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Monday, July 07, 2014

Serious Identity Theft

We should all be vigilant to prevent this!! Until I saw this, I did not realize how serious identity theft was.   
               Scroll down to view some of the worst cases seen to date.

The New Aristocracy

In 1776 Americans declared themselves independent of more than arbitrary rule by a distant monarch. They also severed the ties of aristocracy. This was in itself a revolutionary notion.

It meant that political power, its attendant privilege and economic advantages would no longer be transferred by the blood. Earldoms, dukedoms, and kingdoms were banished from the territory and from the future of the American people. The citizen became the self-identifying unit of self-rule.

The generation of English colonists who gathered together in the summer of 1776 to declare their independence from the English crown knew that they had exhausted all other remedies. They had petitioned, beseeched, and protested. Finally, they had resisted with force of arms at Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill. Their declaration of independence was the last resort, the last redoubt, the final refuge. As we say today, they were putting it all on the line.


'Handsome' Felon's Mugshot Scores Agent, Possible Modeling Contracts

The man whose Stockton police mug shot went viral, earning him a moniker as the "handsome felon," could have a lucrative future waiting for him after his latest legal woes are over.

Jeremy Meeks, 30, has joined the ranks of "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham, Donald Sterling's former companion V. Stiviano and "Octomom" Nadya Suleman as clients represented by Hollywood agent Gina Rodriguez, who told ABC News she thinks the man known as "handsome felon" can use those good looks to earn between $3,000 and $100,000 a month as a model.

"Jeremy has an amazing look and has received international attention, which I feel can only help him flourish in the entertainment industry," Rodriguez told ABC.

Meeks was charged last month with illegally possessing a firearm, as well as other gun- and gang-related charges. He was also accused of violating his parole, prosecutors said.



Expert warns Middle East turmoil could sting U.S.

A top U.S. Defense Department analyst under President Bush says ISIS, the Islamic jihadists creating a Muslim caliphate in Iraq and beyond, could use the Mexican border to infiltrate America, and it could happen “sooner rather than later.”

At a time when thousands are crossing the U.S.-Mexico border illegally each day, the risks might never be higher, said Michael Maloof, now a senior staff writer for WND and expert on the Middle East.

He said there are risks to the economy and the nation’s health. And he warned the Iraq crisis easily could turn into a global issue.

In the Middle East, the radical jihadists in the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (Greater Syria), or ISIS, have been conquering northern portions of Iraq. They’ve been executing, crucifying and beheading as they burn through the fragile nation. They now threaten to overthrow the government of Iraq and its neighbors to build a caliphate to use as a launching pad for attacks on the U.S. and its allies.

At the same time, some 1,500 illegal aliens are crossing the Mexico-U.S. border each day and the Obama administration has done little, if anything, to stop the influx.



Maryland State Police Press Release

(PIKESVILLE, MD) –Maryland State Police made their presence known this Independence Day by conducting enforcement actions statewide in an effort to keep the public safe as they traveled and enjoyed the holiday.

Preliminary statistics revealed troopers made approximately 3,227 traffic stops during this Fourth of July. They issued almost 4,500 citations and warnings. There were an additional 350 repair orders issued for defective vehicle equipment. In support of the nationwide campaign, “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over,” impaired driving patrols were conducted throughout the state. During this time, 56 impaired drivers were arrested.

The traffic enforcement efforts of the Maryland State Police led to numerous criminal violations as well. Troopers made 56 criminal arrests and an additional 14 wanted people were arrested on outstanding criminal warrants. Additional initiatives are planned throughout the summer.

Drivers are reminded, to obtain the latest updates on highway conditions, checkout ‘Know Before You Go’ by dialing 5-1-1 or visit To check traffic cameras, visit and click on CHART. Up to the minute traffic advisories will also be listed there.

Mexico issues alert after small radioactive theft

Mexican authorities have issued an alert for local officials to be on the lookout for an amount of radioactive material stolen by a group of armed thieves on Sunday night.

The Interior Department says a pickup truck carrying the iridium was stolen and later found.

But the pen-point-sized radioactive material has not been recovered.

It is enclosed in a casing about the size of a pen, used in an industrial inspection device.


When a Gunman Started Shooting at People Leaving a Party, a Military Member With a Concealed Carry Permit Sprang Into Action

The Fourth of July ended in fireworks for many Americans, but for one group of Chicago partygoers, the night ended with something else: a firefight.

Two side-by-side parties provided the scene of the Friday confrontation, the Chicago Tribune reported.

A group of four people, including one military member, was leaving one party when one of the women in the group noticed a cup of liquor on her car.

She asked people at the party next door who the liquor belonged to, then removed the cup from her car, prompting 22-year-old Denzel A. Mickiel to approach the foursome and begin shouting at and threatening them, officials said.


Study: Conservative Books Missing From Freshman Reading Programs

A study conducted by Young America’s Foundation found that conservative books are missing from freshman reading programs.

The study looked at the top 50 colleges, as noted in Forbes’ top 100 colleges list. In the last three years, none of the colleges assigned a single book by a conservative author or featuring conservative themes.

Ashley Pratte, of Young America’s Foundation, spoke to Tucker Carlson this morning on “Fox and Friends” about the findings. She said colleges are seeking to indoctrinate students before they even arrive.


Intelligence Based Software Helps Police Predict Crimes

With a few clicks of the keyboard, years of crime data and a mathematical algorithm, police are working to predict crime before it happens.

"So what it does, it allows our officers, gives them an edge that they hadn't had in the past to know where the best place is to be when they have the time to patrol those areas," said Chief Mark Holtzman, Hagerstown Police Department.

It's an intelligence based software called PredPol that uses of years of crime analysis, from the type of crime, where it happened and what time it happened, to predict where similar crimes could occur throughout the city.

This is how PredPol works. Based on the math and science, police said if officers spend about 15 minutes every two hours during their 12 hour shift in one of three prediction boxes that should help reduce crime and even prevent it.

Michelle Obama says she'll fight to the 'bitter end' in lunch battle

First ladies typically avoid getting into public scraps, but Michelle Obama has jumped into perhaps her biggest battle yet.

She's fighting a House Republican effort to soften a central part of her prized anti-childhood obesity campaign and she says she's ready 'to fight until the bitter end.'

Mrs. Obama even mocked the GOP effort in an opinion column and argued her case before her Twitter followers.


Liberal Media At Its Finest

Early this morning this news station posted this on their Facebook page with the comment of 'ironic'.  I don't see what was so 'ironic' with this story. If you look up the meaning of ironic it says:
 happening in the opposite way to what is expected, and typically causing wry amusement because of this.

Just what does the liberal media think is amusing about this story?
Tragedy yes, ironic NO.  

Local news now tampering with videos of racial violence

I wrote White Girl Bleed a Lot because of the enormous difference between what I read in local papers and what I saw on YouTube.

Now local news is starting to tamper with video as well.

Watch these two short videos of the same event: One with the faces blurred. The other not.

And tell me about the differences.


Maryland Retains Triple AAA Bond Rating, To Sell $900 Million of General Obligation Bonds

ANNAPOLIS (July 7, 2014) – Maryland State Treasurer Nancy K. Kopp announced
today that all three bond rating agencies have re-affirmed the State's strong AAA bond
rating in preparation for the upcoming retail sale of General Obligation Bonds and the
competitive institutional sale of State Bonds on Wednesday, July 23, 2014.

Maryland is one of ten states* to hold the coveted AAA rating, the highest possible
rating, from all three major bond rating agencies. Standard and Poor’s has rated the
bonds AAA since 1961. Moody’s Investors has assigned the bonds a rating of Aaa since
1973, and Fitch Ratings has rated the bonds AAA since 1993.

Treasurer Kopp said, “Today’s news of Maryland receiving AAA ratings from the three
major bond rating agencies is affirmation of Maryland’s strong, stable and prudent
financial management and overall fiscal strength. We are pleased the rating analysts
recognize the contribution of Maryland’s diverse economy, our well-educated workforce,
and above-average wealth and income levels to the overall quality of an investment in

“Retention of the Triple AAA ratings allows us to continue to save millions of taxpayer
dollars resulting from the lower interest rates achieved because of these ratings,”
Treasurer Kopp said.

Fitch, in assigning its AAA rating and stable outlook, said: “Debt oversight is strong and 
centralized, and the debt burden is moderate. The state has policies to maintain debt 
affordability, and the constitution requires GO [General Obligation] and transportation 
bonds to amortize within 15 years.” 

Arizona Lawmaker Aims to Send Border-Crossing Children Home Faster

More than 52,000 unaccompanied children and 39,000 women with children have been apprehended at the South Texas border so far this year.
Legislation proposed by an Arizona congressman would give federal officials authority to quickly screen and deport unaccompanied children from Central America who have crossed the Mexican border into the United States.

The bill from Rep. Matt Salmon, R-Ariz., would change a provision in a 2008 human-trafficking law that requires U.S. Border Patrol agents to turn over the children to the federal Department of Health and Human Services and guarantees those minors hearings in immigration court — a process that can take years.

Salmon, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, is part of a group assembled by Speaker John Boehner to address the border crisis.



Salisbury, MD… The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Wicomico County Branch will host its Town Hall meeting on Thursday, July 31st at 7:00 P.M. This meeting will be held at Chipman Cultural Center, 325 Broad Street, Salisbury, MD.

The two purposes of this meeting are: (1) to engage citizens in developing sustaining strategies to address charges of police misconduct and (2) how to build sustaining police and citizens’ relationship.

Since July 1998, WCNAACP has worked with law enforcement agencies to bridge the gap between residents and law enforcement agencies. There has been some improvement with top level such as chiefs of police, sheriff and states attorney. However, grassroots people are complaining that our efforts are not affecting the officers and / or deputies that interact directly with citizens.

Therefore, in the future, we will request to meet with and have dialogue with the “foot soldiers” that interact daily with citizens in an effort to hear the officers, deputies and MD State Police and share the concerns from the citizenry. However, at this time, no one from the law enforcement agencies will be invited to this meeting.

For additional information about this meeting, contact Mary Ashanti, President, at 410-543-4187.

The public is invited to attend this meeting.

Bloomberg-Backed Gun Control Group To Survey Candidates Ahead Of 2014 Midterms

A gun-control group founded and backed by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is asking all House and Senate candidates in the 2014 midterm elections to complete a 10-part survey on issues related to firearms.

The Washington Post reports that the survey will ask respondents questions about their stance on issues like background checks for gun buyers, limiting magazine capacity, and passing laws restricting gun trafficking. Bloomberg's group, Everytown for Gun Safety, will then use a particular candidate's answers, as well as an analysis of past votes and public statements to either support or campaign against a candidate.

The system is meant to emulate and counter the legislative ratings system of the National Rifle Association, which assigns lawmakers a letter grade based on their support of pro-gun rights legislation.


Mexican Troops "Invaded" the Border... Obama Did Nothing

Tension along the U.S. border with Mexico continues to escalate while the Obama administration seems content to ignore the full-scale humanitarian and security crisis that many believe the president created purposefullyfor his own political gain.

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have crossed into the United States in recent months, lured by the promise of amnesty and a chance at a better life. As the federal government has done little in response to the growing crisis, states have been forced to take action on their own and civilian militia troops have also assembled along the border in Arizona and Texas.

Adding to the chaotic situation, Border Patrol agents and civilians have taken fire in what appears to be a growing trend of illegal incursions into U.S. territory by armed members of the Mexican military, possibly in league with criminal cartels smuggling drugs and immigrants across the border.


Hartly Man Charged with 9th Offense DUI

Hartly, DE - The Delaware State Police arrested a Hartly man Sunday afternoon for a 9thoffense DUI.

The incident occurred around 3:30 p.m. yesterday after a trooper was dispatched to a residence in the 900 block of Myers Drive for a report of a truck broke down in the driveway. Upon the troopers arrival, it was determined that Dale A. Guifoil, 51 of Hartly, was attempting to leave a yard sale at that address when a mechanical issue with his truck prevented him from leaving. An odor of alcohol was detected on Guifoil as the trooper was talking to him while he was seated in the driver’s seat of the truck and a DUI investigation ensued.

Guifoil was subsequently taken into custody and transported back to Troop 3 where an inquiry into his driving record revealed eight previous DUI convictions (07/29/93, 09/07/93, 12/05/94, 02/04/02, 03/10/03, 09/15/04, 09/04/08, and 12/18/09); this arrest would make #9.

Dale Guifoil was charged with Felony DUI (Alcohol), Possession of a Controlled Substance without a Prescription (Oxycodone), Driving While Suspended or Revoked, Failure to Have Insurance in Possession, Fictitious Registration, and Operation of an Unregistered Motor Vehicle. He was arraigned at JP3 and committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on $10,650.00 secured bond.

Flounder Parts Are Not The End-All Of Flounder Baits

The last police blotter I received from DNREC Enforcement listed another violation of the law concerning flounder parts. It is really pretty simple - if you have flounder parts on the boat, you must have the carcass the parts came from. This begs the question, why would you want to carry around the rack from a flounder just so you can use flounder parts for bait? There is really no good answer.

Back in the day, before there were any regulations on flounder, it was a common practice to cut up small flounder and use the strips for bait. Unfortunately, the myth that flounder parts are some magic bait that will bring flatfish running from far and near has persisted, when in fact the only reason we ever used that bait in the first place was because it was free. Today, we have minimum size regulations on flounder, so unless the flounder parts on the boat are at least 16 inches long, you have to carry the rack the parts came from.

Another critter that used to be free for the taking was a horseshoe crab. They would stack up along Delaware Bay beaches in enormous piles, and some communities would pay people to come and cart them away.


Press Releases July 7, 2014

Incident: Assault

Date of Incident: 2 July 2014

Location: 600 block of S. Westover Drive, Salisbury, MD

Suspect: Lashawn Terry Butts, 18,Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 2 July 2014 at 8:30 PM a deputy responded to the report of an assault in the 600 block of S. Westover Drive in Salisbury.Upon arrival, the deputy located a 16 year old victim suffering from what would be diagnosed as a fractured arm. Additionally, the deputy observed multiple abrasions to the victim’s face.

According to the victim,the assault happened outside and the victim retreated into a residence. The suspect, identified as Lashawn Butts, forced entry into the victim’s residence by kicking in the front door at which point the assault on the victim continued.

The investigating deputy located Butts and placed him under arrest. Following an appearance in front of the District Court Commissioner, Butts was detained in the Detention Center in lieu of $75,000.00 bond.

Charges: Assault 1st Degree and Burglary 1st Degree

Butts, LashawnButts, Lashawn

Incident: Possession of CDS

Date of Incident: 4 July 2014

Location: Pumpkin Court, Salisbury, MD

Suspect: Kathleen B. Hartey, 22,Philadelphia, PA
Narrative: On 4 July 2014 at 12:14 PM a deputy stopped a vehicle on Pumpkin Court for a traffic violation that was committed on Ocean Gateway. During the encounter, the deputy suspected that illicit activity was occurring in the vehicle which subsequently led to a search of the vehicle.During the search, the deputy located a crack cocaine smoking device in the purse of the front seat passenger, Kathleen Hartey. During a further search of Hartey by a female deputy, heroin was discovered hidden on her body.

The deputy placed Hartey under arrest and transported her to the Central Booking Unit where she was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. After an initial appearance, the Commissioner released Hartey on unsecured bond.

Charges: Possession of Heroin and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Hartey, KathleenHartey, Kathleen

Incident: Assault

Date of Incident: 3 July 2014

Location: 2000 block of Bank Lane, Nanticoke, MD

Suspect: Male Juvenile, 17, Nanticoke,MD
Narrative: On 3 July 2014 at 5:00 PM a deputy responded to the 2000 block of Bank Road for a reported assault. Upon arrival, the deputy discovered that a 16 year old juvenile had been accosted and assaulted by a 17 year old juvenile. The investigation revealed that the 16 year old attempted to walk away and avoid any altercation when the 17 year old began assaulting him.

The 16 year old juvenile was transported to PRMC for treatment of injuries while the 17 year old was placed under arrest by the deputy. The deputy completed a referral for juvenile charges that will be sent to the Department of Juvenile Services for formal adjudication. The juvenile was released to a guardian pending further action.

Charges: Assault 2nd Degree
Releasing Authority: Lt. Tim Robinson        Date:  7 July 2014

Bill Introduced to Designate Muslim Brotherhood as Terrorist Group

President Barack Obama’s middle east policy is a disaster both for the United States and for freedom-loving people in that war-torn region of the world. His refusal to prosecute the war on terror hasemboldened America’s enemies in the region, including the Muslim Brotherhood, which the Obama State Department refuses to name as a terrorist group.

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in 1928, but even that country now labels it a Foreign Terrorist Organization. Its stated goal is the downfall not only of the United States, but also of all western civilization, including any religion other than Islam.


Ventura Must Show Sniper Disregarded Truth In Book

When a man regarded as the deadliest sniper in U.S. history detailed his kills in a bestselling autobiography, he also included details about a 2006 incident in which he says he punched a guy he called "Scruff Face" -- later identified as former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura.

Ventura, a public figure with a tough-guy image, says the fight didn't happen, and he sued author Chris Kyle for defamation. The trial begins Tuesday, and it will be up to Ventura's attorneys to prove that Kyle's account about that night in a California bar was false -- and even more difficult, that Kyle knew it.

"Ventura is going to have to prove falsity ... but the harder part is proving actual malice," said Raleigh Levine, a law professor at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul. "It has to do with what you know about the truth -- that you actually knew that what you were saying was false or that you recklessly disregarded the truth."


Ukrainian journalist: "Let's borrow from the US Constitution, they're not using it anymore"

In the fall of 1239 AD, Batu Khan and his Golden Horde were making great progress in their rapid advance into Europe.

The Mongol Empire was in the midst of global conquest, and Batu’s army had been devastating cities across the Russian plain.

He stopped briefly after taking Chernihiv (in northern Ukraine) and sent his cousin Mongke with a vanguard force to probe Kiev, the capital of Kievan Rus.

At the time, Kievan Rus was one of the greatest powers in Europe, forming a loose federation of Slavic principalities that stretched from the Black Sea to the White Sea.

Kiev had been founded nearly eight centuries before, and by 1239 it was a grand capital with some 50,000 inhabitants. Mongke was quite taken with it. And, not wanting to destroy it, he sent an emissary to discuss terms for their surrender.

Apparently Kiev’s Prince Mikhail had just watched the movie 300… because he put the Mongol emissary to death.


MSP Berlin Barrack DUI Log 7-7-14

SFD Calls For Service 7-6-14

  • Sunday July, 6 2014 @ 18:21Nature: Medical Emergency City:Salisbury
  • Sunday July, 6 2014 @ 16:25Nature: Medical Emergency City:Salisbury
  • Sunday July, 6 2014 @ 16:04Nature: Medical Emergency City:Salisbury
  • Sunday July, 6 2014 @ 14:40 Nature: Citizen AssistAddress: 1610 N Salisbury Blvd Salisbury, MD 21801
  • Sunday July, 6 2014 @ 14:23Nature: Medical Emergency City:Salisbury

May new home construction

Wicomico County--not good...

SPD Press Release 7-7-14

Worcester County Sheriff's Office Press Release 7-7-14

Worcester County Sheriff’s Office
Press Release
On July 5, 2014 at approximately 1431hours, a Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Deputy, stopped a vehicle for 80 M.P.H in a posted 55 M.P.H. zone in the area of Worcester highway and Kepler Ln near Bishopville, Md.

The Deputy identified the driver as Shane Michael Holbein, 22, of Lancaster, PA, and passengers, Brett James Simmons, 23, of Ephrata, PA, Joshua Scott O’Donnell, 25, of Elizabethtown, PA, and Evan Andrew Glatsky, 23, of Leola, PA. During the stop it was discovered that Mr. Holbein had an outstanding warrant through the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, and was placed under arrest. A search of the vehicle produced numerous bags of suspected Marijuana and CDS paraphernalia. Mr. Simmons was placed under arrest for possession of Marijuana, and 2 counts of possession of CDS paraphernalia. Mr. O’Donnell was placed under arrest for possession of Marijuana less than 10 grams and possession of CDS paraphernalia. Mr. Glatsky was placed under arrest for possession of Marijuana less than 10 grams.

Mr. O’Donnell and Mr. Glatsky were released on Criminal Citations and are awaiting trial. Mr. Simmons was taken before the District Court Commissioner and was released on his own recognizance, and is awaiting trial. Mr. Holbein was taken before the District Court Commissioner and was released on his own recognizance. Mr. Holbein was also issued a citation for the speed violation.

School Board President Rips Michelle Over Lunch Rules, She Was "Elected by No One"

One of the most ridiculous examples of government overreach is Michelle Obama’s attempt to force schools to provide “healthy” foods-a determination made by the government of course-for students during lunch time.

Obama’s “lunch rules”weren’t the big hit she was hoping for, as students across the country took to Twitter to express their disgust with the ridiculous options they were given to eat.

Others rebelled by refusing to buy lunch, opting to bring their own food instead.


These Are The "Worst Possible States To Live In" As Ranked By Their Residents

It should come as no surprise that when Gallup recently conducted a poll asking residents to rank if their state is the "worst possible to live in" a whopping 25% of its residents, by far the most of any states, responded Illinois. Which were the other "worst possible" states? The table below ranks them all.

Hillary Says She "Donated" Massive Speaking Fees to Her Own "Foundation"

Former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the darling of Democrats and the media, and is the presumptive nominee for her party in the 2016 Presidential race.

But the reality is, Hillary’s popularity and support is collapsing, mostly because she is a liar, but also because Americans are just plain tired of the Clintons, and don’t want to see them in the White House again.

Hillary hasn’t done herself any favors regarding public opinion either, with her ridiculous comments about being “dead broke” leaving the White House, despite the multi-million dollar book deals her and Bill had, not to mention the outrageous speaking fees she charges for event appearances, which some UNLV students protested against.


Romney Could Be Staging a Huge Political Comeback in 2016

Speculation that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney might run for president again in 2016 continues to grow, particularly as history demonstrates that Romney’s grasp on the realities offoreign policy have been much more accurate than President Obama’s. Romney has proven himself correct on both Iraq and Russia, where Obama’s policies have led to abject failure and a weakening of American respect and security.

Recent polling suggests that as Americans see Obama’s incompetence demonstrated again and again, they come to wish that the 2012 election had turned out differently.

But for a candidate to lose one general election and succeed in a later one is relatively rare in American history; only Richard Nixon has done so in the last half-century. Does Romney have a chance in 2016?


Active 4-Star General: Obama's Border Crisis Threatens America's Existence

The ongoing border crisis is much more than just a flood of illegal immigrants searching for amnesty and a better life. It is a crisis that is threatening America’s national security, and even it’s very existence as we know it, as deadly diseases, drugs, weapons, even terrorists are being smuggled into the country, with doctors andagents being threatened to stay silent about it.

While Border Patrol and Customs agents are being overwhelmed by the thousands of unaccompanied children coming across the border, criminals and cartels are having a field day, moving back and forth across the border to smuggle things in and out of the country, sometimes with the assistance of corrupt Mexican military units.

Texas has increased it’s law enforcement personnel on the border, and numerous militia units are working together to fill in the gaps where they can to secure the border. But the cries are ringing out for armed soldiers, either National Guard or regular military, to defend the border against the “invasion”.


Feds Plan Riot Cops to Push Through Illegals in California

ICE riot cops said preparing to barricade road

Breitbart News reports today the feds will use the threat of violence to break up protests by citizens in Murrieta, California.

A resident told Breitbart “it’s going to get ugly” on Monday when the feds plan to deliver another load of illegals. People in the southern California city successfully blocked Homeland Security buses last week.

“The feds are pissed that they haven’t been able to use this facility,” Temecula, California resident Jeremy Oliver told Kristin Tate of Breitbart. “Officers out there warned people that federal agents will be in Murrieta on Monday – they are going to get the next bus through no matter what. Riot gear and shields will be used to push the crowd back.”


Obama may be backing Elizabeth Warren for president in snub to Clinton

President Barack Obama is said to have begun quietly backing Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as a potential successor in what would be a snub to his one-time rival and later Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The president has remained publicly mum about who he would back in the 2016 race for the White House, but reportedly he has expressed concern that Ms Clinton - who has long been the unofficial frontrunner for the Democratic nomination - would undo many of his policies.

Senator Warren, a former Harvard law professor and administration aide, could energize the left wing of the Democrat Party more than the centrist Ms Clinton would, in the same way President Obama did in 2008, Edward Klein argues in the New York Post. Warren also helped set up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2011.


Marylanders Heading Home To Higher Prices At The Pump After Holiday Weekend

Millions of Americans are heading home from their holiday destinations, and it seems travel this Fourth of July may have hit their wallet and patience a little harder.

Marcus Washington reports gas prices hit a new high for this time of year.

In celebration of the Fourth of July holiday weekend, thousands of Marylanders took to the roads to get to their destination.

“Certainly, significantly more than this same time last year,” said Ragina Cooper-Averella, AAA Mid-Atlantic.


New York Healthcare Premiums Are About To Explode

Insurance companies operating in New York State's marketplace are expected to ask for double-digit premium hikes next year, according to new filings from the companies.

Capital New York reports the average requested increase was 13%. The New York Post reports that number at about 12%. But the bigger insurers are seeking a bigger premium hike — according to Capital, the six most popular plans in New York are requesting an average increase of almost 15%.

The Post reports that Excellus Health Plan, which has about 24,000 customers, is requesting a 19.7% hike. MVP Health Plan, which has nearly 33,000 customers, is seeking a 19% increase. New York's largest insurer on the exchange — Health Republic Insurance of New York, which has 68,000 customers — is requesting a 15% increase.


Report: Ordinary Americans Caught Up In Data Sweep

When the U.S. National Security Agency intercepted the online accounts of legally targeted foreigners over a four-year period it also collected the conversations of nine times as many ordinary Internet users, both Americans and non-Americans, according to a probe by The Washington Post.

Nearly half of those surveillance files contained names, email addresses or other details that the NSA marked as belonging to U.S. citizens or residents, the Post reported in a story posted on its website Saturday night. While the federal agency tried to protect their privacy by masking more than 65,000 such references to individuals, the newspaper said it found nearly 900 additional email addresses that could be strongly linked to U.S. citizens or residents.

At the same time, the intercepted messages contained material of considerable intelligence value, the Post reported, such as information about a secret overseas nuclear project, double-dealing by an ostensible ally, a military calamity that befell an unfriendly power, and the identities of aggressive intruders into U.S. computer networks.


11 Killed, At Least 60 Wounded In Citywide Shootings This Weekend « CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) – At least 11 people were killed and 60 others were wounded over the long holiday weekend, from Thursday afternoon, to early Monday morning.

There were also six police-involved shootings, two of them involving teens who were killed.

In the most recent fatal shooting, a 24-year-old man was shot in the back, right arm, chest, and eye while he was standing on the 8400 block of South Buffalo Avenue around 2:30 a.m. Monday. Police believe the shooter approached him from a nearby gangway and opened fire. The victim was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 3:33 a.m.

Authorities have not yet released the woman’s name.

In other fatal shootings:


Troopers Investigate Serious Motorcycle Crash south of Greenwood

Greenwood, DE – The Delaware State Police Collision Reconstruction Unit (CRU) is currently investigating a serious crash involving a motorcycle and a pickup truck.

The incident occurred at approximately 9:20 p.m. Sunday evening as Charles Lofland, 66 of Seaford, was operating a 2008 Ford F-150 south bound in the left lane of Sussex Highway (US13) just south of Cart Branch Road. John M. Hodgson, 67 of Millsboro, was operating a 2002 Harley Davidson motorcycle and was also southbound in the left lane of US13 behind the pickup. For unknown reasons, the motorcycle struck the left rear of the Ford in the left lane of US13. The truck continued south and pulled to a controlled stop in the grass median. After the impact, Hodgson lost control and the motorcycle fell to its side ejecting him onto the ground. The Harley and Hodgson came to an uncontrolled stop in the median just east of the left travel lane.

Charles Lofland and three adult passengers, all properly restrained in the pickup, were uninjured.

John Hodgson, who was not wearing a helmet, was initially transported by ambulance to Nanticoke Memorial Hospital before being flown to Christiana Medical Center where he is currently listed in critical condition.

The Collision Reconstruction Unit is continuing their investigation into this incident. US13 south of Cart Branch Road was closed for approximately three hours as the crash was investigated and cleared.

If anyone witnessed this crash, they are asked to contact Master Corporal J. Burns at 302-644-5020 ext. 112 or by utilizing the Delaware State Police Mobile Crime Tip Application available to download at: Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333, via the internet, or by sending an anonymous tip by text to 274637 (CRIMES) using the keyword "DSP."

Border Patrol Agent Defies "Gag Order" to Expose Obama

The massive exodus of illegals crossing over into Texas andother border states is becoming more than local communities can handle.

This influx of illegal immigration is causingemergency shelters, areas typically designated for use during catastrophes, to overflow, leaving local government scratching their heads as to what to do with immigrants who have no place to go and can’t be deported back to their home country.

Many in the government and in the conservative scene believe that this whole mess is not simply the result of bad policy, but an orchestrated plot by President Obama to create a crisis he can use to justify pushing immigration reform through with anexecutive order.


One University Saved Students $31M In Student Loans By Sending Them A Letter

“Know before you owe” took on a different meaning for students at Indiana University this year. A new initiative by the school resulted in students borrowing nearly $31 million less than in previous years.

How could that be possible, you ask? With a simple letter informing students, before they took out additional loans for the next school term, what their monthly loan payment would be after graduation, Bloomberg reports.

In all, the university’s share of federal undergraduate Stafford loans dropped 11%, from $279.6 million to $249 million in just nine months – easily outpacing the national decline rate of 2%.

School officials say the new initiative, which began in the 2012-2013 school year, not only allows students to reevaluate their current loan tab and make needed changes, but it also expands their understanding of finacial aid and loans.

“If they know at all times their debt, and the repayment, it helps with a lot of planning,” associate vice president and director of financial aid at the university, Jim Kennedy tells Bloomberg.


BREAKING: Obama Transporting Nearly 300,000 Illegals to American Homes

In the face of growing protests in Murrieta, California and elsewhere, the Obama administration continues todisperse illegal immigrants throughout the country on Department of Homeland Security buses and airplanes. The immigrants are then supposed to report to local government offices, but few expect many of them to do so.

Questions about DHS’s authority to transport the immigrants have gone unanswered. Federal law makes it a crime to transport anyone known to be in the country illegally, giving rise to multiple calls for Attorney General Eric Holder’s impeachment for human smuggling.

Recent reports indicate that the number of illegal of them is larger than most had originally reported, with close to 300,000 immigrants either relocated or in process.


Family Of Scarred 3-Year-Old “Rejected” KFC Donation, Still Stands By Story

It’s the Internet-age version of “Well we didn’t want it anyway.” The family who claimed their 3-year-old daughter was asked to leave a KFC because of the scars on her face now claim to have “unequivocally rejected” the $30,000 donation originally offered by the chicken chain “because we didn’t feel it was appropriate to accept it after everything KFC has done.”

Of course, “everything KFC has done” includes conducting an internal investigation that turned up no evidence that the little girl and her grandmother ever came into the restaurant in question, which would make it a bit difficult for store employees to ask them to leave.


Felton Man Charged in Domestic Assault and Shooting at Police Officers west of Harrington

Harrington, DE – Troopers have arrested a Felton man after he physically assaulted his girlfriend and then led numerous police agencies on a search of nearby woods.

The incident occurred at approximately 2:40 p.m. Saturday after troopers and officers from Harrington Police Department responded to a residence in the 2000 block of Vernon Road. A 9-1-1 call was received from a 39 year old female reporting she had been assaulted by her boyfriend, Steven A. Tribbett, 29 of Felton who had pushed her down and then placed his knee across her neck cutting off her airway. The female was able to escape his attack by running outside the house and locking herself inside her automobile where she called police.

Upon the officers arrival, Tribbett had fled into some woods behind the residence. A state police K9 began a track of Tribbett, who, at one point, fired a single shotgun round in the troopers and officers direction. Troopers established a perimeter and continued to search the area for almost four hours with assistance from officers from Milton PD, Milford PD, and the Delaware State Police Aviation Unit, locating the shotgun used by Tribbett, before it was called off around 6:30 p.m.

After the police officers and troopers departed the area, another 9-1-1 call was placed around 7:45 p.m. advising Tribbett had returned. Units responded back out to the residence and were able to locate and apprehend Tribbett in a nearby trailer without further incident. He was transported back to Troop 3 where he was charged with three counts of Reckless Endangering 1st, Strangulation, and Resisting Arrest. He was also found to have two capiases out of Kent County Superior Court for Violation of Probation. He was arraigned at JP7 and committed to James T. Vaughn Correctional Center on $21,000.00 secured bond.


For the third time in less than a year Mexican officials report that security surrounding the storage and transportation of nuclear material in the troubled state has been compromised. According to civil defense officials a vehicle carrying a lethal dose of radioactive Iridium-192 was hijacked by unknown thieves.
The Mexican government warned Friday that a vehicle containing radioactive material has been stolen, and issued a dire warning to the thieves against taking the potentially deadly material from its protective container.

The substance “can be dangerous for human health if removed from its container,” the officials said in a statement, adding that the material can be lethal even if handled for only a brief time.

The theft in Mexico state prompted officials to issue an alert throughout the capital region and in neighboring states.


Plasma TVs are just about dead

The plasma TV business is fading to black.

Samsung confirmed Thursday that it was shutting down its plasma TV business "due to changes in market demands," choosing instead to focus on curved and ultra-high-definition models that use LED technology. The news was first reported by Reuters.

Samsung's announcement follows news last year that Panasonic had decided to stop making plasma panels. Seoul-based LG, the last major international plasma TV manufacturer, is also planning on shutting down plasma production, according to South Korea's Yonhap News Agency.

Manufacturers are increasingly looking to LED and LCD screens as they develop the next generation of TV sets. Veronica Thayer, a consumer electronics analyst with IHS, said the last shipments of plasma TVs for American retail shelves will come by the end of this year.


Look What Congress Wants to Hide from You Now

Is it fair that special interest groups can legally wine, dine and pamper our nation’s legislators at luxury resorts? Let’s not kid ourselves – when politicians are treated to $10,000+ getaways, someone is expecting something in return. Although it should be outlawed outright, until recently, at least politicians had to disclose such trips on financial disclosure forms that the public could access. Now, however, this stipulation has been removed from the form, reports National Journal.

These financial documents – which won’t be available moving forward, apparently – reveal that members of Congress and their top staffers went on nearly 2,000 compensated trips in 2013 alone, with private interests picking up the over $6 million price tag.

It’s an open secret that lobbyists gain access to and court federal politicians through these trips that they “indirectly” sponsor. Rather than curbing this behavior altogether to prevent corruption, members of Congress decided to instead obligate themselves to admit to taking these vacations. For as long as Congress has been required to fill out financial disclosures, these trips were a necessary part of the form.


**Traffic Advisory** US 40 Westbound Closed at School Bell Road due to Crash

Bear - Troopers are currently on scene of a single vehicle crash involving an overturned tractor trailer, Pulaski Highway (US40) westbound at School Bell Road, Bear which occurred at approximately 2:37 a.m. There are no reported injuries.

US 40 westbound is completely closed to traffic and is being diverted onto School Bell Road.

Motorists are advised to avoid the area and plan alternate routes of travel. The roadway will be closed for an extended period of time in order to remove the tractor trailer and clear the roadway of food products, which spilled from the trailer onto the roadway.

This means Warren: Obama backs challenger to Hillary

President Obama has quietly promised Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren complete support if she runs for president — a stinging rebuke to his nemesis Hillary Clinton, sources tell me.

Publicly, Obama has remained noncommittal on the 2016 race, but privately he worries that Clinton would undo and undermine many of his policies. There’s also a personal animosity, especially with Bill Clinton, that dates from their tough race six years ago.


Lt. Col. Oliver North: Obama is Illegally Ignoring Marine Jailed in Mexico

We’ve discussed the disgraceful actions of the President of the United States in completely ignoring Sgt. Andrew Tahmoorhessi, the US Marine wrongfully imprisoned in Mexico, but according to Oliver North, Obama may actually be breaking the law by refusing to do anything.

The former lieutenant colonel says that a section of the United States code requires the sitting president to demand the release of any American citizen unjustly imprisoned in a foreign country.

North made the comments during an appearance on Your World With Neil Cavuto on Fox News.


Sherri Shepherd wants 'nothing to do' with unborn surrogate baby

She had been excitedly anticipating the arrival of a baby carried by a surrogate - due in just a few weeks.

But following the acrimonious breakdown of her marriage to Lamar Sally, reports have emerged that Sherri Shepherd no longer wants anything to do with the unborn child.

And according to TMZ, the 47 year-old has no genetic connection to the infant who was conceived through IVF with an egg donor and her estranged husband's sperm.


Sheriff Joe: Stop ALL Foreign Aid to Mexico

The call to end foreign aid to Mexico and several other countries until they do their part to end the crisis at America’s southern border is growing quickly. Texas Republican Randy Weberrecently introduced a bill to that effect, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio apparently agrees that that’s a good idea.

Sheriff Joe has previouslydemanded that the federal government do its job and secure the border even though he does not expect to see that happen under this administration, which seems content to all but ignore the growing humanitarian and security crisis as tens of thousands of illegal immigrants cross into the United States.

States have taken matters into their own hands to do what they can, and civilian militia troops have also deployed to the border. But Sheriff Joe says that another good approach would be to cut off the flow of immigrants at the source.


Michele Bachmann: Join the Movement to Impeach Barack Obama: VIDEO

The movement to impeach the President of the United States is growing every day among the people and evensome prominent media figures. Is Congress finally fulfilling their constitutional obligation to stand up to the executive branch when it becomes too powerful?

Rep. Steve Stockman has been a vocal advocate of impeachment. He even says he’s got enough votes in the House to do it. His Republican colleague Michele Bachmann has called out Obama before for his lawlessness and disregard for the Constitution.

Bachmann has joined Stockman in now openly calling for citizens to put the pressure on Congress to initiate impeachment.


Cost of National Security

It's VERY important each one of you GO HERE.

Dangerous Times: Obama the Betrayer

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Which of those solemn promises has Barack H. Obama not betrayed?

I can’t think of a single one.

If Obama is different from other presidents, it’s not for the color of his skin, which is just a PR hustle to blackmail suckers into proving they aren’t racists. No: Obama will be historic for his fanatical leftism, which has no precedent in American history. The biggest headline is Obama’s ideology, not his race.

The left is a revolutionary cult, one that has no compunctions about violations of laws or human rights – for what they imagine to be a utopian cause, of course. But every single power cult in history is all for love and peace – once it takes over. Head-chopping Muslims sing the song of love and peace just as well as the left.

Just consider two quotes.

Karl Marx, 1848: “… there is only one means to shorten, simplify and concentrate the murderous death throes of the old society and the bloody birth pangs of the new, only one means – revolutionary terrorism."

Vladimir Lenin, 1918: “the fundamental feature of the concept of dictatorship of the proletariat is revolutionary violence.”