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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Good Question!


Political correctness 101: Praising America, virtues of hard work dubbed 'micro-aggression' on campuses

Simply asking someone “Where are you from?” or calling America "the land of opportunity” is now considered offensive at some colleges and universities, where such "micro-aggressions" are detailed in training programs and seminars for new faculty and staff.

Other examples of “offensive” statements include, “I believe the most qualified person should get the job,” “Affirmative action is racist,” Everyone can succeed in this society, if they work hard enough,” When I look at you, I don’t see color,” and “I don’t believe in race.” A full list of these “offensive” statements can be seen here. The newly forbidden terms were initially identified in a 2007 American Psychologist publication by Columbia University’s Psychology and Education Professor Derald Wind Sue, that has now become a key training primer for incoming faculty at schools including the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.


Who's Guilty

Government worker unions worried about Supreme Court move to rule on dues

Maryland labor leaders expressed concern Tuesday after the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case challenging the right of government worker unions to collect fees from nonmembers — a move that could undermine the unions' financial footing.

Opponents of such fees say they violate the First Amendment by forcing government workers to subsidize unions they do not want to join. The argument could have a receptive audience among the court's conservative members, who have openly questioned the precedent the court set four decades ago allowing the fees.

If the court rules against the fees in the case, Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, unions across the nation would stand to lose a substantial amount of money, which would limit how much they can spend to support candidates. In Maryland, for example, the union that represents state government employees brings in $2.75 million annually in fees from nonmembers.


In From A Viewer: Rip-Wil Dr.

A Viewer Writes...

Can you believe WBOC just showed this video from four months ago as if it happened today? I bet you can......

Coming soon: New car tech that won’t let your car start if you’re drunk


(PIKESVILLE, MD) –Our forefathers fought to secure our independence, so do not let impaired driving jeopardize yours, drive sober or the Maryland State Police will be there to pull you over.

Troopers will be ramping up enforcement throughout the state in an attempt to make the roads safer this Fourth of July. Traffic initiatives targeting impaired, aggressive, and distracted drivers will be conducted. A close eye will be kept out for speeders and those not properly belted as well.

Families and friends gather to celebrate this favorite American holiday with food, parades, parties, and fireworks. For many people, the celebration includes alcohol, but the holiday quickly goes from festive to fatal when people choose to drive after drinking or drive aggressively.

Somerset County Sheriff's Office Press Release 7-2-15

Jamar Lee Alexander of Crisfield, arrested 6-10-15 on a warrant for failing to appear in court. Alexander was later held on a  $500.00 bond.

Ronald Leon Hughes of Belair Maryland arrested 6-11-15 on a warrant for failing to appear in court. Hughes was held on a $500.00 bond.

Paul Allen Fridley of Crisfield, arrested 6-15-15 on a warrant for failing to appear in court. Fridley was later released on personal recognizance.

Ronald Lee Hall of Crisfield, arrested 6-16-15 on a warrants for attempted 2nd degree assault, and malicious destruction of property. Hall was later released on a $40,000 unsecured bond.

Mark Wesley Pruitt of Crisfield, arrested 6-16-15 on a warrant for theft, and malicious destruction of property. Pruitt was later released on an unsecured bond.

Paul Franklin Tyler 3rd of Crisfield, arrested 6-16-15 on a warrant for theft and malicious destruction of property. Tyler was later released on an unsecured bond.

Kevin Lamont Whidbee of Crisfield, arrested 6-18-15 on a warrant for violation of probation. Whidbeee was later held without bond.

Toni Liesa Miles of Princess Anne, arrested 6-20-15 for possession of cds, not marijuana. Miles was later released on an unsecured bond. The arrest was the result of a traffic stop conducted by deputies in the area of Bratten Ave, Princess Anne. Deputies recovered suspected Xanax pills from within the vehicle.

Richard Douglas Reynolds of Princess Anne, arrested 6-20-15 for driving under the influence of alcohol, driving impaired by alcohol, reckless driving, and failing to drive right of center. Reynolds was later released on signature pending court actions.

Matthew Dawayne Holbrook of Crisfield, arrested 6-22-15 on a warrant for failing to appear in court. Holbrook was later released after posting bond.

Robert Fred Littleton of Westover, arrested 6-23-15 for 2nd degree assault, and possession of suspected marijuana. Littleton was later released on a $5,000 unsecured bond. The arrest was the result of an investigation where Littleton allegedly assaulted a female within their residence during a verbal altercation.

Shswan Lomeek Reddick of Princess Anne, Criminal summons served 6-24-15 regarding theft less than $1,000. Reddick was later released on signature pending court actions.

Kenneth Leon Collins Jr. of Princess Anne, arrested 6-26-15 on a warrant for failing to appear in court. Collins was later held on a $500.00 bond.


WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md.), Vice Chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, today continued her statewide jobs tour, visiting Maryland’s Eastern Shore to announce more than $6.8 million in grants and loans for crucial water and sewer infrastructure projects in rural communities awarded through the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development (USARD). Mikulski made the announcement at the Talbot County Community Center.

“Maryland cities and towns need to upgrade their water and sewer infrastructure, but they can’t do it on their own,” Senator Mikulski said. “They need a government that’s on their side. I'm fighting for smart federal funding that communities can use to wash away the rust and decay of crumbling water infrastructure and create jobs, protect public safety, protect the environment and protect ratepayers. I'll keep working to shine a light on the need for water infrastructure investments to make sure that Maryland's water works.”

The $2.1 million in grants and $4.7 million in low-interest loans, awarded by the USDARD, will help rural communities in six Maryland counties along the Eastern Shore to upgrade and improve their water and sewer infrastructure.

Idaho Refugee Center Targeted Over Extremism Fears

SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) - A long-standing refugee welcoming center in conservative Idaho has found itself at the center of a campaign by adversaries seeking to force it closed, citing fears that the immigrants it hosts could include Islamist extremists.

The backlash comes amid an uptick in anti-Islamic protests and advertising campaigns in the United States, including a high profile May rally outside an Arizona mosque that saw more than 200 protesters, some armed, berate Islam and its Prophet Mohammad.

The newly formed Idaho group, whose 100 members plan a door-to-door information drive in July to win support for closing the refugee center in Twin Falls, said it was concerned the center will welcome Syrians displaced from that country's civil war who may not have been adequately screened by the U.S. government for security risks.

"Bringing in Syrians, who are predominantly of Muslim background, may be opening the door to terrorists pretending to be refugees," said Rick Martin, head of the so-called Committee to End the CSI (College of Southern Idaho) Refugee Center in nearby Buhl, a conservative agricultural area.

"We're not against legitimate refugees. They need to be treated with dignity and respect. But it would be easy for someone to lie about their background," he added.

U.S. authorities have arrested numerous individuals, including a number of U.S. citizens, in recent months over accusations of supporting Islamic State militants operating in Syria and Iraq.


Report: Blue crab populations up but not enough

An improving Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab population isn't being overfished, but growth targets still need to be met in the coming years, according to a report released Wednesday.

The 2015 Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Advisory Report collected data from the Bay-wide winter dredge survey and annual blue crab harvest estimates. Results detail insights into the crab population:

Female and juvenile crab populations are up and aren't being overfished, harvesting is down and regulations are protecting the female crab population.


Gay Slur Carved Into Utah Man's Arm Was Staged

A man who reported someone beat him and carved a homophobic slur into his arm staged the attacks, authorities in rural Utah said Tuesday.

Millard County Sheriff Robert Dekker said Rick Jones, 21, could face charges after officers investigating the series of reported attacks found inconsistencies in the evidence. The Delta man eventually acknowledged faking the harassment, Dekker said.

Brett Tolman, an attorney for Jones, said the reports were a cry for help initially directed toward people close to him, and Jones didn't realize how much attention they would get.

"I think it's such good evidence of the difficulties members of the gay community deal with, and some make better choices than others," Tolman said.

Jones has since begun mental health treatment, the lawyer said.


Wounded vet presented with smart home near Annapolis

Army Sgt. Adam Keys' life was changed in an instant in Kandahar Afghanistan. An IED, like the one he and his crew specialized in hunting and disarming, was detonated remotely. He was the only one to survive the 2010 incident, but lost both legs above the knee and his left arm due to infections.

His life changed again Wednesday when he used his phone to open the front door of his new home in outside Annapolis, donated via organizations dedicated to providing smart homes for seriously wounded vets.

"Wow. Goodness, goodness, goodness," were all the words the 31-year-old could muster as he rolled his wheelchair into the spacious home, built to accommodate his physical challenges.

Need to reach an above counter kitchen cabinet?

No, problem - the shelves lower out of the cabinet for easy access.


Our "Spoiled Brat" Economy

By insuring spoiled brats/vested interests never face the consequences of their actions and choices, we guarantee failure of the entire system.

Spoiled brats do not take kindly to being called out as spoiled brats. Since economies are aggregates of individuals, we can anticipate howls of outraged denial at our economy being identified as spoiled rotten.

The two essential characteristics of spoiled brats are 1) a complete disregard for the burdens of those paying the bills and 2) a childishly self-absorbed sense of overweening entitlement. Spoiled brats have no sense of fiscal discipline. Indeed, it is their defining characteristic. They want what they want, and they want it now, regardless of the cost to others or the system as a whole.

In America's Spoiled Brat Economy, no vested interest is ever allowed to fail. Lost billions gambling with borrowed money? Just throw a K Street temper tantrum and threaten to close all the ATMs when you go broke, and voila, Mommy and Daddy (the federal government and Federal Reserve) come rushing with trillions of dollars to make all the bad things like well-deserved bankruptcy go away.

That tens of millions of savers must be robbed of hundreds of billions of dollars in lost interest to rebuild your banks' profits and balance sheets--the sacrifices of others are of no concern to spoiled brats.

Terrific: Attorney In Charge of Releasing Lois Lerner "Lost" Emails Now In Charge of Hillary Clinton's Emails

Attorney Catherine Duval is in charge of handling inquiries from Congress about emails belonging to former IRS official Lois Lerner, the woman at the center of the conservative targeting scandal. Just last week we learned during Congressional testimony from internal government watchdogs that Lerner's hard drive containing emails sent and received when the agency was targeting conservative groups between 2010 and 2012 likely crashed due to "an impact of some sort." We also learned that her hard drive allegedly crashed on a Saturday and that the IRS didn't bother looking for backup tapes.

“When asked about the possible cause of the hard drive failure, the HP technician opined that heat-related failures are not seen often, and based on the information provided to him, the hard drive more than likely crashed due to an impact of some sort. However, because the HP technician did not examine the hard drive as part of his work on the laptop, it could not be determined why it crashed," written testimony submitted by Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration J. Russell George and Deputy Inspector General for Investigations Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration Timothy P. Camus said.


Med-School Professor Tweets That Fox News And ‘American Sniper’ To Blame For Dylann Roof And Charleston Shooting

A professor of medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine has taken to Twitter to place blame on mainstream media — such as Fox News and the 2014 film “American Sniper” — for breeding the type of racist thinking that led Dylann Roof to carry out the shooting at a Charleston, S.C. church last month.

Dr. Faheem Younus is a medical professor at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine who doubles as a blogger for Muslim-American identity and the Middle East with the online username: “Muslimerican.” Additionally, Younus serves on the board for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the leading Islamic organization that rejects all forms of terrorism.

Younus tweeted earlier in June that the racist ideology advocated by Charleston shooter Dylann Roof was specifically “promoted” by Fox News.


Pictures Of Storm Damage In Salisbury

Pictures courtesy of Michelle Kauffman
Pictures taken on Rip Wil Drive In Salisbury 
 If anyone has pictures they would like to share of the storm damage please feel free to send them to

America Had More Married Couples With Kids in 1963 Than in 2014

There were more married couples with children in the United States in 1963 than there were in 2014, according to data published by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Fifty-two years ago, there were 24,321,000 married couples in this country who had at least one child under 18 living in their home,according the bureau's Table FM-1. Last year, despite a significantly larger national population, there were only 23,933,000.

The Census Bureau numbers dramatically demonstrate America's abandonment of the traditional family.

When measured as a percentage of all American households, the presence of married couples with children in our society has been more than cut in half since the post-World War II heyday of the traditional family.


BREAKING NEWS: Jim Webb announces presidential bid

Jim Webb, a former Virginia Democratic senator, announces he will run in the 2016 presidential race.

Joint Investigation Between DSP and DOJ Nets 35 in Operation "In The House"

This is an extremely long press release. Please click 'READ MORE' to view the entire release

Georgetown- In February 2015, the Delaware State Police and the Delaware Department of Justice began planning an operation designed to proactively impact violent crime in Sussex and Kent Counties.  This operation targeted subjects participating in an organized criminal enterprise.  Members of this network were active participants in the crimes of racketeering, murder, home invasion robbery, illegal weapons possession, and the distribution of illegal narcotics.

Operation “In The House” was initiated on March 17, 2015.  Troop 4 Major Crimes Unit, Delaware State Police Homicide Unit, Sussex County Drug Unit, and the Delaware Department of Justice organized and conducted this operation with the assistance of the Sussex County Governor’s Task Force, Kent County Drug Unit, Kent County Governor’s Task Force, the Delaware State Police Special Operations Response Team (SORT), Drug Enforcement Administration – Dover Field Office (DEA), U.S Marshalls, Delaware Department of Corrections, Dover Police Department, Georgetown Police Department, and the Philadelphia Police Department.  During this Operation, investigators used numerous investigative techniques to identify members involved in violent crime and the distribution of large amounts of Cocaine and Heroin in Kent and Sussex Counties.

Through the investigation, detectives were able to establish that Steven Kellam, Rhamir Waples, Richard Robinson, Shamir Stratton, Damon Bethea, and Carlton Gibbs operated in a criminal network that targeted specific victims for home invasion robberies.  The victims targeted by the organization were believed to be involved in the distribution of illegal narcotics.  The defendants planned and committed numerous home invasion robberies with the goal of obtaining illegal narcotics and United States Currency from the victims.  The investigation revealed that the suspects would conceal their identity by donning clothing items over their faces and then make forced entry into the home of the victims and utilize firearms to commit robbery.  During one of the home invasion robberies, two victims were shot and killed and during another, one victim was wounded during an exchange of gunfire. 
The below subjects were linked and charged with the following crimes:

WCSO Welcomes New K-9 Brune

Our family and The John Brune K-9 Foundation along with the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office is very excited for all of...

Posted by The John Brune Law Enforcement K-9 Foundation on Thursday, July 2, 2015

Flooding In Ocean City

Afternoon Storm Floods Streets In OCThe quick moving storm that passed through the area this afternoon has left many...

Posted by The Dispatch on Thursday, July 2, 2015

Comptroller Franchot: “Act Now, File Now” Tax Amnesty Program Runs Sept. 1 – Oct. 30

-Enacted by Maryland General Assembly-

- Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot wants delinquent taxpayers to know that they have from September 1 through October 30, 2015 to take advantage of Maryland’s “Act Now, File Now” amnesty period. The Tax Amnesty program, enacted by the General Assembly, gives delinquent taxpayers one final opportunity to pay their Maryland tax liability with only half of the interest owed. Tax Amnesty applications will be accepted beginning September 1, 2015.

“The vast majority of businesses and individuals pay their Maryland taxes in full and on time,” said Comptroller Franchot. “Tax Amnesty is a limited and rare opportunity for tax delinquents to do the right thing by settling any outstanding liabilities. It’s important for all Marylanders to pay their taxes which support important public services that benefit everyone in our great state.”

The program is expected to increase general fund revenues by $18 million and local revenues by $4.5 million in fiscal year 2016.

Greater Salisbury Committee’s Wiseman Dies

T. Jan Wiseman, 74, president and CEO of the Greater Salisbury Committee for more than 13 years, went home to be with the Lord on June 30, 2015 after a brief illness.

During his time with GSC, the organization grew by more than 45 percent in membership and played a key role in the creation of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport, which became a dominant economic player in the Maryland-Delaware-Virginia area.

He was honored by the University of Maryland Eastern Shore by receiving the Presidential Citation in 2011 for economic development on the six counties of the Eastern Shore, as well as for helping initiate the UMES pharmacy program and expanding the school’s engineering program.

Wiseman served as chair or member of church boards and was security director of the Steve Wingfield Crusade, a member of the PRMC Health Council and an ex-officio board member of the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce. He and his wife Ann worked with junior high schoolers to improve their self-image and respect for themselves and others through their firm, the Maryland Eastern Shore Chapter of the National League of Junior Cotillions.

As an association management professional for more than 36 years, his association and business-related leadership included executive vice president positions at the Apartment Association of Metro Denver, the Professional Insurance Agents of Colorado, the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, and the president of the Farm and Land Institute of the National Association of Realtors in Chicago. He was also a senior executive with the American Soybean Association in St. Louis.

As a college dean for 12 years in Illinois, Wiseman created and developed distance learning centers and community-based education and its accompanying 25 off-campus sites in the Midwest that accounted for more than 50 percent of the college’s enrollment and which received several national and state awards for innovation.

"Coffee With Your Council"

Tickled Paint ARTworks Event July 3rd

Tickled Paint ARTworks Studio



Friday July 3rd 7 pm – 9 pm

Beach Time


Studio located next to Edible Arrangements

Sign up @

Call 410-713-2013  for a SEAT & “Pay at the Door”

Tickled Paint ARTworks Event Flyer for Juy 2nd

REMINDER: BBQ Chicken Dinner & Bake Sale Tomorrow!

Seattle 6th Graders Can’t Get a Coke at School, But Can Get an IUD

(CNSNews) -- Middle and high school students can’t get a Coca-Cola or a candy bar at 13 Seattle public schools, but they can get a taxpayer-funded intrauterine device (IUD) implanted without their parents’ consent.

School-based health clinics in at least 13 Seattle-area public high schools and middle schools offer long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs), including IUDs and hormonal implants, to students in sixth-grade and above at no cost, according to Washington State officials.

LARCs are associated with serious side effects, such as uterine perforation and infection. IUDs, specifically, can also act as abortifacients by preventing the implantation of a fertilized egg.

The state and federally funded contraceptive services are made possible by Take Charge, a Washington State Medicaid program which provides free birth control to adults who are uninsured, lack contraceptive coverage, have an income at or below 260 percent of the Federal Poverty Level -- or, in this case, to teens who don’t want their parents to know they’re on birth control.

In an email exchange with the Washington State Health Care Authority and CNSNews, a Take Charge spokesperson acknowledged that underage students are eligible for a “full array of covered family planning services” at school-based clinics if their parents meet the program’s requirements.


Two Arrested in Federalsburg Shooting by Sheriff's Office

 On 06/25/2015 at approximately 6:54 PM, the Federalsburg Police Department, Caroline County Sheriff's Office and the Maryland State Police were dispatched to respond to 317 Brooklyn Avenue Federalsburg, Caroline County, Maryland in reference to a shooting that had just occurred. The 911 center advised responding units that a male subject had been shot. Police arrived on location shortly after the call and it was learned that William Parker (victim) had been shot. EMS was called to the scene at which time the victim was rendered aid and subsequently transported to the Nanticoke Memorial Hospital in Seaford, Delaware. Detectives responded to the hospital and learned that Parker was listed in stable but critical condition, suffering from a single gunshot wound.    

As a result of the investigation it was determined that Jerry Ducles Murat and Tionne Diaz Austin were responsible for the shooting.  Arrest warrants were obtained for both subjects charging them with 1st degree attempted murder and all lesser included offenses.

Jerry MuratJerry Murat 
On 06/26/2015 Jerry Murat was located and taken into custody in Dorchester County, Maryland by members of the Maryland State Police Fugitive Apprehension Team. Detectives from the Caroline County Sheriff's Office responded to Dorchester County and took custody of Jerry Murat. Murat was processed and taken to the Commissioner's Office and held on No Bond at the Caroline County Detention Center.  

Tionne AustinTionne Austin 
Several hours later Tionne Austin was located in Somerset County, Maryland by the Maryland State Police Fugitive Apprehension Team and he too was arrested without incident. Austin was processed and taken to the Caroline County Commissioner's Office where he was held on No Bond at the Caroline County Detention Center.   

The Caroline County Sheriff's Office is looking to speak with anyone who may have witnessed the shooting. Anyone with any information related to this investigation is asked to contact Det. Bryan Peris of the Caroline County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division 410-479-4123. Your information can be held annonymously.

The Sheriff's Office was assisted in this investigation by the Caroline County Drug Task Force, Maryland State Police Fugitive Apprehension Team, Maryland State Police CED  - Somerset County, Maryland State Police Crime Lab and the Caroline County State's Attorney Jonathan Newell.

FCC Commissioner: Internet Access Is Not a ‘Basic Human Right’

(CNSNews) -- Federal Communications Commission (FCC) member Michael O'Rielly says it is "ludicrous to compare Internet access to a basic human right."

“Human rights are standards of behavior that are inherent in every human being,” O’Rielly said Thursday in a speech to the Internet Innovation Alliance, a coalition of business and non-profit organizations.

“They are the core principles underpinning human interaction in society. These include liberty, due process or justice, and freedom of religious beliefs.

“I find little sympathy with efforts to try to equate Internet access with these higher, fundamental concepts,” O'Rielly stated.

Internet access is not even a day-to-day necessity, the commissioner added.

“It is important to note that Internet access is not a necessity in the day-to-day lives of Americans and doesn’t even come close to the threshold to be considered a basic human right,” O’Rielly said.

“People do a disservice by overstating its relevancy or stature in people’s lives. People can and do live without Internet access, and many lead very successful lives,” he continued.

“Instead, the term ‘necessity’ should be reserved to those items that humans cannot live without, such as food, shelter, and water.”

More here

WCSO Press Release 7-2-15

Incident: Burglary / Assault

Date of Incident: 1 July 2015

Location: 200 block of Silver Street, Salisbury, MD

Suspect: Ediberto Sanchez-Hernandez, 37, Salisbury, MD

Ediberto Sanchez-HernandezEdiberto Sanchez-Hernandez

Narrative: On 1 July 2015 at 10:06 AM a deputy arrested Ediberto Sanchez-Hernandez following a complaint that he entered a residence without permission and engaged in what was described as inappropriate behavior. According to the complainant in this case, upon entering the residence, Sanchez-Hernandez exposed his penis and made overt suggestions in reference to activity he allegedly desired.

According to the victim in this case, Sanchez-Hernandez groped the victim before leaving. After the victim stated that all of this behavior was unwanted, the deputy conducted an investigation which culminated in the arrest of Sanchez-Hernandez. Following arrest, the deputy transported Sanchez-Hernandez to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, Sanchez-Hernandez was detained on a bond of $15,000.00.

Charges: Burglary 4th Degree
                Assault 2nd Degree
                Indecent Exposure
                Sex Offense 4th Degree


Incident: Assault

Date of Incident: 1 July 2015

Location: 700 block of Westover Drive, Salisbury, MD

Suspect: Ivan Bertram Curtis, 50, Salisbury, MD
Ivan CurtisIvan Curtis
Narrative: On 1 July 2015 at 10:46 AM a deputy arrested Ivan Curtis following a complaint he came to a residence in the 700 block of Westover Drive and created a disturbance. According to the complainant, she became embroiled in an argument with Ivan Curtis when Curtis struck her in the face and grabbed her by the throat. According to the victim, Curtis then forced her into his vehicle and held a knife to her throat while implying he was going to kill her. According to the victim, she was then driven to a secluded area where Curtis dragged her into the woods while threatening to kill her. Curtis ultimately drove her back to her residence and left before the arrival of a deputy.

During the investigation the deputy observed signs of injury that corroborated her account.

At the conclusion of the investigation the deputy obtained a warrant for Curtis’ arrest and upon apprehension he was transported to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Curtis on a bond of $15,000.00.

Charges: Kidnapping
                False Imprisonment
                Assault 1st Degree
                Reckless Endangerment
                Dangerous Weapon


Incident: Assault

Date of Incident: 2 July 2015

Location: 7000 block of Canal Street, Willards, MD

Suspect: Brandon Glenn Foutz, 35, Willards, MD

Brandon FoutzBrandon Foutz

Narrative: On 2 July 2015 at   1:37 PM a deputy arrested Brandon Foutz in connection to a reported assault. According to the complainant in this case, Brandon Foutz became embroiled in an argument over a blanket with a subject he resides with when Foutz attempted to assault her. According to the complaint, Foutz threw her into a wall before taking her to the ground. During the investigation, the deputy observed signs of injury that corroborated her account.

Upon arrest the deputy transported Foutz to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. After an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Foutz in the Detention Center in lieu of $40,000.00 bond.

Charges: Assault 2nd Degree
                 Reckless Endangerment


Incident: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

Date of Incident: 2 July 2015

Location: Carroll Street, Salisbury, MD

Suspect: Lauren Carol Alexander, 22, Salisbury, MD

No Photo Available

Narrative: On 2 July 2015 at 2:05 AM a deputy stopped a vehicle for speeding, erratic driving and displaying an expired registration plate on Carroll Street. Upon making contact with the operator, Lauren Alexander, the deputy detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from within the passenger compartment. Based on the odor and other physical indicators the deputy initiated sobriety testing, at the conclusion of which the deputy placed Alexander under arrest for DUI.

During subsequent processing, Alexander provided a breath sample that measured .16.

Alexander was released upon the issuance of citations.

Charges: Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol Per Se


Incident: WCSO Warrant Arrests

Date of Incident: 1 July 2015

On 1 July 2015 a deputy arrested Roxanne Jenette Lutz, 31 of Salisbury, MD, on a District Court Bench Warrant that was issued after she violated the terms of her probation in a theft case. Lutz was detained on a bond of $10,000.00

Roxanne LutzRoxanne Lutz

On 1 July 2015 a deputy arrested Jacob Lee Miller, 26 of Salisbury, MD, on three Circuit Court Bench Warrants. All three were issued after Miller violated the terms of his probation in a burglary case, a felony theft case and a CDS Possession case. Miller was detained on a total bond of $75,000.00

Jacob MillerJacob Miller
Releasing Authority: Lt. Tim Robinson        Date:  1 July 2015