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Thursday, March 16, 2017

REMINDER: St.Paddy's Day 5k Run/2-Mile Walk This Saturday

Jihadis using religious visa to enter US, experts warn

A U.S. visa program designed to temporarily admit religious workers from other countries may be letting jihadists into the country, security experts and religious leaders warn.

The R visa program is for non-immigrant clerics and religious workers and allows successful applicants to stay in the U.S. for up to five years. They are then allowed to apply for a permanent residency under their R-1 status.

But some critics say the visa raises red flags and has long been abused by leaders with extreme views.

"People have come in and tried to come in with this visa to preach their hardline and dangerous views, and then encourage [the] vulnerable to travel back with them where they are further brainwashed and can potentially be used to harm the USA," Adnan Khan, former president of the Council of Pakistan American Affairs, told Fox News. "The solution isn't banning innocent Muslims and migration, but looking at visas like this one which have raised red flags and caused trouble in the past."

Khan also said several letters have been written to federal agencies over the past four years concerning the R program, but they have failed to get a response.

Second Annual Spring For A Vet

Socialist surge: DSA membership soars as snowflakes go politicking

Socialism, in the face of President Donald Trump’s rise to the White House, has seen a surge of activism, with membership to the Democratic Socialists of America jumping to record levels and tripling in size over the last year.

Call it the year of the snowflakes.

“People really felt that they had to do something to combat the incoming Trump administration,” said David Duhalde, deputy director of the DSA’s national leadership, in the Los Angeles Times. “We’re not only somebody you can resist Trump with. We’re somebody you can build a better world with.”

Really? Where?

It’d be nice if socialists could offer up a solid example of where in the world their particular brand of government take-over has proven a success. Sweden used to be their go-to example. But lately, Sweden, with its over-generous use of taxpayer dollars to fund cradle-to-grave entitlements, has been swarmed by needy refugees from mostly Muslim nations who’ve not exactly proven adaptable to polite society.

Even if Sweden weren’t being overrun with crime-committing migrants right now, the country’s still not the best example of socialism. It’s more like a mass entitlement nation — like an America under Democratic control, on steroids.

Watch: An atheist woman tells powerful story about her horrid treatment at Planned Parenthood

You’ve likely seen many videos about Planned Parenthood that tell exposing horror stories about the abortion giant, but many are written off as biased, or “heavily edited.” This latest one by Apologia Studios, however, takes a story from a source that can’t be dismissed with accusations of bias.

The women’s website Sheologians received a testimony in an email from a woman who tells her heart wrenching tale of being raped, becoming pregnant, and going to the place she had been told all her life to go to when seeking help with an unplanned pregnancy.

The video is read by a woman named Summer White, who reads the email out as if she was the one who wrote it. After reading the woman’s words about her rape, she says that she was certain that Planned Parenthood would provide what was necessary for prenatal care, counseling, and – not abortion – but information for adoption agencies.

“That’s not what I found,” reads White.

She reads that the woman was “bracing myself for the attack of the evil Christian radical,” but instead found people who simply wanted to offer to pray with her. She ignored them, having decided not to go into Planned Parenthood for an abortion, but deciding to give the baby up for adoption.

After turning in the paperwork that indicated she was choosing adoption, that’s when the woman says “everything changed.” She was ignored for around an hour, and completely overlooked by the staff. When she was finally brought back to an examination room, the Planned Parenthood examiner pushed her not to choose adoption, but abortion instead.


Congressman Harris Town Hall


TRIGGER WARNING: Company has EPIC policy to weed out snowflake employees

If there’s one thing the 2016 election made clear, it’s that many young Americans have an astonishing sense of entitlement. The popularity of Bernie Sanders, combined with the hysteria over Donald Trump winning the election, served to highlight just how bad the problem has become.

Of course, the signs were always there. College campuses across the country have become enclaves of political correctness. Instead of a place where students have their ideas challenged, higher education consists of safe spaces and trigger warnings. On college campuses, feelings have become more valuable than facts.

Many have rightfully pointed out this college environment leaves students ill-equipped for the real world. Away from the safe spaces, the real world doesn’t care much about your feelings. Sadly, the warnings have fallen on deaf ears. Instead, American colleges are churning out young people unprepared for actual careers.


Chuck Schumer Warns of Government Shutdown Over Trump’s Border Wall

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has decided he has had enough of the Republican dominated Senate and is making some big claims. Senator Chuck Schumer was unanimously elected to replace Senator Harry Reid as the Senate Minority leader this past Fall.

He has taken issue most vehemently with the proposed defunding of Planned Parenthood, the immigration policy, and Donald Trump’s border wall plans that were submitted for congressional approval. While the majority of Donald Trump’s propositions have passed incredibly easily this one is more difficult. Even though the Republicans have a clear lead in both the house and the senate this situation is different. A spending bill needs a much higher approval to pass, and Senator Schumer is threatening government shutdown as the only way they will respond to such a budget.

Many are looking back on a similar situation that took place in 2013, just four years ago when Republicans tried to force Obama and the democratic congress to defund Obama’s infamous health plan. It was a failed attempt, and the results of the government shutdown were disastrous in some cases with hundreds of thousands of government employees directly impacted as a result.


No Four Leaf Clover Is Going To Protect You

PIKESVILLE, MD— As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, troopers suggest those whose celebrations will include alcohol take time to make the right decision and designate a sober driver.

Based on past experience, Maryland state troopers are anticipating an increase in impaired driving as celebrants will be traveling on St. Patrick’s Day to and from different locations to enjoy festivities throughout the state. With this in mind, Maryland State Police Superintendent Colonel William M. Pallozzi, has directed each of the 23 barracks to conduct saturation patrols focusing on impaired, aggressive, and distracted drivers. Additional troopers will be assigned.

“If alcohol is part of your celebration, then driving should not be,” Colonel Pallozzi said. “We will accept no excuses and will have zero tolerance for anyone who elects to jeopardize his or her own safety, as well as the safety of others, by choosing to drive while impaired.”

During March 16-21, 2016, troopers arrested 153 drunk drivers. Driving with a blood alcohol content of .08 is evidence of intoxication and is against the law. A driver under the age of 21, with any measurable alcohol in their system, is in violation of alcohol laws in Maryland.

In Spite of Pledges, Trump May Take Salary – But Check Out What He Plans to Do With the Money…

During the election, one of the things that Donald Trump campaigned on was that he would not be taking the presidential salary, something only two other presidents in history have done. But it appears that he has reneged on this pledge; so what is he going to do with the money instead?

Trump first made the pledge at a rally in Rochester, New Hampshire, telling the crowd, “The first thing I’m going to do is tell you that if I’m elected president, I’m accepting no salary, OK? That’s not a big deal for me.” He then reiterated the pledge during a Twitter Q&A, saying, “As far as the salary is concerned — I won’t take even one dollar. I am totally giving up my salary if I become president.”


Major Obamacare enrollment group shuts down

Enroll America, created to spur enrollment in the Affordable Care Act, is closing up shop a day after Obamacare enrollment declined.

The group said Thursday that it is shutting down now because it accomplished its goal of enrolling millions of people in Obamacare. Enroll America coordinated state programs to boost enrollment.

Enroll America is leaving with Obamacare's future very much in doubt. The American Health Care Act, which advanced in a third committee vote Thursday, would repeal much of the law and partially replace it.


UH OH: Look at Who Might Run for President in 2020…

I have heard of a number of Democrats lining up to run in 2020. None of them are a surprise to me. One of the biggest contenders that looks like he is going to throw his hat into the presidency ring is New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. He just hired two fundraisers from Florida to help him add to his huge election war chest. It looks to be a sign that he is serious about running in 2020… between that and his heated rhetoric against President Trump, it’s not hard to discern his intentions here.

Cuomo is the poster child for the Nanny State and would be as bad, if not worse, than Barack Obama. One of the fundraising consultants he hired worked for Hillary Clinton… his name is Jon Adrabi. He will plan events and schmooze with Democratic donors. Wooing them for big fat checks. Fundraising event tickets will go for $15,000 a piece. These are wealthy Marxist elitists we are talking about and they are gathering their forces for the next election. No wonder Trump is already campaigning. He saw this coming.


Dealer Who Allegedly Provided Heroin in Non-Fatal Overdose Busted

Shawn J. Soper
Managing Editor

 OCEAN CITY- A Georgetown, Delaware man was arrested on heroin distribution charges last week after an investigation revealed he provided the drugs that caused a local man to overdose before being revived.

Last Tuesday, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers responded to a residence on Old Landing Road in reference to a CPR in progress which turned out to be a heroin overdose. Upon arrival, OCPD officers located a male individual lying unconscious on the floor of a bedroom in one of the units in the residence. The victim’s wife was administering CPR on him until one of the OCPD officers took over. 

Despite the CPR attempts, the victim remained unconscious and unresponsive until Ocean City paramedics arrived and administered Narcan, at which time he became responsive. The victim was transported to Atlantic General Hospital for treatment. It was later learned the victim was on work release from the Worcester County Jail and had been working earlier that night at a midtown restaurant. He was treated at AGH for around 45 minutes until he was returned to the jail.


Nancy Pelosi Asks Followers What They Love About Obamacare – Regrets It IMMEDIATELY!

Poor Nancy Pelosi… I wonder if she really believed this would turn out well. Pelosi tweeted a question out to her followers late Monday, asking them what they loved about Obamacare. It didn’t quite turn out the way she had envisioned. Not at all. I guess she thought she would have an outpouring of support after President Trump and the Republicans released their new healthcare plan that is meant to repeal and replace Obamacare. Dems have been prepping for this fight and feel it is a good weapon against the Republicans for the 2018 elections. Maybe not.

Never one to miss a chance at sticking her foot in her mouth, Pelosi asked people to share their experiences with Obamacare. And boy, did she get an answer or three. Not the ones she was surely looking for, but nevertheless, answers. In place of success stories, she got tales of horror and anger. It’s exactly what she deserves, but I’m sure she was shocked.


Femininity has nothing to do with Feminism: One is a wardrobe-choice, the other a belief-system

I’ve always found the proverb “May you live in interesting times” particularly interesting. The origins of the phrase may be debatable, but the intent behind it isn’t. May you live in interesting times is a curse in disguise…meant to wish a period of instability and upheaval upon the person it is aimed at.

I for one, thrill in the fact that you and I live in interesting times. We live in a time marked with instability and upheaval and as a proud and unapologetic feminist, I’m thankful for that everyday because stability would mean regressing to the time when ‘women’s place’, in the household, in the workplace and in the world was determined by the narrow prejudicial constructs of the society and those who claimed to be it’s vanguards.

I have been extremely vocal about my feminist beliefs and my support for the often-alienated LGBTQ community. There have been more than a few times when this vociferousness has cost me a movie or some other professional gig. And you know what I think about that? I think that’s just too bad. Because talking about women’s rights and supporting the disenfranchised is not a ‘cause’ that I’ve chosen to ‘align’ myself with. I couldn’t be happier that Feminism is receiving more air-time and editorial-space than ever before. But Feminism is not simply a ‘viral phenomenon’ and equal rights and opportunity in all spheres of life is NOT a ‘fad’! Feminism is a belief system. It’s the way I’ve been brought up, the way I think, the way I approach the world, and the only way of living that makes any sense to me.



The ACLU of Maryland and the Maryland Coalition to Reform School Discipline are working with state lawmakers to limit suspensions and expulsions for pre-K through second grade students. The legislation, HB 425 /SB 651, Public School – Suspensions and Expulsions, provides supports rather than dismissals. Alarmingly, 2,363 Maryland students in this youngest age group were suspended out-of-school or expelled during the 2015-2016 school year.

No data supports the belief that suspensions and expulsions improve behavior for students who exhibit behavioral problems. In 2014, the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services and Education wrote against the practice, because young children who are suspended or expelled are “10 times more likely to drop out of high school, experience academic failure and grade retention, hold negative school attitudes, and face incarceration.” Concerns about the harmful effects and unfair application of suspensions or expulsions for young children are growing, spurring many states, including California, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Oregon, to pass legislation to curb the problem.

Suspensions and expulsions are disproportionately used on Black students and students with disabilities. During the 2015-2016 school year, Black students accounted for 64.2 percent of all out-of-school suspensions, while comprising only 34.4 percent of the student body. Black students are also much less likely to receive speech and language special education services than white and Asian students, and more likely to be suspended or expelled for acting out.

Bill Gates has been searching for an "energy miracle," and says this could be the one

The sun was out in full force the fall morning I arrived at Caltech to visit Professor Nate Lewis’s research laboratory. Temperatures in southern California had soared to 20 degrees above normal, prompting the National Weather Service to issue warnings for extreme fire danger and heat-related illnesses.

The weather was a fitting introduction to what I had come to see inside Nate’s lab—how we might be able to tap the sun’s tremendous energy to make fuels to power cars, trucks, ships, and airplanes.


Introspection from Thomas Jefferson...

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Republican-appointed judges on 9th Circuit voice support for Trump travel ban

Five judges on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals have broken ranks with their colleagues and voiced support for the legality of President Trump’s original travel ban.

The judges, all Republican appointees, said Wednesday they disagreed with the three-judge appeals panel that struck down the initial ban on travel from seven Muslim majority nations the administration said have terrorism problems and an inability to help the U.S. vet incoming immigrants.

"Whatever we, as individuals, may feel about the President or the Executive Order, the President's decision was well within the powers of the presidency," the judges stated in an unsolicited filing.


UPDATE: Missing Woman Found Unharmed In Howard Co.

(JESSUP, MD) — Maryland State Police have located the woman reported missing earlier this week in Howard County and found her to be unharmed.

Katie M. Cook, 27, of Willards, Md., was located shortly after 11:30 a.m. today by Maryland State Police investigators. She was located in the Jessup, Md., area and found to be unharmed. Investigators have found no evidence of a crime connected with her disappearance.

Cook’s mother reported her missing to Maryland State Police on March 14th. Her mother stated she was last seen on the morning of March 12th in the Jessup area and had not maintained her usual contact with family members.

Troopers issued a lookout for Cook, which included the distribution of flyers and photos. State Police investigators were conducting a thorough search of the Rt. 1 area in Jessup this morning when Cook was located.

FED UP: Britain Demands Muslim Imams Speak English. To Prevent ‘Radicalization’…

UK Imams are being told to preach in English to get rid of “hate preaching” and to avoid “radicalization.”

Something tells me a lot of their meetings are about to get strangely peaceful.

From Louder With Crowder:

In order to rid Britain of “hate preaching,” UK Imams are being encouraged to start delivering sermons in English.

This should be interesting…

The Telegraph has been told that the counter-extremism taskforce is working on the plans amid concern that preaching in foreign languages enforces divisions between Islam and mainstream British society and can foster radicalisation.

Speaking a foreign language to spread a covert message is as basic as apple pie thrown at a Trump supporter by an Antifa thug. Except replace pie with “rocks.” Because if I were in a foreign country, and wanted to pass a message to someone, I’d just use my language instead of the native language. In fact, it happens in America all the time, people conversing in their own languages to gossip. Didn’t you see that Seinfeld episode where Elaine gets her nails done at a Korean salon? I thought everyone had.

Ministers have been inspired by some Middle Eastern countries that have begun urging that sermons be published in English online. A senior Government source said: “If imams are speaking in another language it makes it far harder to know if radicalisation is taking place.”


Jay Leno, Chicago highlight Freeman Stage summer season

SELBYVILLE — Comedian and former “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, Chicago and Mary Chapin Carpenter highlight this summer’s 10th season schedule at The Freeman Stage at Bayside.

Other national acts include Tedeschi Trucks Band on June 17; Baltimore Ravens kicker and opera singer Justin Tucker on June 18; The Stray Cats’ Lee Rocker on June 24; comedian Jay Leno on June 30; The O’Jays on July 1; country music’s Dustin Lynch and Granger Smith on July 6; Blues Traveler on July 11; The Wallflowers and Better than Ezra on July 12; blues great Gary Clark Jr. on July 17; country-pop singer Hunter Hayes on July 28; Michael Franti & Spearhead on July 29; Tony winner Sutton Foster on July 30; Chicago on Aug. 1; Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue on Aug. 3; Mary Chapin Carpenter on Aug. 8 and jazz’s Joey Alexander Trio on Aug. 12.

Mr. Leno will perform on June 30, Chicago on Aug. 1 and Ms. Chapin Carpenter on Aug. 8.


March Madness

NASTY HYPOCRITE! Guess What Celebrity Just Talked About Killing Kellyanne Conway In A Microwave?

WOW! The ONE woman who swears up and down and says she is an advocate for women’s rights and against their mistreatment just became the BIGGEST HYPOCRITE of them all!

Not only did she speak in opposition to what she claims to stand for, she also spoke like a complete monster… total dirt bag.

Chelsea freaking Handler was just making headlines after she mocked Melania Trump for in her words ‘not being able to speak english’, and apparently that wasn’t enough stupid coming out of her mouth, because she’s done it again, and this time…worse than the last.

Who thought it possible?

Apparently, it’s not approved by her to be an immigrant unless you’re a liberal. She forgets real quick that Melania can speak 5 different languages, and I’d even go as far to say that Melania speaks english FAR better than Handler. Handler’s english is just far more trashy than that of Melania’s. Hands down.

I guess we can’t be too harsh on Chelsea…I mean, it’s wrong to be offended by a mentally ill person. So, we should let it go.

But..not before you hear what she’s done now…

St. Patty's 3rd Friday THIS Friday, March 17th!

March 17, 2017 is the next 3rd Friday in Downtown Salisbury.   Even though 3rd Friday won't be hosting outdoor activities and vendors until April, there is still tons to do in Downtown Salisbury!  This month's 3rd Friday coincides with St. Patrick's Day, so wear green, and get ready for a night in Downtown Salisbury filled with live music, art and shopping.  
The Salisbury Art Space (formerly Art Institute and Gallery), located on the lower level of the Gallery Building, will showcase the Collection of Contemporary Irish Art of Hazel and Ronald Geesey.  Ms. Geesey, a native of Ireland, began assembling this impressive collection of works in the 1990's after her marriage to Ronald Geesey. Much of the collection was purchased in Ireland where they spent their summers, as they escaped the heat of Baltimore.  The Geesey's relocated to Snow Hill, Maryland in 2006.  It is perhaps the best collection of its kind on the Eastern Shore. Salisbury Art Space will also host kids' crafts, with take-away shamrock art!  

Salisbury University Art Galleries | Downtown Campus continues its exhibition titled Nature / Nurture, and will be hosting a reception for the show during 3rd Friday.   This group exhibition explores the ways in which the natural world has been shaped and transformed by humans and in turn how the biology shapes our lives.   Featured artists in the exhibition include Laura Ball, Stephanie Garon, Onajide Shabaka, Anne Mondro, Judi Bommarito, and Darina Karpov.  SU Art Galleries | Downtown Campus is now located in the Gallery Building across from Maya Bella Pizzeria.  

The downtown bars and restaurants are ready with live music for 3rd Friday!  
Roadie Joe's Bar and Grill will have great dinner specials plus live music for the happy hour crowd by Freak Flag Fly from 5:30 - 8:30pm, and late night jams with rock band Marching Dog featuring Shiloh Wersen from 10 until close, and DJ E-State late night.   Brew River Restaurant and Bar will be having a St. Patrick's Day Party with Johnny Bling from 6pm til close, with great drink and food specials just for the holidays!  
 Its Market Street's 16th Anniversary this week, and they will be ready to celebrate with tons of St. Paddy's day specials and will have DJ Juan late night, like $2 Green Beers, $5 Guinness pints, and $3 short Guinnesses and traditional Irish Fare available!  Mojo's has DJ B-Side spinning all your favorites, and The Brick Room will have a variety of Irish selections on the menu!   

Headquarters Live is hosting the Silence No More St. Patrick's Day Album Release Party!  It's a whole night of rock, starting at 7pm, featuring Modern Day Addiction, Tom E Knock,Ignite the FireJon Garcia and the Hopeless Romantics and Black Letter Days.  Admission is $20, with proceeds benefiting Silence No More, in their effort to release their new album.  The show is for ages 21 and over, and tickets are available online and at the door.  

Stay tuned with all the latest info on our 
Facebook Event!

PARTICIPANTS WANTED!  Artist & Organization Registration Info HERE or email


The Elite Are Prepped And Ready For The Economic Crisis: Don't Ever Say We Didn't Warn You!

Five Republican-nominated judges signal support for travel ban

Five Republican-appointed judges on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals signaled their support for the legal underpinnings of President Donald Trump's travel ban late Wednesday in an unusual and unsolicited filing.

Despite the fact that Trump has resoundingly and repeatedly criticized the 9th Circuit, five judges came to the President's defense, saying that "whatever we, as individuals, may feel about the President or the Executive Order, the President's decision was well within the powers of the presidency."

The comments from the five judges do not impact the move by a federal judge in Hawaii who blocked Trump's new travel ban on Wednesday.

But it could be meaningful down the line. If the Justice Department appeals the Hawaii ruling, the case will be headed to the 9th Circuit and could very well be heard by these same five judges who now say the law is on Trump's side.


Claim: ‘3 intelligence sources’ say Obama used Brits to spy on Trump

Judge Napolitano: 'There's no American fingerprints on this'

Former President Obama used the British to spy on President Trump – both as a presidential candidate and as president-elect – to avoid having American “fingerprints” on the scandal, according to Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.

He says three intelligence sources have confirmed the bombshell revelations.

Napolitano explained that statues allow the president to surveil anyone in the U.S. without suspicion, probable cause or a warrant, but doing so would leave a trail of evidence.

Instead, he said, Obama deliberately chose to use Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ, the British spying agency with “24-7 access to the NSA database.”


Obama Paid Surprise Visit to Hawaii 48 Hours Before Hawaii Judge Rules Against Trump Temporary Refugee Ban


Barack Obama paid a surprise visit to Honolulu, Hawaii on Monday just days before US District Court Judge Derrick Watson, who presides in Honolulu, ruled against President Trump’s temporary refugee ban from terror states.
Via Pat Dollard and the Star Advertiser:

Coming off a string of high-profile meetings, former President Barack Obama made an unannounced return to Hawaii Monday.

Just three months removed from his last official holiday visit as president, Obama was spotted dining at Buzz’s Lanikai Monday night.