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Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Happy New Year!!

Below you will find the most popular post for 2019.   We selected the top post from each week from January to December.  Some weeks we had more than one popular posts and we included those as well.  The date at the very end of the title tells you which week the post was the most popular.  This is not the date the post was originally posted.   Enjoy!!!

And So It Begins, Other News Sources Across The Bridge Pick Up The Day Story 12-22-19 (12-29-19)

Commenters Are Hypocrites 12-20-19 (12-29-19)

James M. Bennett High School teacher, wife of mayor charged with misdemeanors

I've seen here and on Facebook people attacking me, (not that I care) saying this is a private mater and how dare I expose the Day Family. Well, it seems to be OK for the Daily Times, WBOC and WMDT, to do so FOUR DAYS LATER! 

As I have sated time and time again. TEACHERS, POLICE OFFICERS AND CLERGY are to be held to higher standards. When and if they do something ILLEGAL the media has every right and even responsibility to expose it. So now you have to ask, WHY did it take four days and daily pressure from Salisbury News for your local media to expose it? Because they would've covered it up if it wasn't for Salisbury News. 

So you commenters who choose to go after me for being first, bite me! Trust me, there's more to come with this story. Unless you're a rino cop, (Lewis) a liberal states attorney and a liberal judge. 

Comments Worthy Of A Post 12-21-19 (12-22-19)

Anonymous said...
I'm no fan of Jake, but I have to ask why do you want to see this woman punished and humiliated even more. Is she not suffering enough for you?
Anonymous said...
10:12 Simply put, NO.
There are deeper and more sinister crimes involved here and the local powers that be are squashing them with everything they have.
Jake Day is criminally responsible also, among others.
Her crimes as well as other associates and “fixers” are not simple misdemeanors as charges state. It is a much deeper conspiracy involving persons at the school, the board, WCSO, SPD, the States Attorneys office, the Mayors office and their media connections.
Children have been physically and psychologically victimized. Yes, that’s plural. Drugs have been exchanged regularly on and off school grounds for compensation of various forms including cash, promises and actions of beneficial grades and treatment, and sexual favors as reported by students deposed at school and at psychiatric appointments. At least 7 WCBOE personnel are aware including teachers, supervisors and upper echelon Admin are aware of the multiple felonies involving many people.
People know. People talk when they see corruption on this scale. Especially when our children are involved. If the states attorneys office continues to sweep this under the rug because it’s politically charged and implicates people they were at christmas parties with even recently, those very people may take action against their inaction exposing them. State police and FBI need to be involved here. There is an effort for that to happen.

Update On The Elizabeth Day Drug Situation 12-20-19 (12-22-19)

The child reported it to her Doctor, which is a Psychiatrist and that Doctor reported it to the law. Someone was blaming the child in comments. She didn’t snitch. She was not aware the Doctor has to report it.

Question Of The Year 2019 (12-20-19) (12-22-19)

How long will the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office  cover up the biggest local story of the year involving an elected official family member and the very circumstances behind it?

Yeah Sheriff Mike Lewis, now I have the rest of the local media chomping at the bit wanting to know what's going on that would make National News while some of us are being called "losers"
I happened to be at BJ's having lunch when a BOE person told me about these alleged favors and how juvenile they were. 

Sheriff Lewis, you may want to get ahead of this one, if you haven't already and let the parents know what's going on since so many students already know. 

WCSAO: Bruce Fowler Sentenced To Ten Years For Sexual Abuse Of A Minor (12-15-19)

A Viewer Writes.........Where would you relocate to? (12-8-19)

Belated Thanksgiving greetings and an early MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 

Wanted to see if you would ask your audience if they had the opportunity to move out of Salisbury/Wicomico County what are some of the top places they would relocate to ??

A Viewer Writes.........Parkside High School (12-1-19)

When the story was publicly announced about Johnathan Eure, from Parkside High School, was released I thought his alleged relationship with a student was the whole story, which in itself is
HORRIBLE ! However, there is a HUGE coincidence or that wasn’t the end of the story. Students from Parkside have been saying there is 3 other employees at Parkside that have also been out / absent since the release of Mr. Eure’s alleged relations with a student . COINCEDENCE ??? The 3 other employees have not been back to Parkside since. My understanding of these possible truths are very disturbing to me. I have been told that 1 female math teacher, 1 female special education teacher, and 1 female teachers aide from Parkside have all been absent following Mr. Eure’s allegations. I looked on Parkside’s staff directory today and the 3 women are no longer in the directory. Hmmm…. VERY DISTURBING !

I saw on WBOC news the other night the poor communication the Superintendent gave us about the schools. Can she speak without reading her notes ? She continuously had to look down at her written speech, as she always does, and very seldom have I seen her look eye to eye with reporters. For no more information than she gives us you would think she could speak better. WE the parents NEED to be notified when allegations, truths, or information otherwise involving our school community is circling amongst our parents and students to better help OUR children ! How do we help our children if we are in the dark ?? The better the communication, better leadership, and better overall performance from our school board the better our community will be !

So, again I ask, Is the 3 MIA employees, other than Mr. Eure, from Parkside just a coincidence or is this information tangled up with the horrible alleged relationship with a student and Mr. Eure ???

Anonymous Parent

Another Teacher Assaulted At Bennett Middle School (12-1-19)

Yesterday another teacher was assaulted and sent to the Hospital after being taken away in an ambulance. This was an assistant teacher. Interesting how this information has been covered up. What say you Board of Education?

A Viewer Writes: Jake Day is Running for Lieutenant Governor (12-1-19)

Officially Leaked: Andy Kitzrow told a very, very reliable source that Day is running for Lieutenant Governor and has known for months. Jake was the same guy who said he did not plan on running for Lieutenant Governor in his debate with King on October 24th. Just another lie, which we are all very used to by now.

Day will be running under Democrat Franchot.

If you missed an earlier post:

We got $100k from Hogan's 30 million dollar neighborhood fund. All the other towns are using it for fixing up their towns. Salisbury is using it for the 2020 National Folk Festival.


Farewell Ireton (11-24-19)

A Viewer Writes.........Wicomico County Schools *11-18-19* (11-24-19)

Good morning Mr. Albero, I've been keeping up with the news on the continuous free for all that is Wicomico County Schools. There have been several references to Jake Day and the city of Salisbury's "close concerns" about the county School system. Wake up Salisbury/Wicomico county your school system has the state of Maryland and Jake Day's fingerprints all over it. Why do you think Jake Day and Mike Dunn have been like puppies following Franchot and now this idiot Kirwin they basically have kicked the door down flooding your schools with their progressive liberal BS. Dunn was blubbering all over himself about the upcoming after school program the city of Salisbury is starting I believe in 2020. Dunn stated that the program will effect close to 12,000 children from all surrounding counties and up into Sussex county Delaware. With all the ridiculous progressive liberal BS the likes of Day, Dunn, Cannon have supported what curriculum do you think they intend to continue to brainwash your children with? Your local government are all working together to extort as much money from the taxpayers they can to fulfill the onslaught of this progressive, liberal, socialist garbage they are so hell bent to instill. Wake up people their getting exactly what they want by infecting your children as soon as they start public school and you're paying for it all!! Where I'm from from the governor on down to these three stooges of Day, Dunn and Cannon all look at you as nothing but suckers and I have to agree!

A Viewer Writes.........Teachers Assaulted At Parkside. (11-17-19)

Station 2 and Salisbury EMS were dispatched to Parkside High School for (4) teachers that were assaulted.  Two ambulances and a fire truck were dispatched to the scene.

New racist vandalism at Fulton Hall results in student protest (11-10-19)

The Fulton School of Liberal Arts at Salisbury University has been vandalized by racist and violent writings for the fourth time this semester.

The writings specifically target African American students and women. The most recent one escalated to violence and mentioned the Sandy Hook Massacre.

The writings were all found in stairwells that have no cameras.

This is the fourth time Fulton Hall has been vandalized, and the Salisbury University Police Department has not found the person or persons responsible.

SU students gathered yesterday outside Fulton Hall to protest and demand action from the administration in response to this repeated vandalism.


Jake Day's Victory Speech (11-10-19)

City Of Salisbury Unofficial Election Results as of 9pm (11-10-19)

A Letter From a Law Abiding Businessman (11-3-19)


Maryland Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings Dies At 68 (10-20-19)

Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, a Baltimore attorney and civil rights advocate who served in Maryland's legislature before representing the state in the U.S. House, where he took on a lead role in investigating President Trump, has died. He was 68.

Cummings, the head of the powerful House Oversight and Reform Committee, died early Thursday at Johns Hopkins Hospital due to complications from longstanding health challenges, according to The Associated Press.

The 12-term congressman had failed to return from an unspecified medical procedure and missed two legislative roll call votes on Tuesday, the first day after a two-week recess, according to The Baltimore Sun.


Suspect Arrested In Wicomico County Fatal Stabbing 10-7-19 (10-13-19)

(SALISBURY, MD) – The Maryland State Apprehension Team has located and arrested the suspect believed to be responsible for fatally stabbing a man last night in Wicomico County.

The accused is identified as Cobey Mishler, 18, of Salisbury. Mishler is charged with first and second degree murder, first and second degree assault and reckless endangerment. He will be taken before a court commissioner for his initial appearance.

Shortly after 5:00 p.m. today, Mishler was arrested at a residence in the 1000 block of Schumaker Woods Drive in Salisbury. He was arrested without incident and transported to the Salisbury Barrack for processing.

The deceased is identified as Seth Abbey, 18, of Salisbury. Abbey was found in a parking lot in the 1000 block of Beaglin Park Drive in Salisbury shortly after 10:00 p.m. last night with apparent stab wounds. He was transported to the Peninsula Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced deceased by hospital personnel. Investigators await autopsy results to determine cause and manner of death.

Investigators from the Maryland State Police Homicide Unit worked with the Wicomico County State’s Attorney to obtain an arrest warrant for Mishler. The investigation continues…

Violence in Wicomico County Schools **Viewer Warning** (10-13-19)

The problems with the videos has been corrected.

These two videos are of the fight yesterday that led to several kids at Salisbury middle being pepper sprayed by a deputy. In the second video, you can see that puny little deputy come in and try to break up the fight. Apparently, after the video ends, she realizes that she was unable to break up this fight between these two teenage girls, so she felt the need to pull out her pepper spray and start - trying - to mace one of the girls fighting but ended up spraying most of the bystanders in the cafeteria, sending several kids to the nurses office and home. Today's insanity revolved around nine separate fights Occurring today alone – resulting in that school being shut down. Something needs to happen with the zoo. It's just crazy

H2o Punks Need Not Ever Return To Ocean City Maryland (10-6-19)

Every one of you know me and my style, I tell it like it is and these unruly punks are criminals who need not ever return to Ocean City Maryland. Oh I'm sure there were some kind and gentle kids in the group but I challenge you to show me where they were because this weekend was out of control. It destroyed businesses outside of cheap nasty food like McDonald's and Burger King where the patrons don't have to tip for service. 

I've been asked if these people were good or bad for my business this past weekend. I will post a sign next year stating I DON'T WANT YOUR BUSINESS. These kids scared the crap out of the entire Eastern Shore residents to the point they stayed home. They raided WalMart by parking hundreds of vehicles everywhere and using the parking lot like it was a sanctioned car show. They finally had to call in the police and have them all removed, it was crazy. They weren't there to shop or build economic development. They were there to take over and control, period. 

Hopefully they come up with a solution to keep these punks away from here at all. ANYONE defending these punks in comments clearly did not visit Ocean City this weekend and or they're one of the very punks that hide behind anonymous who were a part of the havoc we had to deal with. 

So the Mayor of Ocean City claims he's going to search for a solution. Here's a start. As they come over the Rt. 50 and Rt. 90 bridges, test the decibel level of their exhaust first. Have them rev their engines right then and there and if it's too loud make them turn around and leave. That will get rid of 95% of these illegal vehicles right out of the gate. It will also create a backup so long it will hopefully discourage them from coming or returning. 

A Viewer Writes: Weed farm on Nutters Crossing Road (9-29-19)

Did you know about the field of weed being grown on nutters crossing road between Snow Hill Rd. and Johnson Rd? And you might want to inquire why it seems Mike Lewis has his deputies running security for it? Not to mention the spike strips hidden in the grass directly off the road they intentionally put there surrounding the field(s). Its about 4-5 acres of weed, just drive by and it's all you can smell. Have no problem with it as long as it's a licensed legal grow, however the deputies guarding it on the taxpayers dime is a different story. Just thought you would like to know and hopefully can find something out. Thanks.

The following is a statement from Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan (9-29-19)

"What took place this past weekend in Ocean City can never happen again. This group came to town with the sole purpose to raise havoc in our community, to disrupt our lives and defy law enforcement. They placed our town, as well as our citizens and visitors. under siege and in danger which is unacceptable under any circumstances. Our town government, citizens, property owners and businesses must join together as one voice to take whatever action is necessary to stop this group from returning. This isn’t about just one weekend this is about our future.

I cannot say enough about the men and women of the Ocean City Police Department, the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, the Maryland State Police, Maryland Natural Resources Police, Maryland Transportation Police and the other allied agencies that were here this weekend. They went far beyond the call of duty in their attempts to enforce the law and to protect our community while at the same time placing themselves in harm’s way.

The Mayor and City Council must immediately begin working with Police Chief Buzzuro, City Manager Doug Miller and State Agencies to put a plan in place to stop this ciaos. All potential actions should be considered. This includes, but should not be limited to, declaring a State of Emergency. I plan to speak with the Governor this week to discuss this in detail and ask for his assistance.

We cannot let what happened in Ocean City this weekend define us as a community. This must stop and it must stop now."

-Mayor Rick Meehan

Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver: Folk Festival Alcohol License Press Conference. (9-22-19)


Salisbury Folk Festival An Obvious Flop, AGAIN (9-15-19)

These images taken yesterday at 3 PM clearly prove, (once again) that no one is really interested in this ridiculous Folk Festival in Salisbury. I cracked up this morning watching WBOC showing footage of the event claiming large crowds were flocking to the event, yet every video image showed next to no one there. Power of suggestion???

A Viewer Writes........ American Flag racist at Parkside HS (9-8-19)

Well, it's started all ready this year. A Parkside High School student flies an AMERICAN FLAG from the back of his truck. The VP of the school asked the student to remove the flag because it was RACIST!

A viewer writes....... I wanted to see the opinion of your readers. (9-1-19)


A Viewer Writes........Shooting In Salisbury 8-18-19 (8-25-19)

Shooting in Salisbury 8-18-2019 
  • Station 2 fire and EMS dispatched for a shooting at Anne Street and Baker Street and advised to stage at 3:26 am.
  • Assistant Chief 1 responds at 3:27 am. 
  • Truck 2 responds at 3:27 am. 
  • Paramedic 2 responds at 3:27 am. 
  • Central advises fire and EMS units that SPD advises "scene is secure and to expedite to 600 Baker Street." (You are only asked to "expedite" when it is a serious call). 
  • Truck 2 arrives on scene and establishes Baker Street Command at 3:28 am. 
  • Paramedic 2 arrives on scene at 3:28 pm. 
  • Assistant Chief 1 to Central, Paramedic 1 is transporting to PRMC, situation is under control and command is terminated at 3:38 am. Assistant Chief 1 is available at 3:40 am. 

Almost 10 minutes on the scene for a serious call, What The HELL! But crime is down in Salisbury. Remember that when you go to the polls in November to vote for a new Mayor!!

Progressive Jake Day is a big spender of other people's money (8-18-19)

Hi Everyone,

I have a way to get money for the homeless and give a raise to our police and hire more police in the City of Salisbury. Get out your calculators:

Let's pretend Salisbury is a biking community. Here's a rhetorical question, what % of the population makes us a biking community, our population is about 33,000 people? I was told there were hundreds of people in the bike club, not thousands (I don't believe it anyway). But let's just say, for arguments sake, we have 900 bikers in this community. That is 2.37% of the total population. The council just approved ANOTHER 3.3 million dollars to be spent on the biking community (I was there and witnessed this expenditure). With just those numbers alone, we are spending $3666 per biker. (To bring this into perspective, we have about 900 homeless in the Salisbury area). Now let's talk some real numbers. If we have 300 bicyclists in our community and we spent 8 million dollars (which is much closer to the real number) on bike lanes, which includes widening roads, etc... We are spending 26,666.67 dollars per biker. I am not including the bike races we have here where thousands of bikers from all over come into Salisbury to compete. If we did not spend money on bicyclists we would have 8,889 dollars we could spend on each homeless individual (based on a 900 person homeless population). If we cut that money in half we would have enough money to give raises to our police force, be able to hire more police, and help the homeless. Put a calculator on it.

In short; this guy is a typical progressive liberal that has no idea how to prioritize our tax money.

BTW, we need a conservative Salisbury resident to run against Muir Boda. He is not a republican and he told me, to my face, that he is voting for Jake Day for mayor. He also said if I want the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) on last years Folk Festival that I have to call the National Folk Festival to find out how our tax money was spent. He also said that no one in City Hall knew about the killing of the geese. He suggested at first they can't control the Fed and they just decided to kill them... then he changed his mind. He said a Salisbury resident must have called the USDA and complained about the geese and that's why they came down and killed them. He said that Jake and no one on the council knew anything about the geese murders until someone called and complained.

I asked him about the 13 story high rise and where people were going to park. He said that they are building a bridge from the high rise to the parking garage and they can park on the 3rd floor. I asked him how many parking spaces are up there, he said he did not know. Well, the county rents that 3rd floor parking anyway, so the answer is really zero.

Then I asked him how about the large parking lot across from where the high rise is going up (it is behind the courthouse on Rt. 13 and holds over 250 cars.) He said he can't tell me because it was discussed in a private session of the council and I was not privy to that information because the lot is being sold. I asked him who was buying the parking lot across from where the high rise is going up. Again, he said he can't tell me. That is our land people, we should know. No transparency.

Then I asked him why we are spending millions of dollars on bike lanes when we are not a bike community. He agreed we were not a bike community yet, but we will be. So I said, "so we are going to force people to ride bikes, like a 300lb man?". On rainy days when people do want to drive, there will be no parking. Aren't we going to need parking if the downtown is actually revitalized?

I also asked him why our roads and sidewalks weren't being fixed. He said 25 of the construction people were fired... not sure, but I think he said the county did it.

I never saw a person say so many lies in such a short amount of time in my life. And guess who is feeding him these lies.

Anyway, I packed my stuff up and said I will never come to another Republican Club meeting as long as I see Muir's face there. He's a mole and a liar. And I have been told he is the vice-president of the republican committee. HOLY CRAP!!!! No wonder Republicans can't get anything done in this city.

I am here to clean this crap up, and if you elect me, one of the first things I am going to do is bring a private CPA Auditing Firm in to Audit our City. Haven't the people of Salisbury had enough of the lies, corruption and deception.

Yours Truly,
Wayne King
Candidate for Mayor of the City of Salisbury

A Viewer Writes....Mayor's Bike Lane Causes Confusion & Back Ups by PRMC (8-11-19)

Picture taken at 2:45 pm Tuesday, 8/6/2019.  - These cars just missed the green light onto Carroll Street and immediately created this back-up on Waverly Drive for the Mayor's Bike Lane.  Each direction on Waverly Drive is now and forever a single lane.   This back-up/bike lane will easily block the entrance into the Emergency Room at PRMC and imagine what the back up will be at 5PM or when schools let out.

Posted 8/5/19  on Facebook by a PRMC physician:

Does the City of Salisbury plan on distributing a printed list of instructions detailing what to do if one finds himself in the unfortunate circumstance of traveling north on Waverly Drive? That paint job appears to be a drug-induced collaboration between Rube Goldberg and Pablo Picasso. If anyone finds me stopped in the middle of the street sobbing on my steering wheel, please help me out of the car and escort me safely to the curb.

Be careful what you ask for; you may be inviting vehicular euthanasia...; )

I saw someone weaving through cones last week.

It’s just stupid!

As a cyclist, I understand and appreciate what they were TRYING to do. It just seems like the execution is lacking. Maybe there's more paint to come which will clarify it all.

I agree but what I can’t understand is that cars have an inside leasing lane now... and we know that’s outside of being intelligent

I thought the same thing! Crazy

Jacob Day gave a full explanation on someone else's wall.  All will work out. Stay safe

I guess one has to be a Facebook friend of that person to see what's on his wall. I guess I'll just have to be patient and not kill any pedestrians in the meantime.

I was JUST talking about that crazy paint job! What in the world!?!?

Love Jacob Day.. but the execution of good thinking wasn’t carried out.

Jacob Day responds:   Wrong. Politicians don’t engineer streets. And the engineers did a fine job following the law. The construction isn’t complete.

I know that! It wasn’t an attack at all... u know me better than that!! I would do a public thing with that... I just think it’s crazy

Sounds like we need more patience, grasshopper.

I have none.

Jacob Day responds:   oh ok I got tagged so it seemed directed at me. I know we’re cool! My point is it isn’t a crazy or confusing design, it’s just not complete. That said, when complete, it will be a design that forces cars to slow down.

Separate argument ... crazy that we need to tell people to slow down.... in a residential area..... these people are stupid

it is a shame. But I will say this, while people should take responsibility for their speed, when a street is safe to move down at 25 mph but is designed to signal to drivers that it should be maneuvered at 50 mph, whose fault is it when they drive 50 mph? We can design streets to be safer. Yes, it will slow us down and people will be aggravated... but it will save lives.

It’s not complete. This is stage 1.

Jacob Day responds:  It’s in the middle of construction. When the contractor is done it will be crystal clear: it’s a standard 2-lane street, removing the old weaving pattern and compliant with the new State Vision Zero Law. The bike lanes (temporarily stripe-separated) will he separated with physical barriers.

Mayor Day, thanks for coming on here and putting us all at ease! What's the timeline for completion?

Jacob Day responds:  I’m not, sure since the contractors are not bound to complete projects within days. That said, our team will step in tomorrow if they aren’t done and will drop more cones in the interim until complete. The work that remains, I believe, includes all of the thermoplastic lane indicators, the final striping near Carroll, the vertical signage, the zebra barriers that go on top of the diagonal striping to keep cars out of the bike lanes and the vertical barriers to keep cars from turning into the bike lanes accidentally. I’ll share examples of those images in a second.

Jacob Day responds:  And the zebra/zicla barriers are intended to be temporary here as the striped area will eventually be replaced with curbed, planted medians.

I use Waverly multiple times a day, but since this started I am using Rt. 13 more. Seems it will work when finished, but right now I feel every one is confused and I am taking an alternate route.

Yup. I kept swerving back and forth between the “sections” bc I couldn’t figure out where I was supposed to be. I know the people behind me had to think I was drunk.

I slowed down to 10 MPH.. Not sure if this was the best thing to do!

Salisbury Mayor Jake Day's Lying, Dirty Tactics (8-4-19)

Hi All,

I would like to apologize to my real followers about my Facebook News feed being flooded yesterday by Jake Day's cronies. Pagano, KT, Pope, Campbell, and more. Also, some are literally creating fake profiles and trying to infiltrate this FB page. Last night, his friend GREG MAC was using an alias "Scott Wayne" to try to get dirt on me directly through messenger. Jake is so concerned about my candidacy he is using these tactics to try to corrupt my followers. If you notice, they are accusing me of saying things I did not say and putting words in my mouth. To combat these remarks all you have to do is go to my website and read my platform.
I promise I will run a campaign based on my POLICIES. Jake is concerned his policies will not get him re-elected so he is trying dirty tactics. He is trying to to get me to say something stupid.
Like I said, just go to my website and read my platform if you want to know what my policies are:


Wayne King
Candidate for Mayor of the City of Salisbury

I'm Sick And Tired Of The Walmart Check Out People (7-28-19)

Editor's note: This is not my video. This is of another person that had an issue with them checking the receipt.

Like most people, I hate shopping. I'm am an in and out kind of person. I know what I want, I go directly to those products and I'm out of there.

Yesterday I went to purchase items at Walmart in Salisbury, (North) and as I was leaving I was stopped and a person demanded I give up my receipt. I had just paid CASH for MY items, (no longer theirs) and I was detained and forced to give up my receipt. At this point they started checking every single item in my cart. 

I am not only an extremely busy person, I don't have time for this crap and quite frankly I am NOT A THIEF. Of course every item in my cart was accounted for on my receipt.

I can assure you, the next time this happens there will be the biggest scene Walmart has ever seen and I recommend to every one of you do the same. What they are doing is illegal, they cannot detain us like this. The guy in Salisbury was a complete jackass and had no respect for my rights. Hopefully someone at the north Walmart sees this article and goes back to their footage from yesterday around 8:30 AM and watch me argue with this person. Walmart has no right whatsoever to do this to people and if it happens to me again I'm going to file a lawsuit, I'm done with this crap. 

A Viewer Writes.......13 Storey High Rise In Salisbury (7-21-19)

What do you think of the 13 story High Rise going up in downtown Salisbury?

Aside that it will affect our skyline, what should they do with this building?  Are you afraid it will eventually turn into low income housing?  I am!!!

Jake Day claims it will be filled with college students.

Mayor Jake Day Kills Off 400 Canada Geese In The City of Salisbury Maryland (7-14-19)

Hundreds of geese euthanized in Salisbury, meat goes to local shelters

Some leave constellations of droppings along the river, others down fairways, while others are watched happily as they graze.

But hundreds fewer geese are going to be seen waddling around Salisbury for the time being.

Kevin Sullivan of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services confirmed his team humanely euthanized 362 resident Canada geese two weeks ago, brought in by request of the city of Salisbury to manage "an excessive population."

"The city of Salisbury reached out to USDA Wildlife Services to see how they might manage an over-population of Canada geese throughout the city, leaving droppings and over-grazing, habitat damage (and) polluting waters," said Sullivan, director for Maryland, Delaware and Washington D.C.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources conducts an annual waterfowl survey, and the estimated Canada goose population decreased by about 61% from 2018 to 2019 — resting at about 250,200 state-wide as of February estimates.

No estimates from Salisbury could be provided.


"You are One Sick Individual" (7-7-19)

The Jake Day show (6-30-19)

Come one come all to the greatest show in town.
Where else would you spend 2.7 Million on a Bicycle Master Plan and 4.7 Million on an "Urban Greenway"!

Who knew we needed all this!!
Jake must be anticipating a lot of future poverty where no one can afford a car, especially with our "city" rents @ 1200+ for a 2 bedroom "luxury" apartment!

We already have the throw away pay for a bike ride program! Now all we need is to dedicate and reconfigure our narrow streets to accommodate the flood of all those rentabikes. Our new population of poor but healthy people!

Uber will be a thing of the past.
Get your rickshaw polished up and ready!
Dust off your walkin shoes.
Because all those new employers will be jumping at the chance to build here knowing we have a 4.7 million dollar urban greenway but barely passable potholed streets! What an attraction! Visitors will be flocking from near and far just to see it!

Market street temp closed due to car in the river. (6-23-19)

SFD divers are entering the water near Times Square to recover a car. The occupant was rescued by a civilian before FD arrival.
Cannot make left from parking garage. Blocked from Baptist street to North Division

BREAKING: Stabbing In Salisbury 6-11-19 (6-16-19)

Officers and Detectives are on the scene of a stabbing, 100 block of Ocean Aisle. Scene is contained and officers have a 15 yo male in custody. 12 yo male has been transported to PRMC to be treated for a non-life threatening stab wound to his leg. Suspect and victim are reported to be brothers.

WCSO Press Release 6-4-19 (Fleeing and Eluding Incident) Drowning (6-9-19)

Incident: Fleeing and Eluding Incident

Date of Incident: 4 June 2019

Location: 100 block of East Carroll Street, Salisbury, MD

Suspect: Jakeem K. Jackson, 19, Salisbury, MD

Narrative: On 4 June 2019 at 2:08 AM, a deputy on patrol in Salisbury attempted to stop a vehicle that would later be found to be operated by Jakeem Jackson, after the deputy observed that Jackson had failed to dim his hi-beam headlights for oncoming traffic. Jackson pulled into a parking lot in the 100 block of Carroll Street, but instead of staying with the vehicle he began running from the scene. The deputy began chasing Mr. Jackson who had already rounded the corner behind the La Quinta Hotel, and while out of the deputy’s view, jumped into the Wicomico River. Upon approaching the river and seeing Jackson attempting to swim across, the deputy began running parallel to the river to utilize a foot bridge to the east that would allow the deputy to wait for Jackson on the other side.

Upon reaching the other side of the river, the deputy observed that Jackson was struggling to remain afloat. Before the deputy was able to provide assistance, Jackson slipped beneath the water and the deputy was unable to see him anymore. Additional law Enforcement resources along with Fire and EMS responded to the scene but Jackson could no longer be located.

After approximately ninety minutes of actively searching the waters, a Fire Department dive team located Jackson’s body at 3:29 AM.

Sheriff Lewis has requested the assistance of the Talbot County Sheriff’s Office in conducting an independent death investigation.

Releasing Authority: Lt. Tim Robinson
Date: 4 June 2019

Wicomico County Council Violates Their Own Charter (6-9-19)

Last night at the Wicomico County Council meeting the council declined the nomination of Michele Ennis as director of finance.   We have been told this is not legal that the County Executive is the only one that can appoint department heads according to the councils own charter. In that charter the council has no right to release her and or remove any compensation.  County Executive Bob Culver legally appointed her to that position.   Per the charter, education, qualifications and  merit are the classifications for this position.  Michele is over qualified to fill this position.  

What they are attempting to do is discriminatory, not professional and in fact was personal towards County Executive Bob Culver.  Michele remains on the job today and the only person that can remove her from that position is the County Executive.

To the Wicomico County Council.  What is your reasoning for declining this nomination?  She is more than qualified for this position.  Was this done out of spite? If so every one of you needs to be replaced.

A Viewer Writes........ 5-29-19 (6-2-19)

Joe this is really getting out of hand. This really takes the cake. Jake Day is now doing a "Champions Rally" for Wicomico County Schools. Please do something to let the people of Salisbury know this isn't a county function and Jake Day and the City of Salisbury doesn't fund our Wicomico County Public Schools.

Champions Rally
Public · Hosted by City of Salisbury, Maryland and Wicomico County Public Schools
MAY 30.

Thursday at 5 PM – 6 PM
2 days from now · 68–93°F Partly Cloudy

Riverwalk Amphitheater Salisbury, Maryland
Salisbury, Maryland

Local students have brought home State, National, and even WORLD championship titles in the last few weeks, and we're holding a rally to celebrate them! Join us at the Pohanka of Salisbury Automotive Riverwalk Amphitheater this Thursday, May 30th, at 5:00 p.m. for music, food trucks, and a whole lot of fun!