taken before a District Court Commissioner for her initial appearance. The investigation is ongoing at this time.

Maryland State Police, Princess Anne

States Find Their Voice On Federal Land Use

Wild horses run on federal land in Utah. Utah and Colorado are giving counties money and expertise to help them convince federal land management authorities to hew more closely to residents’ interests.
It’s a battle long fought, but seldom won: States want to gain control of federal land within their borders.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the U.S. Forest Service, and other federal agencies control vast swaths of the land in some Western states, as much as 80 percent in Nevada. But local residents are often frustrated with federal policies governing preservation, recreation or natural resource development. In particular, many question the federal government’s commitment to preventing natural disasters like forest fires.

When states do manage to recapture federal land, it tends to be smaller parcels the federal government cuts loose for a specific purpose, such as building a road or an airport. Occasionally Washington will sell a parcel that is surrounded by private property or serves no public purpose.

In 2015, all 11 Western states considered measures calling for the transfer of federal land to state control. But only a handful of bills passed, and none resulted in a transfer of land.

Those long odds, and a reluctance to spend state money on land management, have spurred some states to try a different approach. Instead of taking on the federal government in a futile fight for ownership, they are arming counties with money and expertise to help them convince federal officials to hew more closely to residents’ interests.